Hidden Secrets - Part 2 - Michaela Goes Public

Hidden Secrets
Part 2 - Michaela Goes Public

“Please remember your toothbrush!”.

This was the last sentence of the final email I received from Alison prior to my much anticipated second visit to Mistress Alison. It had been almost six weeks since my initial session, an experience that would shape the remainder of my life. We had been in regular contact via email and a few Skype sessions during that time, Alison encouraging me to further embrace Michaela.

I had gone to Alison’s for a sensual massage but emerged several hours later with a completely new outlook on what my life could become. Under Alison’s skilled and somewhat covert methods, she had awoken to woman I’d hidden inside of me and I reciprocated in allowing myself permission to embrace Michaela. It was as if during our session she had somehow flicked a switch in my personality that turned on my feminine desires which had previously been so heavily repressed.

Living alone with no parents or contact with any relatives of consequence, there was nothing preventing me from taking the next step and becoming the woman I had always dreamt of being. My late parent’s estate ensured that I was financially secure and realistically I had no need to work if I chose to quit my job as an self employed architect. I had long craved to better understand my feminine side, more recently with countless hours spent trawling the internet to explore the female world.

Arriving at Alison’s at 1pm on a Friday afternoon, not a minute early or late, I wondered what I would experience today. I was soon greeted at her front door by Alison looking even more enticing than I remembered her from our first encounter.

Alison was wearing a figure hugging black dress which reached to within an inch of the ground. It’s v-cut neck style exposing substantial cleavage between her burgeoning breasts. Her once brown hair was now much darker in colour, her locks were also much shorter and wavier than before, now hanging about an inch above her shoulders. She must have also had a spray tan as she glowed a bronze colour rather than the pale, porcelain skin from six weeks earlier. Her exquisitely applied makeup was much darker too and heavier than I recalled when we first met. Her eyes especially were a dominate feature with thick black eyeliner and eyeshadow encircling her stunning deep blue eyes. Her lips were a darker shade of red as well, which complemented perfectly her overall image. Her fingernails, no longer painted bright red, now sported a deep blue/black colour and looked considerably longer than I recalled.

In each earlobe she wore three piercings, her shorter hair making them far more obvious. From the first holes out she wore the largish silver hoops she’d placed in her ears midway through my last appointment. Next to them were an impressive pair of diamond studs which I assumed were the ones I’d sent her as a gift after she refused payment for our previous session. To complete her lobe piercings were the small gold balls that I had also seen before. She also wore a captive bead hoop piercing in the cartilage of her right ear which I hadn’t noticed last time and may have been a new addition. Her nose piercing now held a small silver hoop which much better suited her new self, rather than the small subtle nose stud it replaced.

While not as mainstream a look as she had previously displayed, I immediately loved her new appearance much more. It reminded me far more of the Mistress side that I had come to know of Alison rather than the sweet innocent, girlfriend persona that she could also exhibit. Deep down, I think I wished for more of the former when contemplating our next meeting so I was thrilled.

“Do you like my new look?”, Alison enquired recognising that I had been scrutinising her from the moment we met.

“I love it, you look even more amazing than I remember”, I replied instantly.

“Well, given that you’ve made a few changes and are willing to make a few more, I thought that I should do the same”, she responded proudly, obviously also very happy with her new image.

“Enough of these pleasantries, please take off your shoes immediately!”, she barked stepping seamlessly into a far more dominate role.

I did as requested, the events from six weeks previously causing be to realise the importance of following instruction promptly. At the time I did not understand why she had ordered me to remove my footwear prior to entering her house but it was soon revealed.

“Excellent,” Alison announced upon seeing Michaela’s red painted toenails, “you can come in, I see that you are serious about being here”.

I’m not sure what the outcome would have been if my toenails had not been coated in red, I don’t even want to consider that possibility.

I followed Alison into the room which held so much significance to me. The pictures on the wall and familiar smells of scented candles instantaneously flooded my consciousness recalling when Michaela had emerged. I must admit that I felt a little weak at the knees, needing to support myself against the table that had been moved more to the side of the room.

“Strip completely Michaela, we have much to do today”, Mistress ordered, “you will be staying with me tonight and I will place these clothes in the room that I’ve prepared for you”.

In the anticipation of my visit to Alison’s I had nearly forgotten that she had requested that I stay the night. While I had no idea what this would entail, given my trust in Alison, I agreed without hesitation. I loved being dominated by her and undressed quickly to gain further approval.

Alison then took my clothes leaving me alone in the room. On the bench below the window there was a large array of makeup which I hoped would be used on me shortly. At one of the table, where so much had occurred last visit, were several items hidden underneath a towel presumably for later use. I wondered what Alison had in store for me this time but dared not peak underneath.

Closing the door behind her, Alison re-entered the room some minutes later carrying several garments with her, the style of which I could not recognise before she dumped them unceremoniously on a chair in the corner of the room.

She herself was completely naked as well which surprisingly didn’t seem unnatural to me at all. Her body was in my mind perfection and I glanced up and down loving what I was seeing. She had definitely had a spray tan as she radiated a warm brown colour and that she’d also changed her other jewellery. Her belly bar was different with something resembling a small dreamcatcher now hanging delicately from the bottom of the piercing’s adornment.

