Extra Change

Extra Change

by Optimizer

Chris stopped next to the vending machine as Zack fed in some money. "Too bad she dumped you."

"She didn't dump me," Zack replied defensively, punching the Mountain Dew button. "We're just... taking a break." There was an odd buzzing sound as the button lit and the bottle fell, not really noticed by either man.

"Right. That's good." Chris said sarcastically as Zack took a swig from the bottle. He was always teasing, something he demonstrated as they walked back to Zack's car.

"I can't believe you lock this thing, man." In truth, Chris had a point. The vehicle was old, worn, and only marginally 'running'. The only reliable part was, ironically, the alarm.

The chirp of Zack's remote rang out. Both men stopped short as a rumbling noise began. Suddenly the car seemed to explode and rearrange itself. It was too quick to follow - a fraction of a second - but now a shining, detailed sports car lay before them, a giant spoiler mounted on the back.

"Whoa..." they both exhaled, exchanging swift, stunned glances. Another chirp, and a second transformation; a muscle car settled onto its shocks.

In disbelief, Zack hit the button again. Chirp, rumble; a giant monster truck. Chirp, rumble; a tiny Shriner parade car, complete with Shriner, waving at them.

Chris looked dubiously at Zack, whose face was blank with shock; he was waving back timidly. Zack snapped himself out of it and used the remote. Chirp.

A gold-toned, pimped-out pickup, stereo bumping. Even the mag wheels were gold-tinted.

"Sweet! Let's roll!" Chris called out, stepping forward, high on the absurdity of the situation.

There was an odd smile on Zack's face. "Wait!", he said.

"What?" Chris asked, not quite understanding as Zack pointed the remote his way and turned his head like a gunslinger pulling off a trick shot.

Chirp. Chris frowned, puzzled, as brown hair fell just past his shoulders. He glanced up to see a strangled look on his friend's face. Convulsively Zack squeezed the button again.

Chirp. Chris's horror and confusion grew in direct proportion to the breasts that pushed his shirt out. Frightened, he locked eyes with Zack. "Not cool!" he half exclaimed, half pleaded.

Chirp. It took less than a second. His clothes and body flowed like water, the former becoming feminine and the latter becoming female. Only the styrofoam cup remained unchanged.

The new girl gasped as the change completed, then smiled Zack's way.

"How about a Dew?" she asked flirtatiously. Zack mutely chirped the remote at her drink. It wriggled in her hand to become a twin of the one he held.

"Thanks." She watched as Zack, dumbfounded, kissed the remote and mumbled his own gratitude.


She laughed, feeling flattered. "Now let's roll?" she grinned.

Zack moved toward the front of the truck. "Aren't you going to open the door for a lady?" she teasingly asked. He stopped, almost stumbling, then came back and gingerly opened the passenger door, holding it for her. Crissy thought the mixture of confusion, caution, and hope on his face was just about the most adorable thing she'd ever seen.

She brushed past him, running her hand down his arm, and squeezed his hand as she slid into the seat. She made sure her long legs were stretched out, and held herself so her chest was subtly but prominently displayed.

This was rewarded with a wondering glance as Zack took the sight in. Pride and satisfaction filled her; her smile widened. "Come on, loverboy. Don't you want to see what this baby can do?" she asked, leaving open exactly what she was referring to.

Zack hurried around to the driver's side and hopped in, sparing another disbelieving glance toward her. The inside of the truck was lavishly appointed, and the boom of the stereo made the seats vibrate a little, even though it was clearly nowhere near the highest volume.

"Jesus," Zack breathed, surveying the dashboard. GPS navigation, DVD player, satellite radio, OnStar. Neon-blue running lights. Gold accents on everything; even gold thread in the leather upholstery.

Crissy giggled, watching his awed exploration. His head jerked in her direction at the sound, and though he was clearly even more awed at her, he almost visibly decided to postpone consideration of what she represented.

{That's okay, baby,} she thought. {Take your time. When you're ready, I'll be ready.} She gazed at him lovingly, and not a little lustfully.

Something about the seatback attracted his attention. He fumbled for a moment, then found the catch. A panel opened between them.

"A refrigerator?" Zack was incredulous. The chilled compartment was stocked with (what else?) Mountain Dew.

Crissy was laughing again. "It's so cute! You were just like this when you won it!"

"When I 'won it'? Wha... what do you mean?"

"Here." She rummaged in the glove compartment for a moment. "Look." The registration said 'Zachariah Joseph Lee'.


"You won it in a Pepsi contest about a month ago. You were so happy then, too." Crissy liked it when Zack was happy. "Did you notice how nobody even looked at us while you were changing the car?" Zack nodded slowly. Nobody was paying any special attention as they idled in the parking lot. "Memories were changed, too. Everything's, you know, consistent."

After a few moments, Zack looked her way one more time, a bit nervously. "Um, do you... I mean, are you... er, who..."

She laughed brightly. "Relax. I know what happened to me, and it's all okay."

"Are you sure? I mean..." he trailed to a halt.

"I've never been so happy. I get to start all over with you! I remember Christopher Michael Parker, but I'm not him. I'm Christina Michelle Parker, but everyone calls me Crissy, including you."

"You don't... uh, mind, uh..."

"Why should I? I'm me, Crissy. I'm as real as you are, and I like who I am. And I am desperately in love with you," she said earnestly. "What, do you mind?"

"Uh, no, not at all. It's just, um, a lot to take in."

"I sure hope so, stud!" Crissy teased. Zack looked puzzled for a second, then did a double-take at her double-entendre. He shook his head as if to clear it.

She continued, "But like I said, I remember Chris, too. I think that's so I can help you, be your guide to what's changed." She felt an odd certainty about that.

"Why is this happening? Why me?"

"I don't know. But it couldn't have happened to a greater guy." She positively beamed at him. "God, I love you."

Zack shifted uncomfortably. "You 'remember' Chris?"

"It's like... like I watched a DVD of his life, with a commentary. I know what he did and felt, but it didn't happen to me. I'm not him." Again Zack looked nonplussed.

"This is for the best, it's so right. You'll see!" She paused. "Look, let's go for a ride. You always said you loved the way this sucker handled."

She watched Zack consider that for a moment. Then he put the truck in gear, and pulled out onto the road. After a few moments, he asked, "So, you're my girlfriend?"

"No, just your housemate. We've been friends since college, like you were with Chris, and we shared apartments back then, too. But we were just friends. You had all the same girlfriends at the same times; not so much has changed. Even Karen."

"And they all were okay with me living with you?" Zack asked doubtfully. He had to tap on the brakes; it was Sunday but the noon traffic was still thick.

"Sure, they accepted I wasn't any competition when they met my girlfriends."

"Wait, you're a lesbian?" he cried out. {No, I was wrong,} Crissy thought. {That disappointment on his face - that's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. And the most gratifying.} She wanted him to want her.

"I always thought so, but as it turns out, I'm bi. I just never could admit to myself how attracted I was to you, until a few months ago. Just before you started dating Karen. It's been awful; I've been so jealous of her." She remembered nights crying into her pillow. "Now that she broke up with you, that idiot, I've been steeling myself up all day to tell you. It feels so good to stop hiding it!"

"But... you weren't... none of that really happened!"

"Maybe not to you, but it sure did to me." Zack frowned, but she kept going. "Even if you were right, you're the only one in the world that thinks so," she replied firmly. "Nobody but me and you even remember anything else, and I don't want it any other way."

Zack changed the subject. "I wish this damn traffic would clear."

"Why not do something about it?" Crissy suggested, smirking.

He stopped short. "Why not?" He reached out the window and pointed ahead. Chirp. Half the cars were whisked away, and the light in the distance flipped from red to green. Nobody noticed.

For a while, they drove aimlessly, neither talking, just listening to the radio. Crissy danced a little in the seat, partly enjoying the music but also to draw attention to her body. {Zack, I know you need time to adjust to this, but maybe I can speed it up a little,} she thought wickedly.

She wanted to think, too. It wasn't that she needed to adjust; from the moment Zack had used the remote on her, she'd felt utterly certain of so many things. But the situation did call for reflection.

Crissy had never really been attracted to a man before Zack. Oh, she'd been horny enough, but in high school the boys were all stupid jocks, or dweebs, or whatever, and hopelessly immature. Her fantasies and experiences had always revolved around girls.

It had been reassuring for her straitlaced, traditional parents that she had never seemed to get in trouble with boys. When Crissy had introduced them to her date for the senior prom, they'd been horrified to find out why.

She could see now that her reaction to that had been to cement her self-image as a capital-L Lesbian, and a sexually adventurous one. A twinkle came to her eyes as she recalled the one time her mother had visited the apartment she shared with Zack; the wide-eyed stare at the toys on display in Crissy's bedroom had given her great satisfaction.

Looking at the 'Chris' memories helped. His family had made a similar mistake; he'd rebelled against his mother and father and their ironclad insistence that he go into medicine by becoming a slacker. Despite his intelligence, he'd graduated with mediocre grades and had been working for a pool-service company. (In her history, her old-fashioned parents hadn't put that kind of career pressure on a girl.)

Chris hadn't been happy about how his life was turning out, but was too proud to admit anything of the kind to anyone, especially his estranged parents. Crissy could see, looking at it from the 'outside', that his sarcasm and teasing had been a defense mechanism.

Crissy's rebellion, on the other hand, had cost her Zack. She'd felt a connection to him when they had first met in college, but she had sublimated that to friendship, not willing then to confront the truth, too caught up with her anger at her family. He had accepted her on those terms, and they had become very close - as friends.

Eight months ago, she had a dream. She was being ravished by a masked woman with a strap-on, and she was thoroughly enjoying it. Suddenly she realized it wasn't a girl, it was Zack, and she awoke in a vocal orgasm. The strange mood of the dream had stuck with her for days afterward. She'd avoided both Zack and her then-current girlfriend, confused and upset. Maureen had moved on before too long.

Eventually she'd admitted to herself that she was looking at Zack differently. Or rather, she was now conscious of what she felt when she looked at him. But she feared his response if she told him - did he even really see her as a girl anymore? Or just a buddy who happened to have long hair and good advice about women?

After a month, she'd been unable to hold it in any longer. She'd had a nice meal ready for when he got home from work, planning to pour out her heart over dinner. (She'd discovered that she had absorbed some traditional ideas about male-female relationships from her parents after all.) But he hadn't come home, and she ate alone. The next morning he'd arrived with a hangover, Karen in tow...

Pretending she was happy for them had curdled her soul.

All winter Crissy's sorrow had grown. She put on a brave front, but Karen was wrong for him, she knew it. Not that she could be at all objective, but Karen didn't seem to respect Zack all that much, and she was awfully controlling; Crissy felt Zack's sweet nature was being taken advantage of.

She didn't sabotage their relationship. Partly because she didn't want to hurt Zack, but mostly because of her anxieties about how he would respond to her overtures.
She still wished for them to break up and vowed not to miss her chance if that happened. Hope and dread had mixed in the spring, when she'd seen signs of Karen growing increasingly distant.

