Hidden Secrets - Part 3 - Michaela's Dream Day

Hidden Secrets
Part 3 - Michaela’s Dream Day

The bedside alarm clock awoke me at 9am playing harp music, for a moment I thought I may have died and was in heaven. I was a little disoriented, taking a few seconds to realise where I was and recalling the events that lead me here. Climbing out of bed I went into the ensuite to relieve myself as I hadn’t woken through the night. Upon negotiating the added obstacle of my chastity cage, I then stood noticing myself for the first time in the bathroom mirror. You would think that the most obvious thing in the reflection would have been the red silky slip or even the black and red lacy panties but it was my brown skin that struck me as being different first. That’s right, Alison had me have a spray tan later yesterday, the results of which I really enjoyed seeing in the mirror.

Leaving the bathroom I saw some clothing laid out on the bottom of the bed and a handwritten note, in a lovely flowing style, beside them. I had been so desperate to get to the toilet that I hadn’t noticed these at all a few minutes earlier. The clothes were a pleated black skirt and a plain white, long sleeved blouse, on the floor a low pair of black flat shoes.

I began to read the note:
My dearest Michaela,

I hope that you slept well, you fell asleep almost immediately last night and were obviously very tired from your day of new experiences.

Please dress in the clothing I have laid out for you, remembering to add your wig and breast forms. The choice of undergarments is entirely up to you. There is no necessity to wear any makeup.

I have a lot planned for today so please don’t dawdle.

I look forward to your company in the kitchen shortly.


I quickly dressed as required, my choice of underwear consisting of a lacy royal blue pair of bra and panties. Breast forms and hair in place, a little adjustment needed for both and I was soon in the blouse and skirt. While I’d worn a blouse the previous day and realistically, other than a slightly different cut, they were just like a man’s business shirt, a skirt felt nice to wear for the first time. It was not all that long and hung only an inch or so below my panty line. A quick check in the mirror to ensure everything was in place and I left the room. While it was lovely to be dressed in feminine clothing again, I had to admit that the overall image was not what would be regarded as the height of fashion.

“Good morning Michaela”, Alison commented from the dining table where she was relaxing, reading a newspaper basking in the sun’s rays.

“Morning Alison”, I replied, “hope you slept well, I didn’t move a millimetre all night”.

“Yes, I noticed earlier when I laid out your clothes for this morning that you were where I’d left you last night”, she responded, “we’d both had a big day and today will be no different, perhaps even busier”.

“I’m not sure that’s possible”, I said, “but you are always surprising me so I don’t doubt you”.

“I’d love some croissants with strawberry jam and lashings of button please”, Alison requested, “once you’ve served mine, please make yourself something”.

While this protocol would usually be that the new house guest would be served by the home’s owner, we both knew that this social norm did not exist in our evolving relationship.

“I’ll have that to you as quickly as I can”, I simply replied, scanning the layout of the foreign kitchen to endeavour to make a start.

Soon after, I had served Alison her breakfast as well as topping up her mug of coffee. Thankfully she owned a coffee machine that did all of the work as I’m definitely not a barista. I then made myself a couple of pieces of toast, starting to eat them while still standing in the kitchen.

“You can join me at the table Michaela”, Alison said gesturing for me to join her.

“Thank you”, I replied, moving and sitting on the opposite side of the large table but one seat down as the seat directly opposite her was taken up with the newspapers.

“I appreciate you making me breakfast”, she added, “I won’t expect you to make all meals, I actually quite enjoy cooking or occasions, but it is nice to have someone serving me”.

“I don’t mind”, I responded honestly, “you’ve done so much for me it is the least I can do for you”.

“I also like your willingness to wear those clothes which I consider to be more suitable for a domestic servant”, Alison continued, “you won’t wear them at all times, but often enough. I know you must be dying to be wearing your first dresses but that will have to wait until certain other things have been completed”.

I didn’t understand what Alison meant by her last statement but knew it wasn’t my place to ask for clarification. I’m sure that it would make sense at some stage in the future as she would have factored whatever it was into her plans for me.

We spent possibly half an hour, perhaps a little more at the table. Alternating between conversation, reading the newspapers and me looking out the large bifold doors observing Alison’s beautiful, Asian style garden outside. The plants were a vibrant mix of flowering shrubs, palms, orchids and ferns with such a diverse variety of foliage colours that there was just so much to see. My parents had both been keen gardeners while I was growing up that as a consequence I’d spent a large amount of time outdoors with them tending to our extensive garden. Having lived in an apartment for the last decade, I was looking forward to reacquainting myself with my green thumb.

“You’ve got a lovely garden Alison”, I commented, “could I possibly help you look after it?”

“Of course you can darling”, she responded, “you can do whatever you like in this house, please consider it as your own”.

“Thank you again”, I replied, “there’s no way that I can possibly repay you for what you’ve done for me. I truly owe you everything for what I have experienced and what happens from now onwards with my life”.

“Funny you should mention that Michaela”, Alison mentioned, “once you’ve tidied up here, please join me in the special room”.

“Please remove your blouse and skirt before you enter, I want you looking sexy”, she continued, “although I must admit that I’m liking seeing you from behind in that short skirt”.

I starting clearing the used breakfast items from the table before placing the crockery in the dishwasher and other things back to where they came. The whole time I was wondering what Alison had in mind for me when I arrived in the special room. I liked how Alison referred to it with that name, something like a dungeon would have sounded much more sinister and this room was certainly the opposite of that for me. The special room already held so many wonderful memories for me and I was soon about to hopefully add another as I made my way there.

I went via my room so I could first remove the unneeded blouse and skirt. Placing them neatly at the end of my bed, I took a few seconds to sit in front of my makeup table. I was so tempted to apply something, probably eyeliner and some lipstick, but as Alison hadn’t requested that I do either, I simply played with my wig and checked that my breasts were well positioned.

“Can I come in?”, I queried upon reaching my destination, my heart beating faster than usual due to the anticipation..

“Yes, please do”, Alison replied.

Entering the room I saw that the massage table had been moved back to a more central location. This though wasn’t the main thing that caught my attention, Alison lying naked on the table on her front, propped up by her elbows was really the only thing anybody could have focused on.

“That blue looks gorgeous on you Michaela and really brings out your eyes”, she commented, referring to my choice of underwear.

“Thank you, I’m glad you like it”, I responded.

“Now”, Alison then said, “both times we’ve been in this room together it has been me predominately pleasing you, this morning I want you to pleasure me”.

While not having any real idea what that entailed on my part, I instantly loved her suggestion.

“I’ve laid out a variety of toys here, some of which you will be familiar”, she commented pointing to the bench along the wall, “what of these don’t use know the purpose of?”.

I moved closer for a better look noticing two larger items what I knew to be a dlido and vibrator, the small switch at the base of one differentiating the matching pair. I knew this detail as I had a girlfriend many years ago who had quite a selection often using them on herself and sadly not on me. Her regular self-indulgence, eventually leading to me feeling inferior as a partner in bed, causing us to break up. The vibrator was quite different though in shape to those I remember of my ex-girlfriend with a second appendage protruding from the base but only about a third as long as the main shaft.

“This thing is amazing”, Alison announced, turning it on, “this shorter bit rubs the woman’s clittoris while the main section wiggles around inside”.

“It sure looks interesting”, I replied not quite sure what else to say.

“It’s has multiple speeds as well, level five is mind-blowing”, Alison added, showing me how to adjust the intensity, “not sure how’d we’d use it on you, but I’m sure we’ll find a way!”.

Returning to the items I recognised, there was also a small bottle of lubricant and one of massage oil, a few sealed condoms and the chain joined nipple clamps that Alison had used on my ears on my first visit. I immediately hoped she would ask me to use them on her as their name suggested. Other than that, there was only one remaining item needing Alison’s help with a name and use. There were no sign of a blindfold or any restraints which she later explained wouldn’t be used on her as if she wore them it would have been a sign of giving power to me and that wasn’t acceptable.

“This is a pinwheel, it gives great pleasure, especially when the subject is blindfolded”, she outlined, running the sharp rotating pins across the palm of my hand, “less is more with this if you know what I mean. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure. It isn’t meant to penetrate the skin’s surface”.

“I will be giving you instructions most of the time”, she continued, “sure you’ll make the right choices with how to use each toy on me once we’ve started”.

“I’ll do my best”, I replied, now very keen to get started, my clittoris already swelling in its cage inside my blue lacy panties.

“Please start massaging the back of me first”, she said placing her face into a void in the table which I hadn’t ever noticed.

Taking some massage oil, I squeezed some into my hands. It was quite cold and when I started drizzled some onto Alison, her skin reacted in coming out almost immediately in goose bumps. These made her tanned skin look even more amazing before they soon disappeared. I commenced massaging predominately around her shoulders and as far as her lower back, hesitant to move beyond this area without further instruction. An unexpected surprise for me was how much I loved feeling the weight of my breasts when I was leaning forward to massage Alison, the further I leant over her the more noticeable it became. Having my arms outstretched most of the time I also could feel my biceps compressing my breasts from the sides. Breasts which had in just a short period of time, become a natural feeling part of my body.

“That’s feeling lovely Michaela”, Alison announced after probably ten minutes, “you can move to my legs now”.

I moved to her legs, adding extra oil to make my hands slide easier. I began on her calves, creeping minutely further upwards with each stroke. When I’d reached her upper thighs I didn’t move higher, spending a good five minutes in this zone before with one of her hands she felt for my arms, and grasping me by the wrist, placed by hand on her buttocks. My other hand then joined it and I continued to massage her buttocks only, for quite a while longer. Given her soft groans and the movement of her body, I knew that she was enjoying my attention.

“That felt wonderful”, Alison announced as she propped herself up, before turning onto her back.

