Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 11

Chapter 11 Synopsis. Cousin Bonnie and her friend Tammy punish Baby Jennie for peeing on Bonnie. Bonnie explains the reason why she wants to torture Baby Jennie.

Chapter 11. Potty-training Baby Jennie

I danced on tippy toes and ineffectually pawed at her arm, desperately trying to alleviate the agony from my mercilessly-stretched earlobe. But the gleaming new stud piecing my ear only seemed to give my furious cousin a more secure grip on my tortured appendage. When Bonnie forcefully thrust out her hand and released me, I shot forward into the Nursery en-suite bathroom, tumbling in a heap onto the cool white tiles. After repeatedly rinsing her mouth at the vanity basin and wiping her face with my towel, my angry babysitter turned to me in fury.

"Keep an eye on her, Tammy," she snarled to her giggling friend, her tone cold and menacing. "I have to throw these pissy wet clothes in the wash, and we'll need a few things from the overnight bag." I submissively rolled onto my back when Tammy aggressively strode over to me, and she placed her small sandalled foot on my heaving breast. She grinned down at my cowering naked form in cruel amusement, before turning to face my enraged cousin.

"Don't worry," Tammy chuckled snidely, as she leaned more of her weight on my chest. "This naughty little girl isn't going anywhere." When Bonnie stormed off, I fearfully glanced up at my new tormentor. I realised I could see right up her short denim skirt. Tammy was wearing baby-pink nylon bikini panties stretched tautly across her plump round derriere. When she bent her knees and pressed her dainty foot down more forcefully on my trembling bosom, I spied a tiny dark wet spot on the shiny crotch between her smooth sculpted thighs.

Her gorgeous face turned back to me, and I hastily tore my eyes from her damp pink panty crotch and gazed guilelessly up at her bemused brown eyes. One delicate arched eyebrow crawled up her furrowed forehead, and she shook her head in apparent disbelief before demanding incredulously; "Why did you do it? You already know Bonnie's like, out to get you, you silly baby! Why did you piss on her?"

I winced at her scornful expression when I childishly stammered, "I-I couldn't help it! It- it wathn't my fault. I couldn't thtop it from coming out! It wath an acthident!" I wailed like a big baby, unwanted tears of shame and humiliation welling in my big blue eyes.
"What do you mean, you couldn't help it?" Tammy derisively mocked, her twinkling brown eyes crinkling in mirth at my infantile lisp.
"I couldn't help it! I couldn't!" I whined like a cranky toddler. "It jutht cometh out…"
"You mean, you really can't control yourself - like a baby?" Her expression indicated total disbelief when I reluctantly nodded assent.

"I couldn't thtop it! I twied, I really, really twied! I can't control it! It jutht kept pouring out of me!" I insisted in distress, my bottom lip trembling uncontrollably as a single fat tear rolled slowly down my rosy red cheek.
"My God! Bonnie's right! You really are a hopeless baby! A big sissy-pissy cry-baby!" She pursed her full pink lips in disapproval and shook her head mock-sorrowfully, making her short honey-blonde bob dance and sway attractively around her gorgeous face. Her callous observations did nothing to help my frightened demeanour, and more shameful tears trickled down my hot red cheeks.

When Bonnie returned to the bathroom her arms were full, and Tammy abandoned me to assist her overburdened friend. They arranged several unseen items on the vanity bench, and I noticed my cranky cousin had removed her stained top and wet brassiere, leaving her naked from the waist up. She had loosened her chestnut locks, and they hung like a sheet of gleaming silk down her back. Her shoulders, back and legs were deeply tanned from regular sessions of swimming and sunbathing, and her waistline appeared much more slender than when she was clothed. Her curvaceous bottom was barely contained by the tight denim cut-off jeans that clung like a second skin to her proud derriere. "I tossed my wet things in the washing machine and switched it on," she informed Tammy with a quick shrug of resignation, before sweeping her long chestnut hair into an untidy high bun on top of her head, then securing it in place with a white hair elastic.

I passively lay on my back on the cool white tiles warily watching the two teenage beauties, and I shivered in fear at what they intended doing to me. As Bonnie turned to face me with her arms still raised, my eyes automatically locked on her enormous swaying bosom. Her naked breasts were huge and round, hanging heavily from her broad chest, the thimble-sized pinky-brown nipples pointing slightly towards the floor. There was a fine tracery of faint blue veins radiating away from both crinkled buds at either side, disappearing around the gently rising and falling mounds of flesh towards her clean-shaven armpits. As I gazed at the enormous russet caps in fascination, they reacted to the cool bathroom air - or she was aroused by this odd situation - because her nipples grew even larger as I watched.