And then, Saturday night. She'd come home from a movie (seen alone; she hadn't had any interest in a girlfriend, resorting to brief, meaningless sexual encounters when the pressure got too strong) and been surprised to find Zack home, in a blue funk. Tentative questions set her heart pounding - Karen had told him she 'needed some space'.

Then, this morning. She remembered picking out her outfit so carefully. Cute; sexy but not slutty, nice but not dressy. Casually proposing a trip out for an early lunch.

Over the meal, Crissy had started to tell Zack about her feelings, but her worst fears had been confirmed. He had shut her down. He was 'still hoping to get back with Karen'. It was 'too weird', she was 'like a sister'. He'd stopped thinking of her 'that way'.

She had been fighting back tears as they stopped for gas, and Zack went to get a Dew. Despairingly wishing she'd pursued him when they'd first met. Then, the car had gone through its changes. And then he'd pointed the remote at her...

'Chris' remembered it differently, of course, up until the change. They'd gone out to lunch, but he certainly hadn't confessed his nonexistent love for Zack. She could remember, if not really relate to, his fear as his hair got long, as breasts sprouted from his chest.

From her point of view, when Zack had turned the remote on her, there had been no confusion, not even a real sense of transition. Just a rapid flood of odd memories and certainties in her mind. She had gasped at the realization that her wish had, in a way, come true. In front of her was a Zack that didn't remember her; she really could start over... and this Zack would find her attractive!

{I'll make you love me this time, Zack! I'll make you happy, I can be everything you ever wanted in a girl, you'll see!}

Suddenly another idea struck her. She dug her phone out of her purse, and turned to Zack. "Hey gorgeous, how about giving me an upgrade?"

He blinked, and chirped the remote; the cheap phone ballooned, sprouting a keypad. She felt her memories shift; a girlfriend who'd gotten a replacement unit, then the old one started working again; she'd given it to Crissy... "Thanks," she said, blowing him a kiss. In a few moments she was on the web.

"Okay, turn in here," she said presently.

"What? Why?" he asked, but turned into another convenience store parking lot.

"It's a surprise!" she teased as he parked. "Wait here, I'll be back in a sec." She put the phone down; then, unable to help herself, leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before slipping out of the truck.

As she walked into the store, she put an extra waggle in her hips. Knowing he was staring after her was an incredible turn on.

She returned a few minutes later, a small slip of paper in her hand. Zack was sitting in the truck, surfing the web with her phone. He looked up as she climbed in.

"Are you going to tell me what this is about?"

Wordlessly, she held out her hand; Zack, bewildered, passed her the phone again. She quickly went back to the page she'd been on, then showed it to him, handing him the slip of paper.

"The $72 million Mega Millions jackpot was claimed yesterday by a Virginia woman..."

Zack looked at the ticket she'd bought. "Wait," he said, "These are the..." He trailed off. She plucked the phone out of his hand.

"...winning numbers, that's right. All you need to do is change the date." She smiled teasingly. "Aren't you glad you don't prefer dumb blondes?"

Zack silently brought up the remote. Crissy looked at the screen of the phone as the chirp sounded. The letters of the web page scuttled about, rearranging themselves. She grinned and showed him the phone.

"Friday's $181 million Mega Millions jackpot is still unclaimed, but lottery officials confirmed the winning ticket was purchased in a San Francisco-area convenience store on Thursday..."


Zack was driving on autopilot, like a zombie, every so often sipping his Dew. He'd accepted her gentle suggestion that they head towards home. Crissy was talking animatedly, telling him about the world she remembered, her feelings for him.

They pulled up in front of the apartment building where they lived; after a moment, Zack used the remote. A few cars seemed to disassemble and put themselves together in distant spaces. He parked directly in front of their door. Crissy laughed and applauded.

Zack took a last big swig of his Dew and finished it off. He squared his shoulders and turned to her, speaking slowly. "Look... Crissy. I gather how you feel, but I'm not sure... I mean, I don't think you would..."

{Oh, no!} "Don't worry, Zack, it's okay!" she said as reassuringly as she could.

"No, wait, I can't... I mean, look, you're, like, seriously hot." Even as scared as she suddenly was, Crissy still felt a thrill to hear Zack say that. "But you're not really... I mean, you just think you're..."

"I don't think, I know. I'm a real person. Besides, what did you think you were doing when you used the remote on Chris?"

"I... don't know. I mostly figured I was dreaming or something. I was just kinda mad 'cause he... because you were ragging on me about Karen. But I didn't expect this. And now, I guess... I mean, I wouldn't want someone changing me into a girl, and..."

"It didn't change me, I'm Crissy! I don't know what happened to Chris, but..."

"I'm sorry. Look, you'll thank me for this in a second..." He pointed the remote at her. She closed her eyes in terror and despair... chirp.

She heard a thunk. She trembled. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and beheld a very confused-looking Zack, remote still pointed her way. He pressed the button again. Chirp.

Another thunk as the door locks opened and the engine started up. She remained unchanged.

Zack pointed the remote at their apartment building. Chirp. The engine died and the locks thunked down again. The building stood still, the way buildings usually do, even in San Francisco.

"It's, uh, not working anymore," he said quietly. Crissy felt a huge surge of relief. Her eyes darted to his other hand.

"The Dew! It was the drink that did it!" she cried out in realization. "It all started when you got that bottle, and now you just polished it off!"

"That's crazy!" He paused sheepishly. "I mean, it's all crazy, but..." He floundered for a moment. "Do you really think so?"

"Call it... feminine intuition."

"This is just nuts. A magic drink. How the hell... Why..."

"Maybe the god of Mountain Dew rewarded you for a lifetime of faithful worship," Crissy suggested playfully. "You've always been crazy about it." That was true; nobody loved that soda more than he did. He even preferred it in his mixed drinks. Crissy liked it almost as much. {Chris hadn't...}

Zack put the remote down, totally flustered. Crissy slid across the seat toward him. "Looks like you're stuck with me, baby," she smirked.

He stiffened as she settled next to him. "Uh, look, uh..."

She pouted. "Don't be that way, Zack. It's okay, really!" She looked pleadingly into his eyes. "I love you so much. Please, let me show you." She leaned in to kiss him, but he put up his hand.

"Wait, I..."

"Come on," she interrupted. "I'm a fantasy come to life. Your fantasy! I'm a horny bisexual superfreak, but I'm kind of a virgin, too - I've never been with a man." She flashed him her trademark wicked grin. "I'm eager to get started, though."

"It's just... weird." He avoided her gaze. "I mean, you're, y'know, my buddy. I guess I... put a spell or something on you, but..."

"I am not Chris!" she cried in frustration. Swiftly Crissy rolled over onto his lap, straddling him. She grabbed the sides of his face and pressed her lips against his. He resisted for a moment, and then his hesitant tongue joined with hers.

The kiss lasted for several seconds; finally she pulled back and looked directly into his eyes. "Did that feel like a guy?"

"...no..." he said after a moment, almost inaudibly.

She grabbed his hands and pulled them onto her breasts. "Do these feel like a guy?"

"No," Zack said a little more confidently as he kneaded them carefully but firmly through her clothing. Crissy refused to be distracted by the delightful sensations - her nipples were like twin spikes - and literally pressed on.

She ground her crotch down onto his; in this position her skirt was bunched up around her waist. She could feel his erection through his pants, and nothing else was between them but her thong. In the close quarters of the truck's cab, she was sure he could smell how excited she was. "Does this feel like a guy?"

"God, no..." Zack breathed.

She smiled and passionately kissed him again, thrilled that he was, at last, beginning to accept the situation, and delighting in his increasingly enthusiastic responses.
Eventually she tore herself away.

"I'm going in. Give me two minutes, just wait two minutes before you come in, okay?" she asked, breathlessly.

"Uh, okay..." Zack said, confused and worked up.

{Poor guy, things are moving awfully fast for him!} she thought with sympathy. {But I don't want him changing his mind!} One quick smooch, and she bolted out of the truck toward the door at a run.


Zack pushed open the door and peeked in. Crissy swiftly struck a pose - her hip cocked, one leg behind the other, a hand demurely to her side holding his slippers - and put on her most winning smile. She knew by his openmouthed expression that she made the desired impression.

She was wearing a sheer, see-through negligee that barely made it to her waist. Her erect nipples visibly strained against the material. The only other item she wore were her tiny thong panties, which were getting soaked by now.

She held up a tall glass of Rum-and-Dew in her other hand; it frothed a little, but she'd had to pour it in a hurry. {Should have asked for five minutes,} she thought with regret. {I'd have had time to brush my hair or put on some more lipstick!}

"Hi honey, welcome home!" she called out brightly.

"Whoa," said Zack, almost inaudible. He seemed frozen.

She reached out to hand him the drink, which startled him into moving. He closed the door behind him and looked around the room. His eyes paused at some of the pictures and knick-knacks. {My stuff,} Crissy realized.

She guided him toward a recliner. "Oh, poor baby, let's get you off those tired feet." He sat down and gulped a swig of his drink. She knelt by his feet, removed his sneakers, and gently put his slippers on for him.

Zack looked dazed. {Don't give him time to think about it,} Crissy decided. It seemed to take him a moment to realize her intentions as she began unbuckling his belt.

His hand moved to his waist, but she slapped it away and gave him a stern look. Firmly she continued, opening his jeans and tugging them down. He lifted himself a bit, and she slid them to his ankles. A tent was formed in his boxers. Again, he seemed frozen, unsure.

She pulled down his underwear, and his penis popped free, bouncing a little as it settled down; he was fully engorged. Crissy drank in the sight for a moment. As she stared, a small drop of fluid formed like dew at the tip.

They had been living together for a long time. She had accidentally seen Zack's cock a few times before, though never aroused. With her being a "lesbian", they had laughed it off. But more and more often in the last few months, she'd been wondering what it would look like erect.

Now it was before her, new and strange. She'd watched plenty of porn before, of course, but this was the first erection she'd seen in the literal flesh. His was bigger than she'd guessed from its flaccid state. {Women's pussies are shy. They hide, they need to be explored, probed.} she thought, wonderingly. {But a prick is... extravagant. Audacious. Bold. Showy.} And, she could now gleefully admit, alluring.

Looking up to meet Zack's bemused gaze, she reached out to stroke it. She'd never felt anything like it on a woman. Hard and soft at the same time, warm and gently throbbing. A shiver ran through her as she glided her hand along its length. She had never been more certain in her life what she wanted, needed to do.

Leaning forward, she licked from the base of the shaft all the way to the head, then flicked her tongue at the underside of the helmet, just at the tip. Zack's breath caught for a moment as she ran the tip of her tongue around the groove where the head met the shaft, and she glowed inside. She wanted this to be perfect.

She teased him with her tongue for a while, trying to keep him on the edge as she enjoyed the slightly brackish tastes and the musky, animal smell. Zack was hairier than any girl she'd been with, and the way it tickled her skin was exotic and exciting. She gently probed the hole at the tip with the end of her own tongue, delighting at the briny pre-cum.

