Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 7

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Chapter 7. Cousins Bonnie and April

I was awakened from my nap by Mummy leaning against the rattling crib rail. I was lying on my back and my warm wet nappy was a delightful sodden weight pressing against my genitals. When I wriggled about I could tell I was drenched around my bottom, too. I realised I must have peed more than once while I slept like a baby. I could smell poo-poos as well, but I felt pretty sure it wasn't my nappy. For a moment I suspected Angelica might be the culprit. Then I realised it was my dolly Justine's dirty diaper stinking up the Nursery.

Mummy's impassive face loomed over the raised cot side as she pressed her cupped palm over the front of my nappy. I think she was checking to see if I was hard as well as wet, and I shrank away from her searching hand in guilty embarrassment. I was sure she could feel how warm and full my nappy was, even through my romper and baby panties. Despite the fact that I was flaccid down there, she frowned sadly and shook her head in disappointment. She unlocked and lowered the clattering crib rail and lifted me out, and I was relieved I wasn't aroused when she carried me straight over to the change table.

"Pooh, Baby Jennie! Have you pooped your nappy again, little girl?" Mummy mournfully demanded with that tired air of long-suffering. She brusquely unfastened the snap-crotch of my stretchy yellow romper and the front flap flew up over my tummy. I shook my head in mute denial, only then remembering I still had the big pink dummy clamped between my lips. With a start I realised I must have unwittingly been sucking on the oversized infant soother while I slept - just like a real baby! I went to pluck the humiliating baby soother from my lips, but Mummy’s hand stopped me.

“Ah-ah-ah, baby girl! Mummy didn’t say you could spit out your dum-dums. Did she?” She pressed the fat rubber teat back between my lips and asked again, “Is your nappy dirty, Baby Jennie?” I shook my head in denial again. Mummy looked doubtful at my negative response but when she pulled down my glistening baby panties and unpinned me, she was pleased to find my heavy nappy was only saturated with wee-wees. No poo-poos. She made short work of cleaning and powdering my damp crotch and bottom. Thankfully my excitable little peenie had only just started to thicken with arousal before she pinned my clean fluffy nappies tightly in place over my tummy.

Mummy turned the yellow plastic panties I had been wearing inside-out. She sniffed the crotch to check them and felt the leg bands, then commented; "These aren't too wet. You can wear the same baby panties this afternoon," she decided, shaking them the right way out before ordering, "Little leggies up and point your toesies like a pretty ballerina, sweetheart." She mimicked her sister Cathy's humiliating instructions, smiling triumphantly at my sheepish pink-cheeked expression as she threaded the plastic panties over my obediently pointed toes.

After she snapped the crotch pieces of my yellow romper suit together, she tied my pink sandshoes on my feet. She lifted me down and then reached into the crib for my dolly, her nose wrinkling in disgust. "My goodness!" Mummy exclaimed as she sniffed the putrid aroma surrounding my baby doll Justine. "Your poor baby's nappy certainly does stink, Baby Jennie." She thrust the smelly doll into my arms and ordered me to cuddle her to my breast, then sent me downstairs. I had to take the nappies out of the drier in the laundry and replace them with the clean ones from the washing machine, then wait by the back door in the kitchen while Mummy changed Angelica's wet diaper.

As I waddled through the house I realised my domineering Aunty Cath must have gone home. I sighed in relief. The way she had interrogated me while dandling me over her knee this morning had been so humiliating! I blushed afresh at the memory of her astute probing questions. Daddy wasn't home yet either, and I ducked into the laundry and removed the warm fluffy nappies from the drier. I folded them up, placing them in the pink plastic laundry basket on the floor. My freshly-washed nappies were twisted like thick ropes when I pulled them out of the washing machine. I untangled them and tossed them in the drier, cleaned out the lint filter, set the timer and switched it on. Then I waited in the kitchen beside the back door as ordered, clutching my smelly Baby Justine to my bosom and sucking noisily on the pliant rubber teat of my mouth-filling dummy.

Mummy crisply strode across the linoleum kitchen floor towards me on her click-clacking pink high heels. She reached for the pink leather toddler harness hanging behind the door. "Put your dolly down and hold your arms up straight, baby girl," she ordered, before threading the harness straps over my obediently pointed hands and dropping it over my head. She buckled it around my chest and waist, and she locked the pink leather crotch strap in place, too, making sure I couldn't escape the humiliating child restraint. I picked up Justine while she opened the back door and despite the pouring rain and swirling wind outside, our tiny tin-roofed back porch was mostly dry. I gazed up despondently at my mother as she carried one of the kitchen chairs out to the porch, and she placed it under a high ceiling beam. She hopped up on the chair in her pink heels, looped my pink leather baby reins around the bare wooden beam, and then nimbly jumped down.

She returned the chair to the kitchen and came back with my pink sippy-cup full of watered-down apple juice. She handed the toddler’s cup to me without a word and then spun me around, before locking the reins to the rear D-rings of my leather harness. She informed me in a spiteful tone, "Your sister and I don't want to have to put up with the yucky smell of your dirty baby any longer, little girl. You can spend an hour or so out here on the back porch with Justine while we watch a movie. Now I want you to keep cuddling your baby safely in your arms like a good little girl should, Baby Jennie. Hear me? After you drink your juice, mind you put that dummy straight back in your mouth. I'll be checking on you from time to time through the sunroom window, so you'd better behave." She stalked back into the house and slammed the door. When I heard her lock the door behind her, I gave a muffled sigh of despair.

Even though it wasn't really that late, the driving wind and pelting rain made everything look dark and gloomy outside. The pink leather reins were just long enough for me to sit with my back against the kitchen screen door. I watched the torrential rain slash the oleander bushes out back, sighing in despair. I spat out my dum-dums and gratefully sucked on the sippy-spout, gulping down the watered-down apple juice. I felt thankful that at least I had something soft and dry to sit on, but even as that thought occurred to me, I realised my nappies were already warming around my bottom. I relished the familiar soothing warmth without caring when I had started weeing.

After I drained my sippy-cup I placed it on the ground beside me. I gathered up my dummy from where it dangled from the slender pink plastic chain against my breast. I popped the fat amber teat into my mouth and sucked hard on my dum-dums, and tightly cuddled my dolly Justine as Mummy commanded. After a while I didn't notice my baby's awful poopy smell so much.

As I watched the rain tumbling down I pondered the provocative questions my pushy Aunt Cath had posed. Why was I excited down there so often of late? Was it because my warm wet nappies were constantly stimulating my sensitive genitals? But when I was dressed up like a sissy girl and I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and I saw a little girl smiling tentatively back at me... For some strange reason, that excited me, too! I wondered how I ever got this weird, even as I felt my peenie growing harder inside the wonderful warm folds of my comfy wet nappy. While I previously used to imagine myself wearing some of Mummy's beautiful silky underwear and her pretty flowing dresses, I now dreamt of being dressed up in some of the gorgeous frilly toddler frocks I'd seen hanging in Angelica's wardrobe.