Returning to stand directly in front of my naked frame, she stared directly into my eyes and asked, “Do you trust me Michaela?”.

“Yes, very much”, I responded without pausing to consider my reply.

“I hoped you would say that. We are going to have a wonderful day and evening together Michaela, but you must promise that you do exactly what I ask of you,” she continued in a firm tone, exploring my eyes for any hint of hesitation.

“I promise, you can do whatever you like to me”, I replied trying my best to hide any reservations that still remained.

“Good, I have become very fond of you Michaela in short space of time. I want us to be far more than just you as a client and me as someone you visit occasionally for a thrill. If you’re willing, I have grand plans for you and hopefully us”, she explained passionately while clasping me my the back of the neck with one hand.

“You have so much potential but have no misconceptions, if you ever fail to follow something that I command or go against my wishes we will be over”, she continued, “is that very clear to you”.

“Yes Mistress,” I respond growing more enthralled by what she had planned for me while still slightly concerned with those same plans.

I had well and truly sworn allegiance to Alison, for better or for worse and she knew that I was hers unconditionally. With full control now hers, she ordered me to my hands and knees on the floor. As soon as I was in position, she commenced spanking my backside with her bare hands. I’m not sure whether I’d forgotten the degree of pain from last visit, but this felt much more intense. Despite this I relished every stroke.

“To show you are truly mine, I’m now going to peg you”, Alison announced enthusiastically, “do you know what that means Michaela?”.

“No Mistress”, I reply.

“That means that I’m going to take you as mine, to show you that I have total control over you, if I haven’t already”, she explained.

“Yes Mistress”, was all that I could muster still not sure what being pegged involved.

“Now crawl into the corner Michaela poking that arse of yours towards me”, she ordered.

I did as I was told and made my way to the corner preparing myself for whatever was to come.

Alison then went to her cupboard and got a pair of black surgical gloves and began putting them on carefully as not to rip them on her very long talons. Gloves in place she retrieved a small bottle of lubricant and placed some of the contents on her right hand. She then drizzled more along my arse crack which she had full access to given my current position.

“I just want to make sure that you’re ready”, she announced as what felt like her whole fist slid inside my anus, “you’ll need to be able to take at least three fingers for what I want to do to you soon”.

While I thought something like this was what she wanted to do to me, and quite welcomed the idea, unlike last time, Alison was far less gentle, thrusting firmly from the very beginning. Despite the stinging pain, her more brutal attention felt amazing and I was quickly erect, soon moving my body in unison with each of her arm movements. I was starting to feel like cumming when Mistress’ spare hand reached between my legs, grabbed my scrotum and balls and squeezed tight with such strength that my legs nearly buckled.

“No you don’t Michaela,” she yelled chastising me, “you don’t get to cum until I tell you that you can cum. You don’t do anything unless I first tell you, remember that!”.

Despite her unrelenting grip on my privates it still took all of my self-control not to explode.

I then felt her release my balls and then remove her hand from my backside.

“Don’t you move a millimetre Michaela”, she instructed, “I’m far from finished with you”.

Struggling to remain stable, I watched as she removed the towel that had previously covered items on the table. From the table she grabbed a condom covered strap-on. I then knew instantly what she meant by pegging. Holding the device out in front of her, she gracefully stepped into the leg sections before fastening it to her at the back.

Noticing that I had been watching her every movement she called me over to her.

“Come and suck me Michaela, you know you want to”, she expelled.

While I had never actually considered doing what she was requesting, I was shocked at how spontaneously I did as asked. I was soon sucking and slurping on her attachment with all the vigour of someone in a cheap porn movie. While the last remnants of Michael found this a little uncomfortable, Michaela couldn’t get enough of Alison’s long, thick cock. My jaw now aching, Michaela’s fun eventually ended with Alison pushing her away.

“Get back in the corner you cock sucking whore”, Alison demanded.

I had hardly returned to my corner when I felt Alison behind me. After placing some lube on her massive member is was time for my pegging. After teasingly rubbing the end of her shaft up and down my arse crack she took her prize entering me. With her spare hands she grasped my hips pulling me backwards as her cock pushed deeper and deeper inside. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more she would call me a filthy slut or similar words and I instinctively reacted by wanting more.

I was now being driven further into the corner to the point where my hands were now against the wall. With each of Mistress’ thrusts and erotic comments I felt like I was going to explode. Sensing that I must be very close to losing control, Alison pulled herself close to me, her large breasts now pressed firmly against my back. It felt perfect and I truly surrendered everything that I used once was, to be with her in this instant.

“Now Michaela”, she instructed, partially panting due to our activity, “when I give you permission, I want you to cum. This will be the last time that you will cum as a man, after this you will only orgasm as a female”.

She then grabbed the shaft of my throbbing cock and thrusting her hips even more aggressively ordered me to explode.

“I want every last drop out”, she ordered, “I don’t want any trace of manly juice left when your done”.

She continued to wank my cock until her wish was achieved, me exploded for much longer than I had ever before. I was well and truly empty when she withdraw her own cock and I collapsed to the ground, physically and mentally exhausted. I had been thoroughly pegged and there was not a shadow of doubt who was in charge of my future and that Michael was no longer.

Alison then removed her strapon before throwing a box of tissues at me and telling me to clean up every last drop of my mess. She then left the room and soon afterwards I heard a shower running.