Finally, she locked her eyes with his once more, and slowly took him into her mouth. She went down halfway, then pulled back until he was almost out, pursing her lips around the glans. Down a little more this time, then back again. Then a fraction farther, and back.

Zack's eyes were going vague. He was almost hyperventilating in heavy gasps, and she could feel the rapid pulse in his cock. {Like I have his heart in my mouth,} she imagined, almost overpowered by the romance of the idea.

The muscles in his legs were locked tight; Crissy's hair had fallen onto them and brushed his skin as she moved rhythmically. She worked the surface of her tongue back and forth on the underside of his penis as she moved her head up and down, adjusting her jaws to put as much pressure as she could on the head of his prick. He was at the back of her throat now on the downstrokes.

She brought her hand up and cupped his balls gently, stroking the sack, trying to give him as many sensations as possible. She'd been studying sex guides and quizzing her hetero girlfriends in preparation for this long-awaited day. The 'Chris' memories helped, too; she knew better than any other woman what Zack was feeling. He was seeing nothing now, almost trembling as he neared release.

Soon she felt his scrotum contract in her hand. His cock twitched, and he came explosively. His groan filled her ears as his cum spilled out into her mouth. It was as salty and bitter as she'd always heard, but she proudly milked and swallowed every drop. It wasn't really all that unpleasant, and to her, it tasted like validation, like vindication, like victory.

{I think he'll accept me now!} she thought triumphantly. {Let's see Karen top that!}

She watched as his eyes gradually cleared and he focused on her again. "Holy shit," he sighed wonderingly, his chest still hitching occasionally.

"You like?" she teased, idly stroking his shaft as it softened. "My first. Did I do good?" She lapped up a last bit of semen that had leaked out, then looked at his face again.

"That was amazing," Zack exclaimed presently. "I don't think I ever came so hard. You might have broke something."

Crissy reached to the table next to the chair and took a big gulp of the Dew Zack had magicked up for her, swirling it in her mouth before she swallowed to clear her palate. Then she got up (leaning close and sliding her nipples up his stomach and chest on the way) and kissed him languorously.

To her relief and delight, he didn't hesitate to kiss her back.

She sat down on his lap and put her arms around him. His hands were moving now too, stroking her back, sides, face, legs - everywhere, as if he was trying to prove to himself that she was real.

His hand paused for a moment just above her crotch, then eased downward, cupping her mound. She was panting as her tongue wrestled with his.

Zack's fingers eased under her panties, probing. They stopped for a moment, finding the piercing at the very top of her slit, nestled between the labia.

"I wanted a surprise there for my lovers," she whispered, eyes twinkling. Then they closed as his hand began to explore more forcefully, two fingers dipping into her slit as his thumb, well lubricated, slid over her clit.

"Oh god," she gasped. "Please. Don't stop. Right... there." Seconds later she was reduced to incoherent gasps and moans as his relentless fingers continued their ministrations. She unthinkingly arched her back, his other arm supporting her. His mouth fell to her breasts, sucking and licking and biting her nipples.

She had been most of the way there anyway, and within a very short time Crissy was in the throes of a screaming, shuddering, fiery orgasm.

As the tremors subsided, she sagged onto him, her face buried in his neck. His arms circled her now. It took him some time before he noticed her tears on his skin.

"Hey..." As he spoke, she lifted her head. "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry," she sniffled, "I'm just so happy." She was beaming through her tears. "Oh, Zack, I love you so much." His expression was still a bit doubtful, but he wasn't showing the same obstinate refusal to believe her. He seemed stunned at the idea of a woman crying over him.

Crissy shifted, straddling his lap as she kissed him urgently. The sight, the feel, the taste of him against her whole body was intoxicating.

After a time, Zack gently pulled back and said "We might have to worry about the police."


"Well, you were kinda loud... the neighbors might, uh..."

Crissy laughed brightly. "Oh, they're used to me making noise!" She reached down and stroked his prick, which was showing signs of life again. She wasn't at all surprised that he recovered quickly. She'd kept meticulous though covert track of Zack and Karen's sex life, and knew he hadn't been getting much lately. "Come on, I know what he needs." She slid off his lap and pulled him to his feet. A couple steps and he left his slippers behind, tangled in his pants.

She dragged him down the hall toward the bedrooms, but she didn't have to pull very hard. For an instant, she almost led them into her room, but smoothly reconsidered. {This is strange enough for him. Better start in someplace familiar.}

As they spilled onto his unmade bed Crissy was yanking at his jacket, finally managing to get it to slide off as he lifted his arms. Then his arms came down, tugging at her nightie, and she wriggled to help. As soon as it was off, she was on top of Zack, showering him with kisses, one hand stroking his stiff cock, the other pulling his face to hers.

Not pausing his mouth, his hands snaked down her sides, finding her panties and working them down as far as he could. She writhed against him for a few more seconds, moaning, until he lost patience and pushed her off, onto her back.

She raised her legs and he worked the thong off, tossing it away. As she lay back, spreading her legs and drinking in the sight of him kneeling beside her, he hurriedly jerked his t-shirt off.

He loomed over her, crawling to put himself between her thighs. He was panting heavily as he reached down and felt her pussy, which by this point was getting the sheets wet.

Her legs curled around him as her arms reached up, urging him into her. "Oh, God, Zack, do it. Do me!" He spread her lips with his fingers, and she felt his hips move forward...

Suddenly he froze, and tried to get up. "Uh, wait a sec. Condom."

Crissy held him there, legs locked. She pulled her left arm back, showing him the inside of her bicep. "No! Norplant!" Her legs clenched forcefully. "Please, Zack!"

Then he moved, and thrust into her. It couldn't have taken any time to speak of, but to Crissy it seemed she felt every millimeter sliding in. She cried out involuntarily, an animal yip of pleasure.

{Oh, God, it feels so right! Like he was made for my pussy!} Only much later did she wonder if perhaps the opposite was true, for as Zack started up a rhythm, abstract thought became impossible. Her experience dissolved into waves of sensation.

He was gliding, in and out... She was moaning as he kissed her... Her calves rubbing against his perfect ass, pulling him in... His left hand planted in the bed next to her waist, supporting him as his right hand stroked her side, her arm, her face... Her fingernails peeling down his back... His pubic bone rubbing her clit with every plunge...

Now his whole body was pressing down on her... The smell of his hair, his sweat... So hard inside her... The feel of their skin, perspiration springing forth to make her almost as slippery outside as in... His chest, his belly slipping on hers, as his cock slid in, and out, and in... Both arms at her sides now, Zack surrounded her, filled her... Everywhere, inside and out...

She managed to make her eyes track Zack's face; he was totally focused on her. He looked implacable, unstoppable. The sight was overwhelming and she came in such an explosion that she literally saw stars.

She returned to herself gradually, realizing that Zack was still pumping into her. Breathless, she grabbed his head and kissed him ferociously. She squeezed him with the walls of her vagina, and that set him off.

{I can feel it! I can feel him coming!} The sensation of his cock pulsing within her walls, his impassioned groan, the taste of his sweat, and her own tingling afterglow threw her over the edge again, the closest and most intense multiple orgasm she'd ever experienced.


Crissy awoke slowly. For a moment she was disoriented, then as she opened her eyes the events of the previous day returned to her. Morning light filtered into her bedroom.

She regarded the heart-filling sight of Zack sleeping next to her, in her own bed, almost worshipfully contemplating his relaxed, contented expression. She was laying on her side, facing him, arms bunched between them. One of his arms draped possessively across her waist; the other was up under the pillow that supported his head. A quick peek at the clock showed it was just after 8.

She had made him come five times in total. While she'd lost count of how many orgasms she'd experienced, it was by far a personal record. After their first fuck, they'd rested and flirted and kissed and stroked each other until he was ready again.

He'd taken her from the rear that time, standing behind her as she'd flopped forward on the bed, screaming into the sheets. The feeling of his one hand gripping her haunches as he'd thrust into her pussy, over and over, hitting her g-spot each time; then the other hand reaching around to stroke her clit... Crissy's nipples perked up at the memory. She'd come at least four times there alone.

{God, am I lucky or what?} she thought. He was a considerate lover, and had tried to find out what she liked. The only problem with that was she had ended up enjoying practically everything he tried.

They had dozed briefly in the afternoon. After they awoke she had cleaned herself ({I guess that's one disadvantage of sex with guys... but it's worth it!}) and cobbled together a quick dinner for them, eaten naked in the kitchen. (She smiled as she recalled how lasciviously she'd eaten a banana in front of him.) They returned to bed, but in her room. The toy collection had drawn a stare from Zack, too, but a much more appreciative one than her mother's had been.

This time they played 'Dirty Dice', trying not to come as each took turns caressing, licking, and rubbing the other. She had managed to hold on - just barely, thanks to some lucky rolls - until he lost control and came between her tits.

At that point, since Crissy had 'won', he had eaten her out until she almost literally collapsed from repeated orgasms.

Each had been tired by then, of course. They had cuddled and watched some TV for an hour or so. At that point it was late evening. Soon enough, she was horny anew, but Zack had protested that he simply couldn't perform anymore.

Crissy, determined to prove him wrong, had turned off the tube and put on a performance of her own. It started with digging out her old cheerleader outfit (she'd only been an alternate for the college squad; she was convinced it was her open lesbianism that had kept her out of the main troupe) and ended with her in a studded leather collar, wantonly pleasuring herself with a dildo before him.

That had been too much. He had joined in and they screwed like animals. What with the long day, he had taken a long time to come, and Crissy swam in what seemed like an eternal sea of pleasure until he finally climaxed and they fell into an exhausted slumber around midnight.

She was a bit sore, but it was a good sore, full of pride in her accomplishments. {I could do it all again,} she thought dreamily. {And if I couldn't, maybe we'd try anal!} That wasn't anything she was particularly into ({I wonder if that means Zack isn't really into that either?}) but for him she'd happily attempt it. She couldn't imagine anything she wouldn't at least try for his sake.

{How many girls get to know that they are their lover's fantasy?} she smugly reflected. Then another thought struck her. The magic, whatever its source, had changed things into Zack's ideal, even when he hadn't been planning on it. The gadgets in the truck had been a surprise. And it wasn't just the date on the ticket that had changed; he was the sole winner of a bigger prize. Some woman in Virginia didn't have a winning ticket anymore.

{And me?} She thought about her own past. It felt real; but then, so did the memories of her high-tech phone, and she knew Zack had magicked it up. Was she actually Chris, transformed and given 'reasonable, consistent' reasons for being Zack's eager, devoted love toy?

Technically, this wasn't the Zack she fell in love with - sweet, goofy, impulsive, kind, loyal Zack. {But that Zack didn't love me!} And she could see, looking at Chris' memories, that the man sleeping next to her had all those qualities. And he was falling in love with her, she could tell. {Another bonus he hadn't planned on?}

She was so confused. Her sense of Chris was dreamlike and unreal against the wellspring of love filling her soul as she felt Zack's gentle breathing on her face and breasts. But that made sense, in a way - like most men, Zack would be weirded out by a transsexual. He already had been, actually. She'd had to work hard to convince him she was all girl.