Even though I knew my sister's baby dresses were way too small for me, my swollen erection grew harder at the thought of being a beautiful pampered baby girl. I rubbed my cupped palm more briskly over the tenting crotch of my rompers, enjoying the stimulation to my little stiffie. I spent most of my punishment time outside absent-mindedly fondling my pulsating tool through my romper suit, baby panties and warm wet nappies. I fantasised about being a gorgeous little girl dressed in the prettiest of toddler frocks, until I heard the distinct sound of Mummy's high heels on the kitchen tiles approaching the locked back door.

I guiltily snatched my hand away from my warm wet crotch and awkwardly clambered to my feet. I clutched my smelly dolly tighter to my breast and sucked noisily on my dum-dums, as Mummy had instructed. When I turned around, I prayed she wouldn't see the tell-tale tenting of my erection through my tight-fitting romper, and I felt grateful when my stiffie instinctively shrivelled in fear.

Mummy stood framed in the kitchen doorway, back-lit, her shadowed face unreadable - although she did seem to be nodding in what I hoped was approval. She stood there for several long seconds while she evaluated my appearance, time dragging by while she seemed to make up her mind. "Leave your dirty baby outside for the moment, Baby Jennie," she ordered curtly, before she spun me around and unbuckled the toddler harness to release me. "Bring your sippy-cup inside and dump it in the sink, and then you can toddle straight upstairs and into the Nursery. Wait for Mummy beside the change table."

Keen to return inside, I hurriedly placed my dirty dolly sitting up with her back against the dry wall. I dashed into the kitchen, discarded my empty cup in the sink, and then waddled as fast as my little legs would carry me upstairs into the empty Nursery. As soon as my erection thankfully subsided I started peeing again, but I ignored the familiar hot trickle between my legs and kept moving.

Mummy followed a minute later leading my frowning sister by one hand. When she lifted Angie onto the change table, I could smell the disgruntled toddler had recently pooped her nappy. Under Mummy's watchful eyes, I removed my sister's soiled disposable diaper with more expertise this time. I sucked harder on my dummy, frowning in concentration as I carefully handed the unfolded smelly item to my stony-faced mother. Soon I had Angie's brown-stained crotch and bot-bot wiped clean and smelling sweetly of lotion and baby powder. Then I taped a clean pastel-pink disposable around her little hips.

I dressed Angelica all by myself, snapping her onesie closed and pulling up her red shorts before Mummy lifted her down. My smiling sister obediently toddled off to join her dolly in front of the TV. Mummy checked my clinging warm nappy and announced in a dismissive tone, “You’re wet - but not saturated. You don’t need changing just yet.” I waddled as fast as my bulky wet nappy would allow me when Mummy commanded, “Go and fetch your dirty baby from outside, little girl, and bring here up here to be changed.”

I returned almost breathless, clutching Justine tightly in my arms. I had to undress my smelly baby and put her pink satin outfit in the laundry basket, then remove the pungent old poopy diaper taped around her hips. Dark brown excreta adhered to Justine's crotch and bottom like paint, and it seemed to take forever to scrub my dirty baby's rubber crotch clean with baby wipes. But I was grateful for the chance to clean my smelly little dolly. The yucky poo-poo had hardened on her latex skin as it dried, and I had to use several handfuls of moist baby wipes before Mummy was satisfied with my cleaning job. I was made to powder Justine's glistening rubber crotch and botty just like she was a real baby and rub it in, too. Then Mummy silently handed me my sister's recently soiled disposable diaper.

I whimpered in dismay as I accepted the foul-smelling package and carefully taped it around my poor dolly's freshly powdered rubber loins. Mummy wordlessly handed me some old small cream plastic panties of Angie's to cover Justine's stinky diaper, and I felt relieved when the crackling worn pilchers reduced the stench considerably. I had to dress my doll in a faded blue baby frock I'm sure once belonged to my sister, and then I was ordered to empty the almost overflowing white plastic bin beside the change table. Despite being tightly sealed in the deodorised orange nappy sacks, the used disposable diapers reeked of stale poo and ammonia. I carried the lined waste basket outside and emptied the contents into the dark green wheelie bin standing at the end of our back porch. By the time I finished scrubbing the white bin in the laundry sink, drying it, and replacing the plastic liner, it was time for Mummy to change my saturated nappy and then wash my face and hands for dinner.

After I was safely buckled into my highchair and the pink wooden tray attached, I was grateful when Mummy unclipped and removed my pacifier. She placed it nearby on the kitchen bench in a small puddle of drool. My top lip was growing sore from the unfamiliar continuous sucking action and it felt like both lips were puffy and swollen. But I dared not complain as Mummy clipped a clean pink bib around my neck. She smiled tightly as she placed a steaming bowl of spaghetti bolognaise on the tray in front of me. Angie was already buckled into her booster seat, fork in hand and busily eating, but I waited patiently till Mummy decided to give me a fork - or start feeding me herself. I wriggled about it my warm wet nappy and slid further forward, so that my sensitive genitals were pressed into the soggy cloth trapped against the strut of highchair tray, and contented myself with discretely rocking backwards and forwards while I waited.

Mummy sat down at the kitchen table beside my sister and started eating her meal. She chatted animatedly to Angie about the movie they'd watched together that afternoon, ignoring me completely. I meekly sat there in confused silence for a few minutes, rocking absent-mindedly and discretely thrusting my hard peenie into the warm wet folds of my soggy nappy, gazing hungrily at the full plastic bowl in front of me. It smelled so good, and I was starving! Despite the potential embarrassment, I decided to give up waiting and simply dug in with my fingers. The meat sauce was still hot, but it had cooled enough to scoop some into my mouth without too much discomfort, along with a few long strands of wiggly thin spaghetti. I noisily sucked up the yummy pasta noodles until they disappeared into my mouth. The flying ends flopped against my cheeks and chin, spraying my face with rich tomato sauce.

Mummy's cooking tasted wonderful, as always; no matter how it was served. I concentrated on shoving as much food in my mouth with my fingers as I could, without making too big a mess. Apparently I wasn't too successful, because before I had consumed half my yummy meal, I heard loud giggles from both my sister and my mother. They had already finished eating, and were watching my infantile attempts to awkwardly finger-feed myself with increasing mirth. I blushed rosily when I realised I was dribbling heavily under their intense scrutiny, and suddenly became aware of the mess I had made of my hands, my bib, and the highchair tray. There were bits of meat and red sauce splattered everywhere! From their giggles, I suspected my face looked even worse.

"Baby Jennie is such a messy eater," commented my superior little sister, her mildly condescending tone exactly mimicking our mother's. They both giggled disdainfully again as my cheeks blushed warmly with shame. While I continued shovelling food into my sauce-caked gob, I noticed with surprise that Angie's face and hands appeared unstained, although I wasn't sure if Mummy had cleaned her up while I wasn't looking. Even so, I felt even more humiliated and child-like as I gazed enviously at my giggling sister's immaculately clean clothes and shining pink cheeks. I found it hard to swallow the remaining morsels of my suddenly-tasteless meal.