She returned almost immediately, still dripping wet, not concerning herself to dry her body. If possible, the vision of her with water droplets cascading down her body made her even more attractive.

“Come over here Michaela”, Alison requested, “now that your balls are completely drained I want you to wear this from now on”.

She produced a couple of pieces of clear plastic, one of which looked like a bent tube. I was soon to discover that it was in fact a male chastity belt which would prevent me from achieving an erection. Alison then proceeded to firstly pull down my testicles before placing a ring behind them and clipping it shut at the top effective locking by penis and scrotum forward, away from their normal position.

“We must get rid of this disgusting hair at some stage”, she informed me casually, “it will make everything like this so much easier”.

I let her comment pass as she slid the tube over my now flaccid cock, connecting it via clips to the plastic ring around my scrotum. As a final step she placed a small padlock on the device ensuring that only the key that would stay in her possession could free me. While initially the chastity device felt uncomfortable it wasn’t at all painful.

Noticing that I was slightly uneasy with my new attachment, Alison commented, “you’ll get used to it quickly enough. You will wear it at all times, it’s designed so that you can urinate with it in place and as that is the only use for your penis from now”.

“Just wasn’t expecting this much so soon”, I replied forgetting that Mistress’ rules were not to questioned in any way.

“Enough complaining Michaela”, she replied dismissively.

“Time to make you beautiful before we go out”, she announced, “grab the chair from over there and come with it closer to the makeup I’m sure you’ve already noticed”.

I was then in a paradox between wanting to be made look more feminine, fearing going out in public and losing my right to choose. Obligingly, as I knew I didn’t truthfully have a choice, I did as asked.

Alison then removed a piece of material covering a large mirror that was attached to the wall and that I’m fairly confident wasn’t a fixture of the room several weeks ago. My dread at going out in public quickly vanished as Alison began my makeup. I couldn’t wait to look much more feminine and see Michaela’s face again.

“Now just a basic makeup today, I don’t want to overdo it for your first trip into the outside world”, Alison said, “hope you like watching your transformation in a mirror this time. I had it installed last week just for you”.

She commenced with a light layer of powder foundation making all areas of my face the same tone. An eyebrow pencil then filled and highlighted in my eyebrows giving them much more of a feminine arch. With black eyeliner she soon had drawn thin lines above and below my lash lines also placing some on the inner rims of my eyes towards the outside. A few strokes of mascara and my eyes were done.

“Not going too heavy on the eye makeup today Michaela,” she instructed, “just enough to make your eyes more prominent”.

Some blending of mainly brown toned eyeshadow followed. I was then asked to pucker my lips to make a fish-like face so she could see my cheek bones and then highlight these with some subtle pink blusher. It had an immediate effect with my face quickly changing to a much more angular female facial shape. I was amazed how such a little thing could dramatically change my appearance. To complete my face Alison used a light pink lipstick to better define my lips. From start to finish the whole process took less than ten minutes and I was soon smiling happily back at Michaela. It was lovely to see her again.

“Time to get you some breasts I think”, Alison announced, now fully into the mode of dressing me as quickly as possible. Perhaps before I changed my mind but as I was later to discover we had an appointment to keep.

Alison then gathered a lingerie set from the pile of clothes she had brought into the room earlier. The bra had much more lace than last time with strips of a deep red colour mixed with its predominantly black, lacy appearance. The matching panties were quite skimpy and as Alison fitted them they barely covered my chastity device. At the back there was hardly anything to them and what was there quickly settled deep into my arse crack after Alison’s adjustment. Other than the bulge at the front due to my cage, they looked so feminine and sexy.

The new bra was then fitted but this time it wasn’t as tight as several weeks earlier to the satisfaction of us both.

“I see that you’ve lost some weight Michaela”, Alison commented, “how have you found the new diet that I’ve been emailing you since our last session?”.

“It’s not too bad, although I do get quite hungry by the end of the day,” I responded, “overall I’ve lost five kilograms”.

“Excellent, you need to lose quite a bit more still if you’re wanting a body like mine”, she retorted dampening my enthusiasm for having followed her diet so strictly and losing some weight.

“I’ve got you a present Michaela,” Alison announced, “these are more realistic breast forms which will give your chest a much more natural appearance. They’ll definitely me a massive improvement on the socks we used last time”.

Alison then handed me one of my new breasts to feel. The forms were very lifelike indeed, even having their own nipples which extended out nearly a centimetre. They were a rubber-like consistency but much firmer and in a strange way, I thought they weren’t greatly different from chicken breasts that could be purchased in supermarkets. When Alison had placed the first one in the left cup of my bra I felt its weight immediately. The form that I was holding was then taken by Alison and placed beside its partner. I now had very natural, large breasts which looked so realistic that you could even see the impressions of the nipples on the bra’s front. When I moved they instantly felt part of me, I loved the sense of weight making me feel womanly.

“I’ve got some clothes for you to wear that are quite conservative given that I’m guessing you won’t be wishing to draw too much attention to yourself”, Alison commented, “I considered a short black dress to make a real statement but thought better of it which is lucky for you”.

“Thank you Mistress”, I replied.

I was then given a pair of lightish blue trousers to put on. The material was quite thin and slid over my legs easily.

“That looks perfect, I chose loose fitting ones that will help compensate for your slightly thicker legs”, she said, again making an issue of my size.

