Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 1

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Sunday Morning Pantyhose
Tracy Davis

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them -- Tracy

Sunday morning, Mom came in my room to pick out my clothes. She got out a nice shirt and dress pants from my closet, and then when she turned around, I saw she had a package of Osco Drug panty hose in her hand. She surprised me by saying, “Since you’re in junior high now, I thought you might like to start wearing pantyhose under your slacks when you dress up. It’ll make them fit better, and they’ll slide over your legs easier when you stand up and sit down.”

Wow, I couldn’t believe what she was saying! My dick immediately got rock hard, and I didn’t know what to say. “Sure,” I said.

She opened the package and took out the hose, and laid them on my bed. “Put your hose on, then come out in the kitchen and we’ll have breakfast.”

My hose! I couldn’t believe she had said that. After she left the room, I closed the door and slid out of my briefs. My dick was standing at attention. I put the panty hose on and straightened out my dick so it was vertical and not so noticeable, then pulled my tee shirt down over it. I sashayed out into the kitchen for breakfast and sat down at the table. I saw Mom already had her hose on under her robe. I felt so girly sitting there next to her eating breakfast, both of us with panty hose on! After we picked up the dishes, she said, “I’m going to go try for a BM. You should try to have one too.”

“That’s a good idea,” I said, frowning. “I haven’t had one for a few days.” As I walked to the bathroom I looked down and saw my legs looked so smooth and tan from the nylons, and I just felt so pretty! Once in the bathroom, I pulled down my hose and sat on the toilet. I did a few gentle pushes, not expecting any results, but I farted and then started to feel the urge to go. My stool was really big after not having a BM for a few days, but it came out without too much trouble. It really stretched my hole out as it passed, and after it plunked into the toilet, I felt so empty and relieved inside! I didn’t flush it as Mom usually wanted to see my stools to see how much I had done. I walked into her bedroom just as she was opening her bathroom door. I walked over there and announced, “I had a really big BM. Do you want to see?”

“So did I,” she said, and as she stepped to the side I could see her stools floating in the toilet before she flushed. We walked into my bathroom and she saw my big stool wedged all the way down in the trap. “Wow,” she said, “you really needed to have a good BM. I bet you feel better.”

“I do,” I agreed. “Can you wipe me?”

“Sure,” she said, “sit back down.” She rolled off several sheets of TP and I leaned forward so she could see in my crack. Back in my room, I took off the tee shirt and put on my dress shirt, then slid my new slacks up my legs. It felt so sleek and sexy, sliding them on over the nylons! I combed my hair and then went back into Mom’s room. I was getting so excited. I was actually going to wear hose to church. This was really happening! As I walked in, she said, “So how do they feel?”

“Great,” I said. “It’s a neat feeling, with my pants rubbing on my hose.” I couldn’t believe I could say that. Looking down at my feet, she said, “You’ll still have to wear socks so people can’t see. Also you’ll have to remember to keep your shirt pulled down every time you stand up, so that the waistband doesn’t show.”

On the way to church, I saw Mom’s legs in her skirt, and couldn’t stop thinking that we both had hose on. How many teenage boys can say, “My Mom and I are both wearing nylons to church?” Getting in and out of the car, I noticed what she meant about my slacks sliding over my legs better. When we went up to take Communion, I was really conscious of my slacks sliding over my hose every time I took a step, and especially as we knelt down at the altar and then stood back up. As we walked back to our pew, I noticed every teenage girl that was in line for Communion that was wearing nylons, and I felt so much like them. If only they knew this boy walking past them had hose on too! I had a huge hard-on by the time we got back to our pew. As we sat down, we both crossed our legs automatically. Mom looked at me and ran her fingertip over the top of my thigh, smiling knowingly, and I smiled back. She knew I was enjoying the feel of the nylons.

When we got back in the car to go home, I said, “You weren’t kidding, the pantyhose really make my slacks fit better.”

She smiled, “I could tell by how much you were crossing and uncrossing your legs you were enjoying how they felt. Now you know why women wear them all the time. They make our legs look nice and they make our clothes fit better.”

Blushing, I said, “They make me feel so sleek and smooth, like I don’t have any underwear on.”

She said, “That’s another reason we wear them under our slacks. They make you look like you don’t have any underwear on.”

When we got home, I stepped out of my shoes and reached down and slipped off my socks so my pantyhosed feet would show. I wondered if I should take off the nylons. I really wanted to leave them on. I walked into the kitchen, looking down at my nyloned feet, and all of a sudden I ejaculated. It took me totally by surprise. I just stood there, quivering, not sure what to do. Mom looked at me and said, “Are you alright?”

“Um, I guess so. I need to go to the bathroom,” I said, quickly walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind me. I pulled down my pants to survey the damage, but my pantyhose had contained it all. I took some tissues and wiped it up, and dried the wet spot in my pantyhose panty as best I could. My dick was now so limp, I tucked it down into my nylons so I had a smooth front like a girl. I pulled my pants back up and walked back out into the kitchen. Mom looked at me and said, “Are you OK?”

“Yes,” I said, blushing. “I shot my… boy juice.”

“Oh,” she said. “Did you get it on your slacks?”

“No,” I said. “It all stayed in my… panty.” It felt so weird and sexy to say that.

I set the table and then helped Mom fix lunch. As we were sitting there eating lunch, Mom said, “Now that you’re in junior high, you should probably put hose on whenever you get dressed up.”

“Mmmm, OK,” I said, not believing what I was hearing!

After we finished lunch, I helped pick up and do the dishes. After I hung up the dish towel, I was looking down at my nyloned feet and wiggling my toes, about to ask her if I should take them off, when she said, “You should change out of your good clothes and hang them up. You can leave your hose on and put jeans on over them if you want. Just put socks back on if you go outside, so you don’t get runs in your hose.”

To be continued………..

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