"I think we'd better take you into the bathroom for a hot bath straight after dinner, my messy little girl," Mummy primly announced to me. She removed my empty plate and held the spout of my pink sippy-cup to my stained lips, tilting it up until I compliantly began to suck. Chastened by the way Aunty Cath had treated me at lunch, I didn't dare attempt to take the cup of warm milk from Mummy's hands. Not until she insisted in saccharine baby tones; "Hold your own cup for Mummy like a big girl, sweetie! Don't worry about those dirty paws of yours. Mummy will throw your favourite pink sippy-cup straight in the dishwasher after dinner, baby, so it will be ready for you tomorrow morning. Go on, little girl! Take your cup for Mummy. You can do it, Baby Jennie. Go on, hold it just like your big sister Angelica. That's it. Good baby! What a clever baby girl!" I tentatively took hold of my cup with my slippery sauce-stained fingers and blushed bright red at her mocking words of faux-praise - especially when I caught sight of my nodding sister and the encouraging smile plastered across her pretty little face.

When my sister had finished her sippy-cup of warm milk, Mummy released Angie from her booster seat, and sent her off to watch an episode of 'My Little Pony' while she took care of me. After savagely scrubbing my grubby face and filthy hands with a hot soapy washer, Mummy licked the teat of my pacifier and eased it between my pouting wet lips, pressing it in place until I submissively began sucking. She unclipped my filthy bibbie and cleaned the messy tray and removed it, and then released me from the highchair restraints and led me upstairs to the Nursery.

My mother barely said a word to me while she undressed me on the change table. She tossed my glistening yellow baby panties and the drenched diaper in the nappy bucket, and I kept sucking my dummy as I discretely watched her impassive face. After she lifted me down, she took my hand and led me waddling naked into the bathroom where the waiting tub was already half-filled with hot water. She spoke down to me exactly as though she was addressing a small child, clearly not expecting me to respond. "Oh look! Your lovely hot bath is all ready for you, Baby Jennie. Isn’t it? Let Mummy take your dum-dums for you, baby... Now in we hop, little one. That's right, good girl. Who's my clever baby girl? Hmm? And don't we love bath time? Yes we do!"

Mummy washed my hair with baby shampoo and she scrubbed every inch of me with a hot soapy washcloth till I was pink and shining clean all over. She chattered mindlessly to me all the while, like I was a retarded toddler incapable of responding. The steaming hot water seemed to drain all the energy out of me, and I lay on the change table limp as tonight's spaghetti while Mummy powdered and diapered me for the night. She licked and replaced my dripping pacifier teat between my tender puffy lips, and clipped the pink plastic chain to the collar of my white 'Barbie' onesie. Then she carried me downstairs to the living room and plonked me in front of the TV, announcing brightly; "It's your turn for the bath, Angelica!"

My sister ordered me not to change channels and bossily insisted I keep watching 'My Little Pony,' so I could tell her how this episode ended. Any thoughts I had of objecting evaporated when I caught sight of my mother's dire warning expression. Just as the silly cartoon show concluded, Mummy came to collect me for bed. While we were being tucked in for the night, I had to fill my sister in on the details of what had happened to the little pink pony who had been trapped by the cave-in. Angelica seemed genuinely relieved when I told her how the other ponies had rescued their pink friend. "Thank goodness," she muttered, when I assured her everything had turned out all right - which made me smile around my dummy teat.

Before Mummy raised my crib rail, she leaned close to my face and whispered, "You're a good little girl for watching that show for your sister, Baby Jennie. That was very thoughtful, darling." She gently kissed my cheek and I impulsively hugged her around her slender neck, her long honey-blonde hair falling across my cheek like a bolt of thick silk. I could smell a hint of roses from her lightly-perfumed hair conditioner.

I hesitantly spat out my dum-dums and muttered contritely, "I'm sorry I was such a bad boy - I mean, a bad girl today, Mummy. I'm really sorry, Mummy," I humbly apologized. She gently disentangled my arms from around her neck. She slowly drew back till her olive-green eyes met mine, her expression as unreadable as an Easter Island statue.
"I'm glad to hear that, sweetie. But you must try harder to be a good girl for Mummy. Good little girls don't rub the crotch of their panties against things, or play with themselves down there. Understand?"

Her searching eyes demanded a response, and a small smile tugged at her full pink lips when I blushed rosily and earnestly replied; "I understand, Mummy. I'll try, I promise. Tomorrow I'll try really hard to be a good little girl for you, Mummy."
"I know you will, baby. Now, is there anything else you want to tell me?"
"I love you, Mummy," I responded, smiling tearfully up at her beautiful serene face. I felt gratified when she smiled down forgivingly at me in return, and I could see the love shining in her olive-green eyes.

"I love you too, baby girl. Now off to sleep, my little Baby Jennie." She tenderly kissed my cheek again, and after licking the amber teat and inside the pink guard till they were glistening with her saliva, she slipped my dripping dummy back between my parted lips. She checked that the chain was still safely clipped to the collar of my stretchy white onesie. I automatically started sucking on the strangely-satisfying, slick rubber teat, while she raised the rattling side rail of my crib, carefully watching my face through the bars until the steel side bolts latched securely into place. "Goodnight, my gorgeous little girls," Mummy sang to us, as she switched off the overhead light.

After we chorused our replies, she closed the Nursery door until only a sliver of light from the hallway illuminated the room. Despite the fact that my nappy was soon wonderfully warm and wet around my genitals, I vowed to not touch myself down there tonight. I wanted to be a good girl - I mean, to be good for Mummy. Really I did. I contented myself with sucking on my pacifier and listening to the rhythm of the rain drumming on the roof tiles. Soon I drifted off to sleep lying on my back, safe, wet and warm in my crib.

I slept like a baby that night. I only woke when Mummy unlocked and lowered the noisy side rail of my cot to lift me out. My nappy was drenched as usual when she checked me, and I was thankful my normal morning erection had shrivelled into insignificance by the time she unclipped my onesie crotch and removed my damp plastic panties. Once again a small log of poop had managed to escape my relaxed anal sphincter during the night without disturbing my slumber. I didn’t know I’d soiled my nappy until Mummy removed the pink pins and lowered the heavy yellow front of my soggy terry nappy.

She examined the small firm turd stuck to the nappy liner and my brown-stained botty crease and grizzled wryly, "Tsk-tsk-tsk! Another dirty nappy this morning, Baby Jennie? I swear you're an absolute poo-poo factory, little girl!"
I tried to ignore my giggling little sister's taunts as she parroted, "Poo-poo factory! Poo-poo factory! Baby Jennie's a poo-poo factory!"

Mummy sailed on as if she hadn't heard Angie's mocking commentary. "At least you're not too messy this time. Just a wipe-down will do my stinky baby girl. I don't think we need to pop you in the bath for a full hose-down this morning." I was pleased that I wasn't going to suffer the torture of having my sensitive botty-hole and limp genitals scoured clean with the icy-cold needle spray again. I helpfully raised my knees and spread my thighs compliantly wide when Mummy ordered, so she could more easily clean every dirty nook and cranny with the soothing scented baby wipes. With a thick comfy nappy pinned securely around my powdered bottom and some fresh pearlescent-pink plastic panties tugged safely into place, Mummy clipped the crotch of my white 'Barbie' onesie back together before lifting me down to the floor.

