Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 5

Chapter 5. Bad Baby Jennie

I awoke in the same position the next morning, on my tummy - but this time the nappies clinging to my loins were heavily drenched. I could feel the delicious warm wet weight of them pressing on my bottom, and the delightful soggy thickness forced my thighs wonderfully wide apart. My dolly Justine was tucked under the blanket beside me and I could smell that her nappy was wet, too. It was only when I rolled onto my side that I realised a firm little log of poo-poo must have slipped out of my slackened anal sphincter during the night without disturbing my heavy slumber. The musty fruity-herb smell of a recently-soiled nappy clouded the air around me as I sensuously wriggled onto my back. When my peenie started to thicken, I had a wicked thought. Seeing that I had already dirtied my nappy slightly, I decided to make a thorough job of it.

I pushed teddy out of the way and rolled onto my front again. I raised my messy bottom, sliding my knees under my tummy so my big diapered rear was prominently raised. My tight plastic panties were stretched to the limit as I poked my dirty wet bum right out. My stretchy pink onesie pulled snugly between my thighs, pressing the solid excreted turd delightfully hard against the sensitive place between my poo-poo hole and my ball sack. I spread my knees as wide as I could, took a deep breath and held it, and thrust my glowing face into the crackling plastic-covered crib mattress. I grunted, pushing down hard with my tummy muscles, my cheeks turning red and bulging with effort. I was rewarded with a sudden rush of hot poop from my dilated botty hole. I spread my damp thighs wider as I forcibly soiled my nappy, and then a stream of hot wee-wees unexpectedly burst from my thickening peenie, making me gasp in pleasure.

I grunted with effort into the pink ballerina sheets bunched around my face, struggling to completely empty my bowels in this unfamiliar infantile position - on my knees, face-down with my bum up high. The heavy mush gradually oozed out of my straining botty hole. Semi-soft crap slowly slid down between my spread bumcheeks, where it gathered in the sagging front of my warm wet nappy. The thick creamy poo-poo surrounding my sack and peenie was much hotter than my wee-wees, and as soon as the flow of urine trickled to a halt, I started to swell with arousal.

By the time I straightened my knees and let myself slide down onto my tummy again, my throbbing erection was cocooned in a hot brown slurry that acted as a smelly lubricant for my twisted self-gratification. I closed my eyes and wantonly thrust myself into the exciting hot mess inside my soiled wet nappies, revelling in the fantastic erotic sensations. As I wriggled and rocked, the rich scent of my fresh excrement mixed in with the smell of my multiple wettings. The heady aroma escaped the tight elastic waistband of my baby panties, wafting about my face like a sickly-sweet perfume. The plastic mattress protector and my thick vinyl panties crackled and crinkled loudly, adding a wonderful auditory element to the overwhelming feelings of pleasure engulfing me.

I don't know how long I rocked and grunted and thrust away into my wonderfully hot, saturated, poop-filled nappy. I was completely unaware my little sister’s slumber had been interrupted by my noisy masturbatory antics. Angie was sitting up in her bed, rubbing her eyes with her tiny fists and peering at me through sleepy lids, when Mummy's hard hand came crashing down on my bobbing rear end. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"Bad girl! Bad baby girl! Naughty Baby Jennie!" Mummy stormed angrily at me as she repeatedly spanked my dirty diapered bottom. I squealed in fright as she grabbed my writhing hips and rolled me onto my back. She gripped my shoulders painfully hard and violently shook me for a few seconds. My eyes lost focus and everything swam for a few seconds. She thrust me onto my back again and pressed my dolly Justine into my arms. "You lie still and hold your dolly, you dirty bad baby! Pooh! What a stinky little girl!” She snarled in fury, “Bad baby! What a dirty, disgusting little creature you are! Whatever am I going to do with you, Baby Jennie?" Mummy scowled and wagged an admonishing finger at me before moving off to attend to Angie.

My cheeks blazed with embarrassment when I realised my curious little sister must have been watching me through the wooden bars. I covered my watering eyes with my forearm and cowered in shame. Mummy left me lying on my back in the crib while she removed Angie's wet night nappy. As soon as my sister was freshly diapered and dressed in her new pink sunfrock and matching bloomers, Mummy sent her on her way with a gentle encouraging swat on her puffy bottom. Then she turned her attention on me, and I cringed at the anger glinting in her olive-green eyes. I could actually feel the temperature in the room drop and goosebumps stood out on my bare arms and legs. Mummy stamped on the release lever to unlock the crib side and let it drop with a frightening loud crash, making me jump and cry out in terror. She hauled me out of the cot by one ear, making me squeal in pain, then she dragged me over to the hard wooden chair waiting in the corner.

