New World Epidemic - Chapter Five

“They took Katie!”

My Mom blinked in horror, just like she had the last five times.

“Who?” she asked.

“The men in the suits!”

She shook herself. “When?”

I was ready to tear my hair out. “While you and Dad were fucking each other stupid!”

Language like that would have me grounded on an ordinary day, but my Mom wasn’t all there. Every few moments she closed her eyes, bit her lip, and held one hand down to keep from touching herself, just like every other horny fool in town.


She jumped upright. “Yes?”

“Katie,” I said.

“Wh-what happened to Katie? Where is she?”

It was worse than I could imagine.

I ran upstairs to the master bedroom. If she couldn’t do anything then maybe I was talking to the wrong parent. I knocked and burst inside, only to find my father curled on the floor, with sweat pouring off his skin.

“Oh my god.”

My family, as it was, ceased to exist.

I had to do something, so I got on my phone to text everyone I could. When it said the network was down I tried getting online, but no computer would connect. Even the house phone was dead.

Were the government men behind that as well?

I switched from the pumps my friends had prescribed into sneakers and sprinted to Angela’s home. The sun was setting, and while heavy trucks failed to slow when I crossed their path I kept going.

The lights were on, and there were noises coming from inside.
I pounded on the door, and waited.

Angela swung from the handle and twirled into the opening, flashing the contents of her robe. The stink of pot billowed in thick plumes as she laughed.

“About time you got here,” she said.

“I need your help.”

She beamed. “With getting off? Baby, you know that’s what I’m here for.”

“No,” I said. “Something else.”

Angela rolled her eyes and sauntered back inside. “I’m guessing it’s serious business.” She didn’t even look at me when she sprawled on the sofa, and started running circles around her nipple.

My body stiffened; my skin was electricity and my dick a flaming torch.

Still, I breathed.

“You’ve seen those weird cars and trucks,” I said, “and now there’s that Danvers guy at the school. You’ve noticed him too, right?”

Angela frowned. “The bald guy? Yeah, he’s fucking gross. Schaffer can have him.”

“No, we’re not going to fuck him,” I said. “He-I mean his friends took my sister.”

She scowled. “What, Danver’s a fucking pedo?”

“No. He’s not a pedo.”

She thought about it for a moment, long enough to stop playing with herself. “So those guys are pedos?”

I sighed. “It’s probably worse than that.”

“Nothing’s worse than that,” she said.

I knelt before her and grabbed her arms. “Angela, this isn’t a sex thing. I know it’s hard, but you need to stop thinking about it, just for a few minutes. Can you do that for me?”

She writhed against my grasp, and smiled. “This is pretty hot.”

I let go. “Angela, people are changing, and weird government guys are sitting there and watching. Now they’ve run off with my sister. We need to do something about this!”

She paused. “You’re really worried about this, huh.”

“My question is, why aren’t you?”

“Because,” she said, “it feels fucking amazing. You don’t think so?”

I shook. There was no denying the chasm of want that only grew wider.

“Angela, I can’t do this alone,” I said. “I came here because you’re my best friend, and weird as things are there’s nobody else I can trust. Will you help me?”

She caught my gaze and smiled; not with mischief this time, but with a kind of appreciation. It wasn’t often I got to see that side of her, especially in this chaos, but in that moment Angela was real with me. She pulled me close and kissed my lips, softly, with no intent to further arouse.

“All you had to do was ask,” she said.

* * * *

That night was just the two of us. Cathy was ‘on a date’ and Angela had the house to herself. There were no lovers, no recent converts; just me and my friend lounging under the dim light of her lamp.

Of course it turned sexual - that was the curse we lived with - but this time was different. The whispers were subdued, and hushing, like waves in the distance. When Angela and I touched it was like sending ripples along a still pool.

She lay on her side and ran her nails down my neck. Her hair was still wet from the shower she’d taken before I arrived. God, she smelled amazing every time I breathed her in.

“You doing okay?” she asked.

I said nothing.

