Cresswell Industries -55-56-57-


Cresswell Industries

by Keshara Narme

Chapters 55, 56 and 57

A big, rowdy, sexy, soap opera of transformation, humiliation and dominance. Ratings above are not necessarily for these chapters but for the whole story.


Chapter Fifty Five


Rubies Shopping Mall



It had been six or so years since Lady Melissa had taken control of the shopping mall and in those years it had become a model mall that every town or city planners wanted and wished their mall could become.

Security was very tight and any groups of teenagers were instantly evicted and any would be vandals or troublemakers were carefully monitored and removed without any embarrassment to the security team or surrounding shoppers.

The big bonus for Melissa’s people in acquiring such a large public place was the fact that they were able to glean a lot of information from all the visitors to the mall.

Every shop was fitted with state of the art surveillance and every transaction was also secretly monitored to the point that Melissa could pull up a complete profile on any person who had made a purchase or had just visited the mall.

For Melissa’s legal team had worked out a very amicable deal with the local law enforcement people to share information and this agreement had ended up being one of the most important factors in Cresswell Industries future.

As Hayley revelled in the attention the other two women were giving her, Gabrielle gave her permission to go off and do a little shopping for she still had to find the ideal sixteenth birthday present for Annabelle.

With Gabrielle and the other two mothers casually watching over the girls they continued to chat, as did the girls for their conversation was now on the coming school term and how all of them were eager to get back to school.

Suddenly Jessica spotted a familiar face in the crowd of passing people.

“Look it’s that shy boy who started in the New Year!” Jessica pointed towards a brown haired boy.

Many passers by found the sight of four very prettily dressed girls a truly wonderful sight, while many found it strange and rather silly to see girls dressed as such.

Yet for thirteen-year-old Ross Schuler, the sight of the girls caused him to wince more than any other passer by.

He hated his new school and especially the girls, they always appeared to be bright and cheerful even the boys, what few of them attended, for they acted more like girls than boys did. To the other pupils he appeared shy and reclusive, but he played it that way because he wanted to show his mother that he could not find any friends amongst the school.

Yet his mother Jean, had finally given into his demand to find him another private school one where boys were loud and played rougher games, but he knew he would have to endure yet another term of the school.


“Ross that crowd of prettily dressed girls are pointing at you!” Jean noticed one of the girls outstretched hands pointing at her son.

For Ross the owner of the hand was not a welcome sight.

“Ross acknowledge the young girls!” his mother prompted him.

Timidly he waved back.

“Who are they?” Jean enquired.

“They are just silly girls from school,” he replied dejectedly, more from the fact that Jessica Du’Pre had on several occasions tried to kiss him on the cheek.

Just as Ross thought his embarrassment could go no further, his mother decided to make right for the girls.

“And you told me you hadn’t made any friends!” Jean remarked as she pulled his arm.

“Mom! It’s bad enough I agreed to go shopping with you, but please I don’t want to be seen with them!” he pleaded with his mother.

“What nonsense, just because they’re dressed so prettily… Why if I had any girls… I’d love to dress them like that!” Jean nodded her head.


Gabrielle caught sight of the woman dragging her son behind her, but it was when Mrs Montez looked towards the woman that she recognised her as one of the other mothers whose child attended Cresswell’s Prep School.

Instantly Mrs Montez and Mrs Schuler acknowledged one another.

Ross stood nervously behind his mother as he heard the four girls start giggling.

“Ross… Don’t be so rude go and say hello!” his mother demanded.


While his mother began to chat with Mrs Montez and the other ladies, Ross found himself standing before the girl who had pointed him out.

“Hello Ross… Out shopping with mommie?” Jessica knew that comment would cause the boy to go red in the face.

“Errr… Yeah… She’s promised to buy me the latest games machine,” he replied desperately looking around for something else to look at rather than at Jessica.

“Yuk! Those horrid boys toys are so gruesome!” Maria responded instantly.

“Yeah my father used to have one, mother made him throw it away!” Jessica turned her nose up.

Michelle had recognised the boy from school, but unlike Jessica’s interest in them and more importantly because of her own involvement in Kelly’s transformation, she could feel the dislike the boy had towards them.

“Do you prefer boys then Ross?” Michelle knew that question would add to his embarrassment.

“No…!” he replied instantly.

“So why do you stay clear of us girls at school?” she continued.

“I don’t hang out with girls!”

“But I’ve never seen you hanging out with anyone!” Jessica added.

“Look it’s none of your business OK… I just don’t like going to fucking school!” he finally blurted out loud.

However his mother heard the outburst.

“Ross are you being rude to the girls… Apologise this instantly,” she scolded him as she turned back to her conversation with the other ladies. “He’s been going on and on about getting me to change his school… He keeps telling me all of the other children are too clique and never want to talk to him!”


Jean’s mind began to form a more clearer picture as to the real reason behind her son’s obvious dislike to attending Cresswell’s Prep School, especially after hearing that little remark from him, for she could see that it was her son who refused to make any friends.


“If you want to continue shopping, we’d understand!” Gabrielle could see the awkwardness her son had imposed on her with his swearing.

“No I fought hard with Brad to get him to agree to let Ross have a better education and I know that going to a private boarding school would be the much better option for him… And besides Mrs Chevalier, the head principle is highly regarded!”

Jean decided that as a punishment for embarrassing her with his language, she would stay a little longer and continue conversing with her new found friends.