“I’m loving doing this for you too”, I responded proudly, “I owe you so much, this is the least I can do for you”.

“A couple of rules Michaela, before we continue”, Alison outlined, “other than placing on the clamps, do not touch my breasts. Other than using the toys, do not touch my groin area. Is that clear?”.

“Yes”, I responded, naturally slightly disappointed but not hopefully showing this to Alison.

“Please take the pinwheel and have some fun”, she added, lying back and closing her eyes in anticipation.

An instructed I took the pinwheel. and starting on the soles of her feet. began rolling its sharp roller around with immediate impact. I was very conscious of Alison’s earlier comment regarding not to push to hard, solely using the weight of the pinwheel itself to press against her skin. I then rolled it up her legs, sometimes going faster while occasionally going at a snail’s pace. My course took the pinwheel up the left side over her hip, across her the top of her pelvis and down the other side. Given her physical response to this simulation, I repeated this route several times with variable pressure and speed.

Feeling a little more confident and imaginative, I then lifted the pinwheel and watch her face for a response. There was none, she was completely immersed in her experience. I startled her slightly when I recommenced on her sternum before moving downwards and between her heaving breasts before tracing around both breasts. It was patently obvious that she was enjoying that stimulation around her chest as her nipples soon became erect, her body's signal to me that they were ready for closer attention. At first my path was around the outer edge of her right breast, moving ever closer to my eventual target in a slow, spiral pattern. By the time I had reached her nipple it was protruding close to a centimetre above its also perky areola.

Taking a risk, I than ran the pinwheel over the nipple itself making a star shape as I crisscrossed from side to side, changing the angle subtly with each pass. Alison by this stage was starting to writhe in ecstasy and this only became more prevalent as I repeated my highly successful spiral technique on her left breast. My the time I started rolling over her erect nipple on that side, she was producing gutteral moans that I found incredibly intoxicating.

“Oh, Michaela”, she groaned, her eyes still fixed shut, “please keep going”.

I traced backwards and forwards between and over her nipples for a short time longer. Using their perkiness to my advantage, I attached the clamps to her nipples, being sure to minimise my own contact with her breasts as she had requested. I couple more erotic sounds emanating from her as I did so. The image of the chain joining the clamps, dangling from the underside of each nipple, is one that will stay with me for quite some time. Delightfully for both of us, I tugged sporadically from the chain.

“More . .”, was all that Alison could muster, now almost in a sensually induced trance.

I’m not sure what inspired me, but is a moment of brilliance, I placed the chain linking the nipple clamps in Alison’s mouth. It didn’t take her long to respond, each arching back of her head bringing herself a burst of stimulation. With each head movement her compressed nipples twisted relative to the tension placed on them. Given how far Alison chose to tilt her head backwards, jerkily of occasions, it was obvious that she thoroughly enjoyed nipple torture.

I took the opportunity while Alison was self-pleasuring to open a couple of condoms and place them over the vibrator and dildo, giving each then a splash of lubricant although this was probably not necessary given Alison’s erotic state. Moving to the end of the table to access between her legs, I took the twin pronged vibrator, first running its tip between her legs endeavouring to stimulate her clittoris and labia. Alison then began to arch her back and with minimal force I pushed the thick vibrator inside, positioning the shorter section directly on her clittoris. I moved it around manually briefly before switching it on and immediately clicking it to the middle intensity level. This instantly made Alison shudder and moan in appreciation.

“Please don’t stop”, Alison then mumbled voraciously, the chain attached to the nipple clamps still firmly held in her mouth.

She then leant forward taking her ankles with her hands and arching her back, raised her backside a considerable height from the table. Instinctively upon seeing her exposed anus I knew what she wanted and took the dildo and worked it inside, wriggling it to given her maximum sensation. This was continued for several minutes, sending Alison deeper and deeper into an euphoric place. Leaving the dildo in place, I turned the vibrator to maximum speed which significantly increased its output. For the next few minutes, with a hand on each, I manipulated the toys that were giving Alison undescribable pleasure. I could easily see how Alison herself would gain so much from placing her clients in similar erotic situations. Working subtly to just alter each sensation slowly, ever building to an explosive climax. A climax that Alison had yet to exhibit.

“Enough”, was all Alison announced, taking my hands in her own and gesturing to remove the toys from inside her.

“Ok”, I replied, switching off and then easing the vibrator out before sliding out the dildo with similar care.

Reaching across Alison, I placed both items to the side. I had only just done so when she half sat up and with one fluid motion grabbed the back of my neck, thrusting my head between her thighs.

“Lick and suck me clean Michaela”, she ordered.

Her command was somewhat muffled as my ears were being covered by her thighs, which were squeezing together tightly. It almost felt like she was trying to suffocate me given the intensity of her legs’ constriction. Instinctively I began as instructed, my face and rubbing up and down her bald pubic area bringing great delight to us both. I then began licking vigourously, making my tongue extend as far a possible and sliding it along and into every possible crevice. This continued for a while and for a reason I still don’t know with my arms I reached around and forward, pulling the chain from Alison’s mouth before beginning to tug on it myself. I think that I may have been a little too aggressive with the stimulation I was metering out to her nipples or she was just ecstatic with my advances when her body’s reactions suddenly changed. She commenced to vocalise more, although not in words, more primal sounds and her body thrash around as if being controlled by a more powerful force.

“Yes Michaela, yes”, she yelled, pushing my face firmly into her pussy before squirting profusely all over me.

I had never experienced such an intense sexual encounter, and despite now being thoroughly wet across my face and down my front, so satisfied with helping another human being achieve sexual gratification so abundantly. Soon after we both regained some sense of control but still a silent minute or so passed before any words were exchanged. We purely looked at each other in mutual admiration, Alison’s satisfaction and appreciation on her face very clear to see.

“Thank you Michaela”, Alison said, “that was mind blowing, sorry that I squirted all over you”.

“That’s fine”, I replied proudly, “I loved every second and I think you did too”.

“You are so great at knowing what I’d like to have done next”, she continued, “it’s like you’re almost reading my mind”.

“I don’t know about that”, deflecting some of her praise, “just did what felt right at the time, didn’t really think much, just went on instinct”.

“I love your instinct, especially your placing the nipple clamps chain in my mouth so that I could pleasure myself”, she commented appreciatively, “that felt incredible and something I’m going to use with my own clients”.

“That would be great”, I responded feeling happy that I could help her.

“Did you see Michaela how I built up my body’s sexual energy throughout the entire time before exploding like I did?”, Alison commented, “that’s what you will eventually be able to do as well. A female orgasm is so much more incredible than anything a male can achieve”.

“Let’s go and get ourselves cleaned up”, Alison continued, taking me by the hand and leading me to my ensuite.

Although we tended to focus on our own bodies, showering together was a lovely experience in itself. Once we were done and had dried ourselves, I realised that my breast forms were a little damp so needed to wash then dry them as well.

“I’m going to go and get some clothes on Michaela”, Alison announced, “please dress yourself in a blouse and pants combination suitable for our trip to the mall this afternoon. Once you're dressed just wait in here. It’s time for your first makeup lesson”.

I was disappointed that I hadn’t been allowed to wear a dress again. There were so many in my walk in robe that I wanted to wear. The anticipation of learning how to apply makeup though quickly dimmed my regret.

Once dressed, I spent my time sitting in front of my makeup picking up and looking at the different types of cosmetics and makeup that I now had at my disposal. It was quite a while before Alison joined me in my room wearing a knee length olive green, short sleeved dress which contoured to her athletic body. She looked immaculate from head to toe as usual despite the fact that she herself wasn’t wearing any makeup yet.

“Go and get another chair please Michaela”, she asked, “time for you to learn some makeup tricks and tips we girls need to know”.

I soon returned with a chair, placing it beside the existing one which Alison herself was already sitting on.

“Please sit down”, she requested, “I think the best way for you to learn is to watch me do something and then you do the same to yourself”.

“That sounds like a good idea”, I replied with the enthusiasm of a young year old girl whose mother was about to let her wear some makeup for the first time, “I honestly have no idea where to even start”.

Alison then opened a low round container of powder foundation, rubbing some of the powder on the tips of a large soft bristled brush before applying it to her face. She continued this process until her whole face had been covered, her cheeks, nose and around her eyes getting the most attention.

“Your turn now”, Alison announced passing me the powder and brush, “try and just lightly cover everything. It doesn’t look anywhere near as natural if you put it on too thick”.

I didn’t take long for me to get the idea and within a few minutes I was done, only a few small patches identified by Alison needing to be redone. I loved being tickled by the brush, it felt so soft against my skin.

“Now for our eyes”, Alison commented, “eyeshadow first, then eyeliner with mascara always last. This allows you to build the look from the base up so you can work on intensity as you go. It’s far easier to achieve a more precise result with your eyeliner too if you have nude lashes”.

Taking an brown toned eyeshadow palette and a much smaller brush, Alison started to apply the colour to her eyelids. She commenced with lighter tones first covering most of each eyelid, then a slightly darker tone starting roughly half way across her eye and going right to the far corner. Finally the darkest tone to be used was applied sparingly to the very outside edges only, making a v-shape in her eye’s outside crease before filling in the colour. She then used a finger and another small headed brush to blend the colours.

“The idea is to have light on the inside, closest to your nose and the eyeshadow gradually gets darker the further out if goes”, she explained, “makes the eyes look much larger and therefore more inviting”.

It was now my turn and surprising I found it quite easy to apply the various layers of eyeshadow as Alison had shown me. The blending of colours though was a different story but with Alison’s assistance my eyes had already started to become much more appealing.

“Blending is a personal thing Michaela”, Alison commented, “it just takes time to master so don’t worry, you’ll have as much time as you like to practice”.