Angela sighed. “I’ve been worried about you.”

“Really?” I shifted to sit up. For her to say something like that didn’t seem natural.

She shrugged and lay her head between my breasts.

My fist balled and released as I held her, and frowned. “Angela,” I said, “when we… the first time… did you know that it would be like this?”

“Did I know you’d change sex like me,” she said.

I hummed.

“No, I didn’t.”

“But now you do know,” I said, “and you know that Scott will change, and that everyone else you… we…”

Angela rolled onto her stomach and peered up at me, tightening her smile. “You want to know if I regret it?”

I nodded.

“No,” she said, “and even if I did know I would have done the same.”

My blood ran cold. Could she really know what she was doing? Being driven by supernatural urges was one thing; this was something else.

Angela furrowed her brow. “Do you hate me?”

I stroked her hair. “No. A part of me wants to, but I don’t.”

She crawled into my lap and nuzzled into my shoulder, from there searching out my lips. Her tongue was warm and delicate, just like the rest of her. My hand snaked inside her robe and caressed her side.

“I don’t understand why you’re worried about me,” I whispered.

Angela’s eyes seemed to swallow me whole. “Because what’s happening to us is a miracle,” she said, “and I want you to be happy.”

My mouth fell open, but I couldn’t argue. I’d felt it too; the past week had opened the door to sensations I could never have dreamed of.

She cupped my jaw and pulled me into a kiss. I practically tumbled into it and swam in the warmth. Angela caressed my body as she rolled onto her back, and I climbed onto her. I leaned down and littered pecks along her cheek, neck and ears. Her giggles were like music.

We lingered in each other’s gaze. Those misty eyes were doing it again, begging me to get lost in them. They poured over me like honey and seeped into every nook. Then she smiled, and I shuddered.

“You really are beautiful,” she said.

I flushed. “You’re one to talk.”

She slipped out of her robe and arched, Her breasts heaved as she sighed and I was as devoted as always. Some things never change, I guess. Her skin begged me to taste it, and I did, lapping at it and taking small bites as I explored her neck.

It was more than arousal; whispers or not, there was nowhere else I would have been at that moment, and to look at Angela she felt the same. Her fingers glided across my flesh with grace and ease, running back and forth in long swirls.

We must have been there for hours just touching and caressing, late into the night, never getting enough. If anything my desire grew.

Our bodies practically melted into one another as we lay on our sides with limbs intertwined. We made sure not to miss an inch of one another; stroking each other’s hair, raking our nails down each other’s backs, and lingering on the corners of vulnerability you wouldn’t think to draw sexuality from.

The curve of Angela sprawled before me was irresistible, with contours running down her ribs and into a soft valley before rising again to her hip. I was drunk on the sight of her alone, a body of steep turns, smooth all over.

She bent down to take a nipple into her mouth. I was swollen and still growing, and hung low enough she had to dip her head. Next was the hotness of her mouth burning against me, while her tongue lashed my areola.

She murmured, “you’re so fucking beautiful.”

If I didn’t feel it before her touch made the difference.

Angela’s fingers found my cock and wrapped around it, digit after digit. She worked in lazy rhythm, stroking me with skin as soft as velvet. Soon I was straining and thrusting against her.

My mouth hung open. I could have said anything but words fizzled into nothingness. Instead I just held her head and drew her deeper into my breast.

The tempo lifted the longer we were at it, until I was rutting into Angela’s palm and climbing toward orgasm. She lifted her head and smiled, hungry to see the look in my eyes as she sent me over the edge.

“Cum for me,” she gasped, as though I needed telling.

I whimpered and convulsed, covered in sweat and shivering. A rush of cold washed over me, and my skin was electricity, jumping at every touch. My dick twitched, splattering its contents across Angela’s stomach before falling soft and dribbling onto the sheets.

Angela cradled me in one arm and smiled. She brought her hand to her lips and licked a finger clean. I swear, my cock flexed at the sight.

“Would you like some?”