Despite having lived on the outskirts of the town for nearly a year neither she or her husband had found time to make friends, which was because of their own gruelling work schedules. Bradley was making his way up the company ladder and she had to work in a factory office to help pay towards what was to her, their dream home and her youngest son Daniel’s day care.

Fortunately Ross’s schooling had been paid for by an inheritance that Jean received, much to the displeasure of her husband, who wanted to waste it on a car and a lavish holiday amongst other things.


Michelle realised from Ross’s mother’s words that the young boy was not as shy as everyone believed, for he was playing out his own game to get his mother to send him to a school that was over populated with boys.

“So what don’t you like about our school then… Hmmm?” Michelle asked, knowing that if she pushed the right buttons Ross’s temper would confine him to Cresswell’s for good.


“There’s too many girls!” he huffed

“So you DO! Prefer boys then?” Michelle continued to bait him empathising her point more louder.

“No!” he tried desperately to curb his temper. “I don’t!”

“So what’s wrong with girls?” Jessica joined in.

“Yeah what’s wrong with us all we want to do is be friendly!” Maria and Kelly both stepped in.


“Girls!” Gabrielle suddenly found herself having to step into the small argument that was building up between the four girls and Jean’s son.

“It’s Ross… he refuses to say sorry for swearing!” Michelle replied folding her arms as she looked right into Jean’s eyes.

“Ross… How dare you embarrass me in front of these ladies!” she scolded him again. “This is the best opportunity you’ve had at making some friends in your school and all you want to do is be rude to them!”

Ross realised that his attitude towards the girls may have harmed his chances of getting out of the boarding school so he dejectedly apologised to all four girls.

“Look I’m so sorry about Ross’s attitude believe me, but I should really get on with my shopping and I’ve got to pick up my youngest too!”

“That’s no problem Jean… Look if you want to carry on shopping and get done quicker… You could leave Ross here with the girls and me, and besides it would give him time to make friends… Especially with the new term coming up next week!” Gabrielle offered some help.

Ross looked up at the woman deciding his mother’s mind for her and then back to his mother, he did not want to stay any longer than he had to.

“Mom… My new game?”

“Shhh! This instance, Kelly’s mother is speaking how rude of you to interrupt!” Jean’s own temper with her son was beginning to boil over even though her son had not really interrupted Gabrielle. “I think I will take up your offer!”

Ross was just about to reply, when he suddenly realised that his own actions could jeopardise his mother’s promise of buying him that latest games consul.

“If you’re sure you don’t mind, I am behind a little!” Jean made sure of Gabrielle’s offer.

“Listen Jean I’ve done all of my shopping, I’ll be happy to come with you… Two sets of eyes will be just as fast!” Mrs Du’pre offered her services to Jean.

“Three sets of eyes would be even better!” Mrs Montez added her help to the offer.

“But?” Jean felt a little awkward at imposing her son on her newfound friend.

“It’ll be fine… Anyway these two ladies know all the stores like the back of their hands!” Gabrielle smiled as she waved them off.


“But Mom my game, you promised?” Ross countered.

“If you can show me that you can behave like a perfect gentlemen amongst these pretty young girls, I will get that silly games thingy for you!” Jean put her son on the spot.

“Err… Yes I… Suppose so?” he replied warily.

“Go on Jean off you go, he’ll be fine!” Gabrielle smiled contentedly as she sat back down and took out a romance novel from her handbag to read.


Ross watched his mother walk away with Maria and Jessica’s mothers leaving him standing between four smiling and giggling girls. His mind reeling over the way the girl called Michelle had some how managed to get him into the position he was now in and furthermore how his mother could leave him alone with a woman she had never met before today.

Yet the promise of that new game machine was too much a prize to let go of and when his mother promised him something she always delivered and so what if he had to hang around with four stupid and so sissy looking girls.

In fact his mind was now so much on his game machine that he began to find it strange that none of the boys in his dorm at school ever spoke about the latest game or about anything a young teenage boy would find interesting.


“You still dreaming of your silly game thingy?” Michelle broke Ross’s thoughts on his fellow prep schoolgirls unusual behaviour.

“What’s it to you?” he sneered back at the girl taking a seat.

“Jessica used to have one of them,” Michelle continued.


“Yeah, I used to have one of them my father brought it for me two Christmases ago… They’re so boyish and violent, my mother threw it away!” Jessica continued.

“That’s why it’s such a boys thing!” Maria summed up her thoughts on the subject.

“Yes since my brother Wayne stopped playing his he has become more gentlemanly… I think they should get rid of all of them!” Kelly agreed.


As Ross was subjected to a girl’s point of view on his game machine and then onto other more girlie views on how boys should act or behave, the next hour went by very slow.

While the girls continued to surround him in giggles and chatter Michelle could not help feeling so incensed by his rude attitude towards not only girls, but also their school, she began to form a punishment for him in her thoughts. And a very special one for him too.

Leaving the other three girls to chatter around him, she moved over to Madame Gabrielle.

“Madame Gabrielle!” she gave a slight curtsey.

“Yes Michelle my dear!” Gabrielle looked up from her novel.

“I’ve still got to get Annabelle a present, would it be alright if I could go into the Doll’s House Boutique to get her something there?”

“Yes of course, though you’ll have to wait until Mrs Du’pre and Montez return with Ross’s mother… But your sister is a little old for any of the clothes in there sweetheart!”

“Oh I know Madame, but she does like the hair braids and accessories they do!”

“I suppose so… And it will give me the time to look for something for her in the store next to it…. Hmmmm OK!” Gabrielle smiled and went back to her book.