I only realised Mummy’s intent when she sat down and forcibly turned me over her broad lap, arranging my body so my stinky wet bottom was perched high in the air. I kicked my feet in protest, my blushing red face almost touching the floor. She unsnapped my onesie crotch, the rear flap flipped up my back, then her hand came crashing down on my diapered rear end. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The clinging damp plastic panties seeming to amplify the sound of each hard spank.

"Bad Baby Jennie! Bad little girl! You're a dirty, disgusting baby!" Mummy reprimanded me as she soundly spanked my well-presented botty. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Despite the many layers of padding, my dirty wet nappies seemed to mold to the curves of my out-thrust seat. Each hard spank was readily transmitted to my bouncing rear end. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "What a disgusting, dirty, bad little baby girl!" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The thick layer of aromatic crap became smeared all over my battered bumcheeks by her vicious onslaught, but there was nothing exciting about my situation right now.

Mummy spanked my poor dirty botty long and hard, and I was sobbing uncontrollably by the time she paused to catch her breath. I was bawling like an inconsolable infant when she dumped me onto the change table and ripped the onesie from my body. She tore down my dripping baby panties with a snarl of annoyance. My stinky wet nappies were swiftly unpinned and stripped away, and I heard her dump them in the nappy bucket. Harsh words rained down on me unendingly as she cleaned my icky bottom and filthy shrivelled peenie with cool moist baby wipes. In the bathtub, I was hosed down with freezing-cold water that morning. Mummy's hands were none-too-gentle as she scrubbed the smelly brown muck away from me front and back with a cold soapy washcloth. I was barely aware of my surroundings when Mummy oiled, powdered, and diapered me afresh on the change table. I remained limp and unresisting while she dressed me from head to toe like I really was a completely useless toddler.

After my black patent Maryjanes were buckled over my frilly white anklet socks, she made me lift my baby Justine onto the change table. I had to undress my dolly, clean her smooth rubber crotch with a baby wipe, and then powder her lightly and rub it in. Under Mummy's stern directions, I folded the used wipe inside the smelly old diaper and taped it tightly closed, then sealed it in a scented plastic nappy sack. My scowling mother collected Angie's saved wet evening diaper from under the change table and silently handed it to me. I had to tape the soggy used disposable diaper around my baby dolly's hips and then replace her pilchers and panties. When Justine was fully dressed, I sullenly gathered her into my arms and miserably hugged my wet baby to my breast without being ordered.

It was only when my nappies warmed comfortingly around my loins while Mummy buckled me into the back seat of the car that I remembered it was Sunday. We were on our way to Church! Angie and I were wearing the matching pink dresses and bloomers Mummy had sewn for us and carrying our identical baby dolls. Mummy was wearing her new matching pink dress too, but she wasn't smiling this morning. I wondered what would happen to me at the Church Nursery, then thought about meeting Justine again. I absent-mindedly rubbed the warm front of damp nappies through my bloomers, In spite of my embarrassing situation, my peenie started to thicken inside my soothing wet diaper. I was oblivious to the gusting wind and the dark grey clouds gathering in the distance, the forerunners to a major storm.

I made sure Angelica wasn't watching while I surreptitiously stroked my cotton bloomers over the slippery front of my baby panties, trying to keep the rustling noise to a minimum. I privately revelled in the thrilling sensations coming from my excited thickening peenie as I fantasised about seeing the beautiful redheaded babysitter. Before I knew it we were pulling up in the Church car park. After Mummy opened my door and unbuckled my seatbelt, she unexpectedly reached inside the waistband of my bloomers and plastic panties. When she discovered I was already wet - and hard - Mummy was livid!

“Good Heavens!” she groaned. She snarled at me as she hauled me bodily out of the car; "You make sure you keep hold of that dolly all day, my naughty baby girl!" Mummy urged Angie to walk ahead of us and open the Nursery door, and then she grabbed my left wrist and clenched it painfully hard in her left fist. Her other hand swooped down to spank my wet padded bottom. WHACK! I almost dropped my dolly in shock. Even though I barely felt it, I squealed in alarm and tried to jump away. Mummy kept a limpet-like grip on my wrist and followed me. She smacked my tender damp bottom all the way up the path to the door of the Nursery. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Because my thick fluffy nappy was mostly dry in the rear, the spanking was much louder than it was painful. I shrieked like a frightened little girl just the same, and ineffectually tried to dance out of reach of Mummy's punishing hand. She steered my flailing form in the direction of the Nursery, and the brisk wind blew my dress and frothy petties up around my flushed red face. When I heard a quiet ripple of adult laughter behind me, my cheeks burned with added shame. It was mortifying being spanked by Mummy and humiliated like a naughty toddler in front of the bemused grown-ups heading past us on their way to Church service. I was sobbing pitifully by the time Mummy finally relaxed her vise-like grip on my wrist. She smacked me away from her in disgust. "Get in the Nursery where you belong, you disgusting child!"