Whatever force had done this had made its changes with thoroughness and subtlety. And if it were making an ideal girlfriend, she'd have to be a girl, and believe she had always been one.

Did it matter? She had a life as Crissy - friends, exes, family, even a minor police record for an incident of 'indecent exposure'. Who was to say that she was any less real than the truck outside?

Looking at Zack's beautiful sleeping face, it was hard to care about the details. She was far too happy, and it felt like she was betraying their love just having these thoughts. {But if whatever did this is so thorough, it would make me feel that way...}

Zack shifted a little, and she noticed something against her belly. {He's got a woody!} A sudden wave of lust passed through her. She tried to decide how to turn this to her advantage.

Gently, cautiously, taking every care not to wake him, she worked back out from under his arm. He stirred, then rolled onto his back, still asleep.

Crissy pondered. She didn't think she could climb onto Zack without waking him up. {A blowjob it is, then!} she gleefully concluded. {We'll save woman-on-top for later.}

Stealthily, she slithered down under the covers, easing with care between his legs. In the diffuse light through the sheets, his body looked mysterious, magical. She pulled her hair back behind her shoulders so it wouldn't fall onto him. Gently she leaned forward and kissed his semi-erect member, then licked her lips.

She could taste her pussy on him. The mixed male and female smells, primal proof of their coupling, were intensely erotic. Gradually he stiffened further, still dreaming, as her lips worked. Once he was fully erect, she carefully wrapped her lips and tongue around the head of his penis, and slid him tenderly into her mouth.

It worked better than she had hoped. In small increments she moved faster, and more forcefully, and he didn't wake up until his orgasm was inevitable. She felt him begin to sit up as his prick swelled in her mouth, and he let out an inarticulate cry as he spurted down her throat.

Once it was over, she sat up and pulled the sheets off Zack, draping them over her shoulders like a cloak. Zack was staring at her, dazed. "How's that for a wakeup call,

He sat up and looked around the room. "...It really happened, didn't it? I didn't just dream it..."

She dropped the covers and fell forward onto him, pushing him back down. She'd heard most guys didn't like an open-mouth kiss after a blowjob, so she pecked him on the lips and put her head on his chest, wrapping her body around his. "Believe it, lover."

They lay like that for a time, a warm contented heap. "So," Zack finally asked, "what now?"

"Well," said Crissy, considering, "I say we call in sick, get some breakfast, and go cash in that ticket!"

"The ticket!" Zack started. "Holy crap! Crissy, you are the only girl that could possibly make me forget a hundred eighty million dollars!"

Her heart overflowed with joy, not only because of his compliment but because he had actually called her 'Crissy', and 'girl'. Her answering kiss was passionate (and with full tongue, but Zack didn't seem to mind).

They broke off after a few moments. Crissy couldn't stop grinning. "I'm starving. I'll make the calls, you go get ready." Zack amiably headed toward the bathroom as she grabbed her phone and dialed the architect's office where he worked.

Zack was showering when she'd finished. She took care of business on the toilet, finding a bit more of his semen to clean up. {Oh well, at least we won't have to coordinate periods.} It was annoying when her girlfriends' cycles didn't match hers very well, limiting what they could do for much of the month. That wouldn't be a problem with Zack. He'd also be grateful for her lack of PMS and gentle periods, instead of jealous.

Even as she pondered, she was admiring the tasty, if fuzzy, view through the translucent shower curtain. A naughty impulse gripped her; she flushed as she stood up.

"Aaaahh!" Zack cried out as the water suddenly became scalding. {That ought to get him going.} He'd always been a little sluggish in the morning, and she wanted him fully awake. She pulled the curtain aside and stepped in. It was hot. {Not like it's going to be!}

"Oh, poor baby, I'm so sorry. Here, let me make it up to you..." The wicked light still danced in her eyes as she took the soap from his hands and began washing him.

He clearly had his suspicions about her intentions, which were shortly confirmed. Crissy enjoyed washing every part of his body, so intriguingly different from her own. For a moment she thought he was peeing, until she realized it was just water dripping off his dangling penis. {I never thought of that!} 'Chris' had known, of course, but those memories weren't really integrated with hers. She had to consciously access them and right now she had no desire to.

He wasn't a bodybuilder, but he was into sports and in pretty good shape. His chest and back and biceps and especially his tight, sexy ass set her heart aflutter. She couldn't resist a lick.

By the time she finished her ablutions, kneeling before him, his cock was pointing up instead of down. As she stood, he moved for her, but she giggled and handed back the soap. "Not yet, you beast! My turn!"

After a moment, Zack smiled, and began returning the favor. He was just as attentive as she had been. His slippery hands rubbed her neck and shoulders, then drifted downwards. She bit her lip as his fingers glided on her tits, slicking over her stiff nipples.

Her belly was washed next, slowly, and he knelt and ran his hands down her legs, avoiding the place where she really wanted his digits working.

Zack stood, and the wicked light was in his eyes now. Hands to her shoulders, he gently turned her around and began anointing her back, working down. The water rained onto them both, sluicing off their bodies in rivulets. The hiss, the splatters, the drips filled her ears.
The toilet had long ago finished stealing the cold water, but she felt so hot...

His fingers were kneading her ass, and Crissy was panting, inflamed and hardly able to think straight. She leaned forward, hands on the wall, eyes unfocused, spreading her legs almost reflexively as his hands eased between her thighs.

Then he was at her entrance, probing. Tense and wet, inside and out, she gasped as he pushed his way in, filling her, giving her what she so desperately craved. Stroking out and in now, his hips bumping her ass, his thighs rubbing hers, some instinctive part of her matching his rhythm, cocking her hips, her world narrowing, only dimly registering the sounds of the cries escaping her mouth, the water running over her skin.

She came, and never understood how she managed to remain standing through the tsunami of shuddering pleasure that felt interminable...

Gradually it did fade, though, and she became aware that Zack was in the throes of his own orgasm. She wriggled her hips, clenching down with her pussy, trying to sustain him, keep him going. It seemed to work. His groans went on, and on, and gradually died.

She pulled forward, letting him slip out of her, then turned and pressed close, their lips joining as the water rained onto them both.


Crissy brushed her still-damp hair back as they waited for their food to arrive. What with all the calories they'd been working off, both had been desperate for breakfast after the shower. A quick mutual toweling-off and dressing had been followed by a swift drive to a Coney Island nearby.

They sat across from each other, staring into each others eyes, playing footsie, smiling a lot, and generally doing things that confirmed that Zack was very quickly falling for her as hard as she had for him. She was dizzyingly happy.

"How are we going to cash... well, you know?" Zack asked. They didn't want to talk about the ticket in public, of course. The odds of someone overhearing and robbing them were low, but it was a lot of money.

Crissy pulled out her PDA phone and they did some searching. "Cool, there's an office over the bay, in Hayward." She couldn't quite keep the excitement out of her voice. "God, Zack, this is so cool!"

"I know." He was having trouble staying calm, too. His hand brushed his back pocket, where the ticket rested in his wallet.

"Wherever we move, we gotta make sure it has a big water heater!" Crissy teased.

"Yeah," he grinned back. Crissy was ecstatic at his easy acceptance of the idea that they would be living together. "God, I could actually design something instead of being a glorified gofer." Zack's career hadn't progressed as quickly as he'd hoped. Crissy had always suspected that was one of the sources of friction with Karen.

For a few moments, they just sat and beamed at each other. Zack suddenly frowned. "Wait a minute. Why do you have a Norplant? You said you only did it with girls before."

"But I wanted to be ready if I got a shot at you. I didn't want anything to get in the way. So I got it, like, three months ago." She smiled. "What, do you wish you'd needed a condom or something?"

"No, it just seemed kinda weird." A thoughtful pause. "I guess whatever did this thought of everything."

"Hey, I've got a question for you. What was the deal with that Shriner car?"

Now he looked a little sheepish. "When I was five or something, I really wanted a ride in a parade with my uncle Morty. My dad wouldn't let me, probably 'cause Morty was drunk. But I didn't understand. I was so mad." Shrugging, he finished, "I guess some part of me still wanted that ride."

"Oh, that's so sweet!" Every new thing she learned about him seemed to make him more endearing. She looked over his shoulder. "Here comes our food!"

They continued talking as they ate. "You called in sick for me? They accepted that from some strange girl?"

"Dummy, they've heard of me! I talked your admin, Marie. I met her when we went to the Halloween party."

"Oh." He stuffed a forkful of egg in his mouth and swallowed almost without chewing. "Chris was there, that's right." Another gulp. "It's still kinda weird, everyone but me remembering you." A long sip of orange juice. "Hey, you must... I mean, there's gotta be people who know me, that I never met. You don't work at Pool-Brite, right?"

"Nope," she mumbled around her hash browns.

"So where do you work?"

"I'm your fantasy. Where would your dream girl work?" She was enjoying the chance to tease him. Her eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Um..." he hesitated.

"Oh, come on, how hard can it be? You know me pretty well already..." Her grin was very wide.

"Well... not a stripper." She nodded. Zack wouldn't want to share her; not like that. Not with guys, anyway. "Not a porn star. Well, maybe lesbian porn... nah, shit, I don't know. A model?"

"Flattering," and she batted her lashes at him, "but nope. You were closer with the porn thing."

He puzzled while he devoured his food. "Do you maybe work for a porn distributor or something?"

"Oh, close enough. I work at Good Vibrations. Sells women-oriented porn and toys." A knowing look. "Why do you think I've got such a collection? I can't recommend what I haven't tried..."


As they pulled out of the parking lot, Crissy's brow furrowed. "Zack, we have to go left to catch the bridge."

Not meeting her gaze, he kept going the other way. "Yeah, it's okay, I just need to check something real quick."

She was puzzled for a moment, then her blood ran cold. {He wouldn't... not now... But he did seem a little distracted after breakfast...}

Her heart sank in her chest as he turned into the same gas station where the whole adventure had begun yesterday. He parked and stared forward. "I have to try. Just in case."

"Why? What could you make better? Aren't you happy?" Despair consumed her.

He looked almost as sad as she felt, but determined, too. "Hell, yeah. Crissy, you're unbelievable. But Chris... I mean, I don't know if you're him, or if I... killed him or something to make you..." He sighed. "It's not right. I have to try. If it were the other way around..."

"It is the other way around!" she exclaimed. "You'd be killing me! And if I were Chris, under some spell... well, how do you think he'd feel about you fucking him over and over?"

He flinched. "I'll deal with that if I have to, I just..." He looked away. "I'm sorry, this is killing me."

"No, it's killing me," she muttered bitterly. She listened as he got out of the truck. After a moment, in morbid curiosity, she went after him. She couldn't just leave. {What's the point of life without Zack?}

He was feeding money into the machine. A long pause, and he hit the Mountain Dew button. Thunk, the bottle fell. Slowly he pulled it out, and, not looking at her, he opened it and took a swig.