Michelle returned to the group and with a wry look on her face approached Ross.

Ross was yawning for the umpteenth time as he hesitantly looked around for his mother to return, but as he turned to face a different direction he came face to knees with the girl called Michelle.

“Do you like my pantyhose, they’re nice aren’t they?” Michelle began a question that caught all the other girls’ attention.

“Yes they’re really great!” Jessica spoke excitingly.

“They’re nothing special!” Ross wanted to get up but all four girls now surrounded him pinning him in his seat.

“Nothing special?” Kelly gasped. “Oh I can’t wait to be able to wear them!”

“He prefers boys I told you didn’t I!” Michelle cast aspersions on his character.

“No I don’t… I’ve got pictures of models on my wall!” he defended himself.

“What trains and planes… Or are they male models?” Michelle further bated the poor boy.

“No girl models actually!” Ross returned.

“Well I’m never going to see that am I?” Michelle replied cockily, “No to prove to us that you like girls tell us what you really think my hose feels like!”

“What?” Ross looked puzzled wondering how on earth that could prove anything.

“Yeah touch them!” Jessica chipped in, “Or I’ll kiss you on the cheek!”

The thought of being kissed by Jessica, although she was pretty, was not something he wanted, he was into game machines, war and other boyish things, kissing girls is something older boys did.

Reluctantly he agreed to touch Michelle’s leg and feel the fabric of her white hose.

“Well?” Michelle asked.

“Yeah what’s it feel like?” Jessica continued to press him.

“It’s Ok I suppose!” was all he could say, for it felt no different than a pair of sports socks to him.

“Awe he’s just like all boys, no idea of what it’s like to feel and dress pretty!” Jessica shot down his lacklustre response.

The mention of dressing prettily brought Kelly and Maria to talk about the latest dress in the Doll’s House, which also got Jessica’s attention away from ridiculing Ross.

Michelle smiled wickedly and for a moment the look on her face resembled the look on Madame Grace’s face when like a spider, she had trapped her fly.

Ross just remained puzzled as to what Michele’s test had proved.

“Ross when your mother returns your going to tell her that your really glad that she left you with us and you would like to spend the rest of the afternoon with your new friends!” Michelle sat down beside him.

“You must be kidding!” he stood up abruptly.

An action that Jessica spotted as she chatted with the others.

“If you don’t then I will tell your mother that you kept asking to see my panties!”

“You’re fucking outta here!” Ross replied with anger on his face making sure no one but Michelle heard him.

“That was the language that got us stuck with you in the first place, now sit down!” Michelle ordered.

“Fuck you bitch!” Ross continued to swear a little louder.

“Ross what’re you doing… If Madame Gabrielle hears you swearing she’ll tell your mother!” Jessica came over to the two of them.

“Ross is going to tell his mother that he wants to spend the rest of the afternoon with us but he seems to have a bit of problem expressing that wish!” Michelle winked at Jessica. “And all of the other girls saw you touch my leg!”

“You asked me to!” Ross countered.

“Yeah… But you still touched her leg!” Jessica joined in.

“Yes… But I err… Never asked to see your panties?”

“True but, considering that all the girls saw you touch my leg who is your mother going to believe?”

Ross sat down angrily.

“I’d ease off of the anger a bit, you’ve gotta sound convincing when you ask her!” Michelle continued with her dominance over the poor boy.

“Yeah… And remember she’ll not give you that silly game machine if you are rude to us!” Jessica helped her friend along with her plan.

Ross felt his gut churn as he considered this girl Michelle’s wishes.

He wanted to run away and find his mother and tell her what this bitch of girl was trying to do to him. Furthermore he wanted to turn the tables on her, but he knew that with the backing of Jessica and the other girls, the hand he placed on her leg would confirm their side of the story even though she had tricked him into doing it.

In his confusion he had only one option and that was to go along with her and besides he would make her pay for his embarrassment and her deception another day.

“Ok bitch… I will ask my mom… But I’m going to get you back at school for this!” he sneered at Michelle.

“Don’t call me bitch anymore, or I’ll just tell your mother anyway!” Michelle narrowed her eyes in a warning.


Sure enough Jean finally came back from shopping with her new friends, however she had been so wrapped up with chatting about this and that while she was shopping, she had forgotten all about Ross’s present. As she approached her son she was just about to apologise to him when he stopped her in her tracks by asking her a different type of question.

“Mom would it be alright if I stayed with my new friends for a little longer?” Ross gritted his teeth as he felt Michelle’s eyes burrowing into him.

“Well… I err?” Jean replied totally shocked at her son’s wish and as she looked at the four girls all swaying their pretty dresses, she thought that it was a good sign that Ross had finally found some friends.

“Can he please Mrs Schuler?” Jessica came up besides her son and pleaded for him.

Ross tensed himself as he waited for his mother to answer.

‘Please say no… Please say no!’ he thought to himself praying that his mother’s busy schedule would rescue him from another hour or two of being stared at by all the passers by who kept on pointing at the four overly dressed girls he was with.

“Well… I suppose so… There’s still a few things I’ve forgotten most importantly your new games machine,” she considered her son’s question. “Ok sweetheart you may… I’ll be back here in an hour and a half!” she replied.

Ross’s heart sank as his mother condemned him to another hour and a half of being in the presence of his pretend friends.

Mrs Du’pre welcomed the news that Mrs Schuler would be staying a little while longer and invited her to a light lunch at her favourite restaurant on the second tier.