“You just make it all look so easy”, I responded, feeling a little inadequate.

“I’ve put on makeup probably well over a thousand times, this is your first attempt and even then it was quite good”, she replied consoling me, “now time for eyeliner, the most important part of eye makeup in my opinion”.

I was then shown that eyeliner came in various forms, Alison having purchased me one of each.

“An eyeliner pencil is the most basic, liquid eyeliner is in the form of a pen and used for fine detail while eyeliner in gel form and which is applied with a fine brush gives the most impact, “Alison explained, “they all have pros and cons, it just depends on what look you’re after. Regardless though the concept is the same. I’m going to use liquid liner on myself but for you I’m going to suggest the pencil”.

Taking the pencil I first watched as Alison starting from the inside and with short strokes applied the eyeliner along the edge of her eyelid where her eyelashes emerged. With every stroke she slightly overlapped it so she didn’t leave any gaps. This process was repeated until she’d reached the outside corner.

“Eyeliner adds so much detail to a person’s eyes”, she commented, “you can be subtle or move to a more dramatic look with just a few additional strokes”.

It was now my turn and other than a little bit of hesitancy on my own part due to fearing I’d stab my eyeball with the pencil I soon had both eyes complete. Alison then encouraged me to add some to the outer parts of my inner rims which felt strange but gave great impact immediately, making my eyes look much larger.

“Well done Michaela, that looks perfect”, Alison mentioned proudly, “see how you maximise the dark colours to the outside. If you apply dark colours to the very inside of the eye then a person’s eyes look much smaller and in most cases scarier”.

The final step had us both applying mascara, Alison first and then me. The mascara was quite difficult and on several occasions I got more on the areas around my lashes then on them. These errors were so rectified by Alison and soon our eye makeup was complete. Alison’s looking amazing as always and mine, for a first attempt, was a commendable effort.

“Blusher now to show the lovely bone structure of our cheeks”, she said, “again, less is more. I hate seeing ladies with too much blusher, they just look ridiculous”.

I really enjoyed adding blusher as it had an immediate result, highlighting my cheeks. We used a light tan to commence and over several layers built up to the lightest of pale pinks. I loved the feeling of the large soft brush tickling me again.

“Last step for today’s lesson will be to add some lipstick”, Alison stated, “lipstick adds so much to a face if done well”.

Alison then took a pencil and outlined her lips although this wasn’t really necessary as, unlike me, her lips were very full and defined naturally.

“Now draw a few millimetres beyond your own lips”, Alison instructed, “your going to have to do this each time as you don’t really have much in terms of lips. Feminine lips should be fuller and plumped up. We will definitely need to get you some injections to make your lips more prominent”.

Outlining done, Alison then applied her own lipstick, a deep red. She didn’t use the lipstick itself directly but rather used a small, fine tipped brush, rubbed it on the lipstick end and then brushed the colour onto her lips until all areas were complete.

“I prefer to use a brush”, she discussed, “it gives so much better control than the lipstick itself”.

Using a different but same style of brush I then commenced painting on my own lipstick which I didn’t find all that difficult. Alison had me choose my own colour from the ten or so she had supplied me. Knowing that we would be going to the mall in a few hours and not wanting to draw any attention to myself, I picked a pale pink. Once applied, and Alison had checked that my work was appropriate, I spent a little while putting all of the makeup away. I really loved the pale pink, not too obvious but unmistakably feminine and made by face look pretty rather than sexy as a bright red would possibly have done.

“You look lovely Michaela,” Alison commented, clearly pleased with her tuition.

“Thank you, thanks for this and everything”, I replied, squeezing her hand, “you don’t know how much all of this means to me. I’ve been floating on a cloud since we met, especially for the last 24 hours”.

“Don’t get too excited my dear”, she responded, “I’ve still got plenty of new things for you to experience up my sleeve”.

“I’m just going to go and clean the special room”, I commented, knowing that it hadn’t been cleaned up since Alison’s session earlier that day.

“No, I’ve already done that, I did it just before I came in here and started with our makeup lesson”, Alison responded, much to my surprise as I thought that my role would have been to tidy and put everything away, “you don’t have to do all the work around here. Besides, you were amazing in there and it’s just my way of saying thank you too. I’m still on a high after it actually, you are one naughty girl when you get started”.

“It was my real pleasure, I loved every second too”, I replied.

“Time for some lunch I think”, Alison suggested, “I’m starving”.

“Great idea, what would you like, I get it?”, I asked.

It was a very late lunch and by the time I had cleaned everything up it was 2.30pm. During our meal together we had discussed all manner of things, finances, living and work arrangements, what to do with my apartment and too many other incidentals to mention each individually. Alison throughout was so supportive, offering reassurance whenever I experienced an element of doubt.

“Time to head to the mall my dear, I feel like having some serious girl time with you”, Alison announced, “just give me ten minutes to myself, I just need to make a phone call to check something”.

While I didn’t know what she was checking, it didn’t concern me in the least. Unlike my first public outing, this time I was really looking forward to heading out as Michaela. I spent a little time touching up my makeup, essentially adding a little powder foundation, blusher and lipstick as my eyes still looked amazing from before lunch and didn’t need any attention. I also selected a different pair of high heels, these of similar height to the pair I’d worn previously, but black and showing a lot more of my pretty toes. Alison then joined me in my room looking stunning as always.

“Let’s go darling”, she announced, taking me by the hand, “love the choice of heels”.

“Thanks”, I responded appreciatively, “thought I’d be a little more daring with my footwear”.

“Wonderful to see you taking a few risks, that’s the attitude I love to see from you”, she commented, “come on, the mall’s only five minutes away but is closes at 4pm I think so we’ll only have an hour shopping unfortunately, time has got away on us”.

The drive to the mall was uneventful. Once inside the mall I soon realised how confident I had become walking in the heels and also being dressed as a female. Nobody even noticed that Alison and I were anything other than a couple of girlfriends doing some shopping. One dressed quite conservatively in trousers and a blouse but the other much sassier with her body hugging olive dress. We wandered in and out of random shops, Alison purchasing two dresses for herself. It felt lovely and so natural that I regretted failing to act on my desires much earlier in life - wish I’d meet Alison when I was ten years younger.

We also did quite a bit of lingerie shopping for me. In all, my bag when I left the store contained four different bra and panties sets plus a couple of sports bras that I would wearing when exercising in the gym. The sports bras in particular fitted very firmly and made my false breasts feel even more part of me as there was no movement whatsoever even when Alison asked me to jump up and down to test them. What a funny sight the pair of us must have been with me trying on the various items in the change room together.

“Hope you’re enjoying your shopping Michaela?”, Alison asked as we left the lingerie store.

“It’s actually a lot of fun when you get into it”, I replied truthfully.

“Going to the mall can involve much more than just purchasing things from shops”, Alison suddenly announced, stopping just in front of a Claire’s store, its illuminated deep purple sign shining brightly inviting customers inside.

I had paused outside similar Claire’s stores numerous times over the years and on occasions had the fortune to watch someone getting their ears pierced in the stool inside the front window of the store. A wonderful advertising strategy that no doubt encouraged passers-by to also enter the store and possibly even get their ears done too. Unfortunately I had never had the courage to even enter the store let alone sit in the magical stool and get my ears pierced.

Alison then instructed me to stand directly beside the store entrance, looking outwards. I did as requested, but not before seeing a girl about 10 climbing onto the piercing stool not two metres through the window from where I was now standing. Alison had by now gone inside to presumably organise for me to have my ears pierced. This was something quite unexpected but at the same time very exciting. Ear piercing to me had always been purely a feminine domain when I was growing up and I’d therefore never had the courage to get my own ear or ears done. While these days it is much more unisex, for the majority of my life, ear piercing was strictly female territory and as such remained beyond my grasp with my previous mindset.

While becoming increasingly excited at the prospect of in a few minutes I too would be perched inside on that stool signifying my entry into the female world, I realised that I was close enough to hear the conversation between the girl about to have have ears pierced, her mother and piercer. I heard the piercer say that she was now about to clean the girls lobes. Next the girls ears were being marked and once both ears were dotted the girl’s mother being invited to check their placement. After a little discussion between the mother and the piercer, the location of one of the dots was redone until both parties were satisfied. I heard nothing from the young girl who quite possibly was slightly in shock and dreading the perceived pain of getting her ears pierced.

I was so tempted to turn and watch but feared the repercussions should I be noticed by Alison.

“Ok”, I heard the piercer say to her young client, “just sit up tall for me and look straight ahead”.

A brief pause before I heard the piercer count ONE .. TWO .. THREE and a barely audible clicking sound from the piercing gun. I was the first time I’d been close enough to hear that particular sound and it thrilled be instantly, my caged clitoris twitching reminding me that it was captive. There was no screaming or any noise for that matter from the newly pierced girl, only some reassuring words from her mother saying how pretty the earring was in her ear. I then heard a little movement, presumably the piercer reloading the piercing gun and moving to complete the other ear.

Again a countdown, ONE .. TWO .. THREE and I heard a faint click of the piercing gun causing my genitals to spasm once more. I immediately wanted to defy Alison’s command to stand outside and rush inside myself to take my place in the soon to be vacant stool. A short, mostly indiscernible conversation then transpired between the three participants in the piercing ritual before the mother and newly initiated girl emerged from the salon.

I was then caught quite off guard when the mother paused and commented to her daughter, “perhaps this lady could take a photo of us in front of the Claire’s sign as a memento of you getting pierced ears”.

I was a little shocked at her request but quickly regained my composure, and taking the mother’s mobile phone, I walked as elegantly as possible into a more central place in the mall before taking a couple photos as requested. I certainly loved being referred to as a lady and by a complete stranger who hadn’t considered me to be anything but a woman waiting for her friend.