Alison then helped me into a cream coloured blouse which she then buttoned up for me, the very top button straining to contain my breasts.

“Don’t want to be showing off too much of yourself do we Michaela”, Alison commented, “the only cleavage on display today will be mine”.

I turned to see my appearance in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Without looking carefully, there was no way that a stranger would have any idea that I was anything other than a woman. I instantly felt like hugging Alison for what she was doing for me but didn’t, fearing that this may not be appropriate.

“Thank you Alison”, I simply said to show my appreciation.

“It is my pleasure Michaela”, she replied, “now come over here and try on these heels to complete your outfit. As fate would have it, you appear to have the same size foot as me”.

I had no idea how she knew that we had the same size feet but she then divulged that when I was here last time she checked the sizing of my clothes and shoes. She said that she’d even tried on one of my shoes during the visit just to double check. This level of precision truly demonstrated to me that I was in very safe hands and that everything that was occurring to me had been meticulously planned by Alison. Every little detail had been considered and while on occasions it felt like I was going slightly against my natural instincts this couldn’t compete with my desire to have Mistress control even aspect of my new life.

“I’ve chosen these for today”, she said, “they have a relatively small heel as I’m guessing walking in heels will take you a little while to master”.

While Alison’s description of the heels being relatively small may have been accurate compared to others that I would one day experience, for a first timer in heels they were very high. They were a cream colour to complement my blouse and smooth in texture. They fully enclosed my toes with the exception of a small opening at the front which, when Alison placed them on my feet, showed glimpses of my red nail polish.

“Now walk around Michaela to get you some practice in those before we leave. I’ve got us a reservation at my favourite coffee shop just around the corner in ten minutes”, Alison instructed, “I thought that it would be a nice, discrete first public appearance for you”.

As I ungainly stumbled up and down the room the first few times I quickly found my rhythm, perhaps partially because I began to contemplate being recognised as a male dressed as a female by someone while in public. I think that my mind was so active running through fear scenarios that my body’s natural instincts kicked in allowing me to walk quite freely in the heels within a minute or so.

“You’re a natural”, Alison announced noticing that I was now walking comfortably in the heels, “can’t wait to see you in some higher ones soon”.

At this stage Alison was still completely naked but this was soon rectified when she simply slipped on the long black, figure hugging dress that she was wearing when I’d arrived. It appeared that she didn’t feel it necessary to wear any underwear. A striking pair of black high heeled boots which extended halfway up to her knees completed her clothing.

“It’s good to take risks Michaela”, she said recognising that I was acutely aware of her lack of undergarments, “that’s what life's about”.

Both of us now ready, I followed Alison out of the room and through her house to the garage. A small convertible car awaited us and I was soon climbing in, fear starting to take hold of my thoughts and actions.

“Trust me darling”, Alison whispered, I will be with you the whole time.

Within a couple of minutes we had parked at our destination. Conquering my reluctance to leave the relative safety of the car, I stepped out and we walked the short distance to door of the coffee shop.

Alison did all of the talking to the receptionist who quickly found our reservation and escorted us to our table. A table right in the middle of the relatively crowded room and not as discreet as I would have liked. Other than recalling that I’d eaten a small piece of chocolate mud cake and had a small cappuccino, the next half hour or so was just a blur as Alison and I chatted about our journey so far. Thankfully towards the end of our time I had started to be far less conscious of people I imagined were staring at me and chuckling to themselves at what they saw. Mercifully I did reach a point where I was comfortable with myself and my surroundings and Alison noticed as well.

“Nice to see you relaxing now Michaela”, she mentioned, “I’m not sure you were completely with me earlier”.

“No, I’ve been a little distracted”, I replied.

“There is no way that anybody would see you as anything other than an attractive woman so stop worrying”, she commented reassuringly.

“Yes, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done and are doing for me”, I responded, grasping her hands in mine and squeezing them firmly.

“Thanks my pleasure, I’ve long wanted to feminize a man and given your own hidden interests you’re perfect”, she responded.

“Oh, we should have painted your nails”, Alison continued noticing that I wasn’t wearing any nail polish, “don’t worry, it’s not a problem”.

We chatted some more, consuming a second drink but restricted our eating to just a solitary piece of cake each. I was after all on Alison’s diet. I then felt the necessity to go the restroom and asked Alison’s permission to do so.

“Make sure that you go into the ladies”, Alison said giggling, “now that would be embarrassing if you instinctively walked into the men’s room”.

I walked confidently to the restroom and despite feeling a little cheeky pushed open the room and entered my first female restroom. I looked much the same as I’d imagine its male equivalent with the obvious exception of lacking a urinal, oh, and the fact that it smelt so much nicer. Entering one of the cubicles I shut the door behind me and pulled down my pants only to remember that my privates were now caged. I had quickly become so used to its presence that I hadn’t felt it since leaving Alison’s. Pulling down my lovely lacy panties, I took a seat and did what was necessary. A little use of some toilet tissue to dry the tube of my cage and I was putting everything back to where it needed to be. Prior to leaving the restroom I did a quick scan of myself in the massive mirror that covered the wall above the hand basins. I was still very much Michaela and left the room with growing confidence.

“That was quick”, Alison commented, ”you must have managed the chastity cage well then?”.