In the kitchen, Mummy buckled me into my highchair and plucked out my dummy, placing it in a glass of water on the kitchen bench. She returned to clip a white terry bib around my neck, then slid the pink wooden tray over the chair arms towards my tummy until it locked securely in place. When my nappy grew wonderfully warm in front, my excitable peenie started to reflexively thicken, even though I didn't want it to. After it was fully hard and throbbing pleasurably, I considered pressing my sensitive little stiffie against the highchair tray's centre strut as usual. I decided to try and behave myself this morning. Angie was secured in her normal booster seat and Mummy placed large plastic bowls full of hot oatmeal in front of us. She handed Angie a spoon and after taking a mouthful from her own larger white ceramic bowl, Mummy approached me holding up a pink plastic spoon. She was busily feeding me between bites of her own meal when Daddy dashed into the kitchen looking haggard and tired.

Mummy barely glanced at him when he mumbled something about being late for work and not bothering with breakfast. He waved vaguely in our direction as Mummy abandoned her cereal, and she continued spoon-feeding me in tight-lipped silence. Daddy disappeared without even kissing us goodbye. Heavily-laden spoons full of hot oatmeal were stuffed between my lips much more forcefully and rapidly until the front door slammed, and the creamy porridge practically poured from my overloaded mouth. Thank goodness the pink floral Barbie bowl was empty by then, or Mummy might have drowned me in porridge! I'm pretty sure my mother was cranky, but not with me this time. When Mummy scrubbed my face clean afterwards she was unusually vigorous. When I timidly complained, she actually said she was sorry, and then gave my well-scoured pink cheek an apologetic kiss.

It was still raining cats and dogs outside, and I had nothing to look forward to except another boring day trapped inside the house playing dolls with my little sister. This morning it was my turn to choose our clothes for the day, and over my little sister's whining objections, I shyly asked Mummy if we could wear our matching lavender dresses.

As she unclipped my dummy and removed my onesie, Mummy gave me a doubtful look at first but then decided; "Since you girls certainly won't be playing outside today, you may wear your good lavender frocks - at least for the morning. But you'll have to wear your petties underneath too, to make the gathered skirts sit properly. Okay? And you'll need a pinnie apron over the top as well, for protection." I eagerly nodded agreement, in spite of her elaborate terms. I helpfully raised my hands high in the air so Mummy could easily lower the silky bodice of my snow-white tulle petticoat over my head and arms.

Before she slipped the heavily-flounced lavender frock over my head, Mummy insisted on one final condition. "You know I don't normally allow my girls to wear their Sunday-best dresses to play in, so I want both my precious babies to promise to behave like good little girls and do everything Mummy says today. Okay?"
She looked at us questioningly, and seemed pleased when we both chanted in unison; "Yes Mummy, we promise."

She slipped the pretty lavender frock over my head and settled the skirts out over the frothy tulle petties, then stepped behind me to fasten the buttons up to the collar and tie the dark purple sash in a big butterfly bow in the small of my back. She examined my face searchingly a second time as she clipped my dummy chain to the wide white Peter Pan collar of my dress. She licked the amber rubber teat to wet it for me, and pressed it between my waiting parted lips. I blushed warmly as I passively accepted my sloppy dum-dums and automatically started sucking. "I pwomithe to be a good wittle girl today, Mummy," I mumbled around the mouth-filling baby soother to settle her doubts. She smiled briefly and nodded understanding of our agreement, before I dropped my gaze to the floor in embarrassment.

I didn't even complain when Mummy sat me on Angie's bed to roll some frilly white anklet socks on my tiny feet, before buckling my shiny black patent Maryjanes in place. I was sure at least when I was standing still, my dress was long enough to conceal my thick nappies and tell-tale bulging plastic panties, even with the stiff petticoats holding out the hem. I crouched down and rearranged the elaborate white lace sock frills around my ankles so they sat more attractively, and then stepped over to assist Mummy.

She was dressing Angelica in front of the full-length mirror affixed to the back of the wardrobe door, and I smiled in satisfaction at my appearance in the mirror. My lavender frock was easily long enough to conceal any sign of my humiliating infantile underwear, even when I gently twirled my body from side to side. With the wide-flared petties bobbing underneath, no-one could tell how heavily my hips were padded. As I twirled I felt the familiar rising heat in my comfy thick nappy, and despite the huge pink pacifier clamped between my lips, I smiled happily at the soothing warmth slowly surrounding my genitals. I kept stealing glances at my acceptably-feminine reflection while I helped Mummy dress my pouting little sister in her short frothy white petticoat, and then her pretty matching lavender toddler frock.

Mummy led us downstairs to the kitchen and made us wait beside the bench while she searched in the bottom drawer for some suitable aprons. She produced two white pinafore-style cotton aprons. Each had a loop for around the neck, and a high bib front. The half-moon apron below was edged with pretty lace trim, and there were two long ribbon waist sashes that tied in the back. Mummy dressed Angie in her snow-white pinnie first, and I started to regret my dress choice when I saw how the lacy pinafore apron over her short lavender frock made my little sister look like the character Alice, from 'Alice in Wonderland.'

I submissively bowed my head so Mummy could loop a similar white pinafore around my neck too, and as she tied the waist sash in place behind me in an additional floppy feminine bow, she must have had the same thought. "You girls almost look like Alice in Wonderland," she observed with a delighted smile, before she turned me around and straightened the lace-edged apron of my pinnie and adjusted the high bib front. "Come with me back up to the Nursery, girls. I want to put Alice bands in your hair, too."

We followed Mummy upstairs and into the Nursery, and she sat Angie on the wooden chair in front of the mirrored dressing table first. She took out her pigtails and brushed out her long platinum-blonde locks, then Mummy sorted through a pretty painted box on the low table and gave a cry of delight. "Perfect! I thought I'd bought two of these!" She exclaimed triumphantly, holding up two slender plastic hair bands wrapped in purple satin ribbon. I watched Angie's face in the mirror as Mummy ordered her to tilt her head forward and then slowly back, and she carefully ran the ends of the hair band behind my sister's tiny pink ears and set it in place. When Angelica returned her gaze to the mirror, even she had to smile at lovely effect.

"Pretty as a picture!" Mummy declared with a pleased smile, before easing my little sister out of the chair and motioning me to take her place. She took up the brush again and removed the elastic bands from my pigtails, and proceeded to brush out my long blonde locks with slow, even strokes. As usual, whenever Mummy brushes my hair it gives me goosebumps, which instantly dotted my bare arms and legs like a thousand tiny pimples.

I closed my eyes and relaxed as I sucked loudly and contentedly on the fat nipple of my dummy. I must have sighed with pleasure because my observant little sister commented astutely, "Baby Jennie loves having her hair brushed, doesn't she, Mummy?"
"Yes honey, she does," Mummy agreed, smiling when she saw the pink pacifier guard bobbing up and down against my little nose in a regular rhythm. "All girls love having their hair brushed. It's one of the reasons that we grow it so long. That, and it looks so beautiful."
"I love having beautiful long hair," Angie replied with a happy sigh.