Considering Gabrielle was still hooked on reading her book, she had no qualms about looking after the girls and their new friend a little longer.


“Good boy!” Michelle smiled nonchalantly at Ross.

“I’m gonna get you back for this at school so enjoy it while you can!” he replied under his breath.

“Oh I don’t think so!” Michelle returned with a sly grin on her face.

Ross decided to sit himself down, he had no choice in having to stay, but at least he would have the pleasure of ignoring all of the girls and hopefully, he guessed, would attract the attention of the woman looking over them to the tension between him and the girls.

Unfortunately for Ross, Michelle was already plotting another crucial move that would further embarrass him as she slowly made her way over to Madame Gabrielle.


“Madame!” she curtseyed lightly.

Gabrielle looked up from her book a little annoyed that she was being disturbed from her chapter.

“I was wondering,” Michelle began as she purposefully grabbed a hold of her dress and twisted from side to side. “If it would be OK for us to go to the Doll’s House boutique… I’ve seen a present I would like to get my sister in there!”

“Annabelle is bit too old for clothes from there… Don’t you think?” Gabrielle replied.

“She does likes some of the braids and hair-clips that they sell there!” Michelle curtseyed, unveiling a further reason for going.

“If the others want to go there too… Then I suppose so!” Gabrielle thought about the request, as she clapped her hands to gain the others attention.

“Girls and Ross… Michelle has asked to go to the Doll’s House to get her sister a present for her birthday, if you are all in agreement then we will all go there!” Gabrielle enquired.

The other girls all squealed with delight each one of them pleased at the prospect of visiting one of the most exciting shops in the mall for a girl.

While Ross had no idea what the shop actually was other than what the name of the shop conjured, he knew he had no choice but to follow the woman his mother had entrusted him to.

With a quick mobile phone call to Mrs Du’pre, Gabrielle took her entourage to the store.



Chapter Fifty Six


Dolls House Boutique



The ‘Dolls House’ as everyone called it was a young girls dream, it sold anything and everything that would appeal to young girls between the age of six and fourteen. It was not one of the largest stores in the mall, but since Cresswell’s had taken over the mall it had become one of the most profitable.

Young mothers loved the feel of the place and many a young mother who had only ever given birth to boys felt compelled to glance through the racks of pretty dresses, all secretly wishing that they had given birth to a child of the female gender.

However the key to the stores success was not entirely down to the staff or the items it sold for the main ingredient responsible was the specially formulated scent that purposefully sprayed itself at every half hour intervals around the store.

The aroma was very pleasant to inhale and its side effect was to make those who had never inhaled the scent, more susceptible to suggestion. In other words if the sales staff happened across someone who was just browsing they could easily turn them into a paying customer.

Many a time the staff had seen a mother of a family of boys leave with an item that would never be used by any of her offspring.


Dana Hurst was the owner of the store and since taking over her mother’s wool shop over fourteen years ago she had seen her dreams of owning a shop that sold the designs she had created come true.

At seventeen on her way home from a movie she was horrifically injured in a car accident, the car her boyfriend was driving was hit by a pickup truck full of drunken loudmouthed football players.

The result of the accident lead to Frank, her boyfriend’s, death on arrival at the hospital, while for three agonising weeks Dana lay in intensive care with plastic surgeons repeatedly saying that her scars would never heal and she would be disfigured for life.

The driver of the truck was Peter Jacobson and although he had been over the limit on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, his father a well known business man had paid off the police officers present at the scene to put the blame on Dana’s boyfriend.

The bogus report had said that Frank was over the legal limits on drugs, a fact that was also falsified by the doctor who was called out to the scene.

Dana felt totally helpless as she watched the young man responsible for her disfigurement and her boyfriend’s death even get awarded twenty thousand in compensation from Frank’s insurance company.

The effect this had on Dana intensified.

She was forced to leave high school, for the pressure from her so called friends and the school’s principle was all too much as they all seemed to believe in the corrupt story of Peter Jacobson, despite the fact he had left the school for college that same year.

In those early days Dana found herself with no friends other than her mother, who supported her thoroughly up until her death, with the only comfort she could find being in her talent for designing and making clothes.

Changing her surname to her mother’s maiden name Sheehan, Dana applied her skill to making clothes and other things to sell in her mother’s shop, gradually introducing her more elaborate designs as the months went by.

At first her mother could not see how her designs would fit in with her normal customers requirements as they tended to create their own clothes from the materials she sold.

However one day a slim black haired lady walked into the store and asked to see the designer of the range of pretty party dresses that where on show in the window. She loved them so much that she offered Dana a contract to design even more of these clothes plus more adult ranges.

The woman happened to be Lady Melissa Cresswell and considering she had acquired ownership of the mall, Dana soon found her designs being shipped all over the country. From there on her mother’s store became more and more popular for selling clothes rather than the raw materials it was known for.

With the success and new direction of the store Dana’s mother decided to let her daughter have the store and finally have the acclaim she truly deserved and during the next five years Dana’s reputation increased and her store double in size.

During those five years Lady Melissa had also helped to restore Dana’s beauty and as her designs began to attract the attention of some of the top designer labels, she found herself being courted by many rich men, however her past was soon going to haunt her once again.


Peter Jacobson being an only child had inherited his father’s estate and paper mill, however he had not inherited his father's business acumen and soon found himself kicked off the paper mill’s executive board and finally being bought out by a rival paper mill.

With free time a plenty Peter soon became known as a rich playboy, but his money was disappearing fast and as he flitted his money away his social climbing decreased.