As I aligned the photos I recognised two things above all else. Firstly, the stool was now empty and I would be its next occupant when Alison emerged from inside to announce that she wanted me to have my ears pierced. Secondly, the young girl was so excited about just having had her ears pierced, her whole face glowing like the sparkling diamante studs in her freshly pierced lobes. I hoped that I would be as brave as her when it was my turn.

I had just resumed my post outside the Claire’s store when Alison rejoined me, checking the time on her phone. I took a deep breathe expecting her to inform me that she wished for my ears to be pierced.

“Ok”, she said, me awaiting the announcement I now craved, “I’ve got what I’m after, let’s look around the mall for a little while longer”.

I felt so deflated and immediately wanted to ask permission to have my ears pierced. Given my strict instructions from earlier in the day though, I knew that this would have been grossly inappropriate and my defiance would have been dealt with extremely harshly when we were in private. Disappointed, for not having the courage to question Alison and also for not now being inside Claire’s enjoying the ritual of having my ears pierced, I followed as asked. My previously restrained, engorged clit instantly giving up the fight to escape its chastity belt.

We browsed through several clothes stores, my regret at a lost opportunity causing me to take little notice of anything that Alison suggested in way of clothes for me.

“I think you’re all shopped out”, Alison mentioned to which I agreed.

Truth be known, I had never been much of a shopper before and walking in high heels had certainly made me realise that I had calf muscles which now ached increasingly with each step.

“There’s just one last place I’d like to go prior to us heading home if that’s ok with you?”, she continued with what was no doubt a rhetorical question given that we both knew that I had no say in what would happen.

Mercifully, for my now aching lower legs and feet, we were soon at our final destination, Beautilicious Angels - Beauty & Hair. Unlike earlier, when I was abandoned outside of Claire’s, I was taken by the hand and taken promptly inside by Alison who asked me to take a seat in the waiting lounge while she approached one of the staff members. The pair clearly knew each other as they embraced caringly.

There was so much to observe inside the salon, ladies getting their hair done, one lady getting perming rods in her hair, a couple of people having their hair washed and rinsed and that was just the hairstyling section. Additional to this was a row of five stations all fully utilised with ladies getting their nails done. The walls of the salon were covered in small shelves which contained all manner of both hair and beauty products. I think I could have looked for an hour there was that much to take in.

My hour required though was just a couple of minutes before Alison summoned me over to her. She introduced me to her friend Kendall who was a part owner of the salon. Kendall was a classic beauty herself, tall and elegant in every mannerism. She had long blonde hair that fell in spiralled curls and stretched well done her back. Dressed exquisitely from head to toe, she wore minimal makeup around her eyes with the most sensual soft pink lipstick that immediately drew my attention, as did her matching prominent contoured cheeks. A small pair of pearl studs assisted her achieve her graceful, sophisticated look. We shook hands, me being as delicate as possible where I noticed that her nails were also painted in a lovely pale pink. She was pure class.

“So lovely to eventually meet you Michaela, I’m Kendall,” she said introduced herself, “you are very welcome here, Alison told us so much about you when she was here last week getting her new look”.

“Nice to meet you too Kendall”, I replied in my best feminine voice.

“She has wonderful possibilities”, Kendall commented somewhat discretely to Alison, “you weren’t lying”.

“Please, both of you come over here”, ushering us deeper into the salon, “Michaela, you must meet my business partner Jez before we commence your makeover. Soon we’ll have you looking even more gorgeous than you are already”.

If the penny hadn’t dropped as to why I was here it certain had now. I was going to have a makeover but as yet wasn’t privy to Alison’s full plans for me. Despite being in a very foreign environment, I was not worried in the least. Deep down I knew this is exactly where I wanted and needed to be.

Jez soon joined the three of us and the two of us exchanged introductions, it becoming obvious that Jez too knew Alison well. Jez was quite a bit younger than the three of us, early to mid-twenties I’d say if having to provide an age estimate. She was the complete opposite of Kendall with crew cut brown hair, several tattoos and multiple piercings decorating her ears, nose and one in her lower lip. See wore no makeup except dark black eyeliner encircling her eyes. Her clothes were grunge personified but despite being poles apart from Kendall in the looks department, I immediately felt a connection with her.

I was soon informed that Alison had been a client of theirs for several years and in more recent times both Kendall and Jez were also recipients of Alison’s sensual bodywork and massages.

“It works perfectly, like bartering in the olden days”, Jez explained enthusiastically, “Alison gets all of her hair and beauty needs taken care of by us for free and she then looks after our special needs. Just in a much more private setting”.

“Now come with me Michaela”, Jez announced taking me and leading me away, “we must get you some proper fingernails”.

Next thing I knew I was perched in the middle of the five nail station with Jez massaging my hands while speaking at a thousand words a minute. I was soon to discover that if talking was an Olympic sport, Jez would be the gold medalist. She had such an extroverted, spontaneous, bubbly personality that I soon got completely engrossed in conversation with her while watching her do my nails.

"You have such long, slender fingers Michaela," she said, "I’m going to give you fake gel nails which will make your hands look amazing."

Jez then explained that the false nails would be glued on showing me her own long nails which were painted a dazzling electric blue colour to give me a clue as to how my own fingernails might look shortly. She commenced adding long strips of plastic looking nails to my fingers. Once one hand was complete she had me place it inside a little device that apparently dries the glue quicker before starting on my other hand which soon also had nails attached.

"Just swap your hands now please," she instructed.

I did as requested and Jez took my now dried hand and began to gently file my new longer nails. It was quite a strange sensation, sort of like small vibrations emanating from the tips of my fingers flowing down towards my palm. I watched closely as each nail was shaped into something that I thought resembled a talon. Each nail was at least double the length of my original nails. While my nails were being done we chatted about her life and how she became a beautician and I shared my story of meeting Alison. I truthfully was so immersed in our conversation that I forgot where I was and that there were even other clients in the salon.

"Now, those nails look pretty boring," Jez exclaimed upon ending the filing process, "let me get some polish to match those gorgeous toenails I see poking through your shoes".

Jez was very observant having obviously spotted my painted toenails inside my shoes that were now very painful.

"I think this colour red will be perfect", she said as she untwisted the cap and gestured for me to place my hand flat on the towel covering the table between us.

With great dexterity, she commenced painting my nails, beginning each with a long stroke down the middle starting at the base and then filling in the space to either side. While Alison had painted my nails during our first session I was completely unaware that it had even happened so this was like having it done the first time for me. Again we chatted as a single painted nail became two, then quickly a hand and finally the long attached nails on all ten digits were adorned with bright red polish.

I was mesmerised as I looked at my painted fingernails, moving and twisting my fingers despite Jez's advice to keep them still until the colour polish had set. My brain couldn't quite comprehend what my eyes were relaying to it. They were my hands moving but the beautiful long, painted nails looked as if they belonged to someone else. Jez did say earlier that my long, slender fingers would look amazing once she was done with them - she was so right.

As if on cue, Alison and Kendall then joined us near the nail stations, both very pleased with my new nails. I hadn’t really noticed due to my sole focus on getting my nails done but the salon was nearly completely empty. I thanked Jez, standing up with a slight wobble assuming that it was closing time for the salon and Alison and I would soon be on our way.

“What time do you close?”, I politely asked Kendall.

“Now actually, the whole mall shuts at 4pm on Saturdays”, she replied, “everyone will be finished here within the next ten minutes but don’t worry, Jez and I will be staying back to complete what Alison has planned for you”.

“Can you come with me now my dear?”, Kendall continued.

Naturally I followed and was lead to the very back of the salon and into a small room with Treatment Room One painted artistically on its door. Alison followed closely behind, ever vigilant that I was under her control.

“Alison now wants you to have a full body wax”, Kendall announced, “I’m not going to lie to you, some of it will be quite painful but Alison assures me that you have a very high pain threshold so you’ll be fine”.

“Get yourself naked Michaela”, Alison ordered, “we don’t need Kendall waiting to start longer than necessary”.

“I want every last trace of that disgusting manly hair gone, please Kendall”, she continued, “I’ve had to have poor Michaela wearing trousers all of the time as no one wants to she hairy legs on a lady. Once everything is waxed she’ll be able to wear dresses whenever I deem it appropriate”.

“That’s fine with me, I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up”, she replied.

“What do you think of her spray tan”, Alison queried Kendall, “we had it done yesterday afternoon. You should have seen how nervous she was”.

“I did notice it but wasn’t sure whether it was real or fake”, Kendall replied, “whoever did it has done an excellent job”.

I undressed as ordered, thankful for the small mercy of being able to remove my shoes. Alison and Kendall both assisted to remove my bra and fake breasts, me immediately noticing the lack of weight on my chest when they were no longer attached to me. My naked body didn’t appear to phase Kendall in the least as she asked me to climb onto the waxing table while stirring the wax in a couple of temperature controlled pots. She did though begin the laugh when she first noticed my chastity device which brought some derogatory remarks from Alison. Despite Alison’s comments, the prospect of being able to wear dresses when I wasn’t hairy made me very much look forward to getting waxed.

“Have you ever had anything waxed before Michaela?” Kendall asked as she commenced sprinkling some powder over my lower legs which I knew was to help prevent the wax from sticking to my skin.

“No,” I replied.

“He’s watched YouTube clips of it being done though”, interjected Alison.

“Well you know enough so I don’t need to explain the process to you then”, she said smearing the first of what would be countless strips of wax on my body that day.

After several strips had been removed, with minimal discomfort, Alison suggested that I reach down and touch my bare skin. It felt so silky smooth that I couldn’t help but keep rubbing my bare flesh. It also gave me cause to remember and look at my beautiful long painted nails.

We were then joined my Jez who said that the salon front screen was now down and the salon empty except for the four of us.