I stumbled into the huge room clutching my Baby Justine to my breast, unaware all the children inside had turned to stare at the crying big baby. My vision was blurred by tears and I wiped my eyes with the back of my free hand. "I only changed my little cry-baby's dirty nappy fifteen minutes ago, and she's already wet herself," Mummy callously informed the alarmed elderly woman hobbling towards the front door to greet us. "I think my naughty Baby Jennie enjoys the feel of her stinky wet diapers," Mummy growled, casting a withering glare at me.

"Oh dear!" the doddering old woman muttered in concern, holding a wrinkled, blue-veined hand to her red-painted slash of a mouth. "Do you want me to change your... err... your baby daughter's nappy?"
"Don't bother," my mother disdainfully replied. "My bad Baby Jennie seems to like it so much, let her sit in her own waste until I return from service. What a dirty disgusting baby girl I've got!" Mummy muttered mostly to herself before she turned away and departed. The befuddled elderly woman shook her head in confusion at my mother's callous decision. I gave a muted cry of thanks when I spotted Justine, the teenage Nursery attendant, approaching.

The gorgeous buxom redhead was a blurry vision in soft pink this morning. Her scoop-necked, pastel-pink knitted dress clung like a second skin to every delicious bump and curve. Her bare legs were long and lightly tanned under the brief hemline, and she wore a pair of white strappy espadrilles on her dainty feet. I don't know why it struck me, but I also noticed her tiny pink toenails were painted the exact pastel shade as her dress. I clutched my baby doll tighter while I waddled as quickly as I could towards the delectable smiling teenager. When she knelt and opened her arms wide in acceptance, I fell into her welcoming embrace with a sob of relief. Her big brown eyes were like two dark chocolate pools radiating warmth and concern, and her hands were soft and gentle on my tear-streaked face.

"Oh you poor baby! Aww, don't cry! Don't worry, Mrs O'Sullivan. You look after Angelica, and I'll take care of our little Baby Jennie here," Justine assured the distracted old lady. She gathered me and my doll in her arms and swept me away. "That's a very pretty dolly you have there, Baby Jennie. Is she yours?" Justine smiled down kindly at me when I tearfully nodded, still incapable of speech. I held my baby doll cradled in one arm and clutched Justine's hand tightly with my other hand. I let the grinning young woman lead me past the watching pre-schoolers like a distraught toddler. I hoped she wouldn't ask me for my doll's name!

Once we were in the deserted tea-room, Justine lifted me off my feet and sat on the long grey sofa, perching me sideways on her warm bare knees. She tried heroically to stop me crying but I was temporarily inconsolable. She cooed and clucked in wordless mothering tones as she made me lie across the wool cushioned lounge with my head resting in her soft inviting lap. She leaned over me and patted dry my tears with her perfumed lace-edged handkerchief. It smelled like violets. I clutched my wet doll tighter in my arms as I cried like a sissy baby in front of this beautiful teenager, fat tears of shame rolling down my hot red cheeks.

"There, there, Baby Jennie,” Justine soothed me in tender tones. “Aww, my poor little baby girl! Oh, it's alright, precious! It's okay, baby. Aunty Justine’s got you now. You're safe, and everything's going to be all right." She cuddled me closer to her generous bosom and rocked me in her loving embrace. Gradually my hiccupping sobs began to subside. "I know what you need," she softly whispered in my ear as she maternally cradled my head. "I know what my poor little baby girl needs to help stop her crying," she cooed in tender loving tones.

I had my weeping eyes closed so I couldn't see what she was doing, but my nostrils filled with the delightful fragrance of her floral perfume. I vaguely felt her fumbling near my chin for a few moments, and then something warm and wonderfully soft was pressed against my cheek, then to my pouting wet lips. "Open up, baby," she softly encouraged me as she teased the stiffening nipple of her right breast into my open mouth. "You have a little suck on Aunty Justine's titty. That always calms my babies down." My parted lips automatically closed around her thickening warm teat, and I opened my blurry eyes in shock even as I instinctively started to suck.

Justine had stretched her scoop-necked knit dress down in front and slipped one creamy breast free from the confines of her shiny pink satin bra cup. She was cradling the soft mound of warm flesh in one hand, and the fat russet nipple poking between her splayed fingers pressed deeply into my mouth. I wanted to draw back and stare in awe at her full naked breast, but there was no way I was going to let that delectable hard nipple out of my mouth even for a second. I gazed up at her beautiful face instead and sucked gently. Justine smiled and cooed, “You can suck harder than that.” The gorgeous red-head pressed her hand against the back of my head, almost mashing my face against her plump creamy bosom in excitement as I greedily drew more of her luscious teat into my mouth.