I said nothing, but accepted the finger. The taste of semen was something I’d never thought about, and though it was bitter and tasted like glue there was no taking away from how hot it was.

“Do you really want to go back to the way things they were?” she asked.

I shook my head. “Not in a million years.”

She pulled me into a kiss, and I was lost again. The curse was not without its pleasures.

* * * *

I marched into the main school building with purpose.

The halls were filled with students again, none of them male - at least not anymore. They fawned and caressed each other, practically stripping each other right there in front of everybody. One girl was on her knees, while her friends took turns ramming their cocks down her throat. Even more remarkable was how unfazed the others were, save for maybe an appreciative rub of their crotch in passing.

It would have been easy to stop right there, drag two or three relative strangers into a class, and beg them to impale me like a spitroast. The thought was overwhelming, and rolled over all others, but I composed myself and pressed on.

Nobody flinched when the bell rang, and why would they? Class was just a pretense at that point.

Danvers arrived at the nurses’ station at 9:27, but there was no sign of Angela. I figured she’d be late; changing sex was one thing, her inability to keep time was another. Usually I wouldn’t care, but I’d never had to rely on her when the stakes were so high.

Finally she sauntered into the hallway.

“Where the shit were you?”

Angela smirked and wiped her chin. There was semen splattered across her cheeks and across her shirt, more than any one person could produce alone.

“Maybe I made a mistake,” I said.

“What’s your hurry?” Angela shrugged.

She was a mess, and all I had to clean her with was the sleeve of my top. How could she walk around like that?

“My sister,” I said. “That’s why.”

“Hey, you.”

We turned to the office behind where Danvers had us locked in his crosshairs. He curled his finger to beckon me closer.

“Don’t think I don’t see you,” he said.

Angela gave me that ‘now or never’ look and strutted toward him. I buried my hands in my pockets and shuffled to the doorway.

Would Danvers recognize me, and what would he do if he did? Two encounters in the woods, and then lingering near his office; he’d know I was snooping.

The agent ushered us into the station pointed me to a chair. “Sit.”
I did as I was told.

“You, with me,” he said to Angela.

She waggled her brows and followed his lead, smiling the whole time. It stunned me how chill she was throughout the whole ordeal, or maybe it was her condition. Nobody was acting normal; why should this be any different?

The door clicked shut and I was in action.

There wasn’t much to the office; a desk, a computer, a couple of chairs, a filing cabinet, and a bed with a paper sheet. On one of the shelves were a stack of folders, most likely patient files.

I listened for the door. Danvers and Angela were talking, though I couldn’t make sense of what they were saying.

The file on top belonged to ‘Young, Andrew’, whoever that was. There was a yearbook photo inside from his sophomore days, back when he was a clean cut boy shying from the camera. It was a world apart from the second picture featuring an older girl with an afro. So much had changed in just a few days.

I poured over the chicken scratch notes, typical for medical staff if the stereotypes were true.

“Patient shows signs of skeletal contortion and muscle refinement… fat redistribution and breast growth… increased libido… and other symptoms indicative of exposure to the tiresias

The folder fell to the ground, and I blinked.


As soon as the doorknob turned I scrambled to return the file, and jumped back to the seat.

Danvers stepped out and shot me a suspicious look, then turned to usher Angela out.

She looked great, as always; swaying back and forth like she’d cum for the hundredth time.

“Have a nice day, Angela,” he said, then turned to me. “Come in.”

She stroked my cheek and wandered past. “Have fun!”

I stood and tentatively stepped into the next room. There was more to it than the waiting area, with a series of machines I couldn’t put a name to, along with a refrigerator and shelves of medical equipment. It was no mere nurses’ station, not like it was before this all began.

There was a woman inside who looked a lot more qualified than a nurse, with faded red hair and folds hard pressed into the corners of her grimace. She went to the corner where she fished for a number of capsules, syringes, a kidney dish, more.

Danvers snapped his fingers, drawing me back to him, and maybe to keep my attention off what she had planned.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

I froze. The whispers clouded my thoughts. Only one name came to mind.