“Yes,” I replied, “no dramas there thankfully”.

“Seeing you’re enjoying yourself Michaela, I think we should go to the beach and walk along the promenade”, Alison instructed, “there’s a few things I need to do there and it will be good practice for you”.

Any hesitancy gone, after paying for our service we returned to Alison’s car. The drive to the beach was around half an hour but unlike my earlier trip, I enjoyed this much more, losing any fear that shackled me previously. My only real concern being that the wind coming through the exposed top of Alison’s car would blow off my wig.

On arrival at the coastline, we removed our footwear strolling along the white sand for some distance before reaching a jetty that stretched several hundred metres into the ocean. Although I had quickly become accustomed to walking in high heels, it was nice to again be back walking at my normal height. Looking down and seeing my painted red nails with the white sand as a background was a nice experience. The seabreeze caused me some dramas, blowing my long hair across my face, partially blinding me from time to time. Definitely something that I had never had to contend with in the past.

Still barefooted, we walked to the far end of the jetty before taking a seat to enjoy the view.

“How are you enjoying your day?”, Alison enquired.

“It’s been unbelievable”, I replied appreciatively, “I have loved everything you have done to me”.

“Excellent,” she responded, “I thought you were. You really got right into it when I was pegging you. I now know that you will be faithful to me”.

“Yes, that felt amazing and something I’d hope we’d do again”, I commented with some enthusiasm.

“It’s very important that you do everything I want, without question, or our little arrangement is not going to work”, she continued, “and that would be a great shame for us both”.

“Now put those heels back on, walking along this battered old, uneven jetty will let you practise wearing heels some more”, she instructed, herself preferring to not put on her boots which she handed me to carry.

With only one near collapse, due to a heel getting stuck between two planks of timber, I made it successfully from the jetty. This time though we walked along a concrete path heading back towards the car. This route took us to several little boutique stalls, the first of which attracted Alison inside, me following behind obediently still carrying her boots.

“Hello”, Alison said when greeted by the sole employee, a lady around 50, “I’m wondering if you have any bikinis?”.

“Right over here madam”, came the reply, “is it for you or your friend?”.

I froze not knowing the answer.

“Just for me today thanks”, Alison replied, calming my anxiety.

“Ok, I’ll leave you both to browse”, the owner responded, “change rooms are at the back and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask”.

“Thank you”, Alison said, “I’m sure between us we’ll find me something suitable”.

It was quite a foreign scenario for me as Alison flicked through the quite extensive collection. She encouraged me to look as well but as much as I tried, it’s hard to find something when you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for in the first place. While I failed to choose anything, Alison soon had a variety of possibilities and summoned me to follow her into the dressing rooms.

Once inside, Alison asked me to put her boots down which I did before passing me her bikini selections. Her dress was soon falling from her leaving her completely naked. If this is what shopping is going to be for me from now on, I thought that I’d soon be a shopaholic.

“Planning”, Alison said as I couldn’t help but gaze once again at her beautiful form, “if you know what is going to happen later, you can be prepared. Underwear would have only slowed me down. Plus of course the freedom of wearing nothing under a dress is amazingly liberating. Hope you get to experience that yourself one day Michaela”.

“I think I’m being risky enough already today thanks all the same”, I replied to which Alison agreed.

Alison tried on all manner of top and bottom combinations. Some of the bottoms in particular were so skimpy that had Alison possessed even a small patch of pubic hair that the material would have struggled to cover it. Eventually we both agreed on the best outfit, Alison then effortlessly sliding back into her dress and thankfully also deciding that she would wear her boots. Alison paid for her new bikini with the attendant wishing us a good day and that she hoped we’d be back soon.

“Next time, we’ll definitely get you something too”, Alison whispered in hearing the parting message.

“I’d like that one day”, I responded.

We then browsed through a couple of craft and touristy stalls not finding anything to purchase. Nearing the end of the row of stores and within sight of the car, I thought our shopping was complete before Alison announced.

“Excellent, they’re still open”, as she grabbed my hand and dragged me along with such speed that I didn’t even have time to read the name of the shop we’d entered.

Immediately on entry we were greeted by the sole employee, a lady around 20 who fitted the beach dweller stereotype perfectly. Dreadlocked, sun-bleached hair clumped down her back, wearing only a bikini top and short denim jeans.

“Hi, I’m Sam. How can I help you today?” she asked.

“Well Sam, my friend needs a spray tan”, Alison announced, my heart rate going instantly through the roof.

“No trouble at all”, came her reply, “will it be just arms and legs today?”.

“Full body please”, Alison requested, “and perhaps a shade or two darker than mine I think if that’s possible”.

“Sure thing, have you had a spray tan before?”, she asked directing her question to me, while looking at Alison’s skin to help her select the right pigment for my tan.

“No, this will be my first one”, I responded using my most feminine voice.

“She’s had quite a few new experiences today actually”, Alison added.

“Good on you for trying something different”, Sam said, still totally oblivious to my true gender, “just go through to the cubicle there and get naked, you can cover yourself with this if you like but it doesn’t bother me if you don’t wish to use it”.

Upon taking and pulling apart the crumpled ‘cover’ I immediately realised that it was a disposable g-string with a triangular piece of material that wouldn’t have covered the palm of my hand. Alison reacted hysterically, the most I’d ever seen her laugh, before ushering me into the cubicle. Once inside I discovered that one section had hooks and shelves to place clothes and the other more resembled a shower.