“Don’t worry Michaela,” Jez added jokingly, “we have a back door that accesses the staff car park so we aren’t locked in all night!”.

“This is so cool!”, Jez added, her more youthful exuberance shining through, “ever since I was at Beauty College I’ve always wanted to do a male-to-female makeover. I’ve tried a few things on various boyfriends but they always run away scared for some reason”.

Jez then joined Kendall waxing my legs, front and back, taking only around ten minutes to complete both legs The most painful sections were undoubtedly the back of my knees, between my thighs and strangely enough my feet and toes. Just as they were about to commence waxing further up Alison became frustrated.

“Oh no, I’ve forgotten the key to his cage”, she yelled in a frustrated tone, “I really wanted him to have a full brazilian wax to rid us of that revolting fur around his clitty”.

“Not a problem Alison”, Jez interjected, “Kendall, pass me one of those wire clips in your hair”.

Kendall did as requested and after straightening it out a fraction had the padlock unlocked within a few seconds.

“You learnt how to open practically anything if you grew up in my neighbourhood”, she announced proudly.

The remaining three of us were slightly dumbfounded by what we had just witnessed, me becoming increasingly intrigued by the complexity of Jez.

Now unlocked, Alison removed the tube and locking ring much to the delight of my clitoris which almost immediately stood to attention when awoken from it captivity. Alison was far from impressed and slapped it firmly in an attempt to end its defiant display.

“Oh, don’t be too concerned about his little clit showing off”, Kendall commented nonchalantly, endeavouring to calm Alison who saw my erection as undermining her control over me.

“It’s not an issue at all”, Jez continued, “nothing like dripping hot wax on someone’s cock and balls then ripping away the hairs to end any erection!”.

“I’m going to enjoy watching you get a full brazilian Michaela”, Alison remarked sadistically, “you’re about to fully understand the saying, ‘beauty is pain’, that’s for sure”.

“You’re going to be fine”, Kendall added, “it not like you have a choice anyway, society dictates that women should be basically hairless so welcome to the club”.

“She’ll love it I reckon”, commented Jez as she and Kendall began, “deep down I think she’s wanted this to happen for a very long time. Now’s her chance”.

In an excruciating next period of time, my manly coat around my privates and then over my buttocks and even along my arse crack where deforested. Alison revelled in every pull removing my pubic hair, even joining in a few times to share in the experience. Her earlier statement that beauty is pain was so accurate, the pain was intense nearly every time the wax was whisked away. In support of Jez’s comment, other than the obvious pain, I did quite like my intimate waxing experience performed by two gorgeous women. The final result, a completely hairless crotch well worth it.

Brazilian done, Kendall starting rubbing some lotion over the areas that had been waxed which supposedly prevent ingrown hairs. Jez continued to wax my stomach and chest, the area around my nipples particularly stinging when they were done. As soon as my clitoris was available Alison returned the chastity belt, my hairless male parts feeling much different once back in their prison. It was a real hive of activity with all three women working on different tasks simultaneously. The final stage saw both of my underarms waxed, one each by Kendall and Jez. This stung quite a bit but I instantly loved how my bare armpits looked not ever really having liked hair there anyway. We all got a good laugh as the skin where my armpits were waxed was much paler than the surrounding skin because the spray tan had penetrated through the now removed hairs.

“Now I’m just going to tidy up your eyebrows now Michaela”, Jez announced, me thinking that finally there wasn’t any hair left to remove.

“Please make them nicely arched and feminine”, Alison intervened, “exactly like you did mine last week”.

While I did really love how Alison’s curved, thin brows looked, I was a little concerned with having my brows so severely shaped. I knew that I really had no choice so lay very still as Jez commenced waxing my eyebrows, initially between them, then the underside and finally above them. She then brushed them to straighten them a little before using tweezers to remove any stray hairs missed by the waxing. She seemed to spend an eternity plucking especially the underside on the outer ends of each side, each associated sting reminding me that my brows were not going to have any resemblance to their former selves.

“How’s this look Alison”, Jez questioned.

After a close inspection where I took the opportunity to look at Alison’s own brows, those on which my own were being modelled, Alison replied.

“Still not enough arch and they are too thick towards the ends”, she said, “please take more Jez”.

I then realised that I wasn’t the only person in the room who took orders from Alison. While she was definitely stricter in her choice of language to me, she also tended to order both Jez and to a lesser extent Kendall when she spoke to them. I certainly wasn’t the only one who had seen the Mistress side of Alison.

“Of course I can”, Jez responded, “just didn’t want to do too much initially as it’s not like you can put the hairs back was they’ve been removed”.

The plucking recommenced and several minutes later, after Alison’s blessing, my new eyebrows were complete.

“You’re going to love them Michaela”, Kendall announced, leaning over me and inspecting Jez’s work, “so feminine and beautifully arched and tapered to a thin point at the ends”.

I was now desperate to see Jez’s work, assuming of course there were any eyebrows left to see given their thorough treatment. Seeing my eyebrows would have to wait though.

“I think she needs them tinted as well”, announced Kendall, “her eyelashes too. She’s got the most gorgeous long thick natural eyelashes already, they’ll look even better tinted”.

“Exactly what I was thinking”, replied Jez, “both your eyelashes and especially your new eyebrows will look so much better darkened Michaela. Just stay lying down sweety”.

I did as asked, responding to Jez’s much gentler tone.

“Now close your eyes please Michaela”, Kendall requested, also in a softer tone, “I just need to put some patches under your eyelashes and some cream around your eyebrows. Both will stop the dye in the tinting solution from staining the surrounding skin”.

Closing my eyes, I felt Kendall place the patches on my bottom eyelids, the strips presumably having some sticking substance on their underside as they slightly stuck to my skin. While Kendall commenced applying the cream, in the corner of the room, Alison and Jez were in discussing something, snippets of which I could decipher.

“”What about this one?”, I heard Jez suggest.

“Perfect”, came Alison’s enthusiastic reply, “just perfect”.

I then sensed Kendall move away and not long after return with the tinting solution, the colour of which Jez and Alison had just settled upon. She then instructed me that the dye needed to stay in place for at least ten minutes to work and that it was crucial that I kept my eyes shut to prevent the chemicals entering my eyes.

“You might feel a slight sting when I first do your eyelashes”, she continued, “but this is completely normal and any discomfort will pass with a few seconds”.

“Just relax and enjoy a little rest”, Jez added, squeezing my hand in support, “I’m sure that you’re quite exhausted after your big day”.

Jez was right about it being a massive day. The morning was a blur of waking up at Alison’s, our amazing session in our special room, learning about and applying makeup and heading to the mall. Enjoying shopping and then being asked to wait outside Claire’s in anticipation, thinking that I was about to have my ears pierced. All of this before entering Beautilicious Angels and meeting Kendall and Jez who were skilfully transforming me. An incredible day which was far more than even my wildest fantasies.

I then felt someone touching around my navel and the faint smell of antiseptic. I squirmed a little reacting to the unexpected contact.

“Just stay still please Michaela and remember to keep your eyes firmly closed”, Kendall whispered in my ear.

“We’ve got a little surprise for you”, Jez announced, her tone even more excited than her usual hyped speech.

“You’re getting your bellybutton pierced!”, Alison added strictly, “no complaints!”.

“But . . “, I said meekly as my only opposition to Alison’s wish.

“You’ll be fine Michaela”, Jez added reassuringly, again squeezing my hand, “you’ll love it once it’s pierced. It hardly hurts at all, much less painful than the brazilian that you survived earlier and it will look so sexy. Trust me”.

“It’s nothing to worry about my dear”, added Kendall, “all three of us have ours pierced, Jez’s is even pierced twice. If someone conservative like me, and honestly terrified of needles, can have their navel pierced than someone as brave as you won’t have any problems. It would have taken incredible courage to do what you are doing and I’m so glad that we can help you fulfil your dreams”.

“Thank you so much Kendall”, I replied a little emotionally, ‘I can’t thank you and Jez enough, you have been so supportive. So glad that Alison brought me to you both”.

While getting my bellybutton pierced, unlike my ears, wasn’t ever on my radar, I actually loved the idea. Jez’s and Kendall’s support and encouragement making me resist any temptation to refuse having it done. I did love seeing and getting aroused by Alison’s pierced navel and there was nothing stopping me. The final point that convinced me being Kendall thought that I was brave.

With no sign of resistance, Jez continued to sterilise around my navel.

“Now lie very still please Michaela”, Jez instructed, “I just need to mark the entry and exit points and make sure everything is nice and straight. Can’t have you with a crooked piercing can we?”.

“Guess not”, I replied now more relaxed and focussing solely on her touch and voice.

I felt slight pressure as Jez used what I assumed to be a marker pen to position the dots. A few hours earlier the same alignment process occurring on the lobes of the equally brave little girl in Claire’s.

“I’ll just measure the width of the dots against jewellery bar that Alison and I selected before”, Jez commented.

It then dawned on me that when I thought that the pair of them were choosing the colour of my eyelash tint, they were in fact picking my piercing jewellery. Alison’s description, “Perfect … just perfect” now making more sense.

“Everything looks great Michaela, now I’m just going to clamp the area so you might feel a little pinch”, Jez mentioned, “most people I pierce say that this actually hurts more than the piercing itself”.

While a little uncomfortable, I didn’t find the clamping too painful. After a little adjusting and checking the alignment, Jez told me to slow my breathing.

I focussed on my breaths while hearing Jez coaching me; “take a big breath in, now let it out, big breath in . . “.

“DONE!”, Jez then exclaimed.