"Oh my God! Your tits are huge!" Tammy gasped, voicing my unspoken thoughts exactly. Bonnie defensively clamped her large hands over the jiggling meaty orbs, and protectively pressed her huge tanned breasts up against her body. Her modest actions only caused a deep, eye-catching cleavage to form between the melon-sized teats, and the heavy soft flesh began to bunch under her bowed chin and bulge out between her splayed fingers. The absence of tan lines told me my buxom cousin often sunbaked topless, probably around their pool in Aunty Cath's backyard. She frowned when Tammy blithely continued, "I mean, they must be like, double-D's, or what?"
"I’m actually an E-cup," Bonnie admitted a trifle testily. Her frown evaporated like morning mist in the summer sun when her gorgeous blonde friend continued enthusiastically.

"They're fantastic! Gosh, I wish I had tits like yours, you know?" Tammy ruefully admitted, cupping her own smaller (but more than adequate) bust through her loose cream peasant blouse. "Mine are like, only C-cups."
"Oh, mine are okay," Bonnie continued in a much happier tone, relaxing her grip and gently bouncing the heavy fleshy teats in her cupped palms, as though assessing their mammoth weight. "Yours are like, perfect for your slim figure, you know? I'm more… voluptuous. Mine are like, bigger than my mum's now - but they attract boys like flies to shit! You know?"
"I know, I know," agreed the gorgeous blonde teen with a resigned knowing smile. "Sometimes I think boys never grow up, you know? They just want to like, fondle our breasts and suck on Mummy's titties like silly little babies, whenever they can."

With this crude observation both beautiful girls turned to glare down at my naked form. I cowered under their forbidding expressions. "Just like this dirty little baby girl," Bonnie commented, snarling when she noticed my thickening clittie. She sneered down at my swelling tool and placed her fists on her broad womanly hips, and proudly stuck out her well-endowed chest for my cringing admiration.

"Oh look! It's not so tiny now, is it?" Tammy slyly commented, covering her smile with one delicate hand, while staring at the unwanted erection creeping up my baby-smooth tummy towards my powdery belly button. I didn't understand how I could feel so frightened and embarrassed, and yet my uncontrollable clittie was stiffening with every second - just like when I stared at myself in the mirror while wearing my pretty dresses and frilly panties. Without thinking, I tried to defensively cup my hands over my humiliating tumescence, but Bonnie was too quick for me.

"Ah-ah-ah!" My bitchy cousin leaned over me and imperiously smacked my hands away from my swelling groin, making her huge bosoms wobble alarmingly. "No touching down there, little girl! Bad baby! Bad Baby Jennie!" she loudly scolded me, grabbing one of my hands and delivering a couple of harsh stinging swats to the back of my slender wrist. It didn't hurt that much, but I whimpered like a chastised puppy nonetheless. I was distracted by the way her enormous bare breasts swayed and jiggled enticingly before my eyes when she leaned over to discipline me, and my gaze locked on those crinkling erect nipples poking out so seductively. For a moment I wondered what it would be like to wrap my puckered lips around one of those delectable russet buds, and suck and suck and suck…

Bonnie viciously flicked the sensitive underside of the head of my swollen red clittie with the tip of one long pink fingernail. I shrieked in agony and tried to wriggle away. "What's this, Baby Jennie?" she demanded icily. "What's this naughty thing called?" Her pink fingernail was already poised to painfully flick me again, so I submissively babbled an urgent reply.
"It'th my clittie! It'th my clittie, Aunty Bonnie!" I obediently squealed. I was pathetically grateful when she nodded and gave me a thin-lipped smile of approval for my humiliating admission. Despite the pain, my excitable organ had not shrunk one iota - in fact it had swollen to greater proportions! Again I wondered if something was mentally wrong with me. My cheeks blazed with fresh humiliation when Tammy cackled gaily at my childishly-lisped reply.