With his estate now sold and bankruptcy staring him in the face he refused to see his bad luck being anything to do with him, he was clever and all his business failings were down to the people around him.

Well that was how he saw it.

With his bankruptcy approaching fast, he still had the belief that just as his father had always done when he was alive; something or someone would get him out of his predicament.

And that something was soon to arrive through his letterbox in the form of a newspaper and an article announcing the forthcoming wedding in the paper of an engagement party of one of his former university colleagues Richard Dolton to an up and coming designer called Dana Sheehan.

Richard Dolton had been a rather flamboyant character when he was at university and Peter also recalled an incident in which Richard’s father had been forced to cover up for his son so that he could continue with his education at such a prestigious place.

Peter still remembered the day as if it only happened yesterday, for it was he who had caught Richard in that rather uncompromising position with another male student.

Peter and his father benefited quite well out of Richard’s secret that year, for Richard’s father was a high court judge and had promised to see that all of Peter’s or his father’s own forthcoming misdemeanours were thrown out of court or simply overlooked.

Best of all Peter enjoyed the extra money that Richard was forced to give him when he required it, especially considering during that time that his own money was tied up in a trust fund.


Richard had fallen head over heels in love with Dana and both of them could not have been any happier, however when Peter Jacobson suddenly found himself on the guest list, both of their lives was going to be made very uncomfortable.

Peter could not believe his luck when he saw whom it was that Richard was marrying and as he approached them to give them his blessing his insidious smile caused both of them to respond in a very uncomfortable manner.

Richard’s heart sank when he saw him approach and as he shook his hand limply he could count the dollar signs building in Peter Jacobson’s eyes.

Peter had hoped that both of them had no idea what secrets they hid from one another and as they both looked edgily at him, his assumption was right.

For two months Richard paid his demands and to make things even sweeter Dana Sheehan or Hurst as he knew her paid him double.

Peter enjoyed blackmailing his two former school and university colleagues and quickly put his newfound wealth to use.

With the wedding approaching Peter decided that it was time to up the demands.

For Richard, Peter wanted him to pay him a cool two million to keep his young gay affair quite from his colleagues and more importantly his future wife and along with this he also wanted a yearly wage of another five hundred thousand a year.

In other words Peter would be on Richard’s payroll for life.

But the most pleasure Peter had was with Dana.

Dana was in a dire straight Peter Jacobson was back on the scene and to make things worse he had forced her into having sex with him.

Peter loved having Dana just before she would see Peter and despite the fact that he knew she could live with the fact of Richard knowing her secret, it would never go down to well with her circle of friends and one other person in particular.

Although Dana’s designs were hers the huge store and her label were co owned by Lady Melissa, Peter had done a lot of searching on all of Richard and Dana’s colleagues and friends but with Dana he knew that she would have bigger fish for him to fleece.


Melissa had no idea what Dana’s new friend was up to, although she knew who he was, for she herself had done a lot of business with his father when he had been alive. She knew that he had lost all of his father’s empire and knew that Dana was having sex with him.

At first she had thought that Dana had found out about Richard’s bisexual nature and had come to some agreement with him that she would continue to have other lovers as he might be tempted to stray at some stage, if not already, during their relationship.

However as her people began to draw attention to the fact that this lover of Dana’s was beginning to ask question about her, she decided it was time to pull Dana aside and have a word with her about him.

She had many a trusted person trying to take advantage of her before and although her revenge was swift and quick, she was praying that this young woman who she had helped forge a wealthy career for herself was not going down that same path.

Tears fell as Dana explained that this so-called lover of hers was not what he appeared and was blackmailing her into having sex with him.

Lady Melissa was rather relieved when she heard the tale of Peter Jacobson and despite his father always being honest with her, she was appalled to hear how his father had basically done to Dana and her dead boyfriend, what his son was doing to Dana and Richard.

It did not take long for Melissa to find out how much money the Jacobson’s son had extorted out of Richard either.

Dana could not believe her ears when Lady Melissa explained just how powerful she actually was and how she was going to give Peter Jacobson his just rewards.


That was over eight years ago and since then Dana had come to terms with her husband’s bisexuality and was quite pleased that Peter, now called Rita, was being used by Richard when she was away on business.

Rita of course missed her life as a man, but was completely satisfied that her master and mistress kept her so busy with keeping their huge house in order, though she preferred her master to her mistress, because he always expected that little extra.


Four years later Dana connected her store with the salon and the boutique and aptly called it the Dolls House Boutique, which was aimed solely at adoring mothers and their young daughters.





Chapter Fifty Seven


Changing Rooms


Gabrielle entered the Dolls House with her entourage and instantly a young assistant was there to greet her.

“Hello Mrs Straus… It’s nice to see you again!” the manageress smiled, as she looked at the four prettily dressed girls behind her noting that her daughter Kelly was with her. “And how is young Miss Kelly doing at her new school?”

“Hello Candice… Kelly is really settling in rather well thank you!” Gabby replied.

“Oh yes I love school!” Kelly also answered from behind her mother.

“I see you’ve been left holding the baby?” Candice nodded as she saw the unhappy look on the boy that was with them.

“Oh yes, he’s Jessica and Michelle’s friend from school… Aren’t you Ross?”

Ross just grunted and gave a half-hearted nod of his head.

“I’m glad you’ve come into the store today, because there was something I needed to ask you on behalf of my boyfriend… well I should say girlfriend, cause he’s really shaping up well now!” Candice smiled. “I’ll get Kathy to make us some coffee!”

