My Mother hired a witch.

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My mother hired a witch
By:Blair winsley
It was hard living with just my mother and I, My mom was like any other mom, she had long dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She was also a defence lawyer so there was never a moment I had not seen my mother wearing a full face of makeup and wearing a business suit. My name is Brendan sawyer, I lived in a nice House in a Rich neighbourhood in my city with my mother and I, since I was an only child and my mom was never home I never learned how to really become well behaved. All my lesson on how to act like a kid were from my friend Stanley, Stanley was what most parents and teachers would consider a "bad influence." But I think he was just smart and that being mischievous was his way rebelling against things he thought were dumb.

I was 15 when I got my first arrest for breaking and entering, I had been terrorizing the neighbourhood with Stanley since I was 5 and the fact that someone did something about it appalled me. This apparently was the wake up call my mother needed and too start paying attention to my behaviour, but with busy schedule she didn't have time to give me any traditional punishments a mother should give there son, instead she did this.

It was the middle of January, the cold winds of Chicago made me and Stanley's dribble with snot and turn are noses red like beats, we arrived at my home after school, that was when I saw my mothers car in the driveway. It was very odd for my mom to be home around this time, she usually didn't get home till 7 but lately after I was bailed out of jail she has been working a lot of late nights.
Me and Stanley entered my house, I had called for my mother "Mom?" I said
"Yes dear?" She said from upstairs
"Why are you home?" I said with a concerted tone
"Come up stair to my room, we need to talk." Said my mother with a serious tone.
I had made my way up my stairs with Stanley following behind, I entered my moms room, she was wearing a khaki coloured pant suit with a black silk blouse and shoes that matched the shirt. "Hello Brendan,hi Stanley." She said with an evil smile on her face " I would like you boys to meet my two friends." Two women then walked out from my moms bathroom, the First Lady being Stanley's mom and another being a complete stranger.
"Mom?" Stanley said In complete shock, the stranger then spoke up
"Hi boys, nice to meet you my name is Gloria." She said shaking both are hands "now your mother's have told me that you two have been very bad boys, even to the point of getting arrest." We both nodded are heads shamefully. "I am here today to well...sort of punish on both your mother's behalves and intend to make this punished long and maybe even permanent to you." Said Gloria with her southern drawl. "Oh yea? What kind of punishment." Stanley said trying to act tough, that made Gloria giggle "well, from what I've heard you boys broke into a house of a lesbian couple and spray painted "get out dykes! On there living room wall, am i correct on that?". Me and Stanley both nodded are heads "those queers had it coming." Stanley said trying to playing his tough guy persona, "well your mothers hired me because they don't have the time to give you any traditional punishments at the moment, you see boys...I am a witch, you think they are only in fantasies and fairytales but I can do what all those witches can, so I decided that instead of making you help the ladies, how about we show what it's like to be ladies." Gloria said with a sinister smile. Me and Stanley trembled with fear "fuck this, I'm getting out of here." Stanley said headed for the door, door then slammed by its self "what the hell." Shouted Stanley, Gloria then mumbled something repeated And pointed her long boney directly at me and Stanley. Me and Stanley froze and tracks and had lost the ability to move, we were like statues, Gloria smiled "ha, very nice." She then stared at mine and Stanley's mother. "Get the clothes girls, the spell will only work if they wear the clothes." Gloria ordered, Stanley's mom proceed to strip to just to are underwear while my mom went into her closet, she then got out clear garbage bags filled with clothes "put them on your sons girls." Gloria then ordered again. My mother then dug her hand into the bag and picked up a skirt. it was navy wool calf length pencil skirt, my mother then fished out a match suit jacket to with it " don't forget the blouse darling." Gloria said with a sing song voice, "sorry Gloria." My mother said as fished out a long sleeve button Down blouse,the shirt was white and silky with a lacy pointed collar and pearl buttons. Before putting it all on me she put a pair of dark sheer pantyhose on naturally naked legs and then proceeded to put the blouse, skirt and suit on me. The clothes I wore were all very loose and looked it was for a women slightly bigger women, my eyes then darted to Stanley, who was wearing a teal knit turtleneck, high waisted jeans that could classify as mom jeans and a pair of horned rimmed glasses, his clothes were big also but bigger than mine, almost for a plus size women. " ah, perfect thank you girls, this will all work perfectly." Gloria said clapping her hands together, "get ready boys." Gloria said as she loudly chanted stuff that sounded like job wrist, before I know my body was changing rapidly, my slender body and had seemed to be gaining fat and i felt my chest getting heavier, I looked at Stanley and looked the same thing was happening to him aswell.

I finally opened my eyes after the uncomfortable moving stopped, mine and Stanley's mother stood behind Gloria as she was giggle and looking like she achieved something "it worked, it actually! I guess I have unfreeze you boys or should I say...girls." She then jerked her elbow and were unstuck I then looked at Stanley in complete shock, "oh my god Stan, what did she do to you."