“Brooke,” I said.

He nodded. “Brooke, huh. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s not the name you were born with. Am I right?”
I nodded.

“You got that look about you,” he said, “like you don’t got this worked out yet. It’s pretty different, huh?”
The woman in the scrubs came to my side and tied my arm.

“We’re just going to take some blood,” she said.

She swapped the inside of my elbow with an alcohol pad and fed a needle into my vein. Blood erupted into the connected vial.

Finally, I managed to speak. “You’re both from the health department, right?”

“That’s right,” Danvers said.

The doctor switched vials and started on a second.

“Anything I should be worried about?”

“We got a report about a measles outbreak,” he said. “Usually it’s nothing serious, but we’re obligated to investigate.”

“Is that all?”

Danvers was quiet. His gaze bore into me like a drill, and I didn’t dare to flinch.

The woman in the scrubs taped a cotton bud over the needle mark and guided me to my feet.

“I’m going to need you to take off your shirt,” she said.

“Is this part of a measles test?” I asked.
Danvers’ glare was like ice down my back. His laugh was even colder.

“You know, most of your friends couldn’t wait to get their clothes off,” he said. “What are you, some kind of prude?”

I said nothing and slipped off my shirt, then my bra. The doctor said nothing as she massaged my breast. Her latex glove was dry and caught on my skin, but was still soft enough to prickle it with sensation. My body betrayed a gasp as she applied the calipers to them.

“How long have you had these, Brooke?” she asked.

The whispers moaned, running behind my eyes and down the back of my throat until my erection was burning. It was hard to hide while we were so close; the woman in scrubs pulled me back whenever I tried to move.

“A few days,” I said.

“Do you feel any pain in them? Itching?”

I shook my head.

Then she took my nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and turned. A cocktail of pleasure and pain surged through my body.

“On a scale of one to ten, how sensitive are they?”

My eyes rolled back. “Ten. Fuck…”

She pulled back and returned to her tablet to record notes. Meanwhile I was shivering and burning at the same time, and suddenly aching at the lack of touch. God, I needed someone to fuck me!

“You sure this is a measles test?”

Danvers smirked. “You’re a curious one, aren’t you?”

The doctor placed her tablet down and guided me to turn around.

“Please remove your leggings and underwear,” she said.

Was this what they were doing with the other students? I shivered and did as I was told, only to feel a latex glove on my back urging me to bend.

“Please lean on the counter,” she said. “This is standard procedure.”

‘Standard procedure’ was an application of cold jelly to my entrance, just as Angela had demonstrated before. The doctor used the same long motions with her finger and inched her way inside.
My knees buckled. Her digit wormed into the heart of my arousal, pressing into my spot. My cock flushed with heat, and I was swimming.

Danvers didn’t watch. How many times had he seen this? How many others were bent over just as I was? He was more invested with the contents of his tablet.

“You’ve been milked before,” the doctor said. “Just an observation. There’s no shame indulging what feels good.”

She pressed into me until I felt the stirring inside. I almost didn’t notice the plastic cup she held beneath me.

My cock flexed and twitched, dribbling my cream into the container. The doctor held it close, making sure to catch as much of it as she could, before pulling it away and sealing it. She removed her finger from my ass, slowly, and after wiping the container down and placing it in storage she made sure to wash her hands and replace her gloves.

I was still hunched over, barely able to stand.

She leaned over to the agent to whisper something in his ear, and he nodded. As I dressed they both regarded me strangely, like I had a second head or something. Of all the weird things going on apparently I stood out.

The doctor cleared her throat. “Brooke, how do you feel about your… transformation?”

I shrugged.

“Do you miss being a male?” she asked.

“I’m still a guy, aren’t I? I mean, I still have my dick.”

“With female secondary sexual characteristics,” she said. “You don’t find that distressing?”

I pulled my jacket on. “It’s weird, but it doesn’t feel bad.”

Danvers lifted his head. “Weird how?”

