Left at Eden - Chapter 7

Left at Eden

They had a wonderful meal, and many more perverted jokes that would make an Earth Sailor blush, after which they said their goodbyes and thanks to Erik for the wonderful food, and headed towards the tavern. Even Vanessa had to admit the more subtle jokes, like the author and the octopus, were clever and funny, though. It only took her halfway through the meal to finally fully process it, too.

The more blunt ones were funny in a 6th grade humor sort of way too. The way the girls just bounced them off each other was what made them funny really. By the time they reached the Tavern, Vanessa had noticed something growing out of the base of Hailey’s tailbone so did Jenna because they were both walking behind Hailey and Candy.

“Admiring the view?” Hailey looked over her shoulder and wiggled her butt. “Full moon tonight.”

Jenna laughed, “Actually Hailey, you're starting to grow your tail.”

“Oh, is that what that is?” Candy said, looking over appraisingly. “I thought she was smuggling something for the after party.”

“I told you, it’s so tight it would implode a quarter.” Hailey winked.

“Then you work your way up to a quarter from an eighth,” Candy shot back, having no idea that a quarter, to Hailey, was a coin.

Hailey giggled and smacked Candy’s arm, “That won't get you in bed.” she teased.

“Okay,” Vanessa said. “I think I’m starting to get the basics. So if I say something just completely random like, I don’t know, blue stars, the goal isn’t to try and make it funny, but to see how long it takes the other person to make it funny?”

Jenna nodded. “Exactly.”

“Otherwise we’d go completely insane,” Candy giggled, now walking backwards. “Good one, by the way. Hailey’s going to have a blue star in a few days,” she giggled.

“You’ll have a black and blue star.” Hailey giggled.

Vanessa leaned over to Jenna and whispered something just before they reached the tavern. Jenna’s eyes widened. She started laughing and nodded. She ran ahead inside, and Vanessa moved to put one arm around each of the girls’ necks. She said in a whisper, “chicken pot pie,” and then dashed inside. Hailey started giggling.

As they two entered Candy giggled and blurted out the most nastiest thing she could think of.

The tavern fell silent, save for the snickering and laughing from Vanessa and Jenna from one corner. Ella was sitting at one of the tables with a human girl with slightly olive hued skin and chestnut brown, nearly black hair. The girl asked Ella something, and Ella just grinned and nodded. She said something back to her, and the girl giggled softly, blushing. Ella grinned and waved them over.

Hailey smiled and shrugged as she came over and sat down, neither girl were embarrassed at all by the sudden outburst and silence. Candy followed.

“She’s only been Furran less than a day too,” Ella giggled out.

“We’re losing some of our inhibitions, including our embarrassment factor.” Candy shrugged.

“Must be nice,” the new girl laughed quietly. She was most definitely human.

“As long as we don’t go feral or to that other stage Candy talked to Doctor Lynn about.” Hailey spoke, “I’ll be fine, I can handle this banter stuff.”

“So we saw Vanessa and Jenna sneak in earlier. She’s looking paler than before, and you’re looking a lot more blue,” she giggled. “Oh, this is Karen. She’s with the other explorer group, so we hardly ever get to see each other.”

“Yeah Candy and I were talking we were going to give them space here.” Hailey smiled ignoring the statement about their changes. “Nice to meet you Karen.”

“You as well, Ella’s team is 3 people short of a full team, now they’re one.” Karen said, “Thanks for joining them.”

“I’ve been slowly wearing her down on the idea of joining us,” Ella laughed.

“I couldn't leave my sisters team unless we can find a good enough replacement.” Karen said. “Identical twins. But I do miss seeing Ellie too.” She squeezed Ella’s hand under the table.

“Weird.” Hailey spoke. “For like the last 4 hours, Candy and I have been bouncing perverted off each other, but right just now, I had something, but I didn’t feel like blurting it out.”