"Your clittie?" When Tammy managed to stifle her giggles, she mimicked in cruel amusement; "It'th your clittie? Oh Baby Jennie! What a sissy baby girl you really are!" That set her off to giggling again, and it seemed like nothing would stop her. Bonnie stood erect and her fingers dropped to the waistband of her tiny cut-offs, her calculating golden eyes zeroed in on my worried face. She leered menacingly at me as she popped her jeans' button and lowered the zip, and my gaze dropped from her fabulous swaying breasts when she began to tug down her tight denim shorts. My heavily-plucked eyebrows leapt up my forehead when I saw Bonnie was wearing her red satin cheerleader panties - the same panties she had caught me wearing months ago. Despite my overwhelming feelings of shame and embarrassment, I stared in fascination at my voluptuous cousin's erotic strip-tease.

Unlike when I wore them on my tiny frame, the glossy red satin panties were stretched tautly over my cousin's broad womanly hips, the tight material in front pulled up snugly against her female cleft. While she wiggled out of the tiny shorts and kicked them and her sandals clear of her feet, I was entranced by the prominent mound of Bonnie's puffy pudenda. I could clearly pick out the lines of her delicate pussy lips, until the fascinating folds of feminine flesh faded from sight where they passed under the thicker padded panty crotch. She twirled around, bent over slightly, and provocatively stuck out her curvaceous bottom at me, until her tight red knickers were stretched to the limit over the generous expanse of heavenly woman flesh.

Bonnie rippled her fingers through the shimmering satin ruffles across the rear and demanded; "Recognize these panties, Baby Jennie?" One glance at my throbbing stiff clittie was all the answer she needed, and she snickered and turned to her friend and requested; "Tammy? Sit on her legs, will you? And grab hold of that disgusting little ball sack to like, control her! You know?"

Tammy immediately jumped to do her bidding, a wicked smile contorting her perfect pink lips. She grabbed hold of my trembling knees and forced my little legs flat, and then she straddled my lower body facing my head. After tugging her faded blue denim skirt higher up her silky-smooth thighs, till I caught another thrilling glimpse of her cute baby-pink knickers, the beautiful blonde squatted and then sat heavily on my shins. Her round fleshy bottom was wonderfully soft and warm on my lower legs. Her silky nylon panties caressed my limbs like a lover's hands encased in satin gloves. Tammy wrapped her left thumb and forefinger all the way around my powdery wrinkled sack, and despite the frightening circumstances, my stiffie surged to greater fullness. When the gorgeous teen tightly gripped my nuts, my swollen red clittie bounced off my tummy with excitement, bobbing in the air and practically pleading for her attention.

Bonnie grinned nastily down at me as she straddled my head barefoot, facing me, and then she slowly lowered her plump womanly bottom till she was sitting heavily on my narrow chest. I gasped in pain as she momentarily crushed the air out of me, before she adjusted her position to briefly take some of her weight on the balls of her feet, with her pink painted toes tucked under my armpits. The whole time my wide staring eyes were locked on the glistening red crotch of her tight satin panties, the glossy material stretched taut as she spread her shapely thighs wide. When she sat and brought her dimpled knees closer together, the damp gusset adhered to her moist flesh underneath, so that I stared in fascination at the pouched core of her womanhood, a bare inch from my anxious worried face.

"Now baby girl," she began, and I tore my mesmerised gaze from her shiny aromatic crotch with difficulty. I could barely see her frowning face past the enormous bobbing breasts that swamped my field of view. "Baby Jennie!" Bonnie snapped crossly to attract my attention. She parted her huge swaying breasts with her hands, so I could see her angry golden eyes glaring down at me. "Hands on your head!" I reflexively obeyed without questioning her odd command, interlocking my fingers over the top of my bouncing blonde ringlets. "Do you remember the last time you saw these panties?" She waited expectantly, and I knew she wanted me to respond.

"Yeth, Aunty Bonnie," I shakily replied, unaware that I was lisping heavily even without my dummy in my mouth. I wasn't sure if my throat trembled from fear or excitement, but both women detected the uncontrollable vibrations in my tremulous, high-pitched voice.
"I thought you might," Bonnie grunted in annoyance. "These are the panties you pissed in, aren't they?"
"Yeth Aunty Bonnie," I reluctantly admitted in my high girlish lisp, making Tammy cackle again.
"God, she even sounds like a little girl! Are those like, the same panties you caught your disgusting little cousin wanking in? Oh no! I thought you said you'd never wear them again?" I couldn't see the beautiful blonde's mocking expression, but I could hear the puzzlement in her sweet melodic voice.