Numb, Crissy watched him fidget with the remote for a few seconds. He started to turn in her direction, then reversed and faced the truck. Chirp.

The engine started up. Zack let out his pent-up breath in a rush.


They were taking the San Mateo across the bay, and had almost made it to the far end. Crissy had ignored Zack's fumbling apologies and the only talking was from the GPS system occasionally advising Zack when to turn. She just sat on the passenger side, looking out the window.

{He wanted to get rid of me!} she thought, heartbroken. Crying seemed hopelessly inadequate. The whole scene at the gas station played back in her mind, as it had many times since she'd gotten back in the truck, lacking anything better to do.

But this time she noticed something. He hadn't tried the remote on her, he'd pointed it at the truck first.

And he'd been relieved it hadn't worked; she knew him too well to miss it, now that she was getting over her shock. Looking at it from his perspective, it almost made sense. His words had not been empty.

One of the things she admired about him was his loyalty to his friends and lovers and family. And Chris had been this Zack's friend. {But it didn't work.}

She turned to him. She had to know. "You really didn't want it to work, did you?"

"No," he said, glancing her way repeatedly, as if trying to make sure he didn't miss the expressions on her face. "I feel a little guilty saying that, but you're... incredible. It's just, Chris was annoying sometimes, but he was my friend, and..." he trailed off.

She noted his use of the past tense. "And you owed it to him. You wouldn't be the man I love if you didn't try." She paused a moment. "Chris doesn't feel real to me, I forget that he was to you."

"Well, what's done is done, I guess." He looked her way again. "I can't say I'm disappointed with how things turned out."

She froze in a sudden rush of understanding. {He tried. It wasn't his fault the magic ran out yesterday, he didn't know! And now he's done everything he could, he can't go back.} She felt a sudden rush of gratitude for whatever had arranged all this. It had even minimized his guilt.

It was like the sun had come out from behind clouds; the color came back to Crissy's world. Even her hurt reaction would help him adjust, she realized, help him really accept her as a separate person. Zack was already falling for her; with Chris out of the picture, that loyalty would shift her way.

He went on, confirming her suspicions. "You bought the ticket. It was your idea. It should really be you getting the money."

She was deeply touched by the gesture. "No, it wouldn't be a winner without you. It's your money." She grinned. "Besides, I'm sure you'll be willing to share a little. I mean, a girl like me deserves a killer wardrobe, right?"

"Damn straight," Zack replied. "But seriously, we'll split it. I at least owe you that."

"You don't have to..."

"Yeah, I do."


Once they presented themselves and their ticket at the Lottery office, the supervisor, one Carla Brannigan, had quickly appeared and ushered them to her office. Before the couple could ask any questions, she was already telling them what to expect. She didn't foresee any problems verifying their claim, but it would take a day or so of processing. Their names would be published and they would have to give one press conference.

Most importantly, she confirmed no other jackpot tickets had been sold. They had won the whole $181 million. "That's plenty big, but it's not a record or anything. It won't attract much media attention," Carla said, a bit regretfully.

Carla made a desultory try to convince them to take the annuity option, but they insisted on the cash payout, even though it was lower. With taxes and such, they would net 72 million dollars.

{It took care of everything,} Crissy thought. Exchanging glances with Zack, she saw he'd had the same idea. He didn't want a media circus either, and the amount was exactly what the old prize had been. {Even the taxes.}

"As long as you don't go insane with it, that should last forever," Brannigan noted. "Money like that attracts cash faster than you can spend it, if you've got any sense. Just put it in a money market account and it'll make two million a year," she said, smiling. "And you can invest it better than that. I'm not supposed to recommend any money managers, but unofficially, I know of a few that past winners have been pleased with..."

As they got to work on the claim forms, Crissy reflected on the whirlwind events of yesterday and today. She still wasn't sure exactly what had happened. Her memories and identity as Crissy felt rock-solid, certain, incontrovertible. 'Chris' was a pale ghost - the memories were just data, with no emotional connection. From her perspective, they were 'grafted in' at that moment in the parking lot.

{Was I really changed? Or did I already exist, and this Zack and Chris' memories were 'brought here' from another universe or something? Maybe 'my' Zack has a new buddy, Chris?} she pondered.

And maybe she really was a transformed Chris, rationalizing her own brainwashing.

Ultimately she decided she just didn't care. However this had come about, it was exactly what she wanted and she wouldn't change a thing, even if it were possible now. She was happy when Zack was happy, and he was very happy. She could tell. Besides, Chris had never been this joyful in his whole life.

A realization struck her. Whether created or found, she had somehow been selected as Zack's fantasy. He wasn't into nonconsensual sex; he wanted his girl to have a good time. He didn't want to dominate his partner. ({Not all the time, anyway,} she thought as she grinned, a pleasant flush spreading through her as she imagined the games they could play.) He liked smart, flirtatious, adventurous, uninhibited women.

Some women had to work to please their man, and put up with at least some things they didn't like. All she had to do was act naturally, as she wanted. And Zack would love it.


The return drive across the bridge had been much more cheerful. "Oh my God, Zack, 72 fucking million dollars! We can do anything, go anywhere!" Crissy exclaimed for probably the tenth time as they pulled into a parking spot by their apartment building. Since most people were still at work, it was close to their door again.

Zack had done well focusing on driving, but the grin hadn't left his face in over an hour. "I know, I know," he said again, also probably for the tenth time. The engine shut off, and Crissy spilled onto his lap.

After some very heavy petting, Zack spoke up. "I've been thinking. All of this... it's so... it's too much. We should do something with the money. Something good. Like, set up a charity for kids, give it maybe 30 million." He grinned a bit sheepishly. "I mean, I think we can make do with 40 mil or so."

Crissy just stared for the longest time. Zack lost his grin and started to look concerned. That spurred her to action. She hugged him as hard as she could, and cried, "No wonder I love you so much!"

Eventually they made it out of the truck, up the stairs, and into their apartment. It took several minutes, what with all the breaks for torrid kisses and giddy laughter and so forth.

As they fell onto the couch, Crissy sighed, "God, it's just perfect, everything's so perfect!" She lay her whole body on top of his, kissing his face, neck, hair, anything in reach. "As if you weren't enough!"

For some reason, that seemed to sober Zack up a little, and he looked in her eyes. "Crissy, why do you love me? I mean, it's not like I'm some awesome catch..."

She laughed. "You kidding? You're sweet, thoughtful, generous, gorgeous, amazing in bed, and now you're rich, too!"

He still looked doubtful. "Try telling Karen that."

An exasperated sigh interrupted him. "Karen can go fuck herself. She never treated you right anyway. I love you because I've lived with you for years, and I know you. Why can't you just accept it and be happy?"

"But would you feel that way if I hadn't..."

"Yes, I would. I mean, why does anybody love anybody? You make me happy."

A long pause. "I just... It's still too much. I don't deserve this."

"Something thought you deserved this. I do."

"I don't even know what could have done all this. Aliens?"

Grabbing his face, she bent low and stared intensely into his eyes. "I don't care. I don't care if it was aliens or sunspots or an Act of Congress that 'made' me love you! I love you, and you had better get used to it!"

Slowly, he smiled, and she matched him. "I'm sorry. Everything's so great, I just have a hard time believing it. I keep looking for a catch." Something seemed to loosen, to let go inside him. "But there isn't one, is there?" he asked, wonderingly.

"No, and I won't let you invent one. Get your clothes off, we've had, like, two fights today and we're about to have our first make-up sex."

Zack started, then he began yanking his shirt up over his head. Crissy was right behind. Very soon they were naked. Though it made the logistics of their stripping more difficult, she stayed on top. Zack was, for the moment, following her lead. Crissy was gratified to see how quickly he was ready - frustratingly few of her girlfriends had gotten aroused as rapidly as she usually did.

The couch was fairly deep so there was room for her to straddle him. He reached up for her breasts, but she pushed his arms back down. "No, obviously I need to prove how much I love you," she proclaimed mock-seriously. "You just lay back and don't move." She loved games and playing the 'haughty mistresses' sounded like fun.

She reached between her legs, grasping Zack's engorged dick. Sliding the tip back and forth along the moist channel between her labia, she simultaneously excited and lubricated him. He shifted a little and she gave him a very stern, admonishing look, continuing to tease him.

He stilled. After a few moments, she positioned herself and, sitting down, enveloped him. Despite her attempt to maintain an amused, almost detached demeanor, it forced a small gasp out of her. Even the most supple dildo had never felt as good, as right as Zack's cock. She saw in his eyes that he'd noticed her flustered expression, the crack in her facade.

Recovering, she reasserted command of her face and began to move. Up and down, with more and more force. Then she paused at the top of her stroke and moved her hips in small circles, swirling her pussy around him. Her aristocratic smile widened, very slightly, at his low groan.

Pausing a moment, with him half inside her, she ran her nails along his chest. She gave him a 'wave' squeeze with her vaginal muscles - pinching first the opening, and then farther in. It took concentration and practice, but she'd amused a few girlfriends before with that skill. Judging from Zack's wide eyes, it worked even better on pricks than fingers.

She eased back down, taking her time. He took in a sharp breath as she settled onto his hips. {So deep...} The mask of her face didn't betray her feelings, but the wetness that had doused his pubic hair must have given him some indication. Her own hips moved forward and back, her clitoris sparking as it slid along. She pulled back further each time, stretching, flexing his erection more and more. {Just a hint of pain, a little uncertainty. Make him wonder how far I'll take it. Key him up...}

Back to penetration. Up, down. She tried to keep a firm rein on her thoughts, but it was so easy to stimulate her favorite spots, and he felt so astounding inside her, that gradually she lost track of herself. Eventually she was moaning, her eyes closed and her back arched. The walls of her vagina pulsed rhythmically; squeezing him delighted her, and she was just glad he seemed to enjoy it, too.

She dropped forward, supporting herself with her arms, eyes still closed. Breathing raggedly, but still pumping. Zack's hands began to stroke her legs; she opened her eyes and beheld his slightly awed expression.

His touch, his eyes; Crissy's control wavered. By force of will, she kept her orgasm at bay, maintaining her steady motion. Fingertips slid past her hips, up her sides, stopping just beside her breasts. She couldn't push them away; she felt she'd explode if she even acknowledged them.

It couldn't have lasted like that for very long, but time was moving very strangely for her now. Some period later, she heard Zack pant her name. "Crissy...", almost whispering.

He was breathing hard, too. His eyes glowed. No longer caring anymore about her game, unable to hold back from the wave of emotion swamping her, she fell onto him, mashing mouth and tongue with his, groaning as a nova of pleasure set her body aflame. And yet, some part of her was distinctly aware of his thrusting, his coming.

Faint echoes of their gasps came to her ears. They lay awhile, limp on the couch, lungs slowly catching up with the rest of their bodies. Recognizing the look in his eyes, Crissy was satisfied. {I guess I proved it after all...}


Celebrations were certainly in order, and their credit cards could fund an expensive night on the town even though the money wouldn't be awarded until tomorrow. Zack had spent some time on the phone making sure their bank would be ready for the fund transfers while Crissy got ready.