“Quick”, Alison instructed as soon as the cloth screen was pulled across behind us, “take off your clothes so I can help you with your breasts”.

I was soon completely naked and bare chested, Alison placing my breasts on a shelf with my other clothes. Much to Alison’s delight, she then attempted to cover my chastity device with the scarce disposable g-string, tying it at the back. To say its coverage of my private was unsuccessful would have been a gross understatement. I then dreaded what was about to happen next. Mostly due to my soon to be realised embarrassment of being recognised as a man dressed as a woman but also partly for the unsuspecting spray tanner. She hadn’t a clue what she was about to witness.

“Are you ready?”, announced poor Sam who was about to get a massive surprise..

“She sure is”, Alison replied on my behalf, “come in”.

Pulling the screen to the side, time seemed to freeze as Sam first saw me, did a double take look and then turned to Alison with a vacant look on her face. I felt so sad for what I’d made her see, my own humiliation no longer an issue.

“Is this going to be ok Sam?”, Alison asked, holding her by the upper arm perhaps sensing that she may collapse.

All of a sudden Sam’s faculties seemed to return and after another glance in my direction responded with “Holy shit, I wasn’t expecting that”.

“Of course I can do the spray tan, sorry for being so shocked at first”, she continued regaining full composure.

“Thanks so much, we never wanted to scare you in any way”, Alison added, “we totally understand if you’re not wanting to do it”.

“Honesty”, Sam replied, looking directly at me, “good on you for having the courage to be whatever you want. Wish more people would take a few risks”.

“We might get rid of this I think”, Alison said as she removed the disposable g-string to everyone’s amusement.

“That thing is so cool, I can’t wait to tell me girlfriends”, Sam announced moving closer and inspecting my cage, “what’s it called?”.

“It’s a male chastity belt, it stops Michaela getting an erection”, Alison explained, “I’ve been helping her embrace more of her feminine side and this helps with that”.

“Well, you learn something new every day”, Sam responded now completely unperturbed by her current client, “now put these goggles on please, they’ll stop the spray getting into your eyes”.

Shock, questions, explanations and my indignity now in the past, it was time for my first spray tan. The spray tan itself was all over within less than 20 minutes, Sam telling be to move and turn in various directions during the process. It was different having someone other than Alison ordering me to do something for while. Every last square centimetre of my bare skin was done, Sam was definitely very thorough. The last few minutes she had me constantly rotating on the spot ,so in her words, she could make the surface coat even. Don’t know how effective it was but made me feel slightly dizzy from the turning and also the fumes. I must have looked like one of those cylinders of meat cooking in kebab shops I thought.

“All done”, Sam announced, turning off her little portable spray equipment, “just give yourself five minutes before you get dressed to allow the tan to dry enough so it won’t damage your clothes”.

“I’ll leave you to do that Michaela”, Alison added, “I’m going to pay Sam and have a chat while we wait for you. No rush”.

I used the required drying time to check out my new much darker complexion before starting to dress. Panties went on first, then the bra which was by far the most difficult to manage, eventually fastening the clips at the back successfully. Next I slipped in the breast forms and arranged them so they sat evenly. The blouse and trousers soon followed, I adjusted some wayward sections of my wig and finally put on my heels.

“Well done Michaela”, Sam said cheerily greeting me, “Alison’s just told me that this would have been the first time you’ve fully dressed yourself”.

“Oh, thank you and thanks also for being so understanding”, I replied appreciatively.

“It was a real thrill for me to help you both”, she responded, “sorry for my initial reaction”.

“That’s completely fine”, I commented, “my new appearance is taking everyone a little while to get used to, especially me”.

“Well thanks again Sam”, Alison interjected cutting short my own chat with Sam, “we’ll be sure to come back and see you when we both need a fresh tan”.

“That would be great,” she said as we left the store, “all the best Michaela”.

All the shops now closed we walked the short distance to the car. It was starting to get quite cool so Alison left the retractable roof up for the drive towards home. A conversation commenced even before we’d left the car park.

“Did you like your spray tan Michaela?”, Alison asked.

“It does look great”, I replied, “it was a shame we startled Sam”.

“Yes, it would have come as a shock when she first saw your barely covered caged bits”, Alison commented, “I really liked her and gave her my business card should she ever be in need of a sensual massage or more”.

I had almost forgotten, that despite so much special attention from Alison, that she also had sessions with other clients. It was something that I would need to be comfortable with moving forward.

After driving some more and without any indication, Alison then drove into the car park of a small Italian restaurant which by my calculations would have been only a few minutes from her home.

“Time to eat, I’m starving and I’d imagine that you must be too”, Alison announced climbing out of the car.

We were soon inside and Alison was immediately in conversation with the restaurant owner who she clearly knew given the contents of their discussion.

“And who have we here Alison?”, asked the owner, a man well into his latter years.

“This is Michaela, Angelo”, she replied, pausing briefly to find an appropriate way to explain our connection, “she’s an ex-housemate of mine from college”.

“So lovely to meet you Michaela and what a pretty name”, he responded, “how lucky is old Angelo to have two such beautiful ladies come and see him”.