"Suck Aunty’s titty, baby. Mmm! Like that! That's a good girl. Ooo, you do that so well!” Justine moaned. “Suck harder, Baby Jennie.” I obediently drew harder on her swollen nipple and she groaned in response. “Ohhh! Mmm! Yeah, like that. Oh yes! Ohh! Mmm, that's my good baby girl," she muttered throatily. For some reason I seemed to instantly calm down and my eyelids fluttered closed. As I reflexively tongued her luscious teat against the roof of my mouth, my tears vanished like magic. I suddenly felt warm and loved and content.

Justine softly stroked my cheek and patted my hair, crooning to me in nonsense baby-talk as I continued to suckle like a hungry babe from her firm heavy breast. "Oh that feels good, doesn't it, honey? Mmmm. Yum-yums! That's right, baby, keep sucking, just like that. Oh yes! Mmm! Good girl. Ooo! Aunty Justine loves it when you suck her titties hard like that. Mmm, good girl. Good Baby Jennie! Ooo!" I slitted my eyelids to shyly peek up at her beautiful face but from the glazed look in her big brown eyes, she didn't appear to notice. Her sweet voice seemed to grow thicker with each passing moment and her eyelids abruptly squeezed tightly shut. I could feel her pressing and rubbing her thighs together under my head and she started to tremble.

"Ohh! Oh yes! Oh yes, baby! Suck my nipple harder, Baby Jennie. Don't stop! Mmm! Good girl! Good baby girl!" Justine groaned and threw back her head, carelessly tossing her glossy mane of thick red hair over her shoulders. She began to twitch and moan incoherently, giving in to the pleasurable sensations building in her groin. I thought she was going to crush my head for a few seconds, she squeezed me so tightly against her sweaty heaving bosom. The swollen nipple in my mouth went hard as a pebble, and her warm heavy breast seemed to swell and grow suddenly firmer against my cheek.

"Oh baby! Oh! Oh! Oooo!" she quietly groaned, her pink lips drawn back in the rictus of a smile. After another minute of shuddering, her painful grip on my head thankfully relaxed. I continued to dutifully suckle on her hard nipple for a few more seconds, but then she pried me away by slipping the tip of her index finger into the corner of my mouth, breaking my suction grip. For a moment all I could taste was her nail polish, and I my eyes flew open in disappointment.

After she stopped panting, Justine tenderly gazed down at me lying across her lap for a few moments, a faraway languid look in her lustrous brown eyes. Her face was flushed and her cheeks were rosy, her flawless skin seemed to glow with vitality. She slowed her breathing, then inhaled deeply before speaking. "That's enough for now, little girl," she crooned softly to me, her voice still husky. She cleared her throat and tucked her beautiful heavy breast inside the shiny hammock of her pink satin bra. "They always get really sensitive after I cum," she explained as she demurely rearranged the front of her knit wool dress.

She giggled when I pouted up at her, confused and disappointed. "How old are you again, Baby Jennie?" Justine demanded with a throaty laugh. I blushed mightily when I again confessed to her that I was really thirteen years old. "Oh well," she continued, in that condescending tone adults always use when they're discussing sexual matters with small children. "Don't worry about it, my pretty little girl. I'm sure you'll find out what Aunty Justine means soon enough."

Her cryptic remarks did little to satisfy my curiosity. I was distracted when she reached down and patted the tenting front of my panties, before grabbing my hard stiffie right through my wet nappies and bloomers. She rhythmically squeezed my swaddled hard-on and continued in a playful voice, "I'm sure my naughty little girl has already been experimenting with her hands inside her nappies. Haven't you, Baby Jennie? Tell Aunty Justine the truth now." She pouted sexily and her eyelids drooped seductively, her tone coy and secretive. When I shook my head in confused denial she merely threw back her head and laughed loudly in disbelief. I was thrilled she didn’t stop caressing my erection through the clinging layers of my deliciously warm wet nappies.

Justine briskly rubbed the baggy cotton bloomers up and down over the prominent bulge with her palm, and the sheer pink material slithered sensuously over the slippery smooth plastic panties underneath. “Does that feel good, baby? Does my little girl like that?” Her big brown eyes watched my face calculatingly as she squeezed and rubbed me, teasing the throbbing hardness trapped inside to greater fullness. I nodded, incapable of speech. Suddenly I wanted Justine to touch me down there - to touch me inside my diaper! My nappies became a warm wet prison for me, and I was desperate to be free of their humid confines.

