Not Another Word 1-5

I've been making captions for the past three years (4500+). They are really short stories and one-offs but I have done a few multi-caption stories and decided to try posting them here starting with Not Another Word ( links to the caps because they are too big to post here).

Not Another Word is by far the most most popular series and originally started as a one-off but readers of my blog asked for more and it turned into a much longer story. I will post links to the captions in order, five at a time, a couple of times a week. The story is complete and those who can't wait can find all the rest on my blog. Clicking on the caption will make it larger.

Not another word 1:

Not another word 2:

Not another word 3:

Not another word 4:

Not another word 5:

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This story is 169 words long.