"Me too," I unthinkingly mumbled around my dum-dums. I opened my eyes and gazed dreamily at my pretty sister's contented smiling face in the mirror, completely missing my mother's knowing smile and silent nod of understanding. She finished styling my hair and slipped the purple Alice band in place, and I smiled at my delightful feminine appearance in the mirror, squealing, "Fank you, Mummy!" Mummy beamed down happily at me too, and then gave both of us an affectionate peck on the cheek.

"Mummy, it stinks of poo-poo in here," Angie complained, screwing up her pretty little face in disgust. "Can Baby Jennie change her baby's dirty nappy this morning, and put a fresh diaper on Justine?"
"You're right, it is pretty whiffy in here," Mummy agreed with a frown, stepping over to the window and opening it a few more inches, despite the howling wind and the driving rain outside. She turned her olive-green eyes on me in frank appraisal, and I looked up at her with naked hope shining in my big blue eyes.
"Please Mummy? Pretty please, with sugar on top?" Angie pleaded my case, and to my delight, Mummy actually relented.

"Alright, my pretty baby girls," Mummy brightly declared, "this morning I want both of you to be Mummy's little helpers. Leave your baby dolls here in the Nursery, because I want you to strip the sheets off Angie's bed and Baby Jennie's cot mattress, and don't forget the pillow slips. Take them all into the laundry and Baby Jennie, you can load them in the machine and turn it on. After you've finished folding up the clean dry clothes and the towels in the baskets, Baby Jennie can change her smelly baby. Okay, girls?" When we nodded obediently, Mummy clapped her hands before enthusiastically commanding, "Hop to it then, girls. Off you go!"

She stood watching us for few moments as we began to strip Angie's bed first, then gave us a pleased smile. "Good girls!" Mummy praised us, before disappearing to attend to her own household chores. After we had thrown the bed linen in the washing machine and turned it on, we had to take the clean clothes out of the drier and put them in the ironing basket. Then we had to fold up the clean dry towels and put them away in the linen closet.

Angie wasn't too good at the folding bit, and I had to help her a few times. I murmured gentle words of encouragement to her from around my dum-dums, and helpfully picked up the things she dropped. I held one end of the bigger towels to make it easier for her to fold them, totally unaware that Mummy had been observing us from the kitchen from time to time and listening attentively to our bright girlish chatter. She had been standing close enough that she must have heard our every word, and when we toddled out of the laundry, she was waiting in the kitchen with our sippy-cups full of watered-down apple juice.

After handing the purple sippy-cup to Angelica, she crouched down in front of me and plucked out my dummy, and then pressed the pink sipping spout to my lips. "What a good little girl you are for helping your sister like that, Baby Jennie. I love you when you're so kind and helpful, little one. You really can behave like a good little girl for Mummy, sometimes." I blushed pinkly at her softly spoken words of praise. I gratefully sucked from the sippy-cup because I felt like I was about to die of thirst. Only then did I notice my nappy was simultaneously warming around my sensitive genitals, momentarily distracting me. Cool liquid was flowing down my throat into my body, while at the same time hot liquid poured out of my body down below into my thick and thirsty nappy.

For some reason I felt completely infantile at that moment, and I relaxed completely, slumping with my arms dangling by my sides. I couldn't understand why my uncontrollable peenie started reflexively thickening as soon as the comforting warm flow trickled to a halt. The ringing of our front doorbell startled both of us, and Mummy took my hand and directed me to hold my sippy-cup.

"Hold your own cup for Mummy like a good little girl, sweetie," she encouraged me as though I really was an incompetent toddler. She stood erect. "Who could that be?" She wondered aloud, as she strode towards the hallway. Angie and I were curious to see who could be visiting on such a horrible wet Monday morning. As we finished our drinks, we both shyly peeked around the kitchen doorframe, down the hallway towards the front door. When she opened the door, Mummy was blown backwards by the violently gusting wind, which almost tore the doorhandle from her grasp.

Two squealing laughing girls came tumbling in holding shiny leather coats over their heads to protect them from the rain. My eyes widened in alarm when I realised my older cousins - Aunty Cath's daughters - were paying us a visit. April was nineteen, almost twenty, and had started University two years ago, but I forgot what she was studying. Something to do with science, I think. Her little sister Bonnie was just seventeen, and she had started a beautician's course at the Technical College at the beginning of this year.

The Jones girls were both tall like their mother, but April stood almost six feet in her stockings. Today she was wearing knee-length glossy black boots with menacing slender four-inch heels. She towered over my Mummy in her white medium-heeled court shoes. April wore a pleated red plaid miniskirt which emphasised the length of her long lean thighs, and when she hung her dripping, three-quarter length, black leather coat on the hat rack in the foyer, I could see the crisp white satin blouse that clung like a second skin to her shoulders.

April has glossy jet-black hair falling in silken waves almost to her shoulder blades, and when she turned around and peered down the dimly-lit hallway, her big brown eyes were framed by beautiful, long dark lashes that looked almost doll-like. Her lips were full and painted a deep dark red, making her look older and somehow more intimidating. In one hand she held up a dripping, long grey plastic bag on a hanger, and she shook it violently to remove some of the water droplets. It looked like one of those suit bags Daddy sometimes packed when he went away on his many business trips.

Mummy slammed the door against the howling wind, and turned to greet the visiting Amazons with a welcoming smile. She grabbed April's shoulders and stood on tippy-toe to buss her on the cheek, avoiding the beautiful girl's full red-painted lips while crying in delight; "April! Bonnie! Hello girls, how good to see you! Leave those wet things here and come inside."
"Hi Aunty Isabell, how are you?" April cheerily greeted our mother.
"I'm fine, darling, but what are you doing here?" Mummy kissed Bonnie loudly on the cheek too, but before April could reply, her pretty younger sister interrupted.

"Mum told us about what you'd done to Jeremy - I mean, to Baby Jennie..." Despite the length of the gloomy hallway, I could clearly see the grin etched on Bonnie's stunningly made-up face. Her bright eyes searched the house for me and I urgently backed out of sight. I felt my cheeks begin to flush warmly with anticipated embarrassment. Bonnie's eyes were huge and golden-brown and her eyelashes unbelievably long. Her fine dark-brown eyebrows had been heavily plucked to high arched lines, giving her a look of constant astonishment. Her full luscious lips were painted with glossy hot-pink lipstick and looked more swollen and puffy than usual. "Anyway, we thought we'd come over and offer to like... babysit our sweet little cousins. Mum said something about you having a, you know, a doctor's appointment this afternoon, or whatever?"

Bonnie was two inches shorter than her elder sister, but you wouldn't have known it today. Her long chestnut-brown hair had been teased up in a beehive four inches high and frozen in place with a gallon of hairspray; which explained the long white leather coat temporarily protecting her head. She discarded her full-length coat and carelessly hung it on a hook without shaking off the raindrops. Her white leather thigh-high boots had two-inch platform soles and scary six-inch narrow spiked heels. Under an indecently-short, blue denim miniskirt, Bonnie wore thick white tights with a solid diamond pattern running up the sides. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt which announced 'Chicks Rule' in bold hot-pink lettering splashed across her huge bouncing bosom, and she gripped the handle of what appeared to be a large pink plastic toolbox in one hand.