My beautiful babysitter obviously had other plans though, because she released her thrilling grip on my nappy front and too soon sat me up. She helped me unsteadily to my feet, with a smile and a bemused shake of her head at the obvious bulge tenting out the front of my bloomer panties. She kindly straightened the front of my dress and petties to help conceal my arousal, then took my hand. “Come on, baby girl. Come with Aunty Justine,” she urged me with a wide inviting smile, turning me towards the door.

I smiled shyly up at the gorgeous redhead and nodded. “Yeth Aunty Justine,” I mumbled in reply. She led me waddling outside to play with the other toddlers in the Nursery. I knew my baggy bloomers were still tenting out in front, but my floaty pink sundress and frothy petticoats were thankfully long enough to conceal my embarrassing state of tumescence.

I found my eyes locked on the fascinating curves of Justine's bosom for the remainder of the morning, whenever she was in my line of sight. I marvelled at the entrancing glimpses of cleavage she slyly offered me now and then. My throbbing stiffie wouldn't go down, even when I became desperate to do another wee-wee. I had to slink off in a corner by myself for a few minutes and will away my pee-hard erection before I could thankfully empty my straining bladder. But as soon as the hot stream dwindled to a halt, I started growing stiff again inside my deliciously warm wet nappy. I would discretely rub the front of my panties whenever I thought no one was watching, fondling my sensitive stiffie through the delicious wet warmth. I spent the remainder of the hour in a state of constant arousal. I was a shivering wreck by the time Mummy came to collect us after Church service.

Mummy marched in and spied me kneeling on the floor clutching the front of my panties. She frowned and motioned me to come to her with a summoning wave of her hand. I guiltily snatched my naughty paw away from my warm wet crotch and awkwardly clambered to my feet. I slowly waddled towards her with my dolly cradled in my arms. I was so frightened that my stiffie started wilting immediately, thank goodness! Mummy coldly ordered, "Come here to Mummy, little girl. Lift up your dress, Baby Jennie, and hold it against your chest. Let Mummy check that droopy nappy to see how wet you are." Of course I was saturated by this time.

Mummy pulled the waistband of my bloomers and my plastic panties away from my tummy before sniffing loudly in contempt. "Oh dear! What a smelly, wet little girl you are, Baby Jennie!" She made sure her voice was pitched loud enough for everyone in the Nursery to overhear her cruel admonition, then Mummy announced; "That diaper is too drenched to last my helpless little wetter through breakfast! I think we'd better change your saturated nappy right away, little girl." She produced the pink-checked vinyl change bag from behind her back and grabbed my wrist, turning her attention to Justine standing behind me. "Would you like to help me change Baby Jennie's wet nappy, Justine?" I turned to gaze up at the beautiful smiling teenager in horror, shaking my head in silent entreaty. She ignored my pleading eyes to look only at my stern-faced mother.

"Why certainly, Mrs. R!" Justine agreed with an amused smirk, her dark chocolate eyes lighting up with poorly concealed glee. "Let me escort you to the tea-room out back, where we can have a little more privacy." The gorgeous red-head walked ahead of us and I couldn’t help staring in fascination at her beautiful big bottom under her tight clinging pink dress as it swayed and danced hypnotically before my eyes. "By the way, I love your matching pink outfits," Justine tossed over her shoulder to Mummy, who only smiled thinly in response.

Mummy kept my slender wrist in her iron grip and before I knew it, my pink vinyl-backed cotton change mat was being spread out on the old grey sofa by the buxom smiling teenager. I was swiftly lifted onto my back on the lounge Justine had recently used to breastfeed me. The memories flooded my mind – with the predictable result. I knew I was still mostly hard inside my wonderfully warm wet nappy and I desperately tried to will away my shameful thickening erection while Mummy pulled down my frilly bloomers and plastic panties.

"She's very wet today," Justine commented when she spied the saturated yellow crotch of my formerly-white nappy. She smiled down at me and cooed, "What a wet little baby girl! Aren't you, Baby Jennie?" I meekly nodded, too embarrassed to respond verbally.
Mummy paused to order me to lift my bottom so she could make sure the protective change mat was spread out properly beneath me. "Baby Jennie is always wet these days,” she replied to Justine. “I think she enjoys sitting in her smelly wet nappies. And down, baby," Mummy coldly directed at me. When my damp bottom obediently dropped, she unfastened the big pink pins and lowered the drenched front of my clinging wet nappy.

"Oh yes! Baby Jennie certainly seems to love her warm wet nappies, all right!" Justine wryly observed when my embarrassing erection was released. My mother and my babysitter sounded like a pod of chirping dolphins when they simultaneously clucked their tongues in disgust. "Here, let me clean her up?" Justine asked my grim-faced mother.