In all honesty, I felt nothing other than a little pressure pushing from the bottom side of the clamped skin. Not sure of what I really expected in terms of pain from the needle but what I just experienced wasn’t even a blip on the radar. I then felt Jez remove the clamp from the upper part of my navel, which had somehow numbed the whole area. Pressure gone, I first felt some stinging as blood reentered the region. I immediately loved how it felt.

“Ok Michaela,” Jez continued, bringing me back to reality a little, “there’s now a small piece of hollow tube holding open the hole I’ve just made, the needle has been removed. Just need to slide the jewellery in now and you’ll be all done and sexy as hell”.

“You’re doing so well”, Kendall added, “the belly bar that they picked for you is going to look amazing and will be a real symbol of your transition”.

Given that ear piercings had now become more mainstream and favoured by both genders, by my way of thinking a pierced navel was certainly the most feminine piercing available and I was thrilled that I was having that done to me. Having my belly button pierced was symbolic of me being initiated into the female world and I felt increasingly comfortable being a member.

“Now Michaela”, Jez interjected, bringing my attention back to my partially complete piercing, “this might bite a little when I slide the bar through. Don’t worry, there won’t be any blood as the bar is a slightly larger gauge than the needle I used and will therefore seal both ends”.

I concentrated on my breathing again. Jez’s description that it might bite a little was true as I felt the jewellery being pushed through. I must be a sadist but I loved every signal of pain emanating from my navel, not being able to see the process due to having my eyes closed because of the tinting only accentuating the experience.

“Just need to screw on the little ball at the top and you’ll be all done”, Jez commented, “I’m so proud of you Michaela”.

“Thanks for doing it for me”, I replied.

“Oh, look everyone, her little clitty had been crying everywhere and trying to escape”, Alison pointed out to the others, “I told you that she wanted her belly button pierced”.

Again Alison had caused me embarrassment in front of the two absolutely lovely ladies. For a fleeting moment I wished I had simply had the courage to walk directly into Beautilicious Angels and have them give me a male-to-female transformation. On further reflection though, despite her strictness, I owed all of this to Alison and my journey was far more than just some beauty treatments. She indeed was the only person who could have awakened Michaela and for that alone she had my complete obedience.

“Never mind dear”, Kendall said more supportively, “it is quite a thrill getting something pierced, think even I felt a little horny when Jez pierced my navel a year or so ago”.

“You didn’t tell me that at the time Kendall”, Jez commented cheekily, “I was more worried that you would faint!”.

“You hadn’t told me that either you naughty girl”, Alison added, “that’s given me an idea already for our next session together now that I know that little piece of information”.

“I can’t wait”, Kendall responded eagerly to Alison’s suggestion.

“I’ll just clean you up a little with some tissues”, Kendall added as she looked after my shame.
After attending to my accident, Kendall then removed the pads from under my eyelashes. See asked that I kept my eyes shut which I did. I was now yearning to see my newly pierced navel which ached slightly reminding me of its presence.

“Just have to use a Q-tip to remove some excess and then you can have a look at your new features”, Kendall commented.

“What do you think she’ll want to see first?”, Jez commented, “her piercing or her eyebrows”.

“Definitely her pierced belly button”, Alison responded, “you could see from her little clitty’s reaction how much she enjoyed you piercing it”.

Before being reminded by Jez’s question, I had nearly forgotten all about my dramatically reshaped eyebrows. While Alison’s assertion that my piercing would be the first thing I wanted to see, I was nearly as interested to see my new tinted brows and darkened eyelashes. Kendall had already commented that they looked amazing so I was hoping that I thought the same.

“Ok beautiful”, Kendall commented, pausing briefly for Alison’s approval, “you can open your eyes and see what we’ve done to you”.

Obviously, my first glances were directly to my now bejewelled midriff. Immediately the sparkling jewelled bar, bright pink in colour looked perfect as Alison had predicted. It had a large pink fake stone at the lower end of the bar and a glittery pink ball at the top. It was much larger that I imagined it would be and considerably bigger than the bars I’d seen Alison wearing. I reached down with my long painted fingers and touched it to confirm that it was indeed real and not a figment of my imagination.

“Try not to touch it too much”, Jez mentioned, “I know it’s very hard not to though. That colour really suits you’.

“Sissy pink I think we’ll call the colour”, Alison interjected, “glad we chose something substantial too as you should be proud to have your belly pierced Michaela and not want to hide it away”.

“It does really suit you”, added Kendall, “might have to switch my bar over to one like it too I think”.

My eyebrows forgotten briefly, Jez brought over a hand mirror and for the first time I saw my new eyebrows and the results of the tinting. As requested, they were identical to Alison’s, relatively thin in the centre but a consistent width for roughly a third of the way out. They then angled slightly upwards and arched as only feminine eyebrows should towards the outside of my face getting gradually thinner before ending at a point. My eyebrows’ new shape completely redefined the look of my eyes which now looked unmistakably female. The tinting of both my brows and lashes only increasingly their feminine appearance and making them a prominent feature of my face.

“Thank you”, was all that I could muster, tears welling in my eyes.

Jez and Kendall immediately starting hugging me. Much to my pleasure, Alison even weakened her steely, public disposition and joined in briefly.

“Now I think we should just give your makeup a little touch up”, Kendall suggested, “but before we do that I think it’s probably time for you to get dressed first”.

“I’ll go and get the dress”, Alison announced, leaving the room, “you two might need to help her with her tits, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t worked them out completely yet!”.

I was a little perplex by the mention of the dress as Kendall and Jez set about giving me breasts again.

“It will feel nicer now that your chest has been waxed Michaela”, the latter remarked, “no hair itching inside of your bra”.

By the time Alison had returned, my bra was clipped together at the back and the ladies were finalising the positioning of the breast forms. It amused all of us the Kendall had placed the form for her side on a weird angle, the protruding nipple pointing directly to the ceiling. A quick adjustment by Jez and both nipples now matched. It was nice to feel something heavy on my chest again and as Jez indicated, the forms now directly against my skin.

“No need for the underwear”, Alison instructed, Kendall about to help me put them on, “just toss them with her other clothes”.

“Going commando”, Jez chuckled, “you are a naughty girl Michaela”.

Alison then produced the dress she’d retrieved, it was one that we had purchased soon after entering the mall. I falsely assumed that she was buying it for herself but it was intending for me. Just another indication of her meticulous planning for my makeover.

The dress itself was a striking royal blue colour and following Alison’s gesturing I was soon stepping into my first ever dress. Kendall then assisted me to put my arms in the short sleeves being very conscious that I didn’t hook the material on my piercing. Arms in and the dress now fitted at the front, Jez slid the zip which was on the right side all the way up to the top. The last few inches were a little tricky with all three woman pushing and pulling my breasts and dress so the zip could be closed. Like Alison’s own dress it was very close fitting with mine only going down to a little above my knees.

“That colour and style look amazing on you Michaela”, Kendall announced standing back and having a thorough look, “you’ve always had a great eye for fashion Alison”.

Jez agreed and turned me to face a large mirror in the corner of the room. The dress did look amazing and I automatically felt like a princess, so much more ladylike than the blouse and trousers that I’d worn initially.

“You’ve got a lovely pair of legs too”, Alison contributed, “I’d have shown them off earlier but hairy legs aren’t a good look on anyone, male or female”.

Jez then handed me my shoes which I placed hesitantly dreading the pain returning to my feet and calves. Kendall then took me by the hand, out of the room and past the hairdressing chairs to the makeup area near the front of the store which was on the opposite side to the nail stations. Surprisingly, I walked without even a hint of stumbling due to the high heels, loving feeling the sensation of the dress rubbing against my recently waxed, smooth skin.

“That’s a lovely wig Michaela that Alison’s chosen for you”, Kendall commented, running her fingers through it before pulling it behind my back in preparation for my makeup.

“Thank you Kendall”, I replied appreciating her compliment.

“When your own hair is longer, you’ll have to come in and have our senior stylist Kimmi give you a perm”, she continued, “she does the most incredible spiral and other types of perms. You’d look even more gorgeous with a tight spiral perm. All ladies should have their hair permed at some point, it’s such a wonderful experience”.

“That sound great”, I replied to Kendall, “I look forward to meeting Kimmi when my own hair is longer. I’d come and see you and Jez too of course. You’re both so lovely and supportive”.

The makeup area itself had a large, upholstered swivelling chair with padded armrests to either side. In the centre, there was a very large mirror, about a metre wide and extending to within a short distance of the ceiling. To either side were angled mirrors of similar width but only going to halfway up the wall. Across the top of the two side mirrors were a series of small light bulbs spaced about a hand's width apart. Bright, pure white lights shone from the ceiling making this area much better illuminated than the remainder of the salon. The benches beneath the three mirrors were covered with a myriad of brushes of differing sizes, colourful patches of makeup and several bundled collections of varying size bottles and containers. Below the benches were probably a dozen drawers, many with stick on labels listing the contents of each.

“Please take a seat Michaela”, Kendall said assisting me onto the swivelling chair, “please just relax and let your girlfriend Kendall make you look even more attractive”.

I sat with a childlike fascination as she touched up my face. Before she began, she cleansed my whole face, removing all of the makeup I’d applied myself. I wasn’t disappointed that Kendall chose to remove my makeup, I just looked forward to learning some new skills. I was so engrossed watching Kendall applying firstly foundation and then makeup that I completely lost track of where Alison and Jez were during this time. Kendall didn’t do a complete makeup just added small touches in keeping with her own minimalist makeup routine.

The most significant addition was her use of a blue eyeliner along my lashlines and especially to the inner rims of my eyelids. The blue eyeliner gave my own blue eyes a much stronger, darker blue look which I instantly loved and also picked up the colour of my dress. Kendall also used an eyelash curler, which was quite an awkward experience, but gave the most incredible impact with my lashes now bent outwards giving my eyes a much more wide-eyed appearance. Some heavier contouring along my cheek line as well as outlining and then applying a bright red to my lips completed my makeup.

