Looking for Light


Lying for lies
A golden lie
Your red red hair
Your almond eyes

A Tales of Us story..

Teaneck, New Jersey

The rest of the promised rain held off, which left the girl hot and nervous; owing more to what she was bound to hear than to the dog-day that now approached a painful August evening. She teetered as she walked down the sidewalk; her vertigo due solely to the ear infection left unattended for too long. He preferred his girls in very high heels, and even so, she appreciated the look almost as much as she detested the reason for wearing them.

Looking for light
A golden light
Red red hair
And almond eyes

She managed to negotiate the short distance between the safety of the awning-covered doorway to the Dodge Avenger that idled in the parking space at the end of the lot. She walked to the driver’s side and leaned against the door. The driver pulled off sunglasses; revealing an attractive woman. The girl backed away slightly and smiled.

“Oh, lookie here,” the woman said with a wry smile.

“You’re young, but you’ll do,” she said as she pointed to the passenger side of the car. A moment later the girl was sitting nervously as the woman tapped her watch.

Searching for love
A wallet's hot
The price is right
It's money for love

Looking for light
A golden light
With your red red hair
And almond eyes
Laurel you came here

“What may I expect, kid?” She leaned back and turned to the girl, who stared almost blankly.

“What will you do and what do you want. I know you’re special., so where and what and how much? “

“Uh… $200 for….” The girl stammered and blushed; her complexion turning from near alabaster to a red almost as dark as her hair.

“Yes?” The woman tilted her head slightly in question. The girl shrugged her shoulders slightly as she plunged into only partly uncharted waters.

“$200 for … tongue. I gotta room at the motel.” She pointed across the street. “Depends if you wanna fuck. Another $200?”

“Okay,” the woman said and got out. A moment later she was standing next to the girl by the front of the car. The girl motioned for the woman to follow and put her hand out.

“Sorry, kid,” the woman said as she snapped handcuffs on the girl's wrists.

“You bitch! You fucking cunt! Fuck you.” A patrol car pulled up; lights flashing but no siren. Two cops exited and walked over. The girl screamed even as the woman calmly read the girl her rights off a laminated card. One of the patrol officers pushed the girl’s head down and urged her into the car.

“Fuck….. Fuck….” The girl repeated a few times; her face turning quickly from anger to utter despair as she burst into tears. She began to bang her head softly against the seat.

“Hey…stop that,” the other uniform yelled through the closed car door. The woman put her hand on the cop’s shoulder in caution.

“She won’t go batshit on you, Tom. Twelve years old – thirteen tops. She’s given up. Probably no place to go… no home…probably she was abused. And two...probably her only…friends… two in the last six months just like her on a slab downtown.”

“She? That’s a dude, Meg.”

“No. I’ve seen kids like her. She was her way before the prick latched onto her. Girls like her either get turned away by the church shelters or get beat down or worse. Nobody to watch over her? Keep her safe? Underneath it all, that’s one scared little girl.” Meg shook her head. Officer Jaworski wasn’t really bad so much as misinformed. She hoped he’d continue to ask questions.

“I guess I get it. I … guess I don’t know why you try so hard. Why try, Meg? You can’t save them all.”

Margaret Noonan had begun to trust her fellow cops. But apart from her former partner in blue and now wife Anita, Meg was cautious enough to know whom she could expect would understand. She glanced down at her body while Tommy’s attention was drawn to the now sobbing boy/girl in the back of the patrol car. He turned and shrugged his shoulders.

“What does it matter, Meg? Like I said – you can’t save everyone.” Tommy wasn’t ready just yet to learn about Meg’s past; someday, but not today. She smiled and pointed to the girl.

“Starfish, Tommy, my man. Starfish…”

Behind the smile
An angry mind
Don't wait for tonight

Words and muisc by
Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp

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