“Oh... Oh man, I’m so stupid,” Candy laughed. “We’ve been purging. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it. I’ve been, like, the last two weeks among outsiders, traveling abroad and lecturing about the new anxiety treatment I developed. I was on my way home when that weird light grabbed me.”

“But here even though they’re not Furren, we feel like they are?” Hailey asked.

Candy nodded. “Yeah, that must be it. We feel at home enough among these people to say things we would never in a million lightyears say among polite company.” She giggled. “And you're acting like a school kit, learning how to control it.”

“I’m almost sorry I missed the show,” Karen giggled. “Ella was regaling me about your journey home from the 7-11. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.”

“All these dirty jokes floating around in my head, I could write a Dirty Furren Joke 101 book.” Hailey giggled. “Oh, what was the one Jenna told us was from Master Risa?”

“The Author and the Octopus.” Candy giggled causing Hailey to giggle too. “That one never gets old.”

“Oh, we have another one to add to the island story chain,” Hailey giggled. “I found out that Candy actually landed in a tree.”

“A Pussy in a Dick tree.” Candy giggled. Ella and Karen did too.

“That’s terrible,” Karen said, laughing. “I love it.”

“You can blame Hailey for the pussy thing, she started calling Furren’s pussy’s.” Candy giggled.

“Oh no no no,” Hailey laughed. “That blame rests squarely on you and your pussy in a dick forrest comment.”

“My favorite was clam diver in a sausage forest,” Karen giggled out.

Hailey leaned over to nudge Ella. “This one’s a keeper!” she whispered.

Ella blushed and giggled. “Let’s hope her father agrees.”

“Pfft,” Karen said. “I’m old enough to join the explorers. And you’re a what’s-it. Regulator.”

“Both Karen and Tera are Native born.” Ella explained to Hailey and Candy, “They were actually born here.”

“Oh wait, there’s something I always wanted to ask one of your people Ella,” Candy said. Karen waited with baited breath. “Do you call your standing army the Regulator Regulars?”

Karen giggled, and Ella groaned and shook her head, laughing. “I’ve barely known you two a day, and I already feel like we’ve known each other a lifetime.”

Karen nodded. “It makes me feel better knowing Ellie is surrounded by people who can make her laugh. I know Brie and Rebecca are wonderful people, too.”

“We told Vanessa this earlier, but I’ll repeat the same to Ella, Rebecca or even Brie, they’re like family to me, I’m purrrrty sure Candy does too.” she purred out the word Purty.

“I feel purrfectly content here,” Candy nodded. “I don’t purrge with just anyone. You have to be purretty close to comfortable with them first. You all should be purrfect strangers, but here we are,” she giggled.

“We’ve been purrging with half the town before we finally calmed down.” Hailey nodded. “Doctor Lynn thinks drinking too much ocean water accelerated the changes. But we were literally craving the stuff.”

Both Ella and Karen frowned at that. “I’m glad you talked to Lynn at least,” Ella said. “Swallowing too much of that stuff... Well, we don’t actually know what would happen.”

“We’re the purrfect guinea pigs,” they said in unison, causing them both to giggle.

“Oh!” Karen said, pointing to the makeshift stage near the bar as a girl who looked identical to her was setting up with a 12 string guitar. “She convinced Brie to sing tonight.”

Ella laughed, “It’s going to be really interesting to hear. Brie’s convinced she has the vocal talents of a sick mynok in a garbage processor, but Karen’s sister says she sounds amazing.”

“It’s always the ones that lie about it, that have the best voices.” Hailey giggled as Brie nervously entered the main room.

Tricia stepped up on stage and took the mic, “Ladies and Gentlefolk, I have some very good news.” she paused and smiled, “Q’laan and Lisa had their first child, which makes their baby second generation - 10 pounds, 3 ounces, a very healthy baby boy.” The bar actually erupted in Cheering, it definitely wasn’t like that on earth where a baby is born every second.

“We also have for your listening pleasure tonight a blending of cultures, something uniquely ours. Miss Tera and Miss Brie have put together a little something that I believe you’ll all enjoy. As you may know, Brie’s people have one of the most unique vocal talents in the known galaxy, but I think I’ll stop talking and let her voice speak for itself.” She grinned as she stepped away from the mic and Brie approached it.