Angelo then walked us to our table and for the next hour and a half Alison and I chatted openly. Not sure whether it was the relaxed ambience of the restaurant or the red wine, perhaps both, but Alison settled quickly into her girlfriend mode which I really loved. Alison was very transparent in her wishes stating several times that when we were in private she would display a supportive girlfriend personality but there would be times, particularly in public, that she would need to undoubtedly be the dominant partner. Without this happening she said that I wouldn’t be sufficiently forced to make the changes necessary for me to fully embrace and experience my new lifestyle choice.

“Would you have agreed to a spray tan earlier if I’d asked you first?”, she asked, providing an example of the need for her to take full control.

“No way”, I replied, “and that would have been my loss”.

“Exactly”, she continued, “know that every decision that I make for you is for your benefit in the long term even though at the time there will things that you will find very confronting and won’t want to do”.

“I understand”, is responded in acceptance.

While I knew that to help me transition fully to Michaela that Alison needed to be domineering at times, it was also reassuring to know that we could be together as friends like this as well.

“Would you like to live as Michaela fulltime?”, Alison asked as we were each enjoying a coffee just prior to getting ready to leave.

“I think that would be great but there’s lots of things that would need to be organised”, I replied thinking of all of the myriad of arrangements that would need to occur.

“Forget those things, I can help you sort those things out, do you want to live as a woman at all times?”, she asserted, “that’s the only question?”.

“Yes, I’d love that more than anything”, I replied, stepping well over the line and taking her hands in mine, “Thank you”.

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say”, she responded smiling, “I’d love for you to start living with me immediately so I can help you make the transition knowing that I will give you as much support as you need”.

“I’d love that too”, I replied without hesitation.

“All sorted then, let’s head home”, Alison, “there’s so much I need to show you”.

Alison paid Angelo as we left, him again saying how nice it had been of us to visit him. I could see why Alison must have been a regular customer, he was such a charmer.

My previous estimate of Angelo’s restaurant being geographically close to Alison’s house was correct as we would have only driven for less than five minutes before we were home. Alison took me by the hand and then took me on a full tour of her house but not before I removed my heels leaving them at the entrance door. I was shown a sunken lounge with large comfortable looking seating, somewhere I’d imagine that I’d spend quite a lot of time relaxing. It adjoined a beautifully appointed kitchen, dining area which followed through double bifold doors presumably outside. I would have to wait until daylight to actually know what and where things were outside.

“This is my home gym”, Alison commented, “you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in here until your weight is more acceptable”.

Despite her jibe at my size again, I quite looked forward to some exercise under Alison’s guidance knowing that such activity was something I had avoided my entire life. The room contained an exercise bike, rowing machine, crosstrainer, various free weights and a large, wide treadmill facing large glass windows which dominated the far wall. I would be lying if I knew the names of any of these items with the exception of the exercise bike, my description just provided only possible after Alison’s explanation of each piece of equipment.

“Laundry, linen closet excetera in here”, she pointed to a door continuing to walk past.

“Your room is here, but I’ll show you that more shortly”, she added, still on the move, “and this is my room”.

“It’s a beautiful house Alison”, I commented, “it is much larger than I’d imagined, although I’m used to living in a one bedroom, inner city apartment so anything is probably big to me”.

“You are free to go anywhere in the house, treat it as your own”, Alison outlined, “but my own room is strictly off limits. Is that clear?”.

“That’s fine”, I responded, recognising that she retained a degree of privacy knowing that I had none.

We then returned to my room which was nearly more spacious than my entire apartment. The main area had an enormous bed, queen size at least perhaps even a king with a solid wooden bedhead. Matching bedside tables, each with lamps were positioned on either side, one possessing an alarm clock with luminous red digits.

The most exciting feature of this room though was a pure white makeup table and chair, the table’s substantial backing mirror surrounded by around a dozen delicate, illuminated light bulbs. The front of the cabinet had seven individual drawers, three down either side and one in the centre. I wondered what surprises hid in there. On top of the makeup table, at one end was a foam shaped head which I imagined would be a place to rest my wig when it wasn’t being worn. The remainder of the table contained a vast selection of makeup items, colour palettes, brushes, pencils, lipsticks, lotions and small containers and bottles of various sizes and colours. All brand new and more makeup than I’d ever seen in my whole life.

“It’s all yours darling”, Alison announced noticing that I was like a young girl having her first trip into a cosmetics store.

“Thank you so much”, I replied appreciatively.

“My pleasure”, she responded, “now follow me, there’s much more for you to see in here”.

I accepted her invitation as she lead me into a large walk in robe coming off the bedroom itself. Dozens and dozens of items of female clothing hung along one side and across the back of the space.

“These are for you as well”, she commented, “most are ones that I used to wear but I’ve also purchased you some brand new ones for you as well”.

“This is too much”, I said running my hands along the line while looking at the multitude of colours and styles.

“And over here”, Alison added, “are blouses and trousers. In the drawers are some more intimate items like silky lingerie, nighties, panties and bras although the selection is nowhere near as extensive. I thought you’d prefer to choose these yourself to better show your own style and for your own comfort”.

Beneath the clothing, the floor around the walls were covered with probably 20 different pairs of shoes, mainly high heeled and all neatly aligned in similar coloured groups. I wouldn’t be needing to purchase any new shoes in the near future I thought to myself.

