Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 9

In chap. 9 Jeremy is taken to the hairdressing salon by his dominant female cousins to have his ears pierced. While there, the sissy baby has an unfortunate accident in his nappy.

Chapter 9. ‘The Beauty Spot.’

I awoke to the strangely familiar sensation of someone briskly patting my wet nappy front. As I groggily came to on my back in my cot, I peered up at my grinning cousin Bonnie. I sucked louder on my dum-dums in confusion when my unfamiliar long eyelashes fluttered distractingly in my field of view. I pushed my baby dolly away and glanced up to see Bonnie's pendulous breasts swaying over the raised side railing of my pastel-pink crib, the hot-pink lettering on her tight white t-shirt temporarily stretched into indecipherability. The beautifully made-up teen gently smacked the crotch of my white onesie with her cupped palm and fingers. The plastic panties underneath made that tell-tale wet 'thwack-thwack-thwack' noise over the soggy nappies they contained, a sound so familiar to all mothers with diapered babies.

I realised I was fully aroused beneath my wonderfully warm wet swaddling. Bonnie's huge golden eyes glinted with sardonic amusement when the heel of her hand rested on the obvious bulge of my swollen erection. She grinned nastily down at me while cooing, "Wakey-wakey, Baby Jennie! Ooo, who's an excited, wet little girl after her nap then? Hmm?" She stopped slapping my bulging crotch and let the crib rail drop with an alarming 'crash!' I glanced over to see April lifting my sleepy sister from her bed, too. Angelica's roller-free head was covered in a mass of bobbing platinum curls. I anxiously reached up to my scalp and found the silk scarf still tied in place over the horrid curlers, but I was relieved to see my smiling mother watching us from the Nursery doorway.

"Don't come in yet," April entreated our mother before she could step inside the room. "Let us change them into fresh nappies and finish their make-up and hair-dos, Aunty Isabell? Then we can dress them up for you, and show you how gorgeous they look," my older cousin insisted, as she carried Angie to the change table and unclipped the crotch of her white onesie.
"Alright, girls,” Mummy readily agreed. “Here, take these drinks for the babies and call me when you're ready," After handing our sippy-cups to Bonnie she tossed us a quick smile, turned on her heel and left us to the teenagers‘ devices.

As soon as April finished changing Angie's drenched diaper, Bonnie handed my sister the purple sippy-cup and placed my pink cup aside on the dressing table. The buxom teenager lifted me out of my crib and lay me back on the padded vinyl surface of the change table. She forced my splayed thighs wider apart to open the snap crotch of my snug white onesie. My stiffie had already begun to wilt, so I relaxed and tried to ignore the 'Chicks Rule' statement emblazoned across my overbearing cousin's massive bosoms. I gazed vacantly out the Nursery window where I could see the bright afternoon sun starting to break through the thinning cloud cover.

I yawned and rubbed the sleep from my heavy lids with my fists. April asked her sister in a concerned voice; "Bonnie? Should Baby Jennie be allowed to rub her eyes like that?" The enormous chestnut beehive loomed closer as my buxom younger cousin leaned forward. She examined my eyelashes and plucked eyebrows, then she smiled, stretching wide her freshly-painted, bee-stung lips.

"She's fine," Bonnie reassured her worried big sister, with a dismissive flick of her beautifully manicured fingernails. "Her brows are still like, perfect! I haven't put any mascara on her eyelashes yet. Those are the permanent lash extensions from my salon that I glued on her, you know? Like ours, they won't come off for weeks - no matter how hard this pretty little baby girl rubs her big blue eyes!"

April giggled at her sister’s patronising comments and returned her attention to my little sister, dressing her in some shiny yellow rumba panties with row after row of shimmering white lace frills across the seat. Bonnie directed her glowing golden orbs on my anxious face. "Such a wet little girl you are, Baby Jennie," the grinning teen crooned mock-maternally. She whisked down my damp yellow plastic panties to my ankles and unpinned my saturated swaddling. "This nappy is wet through already!" Bonnie exclaimed in horrified amazement, holding up my drenched diaper distastefully between the tips of her thumb and forefinger for all to see, before disdainfully tossing it in the nappy bucket and complaining, "I only changed her like, about an hour ago!"

I fearfully eyed her cranky expression while she cleaned my thankfully limp genitals with the cold baby wipes, but she didn't seem interested in torturing me for the moment. Well, not physically. She scrubbed the sticky powder remnants from the shrivelled head of my peenie with unnecessary vigour as she ruthlessly demanded, "What's this called again, Baby Jennie?" She formed the long pink talons of her right thumb and index finger into a menacing pincer, and snapped together the sharp tips near the head of my wrinkled organ in warning.

I knew what she wanted me to say. I blushed with shame as I used the humiliating female terms she expected to hear. "It'th my clittie, Aunty Bonnie," I whispered around my dummy teat.
"What was that again, little girl?" April sharply demanded from across the room.
"My clittie, Aunty April! It'th my wittle cwittie," I submissively repeated in a louder squeak. My pink cheeks turned crimson with shame when both girls giggled in sadistic amusement. Even Angelica laughed at me, although I felt certain she couldn't understand the topic under discussion.

Bonnie raised my ankles with one hand and scrubbed my urine-stained bumcheeks and bottom crease with the other. At the same time April removed my headscarf and started unwinding the dozens of rollers twined in my long blonde locks. It was probably just as well. The repeated painful tugging on my scalp thankfully prevented any chance of my becoming inadvertently aroused by Bonnie's overly-familiar handling, no matter how many times she poked her wipe-covered finger inside my tightly puckered anus. I even dared to grumble resentfully around my mouth-filling pacifier when April seemed determined to impatiently rip out the remaining curlers before fully unrolling them.

After a thorough oiling and powdering of my genitals - which started unwelcome fresh stirrings down below - Bonnie made sure the clean nappies were snugly pinned around my hips. She remorselessly unclipped, removed and refastened the big pink nappy pins several times, until she was satisfied my diaper was tight enough. I was grateful my clittie hadn't swollen enough to attract her attention before it was safely covered in the multiple layers of soft fluffy terrycloth, and I remained meekly compliant while the grinning teen finished diapering me. The same damp yellow panties with the nasty orange stains were slid up my legs and tugged into place over my lovely fresh nappy, and the tight elastic leg bands tucked in safely at the crotch.

Bonnie crooned in saccharine baby talk, "Lift those little footsies in the air, and point your toesies like a pretty ballerina, Baby Jennie." April snickered and even Angelica giggled when I obeyed the humiliating instructions in pink-cheeked silence. Bonnie drew the shiny yellow satin rumba panties over my compliantly-pointed toes and up to my thighs, before sweetly ordering; "Footsies down, and lift that botty high for Aunty Bonnie. Good girl! And down, Baby Jennie," she commanded needlessly after she tugged the tight elastic waistband up over my thick nappies and crackling baby panties. She sat me up, smiling in approval.

