The Great Shift - A Fish Tail

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The Great Shift – A Fish Tail

©2016 — Foxxe Wilder
(I know I don't write much these days but this one is quite special to me. Please bear with me as I endeavour to explain the sensations and imagery. Inspired from a rather wonderful dream I had recently.)



With a special dedication to Andrea Ribeiro who knew and supported "the little evil mermaid" when few others would, and without whom, none of my stories would have ever been published at all!

A young Transgender woman's life is forever changed in ways she never thought possible when the Great Shift happened.




Chapter One

Brenda Armstrong looked out at the throngs of "normal" people wandering about the food court of the mall. Although few actually paid any attention at all to her, she felt like she stuck out like a sore thumb.

Brenda was not tall, nor was she short; she was five foot seven, and light of frame. Nor could she be considered as ugly. Sure she was no beauty queen but, like so many girls, she longed to have that sort of look. The thing was, Brenda was not born female.

She was closing in upon her 27th birthday, which was also her 9th anniversary of her transitioning to womanhood. Brenda, born as Brendan was a male to female transgendered person.

She had lived all her life in various locations in Southern Ontario, Canada but she mostly kept to the Windsor-Detroit region.

She had fared rather well in her timing, having started the process very early in life, beginning upon her 18th birthday, the earliest legal age she could begin the process. A few years later she had legally changed her name from Brandon Lee Armstrong to Brenda Lee Armstrong, keeping it as close to her birth name as possible to ease the transition for her family and friends around her.

As such she was spared the facial hair nightmares and the roughness that would settle in upon the average male by the time he was finished the last vestiges of his puberty – which is about 25 years old.

She maintained her androgyny throughout her teenage years and after a mere 4 months of transition, she actually saw some results. Sure they were slow and almost imperceptible but she kept an old photo of herself from before taking hormones so she could keep a running comparison like she learned that so many other transgenders were doing.

By the time she hit her 27th birthday, it had been years since any stranger referred to her as anything but a young woman. She sure had the looks too. Her face was soft and her facial skin tones effeminate and her bust had filled out to a rather healthy 34C which was not an unusual size for any girl in her family line.

But like all trans-women, she lacked in the hips and ass department. Yeah she could use padding like so many others did or she could actually employ the rules of fashion that she had learned over the years to enhance what you did, or didn't have. She knew much of it was how she dressed herself.

She, in fact, passed very well but she was still aware that she still had "it" down there hiding beneath her clothes and was constantly aware of how it would influence the public if they were privy to what "evil" lay beneath the folds of her clothes.

In truth though, no one but Brenda were actually aware of what evil lurked within her shadows.

Brenda stood up, draped her purse strap over her shoulder, sighing wantonly as she watched a few girls of her age group nearby chatting and giggling with each other.

She could have easily been a happy girl but like many transgendered women, she was convinced that she was less than everyone else.

Brenda left the mall parking lot and walked the two blocks home to her small basement apartment where she lived alone with her cat, Maestro who came and went as he pleased through a hidden cat door she had installed by the laundry room window.

She sat down on the couch, idly flipping through channels on the television cursing to herself at the flood electoral advertisements that seemed to be on every channel, invading the homes of anyone that had a television.

"All those candidates and not a single sane person within the lot," she spoke aloud in her highly practised effeminate voice, "this election is going to the dogs very quickly"

Then a wave of nausea hit her like a wall. She tried to fight the feeling off but eventually she had to give in to the wave.

In the background just as she felt reality slip away she heard something on a television emergency broadcast. It mentioned something about an unknown blast somewhere in New Mexico...

(To Be Continued...)

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Please be patient with me...

Just a year ago I did suffer from a mild stroke that partially robbed me of the power of speech which is only now returning. I've always been a bit aphasic with speech and writing as I don't really think in terms of language but more in terms of sensations and concepts. My stories are notoriously short but I will attempt to stretch this one out as much as possible. Just don't expect a nightly posting as even this little bit, took me a few days to compose. :)

Very nice start to what seems

Very nice start to what seems to be a good tale.
Don't worry about short postings.


Foxxe, my dear; you are the

Foxxe, my dear; you are the authoress of the story, you are the one who sets the tone, the timing, the length and breadth of the story for us mere readers. Along with that, is YOU take care of yourself first, our needs are much less important in the whole scheme of things in this world.
Hugs to you, Janice


Jamie Lee's picture

Well, ain't that great! Another story which has captured my interest. :-)

Others have feelings too.