“Michelle… Jessica… Look after the others while I chat with Candice!” Gabby turned to the two eldest girls.

“Yes Madame!” both girls curtseyed in unison.

“Can we look around the store and try some dresses on?” Michelle enquired biting her lip innocently.

“Of course you may Miss Michelle!” Candice agreed, “Just see Barbie over there, she’ll help you with anything you need!”

“Thank you Miss Candice!” Michelle curtseyed.

As Gabrielle walked off with Candice to discuss the more psychological side of a full sex change with her, Michelle grinned at Jessica and began whispering in her ear.

Kelly was soon shrilling at the sight of some very pretty laced dresses and grabbed a hold of Maria and dragged her off to the rack.

“What’re you up to Michelle?” Jessica asked her friend as she pulled her aside.

“I think we should put Ross in a dress!”

“What?” Jessica giggled as she thought about how ridiculous he would look, even though in reality she too could be considered as a boy in a dress, much as all the other girls at Cresswell’s Prep could be thought of too.

“Look at him… He’s so horrible… He deserves it!” Michelle continued.

“Yeah he is… But how are we going to get him to agree?”

“Leave it to me!” Michelle giggled back.


Ross felt rather embarrassed as he entered the store, however as he stood waiting for Michelle to buy what she wanted the unusual aroma of the store began to play on his senses and the longer he waited the more relaxed the odour made him feel.

“Ross!” Michelle called out to the lonely looking boy, “ Come here a minute!”

“What?” Ross looked over to where Michelle was standing with Jessica.

“Come here now Ross Schuler this minute!” Jessica ordered the poor boy.

Ross suddenly felt all the other customers in the store staring at him, as he stood alone in the aisles. Slowly and lethargically he walked over to the two girls who he was on the verge of hitting whether or not it would mean that he would never get his games machine.


“Do you like this colour dress?” Michelle pulled out a yellow silk and laced party dress from the rack.

“Suppose so?” he looked mystified at the two girls.

“We want you to model it for us?” Jessica smiled.

“NO… Fucking way,” he suddenly calmed his voice as he was about bite back at the two girls.

“See I told you he was a sissy!” Michelle replied in a matter of fact tone, as she placed the dress back onto the rack.

“What? You’re calling me a sissy coz I won’t put on that dress!” Ross laughed.

Once again a passing woman and her two daughters gave him a very disgusted look.

“You keep drawing attention to yourself don’t you?” Michelle smiled at the lady as she passed them by.

“You’re telling me I’m a sissy?” he tried to lower his voice.

“Yes you are… My brother modelled a dress for me when I was buying one as a present for Michelle at Christmas and he’s one grade higher than you are!” Jessica placed her hands on her hips.

“So he’s a sissy then!”

“If you don’t model the dress I’ll tell Madame Gabrielle that you put your hand up my skirt!” Michelle responded with a threat just loud enough for the woman along the aisle to overhear her.

“Oh yeah sure!” Ross decided to play along with the girl he was really beginning to hate.

“Watch me!” she began to walk off.

“No! Please don’t,” he considered the threat rather hastily.

“You know that she’ll believe us and not you! It was you who asked your mother if you could stay with us… And Madame Gabrielle will look at it that way too!” Jessica smiled as she pulled the dress back of the rack.

As much as he wanted to punch the girls for their lies, he knew they were right about whose story the woman would believe.

“Well… You gonna show us your not a sissy and model the dress?” Michelle asked him again.

“I can’t put it on out here!” he replied through gritted teeth.

“Hellooooo” Jessica pulled a face at Ross. “That’s why you have dressing rooms silly!”

“They won’t let me in there… I’m a boy?” Ross could see that their plan was going to fail anyway, so he decided it would be easier for him to go along with them.

Just then Michelle rushed off down the aisle and grabbed a hold of young blonde woman wearing the stores accustomed pink skirt and jacket uniform.

“What’s she doing?” Ross enquired as he saw her approach the sales woman. Then his stomach turned as Michelle waved them on.

“It’s OK Ross they have a boy’s changing room!” Michelle called out.

Jessica held onto to the dress and pulled Ross down the aisle towards the changing rooms.

“Here you go!” Jessica gave Ross the pretty yellow dress.

Ross grabbed a hold of the dress with disdain, he wanted to throw it as far as he could.

Yet considering the position he was in and with the threats Michelle and Jessica had made towards him, he knew that his decision to stay with them had placed him permanently in their grip.

“Why didn’t I just tell mom the truth when I had the chance?” he thought to himself as he made his way through the curtain.

Taking a brief look around he was relieved to see that there were no other boys in the changing room.

However to his surprise and horror Jessica followed him in.

“What’re you doing?”

“You need help putting it on… What would your mother say if she had to pay for a dress you had ruined by trying it on?”

Ross could not answer her and nervously made his way into a cubicle.

“Go on get undressed!” Jessica ordered the poor boy.

“Can’t I just put it over my clothes?”

“Don’t be silly… It’ll never fit!”

“Why can’t you try it on for her?”

“I’m the wrong size… You’re the right size silly!” Jessica stood with her arms folded.

Slowly Ross began to pull off his sweater.

Just as he was down to his underwear Michelle appeared holding some more garments.

“I need to see if these will go with the dress?” Michelle handed him some more clothes and the shock on his face made both girls giggle.

“I’m not putting these on!” he stated holding up a pair of white and yellow laced matching frilly panties and top, including a white laced petticoat that would flair out the dress. “No fucking way!”