Both chuckling teenagers finger-combed out the mess of pale blonde curls bouncing around my bowed head, then Bonnie handed me my pink sippy-cup full of water. I quickly drained the contents, grateful to slake my sudden thirst. "Look at those gorgeous curls," Bonnie cooed in honeyed baby tones. She asked her older sister, "Don't they make her look younger and more feminine?"
"They certainly do!" April enthusiastically agreed, likewise using her fingers to tease up Angelica's bouncing blonde halo. "Such pretty little girls," she crooned in affectionate saccharine tones, making my sister beam with pleasure.

The two Amazons fussed and fawned over Angie and me, assuring us that they were turning both of us into beautiful little girls. I passively sat on my big padded bum on the change table and watched as the girls dressed Angelica first, lowering her frothy white petticoat over her smiling face and dressing her in some sheer white socks with pretty yellow lace trim. Her gleaming black patent Maryjanes were buckled over the top and she almost danced on the spot in excitement when Bonnie finally lowered the slithering yellow party frock over her shimmering blonde curls. While Bonnie tied the gauzy darker yellow waist sash for my sister, our taller raven-haired cousin turned her dark brown eyes on me where I sat on the change table. She imperiously pushed me backwards onto my back and slid some frilly white anklet socks on my feet.

"Ballerina toesies," April crooned to me, and she smirked at my swift automatic response. I felt my cheeks redden in embarrassment and I sucked harder on my dum-dums for comfort. I knew without checking that the lace frills were yellow, too. She fussily rearranged the wide lace embellishments above my ankles till she was satisfied they were sitting evenly. April buckled my black Maryjanes in place too, and then she lifted me down from the change table and removed my white onesie over my head. She thoughtlessly left my dummy chain clipped to the collar, so the teat was unexpectedly ripped from my puffy pink-stained lips.

"Look at the gorgeous frou-frou chiffon petticoat we brought for our sweet new toddler cousin," April crooned in a sickly-sweet tone. I fingered my tender swollen lips and glared up at her. She handed Bonnie the new short white petticoat first, and the grinning teen curtly ordered me to raise my hands and hold my head up. I pouted and sulkily stuck out my fat bottom lip, but obeyed her instructions nonetheless. The glistening bodice was made from white bridal satin with slender shoestring shoulder straps, and the whispering mass of chiffon petties underneath flared out crazily over my heavily diapered hips like a ballerina's tutu, failing utterly to cover my bulging yellow rumba panties. Despite the warm afternoon, the heavy satin material felt strangely cool against my sensitive little nipples, which unexpectedly stiffened at the slithering liquid caress.

"Now for your pretty new party dress, Baby Jennie. Chin up baby, and hands up high in the air again sweetie, like a pretty ballerina." Bonnie carried the shimmering frock over to me and it rustled loudly with her every step. Like Angelica's, my dress was made from buttercup-yellow satin, with a wide darker yellow organza sash that tied in back. It had pretty embroidered flowers and tiny ribbon bows decorating the bodice in front. I noticed the wispy dangling ends of the wide ribbon sash fell way past the brief lace-lavished hem. The shiny frock had puffy elbow-length, gathered and ruffled sleeves, edged with white lace and tiny yellow satin ribbon bows. The high round neckline had a frilly white, lace-trimmed collar.

They both helped ease the slithering feminine creation over my head, threading my hands through the puffy sleeves with the elastic cuffs. April buttoned up the back for me, all the way to the nape of my neck. They fluffed and fussed with the flounced lace-edged hem and swishing petties underneath, cooing in pleasure at the frilly juvenile outfit. Bonnie took forever tying the wispy sash to her satisfaction in a big floppy bow behind the small of my back. "It's perfect on her, April! Look at that fit! My, my! Isn't she the prettiest little girl ever in yellow!" Bonnie exclaimed in unabashed delight, and I blushed rosily under her effusive praise. It was the frilliest of little-girl party frocks, and like the rustling flounced petticoat underneath, it didn't even cover half my shameful baby panties, front or back.

When I glanced in the Nursery full-length mirror on the back of the wardrobe door, my eyes were drawn to the bulging crotch of my shiny yellow rumba panties. I turned around and peeked over my shoulder to check the rear view. Under the bobbing frothy petties, my huge diapered bottom stuck out obscenely for all the world to see, exaggerated by the three rows of shimmering white lace dancing across my bulging tushie. I realised that anyone who saw me would instantly know I was wearing nappies under my frilly baby dress. I cringed in fresh shame and dropped my gaze to the floor, too humiliated to consider examining the feminine alterations to my blushing red face.

"I agree, Bonnie! She's adorable!" April crooned. "A pretty baby girl in her beautiful little party frock!" My eyes watered over in sheer mortification, and I felt a single unstoppable tear trickle down my burning red cheek. Bonnie dragged me into the Nursery en-suite bathroom with April and Angie on our heels.
Bonnie spun me around to face her and cooed mock-sympathetically, "Oh honey, you're crying! It's alright, Baby Jennie! You must be overcome with tears of joy to be dressed in such a darling baby frock. Is that it, sweetie?"

Remembering the promise I'd made to Mummy, I could only sniffle and nod tearfully in agreement. "Don't cry, baby girl. We just have to finish your hair and make-up, and then we can show your Mummy what a beautiful little girl you really are! Sit down facing me, Baby Jennie." Bonnie backed me up till my big padded bottom plopped onto the seat facing away from the vanity mirror, and my cheeks grew rosier when I realised my fresh diaper was already warm and wet under my bottom. I hadn't even felt myself wetting, but there was no doubt my nappy crotch was comfortingly warm and soggy between my helplessly splayed thighs.

My cousins laughed at my subdued behaviour as I discretely rocked back and forth in my delightful humid swaddling, my excitable little clittie reacting as always to the stimulating clinging warmth. Bonnie finished fluffing out my long blonde curls, then she gently blotted away my tears with a tissue. With a calculating smile, she picked up a shiny yellow satin ribbon from the bathroom vanity. Bonnie grinned with evil satisfaction as she drew the ribbon around my curly locks from behind my neck, and began tying a fancy bow in front over my crown. The long ends dangled distractingly in front of my face until she tied them in a huge floppy bow on top. She smiled mercilessly down at me, obviously pleased with her handiwork, and then gripped my chin to turn my face from side to side as she closely examined my make-up.

My sister's hair was similarly bound in a matching yellow satin ribbon. Angie was so excited she could barely sit still. "Oh please, Aunty April?" She begged our taller dark-haired cousin, as April finished tying a similar floppy double bow in her hair ribbon. "Can you please take us out for a walk in our new matching dresses? Look!" She exclaimed, pointing to the high frosted bathroom window. It gleamed with brilliant sunshine. "The sun's come out!"
"We'll see," temporised April, ignoring my horrified expression to glance at her beautifully made-up younger sister.