Mummy nodded curtly and stepped back, leaning one hip against the end of the lounge near my head. She watched carefully, frowning as the gorgeous teenager wiped my hard red stiffie and glistening urine-stained crotch with some moist baby wipes. Justine towered over me and leaned forward between my splayed legs while she cleaned my tummy, till her bountiful breasts almost spilled free of her plunging neckline. With each tantalising swipe of the soothing wipes, her enticing cleavage deepened then opened again. My stimulated stiffie swelled even harder in response.

"Lots of my little charges get so excited when Aunty Justine has to clean up their messy bits and bottoms," the smirking redhead commented airily. She disposed of the used wipe in a handy bin, and then she expertly collected and raised my ankles high in the air with one hand. She grabbed another couple of cool wipes with the other and tilted me further back onto my shoulders, so my damp bottom was shamefully exposed. Justine carefully cleaned between my spread cheeks with a dismissive laugh for my shuddering protests. "Sometimes it's almost impossible to pin them into their clean nappies afterwards. Let me show you what I usually do with the over-excited ones," she suggested to my mother with a twinkling smile.

As Justine finished wiping my botty-crack, she poked a wipe-covered finger right inside my delicate wrinkled rosebud. I squealed piteously at the unwarranted intrusion and vainly tried to wriggle away. She ignored my shrill cries of distress and carelessly let my ankles drop. After showing the brown-stained baby wipe to Mummy, she discarded it the in the nearby trash can, accompanied by a significant glance to my unsmiling parent. Justine washed her hands at the nearby sink, then stepped over to the old bar fridge under the bench against the wall.

I didn't see Justine remove the big steel dessert spoon from the freezer, but I squealed in alarm when she used it to cup my sensitive ball sack and then cover my hard peenie. The frozen spoon had the desired effect. My throbbing stiffie instantantly wilted under this unfair assault. I shrieked in pain and bucked my hips while I tried to clamp my legs together, trying to wriggle away from the freezing steel she viciously pressed against my shrinking genitals. Mummy grabbed hold of my knees and simply pressed them down forced them wider apart. She harshly commanded, “Be quiet, Baby Jennie! Behave yourself and lie still!”

I started to sniffle and then cry, tears of pain and humiliation trickling down my cheeks. My flushed face grew hotter when Justine loudly observed, "I normally give my teary little ones their dummies after I do this to them. It seems to help calm their tears. Does Baby Jennie have a dummy she can suck?" she asked my sneering mother, who shook her head disdainfully.
"No, Baby Jennie doesn't have a dummy. Not yet," was Mummy's yelled reply. She pressed my shoulders back before spreading my knees again, relentlessly holding me in place until my shrivelling peenie and scrotum had almost disappeared inside my body. I shrieked and wailed in discomfort, trembling violently all over. The pain was starting to lessen but the humiliation was overwhelming. I gazed up uncomprehendingly at my cruel red-headed tormentress through tear-blurred eyes. Her beautiful face was impassive and her dark brown eyes unreadable, but I'm sure mine expressed my sense of confusion and betrayal. "I must remember that trick," my Mummy noted in a thoughtful tone. I shuddered at the frightening portent of her comment.

Mummy released my knees and she grabbed my ankles, and she forced them high over my head. Justine slipped two prepared clean nappies underneath my folded frame and Mummy let my shivering botty drop onto the waiting pile of soft fluffy terrycloth. My mother handed Justine the nappy liners and she watched the pretty teenager with almost professional interest as she correctly placed them in position. Mummy nodded in grim approval as Justine thoroughly powdered my miniscule pale scrotum and shivering bottom, and then the redhead swiftly pinned the fresh nappies tightly over my hips with two big pink pins each side.

"She's certainly a very heavy wetter, your Baby Jennie," Justine observed, as she closed the second pin on the last side. "Two pins each side will certainly help stop her nappies from sliding down when they're saturated.” She grinned and patted my frozen crotch. “Plus they make it harder for this inquisitive little miss to slip her naughty little paws inside her tight wet nappies." Mummy only compressed her lips into a thin bloodless line at that prophetic comment.

Justine replaced my damp plastic panties before pulling my bloomers up my compliantly raised legs. "There you go, Baby Jennie!" she brightly exclaimed, as she lifted me to my feet and handed me my doll. She urged me towards my Poe-faced mother with an encouraging crisp swat on my heavily padded rear. "A fresh, clean-smelling baby girl - for the moment."

"Yes - for the moment," Mummy agreed with an exaggerated sigh of long suffering. I waddled towards her clutching my baby doll Justine. "Certainly she won't stay dry for very long. My wicked Baby Jennie seems to love weeing and pooing in her nappies like a naughty little baby, making lots of yucky stinky messes for her poor Mummy to clean up." I ducked my head in shame and felt my cheeks grow hotter at Mummy's embarrassing revelations, which only seemed to inspire my mother to further humiliate me. "Oh and by the way, did Baby Jennie tell you what she named her new baby dolly? This one, which I purchased for her yesterday?"