"I'm delighted you could come over, girls!” Mummy cried. “Yes, you have saved me the bother of finding a babysitter, so thank you. Did you want me to pay you?" Mummy asked, as she led the beautiful teenagers down the hallway towards the kitchen. I ducked back further and accidentally tripped over Angelica, who had been crowding me from behind. We both tumbled to the floor, but thankfully Angie wasn't harmed. I was bending right over helping my chortling little sister to her feet when the two brightly chattering teenagers came sashaying into the kitchen behind me, followed closely by Mummy.

"Oh my God!" Bonnie squealed when she caught sight of us. The first thing she did was flick up the back of my lavender dress and petties so she could examine my humiliating infantile underwear. "Look at that big nappy under those pretty pink plastic panties! And that fabulous frou-frou petticoat! I love it!" I released my tottering sister's tiny hands and reached behind me to pull the hem of my dress back down, ducking my big diapered bottom away from their unwanted scrutiny. My cheeks were crimson with shame as I twirled around to face them, scowling mightily - although I knew I didn't dare complain.

I had done the exact same thing to my gorgeous teen cousins many times in the past. I’d flipped up their skirts under the pretence of teasing, but really, all I wanted was to see which pretty panties my sexy older cousins were wearing under their provocatively short dresses. The temptation to flip up their daringly short dress hems and take a quick peek at the silky nylon knickers stretched tautly over their plump round bottom cheeks, had always proven overwhelming to a panty-lover like me. Now my immature actions were coming back to haunt me! "Look at her! That's just so cute! She looks like Alice in Wonderland! They both do!" gushed Bonnie, her huge golden eyes sparkling with mischief.

"She's gorgeous! They're both gorgeous," April heartily agreed, and when Angie screamed with pleasure and tossed herself at April's shiny black boots, the tall raven-haired beauty threw the damp grey suit-bag over the back of a kitchen chair and dropped to her knees. She swept my squealing baby sister into her arms with a shriek of joyful laughter. "C'mere, gorgeous!" April insisted, standing and cuddling Angie tightly while she smothered her tiny face with kisses. "I love their matching frocks, Aunty Isy. They look so cute together, don't they?" she complimented our mother, as she wiped traces of her dark red lipstick from my giggling sister's stained cheeks.

"Thank you, Bonnie and April," Mummy politely replied. She picked up our empty sippy-cups from where they’d fallen to the floor and discarded them in the sink. "My Baby Jennie must have had an inkling you girls were coming over to visit today, because she chose her best frock and petticoats to wear this morning."
"Baby Jennie chose to wear that dress?" Bonnie questioned in frank disbelief, and April looked similarly agog.
"Yes, the girls take turns selecting their matching outfits for the day, and this morning it was Baby Jennie's turn to choose. She wanted to be a good little girl for Mummy today and wear her pretty lavender frock with her frothy petties underneath."
"Well I think both your little girls look beautiful," April commented decisively, bouncing Angie in her arms. My sister squealed in glee and burst into another fit of giggles.

"Not as beautiful as they're going to look by the time I'm finished with them," Bonnie grandly announced, before turning to my mother and holding up her big pink plastic toolbox in indication. "If that's okay with you, Aunty Isy?" she asked with a cheeky grin.
"If what's okay with me, darling?" Mummy questioned in some confusion, her bright smile faltering momentarily.

Bonnie explained, "You know I'm studying to be a beautician? When mum told us what you had done to Jer- Baby Jennie, I thought like, you know... We thought maybe we could come over and play 'Beauty Salon' with your ‘daughters.’ Everyone knows little girls love playing dress-ups with make-up and stuff. You know you don't have to like, pay us to babysit, Aunty Isy," she hastened to reassure our Mummy, before turning her disdainful golden eyes on my cringing form. "After some of the things your horrid little son has done to us over the last couple of years, babysitting today is going to be like, an absolute pleasure," Bonnie finished, with a wolfish smile frighteningly reminiscent of her mother's.

April stood there with Angie cuddled in her arms, and both teenagers were smiling playfully down at me. I looked pleadingly to Mummy but saw no sign of sympathy in her calculating olive-green eyes. After a few moment's reflection she replied, "Alright girls, go ahead. Work your magic on my little girls, Bonnie. Let's see how beautiful you can make them." She smiled broadly at the thought of her pushy niece giving me a make-over.
"Don't you worry, Aunty Isy," Bonnie assured Mummy with a triumphant grin. "By the time I'm finished with him - I mean, the girls, you'll hardly recognise your own daughters."

Mummy picked up the grey suit-bag from the chair and asked, "What's in here, April?"
"Remember the yellow satin party frock with all the trimmings that Mum gave you for Angelica, a few months back?" When Mummy nodded, April continued. "Well, that dress was one of Bonnie's from when she was around three. I had a matching yellow party frock which I wore when I was about five or six years old. We intended saving it for Angie until she was a bit older, but now we've learned that little Baby Jennie here loves to wear pretty outfits that match her baby sister's-"
"We thought we'd bring it over and try it on her," Bonnie rudely finished for her big sister in a rush. She partly unzipped the bag to display a hint of the buttercup-yellow satin frock inside. "It should fit her alright. April was pretty fat when she was six, although probably not as tall as Baby Jennie is now." She ignored her svelte sister's quick frown of annoyance and blithely sailed on. "Oh, and we also brought Baby Jennie a petticoat, and some plastic-lined, yellow satin rumba panties to wear under it, that she can keep, too. We weren't sure if your special new baby girl owned any petties or frilly wetproof panties."
"Baby Jennie only has one petticoat," Mummy informed her with a pleased smile, "so I'm sure she'd love another frou-frou pettie to wear under her beautiful new dress. And I haven't bought or made any satin rumba panties for her yet, so those will come in handy, too. Thanks, girls."

April lowered my sister to the ground. While still holding Angie’s hand, she gathered the flared hem of my dress and petties in front with the other. "Bonnie, would you look at the darling tulle petticoat our cousin Jennie is wearing this morning? It certainly suits our dear baby girl cousin." I stood there like an impotent child as April held up the front my lavender frock and my lace-edged petties under my bowed chin. She exposed my flounced white underskirts and my bulging transparent pink baby panties to her little sister amidst a flurry of girlish giggles. I knew I looked the picture of shy femininity as I meekly cowered before them, my cheeks rosy with embarrassment.

"I know! I love it! It's such a darling, sweet sissy petticoat! Your tulle petticoat is so pretty, isn't it, Baby Jennie?" Bonnie obligingly chimed in, playfully looking to me for a reply. I glanced at my mother's warning expression and gulped, knowing I was trapped. All I could manage was to nod hesitantly in response, my throat closing up in shame.