Bonnie smiled and nodded enthusiastically in agreement before she bent over her pink plastic toolbox again. She sorted through the lipsticks in the box till she found the gold tube she wanted, selecting a candy-pink shade of lipstick for me to match my fluorescent nails. I shuddered as she firmly gripped my chin and brought the faintly-perfumed pink stick closer to my pink-stained mouth. I felt the goosebumps rise as she smoothed the soft moist lipstick over my obediently-stretched, pink-stained lips. She had me press and carefully rub my greasy swollen lips together, demonstrating the correct technique with her own perfect glossy pink mouth. I had to 'blot' my painted lips on a folded tissue she held for me, and then Bonnie made me stretch my mouth wide so she could apply a creamy second coat. She made me repeat the lip-smacking business and blot again before she was satisfied. Angie sat next to me and held my hand reassuringly. I trembled with nervous excitement even as I blinked back hot tears of humiliation.

Bonnie painted Angie's cupid's bow lips too, to the delighted giggles of my thrilled baby sister, and then our cousin replaced the capped lipstick in her toolbox. She produced a long skinny black tube which she unscrewed, smirking at me in anticipation. She looked like a cat eyeing a bowl of cream. "Keep your face perfectly still for Aunty Bonnie, precious girl," she tenderly cooed to me, laughing gaily at my worried expression. She ordered me to stare at her nose and proceeded to brush my extended eyelashes with a little black spiky mascara wand, commanding me to blink very slowly at the same time. She grinned in delight when she was finished. Finally she approached me holding a tiny pink flip-top container in one hand and a small version of my Daddy's shaving brush in the other. After she repeatedly rubbed the bristles in the little pink pot, she stroked them across my cheeks, and I realized the delicate perfumed brush was as soft as a mink coat.

Bonnie brushed a hint of mascara on Angelica's little lashes and some pink blusher on her high round cheeks. April finished by squirting a dash of strong floral perfume on my wrists and then another unexpected cold squirt below my neck, making me wince and squeal in surprise. I made a wry face at their amused chortles when Angelica chided me in that superior knowing tone; "It's only perfume, Baby Jennie! Don't be such a sooky baby!" She eagerly presented her wrists and throat to be sprayed, giggling and shivering in delight at the perfume's cold kiss.

"Okay, stand up and turn around for us, girls!" April instructed, clapping her hands for emphasis. "Gorgeous! Angelica, you look simply gorgeous! Come on, Baby Jennie, twirl your skirts for me. Faster, baby. Faster! Yes, that's it! Beautiful! You both make beautiful little girls! You're absolutely adorable!"
"Thank you Aunty April," simpered my delighted little sister, performing a neat curtsey. I tried to stand still and dizzily gazed down at the frilly mass of swishing skirts and rustling petties still swaying and bobbing distractingly around my heavily padded hips.

I felt so humiliated, but when I caught sight of my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I was astounded! With the ribbon bow in my long curly hair, the ruffled lace collar around my neck, and the lace and ribbons on the sheer puffy sleeves all framing my face, I looked every bit as frilly and sissified as I had ever seen my baby sister appear. I saw what took Bonnie so long tying the sash behind me. It was huge! It was all pouffed out at the sides, with the curves of the wispy bows visible from the front like the wings of an angel - or a fairy! The long gossamer ends practically floated down the back past the frothy lace-lavished hem of the too-short satin dress. I looked and smelled like the sissiest toddler girl ever in my delicate lace and ribbons. "Isn't she beautiful?" Bonnie crooned, cruelly gripping my shoulders and pushing me forward until I had to confront my brightly-lit reflection in the mirror.

I almost didn't recognise the beautiful feminine face staring wide-eyed back at me. The gorgeous little girl in the mirror had big blues eyes like mine. They were framed by impossibly-long black lashes that batted seductively every time I blinked, making me look like an oversized China doll. My glossy pink lips looked huge and puffy and doll-like, as if I had been sucking my dummy continuously for several weeks. My high round cheeks were pink and rosy, the rouge exaggerated by my uncontrollable blushes.

With the mass of blonde curls bouncing distractingly above my head, I realised I looked like a six-year-old Shirley Temple from one of her old movies - except in nappies! The floppy satin bow sat above my platinum curls like a bright yellow sign, drawing even more attention to my feminine juvenile appearance. I looked beautiful. I was a beautiful big baby girl! I felt my excitable clittie stirring inside the deliciously warm wet folds of my nappy, and I watched in cringing mortification as it inadvertently began to swell and grow, till it visibly tented out the smooth shiny front of my yellow satin panties.

"Oh, you do look beautiful, Baby Jennie!" April giggled at my astonished expression. When she noticed the change on my face and the direction of my humiliated gaze, her big brown eyes dropped to the bulging front of my shimmering rumba panties. Her smile instantly turned into a scowl. "And I can see you like it, too," she commented scathingly.

My face burned with fresh shame when she called Mummy in to check my freshly-feminised appearance. This was unbearable! When our mother appeared in the bathroom doorway carrying my dolly Justine, April turned us around to face her, demanding; "Aren't your daughters beautiful, Aunty Isabell? Look at your beautiful Baby Jennie!" I knew my cheeks were blazing with embarrassment and I kept my eyes glued to the floor. My excited little sister performed another neat curtsey beside me and politely thanked our grinning cousins.

"Good girl, Angelica! Such good manners, darling," Mummy praised her, before turning her gaze back on me. "But what about you, Baby Jennie? What do you say when someone compliments you, sweetie? Really! You must improve your manners, baby girl. Little girls must always try to be polite, respectful and sweet-tempered. Remember; you promised to be a good little girl for Mummy today? If you don't start acting like one, we might have to keep you in your nappies and frilly baby dresses until you learn to behave properly!"

Mummy's threat certainly caught my attention. "Thank you, Aunty April and Aunty Bonnie," I mumbled submissively, not daring to look at them.
"That will never do!" Bonnie frostily declared. "Will it, ladies? Eyes on us, and let's hear you loud and clear, my pretty little miss! And with a proper curtsey, too." Mummy and April roared with laughter at her cruel suggestion, and I flashed back to the times when Sally had taught me to curtsey. But we were alone in her parent's garage at the time - apart from her little sister Daisy, who had been dressed in her ballet tutu, the same as us.

It had been ages since I'd attempted a curtsey, but I clumsily grabbed the wide-flared edges of my slippery yellow skirt and bent my knees, and tried to glance up demurely at the grinning women from below lowered lids. I repeated in a clearer, high-pitched warble, "Thank you, Aunty Bonnie and Aunty April."
"I see we will have to work on your deportment as well as your manners, Baby Jennie," April commented unkindly, and then she and Bonnie demonstrated the proper technique.