“You’re incredible, you’ve done all of this for me”, I commented in gratitude, “how much money do I owe you for all of this?”.

“Nothing, you don’t owe me a cent. Stop talking about money, money is not an issue”, she responded.

“Tomorrow you and I are going to take a trip to the mall so you can choose some more clothes and lingerie that you’d like to add to what I’ve found for you”, Alison added, “would you like that?”.

“That sounds like fun”, I responded with eagerness.

“Oh, it will be fun”, she replied, “I promise you that”.

Alison then took me by the hand and took me into the rather large ensuite. A full length mirror was to one wall, a dark stone basin inlayed in a natural timber benchtop below it. It was a gorgeous piece of furniture, Alison certainly had immaculate taste. The remaining walls were covered with large square tiles with thin pale pink lines used breaking up the predominate plain light grey colour. Beneath the vanity bench’s surface were four drawers which Alison encouraged me to explore.

The first I opened contained shaving material and face moisturiser which Alison mentioned was to be used immediately after I had shaved to keep my skin as soft as possible. Alison told me that shortly I would start a series of electrolysis treatments, commencing on my face before moving to other areas later. I loved the idea of permanent facial hair reduction, I’d never really had the ability to go a full beard and shaving was a chore I’d rather lose.

The next drawer held a hairdryer and hair straightener.

“You’ll be needing them when your own own hair grows longer”, Alison instructed, “your wig will be needed for a few months at least though and after that it can always still be used if you’re looking for a quick change of style”.

I hadn’t actually considered growing my own hair, just thinking I’d rely on wigs. The idea had been planted in my mind, I was now looking forward to watching day by day as my own hair grew longer.

The next drawer had a couple of different toothbrushes and some toothpaste, all unopened. I had a chuckle remembering that Alison had, in the last sentence of her most recent email, reminded me to bring my toothbrush. There was also some makeup remover and cleansing pads inside which she asked me to place of the benchtop to be used soon.

“I brought my own toothbrush”, I said to Alison jovially.

“Yes, I did notice it hanging out of your pant’s pocket when you arrived”, she replied smiling, “those toothbrushes were just in case you forgot”.

Upon opening the last drawer I was a little shocked at the contents, some feminine sanitary products.

“I will require you to wear these when I am menstruating”, she instructed, “pads will be worn at night and tampons inserted during the day. I will let you know when each cycle starts and ends”.

While I hadn’t ever considered this would be part of my transition, I could see what Alison was endeavouring to do. If I wanted to live as a woman full time than it had to be 100%, take the good with the not so pleasant aspects of being female.

“I will help you with the tampons the first few times”, she continued, “as with most things I’ve outlined for you, it must be done with no excuses”.

“That’s reasonable Alison”, I responded closing the drawer.

The remainder of the ensuite consisted on a toilet and shower with a clear glass screen on one side.

“Of course you will shower each day”, Alison instructed, “at least twice a week I will remove your cage so you can thoroughly clean your little clitty. I will supervise this each time as I know that you will be very tempted to return to your manly instincts as soon as you’re released. It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just want to ensure that everything sexual you do from now on is as a woman”.

“I understand Alison”, I replied accepting her terms.

Before we left the ensuite Alison showed me how to remove my makeup. The removal solution worked extremely well and soon my makeup was nothing more than a smudged mess on the makeup wipes.

It was now quite late and given the events of the day we were both quite tired.

“How about you get out of those clothes and into something ready for bed”, Alison suggested, “it’s been a very long day”.

“Sure”, I replied, “just might make use of the toilet and clean my teeth first. I’ll use one of the new toothbrushes if that’s fine with you”.

“Of course it is, they’re yours to use as long as you like”, she replied, “I’ll just find you some pyjamas”.

After completing what I needed to do in the bathroom, I came out to find that Alison had a slinky, hot red satin slip lying across my bed for me to wear. Below them, a matching pair of black and red panties, again quite revealing.

“Come over her darling?”, she asked, “now I’m not going to require you to wear a bra or the forms at night, at least not yet”.

I had soon had my clothes removed with Alison’s assistance, she put the breast forms on one of my bedside tables. My wig was also taken by Alison and placed on the foam mannequin head on the side of the makeup table.

“Don’t forget to put on both of these in the morning”, she added, indicating both the wig and forms.

I then put on the panties and the silky red slip. It felt so smooth against my skin and I loved running my hands up and down my body, especially around my hips and backside.

Alison then used a remote control to turn on the large television attached to the wall directly behind the foot of the bed. After a little searching she found what turned out to be a generic chick flick.

“Please climb in”, Alison asked, gesturing to the bed, the linen of which had already been turned down.

I did as requested enjoying the sensation of my silk slip sliding on the satin sheets. Just as I got comfortable I noticed that Alison was taking off her dress, before joining me in the bed. Her naked body spooning against me from behind. I didn’t know what to expect next.

“Now don’t get any ideas young lady”, she commented, “I’m just here to give you support and welcome you to my home”.

It was a wonderful welcome present. We watched the movie sporadically but essentially just enjoyed each other’s companionship. A perfect way to end the most remarkable day of my life.

The last thing I recalled before falling dozing off in Alison’s arms was her whispering “Sweet dreams Michaela, we’ve got a big day tomorrow so sleep well”.

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