Mummy frowned forbiddingly and cautioned me, "Now, now, Baby Jennie! That's not a proper answer, is it, little girl? Remember your promise to Mummy, sweetheart? Good little girls love their pretty clothes and love feeling special in them. You do love your pretty petticoat, don't you sweetie?" After a few moments' silence, Bonnie prodded the exposed crotch of my pearlescent pink plastic panties, poking the obviously wet nappy beneath to encourage me to reply.

I wanted to die of shame but managed to squeak out, "I- uh... Um, yes, Bonnie. I like my t-t-tulle petticoat. It's very... uh, pretty."
"Since you're still just a toddler in nappies, I think you should address your older and more mature cousins as Aunty April and Aunty Bonnie from now on, sweetheart. It shows them the respect that they properly deserve from small children like you," Mummy frostily declared.
My cheeks began to burn with fresh mortification as I meekly repeated in a high-pitched embarrassed squeak, "My tulle petticoat is very pretty, Aunty Bonnie."
My cruel cousins giggled at my blushing cowed response, watching my humiliated downcast expression with astonished grins. They turned to gaze at our Mummy in awe.

"How, Aunty Isy? How did you do this?" April demanded in amazed delight.
She and Bonnie laughed aloud when Mummy simply replied, "I told you! Baby Jennie decided she wanted to behave like a good little girl today. She really loves wearing pretty dresses and frilly feminine things, and dressing up just like her sister Angelica. Jeremy grew tired of acting like a horrible, dirty, pants-wetting boy, and she prefers to dress and behave like a pretty baby girl these days. Don't you, Baby Jennie?"
April and Bonnie sniggered as my face glowed crimson with humiliation before I reluctantly acknowledged my agreed subjugation. "Yes Mummy," I obediently whispered in reply.

"Oh I'm going to love this!" Bonnie giggled, poking my wet diapered crotch repeatedly for emphasis, until April thankfully let my dress hem and petties drop. "You've been teasing us for years about our girl things; our 'sissy-girl' things. And now you look so frilly and sweet in your sissy girl things!" I was terrified by the thought of these two sadistic teens exacting their humiliating revenge on me. My cheeks blazed like fire and I wanted to shrivel up and die of embarrassment when Bonnie scathingly continued, "And to think we were saving most our little-girl things for Angelica. Yet here we find we have another little niece who loves to dress in frills and lace. Isn't that wonderful?"

April smiled and shook her head in bemusement. "Gosh, Aunty Isy! It only seems a few short years ago when Jeremy was a baby in nappies. We used to dress him up in our old toddler frocks all the time whenever you brought him over to visit," she fondly recalled.
"It was only a few short years ago," Mummy curtly reminded her. "Remember, Jeremy still wore nappies until he was five or six. Your old baby dresses and toddler frocks fitted him perfectly then." She turned to glare at me. "It seems that nothing has really changed, has it, Baby Jennie?""

I was grateful Mummy didn't seem to expect me to respond, instead picking up my dummy from where it bounced lightly against my breast and tucking it inside the lacy bib of my pinnie apron. For a moment I thought she was being kind and trying to help me conceal the shameful pink pacifier from my jeering cousins. But after she untied and removed my white cotton pinafore, Mummy licked the teat and the inside of the pink guard and then slipped the dripping-wet rubber nipple between my lips to silence any potential protests I might be considering. When I instinctively began loudly sucking on the oversized mouth-filling baby soother, the tall teenagers burst into fresh peals of laughter. I felt the hot flush creep up the back of my neck until even my ears glowed bright red.

"Come on little girls, let's take you into the bathroom and do your hair first," Bonnie urged us, waving her spare hand imperiously towards the hallway.
"You'd better let me remove their good frocks and petties before you start anything," Mummy cautioned our grinning cousin as she untied and removed Angie's pinnie. Bonnie nodded agreement and Mummy continued, "Bring the girls upstairs to the Nursery and we can hang up their Sunday-best dresses and petties first."
"Good idea," conceded Bonnie, who propelled me waddling ahead of her towards the stairs. April carried Angelica in the rear.

"Gosh! It's a bit stinky in here, Aunty Isy," observed Bonnie. She wrinkled her cute powdered nose in disgust and waved her hand in front of her face when she walked into the Nursery behind me. "Did Baby Jennie just go poo-poos in her nappy?"
"No, I don’t think it’s Baby Jennie’s nappy. That's her baby doll Justine you can smell, girls. She has a dirty nappy. But I told Baby Jennie I'd let her put a clean diaper on her baby - if she behaved like a good little girl for her Mummy today," Mummy informed them. She untied my sash and started unbuttoning the back of my flounced lavender frock.

"And has Baby Jennie been behaving like a good little girl?" April duly inquired, while she copied Mummy's actions and began undressing Angelica.
"As a matter of fact, she has," confirmed Mummy, with a tight smile that seemed more of a grimace. "She's been a very good little girl for Mummy today - so far. Now if she can just manage to behave herself for the rest of the day..." Mummy unclipped my dummy chain and removed my pretty lavender frock. She slid the stiff white petticoat over my head and raised arms before handing the feminine articles of clothing to Bonnie to hang up in the Nursery walk-in wardrobe.

As soon as Mummy undressed me, she instinctively checked my sagging nappy. I cringed in embarrassment when she bluntly demanded, "Wet again so soon, Baby Jennie? Why, your nappy is saturated, little girl!" My face burned with shame when she pressed her cupped palm over the front of my pearlescent pink plastic panties and held it there as if assessing the warm wet fullness. I knew she was actually checking to see if I had an erection inside my soggy nappy. Thankfully, all was quiet down below.

April finished undressing Angie and both teenagers watched with interest as Mummy lifted me onto the change table first. She removed my black patent Maryjanes and frilly socks and then swiftly pulled down my transparent pink baby panties.
"She certainly is a wet little girl," commented Bonnie dryly. Mummy removed the four huge pink pins and lowered the saturated front of my thirsty cloth nappies.

"Yes, my Baby Jennie is a very heavy wetter. You girls will need to check her nappies regularly while you are babysitting my little ones," Mummy cautioned them. She waved the bemused teens closer to observe her diaper-changing technique more closely. "Make sure you wipe every trace of old powder away with baby wipes first," she instructed them, suiting actions to words. When Mummy finished gently scrubbing my shame-shrivelled genitals, she grabbed my ankles together in one hand and hoisted them into the air, folding my knees back towards my bare chest. "Make sure you wipe her bot-bot thoroughly too, especially around her little rosebud. If you leave any trace of poo-poo back there, she could end up with a nasty case of nappy rash," Mummy advised the gorgeous grinning teenagers. They watched my humiliating infantile treatment with increasing mirth.

The girls leaned against the side of the change table smiling broadly and closely observing my reactions as Mummy commanded me to relax open my botty cheeks in sing-song toddler tones. She swiped my sensitive little brown freckle again and again with the cool moist baby wipe, until she was sure I was clean as a whistle back there. She even poked a wipe-covered finger right inside my wrinkled poo-poo hole, making me squeal piteously and wriggle in her grasp. Mummy ignored my grizzled protests and slid her intrusive finger in and out of my bottom several times, making sure my puckered brown opening was thoroughly clean.