They made me practise my curtsey several times, until I remembered to correctly point the toes of my gleaming Maryjanes and bend my knees, the way my neighbour Sally had taught me, all those months ago in our pretend-ballet classes. Then April sternly advised me, "You are wearing my favourite old party frock, Baby Jennie, so I want you to be particularly careful not to soil it this afternoon. You could find yourself going with us to a dress shop to buy a replacement; and who knows what we could end up buying? We girls tend to become so carried away when shopping for new clothes!" Panic coursed through me as I pictured myself in some pre-teen girl's boutique dressed like an overgrown toddler girl, accompanied by my vindictive teenage cousins.

Mummy stepped closer to me on her click-clacking white high heels, and grasped my chin firmly. She crouched down and tilted my face up, till she could examine my make-up more closely. "Mmm! Don't you smell lovely, Baby Jennie! Bonnie, you've done a fantastic job on her face!" Mummy complimented my grinning cousin. Her glossy pink lips stretched even wider, till I thought her painted face might split in two. "She's absolutely gorgeous! Look at those long girlish lashes, and those huge pink lips! And her femininely-shaped eyebrows… And look at her pretty pink nails! Baby Jennie looks positively feminine - and yet so juvenile!"
After she released my chin, she smiled when I tremulously mumbled, "Thank you, Mummy." Her pleased smile widened to a grin when I plucked at the slippery edges of my slinky satin frock and attempted a more successful curtsey, glancing up shyly at her to check her reaction. To my relief, she beamed in apparent delight at my attempts at demure feminine behaviour.

"Good girl, Baby Jennie! What a beautiful, polite little girl you are. I love it, Bonnie! Well done!" Mummy effusively praised us.
"Thanks so much, Aunty Isy," replied the heavily made-up teenager, who almost glowed with happiness at Mummy's heartfelt compliments. "I painted like, a special adhesive base coat on Baby Jennie's nails first, then two coats of colour, you know, with a top coat to seal them. Her nails should look good for like, at least a week. You told us Baby Jennie was embarrassed about being dragged out in public looking like a sissy baby boy, but now, you know, everyone will think she really is like, just a pretty little girl."
"A little girl who still likes to wear nappies," Mummy spitefully added, after she glanced down at the tell-tale tenting front of my yellow satin rumba panties, clearly discernible under my brief baby frock. My cheeks blazed with fresh embarrassment and I wondered why I couldn't control my wayward clittie.

Mummy turned her attention on my pretty baby sister, praising her tiny pink fingernails too, and fussing over her fabulous curls and her sweetly made-up face till Angie almost burst with pride. "Angelica, why don't you grab your baby Sophie from your bed in the Nursery, and take Baby Jennie downstairs and play with your beautiful baby sister? I'm sure she's dying to play 'Mummies and babies' with your dolls again, and eager to participate in all sorts of refined feminine activities. Aren't you, my beautiful Baby Jennie?" Mummy insisted in a tone that brooked no argument, before thrusting my dolly Justine into my arms and gently propelling me towards the door with a crisp smack on my warm wet bottom. "Off you go, girls. Mummy just wants to have a little private chat with your Aunties for a moment."

She hurried me on my way with several loud firm swats to my heavily diapered rear, and I wondered if she could tell I was already wet. I resentfully cuddled Justine to my breast, and inhaled the calming combined scents of baby powder and her lightly-perfumed disposable diaper, wafting up to my little nose from under my clean dolly's faded blue dress. Angelica took one of my hands possessively in hers and dragged me out of the Nursery, our perfect candy-pink nails flashing distractingly in the bright light.

"C'mon, Baby Jennie! Let's play 'Mummies and babies' again," my bouncing baby sister bossily ordered. I had no choice but to obediently waddle along behind her. I tried to ignore the swollen hardness cocooned inside my warm wet swaddling, as the sensitive tip rubbed thrillingly against the damp terry towelling with my every awkward step downstairs. Behind me I heard Mummy ask Bonnie if her salon was busy this afternoon, but I was dragged out of earshot before I could catch my buxom cousin's chuckled reply. My skin crawled in terrified anticipation though, when I heard their shrieks of feminine laughter echoing down the stairs from the Nursery bathroom.

After changing Justine's drab blue outfit for the shiny pink satin dress she originally came with, I cradled her in my lap. I discretely caressed my throbbing wet clittie beneath the cover of my dolly’s skirts, whenever I thought Angelica wasn't watching too closely. I used my baby doll's flounced pink frock to cover the naughty fingers I repeatedly pressed over my own damp satin-covered crotch. I loved the way my warm wet nappies seemed to wrap so sensuously around the sensitive head of my stiff clittie. While I sat on the floor beside Angelica clutching my dolly, I gently rocked back and forward in the humid warmth to increase the thrilling erotic sensations.

A few minutes later our desultory play was interrupted when April and Mummy strode into the sunroom to collect us. "Girls!" Mummy called, clapping her hands sharply for our attention. "April and Bonnie decided they want to show off their handiwork, so they are taking you for a quick trip to Bonnie's beauty salon." My erect clittie wilted in fright and I felt a fresh spurt of warmth in my damp nappies at the startling unwelcome news. Angelica squealed with excitement and clapped her little hands in glee, and threw herself at April's long legs again.

My taller laughing cousin squatted and scooped the little girl into her arms with a pleased smile, ignoring the horrified expression on my prettily made-up face. "But wait!" Mummy protested. "April, do you have a toddler's car seat in your car?"
"I certainly do," replied the grinning raven-haired beauty with disarming confidence, holding my beaming sister in one arm. "In fact, I have two toddler car seats in the back of my car today, just for my beautiful little girl cousins."
"Wonderful!" My Mummy smiled happily at our taller cousin as April possessively took one of my tiny hands in hers. I gazed down at my cousin’s menacing black stiletto-heeled boots with mounting trepidation.

My thoughtful Mummy asked April, "Do you want me to pack a change of diapers for the girls?"
"No, don't bother, Aunty Isy. We won't take very long; only about half an hour," Bonnie crisply reassured Mummy, as she strode into the sunroom in her towering thigh-high white platform boots. "I rang and spoke to Mrs Worth, the owner. Everything's fine," she concluded mysteriously. The listening women's smiles grew broader. "Let me look after Baby Jennie and you can take Angelica," Bonnie suggested to her elder sister, holding out her large hand for mine.

When I was reluctant to accept Bonnie's beckoning fingers, Mummy cautioned me; “You behave yourself like a good little girl. You don't want Mummy to have to buckle you into your pink toddler harness for your trip to the salon, do you, Baby Jennie? I can - if you really want me to? Is that what you want, baby girl? It won't take but a moment for me to fetch it." Mummy asked these questions in a tone laden with warning, even as she stepped threateningly towards the back door where my pink leather harness hung waiting. I clamped my dolly under my arm and frantically snatched my cousin's outstretched fingers, making her chuckle. Bonnie slowly escorted me down the hallway to the front door crooning saccharine words of encouragement to me. I waddled after my sister and my cousins in my warm wet nappies and our mother slowly followed us outside.