“I’m really nervous,” she said with a nervous laugh.

Hailey smiled and called out, “Don’t be, you have such a wonderful normal voice.”

“Now I’m even more nervous,” Brie laughed, waited for the patrons to give each other puzzled looks and then grinned. “Cat calls,” she teased, giggling.
“Meow.” Candy called out.

At first, a sound not at all pleasant, and more like a frog with its tongue stuck to a frozen light post croaked out. Brie cleared her throat. “Sorry about that,” she said, taking a glass of water from off the bar. She drank the entire thing, put the glass down, and then something amazing happened.

A soft, sweet soprano voice began to sing in a language Hailey didn’t recognize, tot he soft strains of 12-string guitar. And then a second voice joined in harmony with the first - both of them coming from Brie.

“Woah, she’s singing in Ilonian,” Karen said.

By the time Brie had come back around to the third verse, it was something everyone could understand - the universal trade language.

“It’s not about the end, no matter where you go, it’s all about the journey, and finding your own road. Doesn’t matter where you’re going, only where you’ve been, and the people you can look back on, and say they were true friends.”

She had to wipe away a tear when she finished, stepping back from the microphone. Again the entire tavern erupted in cheers and applause as she took Tera’s hand, and they took a deep bow together. Karen got up to hug her sister after they left the stage, and Ella hugged Brie.

“I only wrote one song, sorry guys.” Brie spoke hugging Ella back. “But um if you ask Hailey really nice, she has a music box that we can use.”

Hailey laughed and took her iPhone out from her new silven metallic pink purse and placed it where she thought the acoustics might be best, setting it to party mix shuffle.

“Fashion is my only real art, my tail fur,” Candy giggled. “That was amazing.”

Brie blushed, “Thank you. My parents wanted me to be a scientist. They felt that singing was a waste of our true talents, rather than ‘abusing a biological abnormality’.”

“Well you’re parents aren't here now are they?” Hailey grinned. “You’re amongst family and friends.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Brie said as Ella and Karen pulled up two extra chairs for Tera and Brie, “I love being an explorer, and I love science. I would never give up the Explorers’ guild for anything, but... I felt more free tonight than I have in years.”

“Good music is supposed to set your soul free.” Hailey nodded. As if on cue, “Fly Like an Eagle” came up on the iPhone. “See? Even the Overseers agree,” she teased.

“Some of the people have actually taken to calling them Gods, we all know there more than one, so they’ve taken to calling them all gods.” Brie said.

“Eh?” Candy said. “Is that superstitious talk I hear?” She grinned playfully.

“If you can be superstitious, so can everyone else.” Brie teased back. “Besides, we know they exist. There’s nothing superstitious about knowing something. That’s just good sense.” She giggled, turning Candy’s own words against her.

Candy laughed. “Now you’re getting it,” she said as Chuck brought a fresh round of drinks around to their table.

“I don’t think I’d go as far as calling them gods and worshipping them.” Hailey spoke, “But I have to say whoever they are, they are very powerful beings, and while I’m going to miss my friends and family, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. To whatever tomorrow holds for all of us,” she said, raising her glass.

“To Tomorrow.” Karen raised hers as well.

“And to your father not skinning me alive,” Ella teased, giggling as she raised hers.

“I think my father is more scared of you, miss you can lift a boat out of the ocean and carry it to shore.” Karen giggled. “If you want to talk to him, tomorrow morning would be the best time, before you have to leave again.”

“Oh no,” Rebecca said, leaning over their table. “Doctors’ orders. We’re to stay docked until further notice.” She grinned. “So enjoy it. These two and that one over there are under observation till their changes are done, and we won’t leave without them.”

Karen giggled excitedly and hugged Ella. “So I guess there is a second date tomorrow,” she said with a grin.

Candy grinned, “Same for us.”

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