I don't know why, but my little peenie started to thicken in reaction as her stiffened wipe-covered digit repeatedly violated my sensitive rosebud. While still holding my feet in the air, Mummy tossed the brown-stained wipes in the white bin beside the change table, then she reached for the white plastic bottle of baby powder. She heavily powdered my bottom and caressed the talc deeply into my open bumcrack, then let my legs gently drop. Her smile froze when she spied my excitable little peenie creeping up my baby-smooth tummy towards my belly button. She frowned as she sprinkled the sweetly-perfumed powder all over my front.

Mummy watched my blushing face carefully as she smoothed the powder around my tiny wrinkled sack. Despite me desperately willing it to go down, my little tool jerked and twitched spasmodically when she brushed it aside to caress the talc across my tummy with her soft warm palm. There was perfumed white powder covering everywhere down there, except my thickening shaft. But then she took hold of my swelling peenie in her warm fist and gave it a few quick strokes to coat it with powder, too. I anxiously sucked on my dum-dums when I realised I was becoming uncontrollably aroused by Mummy's soft white hand.

I vainly hoped my burgeoning erection would pass unnoticed by the watching women - to no avail. "Oh look!" cried April. "I think our little girl likes having her nappies changed!" She laughed scornfully.
"She sure does!" Bonnie chortled in bemused agreement.
Mummy's olive-green eyes turned serious and her face clouded over with annoyance. "Keep an eye on Baby Jennie for me," she commanded the snickering teenagers in a much cooler tone. "I'll be back in a moment. Come with me, Angie. You can watch TV downstairs in the sunroom for a few minutes." She took my sister's tiny hand and led her out of the Nursery.

April nodded in understanding and let one soft hand rest gently on my bare chest, while Bonnie took Mummy's place at the foot of the change table. "Don't worry, Aunty Isy. This little girl isn't going anywhere," my heavily-made up cousin confidently assured Mummy and Angelica's receding backs, as she firmly gripped both my slender ankles in her meaty fists. I started whimpering in fright around my dummy because I suspected what was about to occur. The teenagers crooned reassuringly to me in syrupy toddler tones, fruitlessly trying to convince me that everything was going to be all right.

April diffidently sprinkled a little more talc on my front and began to soothingly stroke it into my chest and trembling tummy. Her gentle palm seemed to slide closer and closer to my rising manhood, even as the hot swollen head crept up my powdery stomach towards her playful fingers. When she accidentally brushed the sensitive underside of the head with her warm hand, I felt a rapid rush of blood to that area that made me catch my breath. Suddenly my peenie was fully engorged and bobbing above my shivering tummy as though begging for their attention. I was terrified yet my throbbing stiffie was so hard and swollen, it felt like it might explode!

Mummy strode into the Nursery and my eyes instantly darted to her hands in fear, trying to see if she carried the instrument of my torture. My cousin's lush body blocked my view but I knew what was about to happen when Mummy commanded with a snarl; "Hold Baby Jennie's ankles tightly, Bonnie. April, grab her upper arms so she can't thrash about too much."
"No Mummy, no!" I uselessly pleaded from around my pacifier. "I'm twying to be a good girl- Aieeee!" The fat dummy blasted from my mouth when I screamed in anguish. Mummy viciously cupped the ice-covered spoon over my delicate sack. "No Mummy! No! Please no, no!" I sobbed. She moved the freezing steel over my shrinking stiffie, holding it there until I shrieked in fresh agony and wilted like a snowman in the hot summer sun.

I squealed piteously and cried like a baby until Mummy loudly ordered, "Shove that pacifier back in baby's mouth, will you April?" My tall, dark-haired cousin willingly pressed the mouth-filling dummy between my spittle-wet lips, and then cupped her soft powder-scented palm over my mouth and across my chin so I couldn't spit it out. With no choice, I sucked on the comforting rubber teat, sobbing bitterly at my undeserved punishment as I lay there inhaling the strong baby powder scent lingering on my cousin's fingers.

"Aww, poor Baby Jennie! My poor little girl! Suck that dum-dums for Aunty. Suck it nice and hard. There, there, sweetie," April crooned in a sympathetic maternal voice, even as a huge grin almost split her rosy cheeks in two. They held me in place for a few minutes until my sobbing slowed, and then Mummy proceeded to arrange two clean nappies between my widespread thighs.

"Lift her ankles right up high," Mummy crisply ordered Bonnie. When my quivering bum was hauled up off the pink padded table, she slid the thick cloth nappies and liners underneath me. As Bonnie lowered my feet Mummy raised the front flap, and showed the girls how to press the crotch edges right up into the crease between my splayed thighs and my shrivelled ball sack. She snugly encased my frozen withered genitalia in soft comforting padding as she pinned the side flaps tightly in place over my hips. "Baby Jennie is such a heavy wetter, she needs two pins either side to keep her nappies from falling down when they are saturated," Mummy explained in humiliating detail. I brushed the remaining tears from my eyes and glared up impotently at her. A pair of transparent yellow plastic panties with babyish cartoon Nursery-rhyme characters all over them followed.

Mummy noisily shook out the big baby panties to display them to the fascinated girls, and when they saw the tell-tale orange stains around the leg-holes near the crotch, both girls exclaimed in consternation. "Look! Poo-poo stains!" April pointed to the pale orange marks and demanded incredulously, "Does Baby Jennie poop in her nappies too, Aunty Isy?"
"Of course she does, April! She's just a baby - and babies do everything in their nappies," Mummy replied with a scornful glance at me.
"Ew, yuck-spuck!" Bonnie commented in a tone brimming with revulsion, her plump top lip curling in a disdainful sneer.

Mummy laughed gaily at my cousin's horrified reaction and then sweetly ordered, "Lift your footsies and point you toesies like a pretty ballerina, Baby Jennie." The beautiful teenagers giggled merrily as I obeyed Mummy's humiliating instructions with alacrity. I felt my throat con mestrict with shame as she threaded the crackling plastic panties over my compliantly pointed feet, and tugged them up my raised legs to my thighs. "Footsies down and lift your little botty for Mummy, baby girl," Mummy crooned in her sickly-sweet baby voice, before she tugged the snug yellow plastic panties over my heavily diapered loins. "And down. Good baby!"

She carefully tucked in the orange-stained leg bands around my groin to prevent any leaks, then told April to release my shoulders and sit me up. As soon as I was helped into the required position, Mummy started feeding my limp hands through the sleeves of a tight white onesie. She stretched the head hole wide so it would easily pass over my pink dummy ring, and then tugged it down over my shivering torso. April obligingly lifted me down, and when I wobbled alarmingly on unsteady legs, the raven-haired beauty grabbed my shoulders to support me.

To be continued in chapter 8.

Please note; this fantasy story is set in the last century - pre-internet - and the acceptable rules for disciplining minors were completely different back then. It would be like someone trying to tell Charles Dickens that children couldn't be sold into child labour - something that was perfectly acceptable in 19th century England.
Baby Jennie

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