The concrete path and driveway were a patchwork of gleaming sunlit puddles and scattered torn leaves after the storm. There were fallen branches everywhere and our glistening front lawn was littered with debris. Mummy shook her head in dismay and tut-tutted at the clean-up required, then she stood by while April unlocked her car and the girls opened the back doors of her old red Volvo. There were indeed two toddler seats in the back seat and unfortunately, one of them looked large enough to fit me.

April buckled Angelica into the smaller red seat while Bonnie lifted me into the big pink car seat. My thick soggy nappies were distractingly warm under my bottom and the absorbent wet towelling had grown bulkier between by legs, forcing my thighs even wider apart than normal. The fluffy mass of swishing chiffon bunched around my front, bunching my brief dress hem up over my tummy. Like April, Bonnie took my dolly from my arms and placed her beside Angie's doll lying between our toddler seats. When my cousin pressed my shoulders back, I realised the tilted car seat forced me to lie back slightly. My huge diapered crotch was prominently thrust forward as though to focus attention on my humiliating infantile swaddling.

Bonnie grinned cruelly at my sulky expression as she drew the pink webbing H-straps over my halo of curls. She inserted the metal clips into the buckles under the seat's plastic shell between my helplessly splayed ankles. The pink nylon chest strap looped and fastened around the back, and when she callously drew it tight, I momentarily gasped for breath. The restraining straps were so snug, I couldn't sit up at all! When I awkwardly reached down to unsnap the clips to loosen the restrictive harness, I found the release buttons out of reach of my searching fingers.

I realised I was trapped in the humiliating toddler seat and frowned sulkily at my captor. Bonnie grinned down maliciously at my protruding bottom lip. She easily batted my straining hands out of the way, cautioning me; "No, no, sweetie! Baby Jennie mustn't try and release her harness straps. It's not safe, little one! Anyway," she crooned mock-solicitously, as she thrust Justine in my flailing arms with a consoling smile. "They're well out of reach of your tiny hands, little girl - just like a real toddler." My only response was to clutch my dolly to my bosom and stick out my swollen pink-painted bottom lip resentfully, frowning and grumbling under my breath like a sulky pre-schooler. Bonnie laughed in derision as she dismissively patted the shiny yellow crotch of my bulging satin rumba panties.

April had already climbed behind the wheel, and after Bonnie hopped in beside her and slammed her door, we headed off to the beauty salon where the buxom, chestnut-haired teen worked part-time. Mummy stood at the kerb smiling and waving us goodbye until we turned the corner. I unsuccessfully tried to wriggle deeper into the humiliating toddler car seat as we drove away. The tilted pink booster seat perched me so high and my swollen wet crotch stuck out so much, I knew anyone glancing in the car windows would instantly see my shameful baby attire.

Sure enough; when we pulled up at a set of traffic lights, a carload of teenage girls drew alongside. One of them happened to glance my way, and my cheeks blazed with embarrassment when her eyes went wide and she burst out laughing. She pointed at my prominent bulging satin crotch and called to her friends. All three remaining heads swivelled in my direction, and one by one they broke into gales of hilarity at the comical sight I must have made. I belatedly covered my puffy groin with my dolly and cringed in shame. I turned my burning face away from their jeers and mocking laughter, only to see my sister staring at me with a puzzled smile on her beautifully made-up face. I patted my satin covered breast with my free hand and blindly felt around the tight nylon webbing straps, blissfully unaware that I was unwittingly seeking the familiar comfort of my absent pacifier. I was grateful when the traffic lights changed and the car full of hysterical girls thankfully headed in a different direction. In a few minutes we arrived at the local mall, and April drove us around the huge carpark until she fortunately found a vacant parking slot only a few doors away from 'The Beauty Spot.'

Bonnie's golden eyes glowed with sadistic pleasure as she unbuckled me from the carseat and helped me awkwardly clamber out of the car. She straightened my dress hem and rearranged my rustling petties with fussy maternal attention. April walked around leading Angelica by the hand. I noticed with fresh shame that my baby sister's shimmering yellow dress was just long enough to cover her shiny rumba panties, unlike my humiliating too-short baby frock. Every time Angie moved her wide-flared skirts and petties danced distractingly, giving me tantalising glimpses of the frothy white lace frills underneath. I knew my matching yellow toddler outfit looked equally attractive and feminine, and I hoped we wouldn't garner too much attention in the sparsely-populated parking lot. My thick wet nappies forced my little thighs wide apart, exaggerating my already toddler-like waddle. They drooped so heavily, I suspected my satin-clad crotch must be sagging halfway to my knees.

There were only a few people wandering around the mall after the violent storm. I was pleased that none of them seemed to do anything other than glance disinterestedly in our direction. I numbly clutched my dolly to my bosom and offered no resistance when Bonnie led me shuffling into the salon, my soggy nappy flopping wetly between my thighs. Bonnie's white platform boot heels were so high, I had to take two hurried waddling steps to every one of hers, making me look even more toddler-like - if that was possible.

April and Angie followed in our wake, and fortunately there were only a few patrons occupying the many scattered chairs this afternoon. Several customers, some of them under noisy bowl hairdryers, glanced up from the glossy fashion magazines in their laps to stare at me and smile. I felt certain everyone was peering in my direction. There were mirrors everywhere and no matter where I looked, I caught glimpses of an attractive big baby girl in a frilly buttercup-yellow frock shyly peeping back at me.

Before we walked very far into the spacious well-lit salon, we were surrounded by a bevy of beautifully made-up girls wearing short hot-pink smocks. They fluttered around us like colourful butterflies asking myriad questions. "Hi Bonnie! Love those thigh-high boots! But who's this pretty little girl in petticoats?"
"Wow! Great boots, Bonnie! Omigod! Look at the beautiful big baby girl!"
"Hello girls, don't you look gorgeous! Is that Shirley Temple I see with you?"
"Oh look! Twin Shirley Temples, with matching baby dolls! Isn't that darling?"
"What beautiful little girls! Are they yours, April? They can't be!"

The sweet high-pitched voices rolled over me in a crushing wave of humiliation. I ineffectually drew back against Bonnie's vise-like grip. My cheeks blazed with embarrassment as I was dragged deeper inside this strange-smelling den of femininity. Then I noticed - most of the pink-uniformed staff and the customers in their brightly coloured plastic capes seemed to be smiling welcomingly at me and nodding encouragingly. My overwhelming feelings of shame were mollified by the many generous compliments tossed in my - our direction.

"Hello, girls! I want you to meet my darling little nieces," Bonnie grandly announced as our party drew to a halt, then she thrust me forward and turned to her taller sister. April gently prodded Angelica in the back until my beautiful little sister was standing beside me in her matching yellow outfit, a happy smile stretching her pretty painted lips wide. "This is Baby Jennie, and you all know Angelica." The gathered girls tittered their greetings and reached out to touch our bobbing petticoats or pat our curly blonde hairstyles. I couldn't prevent the shy smile tentatively tugging at the corners of my puffy pink mouth.