"I decided I would wear them - this one last time," my sneering cousin informed her willing accomplice. "And now I realise that it was like, a very auspicious decision, you know? After all, Baby Jennie has enjoyed pissing in these panties - so why shouldn't I?" Bonnie spread her meaty brown thighs wider and slid her heavy torso forward, till her descending knees nudged my hands away from my scalp and she was almost kneeling over my face. When I went to move my arms out of the way, I realised her lower legs were trapping my upper arms against the bathroom tiles between her feet and her knees, leaving me completely defenceless. I fruitlessly flailed my hands about and fearfully tried to wriggle away, but Bonnie's massive weight on my chest and arms and Tammy's warm bottom squashing my legs meant I couldn't move an inch. The girls had me trapped!

"Keep still, baby!" Tammy testily snapped. She gave my nuts a quick warning twist that made me wail in pain and stop as still as a statue. I realised in terror that she could easily tear off my balls if I didn't instantly obey their every command. The slick material of my cousin's thick satin cheerleader panties slid liquidly forward across my chest, until her damp sweaty panty crotch was poised like the sword of Damocles over my trembling chin. I grunted and groaned wordlessly in protest when she spread her knees and lowered the aromatic gusset right over my mouth and nose. She let her full weight rest painfully on my face as she wriggled and rocked into a more comfortable position. The combined scents from her moist vagina and sweaty bottom reminded me of the many pairs of her sexy used nylon panties I'd greedily sniffed before trying on, and my pounding erection felt like it would explode if anyone so much as touched me down there!

"What was that? Did you say something, little girl? I thought I heard something," Tammy teased me, as my muffled grunts and squeals of alarm were reduced to incoherent whimpers by my overbearing cousin's voluptuous bottom. "No, I think it was probably just nonsense baby babble." Despite the fact that Bonnie's warm thighs were pressed against my ears, I faintly heard her friend's derisive questions and mocking commentary. When I tried to shift my head from side to side, the busty teen towering over me simply clamped her muscular thighs together painfully hard, squeezing my skull in a fleshy vise for a few awful seconds. My terrified shrieks were effectively gagged by the slick satin crotch pressed immovably over my mouth, and I panted in relief when Bonnie relaxed her terrible grip on my head.

Bonnie pressed her huge swaying teats to either side with her hands again to gaze down at my frightened blue eyes, her expression gleeful as she sternly ordered, "Keep still, Baby Jennie - or Aunty Bonnie will spank! You’d better keep your head still and your dirty little potty-mouth right there, you bad baby girl," she muttered in dire warning. I felt Tammy's vicious grip on my nuts tighten once more until I shrieked in submission. "Your Mummy complained that you couldn't be potty-trained - but now I'm gonna potty-train you. I'm gonna train Baby Jennie to be my potty!"

I suddenly understood my cousin's bizarre intentions! My mind reeled in horror! But I knew I had no choice. I was hopelessly trapped, and with each ragged breath I inhaled another overwhelming lungful of her aromatic pussy, her natural odours bewitching my senses like a heady perfume.

"You think pee-pee in the mouth is funny? I'll teach you, little girl! Open your potty-mouth. Open it wide!" Her belligerent tone shattered any thoughts I had of protesting, but her cleft was pressed so tightly against me, I struggled to open my swollen pink lips. Bonnie released her heavy breasts and leaned forward with her hands resting on her broad thighs, so more of her weight rested crushingly on my face. She must have felt my quivering mouth straining to open though, because she grunted in approval. "Good girl. Open up… Wider! And just in time, too..."

As her voice trailed off she raised her steamy crotch from my face momentarily. Before my parted puffy lips could appreciate the short-lived relief, I felt the first hot trickle enter my open mouth. I whimpered in distress when she sighed in satisfaction and let her gaping panty crotch rest crushingly on my mouth and nose once more. "Ahhh! Mmm! That's better!"

Initially there was only a tiny warm stream seeping slowly through the cotton gusset and the thick satin layer stretched between her legs. But as she relaxed and her amber flow increased, it bulged out the crotch of her panties slightly, until it irresistibly bubbled out through the shiny red material like a natural hot spring. "Mmph! Mmmph!" I moaned wordlessly in alarm as the slightly salty stream started to fill my mouth and dribble down my chin. I tried to breathe through my nose, but that just caused me to reflexively swallow a mouthful of her hot urine. Her wee-wee tasted strangely sweet and salty at the same time, but it certainly wasn't offensive as it splashed warmly onto my tongue and ran down my throat.