I thought, Stanley had completing changed gender and age, the clothes that once fit loosely on his once slender body had filled almost point that it too tight for him, his flat chest were now 52 DD and body was curvy and his new long and frizzy hair was pushed back with a headband and she was big like a plus size women. "Stanley, you are now "Stella", you are 47 years old, you work at the dmv, your a single mom of four, you also love knitting and of course a hearty meal." Gloria said while her and our mothers laughed evilly, she then brought her attention and pushed a big mirror to me, I was a woman like Stanley, my whole physical features had changed, the clothes the were to big had fitted comfortably on my body, I had put on some weight but it wasn't as drastic as Stan....or Stella as "she" was now referred too, my blouse was now magically button to the top to avoid showing any cleavage which went from flat to a very busty 52 D and my hair was in a very neat and conservative French twist and my face was caked in makeup concealing my new wrinkles but almost making me look older. "Brendan, you are now "Brenda", you are now 55 years old, you are a secretary at a Catholic school , you are a very religious and devote you're life only to work and church, you attend mass every Sunday and even teach Sunday school and invite kids from the church to do bible study at your home, you are single and have no husband or kids, your life is just all about work and church and what outfit are you going were to mass next week.". Gloria then flicked her finger, and put are scared feeling away by putting us in a trance "you boys...or should I say ladies are going to wakeup and not remember anything about your lives and even the fact you are really teenage boys, the only thing you'll Remember is the life I had just describe to each of you, you both going to wake up and drive to your new house in the suburbs in your news cars and forget all everything that has happened before I put you in this trance." Gloria gave her fingers a snap as me and Stella woke up.

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How is what was done to the boys a ...

Jezzi Stewart's picture

... punishment for them if they don't remember their lives as the boys, only their lives as the women they were turned into?

BE a lady!

It was sort of a lie by the witch to think they...

Being temporarily punished, when infact it was more legal and creative way to kick the boys out of the house by there mothers. I also don't really intend to write a new chapter, it was sort of make your own theory to the ending type of story.

This sounds more like....

D. Eden's picture

A particularly bad parent simply ridding herself of an encumbrance she doesn't want. If you aren't prepared to make the effort to raise your children, you shouldn't have any.

D. Eden

Dum Vivimus, Vivamus


Bloody hell I remember getting punished and dressed up as a girl for being disrespectful to my sisters. Quietly I loved it! But this is off the chart! Freaking scary, oh loved the story, Love you all! ......TASH ♥

Another good story..

Chalana Rukshan's picture

Please add more age progression stories.. But please add more length to it..


When they don't remember their former lives? Or why they got turned into middle-aged women? To me the real punishment is losing 30 to 40 years of their lives. But the story features identity death, which is a plot line I really don't care for. Try again.


Do hope this isn't the end.

Do hope this isn't the end. Gloria surely has as a part of this punishment time to find out what its like being a
lesbian couple, victims of public opinions etc..
Much still to do with the straightening out of aggressive
bad male behaviour.


who should be punished

Seems to me that these mothers were guilty of absentee parenting at the very least, if not abandonment. Is it surprising the boys found trouble. The witch was wicked indeed,because the mom's were the ones in need of the greater punishment. Instead these horrid parents got what they wanted, which was to be free of any obligation to their own children.


Petticoat punishment still does go on

in New England as well as in the U.K. This little ditty is quite the story, even though there are a lot of grammar mistakes. But, that aside, this has a very interesting plot. Do you know where I can get my witch to turn me into a physical female?

With confidence and forbearance, we will have the strength to move forward.

Barbara Lynn Terry

"If I have to be this girl ion me, Then I have the right to be."

Wicked Witch of the Windy City

Daphne Xu's picture

A 15yo male delinquent becomes a 55yo middle-aged Catholic school teacher and Bible teacher.

This could be an effective way to "educate" although not truly educate someone. Simply rewrite his mind to fill him with what he's "educated" in. It might even be more effective then attempted ordinary education. This might be very effective in installing Coulomb's Law and Gauss's Law in him. It depends: he may be able to remember and recite Coulomb's Law but be unable to do a darn thing with it. Or he might be able to apply it in certain circumstances, but be oblivious to it in other circumstances. (For example, move a charged particle, the force on the particle usually changes.) Or he might not be able to modify his understanding as circumstances arise. (Electromagnetic induction may be wholly incomprehensible to him. Or he might be unable to learn that Coulomb's Law must be modified for moving charges.)

Of course, the same issue applies to learning Catholic doctrine and the Bible: he (or now, she) might be limited to what was implanted in her. She may be literally incapable of seeing beyond her beliefs. (Her knowledge of the Bible may be severely limited.) Or she could take a particularly bizarre view of certain things in the Bible.

Actually, another possible story idea is coming to mind, again about someone just after a reality-shift. Considering the (new, reality-shifted) history that got him/her in her present situation, she might wonder what the heck made her do or think certain things back in her past.

All sorts of ideas come to mind.

-- Daphne Xu