An older, immaculately made-up woman clapped her hands sharply. The bustling pink-smocked attendants parted before her like the Red Sea. "What's this, Bonnie? Hello, April. I thought you were bringing in your naughty nephew to meet us?" The steely-haired matron demanded, regally stepping through the gaggle of giggling girls to examine Angelica and me.
"I did, Mrs Worth, I did!" Bonnie replied with a smug grin, pushing me forward. "This is my naughty little teenage nephew, Baby Jennie!"

The matronly woman in the tailored hot-pink Chanel suit and matching four-inch strappy pink sandals smiled broadly. She stepped closer to me, bending forward till her perfectly-painted face was inches from my own. Gripping my chin, she ruthlessly twisted my blushing red face from side to side to better inspect my feminised features. I whimpered like a frightened puppy and pouted resentfully at her rough handling, which only made her steely grey eyes focus on my swollen pink-painted lips.

Mrs Worth's own heavily-outlined, glossy pink lips parted in an appreciative smile. She relaxed her vicious grasp on my chin and stood erect to pass judgement. "Hmm. Fabulous mouth, and I love the 'Shirley Temple' look! Permanent lash extensions… Fantastic job on her eyebrows too, Bonnie. Such beautifully-shaped high arches. And those wonderfully feminine, puffy pink lips? Are they natural, or plumped?"
"Plumped, Ma'am."
"Perfect! She looks absolutely beautiful! A real baby doll! And she smells almost as pretty as she looks. You've done a flawless job on her, Bonnie."
"Thank you, Mrs Worth," replied Bonnie with an thrilled smile, her huge golden eyes lighting up with pleasure. In spite of my humiliating circumstances, I hesitantly smiled, too. It was hard not to, when all around me were complimenting her - us - me - on what a beautiful little girl I made.

While the grey-haired owner examined my perfect oval-shaped, iridescent pink nails, I heard the muttered questions of the watching women surrounding us. "Is she wearing nappies?" And "Isn't that little girl a bit old to be dressed like that?"
"She is a bed-wetter," someone cruelly confided to the whole salon. My sunny smile faltered and my cheeks flushed crimson with fresh mortification.
One clear sweet voice asked in obvious disbelief, "Is that really a boy? Impossible!"
"No way! They're both gorgeous little girls," insisted several others with misplaced confidence, making my tremulous smile appear again.

"She's way too pretty to be a boy," another young woman commented with false certainty. I unsuccessfully tried to stop beaming when several girls volubly agreed how beautiful I looked.
"Is this the same one you caught wearing your panties, Bonnie?" I heard one staff member loudly demand. There was a cumulative titter from the girls when my towering bee-hived cousin smirked and nodded in the affirmative. The smile froze on my face and my puffy pink-painted lips puckered in fright, instinctively searching for the absent rubber teat of my dum-dums.

A cheeky pink-smocked younger girl - who had to be an apprentice like Bonnie - raucously yelled, "He was trying on her cheerleader panties when she caught-"
"Sandy! Shut up!" Bonnie snapped at the boisterous blonde, glaring in annoyance and indicating Angelica with a sharp warning shake of her head. For one brief tantalising moment, I thought I was going to be spared any further humiliation - but it was not to be.
Their boss interrupted the potential squabble. "Sandra, since you already know the whole story; why don't you take Angie over to the first work station up the front, and tease up her gorgeous curls a little. Spray her with hairspray too, and then re-tie her hair ribbon in place, okay?"

The chastened teenager with the dirty-blonde hair took my delighted sister's tiny hand. Sandy led Angie dancing away towards the salon entrance clutching her baby Sophie. Aunty April followed them in her menacing knee-high black stiletto boots, her white satin blouse and silken black hair gleaming in the brilliant spotlights. The remaining pink-smocked attendants and quite a few gowned customers clustered around Mrs Worth and Bonnie, all anxious to hear the shameful tale in greater detail. When several girls demanded to hear the full story, my smug cousin laughed throatily and raised both palms to silence their high-pitched supplications.

"I thought I already told you girls?" She teased them with a provocative grin. For a few moments, she giggled gaily at their chorused pleas for her to continue, before conceding. "Alright, ladies, alright! You know my Aunt Isy, the tall attractive blonde who comes here every few weeks?" Several heads nodded while many others voiced assent. "My Aunt Isabell was visiting my mum with her two children about a month ago, and while we were cleaning up after Saturday lunch, I noticed my thirteen-year-old cousin sneaking off towards our bedrooms. I already knew he'd been trying on my sister's and my underwear in secret, so I gave him a few minute's head start…"

I felt the hot flush creep up my neck as she regaled them with the humiliating story of how she caught me wearing her sexy satin underwear. She was right; I had tried to furtively slip away unnoticed after lunch, as I knew my buxom seventeen-year-old cousin had attended the football game that morning as one of the cheer squad. The beautiful cheerleaders always looked so desirable in their tight red-and-white tops and tiny red pleated skirts, with their shiny ruffled red satin panties peeping out attractively from underneath.

There was an adjoining ‘Jack and Jill’ en-suite bathroom between Bonnie and April's bedrooms, and I knew the girls usually tossed their dirty clothes in the pink plastic hamper standing against one wall. The girls' regular panties were much sexier than Mummy's usual assortment of knickers, and I had surreptitiously tried on a few pairs of my cousins’ silky worn underwear on a couple of prior occasions. I decided to sneak into their bathroom one more time to see what treasures I could find, and I crept into the narrow pink tiled room via April's neatly appointed bedroom.

After craftily locking the door to April's bedroom behind me, I started pawing through their dirty clothes' hamper. I soon found the damp sweaty panties Bonnie had recently discarded near the top of the pile. I clutched the thick red satin knickers and held them aloft with a muted cry of delight. When I stretched open the puckered waistband and peered inside, the white cotton gusset was still dark and moist from the buxom teen's personal secretions. I moaned with unrepressed excitement as I pressed the heavy satin panties to my face. I greedily inhaled the erotic pungent scents until my senses began to swim with arousal. My peenie grew harder in my pants as I drank in the intriguing combined aromas of pee-pee and her sweet sweaty bottom, and an unidentifiable musky scent that I would later learn was Bonnie's vaginal juices.

I knew it was risky but my excitable peenie was swollen hard, demanding my attention! It almost exploded out of my white cotton undies when I urgently lowered the zipper of my faded blue jeans. I desperately kicked off my sneakers without untying the laces, and reverently placed the stretchy red panties on the grey marble vanity bench while I frantically ripped down my combined jeans and underwear. In moments I had drawn the cool damp knickers up my little legs and tugged them over my rigid tool. The high elastic waistband trapped my pulsating hot stiffie against my tummy.

