Two Worlds

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Two Worlds

I felt it come – a blade of autumn alive
The amber shapes of sunset dance on the wall
I step outside – no boat, no sign of you there
In the endlessness, two worlds looking back at me now

A Tales of Us story..

Upper East Side, New York City....

“Cheri? You come to bed?” Sabine patted the pillows next to hers and waved playfully. The girl was silent; just as she had been most of the night.

“Please? It will be alright.” The girl remained seated at the desk near the bedroom door. Sabine rose from the bed and walked to the girl; who was almost a cowering.

“Ma douce belle…. Catherine? I love you!” The girl swiveled in the chair. Sabine saw that the girl had begun to cry. She grabbed Catherine’s hands in hers; lifting the girl to her feet. Carefully, she guided Catherine to the bed.

“Let me love you, bebe?” Sabine lowered the girl onto the bad. She gently brushed the gold silk peignoir aside and touched the girl’s right breast; the slight scrape of fingernails through her camisole against her elfin nipple sent a start through Catherine’s body. The girl began to weep in shame.

“No…please don’t,” Catherine sobbed as she turned her face away.

“Non. Ma petite belle….” The woman touched Catherine’s cheek and softly pulled her face back.

“Please?” The girl pleaded with Sabine. It wasn’t so much that the woman ignored her as instead listening intently but with a mind to persuade Catherine,

“Is it this, in bien aime?” Sabine reached under the neckline of the camisole and pinched the girl’s tiny breast; once again evoking a start and even more, near hysterical tears.

“Or this?” Sabine placed her other hand gently on the barely-hidden bulge beneath the satiny crotch of the tap pants. What had been near hysterical weeping gave way to confused, stammering sobs as the girl tried futilely to climb out from under the ebony figure who continued to insist if in an almost angelic ministration.

“No, Catherine. We love. You and I…we love. I love you so much.” Sabine caressed the girl beneath her; attentive and yet tentative. The girl continued to weep.

“Nothing can push us aside, ma belle Catherine. You have wanted this all your life. And I have sought you all of mine. Let us be one," Sabine said; her own tears falling onto Catherine’s face and neck… cleansing… healing…

“Please?” No longer sobbing; Catherine’s tears were ones of someone who finally felt real…. A worth never before finally realized altered their equation slightly as the girl felt equal in a way to the calling her best friend had placed gently on her head like a crown. Sabine pulled the tap pants down and straddled the girl. Lowering herself, Sabine settled in; uniting the two.

No longer just best friends. No longer two separate souls. Not even girlfriend and boyfriend, but two brides instead. Sabine had loved when her lover was Carlo, but now was madly in love… éperdument amoureuxeuse…..with Catherine. Sabine had waited all her life and she knew neither heart could wait forever. She kissed Catherine and fell into her ; quietly whispering over and over,

Ma précieuse épouse…. Ma précieuse belle épouse….


Oh, I've never seen the winter lights on the lake
I want to swim your silk-black skin to the floor
On lava moons, a song of hooves playing loud
The day you came, they took your name, they renounced;
Took your right, your life – your heart can't wait forever

by Goldfrapp
Goldfrapp is Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory

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