A Christmas Gift

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry


santa-girls-prt1 red boots.jpg

I had been planning this for a year and tonight my efforts would pay off. Who thought a glass of milk and a handful of oatmeal cookies could have so much power?

I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm a biochemist working in an oh so secret government laboratory playing with DNA. We were tasked with introducing a virus that would allow a change in DNA to make a 50 lb tomato, or to change a field mouse into a 1400lb Holstein cow. All this research was for our manned Mars mission. Imagine, a whole herd of cattle only weighing a few pounds, the fuel savings are tremendous!
But some of us were the image of the evil mad scientist. We could change your mother-in-law into a beagle, or your ugly friend into a supermodel!

Tonight, ten years of work, and a year's planning would come together. I checked the wall clock, 11:50pm. I quickly turned all the lights in the room off except for the soft glow from the tree in the corner. I hid behind the armchair, waiting, waiting! At last! I heard the gentle fall of soot from the chimney, and saw shiny black boots come into sight. Soon a shadowy image started munching on the oatmeal cookies, and sipping the milk.

A moaning and sharp groaning broke out. I jumped from behind my chair and turned on the lights!

There, before me stood a statuesque blonde haired beauty, dressed only in red knee-high stiletto heeled boots, and a fur-trimmed red bikini; a satchel lay at her feet.

She turned towards me, linked her arms around my neck and breathed, "Merry Christmas, have you been a good boy?"

"I must have been," I answered, "I got my wish!"

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