The slick damp gusset felt wonderfully moist and slippery when pressed against the sensitive place between my ball sack and my poo-poo hole. I posed in front of the vanity mirror like a vain young girl and twirled around to admire the short red satin ruffles shimmering across the seat. I ran my trembling fingers over the sweetly feminine decorations, loving the look and the feel. I panted with excitement as I slid one hand over the slippery satin front of the shiny red panties, marvelling at the silky-smooth feel and the thrilling sensations emanating from my hard little peenie. Then the door to Bonnie's bedroom burst open and my cousin practically exploded into the narrow pink bathroom.

"There he was!" Bonnie theatrically announced to the gathered hairdressers, clients and beauticians hanging on her every word. She pointed an accusing pink-nailed finger at me like a cheap courtroom lawyer and every head turned my way. "My disgusting little nephew was standing in front of our bathroom mirror, wearing my red satin panties and playing with his stiffie!" The rush of blood to my face was so severe, it felt like my head might explode from embarrassment!

I felt another hot stream uncontrollably gush into my already wet nappy, the soothing familiar warmth my only comfort. I bit my swollen pink-painted bottom lip in shame, the perfumed taste of my lipstick strange in my mouth. Unwittingly I clutched my dolly tighter for reassurance and during that awful moment, I wanted - I needed my missing dummy! I ducked my head and covered my trembling chin with my hand. In the absence of my dum-dums, my right thumb unconsciously crept towards my mouth. Without thinking I surreptitiously slipped the tip between my swollen painted lips.

"Oh no!" chorused some of the listening girls in horror. "Oh you poor thing!" sympathised others.
"What a dirty little pervert!" A frowning older client commented scathingly. There were many curt nods and angry murmurs of agreement.
"What did you do?" A few girls wanted to know. I cringed afresh at the painfully vivid memory while I mindlessly sucked on my thumb for comfort.

"I screamed at him, naturally!” Bonnie retorted. “The disgusting little wanker was so shocked, he fell over backwards! I rushed into the bathroom and scooped him off the floor, then sat on the edge of the bath and tossed him face-down over my knees!"
"Did you spank him?" A gorgeous redhead demanded in breathless fascination. I could see the same question on everybody's lips.

"Of course I did!" Bonnie caustically replied. Everyone began to giggle as I ducked my head even lower and I shuffled my feet in shame. My fingers curled reflexively around my nose as I distractedly sucked harder on my wet thumb, drawing it all the way in to the last knuckle. "But that wasn't the worst of it…." she trailed off, teasing her entranced audience till they clamoured for her to continue like a troop of excited monkeys. "I had only walloped his panty-clad bottom with my hand a few times, when he burst into tears and wet himself!" There was a loud burst of spiteful laughter at this unnecessary cruel revelation. I desperately wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. "He pissed all over me while I spanked him, I tell you! All through my best cheerleader panties, all over my new white jeans… Everywhere!"

There was a universal cry of disgust for my infantile act. "Ew! Yuck! Oh how awful!"
"Oh no! What did you do?" several girls demanded. Even though I didn’t dare look up, I could feel them all staring at me in revulsion.
"I rolled the little panty-wetter off my lap, of course," Bonnie replied with a sneer of disdain, "then ripped off my drenched pants and jumped in the shower. By the time I washed myself clean and changed into fresh clothes, my perverted little cousin had returned my pee-drenched panties to the laundry hamper and grabbed most of his things, and vanished."

I had tried to blot out the humiliating memory of that afternoon, but my shame returned - magnified a hundredfold by the jeering feminine laughter around me. After I escaped Bonnie’s invidious clutches, I hurriedly pulled my jeans over my pee-damp loins, rammed my feet into my laced shoes, and scampered outside. I lingered in the kitchen long enough to wash my face, removing all traces of my tears. Then I strolled outside to where my mother was already gathering her things together.

I speedily packed and then carried Angie's packed diaper bag to the car. I buckled my baby sister into her car seat, ignoring Mummy when she muttered in confusion; "What's your hurry this afternoon, Jeremy?" When she grabbed my hips and crouched down in front of me to examine the crotch of my jeans for wet spots, I grumbled resentfully but didn't try to twist out of her grasp as I usually did. The sooner she was satisfied I hadn't wet my pants again, the faster we could be gone.

Fortunately we were on our way before Bonnie finished showering, and Aunty Cath offered to pass on our goodbyes as we drove away. When Mummy hadn't mentioned anything about me dressing up in my cousin's cheerleader panties during the ensuing weeks, I'd hoped that was the last I was going to hear about that unfortunate event - till now.

"Did you tell his mother what you caught him doing?" Mrs Worth asked my sneering blonde cousin, glaring down in obvious disgust at my bowed red face and cowed, humiliated stance. I avoided her heartless gaze as I childishly sucked my thumb like an anxious toddler.
"No I didn't, Ma'am," replied Bonnie, to my relief. But my heart skipped a beat and my tummy lurched threateningly when she continued, "I told my mother all about it, though. And I'm pretty sure she discussed his disgusting behaviour with his Mum the following week, when she returned the pee-stained old underwear he left on our bathroom floor. They're sisters; they talk all the time," she explained. I felt myself dying inside at this awful news. The contents of my stomach seemed to drop alarmingly and I almost bit my thumb in terror. Mummy knows?

The older lady clapped her hands again before briskly commanding, "Alright ladies, that's enough gossiping for the moment. Back to work please, girls." As the giggling staff and chuckling clients departed to the various work stations, Bonnie's boss turned to gaze down dispassionately at my cowering form. She was clearly addressing my cruel cousin when she announced; "We're all set up for you, my dear. Take your little… niece straight through to Crystal. She's already got everything ready down the back."

Bonnie clamped her large hands over my shoulders and propelled me forward, into the back of the salon. The grinning grey-haired matron watched my domineering cousin steer me over to an armless pink padded chair in the far corner. There was a cute twenty-something girl in a short pink smock waiting for us, with an odd-looking clear plastic gun lying on the bench by her side. Bonnie released my shoulders and stepped away from me to have a chat with her boss.

The girl named Crystal had a mass of tight blonde ringlets dancing around her attractive heart-shaped face, just like me. Her wide toothy smile was warm and inviting as she patted the vinyl-covered pink padded seat in front of her. "Here we are, little one," she crooned encouragingly, gently disengaging my wet thumb from my mouth. "Don't suck your thumb, darling," she quietly rebuked me. That was the first time I realised I had been unconsciously sucking my thumb like a big baby. "You just sit here for a minute with your dolly while we fix you up."

'Fix me up? What else could they possibly do to me?' I wondered incredulously. I hesitantly sat where the cute blonde indicated. I clutched my dolly tighter for security, staring in stunned disbelief at my wrinkled wet thumb with the ring of candy-pink lipstick around the base. Mummy knows! Because of the full petties underneath, the front of my rustling yellow dress bobbed up when I sat on my warm wet swaddling. When I realised everyone in the salon could see the bulging crotch of my shiny rumba panties, I ineffectually tried to press my slippery frock and petties down with my free hand, hoping somehow to conceal my shameful infantile underwear. Bonnie smirked at my unsuccessful attempts at demure feminine behaviour when she returned.