As Zack was hanging up the phone from making their reservations, she stepped out from her bedroom wearing her 'special occasion little black dress'. It was a short, sheer, stretchy, form-hugging tube mini-dress that ran from just over her nipples down just past her derriere. Strips of translucent mesh, a few inches wide, ran up both sides, crisscrossed with laces. Almost every movement flashed her matching (and skimpy) black panties. The heels on her strappy black pumps weren't outrageously high - they were going dancing, after all - but still set her legs off nicely.

She hadn't slathered on the makeup, feeling that subtle worked best in that area. Simple hoop earrings were her only jewelry. She stopped at the end of hall and posed.

Zack let out a low whistle. "Whoa. You are so hot!" He looked her up and down, wolfishly.

No matter how many times it happened, she melted inside whenever Zack complimented her looks, noticed her as a woman. Smiling with undisguised joy, she said, "Come on, baby, let's get you ready."


Dressing up Zack in some of his nicer clothes had been like a trip back to her girlhood, except none of her dolls had been anatomically correct. Or smelled so good. Or kissed back.

He was idling the truck in line for the valet station at the restaurant as she inspected the repairs to her makeup in the visor mirror. She decided everything was in order as they pulled up to the front entrance. Giggling at the valet's almost bug-eyed stare, she allowed him to help her out of the truck. She waited until Zack joined her; then, arm-in-arm, they walked in.

It was quite a high-end establishment. Crissy had eaten here once, during a torrid affair with a doctor - the same one who'd given her the high-tech phone. A few eyebrows were raised (and heads turned) at her dress, but they were seated briskly in a comfortable rounded booth.

When they ordered their meals Zack asked for recommendations on wine and chose the most expensive, of course. He'd always been a bit shy in formal situations, and just by her appearance they were drawing attention, but he didn't seem as nervous as she'd expected. She was proud of him. {I knew you had it in you, baby!}

Could her confidence in him be making him feel more confident? She'd read somewhere that being seen with an attractive woman raised a man's social status, and she'd certainly tried to make herself attractive. {Suddenly being filthy rich probably doesn't hurt either.} Now that she thought to look, some of the furtive glances at their table were at Zack, particularly from the women.

All these thoughts percolated at the back of her mind, but the vast majority of her attention was on being out on a date with the man she loved. Letting everyone see she was his woman. Maybe it was her traditional upbringing, but there was something almost instinctually satisfying about the whole affair.

As they talked, making all sorts of wild plans for their newfound wealth, she played footsie with him. Gripped by a sudden naughty impulse, she glanced around, thinking. {The tablecloth is down to the floor... and it'll be at least twenty minutes before the food comes...}

She slid around the curve of the booth to get next to him, then leaned in and gave him a big kiss. The equipment she was working on was still a bit unfamiliar, but she'd always been good with her hands. It took Zack a few seconds to realize what she was doing.

"Wha... what the hell?" he exclaimed, quietly but intensely, looking around frantically to see if anyone had noticed, his hand joining hers at his crotch.

"Relax," she said breezily, "no one can see anything." She dexterously batted his hand away and finished extracting his member. "I just realized, I haven't given you a handjob yet, and this is a perfect place for it." Maintaining an innocent expression, she went on evenly, "But someone might notice if you keep wriggling like that."

"Are you crazy?" he asked softly, sliding forward to hide his lower body, trying not to draw attention.

"No," she smiled, "rich people are eccentric. Besides, Little Zack here isn't acting shy." It was true; he was stiffening rapidly as she stroked and fondled his prick under the table, careful to keep the visible part of her arm still.

Catching Zack's eyes, never pausing her fingertips on his cock, she reached out with a knife in her other hand and cut a bit of butter from the ball in front of them. She picked it up and snaked it under the table. He flinched slightly as the cold butter touched him, but it speedily melted. Her hand glided smoothly now. "Don't worry, I'll lick it off later," she whispered, an innocent expression on her face as her fingers tweaked the head of his rock-hard penis.

Zack was a bit flushed and breathing deeply at this point. He stared as she almost daintily tongued the butter off the fingers of her free hand. He'd been trying to see if anyone was paying them any mind, but as she worked he'd become understandably distracted. Thus the sudden appearance of their waitress clearly caught him by surprise.

"Your salads should be out any minute now. Is everything all right? Can I get you anything?" she asked.

Zack was silent, but Crissy gave her a demure smile and said, "Actually, I could use a little more water..." Her hand didn't pause.

"Of course, just a moment." She ambled off toward the kitchen. Crissy continued to jerk Zack off. It felt delicious, a mix of power and supplication. She was both mistress and servant, in control and devoted to his pleasure.

His hands rested on the table; Crissy could see the tension as they pressed down but she doubted anyone else would notice. Her other hand deftly brought the napkin from her lap to his dick as she sensed he was getting close.

"God, I love the way you look when you're about to come," she said quietly, gazing into his eyes. "Like a beast, a bull, a lion. Like nothing could stop you." No one would have guessed what she was saying from her cheerful, carefree manner.

Zack let out a soft grunt as he began pumping his load, which she caught in the cloth. She continued stroking, squeezing out the last of his ejaculate and wiping off most of the butter. She brought her hands out from under the table and set the crumpled serviette aside.

Their waitress returned as Zack was recovering. "There you go," she said, filling Crissy's glass. If she noticed his somewhat feverish appearance she gave no sign. "Do you need anything else?"

"Yes, can I get another napkin, please?"


Crissy swayed, bouncing her hips and waving her arms. She was a great dancer, and she knew it. Zack wasn't exactly Fred Astaire but she worked to make him look good. {He sure looks good to me!}

Getting into the nightclub had been no problem at all. The truck by itself had helped them stand out, and her appearance and status as a regular, along with a substantial honorarium for the doorman, ensured they were 'added to the mix' without the slightest wait. They'd been dancing for almost an hour now, having a blast.

She turned and backed into Zack, grinding her ass into his crotch, giving him a good freak. Her hands went above her head as his settled onto her hips. They moved in unison, and she only wished they were doing in reality what they were miming.

The song ended, another blending in. She whirled out of his grasp and faced him; she wanted to see him, watch his body in motion. She never tired of that. Her arms still raised, she worked in some belly-dancing moves she'd learned from an old girlfriend. The desire in Zack's eyes was most encouraging, as were the scattering of appreciative catcalls from nearby dancers. They had been drawing a bit of attention.

She moved in tight, and they rocked back and forth, arms about each other. They kissed urgently as Zack's hand roamed to her butt, pulling her close. Her moan was inaudible over the blasting music but she suspected the emotion that drove it was being clearly conveyed.

That song started winding down, and in the relative quiet, he shouted, "I'm thirsty! Wanna hit the bar?"

"Sounds good!" she called back. "Meet you there! Gotta hit the ladies room!" She snuck one glance at his rear as he strode away.

It was much quieter in the bathroom, though it was a little crowded and several conversations were in progress. She checked herself in the mirror as she waited for a stall. {A little sweaty, but everything's still in place.}

Someone called out from by the sinks, "Damn, Crissy, it really is you!" She turned, recognizing the voice. Taniqua was the girlfriend of a co-worker. "I thought I was trippin'. I never seen any girl had less use for men!"

"Just my Zack," she replied, beaming. There was no point in hiding it, even if she'd any inclination to. But she had a good idea what was coming as Renee came out of a stall, a frown on her face.

Crissy slid past her and closed the door, but Renee still began lecturing. "I can't believe you would fall into some phallocentric crypto-slavery! Bad enough most womyn identify with their oppressors too much to..."

"Oh, give it a rest," Crissy interrupted. "This isn't work, I don't have to listen to that crap." {Hey, I don't have to go to work anymore!} She liked her job, but that was still a happy thought. Work had its downsides, Renee being a sizable one. The militant started to take advantage of the pause, but Crissy drove on. "It isn't political with me, I'm just not into guys. Except one."

"Womyn will never be free as long as so many keep fraternizing with the enemy..."

Another voice interrupted this time. "Guys ain't 'the enemy'. Oh, sure, a good half of 'em are assholes, but there's decent ones, too." A smile crept into the voice. "And some of 'em are so damn fuckable."

As she came out of the stall, Crissy recognized who was talking. Shawna was a petite, shapely redhead with many piercings and a few tattoos. She was a relatively frequent customer at the store - a sexual adventuress not unlike Crissy herself, but less restrictive when it came to gender selection. They had hooked up one night; a meaningless fling, but a lot of fun. The memory put a little warmth in Crissy's heart, and more in other places.

She still liked girls... a lot. That hadn't changed, and she couldn't imagine it changing. But she loved Zack, and couldn't conceive of life without him, either. {Good thing I can have both!} she thought.

An image came to her mind; Zack on his back, her straddling him, impaled on his length. And Shawna sitting on his face... kissing her as Zack fucked and sucked them both. {She's bi, she'd do it, too!}

She wasn't jealous about Zack that way. {I don't mind sharing his dick so long as I keep his heart.} Crissy understood better than most women that sex and love weren't necessarily tied. While she'd be devastated if he fell in love with another girl, she was thoroughly aroused at the idea of watching him pleasure one. {I'm going to have to wear thicker panties if I'm going to get so wet all the time!} And, circumstances being what they were, the simple fact that she felt that way was a good indication that she didn't have to worry about trusting him.

Renee had started some kind of retort, but Crissy ignored her as she washed her hands, addressing Shawna. "You here with anybody? Got plans for later?"

A jaded but curious expression was on Shawna's face. "Whaddaya got in mind?"

"I'm still learning about guys. Zack's awesome, but I was thinking it might be fun if you could help show me the ropes..." she said slyly.

A pause. "Awesome, huh?"

"Made a believer out of me."

The redhead thought about it for a moment. "Sure, why the hell not? Been a while since I was in a good threesome. Lemme just tell my friends I don't need a ride."

"Great! We'll meet you at the bar." Moving to the sink, she admired the girl's tits in the mirror as Shawna left.

Taniqua was almost laughing at the interchange, but Renee was practically in shock. "You... I can't... Don't you realize you're just playing right into his fantasies?"

"Why not?" was Crissy's blithe rejoinder as she breezed out the door. "Especially when they're my fantasies, too."


She danced a little as she made her way through the crowd, too happy and excited to contain herself. She spotted Zack, then frowned as she noticed the mixture of irritation and dismay on his face. As she got past a large clot of people, she saw the reason.

It was Karen; a guy had his arm around her shoulder. He looked somehow familiar to Crissy. {Brad something. He was at that party Karen threw...} Crissy had been forced to reject his advances rather firmly. {Asshole.} She hadn't told Zack or Karen, not wanting to make trouble for them. {Well, for Zack, anyway. The old Zack.} A quick check of Chris' memories didn't reveal anything likely to trip the new Zack up in conversation.