“What size feet are they?” a woman’s voice called out from the doorway of the changing room.

“Five!” Jessica replied as she held up his shoe.

“Hurry up Ross when she returns she’ll wonder what a boy is doing in the changing rooms!” Michelle sniggered as she held out the petticoat.

Ross was in a dilemma, he felt anger towards the girls for their deceit, but for some reason his anger seemed to disappear with every intake of breath he made. He wanted to grab a hold of his clothes and run out of the store, but the unusual fragrance of the place was beginning to appeal to his senses and somehow took away the apprehensions of being in such an unusual environment.

“Quick put the underwear on she’ll not think twice about what sex you are then!” Jessica rushed the confused boy.

“But…But I thought you said?” he stuttered.

“You’ve got no time to think!” Michelle responded abruptly.

Without a seconds thought about being in the company of two girls, he quickly removed his boy’s underwear including his socks and slipped his legs into the laced frilly panties and then slid the silken top over his head and into place.

Michelle winked at Jessica as she spotted Ross now wearing the underwear.

“Quick here she comes!” Michelle nodded to Jessica. “Help him into the petticoat and hold it high over his head so the assistant doesn’t see his face.”

Jessica did exactly as Michelle said and just as the blonde assistant appeared with a pair of yellow ‘Mary Janes’ from where she was standing all she could see was what to her was the lower half of young girl being helped into her petticoat.

“Thank you Miss!” Michelle accepted the shoes.

“You want me to put these on your mother’s account too?” the blonde assistant enquired as she handed over a small pair of white cotton ankle socks with laced trims and a yellow bonnet that matched the dress on the hanger.

“Yes please!” Michelle smiled back.

Nervously Ross was forced to stand with his hands high up in the air as Jessica deliberately held the petticoat over his face to obscure his view and more cleverly pulling on his ears to muzzle his hearing.

Then with the assistant now gone Michelle quickly collected all of Ross’s boy clothes including his underwear and trainers and left the changing room.


By the time Jessica finally pulled the frilly petticoat into place, Ross’s heart was beating fast. Confusion was mounting in his mind as he tried to ponder on how he became so easily enticed into modelling for Michelle.

By the time Michelle returned Jessica had Ross all buttoned into the yellow dress.

“Oh Ross?” Michelle smiled.

“What?” Ross tried to read both the girls expressions, as he considered how ridiculous he looked in the dress and to make things worse, he just could not believe that he was wearing girl’s underwear too.

“You look really cute in a dress!”

“Can I take the stuff off now?”

“No I need to see how the whole outfit looks!” Michelle continued his embarrassment.

“But isn’t this what you wanted to see?” Ross huffed with desperation to get back into his boy’s clothes.

“No of course not these shoes, socks and this bonnet go with it!” Jessica replied pushing him down onto the chair.

“Please I’ve done what you’ve asked?” Ross suddenly felt like crying. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Ross it’s nothing personal, it’s just as I’ve asked… I want to see what the dress looks like!” Michelle replied casually.

Ross felt a tear fall from his eye as he dejectedly let Jessica finish off his strange girlie ensemble.

“Oh yes he looks so sweet!” Michelle laughed. “The tears make him look so dainty!”

“I’ve got to go to the toilet!” Jessica winked.

“I’ll show you where it is,” Michelle responded on cue.

Before Ross knew it he was on his own in the cubicle waiting for the two girls to return.

Five minutes passed by as he decided it was time to get back into his normal clothes, however as he looked about the cubicle he could not find them. Hastily he spread the search to the other cubicles and after another frantic five minutes he knew that the girls had taken them.

Once again he began to wonder why they had picked on him, he always kept himself to himself at school and made sure that he kept out of the other pupils way too, so why had these two girls decided to give him such a bad time.

As he wondered about why the assistant did not think twice about three girls being in the boys changing and why they where so flippant on hurrying him into the underwear and petticoat, he began to realise how beneficial this could all be for him.

“Yeah… Dad’ll believe me!” he sighed with a smile as his hands felt the silky material of the dress, for he could use it as the blatant excuse for his mom and dad to take him out of that miserable school.

“Yeah!” he repeated getting his head straight as once again his anger was pacified. “Dad’ll believe me… And he’ll make mom see how they tricked me into pretending to be their friend… And… I really only wanted to make mom happy… Yeah that’s why… Yeah they bully me at school!”

As his mind worked overtime on how he could turn this humiliation around to his own use, he was unaware of the sudden calm that now came over him. He did not care for the game machine anymore and further more he felt that being dressed the way they had dressed him would benefit him.

Slumping into a chair he waited for the girls to come back.

As fifteen minutes passed by a woman and her daughter entered the changing room.

Ross froze as they both smiled and greeted him. All he could do was nod and smile.

“Hello sweetheart where’s your mommy?” the woman smiled at him.

He wanted to reply. No he had to reply.

“Err… Hmmmm… Some girls thought it would be fun to dress me up in these clothes and leave me here for a joke!” he replied in a far from convincing manly voice.

“Oh you Cresswell prep girls are so funny!” the woman replied as she ushered her daughter into the cubicle opposite. “I can’t wait for my Sian to start there next fall! You’re looking forward to it aren’t you Sian?”

“Oh yes mother I am!” the blonde haired girl replied.

“Now what colour dress do you think will suit you?” she held up a pink one and a lilac one, which were the same design as the one Ross was wearing.

Then before Ross knew where to put his face the mother began to undress her daughter, who rather energetically and enthusiastically looked forward to wearing one of the garments.