As Bonnie sighed in appreciation and relaxed further, her steaming stream squirted out more forcefully, until I was gulping to keep up with the plentiful outpourings of her full bladder. I swallowed rapidly and noisily to stop myself from drowning, snuffling for air through flared nostrils and whimpering in fright between acrid mouthfuls. The whole crotch area of her panties was bubbling with her golden wine, some of it running down my cheeks and trickling into my hair, dribbling warmly around the back of my neck to drip onto the bathroom tiles. Bonnie reached down and wrapped her thick fingers in my curly blonde locks. She painfully tightened her grip and lifted my head, cramming my drenched face tighter against her gushing urethra. She used my hair as a handle to direct my open mouth where she wanted it, pressing my parted lips to her sopping panties as she wantonly slid my face up and down along her swelling wet labia.

"That's it, take it!" Bonnie urged me in an odd raspy voice, obviously thrilled to be dominating me in such a humiliating fashion. "Good girl! Ooo, it's just like going on the potty, Tammy! Don't stop, Baby Jennie! Drink down Aunty's pee-pee like an obedient baby girl. Good baby, keep swallowing. That's what I like to hear. Ooo, good girl, gulp it down! That's it, like that! Keep drinking Aunty Bonnie's piss. Take it all for me, my personal little potty. Ahhh yes, that's it. Mmm. Mmmm! Swallow every drop."

Bonnie's throatily whispered commands were obviously directed at me, but she sounded increasingly distracted as her hot amber torrent began to slow to a trickle. By the time I had swallowed the last mouthful of her warm salty wee-wee, Bonnie was urgently rubbing her slick wet panty crotch up and down across my puffy lips and squashed nose. She was making sharp little grunting noises, too, reminiscent of the time Justine breastfed me at the church Nursery. I became aware that Tammy was rocking and bouncing on my shins as well, and I could feel her warm fleshy bottom starting to sweat through her tight pink nylon panties.

"Omigod! That was so horny!" Tammy panted, and the painful rocking on my legs grew more rapid.
"I know," agreed Bonnie, her low voice thick with tension. "In fact, I think I'm gonna- I'm gonna- Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!" My curl-covered head was almost crushed against the tiles when Bonnie started bouncing up and down on my face like a woman possessed. My little nose was pressed deeply into the groove where her soggy panties had tucked inside her swollen parted labia, and I feared she would break my battered beak as she jerked and spasmed on top of me. I tried to pull my face away, but her fist wrapped ruthlessly in my platinum curls eliminated any thoughts of escape. I had no choice but to lie there and take it.

I started whimpering and crying from the pain she was inflicting on my bruised puffy lips. Her pubic bone slammed against my mouth so savagely, I feared she might snap my front teeth. But then her frantic writhing and violent grunting gradually subsided, and as she slid her slick, pee-drenched panty bottom backwards onto my heaving chest, I gasped and breathed a burbling wet sigh of relief. When Bonnie slowly collapsed to one side on her elbow, I raised my head and glanced up past her voluptuous frame, to see Tammy still sitting on my shins with her tight blue skirt bunched around her slender waist. She had released her painful grip on my balls, and it looked like she was using both hands to readjust her tiny pink bikini panties between her legs.

The gorgeous blonde teenager had spread her shapely thighs so wide, her tight pink knickers had almost ridden up inside her sweet body. It looked like the narrow gusset was stuck inside her parted puffy pussy lips like a twisted piece of thick string, and she was unsuccessfully trying to press the bunched material aside with the tips of two fingers. There was a small 'V' of tight blonde curls either side of her gaping, glistening, darker-pink nether lips, and I stared in fascination at my first view of an (almost) naked woman's private parts. Through sexily half-closed eyelids, Tammy noticed me gazing in awe at her exposed crotch, and the urgent circling movements of her fingertips instantly accelerated. She began to make little grunting noises similar to Bonnie, and then her full pink lips pulled back to display her tightly-clenched, perfect white teeth.