She approached them from the side, trying to avoid notice as long as possible. She wanted to be able to back Zack up if needed. He and Karen weren't quite arguing, but their conversation was clearly heated. Karen's face had that pinched look Crissy had always hated. She was a paralegal, studying for the bar, and as far as Crissy was concerned, already had all the worst features of a lawyer.

She got close enough to make out words. "...so upset... said we... other people..." Karen's voice was sharp. Brad gave off an air of amused indifference as he looked on.

Zack's voice was flat. "That's not the point. I just realized that 'business trip' to Seattle had some pleasure mixed in, didn't it?"

Karen looked nonplussed for a moment - not so much embarrassed as annoyed to be caught out. She tended to follow the precept that the best defense is a good offense, however, and riposted quickly. "So I saw this coming a month ago. If my needs were being met I wouldn't have been driven to it."

"Oh, so it's my fault you cheated on me?" He wasn't yelling, but he was clearly furious. "If you had 'needs' you could have talked to me."

Karen had apparently decided to abandon trying to salvage anything from the situation. "What's the point?" she asked dryly. "You don't have any idea how to please a woman."

{That's my cue!} She stepped forward, to the surprise of all concerned. "I wouldn't say that," Crissy said, draping herself against Zack after a quick but powerful kiss. "He sure rocks my world." She gave Karen a whithering, frigid stare.

"You?!" Karen was totally flustered for a few seconds. Then she noticed Brad's appreciative gaze at Crissy's body in the revealing dress and elbowed him.

Karen, like most aspiring lawyers, was skilled with her voice. It fairly dripped contempt as she sneered, "Figures you'd hook up with her. You always were a pussy."

Zack started to retort, but Crissy's expression was positively glacial now as she broke in. "Lots of guys fantasize about being man enough to 'convert' a lesbian." A contemptuous nod toward Brad. "Way too many, take my word for it." She was gratified to see Karen glaring at him again, and his sudden, nervous interest in his drink.

Crissy's gaze toward Zack was much warmer, and she pressed herself closely against him. "Zack's the only guy I ever heard of who actually is man enough." She looked over Karen's shoulder. "Hey, Shawna, you ready?"

Shawna approached and gave Crissy a quick peck on the cheek, running her hand across Zack's shoulder and arm as she turned to face the other couple. Seeing their dumbfounded expressions, she frowned. Crissy knew she didn't like her sexual habits judged. "Who are the stiffs?" she asked, irritated.

"This is Zack's ex, Karen." Crissy nodded to Brad, and continued, "Turns out she was cheating on him."

Shawna gave the pair a jaded once-over. "No big loss," she pronounced dismissively. Karen's outraged look was priceless.

Sidling up to Zack, Shawna planted an intensive kiss on his surprised lips, enjoying her offended audience. "You're cute, and Crissy says you're good in bed. Let's get out of here, huh?" she asked, raising an eyebrow Crissy's way. Smiling, they turned to leave.

Karen had totally lost control by this point. Livid, she shrieked, "Go have fun with your cheap sluts! Back at your shitty apartment! Brad's going to be a partner any day now, and as soon as I pass the bar I'll be an associate!" Ignoring the stares she was starting to draw, she kept yelling shrilly after them. "We'll be rich, and you'll always be poor!" Brad looked as if he wished he were elsewhere.

Crissy and Zack stopped and burst into laughter. Karen, glaring, finally bit out, "What the hell is so funny?"

Almost helpless with mirth, Crissy opened her mouth, but Zack held up a hand. "Oh, no. I get to tell her."

He looked at Karen with contempt, and something like pity; that seemed to boost her rage even more. "I won the Lotto, babe. 181 million." A moment's pause, and he smiled. "I guess you can keep those DVDs you borrowed."

Her face actually went pale. She was finally speechless, her mouth opening and closing silently. "I was going to tell you Saturday," he continued gently, "but, well, you said you needed some space..." Crissy felt a sudden wave of lust looking at Zack's predatory grin. {Yeah, baby, stick it to her!} It wasn't exactly true - from his perspective, anyway - but Karen deserved to twist a little. {I knew you'd stand up to her one day!}


Sensing the probability of a large tip, the valet had produced the truck with alacrity, and presented it to them with flair. Nor was he disappointed, for they had pulled out as much cash as the ATMs would allow. The trio piled in, Zack at the wheel and Crissy in the middle. As they roared out onto the street, she thoughtfully remarked, "You know, she did have a point. We don't have to go to the apartment..."

Zack smiled with her. "How about that place where Toby got married?"

"Perfect!" She looked at Shawna. "What do you say, how about an executive suite?"

"Holy shit. You really did win the Lotto!" the girl replied, eyes wide.

"Yup. We get the money tomorrow. Tonight, we party!" Crissy shouted, throwing her arms wide and laying them across her compatriots' shoulders. She tickled Zack's ear, and the pickup wobbled a bit.

"Take it easy!" Zack cried, laughing. "Let's get to there in one piece, okay?"

"Fine," she mock-pouted. "I don't have to play with you," she said, turning her eyes Shawna's way. A grin answered her raised eyebrow.

Crissy slid close (the lap belt didn't impede her movements much) and planted her lips on the other girl's. Her hands slid along Shawna's bare sides as the redhead kissed her back. Shawna's left hand curved around her back and pulled her close, the right migrating down Crissy's thigh as their nearer legs intertwined. {I've missed this,} she thought, enjoying the play of their tongues, the caresses. {Zack may be awesome, but, well, just because I love ice cream doesn't mean I can't enjoy some pie, too...}

She eased one hand under Shawna's tank top, cupping her breast and gently tweaking a nipple. For her part Shawna had a hand up what little there was of Crissy's dress, teasing her through the sheer fabric of her panties. The breath of both girls came faster, voicing soft moans. The skirt of Crissy's minidress was bunched at her waist now, and Shawna's top was just a band running between her shoulders, covering neither breast.

Crissy's mouth worked down, across Shawna's cheek, then neck. Before long teeth and tongue were servicing nipples. Shawna's hand still played at the brunette's crotch, but her other hand pulled down Crissy's dress and caressed the newly-exposed globes.

A jolt startled the pair. Zack had pulled up short at a stoplight, inches from the car in front. His eyes were very wide.

The girls laughed. "Eyes front, mister!" Crissy teased. "You wanted to drive your nice big truck, so drive!"

A pair of orgasms later, they arrived at the hotel. The girls rearranged their clothes quickly, but nevertheless made the valet's night.

The trio was subjected to many other bemused appraisals as they made their way to the front desk. The guests in the lobby didn't seem to be familiar with, or approve of, clubwear. Certainly the desk clerk was a bit perturbed.

"May I help you... sir?" he asked. He was skilled with his voice, too; the slight hesitation before the honorific spoke volumes.

"Yeah, I'd like... what's your most expensive suite?" Zack asked. Remembering his companions, he hastily added, "With a king size bed."

The clerk regarded them with icy reserve. "Sir, I believe your..." another masterful pause as he nodded very slightly at the girls, "needs would best be met at another facility. The cost of the Presidential Suite is..."

Crissy broke in brusquely, heedless of the clerk's irritation. "You see this guy? Just won the Lotto. You can either insure repeat business and big tips, or watch the money walk out the door." Her voice carried well in the lobby. The clerk looked startled now, and a bit concerned. "Your choice. Make it, fast."

"Is there a problem?" a woman asked, approaching from the back room.

Crissy's eyes flashed, checking nametags and comparing them to the note posted behind the desk. "You're the manager?"

"Yes. Can I help you?" She must have heard everything. Certainly her tone was much more polite.

"I hope so, because Bob here won't. My boyfriend asked for the Presidential Suite, but maybe there's a dress code?"

The night manager frowned at the very abashed clerk. "Oh, no, we encourage our guests to feel comfortable." She brushed him out of the way and began typing at the computer. "How long will you be staying with us? Do you have any luggage?"


Crissy sat in a luxurious chair, enjoying the spectacle on the bed before her. Zack was on top of Shawna, energetically fucking her. From the sounds she was making, he wasn't doing too bad a job.

The bed, an elaborate, canopied four-poster, was comfortably sized for all three, but Crissy had elected to watch this time. Her fingers stroked her clit poking from under its hood and alternate nipples, of course - seeing Zack with Shawna was just as arousing as she'd anticipated. And from his occasional sidelong glances, he found the sight of her masturbating exciting, too. She had plenty of space to spread out in the amply-sized chair and give him an excellent viewing angle.

Indeed, the lavishly appointed master bedroom could have fit several more beds and chairs, and it was only part of the suite. The centerpiece was the oversized, decadently comfortable bed, while floor-to-ceiling windows gave them a panoramic vantage point over the bay and much of downtown. {If anyone has binoculars out there, they're getting a hell of a show,} she thought, amused.

The bathroom alone was as big as any hotel room she'd stayed in before, all done in black marble, and sported not just a shower and jacuzzi but a sauna as well. There was a den with a full conference table and a high-def projection TV. A spare bedroom nearly as large as the master. A fully-stocked wet bar and pantry. And more. Touring it had actually distracted them from fucking - at least for a little while. But not long after their personal concierge had discreetly departed (with a handsome tip, of course), they'd been all over each other.

The festivities had started with general kissing and stroking. It was cute how tentative Zack had been at first, but it hadn't taken long for him to adjust to the situation. He'd received a crash course in adapting to new circumstances, after all, and the girls were far from discouraging. Certainly most of his fears must have been allayed by the time they'd stripped him - he hadn't been at all shy about ripping off their clothing.

Once they were naked, Shawna had moved up to Zack and given a firm but approving tug on his cock as she ran her nails up his side. He'd leaned forward to kiss her as Crissy knelt next to them, licking and rubbing whatever struck her fancy. After the kiss, he'd looked down at her, the question obvious in his eyes. Touched, Crissy had smiled her reassurance; she really didn't mind.

After that, Zack and Shawna had gotten quite busy. Crissy mostly stayed out of the way and played a supporting role, appreciating the show. After a time she'd stolen away and taken a seat.

She had found the process of putting on the condom fascinating, and almost hilarious. {Glad I'll never need one of those! I've been fucked by rubber gloves, and skin is better!} It was a lot harder for a lesbian to catch an STD, and pregnancy was never a concern. One or two partners had insisted on 'dental dams' or similar precautions and it had always gotten in the way - literally. {That thing has got to cut down on sensation for him, too.}

Watching Zack and Shawna pleasuring each other was fascinating in an entirely different way. The mechanics of coupling between men and women were much more dramatic in person than on a screen. Seeing how they fit together gave Crissy a better idea of how she and Zack must look when they were screwing. A delightful idea.

{Mental note: mirrors on the ceiling in our bedroom. We can certainly afford it now.}

Zack leaned forward and began to devour Shawna's breasts; she wriggled, then kissed the top of his head. His ass moved up and down under Crissy's ardent supervision. She'd been (indirectly and subtly) working to teach him to be a better lover; she could see his technique had improved even since yesterday. {Not that I had any complaints!} And Crissy herself was learning a few things about how a heterosexual female went about her business. She was exquisitely sensitive to what pleased Zack, and carefully noted what Shawna was doing when he was most enjoying himself.