In the space of around ten to fifteen minutes my femininity had again gone to places that I could never have imagined. Kendall, like Jez, was one very talented lady. I loved being in their company.

“Michaela’s makeup is done”, Kendall broadcast to let Alison and Jez know that she was finished, “she’s such a natural beauty, there’s no way she should have been born male”.

Swivelling the chair, I saw the summoned pair coming from the treatment room, both looking a little disheveled. If I had to hazard a guess I would have thought that the two of them had been making out. Jez was carrying a small tray with a piece of paper cloth covering its contents.

“You are a little tease Jez”, Alison mentioned as the pair approached slapping her firmly on the backside, “can’t wait for our next session”.

I was right, Alison and Jez were getting it on when Kendall was doing my makeup.

“Don’t worry about them, Alison and I were having some fun together too when Jez had you occupied doing your nails”, quipped Kendall, recognising my unease, “we’re all adults”.

The realisation that Alison was performing her own services on both beauticians while I was being made over really shocked me. Given what I had seen and done the previous two days, I took quite a bit of shocking. I can’t describe the feeling exactly but it just made me a little uncomfortable for a short while, even perhaps a little envious or jealous that Alison’s attentions were not solely on me. I was also a little surprised that Kendall had enjoyed some special time with Alison. She gave the outwards appearance of class, grace and being far more conservative yet she no doubt had her own more liberal and free spirited side.

Revelations subsided, I actually liked that fact that all parties were completely open about what had occurred and somehow I was apart of that. All three ladies meant so much to me for how they had helped me become Michaela. I couldn’t do anything but respect their choices and be pleased to be associated with them.

“You don’t mind if Kendall, Jez and I have some fun too do you Michaela?”, Alison asked.

“No that’s ok, just a little bit of a shock at first, that’s all”, I replied, now much more comfortable with their actions, “how could I be angry at the three of you, you’ve all been so amazing to me and taught me the value of being much more open-minded”.

“You look stunning Michaela”, Jez announced after putting down the tray and having the opportunity to see my extra makeup, “I don’t know how you do it Kendall, you use so little makeup but it has such a dramatic impact”.

“Her facial structure is just so feminine. Despite supposedly being male, she looks so much more like any of the Kardashian sisters than Caitlin Jenner!”, Kendall commented chuckling, “poor Caitlin has to deal with Bruce’s square jaw and big box head. Doing Michaela’s makeup is like working on the face of an angel”.

I turned back towards the mirror to take the opportunity to see myself again. They were both right, I did look stunning, bearing no resemblance to being male in any sense. I was the woman that I’d always daydreamed about and the unachievable had actually happened.

“Now there’s just one last thing that you are going to have done before we leave these lovely ladies for the evening”, Alison instructed, “ … well four to be precise”.

“Time to get those ears pierced Michaela”, Jez announced pulling back the paper cloth to uncover several metallic items.

I was instantly thrilled with the most wonderful news. I took my time looking at the revealed contents of the tray now craving having pierced ears as much as any little girl in history. There were a largish thick pair of silver hoop earrings about an inch and a half in diameter, a pair of sparkling diamond studs, things that looked like little scissors but with open holes in their ends, a marker pen and several sealed small packages which I was soon to discover were hollow piercing needles plus a few other items.

“That would be incredible”, I replied appreciatively.

“Now don’t worry about anything darling”, Jez commented, already starting to remove some sterile wipes from their packaging and clean my virgin lobes.

“I don’t think she’s concerned at all”, Kendall added, “given what Alison told me earlier about their visit to Claire’s earlier this afternoon”.

“What happened at Claire’s?”, Jez enquired.

“Basically I instructed Michaela to wait outside while I went in to get something that I ordered, those silver hoops that I got in especially for now”, Alison explained, before continuing, “Michaela assumed that I was going into Claire’s to organise for her to have her ears pierced. You see, I’ve known that having pierced ears is something she’s been interested in for quite a while. I actually almost felt sorry for her when I emerged from the store, Michaela expecting me to take her back inside and get her ears pierced right there and then just like a young girl who had just had her ears done”.

“Oh, you poor thing Michaela”, Jez responded, “you must have been so disappointed”.

“As much as I’m sure Michaela would have loved to feel like a young girl, getting to sit in the stool in front of everyone and have her ears pierced, there’s no way I was going to let that happen”, Alison retorted, “this is so much better”.

“True”, added Kendall who had been placing away her makeup items while the Claire’s experience was being outlined to Jez.

“The piercing gun is bad enough, but in the hands of an untrained teenage employee it’s ridiculous”, she continued, “you would be shocked Michaela at the number of clients, especially children who come in here with crooked, uneven or infected ear piercings”.

“See, I’m not that bad after all”, Jez announced with her usual exuberance, “all this equipment is completely sterile as you’ve seen. The hoops Alison purchased from Claire’s and the studs that were in her ears have both been in the autoclave since you arrived so they too are 100% safe”.

I then realised that the diamond studs that were soon to be in my ears were actually the ones I’d given to Alison as a gift. A quick glance at her ears showing vacant second holes in her ears confirming this.

“I thought that the studs you brought me would have added significance”, Alison commented, “also, the hoops I ordered in specially through Claire’s have a special magnetic locking mechanism too, so only the person with the magnet can unlock them. Just like your chastity lock, I’ll be in control of both”.

“So madam,” Jez interrupted cheekily, a massive smile coming across her face, contrasting to Alison’s more domineering comments, “just the double piercing in the lobes today is it?”.

“Yes please”, I responded enthusiastically not wishing to wait any longer to have earrings all of my own.

Jez then placed on a pair of surgical gloves and took the needles from their sterile packaging placing all four in a line beside each other. I was surprised, not so much by their width but more so their length, they looked very long and extremely sharp.

“You won’t even feel these piercings”, Jez commented recognising I was fixated on looking at the needles, “the needles are super sharp and it will be over so fast”.

Reassurances provides, with the marker pen Jez then dotted my lobes and after a couple of adjustments, asked Alison and Kendall whether their placement and distance apart were suitable. Looking in the mirror I could just see two, carefully spaced dots now adorned each of my earlobes. Next one of the small scissor-like clamps was placed on my earlobe, the inner dot on my left lobe now directly in the centre of its open end.

Taking the first needle in her right hand Jez moved towards me. A long time dream of having pierced ears was about to be realised and I couldn’t wait. I sat up straight and as proud as any young girl who was about to be pierced for the first time. My clitty straining given the exhilaration which I was about to experience.

"Enjoy darling”, Jez whispered reassuringly as she efficiently performed the first piercing.

"That felt amazing Jez," I blurted out, adrenaline rushing through me, "I only felt a little bit of pressure but no pain at all”.

Needle through my earlobe, to my surprise Jez immediately reached up my dress, between my silky legs and grabbed firmly onto my chastity cage that was being stretched to its limits.

“She certainly had been wanting to have her ears pierced for quite a while”, she announced to the amusement of Alison and Kendall, “wonderful idea not to have her wear panties Alison. I thought I may as well take advantage of it!”.

“You’re crazy Jez, I love it”, Alison commented, “go and have a feel yourself Kendall, don’t want you to miss out on the fun”.

One of Kendall’s hands soon replaced Jez’s, her grip on my semi-exposed, bald testicles adding to our mutual pleasure. I knew almost instantly upon meeting her that Jez was adventurous but Kendall too was definitely turning into quite a surprise packet, her fingers running over and occasionally squeezing my balls.

Watching in the mirror I focussed on Jez’s movements, while still being handled by Kendall. She carefully removed the clamp leaving the hollow needle in place which she soon pushed further through my lobe leaving only a few millimetres protruding out the front. Taking one of the hoop earrings she opened it out, slid one end into the needle before pushing the hoop through forcing the needle out the back of my ear. The needle fell down onto my shoulder leaving the hoop in the newly pierced hole before Jez picked it up and placed it back on the tray to the side. She then pushed the hoop further through before reconnecting the ends. Removing her hands, I immediately felt the weight of the earring while also delighting in moving my head and watching it sway from my earlobe.

“She loves the earring”, Kendall announced, “his package has been twitching the whole time”.

“Just enjoy playing with her a little longer Kendall”, Alison suggested, “think she’s only just getting started”.

Jez in the meantime had clamped my right ear over the inner hole. Without any notice I watched as she effortlessly placed the sharp end of the needle to its unsuspecting target and a split second later my second hole was complete. Again no pain whatsoever.

“That felt so amazing”, Kendall declared, “when the needle went through his clit spasmed. I’ve never felt anything so weird but so fascinating at the same time”.

Clamp now taken away Jez quickly opened the remaining hoop and like before used the earring itself to push through the needle which dropped out the back, before she fastened it closed. Both ears now had large hoops through them hanging at their lowest point roughly halfway between my earlobes and shoulders. Seeing myself in the mirror I was beaming with pride, I couldn’t recall ever looking so happy. I was in heaven.

“Time to lock them in permanently Michaela”, announced Alison taking a small black magnet, about the size of a matchbox from the tray.

She then grabbed the hoop in my left ear and spun it around until the join part was towards the back. For the first time I felt some stinging as the metal moved through my freshly pierced lobe but honestly I loved the feeling as it confirmed to me that this was definitely real. Holding the magnet to the join I heard a very faint click, one that would be inaudible had it been any further than the few centimetres from my ear canal. Having not heard the click herself, Alison used her opposite hands to attempt to pull the join apart, her failure to do so indicating that the hoop was securely closed. See quickly repeated the process on the other hoop and my ears were now pierced permanently for all to see or until Alison deemed it necessary to remove the earrings.