"Why no, she didn't," replied the teenager with a cheeky grin. She glanced at the doll I nervously clutched in my arms. "I was admiring Baby Jennie's dolly earlier. She certainly is a lucky baby girl." She turned to me and asked in honeyed tones, "What is your pretty baby's name, Baby Jennie?" She spoke to me exactly as though she was addressing a shy little toddler and my mother's cruel smile only grew broader.

I shrank away from Justine's searching brown eyes and felt my pink cheeks grow even hotter at her condescending tone. Mummy's harsh expression warned me I'd better tell the truth, so I haltingly admitted; "Her name- My baby- Her name is Baby Justine," I finally blurted in an embarrassed rush. I felt absolutely mortified but the bemused teenager seemed to take pity on me.

After briefly laughing, the stunning young woman knelt down in front of me. Beyond my control, my eyes locked on the shadowed depths of her entrancing cleavage. "I think that's a lovely compliment, Baby Jennie," she kindly informed me. She raised my drooping chin with one perfectly manicured pink fingernail, making me lift my humiliated gaze to her beautiful face - till I could see she was beaming in delight. "What a precious little baby girl you are!" I began to feel better - until Mummy cruelly interrupted.

"Oh, my Baby Jennie certainly seems to have a crush on you, Justine. As you probably know, little girls develop crushes on their pretty babysitters so easily. But I'm glad to see you know how to treat naughty little babies like mine - especially when changing their wet nappies."
"As I said before, Mrs R," Justine replied evenly, standing beside my mother and possessively taking my small hand in her much larger one. "If you want to leave a change of nappies with me for this pretty little baby girl when you bring her in, I'd be happy to change her for you when she's wet or dirty."
"I'll certainly think about it now," Mummy promised. “Thank you.” After collecting Angie and her doll Baby Sophie, she led us out to the car. The morning sun had disappeared behind a wall of dark grey clouds, and the sombre weather seemed to match my gloomy mood.

As soon as my mother and Angelica walked a few paces ahead of us, Justine leaned closer to me and whispered conspiratorially in my ear. "Sorry about the frozen spoon trick. But I wanted your Mummy to feel confident about leaving you with me in the future, and letting me change your nappies. I'll make it up to you next time I babysit you, Baby Jennie. I promise!" The chill wind almost whipped away her quietly-spoken words and my billowing dress and petticoats flapped distractingly about my shoulders. With both hands occupied, I struggled to keep my flying hemline down in front with my dolly’s legs. Justine fell silent when she handed me over to Mummy to lift into our car's back seat, watching closely while my grim-faced mother buckled me in like I was a useless toddler. My beautiful babysitter smiled and waved to us as we drove off, trying to hold down her windblown russet mane with her other hand.

I was sullen and miserable when Daddy secured me in one of the highchairs at our usual restaurant for Sunday breakfast. Angie was seated in her highchair opposite me, and she was so bubbly and excited, she chattered enough for all of us. She insisted Mummy place our infant dolls carefully together in another highchair the elderly manager kindly brought to our table. An involuntary smile tugged at the corners of my mouth when I saw how cute our pretty twin babies looked sitting side-by-side in a highchair. After Angie's and my bibs were clipped around our necks by a helpful grinning young waitress, Mummy proceeded to feed me my breakfast while Daddy cut up Angie’s food for her. While eating our meal, my parents discussed my fate as though I wasn't even there. I desperately sought some distraction from Mummy’s humiliating comments. When I realised there wasn't even a strut in front of the highchair to rub my wet crotch against, I slumped dispiritedly in my infantile restraints.

Mummy quietly brought up the embarrassing subject of my apparently diminishing bladder and bowel control. My baby sister was busily chewing away, preoccupied watching the trio of little girls sitting at the next table. In hushed tones Mummy informed Daddy that she suspected their naughty Baby Jennie was unfortunately starting to enjoy her wet and dirty nappies! They frankly discussed my disgusting newfound fascination while Mummy spoon-fed me my scrambled eggs. They acted as though I couldn't understand a single word they were saying. Then it occurred to me. They didn't appear to be acting!

I felt a chill of premonition when I realised they actually seemed to view me as simply another toddler who needed potty-training; nothing but a small child who had unfortunately acquired some unsavoury bad habits. My cheeks grew hotter and my ears buzzed with humiliation. I tried to blot out the shameful conversation by thinking about something else. Anything else. When I felt my nappy grow warmer around my bottom, the familiar soothing heat was comforting. I relaxed completely and let my lovely hot wee-wees flow freely into my thick and thirsty swaddling. I fixated on the memory of Justine's beautiful firm teat in my mouth earlier that morning, simply opening my mouth whenever the loaded spoon approached, chewing and then swallowing with difficulty through a throat thick and tight with shame.