Crystal and Bonnie turned their backs to me while they fussed about with the strange gun thing on the bench. I didn't see my smirking cousin pour a single drop of superglue on the tiny gold butterfly clasps the pretty attendant carefully held for her. It took only a moment to load the first glue-tipped backing into the gun, and then Crystal tilted my head to one side. She asked Bonnie to hold my dangling curls out of the way while she swabbed both my earlobes. Even as the cute blonde carefully wiped my lobes front and back with the chilling alcohol swabs, I was blissfully unaware what she was about to do to me. I passively sat there while Crystal placed the tip of the gun against my right earlobe, and then she pulled the trigger to pierce my ear. I was preoccupied by the terrifying thought that my Mummy might know all about my naughty private pastime. Mummy knows!

The incredibly loud 'bang!' right next to my ear startled me more than anything else. I shrieked in alarm and bounced out of the chair in pain and shock, almost dropping Justine. A small lump of hot poop simultaneously squirted out of my slackened anus into my drenched diaper. I desperately tried to squeeze my weakened sphincter shut before I embarrassed myself any further. When the laughing blonde attendant ordered me to relax and sit back down, I gingerly lowered my saggy diapered bottom onto the pink padded seat and was distracted by the familiar squishy warmth nestled between my damp botty cheeks. Then Crystal shot a second stud earring through my other sterilised earlobe while I wasn't looking. The sound was deafening! I leapt to my feet in fresh anguish and dropped my baby, and squealed like a frightened schoolgirl again as I uncontrollably soiled my nappy.

I tried to stop the poo from sliding out of my bottom, but it was too late! I didn't even have to squat slightly to help push it out this time. I moaned in helpless resignation as the hot solid mess filled the rear of my drooping wet nappy, before sliding down into the sagging crotch between my wide-splayed thighs. It came out in a sudden irresistible rush, and the huge hot lumps of moist excrement made my drenched cloth nappies sag even more between my bowed legs. I could feel the weight of them dragging at the pins clasped over my hips as I bent to pick up Justine.

When I stood up clutching my dolly, Bonnie grabbed my shoulders and spun me around to face her. At first she was preoccupied admiring the sparkling artificial diamond stud earrings piecing my stinging earlobes. Then her button nose wrinkled in revulsion and she frowned down at my bulging yellow panty crotch in dismay. My cheeks turned crimson with shame when Crystal suddenly demanded from right behind me; "Pooh! What's that awful smell?"

I defensively pressed Justine to my bosom and cringed away from Bonnie's appraising golden-eyed glare, but my buxom cousin gripped my shoulders tightly and stared down unblinkingly into my watering blue eyes. I was so ashamed, I couldn't meet her harsh accusing gaze, and guiltily ducked my curl-covered head. "I think I know what that smell is," commented Bonnie scathingly. She placed one beautifully manicured fingernail under my bowed chin and relentlessly raised my mortified gaze to meet her bemused eyes. She loudly declared, "I think some poor helpless little baby girl has just done a great big poo-poo in her nap-naps!"

I could almost hear the click of eyeballs as every head in the salon swivelled towards my cowering form. All conversation ground to a halt and the noise level dropped with the sound of multiple hairdryers being switched off. In the sudden silence, Bonnie demanded in a resounding voice pitched loud enough for everyone to hear; "Oh Baby Jennie! Did you poo-poo your nappy, sweetheart? Did my helpless little baby girl make a nasty big mess in her nap-naps?" The curly-haired attendant behind me burst into bright peals of laughter when I submissively nodded my bowed head, my new sparkling studs flashing attractively while my narrow shoulders stooped in misery and shame.

I fearfully glanced up at the sound of hurried high-heeled footsteps approaching. Aunty April and Angie hurried over to see what was wrong, followed closely by Mrs Worth. "Oh look!" Angelica squealed in excitement, pointing at my sore glinting earlobes. "Baby Jennie has pierced ears - just like me!"
"Oh dear!" The grey-haired matron exclaimed, "Has your poor little baby girl soiled her nappy?" When Bonnie reaffirmed her suspicions, the old lady stepped behind my cringing form and pressed her cupped hand under the rear of my saggy nappy. "She's wet. Very wet! Oh yes, and dirty!" She confirmed when she detected the huge lump of hot poo-poo hanging between my splayed thighs. “What a poopy baby!”

I shuddered as she snaked her searching hand further between my bowed legs. She shoved upwards with her cupped palm and fingers, forcing the massive semi-solid turd up against the sensitive spot between my poo-poo hole and my ball sack. The soft squishy poop stuck to my delicate skin like hot sticky mud. When she firmly and repeatedly patted the pile of fresh crap between my legs, it mashed forward to coat my sensitive clittie and balls with thrilling gooey warmth.

"Not only is she dirty, this nappy is saturated! Your Baby Jennie needs to have her diaper changed right away! Did you bring a change of nappies for your little panty-pooper, Bonnie?"
"No Ma'am, we didn't," Bonnie admitted with a rueful grimace. "Baby Jennie's mummy offered to pack some fresh nappies for her before we left, but we didn't think we'd need them."
"That's a shame," replied the grimly smiling matron with a disappointed shake of her tight grey curls. "In future, always bring a packed diaper bag when you take the little ones out, my dear. You never know when helpless little babies need to be changed. I would have enjoyed changing this naughty baby's nappy in the back room today." Her gimlet eyes thankfully slid away from my cowed features to rest on my gorgeous cousin’s smiling face . "Make sure you bring Baby Jennie's change bag with you when you bring her in on Saturday morning, Bonnie." I stared at my towering cousin in confusion when she nodded in agreement.
"I certainly will, Mrs Worth! Don't you worry about that! Now we'd better take this stinky baby girl straight home and change her poopy wet nappy right away."

"Baby Jennie's a poo-poo factory!" Angelica loudly declared in the momentary quiet lull, and I blushed furiously at her thoughtless unkind comment. I tucked Justine under my left arm as Bonnie tightly gripped my small right hand in her huge left paw. My grinning cousin led me waddling slowly towards the salon entrance. At first there was only the odd quiet titter from the watching pink-smocked girls and several broad smiles from their seated clients. Sensing their amusement and approval, my sister repeated even louder, "Baby Jennie's a poo-poo factory! A poo-poo factory!"

Before we had shuffled ten feet the cruel feminine giggles began, the guffaws growing louder with my every awkward tortured step. I kept my humiliated gaze glued to the cream linoleum tiles in front of my gleaming black patent Maryjanes, my crimson face bowed and my cheeks burning. The gales of mocking laughter peaked and followed me out of the salon, the awful sound ringing in my ears all the way to Aunty April's old red Volvo. As least my nappy wasn't sagging quite so badly now, as the heavy saturated crotch was effectively glued to my body by my hot fresh excrement.

To be continued in chapter 10.
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Baby Jennie

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