“Must admit it, those hoops really suit you Michaela”, Kendall said having removed her hand a little earlier but not before giving me a titillating encounter, the like of which I had never experienced before.

“Yes, they are perfect,”, Alison added, “no hiding those pierced ears from the world should you ever change your mind and what to revert to your former self”.

“You know what’s better than having pierced ears Michaela?”, Jez asked.

“I’m not sure”, I replied quizzically.

“Double pierced ears”, she responded immediately, “time to add some bling to your ears”.

She then demonstrated that the diamond studs would be even simpler to use showing how the stud’s post fits perfectly in the blunt end of the hollow needle.

“I just push the needle through like before, place the stud in the end that’s poking out the front and push everything all the way in”, she explained, “pull the needle out the back and finally put the little safety clasp on the back of the stud to keep it in place”.

“I’ve seen her do this plenty of times before”, Kendall added, “it will all be over is less than a minute”.

Explanations and encouragement complete Jez then clamped both remaining dots. It looked quite a strange sight having two scissor looking clamps hanging from my lobes beside my large silver hoops. Just as Jez was about to pick up a needle to perform the next piercing Alison stopped her.

“Does this chair recline”, she asked.

“It certainly does”, Kendall replied, “why do you want to know?”.

“Well Michaela’s been such a good girl today, what Jez did earlier has given, me an idea. I think she deserves a special little treat”, she commented, “do you both agree?”.

“Definitely”, Kendall responded, “she’s such a brave person, she deserves the best of everything”.

“Hell yeah”, Jez added again showing her age and spontaneity, “this has been awesome fun and she’s handled everything so well, she’s earnt whatever you have in mind”.

Kendall then reclined the chair as far as it went, about at a 45 degree angle as I settled back into the large chair.

“Will you still be able to pierce her ears like this?”, Kendall asked Jez.

“No trouble at all,” she replied, ‘I’ve pierced potential fainters ears after having them lie down so this is a breeze”.

“Place your feet here”, Alison ordered, indicating a foot rest that had emerged from the front of the chair when it had been reclined.

I did as asked still unsure what Alison had planned for my ‘special little treat’. The arch of my high heels now pressed against the padded bar, my heels poking underneath.

“Kendall could you be a dear and pull up her dress?”, Alison requested, “and also spread her legs”.

As asked, Kendall pulled up my dress, just far enough to remind me that I had a pierced navel, its sissy pink jewels luminous under the bright lights in the makeup area. Gently she then pulled by legs apart, readjusting my feet so that they wouldn’t slip.

“Perfect Kendall, thank you”, Alison commented as she put on a surgical glove.

“Just give me a minute please Jez”, she continued, “then pierce our little slut”.

To everyone’s shock, Alison then used her ungloved hand to pull up her own dress before reaching up with her gloved hand and commencing to rub herself, her self-pleasuring lasting a good minute.

“Watching you have everything done today while working and playing with my amazing friends has got me a little wet”, she commented extracting her now glistening fingers, “thought I’d supply my own lube”.

She then moved between my legs and seconds later those glistening fingers had disappeared inside me thrusting deeper and deeper with each stroke. Her free hand now taking a vice-like grip of my cage and particularly my exposed balls.

“Pierce her now!”, she ordered Jez, “please join in too Kendall”.

I first noticed Kendall who knelt beside me before reaching across cupping a breast, rubbing it firmly into my chest. With her other hand she gripped either end of my navel piercing gently tugging at first before becoming more aggressive. Given both Alison’s and Kendall’s verocity, unsurprisingly I didn’t even notice Jez pierce the second hole on my left ear until I felt her clipping closed the safety clasp on the end of the stud. Looking up, directly behind me, Jez was buzzing as she looked down at the orgy of stimulation that was occurring below.

“Close your eyes and feel everything”, Jez whispered moving her mouth to within a few centimetres of my yet to be completed ear.

I thought that I could never experience anything more mind blowing than my first session with Alison but this was significantly more intense in so many ways. As much as I tried to cum, my clit restraint and Alison’s grip made it impossible. While I previously would have considered this a major frustration what actually then happened rocked my body to the core. Rather than purely an explosion sourced from my testicles, my entire body went into an uncontrolled spasm as if I was being electrocuted. Such were my convulsions, all three ladies paused to marvel at the combined consequences of their varied attention until everything subsided.

“Now hold still please sweety”, Jez whispered, before pushing the needle through releasing another rush of adrenaline as I knew that something else foreign was now part of my body.

“You’re truly a girl now”, Alison yelled as my final needle burst through.

“I’ve never witnessed anything like that in my life”, Kendall remarked getting back to her feet.

“That was epic, such an intense thing that I’m nearly lost for words”, Jez added as she finished inserting and securing the last diamond stud.

I was still feeling partially detached from my body when Kendall straightened up the chair and helped pull my dress down to a more discrete length.

I immediately loved seeing my double pierced ears, both shining brightly from my lobes as Jez sprayed some solution onto them, presumably to help them heal. Taking a brief moment among the previous chaos, I looked more closely at the image I saw reflected back at me. Long wavy hair cascading down to well past my shoulders, gorgeous arched feminine eyebrows shaping my eyes which looked so stunning with the striking blue eyeliner picking up the colour of my eyes and dress. Contoured pink cheeks, bright red glossy full lips plus a flawless skin thanks to the foundation completed my new face. I didn’t think it would be possible to look any more feminine. It was the moment I’d been waiting for all my life.

“Thank you, everyone, that was indescribable”, I mumbled, gathering my breath and forgetting any sense that my opinion was not valid in Alison’s company.

“Our great pleasure”, Jez and Kendall responded simultaneously.

“Yes thank you ladies, and well done Michaela”, Alison added, “I’m so proud of all three of you”.

“See what happened to her then”, she continued, gesturing to Jez and Kendall, “her body now orgasms like a female. Any male characteristics are gone, right down to the fact that her unconscious actions are sourced from her female brain”.

“You both made Michaela look undoubtedly feminine with the nails, waxing, makeup and of course the piercings but until just then, when she sexually exploded like a woman, did she fully give herself permission to become female”, Alison further explained.

“What was your highlight of your makeover Michaela?” Kendall asked now that everybody had had time to settled down from the excitement.

“Definitely the piercings”, I responded without hesitation, “piercings to me have always been for women only and therefore out of my reach until I met Alison who’s allowed me to embrace my true self for the first time”.

“It’s been my pleasure my dear”, Alison said, giving me possibly her first public display of affection.

“I loved the makeup too Kendall, I look amazing”, I added, “and my gorgeous nails too of course Jez, plus the waxing. Sure getting waxed hurt at times but the result is well worth it”.

“Beauty is pain”, Kendall said laughing, “think as beauticians that Jez and I would run out of customers very quickly if the pain wasn’t worth the final result”.

“Seeing you liked the piercings the best”, Jez interjected, “you’ll have to get more some time, I love helping people achieve empowerment when they conquer their fears and get something pierced”.

“Perhaps next appointment you can get your cartilage pierced”, Jez continued, “just like I did Alison’s for her last week as part of her new image”.

“That’s a great idea”, Alison commented, “I immediately felt more in control of my life and more rebellious with just the addition of a little ring in the top of my ear”.

“None for me thanks”, Kendall interjected, grabbing the tops of both of her ears, “I’m happy with just a single hole in each lobe”.

“We’ll see”, Alison added, with a slightly domineering tone, “we’ll see”.

We all then exchanged goodbyes before Alison and I were escorted out the back of the salon.

“Thanks, for everything, you’re both amazing”, I said to both ladies as we began to walk away, “hope to see you again soon”.

“Oh, you will”, Kendall commented knowingly.

“Yeah, Alison’s got you booked in permanently at 9am every Saturday morning”, Jez added, “so we’ll be seeing a lot of each other”.

“Wonder what we’ll do to dear Michaela next week Jez, let’s go and work it out”, Kendall said with a cheeky tone before closing the door.

I walked the some distance to the car with Alison daydreaming about what beauty treatments Kendall and Jez, and Alison too I guess, could have planned for my future. I didn’t care, I’d be willing to have anything done. I was now Michaela, a brave, confident woman, ready to take on any challenges that came my way.

We ordered pizza for our dinner, it being after 7pm when we arrived home. We were both exhausted and after eating went into my room, taking a few minutes to check out my new look before removing my clothes, makeup, wig and breasts. It was quite a routine that I’d need to get used to doing. I then got into my night clothing, a blue satin slip and matching panties. It’s strange, but within a day of its application, my chastity cage was no longer even an issue and I simply pulled my panties over it as if that’s what I’d been doing every day of my life.

“I love having pierced ears”, I said, moving my head from side to side and feeling the weight of the earrings, “my pierced navel is so nice too”.

“They all really suit you”, she replied, “I know that they are a key thing for you to feel feminine. Even when you have no makeup, wig, feminine clothes or breasts your piercings will be there as a symbol of your courage and desire to be yourself”.

“Oh, one thing Michaela”, she added with a slightly more dominant tone, “your belly piercing doesn’t look nice, it looks smokin’ sexy on you. Sissy pink is definitely your colour!”.

“Thanks Alison, for it and everything. You’re the most incredible person I’ve ever met and I’m so grateful that I’ve found you”, I replied, hugging her tightly for a good minute, loving feeling her body pressing against my own.

“One last thing”, Alison commented, reaching under my bed, “something for you for the future”.

She produced a little wooden, ornate jewellery box the letter M inlaid into the top.

“Oh Alison, I don’t need anything else from you”, I commented gratefully.

Opening the jewellery box, it was completely empty except for a pair of small pearl stud earrings.

“I put in the earrings as I couldn’t give it to you empty”, she commented, “they are for when your ears heal and you might want to feel more conservative. I hope you never wear them!”.

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