When Mummy handed me my pink sippy-cup full of juice from the baby bag, she informed Daddy that her big sister Cathy intended visiting us that afternoon. Mummy sniffed, “She wants to meet our new big baby girl.” She glanced meaningfully at me, and she didn't seem surprised when he decided to drive to his golf club and play golf or cards with the boys for the rest of the day. My beautiful Aunty Cath is a real bossy-boots, and the whole family normally tries to stay out of her way - except Mummy, of course; but sometimes Aunty Cath even bosses her around.

The black clouds had rolled over and the first fat drops of rain were falling while we drove home, my nappies growing wetter in sympathy as Daddy switched on the swishing windscreen wipers. When he pulled up in our driveway, Mummy unbuckled us and quickly ushered us inside before the torrential downpour really started. Daddy drove away alone while I had to follow Mummy upstairs, leading my sister by the hand for her diaper change. Mummy undressed Angelica down to her disposable and baby panties, then lifted her onto the change table.

My sister had done a big smelly poo-poo in her wet diaper after breakfast. After I carefully removed the saggy soiled disposable from under her raised bottom, Mummy took the unfolded item from me without a word. I was made to clean Angie's dirty bot-bot and puffy brown-stained slit thoroughly with baby wipes, and I thankfully managed not to smear any yucky excrement on me this time. I had to massage in the scented pink baby lotion front and back and powder my little sister all over, before taping a fresh diaper around her loins.

Mummy brushed me aside to lift her down from the change table. She dressed Angie in a white Barbie onesie and some red snap-crotch shorts, tied her pink sneakers over the same frilly anklet socks, and then urged her to go and play with her baby doll in the sunroom.

As soon as my bubbling baby sister vanished from sight, Mummy took my doll from Angie's bed and placed her on her back on the change table. I was expecting her to lift me up onto the padded table for a nappy change, and glanced up at her in surprise. She ignored my questioning eyes to ask, "It's time to change your baby Justine's diaper, too. Don't you think so, Baby Jennie?" From her icy condescending tone I knew she didn't expect a reply.

I simply undressed my baby, untaping the smelly stale wet diaper with a sigh of relief. I folded it and carefully taped it closed, before placing it in the pleasantly scented nappy sack my stony-faced mother held open and waiting for me. I had to scrub my baby down with a wipe from the plastic tub, and then powder her bottom and crotch and gently rub it in like she was a real baby. As soon as the full nappy sack had been discarded in the bin beside the change table, Mummy turned to me and her olive-green eyes were cold and unforgiving. She took my sister's yucky poopy diaper from under the change table where she’d placed it, and carefully handed the foul-smelling item to me.

"Tape this dirty diaper on your baby, Baby Jennie," Mummy disdainfully ordered. My face fell when she snapped, "and be careful about it!" My bottom lip stuck out despondently when I lifted my baby doll's clean rubber bottom into the air and delicately slid the awful poopy diaper under her. Stinky brown poo-poo stuck to Justine as soon as I lowered her pink rubber flesh into the soft pile of excrement. I grimaced in distaste as I gingerly taped the re-sealable tabs in place. I replaced my doll's plastic panties as carefully as I could, relieved when no poop leaked out. I slid Justine's frilly pink satin rumba panties back in place when ordered, and almost gagged when Mummy made me clutch my dirty smelly baby to my breast. My nappies were lovely and warm and wet around my sensitive groin, and I was confused when Mummy led me downstairs to the laundry without even bothering to check me.

I had to take the load of freshly-washed nappies out of the machine and pop them in the dryer before I was allowed to go and play 'Mummies and babies' with Angie. After a few minutes of playing together my sister grimaced in revulsion and pushed me away.

"Pee-yew! Your baby stinks!" Angie complained bitterly, screwing up her petite snub nose and shaking her head in disgust. "You're not a very good Mummy, Baby Jennie." Her frown deepened as she concentrated, but then she smiled forgivingly, her pretty features lighting up. "Maybe that's 'cause you're still just a baby too!" My curt retort was cut short by the loud ringing of our front doorbell. I was so startled, a hot little lump of poop slipped out of my undisciplined botty hole before I could squeeze my slackened sphincter shut. Oh no! Aunty Cath was here and I was wet - and dirty - again!

To be continued in chapter 6.

Thank you for the comments - both positive and negative. At least a couple of you readers took the few minutes and effort to leave something. My thanks again.
Baby Jennie

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