“Oh can I try the full thing on like that girl please mommy!” Sian pleaded with her mother.

“Oh… Yes I suppose so, wait here a tick and I’ll get the petticoat… Silly me!” the woman turned and smiled at Ross.

“Do you really go to the prep school?” the young girl enquired, as she now stood across from Ross in her pink underwear.

Ross tried not to look at the girl as he mumbled a yes to her.

“I’m eleven at the moment, but I’ll be twelve and old enough to go there in the autumn!” she sighed with a hint of frustration at having to wait so long.

Just then her mother returned with the petticoat, but she also brought with her the same frilly underwear that Michelle and Jessica had tricked Ross into wearing.

“I thought you’d like to try the whole thing on!” her mother smiled, “I bet your wearing these too?” she looked directly at Ross.

Ross just nodded with shock as she held up the very girlish and sissy looking panties.

“They’re new in this season so the assistant told me,” the woman continued as she turned to her daughter and motioned for her to strip fully.

Ross did not know where to look once again as the girl removed all of her underwear.

Then as Ross tried desperately to avert his eyes something caught his attention and at first he thought he was seeing things.

The pretty young blonde girl was not a girl.

“She’s a boy?” he suddenly blurted out uncontrollable.

The mother and the girl both looked at Ross amazed at his expression and dismay.

“I’m outta here!” he suddenly got up and ran awkwardly to the exit of the dressing room.

“Well I never!” the woman looked astonished as she watched the yellow dressed girl flee from the changing room.

Rushing out of the door he bumped into the assistant who Michelle had been speaking to when they had entered the store.

“Where are you going in a hurry in those clothes?” she asked as she caught hold of him.

“I… Err there’s a boy in… Err… A fucking dress in there… And… Err his mom has dressed him like that!” he stuttered.

“Well of course there is… It’s the boy’s changing room!” the assistant pointed out the sign on the door.

Ross looked up at the assistant and then around at the store.

“What fucking weird place is this?” he called out.


Michelle and Jessica had decided that Ross had spent long enough in the changing room and had decided to give him back his clothes.

However as they walked down the aisle which led to the changing areas they both froze in their tracks as they saw a very abusive and loud Ross being held firmly by the blonde assistant.

“Wait a moment young lady we don’t allow that sort of language in here!” the assistant tried to calm Ross down.

Ross suddenly caught site of Michelle and Jessica.

“Those bitches did this to me… I’m going to tell everyone about this place and you!” he pointed angrily and purposefully at Michelle.

Just then another assistant appeared on the scene, but this one was not wearing the same attire as the blonde one, she was a very beautiful black skinned woman wearing a trouser security outfit and instantly she was pressing a button on her lapel and communicating to somebody else.

“We have a code blue… I repeat a code blue!” she talked into her microphone.

“Let me go bitch!” Ross screamed at the assistant as she gripped him firmly and in the process nearly tore the laced edge of the dress away.

Then before Ross knew what had happened the black security woman sprayed something into his face and everything suddenly became blurred.

“Whhhh… The fush is dar,” he slurred into the grasp of the security woman.

“Come on young lady let’s get you to our office and we can sort this whole mess out how’s that sound?” the security woman spoke softly to Ross.

“Yeeessssssh, I’d likeeees… It wassss nooooot my!” he tried to attain some conrtol over his voice, but for some reason his words just would not flow and to make things worse his legs began to feel weak.


Michelle and Jessica sat either side of Gabrielle and opposite the far from happy looking manageress of the store, Candice.

“What ever possessed you to bring him in here and dress him up without his consent?” Candice enquired rather abrupt in her tone.

“We wanted to teach him a lesson,” Michelle replied glumly.

“We are both very sorry Madame Candice,” Jessica apologised for both of them.

“Do you know how stupid your little game was?” Candice bit her biro as she glared into the sullen looking girls’ faces. “If it had not been for Alison realising what you where up to that boy could’ve left the store and put us in a very awkward situation!”

Just then Candice’s intercom buzzed and she picked up her phone.

Gabrielle felt equally responsible for what had happened, for she had been in charge of the girls, however beneath her own guilty feelings, she could see both girls reasons for putting the boy through his ordeal.

“OK… Hmmm… Yes will do,” Candice finished her conversation and as she replaced the receiver she looked across to Gabrielle. “Well security have done what they had to do under the circumstances and I’m afraid you’ll have to go along to the salon and meet Madame Grace she’ll inform you of what to do.”

Gabrielle nodded and indicated for the girls to stand up.

“Jessica your mother is downstairs waiting for you. Madame Gabrielle, I’m afraid it’s been left to you to deal with the boy’s mother.”

“I take it she still has not seen him?”

“No we’ve managed to side track her, she seems rather enthralled by the company she is in and believes her son is in good hands. But from what I can understand intelligence are still having trouble finding information on the whereabouts of boy’s father’s brother. I know we’re lucky in the fact that the boy’s parents have already been screened, but her Ladyship has always been concerned about the father’s brother… He’s a freelance journalist and apparently has been working undercover somewhere on some major story he’s been investigating.”

“So what are they going to do with the boy do you know?” Gabby enquired. “I do need to know, if I’m to explain his whereabouts to his mother!”

“Luckily Suki has been called into the salon to help out, she’s very experienced in these matters… I’m sure she’ll tell you what’s going to happen!”

“Thank you Candice… Once again I apologise for my own mistakes in allowing this escapade to happen, I should’ve paid more attention to what these two where up to!”


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