I looked between the two and stepped back. “Just weird, you know? I mean, guys don’t turn into girls everyday. They don’t just grow boobs, or…”

“You’ve noticed it happening to your peers,” the doctor said.

I shook my head. “Listen, I should get going.”

The agent and the doctor shared a silent conversation and nodded. Danvers held the door open for me. The doctor reached to shake my hand.
“Alright, Brooke. Come and see us tomorrow, would you? We’d like to know some more about your situation.”

“We can’t talk about them now?”

“No,” she said. “Tomorrow.”

I inched out of the door, still negotiating how to walk after the last orgasm. They watched until I rounded the corner and was out of view. Did I say something wrong?

Angela was waiting by the main entrance, leaning against a post and grinning like the cat who caught the canary. She brushed away the cheerleader she was flirting with - though it was probably more than flirting - and grabbed my hand. She held it against her chest, where something sharp and metallic rested between her cleavage.

“I got his car keys,” she chirped.

“What? How?”

“By putting on the moves,” she said. “Duh.”

I threw her against the wall and flew into a kiss. To think I ever doubted her.

Angela rested her brow against mine and beamed. “Question is, what are you going to do with them?”

A plan started to form.

* * * *

It wasn’t hard to find Danver’s car; the digital lock beeped for us. Of course he had a six seat four wheel drive, black with government plates. Anything else would have been too obvious.

“Plenty of room for us to hide in the trunk,” Angela said.

“I need you to return the keys to Danvers.”

Angela pouted and cuddled into my shoulder. “You sure? We could have some fun in the back seat, if you know what I’m saying.” The finger tracing along my neckline made a fantastic point.

I stroked her hair and planted her with a kiss. “We can’t let ourselves be distracted.”

Her smell was distraction enough, and it followed wherever I went. Not thinking about it took more effort than it deserved.

Angela sighed and grabbed my hips, dancing and grinding against them. Her breasts squished against my own, and I was captivated. The power she had was growing every day.

“Just know that when you get back I’m going to fuck your brains out,” she said.

How could I say no to that?

I crawled into the back and hid under a blanket between a spare tyre and a first aid kit. Angela closed the door and activated the lock, leaving me alone to wait.

The air was stale and hot, and sitting still was a pain. I don’t know how long I was there, only that boredom and nerves were urging me to leave. Meanwhile, the whispers were stirring again, and the aftermath of an Angela encounter brought my erection back to life.


Suddenly the locks clicked and the car beeped. I sat frozen under the blanket as footsteps approached, the door opened and someone sat inside. The engine turned and the vehicle was in motion, first reversing out of park, then rolling to its destination.

A dial tone played over the car stereo, and was picked up on the other end.


“We’ve administered solution XV-127 to a control group of two dozen stage two male students,” Danvers said.

“Keep a close eye on it,” the voice said, and hung up the phone.

What were they talking about? The ‘tiresias’ virus?
I couldn’t dwell. All that mattered was finding Katie.

Danvers sighed and turned the stereo to a country station. He sang along, not at all aware that there was someone else with him.

After a series of turns and inclines the vehicle slowed. Danvers rolled down the windows, joked with the security guards, and drove on. It was hard to believe breaking in was so simple, but so long as I kept my head down things were going my way.

The van pulled to a stop. Danvers killed the engine and stepped out.

After a few minutes I lifted my head and peered out the window. He’d parked by an open yard beside two makeshift structures. There was nobody stationed nearby, and a series of crates provided a halfway decent hiding spot.

I climbed out, closed the door, and ran with all the stealth I could muster.

Where was Katie? The site was marked with letters and numbers, but none gave any sign of where they might stash an eight year old girl, assuming she was even there. If I had to I’d search the buildings one by one.

The coast was clear, and I made my move. No sooner had I rounded the first corner than I was grabbed from behind. One arm grabbed my torso, the other cupped my mouth. Next thing I knew a black bag fell over my head, my hands were behind my back, and someone strong had me hoisted over their shoulder.

There was no getting out of this one.

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