Watching (and planning, and fantasizing), she came powerfully; not the sharp explosions she received when Zack was inside her, but a long, slow wave, building gradually, peaking, and dying away bit by bit. It still hadn't quite passed before the other two had finished theirs.

Through the afterglow, she watched Zack roll off Shawna to the side. "This is insane," he panted as their eyes met. "I can't come five times a day forever." He didn't look too unhappy, though.

Shawna, breathing heavily herself, lifted her head and stared back and forth at them with surprise and respect. "Jesus, Crissy, you need to give him a break! Guys ain't like girls, you don't want it to fall off!"

Crissy smiled. "He's stronger than that. But," she went on, standing up, "I suppose he's earned some rest." She walked past the haphazard scattering of clothes on the floor, over to Zack's side of the bed, and bent down to her purse (giving him an extreme close-up view of her cleavage). She rummaged for a few moments and stood up holding a compact but elaborate vibrator.

She heard Shawna chuckle. "Takin' your work home with you, huh?"

"You know it." She walked around the bed and approached Shawna. The toy was abstract, but had ways to stimulate almost anything between a woman's legs, all at once. Crissy had avoided vibrators that looked anthropomorphic before. Now that she'd felt Zack inside her, she suspected she had been needlessly stubborn. {Although I can't imagine anything feeling as good as him, let alone better.}

Shawna stretched out a little and shifted, making room on the edge of the bed for Crissy. One leg curled up slightly, and her nipples were stiffening again as the item in Crissy's hands began to buzz softly. She knelt on the bed next to the redhead, her left hand rubbing along the girl's torso as her right, tingling with the hum of the vibrator, moved slowly along her inner thigh toward the wisps of red hair above her pussy.

It was fun for its own sake, but being able to put on a show - doing it in front of Zack - gave it a special charge. That clearly had some appeal for Shawna, as well; she also was enjoying his hungry gaze.

{Y'know, it'd make sense that I'd be friends with any girls like her around here. The better to help Zack meet them...} Sexual libertines were more common in the San Francisco area than perhaps elsewhere, and her job put her in contact with many of them. But even so, it did seem, reviewing her memories, that she was acquainted with an improbably large number of attractive women who would be open to a threesome (or more) with her and Zack.

As one hand curled gently around Shawna's nearer breast, her thumb lightly stroked the nipple. The hand holding the vibrator was making lazy circles and loops about the reclining girl's vulva but wasn't approaching too closely yet. Crissy bent forward, slowly, her hair falling forward to lightly brush on Shawna's belly. Never pausing her hands, she lightly kissed along her mid-torso. She took the piercing through the belly button between her teeth and pulled, carefully but firmly, to what she judged was just short of actual pain.

The girl hissed inward between her teeth. Crissy could feel the tension starting to build, could hear her breath accelerate. She let go of the metal nub; there was still much to do before she'd let the redhead come again. Her lips worked up to her freckled breasts, and began an elaborate and teasing hunt for the nipples. The vibrator moved to the outer lips, and languorously glided up one and down the other.

Shawna groaned softly and reached her arms over her head, grabbing onto the post at the corner. Crissy's tongue flicked at a nipple, her hand sliding up Shawna's neck to stroke her cheek. Her mouth transitioned smoothly to the other breast, licking and kissing all the way, ending with a wet smooch on the stiff nipple. Meanwhile the central shaft of the vibrator was humming directly outside the redhead's passage, the tip just peeking in. It hovered there, tingling, driving Shawna to flex her hips in a vain attempt to pull it in. The brunette smiled slightly, even as she continued to tenderly devour the breast before her.

Now her mouth made its way upward, spending time at a shoulder, a collarbone, the side of a neck. She settled onto her elbow as the tip of the shaft peeked ever so slightly into the red-haired and sopping channel. The brunette played her lips across chin and cheeks before meeting an ardent welcome at the other girl's mouth.

It took dexterity and practice to use the tool she wielded, but Crissy had both. The central shaft was moving gently in and out now, pulling little hitching gasps from Shawna as their tongues danced. The brunette's free hand cupped the girl's cheek, holding her head in place even as she trembled. Then a shift of Crissy's fingers, and the lower prong of the device pushed with a trilling buzz against Shawna's anus. A long moan was wrenched from her at this surprise, and her whole body jerked. But Crissy had been ready for that and the toy smoothly maintained its pumping and the kiss only intensified.

Shawna's chest was heaving now; her breasts jostled against Crissy's. The brunette's nipples were rock-hard as well, and she could feel the lubrication of her own pussy starting to leak past her labia. Despite her focus on the task at hand, some part of her was keenly aware of Zack's attention, making sure it was both pleasurable for them and at the same time arousing for their audience. She had seen plenty of lesbian porn; not just the kind that was aimed toward women but also many of the movies appealing to men. She had a good idea of what Zack would like to see.

By now Crissy was almost horizontal, balanced next to her panting, groaning victim. Her leg slid over the other girl's, holding them down in gentle but unyielding restraint. The hand with the vibrator was moving much more forcefully, relentlessly thrusting, a zap on her anus with each downstroke. The other hand curled into the red hair, holding her head down; not painfully, but firmly. Both moaned as they kissed passionately. Shawna's arms were taut over her head, hands gripping the post with white knuckles.

Crissy slowed the pace of the strokes very slightly, not wanting to set the girl off just yet. She rubbed her breasts on Shawna's, the toes on her free leg tickling the redhead's foot. Pulling her head back, she let both of them catch their breath for a moment.

She sensed when it was time. Shawna would come within seconds on her own, unable to contain herself any further. But Crissy was in control, and it was important that Shawna know this. So without warning she deftly flicked a switch, putting the vibrator to high gear, and rammed it deeply into her channel, making sure the lower prong was tickling the girl's asshole. Her leg pushed down on Shawna's and her mouth latched onto the redhead's lips. The climax wasn't so much released as torn from her, and it was far more intense because of that. It went on through scream after muffled scream, the girl's whole body bucking with waves of pleasure.

Gradually the earthquake began to pass. The screams became moans, the lurches settled to shivers, and some rationality began to return to her expression as their eyes met. Shawna's unspoken thanks shone in her face.

At that precise moment Crissy shifted her thumb. The upper prong, forgotten until now, bore down directly on Shawna's engorged clit, which had received no direct stimulation since Crissy had begun. A soft clattering could be heard as the tip shivered against the stud nestled through her nub.

It was too much, too soon, as Crissy had known it would be. A whole new orgasm wracked the redhead's exhausted body before the last one had properly finished, and when they had finally ceased she was dazed, spent, almost unconscious.

Crissy was on fire. She wasn't normally quite so dominant but Zack's presence had inspired her. And as she'd hoped, the exhibition had inspired him. His dick was turgid, pulsing, and his eyes were locked on hers. Somewhere in there he'd gotten rid of the rubber.

She rolled over Shawna toward him, and nodded her head at the clock reading 12:11. "A whole new day. You've still got five to go."

Their lips met with the same passion as the rest of their bodies. She couldn't tell which was more exciting - holding and caressing him, or his hands running all over her. It wasn't long before she was on her back as he loomed above. His hand probed her pussy as he kissed and bit her neck and shoulders.

Groaning, she reached between them and ran her fingers up his shaft, gently gripping the slick soft head. She wondered if her own clit was that large, so engorged did it feel. A hand on his shoulder to rear him back, the other guiding him down as she lifted her hips. At last he was in, and moving, and Crissy was moaning incoherently.

One hand roughly gripped Crissy's breast as Zack pumped into her. It hurt just a little, but it was so insistent, so aggressive, so male that she just found it more erotic. It wasn't like with most girls; they 'knew the territory' and tended to be more gentle.

Case in point, Shawna as she carefully settled over Crissy's face. The scent and sight of an aroused pussy so close, as her own was being so lustily plowed, put her on the verge of coming - not that she'd been far to start with.

She began licking with gusto as her hands stroked the legs of both of her partners. Shawna was facing Zack, and Crissy could hear their moans and wet kisses. The sounds and the smells and the mental picture they gave finally pushed her over the brink, and her cries of pleasure were barely muffled by Shawna's haunches.

After a time she settled back down to merely a state of high arousal. As Crissy regained use of her senses she resumed pleasuring the girl above her. Her tongue, long practiced and well-conditioned, ran tireless, delicious circles around the clit with occasional deep plunges into her chasm. At the same time she angled her hips and bore down with her vaginal muscles. She wasn't as experienced with men, but she was a devoted student of Zack and had learned at a breakneck pace over the last two days.

She kept teasing Shawna with her mouth, holding her on the brink of coming while Zack approached his own release. Crissy's hands caressed their legs and bellies; her own legs wrapped around his sides, pulling him in on each stroke. She could sense the two embracing and kissing and stroking each other on top of her. {It isn't quite my fantasy... but hell, it's better!}

She picked up on the twitching, almost spasmodic signals that he was about to come. Crissy made her move, snaking one hand to forcefully rub Shawna's clit as her lips worked and tongue plunged into the girl's slit. As planned, the redhead started to call out her release as Zack's cock throbbed with his own. Crissy let go herself, joining them in a three-way simultaneous orgasm.

It seemed to go on forever, for all of them, the shared sensations acting like feedback to prolong the ecstasy. But eventually there was a general collapse - Shawna rolling to one side, Zack pulling out and almost falling to the other - as Crissy lay gasping in the middle.


Zack and Crissy cuddled together, Shawna dozing at the foot of the bed wrapped in the comforter. The remains of a midnight room-service breakfast were heaped on some trays in the den, but it had been eaten giddily, playfully, and quite messily; a few signs of it had followed them all into the bedroom. She chuckled a bit as she kissed him.

"What?" he whispered with a smile. A loving smile. A smile that made her heart sing and her eyes mist.

"You taste good with maple syrup," she answered, returning the smile in full measure.

"You taste good, period," he said, and proceeded to taste her about the head, shoulders, and chest. Only when it appeared that her giggles might wake Shawna did he relent.

She gave him a long, slow kiss, then rolled out of his grasp toward the phone. At his grunt of protest, she whispered, "I'm just going to set up a wake-up call. We don't want to miss the award thing! We've got to pay for this!" As soon as the chore was finished she was back in his arms.

They lay that way for a time, spent and content. {It's never been so good. And we haven't even done anything really kinky yet!} she reflected. {Maybe that's for the best...} They would be together for the rest of their lives - it was one of the things she was oddly certain of. There would be lots of sex; it wouldn't do to use up her tricks too quickly.

Just when she thought he might be falling asleep, he murmured, "What are we going to do, y'know, after?"

"After what?"

"After we get the prize. I mean, we'll have to get the finances in order, and I was serious about that charity. But then..."

Crissy shifted herself a little, getting comfortable. "I was thinking. The really cool suites are in Vegas. And there's these two girls I know, they moved out there to be dancers." She nuzzled her face into his neck. "I bet if we were buying, they could show us a hell of a time..."


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