EU Directive on Sexual and Gender Identification

EU Directive on Gender and Sexual Orientation

This is not supposed to be a prediction – but you have to be hopeful that it isn’t.

The references to 'Identity Theft' and to 'Crime and Punishment' are meant to be 'humorous' or even EUmurous. !!

EU Directive on Gender and Sexual Orientation

Bureau of Information & Control BIC 98-1572-2016-06-2d

Regarding the Standard Differentiation of the Sex and Gender for all members, whether adult or child, of all nations within the European Union community.


Attention - It has become clear that the simplistic differentiation of sex and gender according to the standard social structures is not suitable for the modern analysis of the driving forces necessary to ensure domination of the minor nations.

It is essential for forward planning that there is clear and simple identification of all people. The EU recognises the absolute importance of Tolerance and to that end it has been decided that all individuals should be clearly identified as to their key characteristics. It is completely certain that clear identification of groups and sub-groups is a simple way to ensure that intolerance is easily and quickly detected. The new EU detector systems which are speedily being positioned at many of the congregation points of the major cities can detect groups of those likely to be the target of intolerance by means of the signals from the EUAOI chips. Similarly, the proximity of those who have displayed inappropriate intolerance can be detected and the correct official response can be organised promptly.

As stated, identification of individuals will occur in three ways – firstly, their EU (Adult Only) Identification ‘EUAOI’ Card has the standard EUAOID chip and therefore will contain codes which state the possessor’s age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, political preference, religious affiliation in addition to the standard data on address, bank(s) details, workplace(s) details, tax status, medical history, travel history per passport, and membership of organisations.

It is recognised that some individuals will see this as an ‘invasion of privacy’ but all this data is available by simple interrogation of the databases held within the EU departments. This information has been voluntarily submitted at some time by the individual and therefore it is already EU-available. Note – This data is NOT in the public domain. None of this data is available to the public but only to authorised and validated members of the EU officiat.

The second way that data will be available is for those possessors who have accepted the EUAOIC ‘chip’ which is subcutaneously implanted and which contains all of the above plus their biometric data. As before, it is strongly encouraged that frequent travellers adopt this additional security measure in order that their cross-border transit be done most efficiently.

The MacDonald Agricultural classification system was considered whereby the European Identification Every Individual & Occupation EIEIO codes would be preferred to the EUAIO system. The EIEIO system was deemed defective as regards the Common Agricultural Policy protocols for differentiation.

The third form of EUAOI identification is for those who have been arrested or found guilty of ‘significant crimes within or against the European Union’. As has become acceptable practice, these people will be tattooed on the forehead with the codes that identify their especial crime. The technology now exists for this to be removed at the end of the sentence period with no significant residue remaining visible to the naked eye.

It is absolutely essential for this identification system to be complete and thorough. To this end, it will be critical that all adults within the EU are forced to state their gender, which is of course determined by outward sexual characteristics at birth, and their sexual orientation which it must be accepted is often a subjective assessment.

The EU cannot accept or allow any polymorphism or changeability in these statements of fact about individuals. According to the advice given by the IPCC, Climate Change Committee, which underlies all scientific work in these enlightened days of the early 21st century, there are no satisfactory reasons for any alteration in gender orientation or sexual presentation after the age of 16.

To that end, it has been decided at the highest level, that any pre-adults, ie children, who display unusual cross-gender or cross-sexual behaviour will be given the requisite treatment of oestrogenisation or testosterosation prior to their 16th birthday in accordance with the decisions of 2 authorised doctors or social workers or priests or other significant EU-approved officials.

It is essential that this process be performed with complete impartiality. If there are psychological reports then these may be considered. If the parent or parents or carers have expressed opinions then these may be considered within the constraints of the relevant EU directives on Childcare: see reference “Childcare – should this be by State or Parent EU-DoC-3452167.”

The key factor in assessing sexual orientation will be determined by the choice of sexual partner by the pre-adult. The Child Only Identification (Temporary) User-Specific chip which is implanted as standard for all new babies can be easily interrogated by hand-held scanner and provides the relevant information.

If the COITUS chip has not been activated for sexual activity, then the relevant official is expected to make the required determination. It is not the duty or responsibility of the pre-adult or any of those who claim significant involvement in the pre-adult’s early life. The official’s expert determination may be related to perceived social interaction, web-browsing history or standard societal expectation. The determination, as with all EU official statements and directives, is NOT challengeable or changeable.

It must be noted that as regards the notification of sex and gender, investigators need to be aware of the acronyms such as LGB, GBLT, BGLOATI? And similar. As an example BGLOATIQ? stands letter by letter for Bisexual; Gay; Lesbian, Other; Asexual; Transexual; Intersexed; Questioning and Uncertain.

Facebook did produce a sub-list of some 50 categories relating to the TIQ? categories. At the European levels of documentation and control, it has been determined that that level of nearly spurious accuracy is not helpful. In effect, the numbers of people self-identifying into these last categories is very small – even though accuracy may be to such people of extreme importance.

To ask individuals to self-determine their gender beliefs about themselves would be, in the words of Herr Fucker, “equivalent to asking people to give levels of detail about their sexual identification and activities – what fetishes, what frequency of adultery and so on. We do not foresee such information being necessary yet.|”

Bearing in mind the words of Jean Money “We have designed a bureaucratic empire which will be beyond the capacity of the uninitiated to understand or alter – all we must do is ensure their compliance and that they fit into their allocated boxes”.

The EU has a duty to demand Tolerance of all people by all other people. The EU has begun the great task of obliterating the vile and evil influence of nationality. We can do more by ensuring that there is no ambiguity or improper variation in sexual presentation, sexual activity, gender presentation or interpersonal attitudes.

It is the duty of the EU bureaucratic empire to reduce the perception of difference and to smash intolerance.

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