Drifting Deeper In

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Every word is soft as fur
I'm drifting deep deeper in
Stranger, will you remember
Stranger, make me remember you

A Tales of Us story..

A Companion Piece to Stranger

Essex Fells, New Jersey

“ We can do all the things you say you read about.”

“Sh….shopping?” Anna blushed.

“No, honey. Talking and grooming the dog and maybe call your therapist for an extra appointment next week where we can talk? And before you say it, yes, I know it’s not about the clothes. Although I’d love to see you in something in an emerald green?” Anna winced again.

“Emerald green cardigan over a nice ecru blouse with that calf length charcoal grey gauze skirt of mine? Maybe matching outfits. We could sit on the porch and drink wine and laugh at everyone and mess with their heads when they walk by?” Carol laughed.

Anna backed away once again and Carol matched her move and upped the ante by stepping even closer; drawing her she-husband into a hug. She kissed the newest member of the Rowan household on the cheek and whispered softly in her ear....

“Welcome home, stranger.”

Re-reset…. At the Rowan home, Essex Fells, New Jersey…many months later…

Anna lay on the bed. A few minutes later, a magenta and gold silk scarf encircled her head, covering her eyes while its near twin held her wrists close together; just a way to keep straying hands from ‘helping, since her wife wanted to make the focus for the next hour solely on the newness of her wife’s needs. .Anna sighed sleepily and began to approximate a contented purr.

Carol removed her left hand from between her own legs long enough to place her fingers on her lover’s lips; giving her a start. Anna raised her arms in protest but Carol pressed them down gently; holding Anna’s hands against her body. She crawled slowly up until her mouth engulfed her wife’s lips. A few seconds later, she pulled back just enough to notice the tears trickling down Anna’s face.

“Nnnnn…o,” Anna protested; turning her face to the side in shame. Carol pressed in close and resumed kissing, but slower in deference to the very real fears and shame Anna felt.

“Shhhhh….” She began kissing the woman’s tears away. Obligation and duty seemed to empower the fears, as unrealistic expectations weighed heavily on shoulders never broad enough to bear the rigor of being someone ‘else,’ so to speak. Carol knew and continued kissing.

“You….I’m so sorry,” Anna sobbed. Carol shook her head in frustration, but sat up slowly and pulled her wife into a hug; not a motherly embrace to reinforce the helplessness the newly-ordained woman, but as an equal, reminding her life-long lover of their commonality. Empowering hugs that removed every single ‘need’ for Anna to be someone she was never intended to be.

Wilder, than I've known before
Fire rushes through
Every vein

“No disappointments, my sweet lady,“ Carol said as comforting grew amorous once again. She pushed aside the silk that covered Anna’s eyes and removed the scarf from Anna’s wrists,

“Let me love you?” Carol earnestly requested in a tone just a bit above a whisper. She once again placed her hand on her sex, but also guided Anna’s right hand to her own but newly formed slit. A moment later the two were kissing each other’s fingers,

“No..oooo,” Anna protested; one last remnant of self-hatred and its twin unworthiness. Carol put her hand over Anna’s mouth; only this once and gently.

“Shhhhh… I decided that I love you. You can say no to what you don’t like or want, but never again - Please never deny how much I love you and how much we deserve this.” She leaned closer and resumed kissing Anna; inviting the passion to come out of her wife to play. And passion led to new expression which led to freedom.

Carol fell back and pulled Anna down and over as she settled into comfortable ease; ministering with her tongue even as Anna accepted the invitation to reciprocate. Weeping gave way to ecstatic tears which eased into giggles and full-out laughter as defenses were swept away in exploration and fulfillment….

A short while later…..

Anna walked out of the bathroom; briskly rubbing her longer-than-ever hair with a turquoise towel. She looked up to find Carol sitting up in bed; clad in a copper satin teddy. Carol set aside the paperback she had been reading and looked over the top of her reading glasses and smiled,

“Hey, stranger? Anymore at home like you?” she laughed softly. Unlike the tropes of recently more relevant fiction Anna still tended to cover only her bottom half; leaving newly sensitive if preciously small breasts ex-posed to the cool of the bedroom. And that led to the rose-like color of pert nipples. Anna quickly covered her chest even as her face darkened in fresh embarrassment.

“Oh, honey? I kinda like the old way,” Carol laughed as she patted the pillow beside her. That tears began to spill would normally not be a surprise. All tropes aside, so to speak; Anna had always been a ‘crybaby’ growing up, But it was Carol who began to bawl very happy tears as Anna abandoned caution and the final vestiges of shame and doubt. She dropped both towels to the floor; revealing all without shame. A moment later she was back in bed, wearing only a smile that sang them both to sleep….

Born a mystery
You're the in between
Boy or girl

Words and Music by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory.
As performed by Alison Goldfrapp

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