"Ungh! Unngggh!" Tammy groaned loudly, and then she began to quietly squeal as she squeezed her eyelids tightly shut. I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked, with her cheeks and lips flushed with sexual arousal. Her fingertips were moving so quickly, they were a blur between her wide-splayed thighs. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh Godogodogodogod-" It hurt my shins when she forcefully bounced up and down on top of me, but I was so intrigued by what I was observing that I didn't utter a word of complaint. My rock-hard clittie was so engorged with blood, the swollen head had turned purple, and there were drops of clear sticky fluid seeping from the single eye and trickling like honey onto my powder-covered tummy. After freezing like an Arctic icicle momentarily, Tammy shivered all over and then slowly collapsed backwards onto my feet, shuddering and gasping for breath. When she and Bonnie both started giggling uncontrollably a few moments later, I wondered what was so funny?

"Oh - my - God!" Tammy eventually gasped, which only set off another round of breathless panting giggles. "That was fantastic! I've never cum so hard!"
"Me neither," Bonnie hoarsely admitted, still panting for breath. I was grateful when minutes later both girls slid off me, and I foolishly assumed my punishment was over. But then Bonnie stepped over me with her feet either side of my head, gazing down in contempt at my frightened blue eyes and pissy wet face. She stuck her thumbs inside the waistband and slowly lowered her dripping red panties down her long, muscular brown legs. They landed right over my tender nose with a soggy wet 'splat,' and she daintily stepped out of the soiled undergarments, leaving them lying on my face. Unfortunately the aromatic satin panties also covered my eyes, so I coudn't catch a glimpse of her glistening bare crotch when she stepped away from me and climbed naked into the tub to take a quick shower.

Glancing over her shoulder as she drew the curtain and turned on the taps, she addressed Tammy. "Put those pissy wet panties on my naughty Baby Jennie, please Tammy? My little baby girl really loves wearing wet panties, you know?"

When I dared remove the aromatic red undies from my face and fearfully glance up, the gorgeous blonde had already straightened her tiny pink knickers, and she was tugging her tight denim skirt back into place over her shapely brown thighs. The salty-sweet ammonia taste of urine was strong in my mouth, and I could still smell the pungent scent of Bonnie's arousal on my face. I wiped my dripping chin with the back of my wrist and tried not to think about the humiliating act I'd just been forced to perform in front of the beautiful Tammy. She pranced over and snatched the wet panties from my hand, before ordering in a voice dripping honey; "Lift those widdle footsies for Aunty Tammy, Baby Jennie."

I ignored the desperate signals from my throbbing hard clittie and obeyed her with alacrity, and she crooned, "Ballerina toesies, sweetheart." I wondered if everyone was going to use that humiliating instruction from now on? The slender beauty slid the soggy red panties up my little legs, before ordering; "Now footsies down, and lift that bot-bot for me, baby girl." I imagined she could hear the liquid sloshing in my full tummy as I obediently raised my hips. She tugged the moist front up over my bobbing stiffie first, before sliding the wet ruffled rear over my quivering, elevated botty cheeks and giggling in contempt. "Good girl! What a good baby girl you are for Aunty Tammy!"

The cooling damp red panties felt cold and clammy wrapped around my bot-bot when I lay back on the tiles, but the slinky moist material hugging my swollen clittie felt amazing! It took all my strength resisting the temptation to caress my hot pulsating hard-on through the sexy cooling satin knickers, erotically drenched with my beautiful cousin's wee-wee and pussy juices. A few moments later Bonnie turned off the shower and she asked Tammy to hand her a clean towel from the linen closet.

After Tammy gave a fluffy pink towel to her dripping friend, the attractive blonde stepped over to the seat in front of the vanity before provocatively raising her tight denim skirt again as she straddled the narrow bench seat facing me. I tried to appear as though I wasn't mesmerised by the dark moist patch on her stained pink panty crotch, clearly visible between her carelessly splayed thighs. The bored expression on Tammy's gorgeous face as she watched me indicated she couldn't care less.

As soon as she was sufficiently dry, my voluptuous cousin wrapped the damp pink towel around her enormous bosoms and then shuffled out to the Nursery. When Bonnie returned a short time later, she was wearing a powder-blue t-shirt I recognised as belonging to my mother. It was too short on my cousin's taller frame and showed off all of her crotch-hugging, cream nylon bikini panties with the pretty lace panels over the hips at the front. Mummy's normally baggy t-shirt was much too tight on the bouncing teen's massive braless chest, and her huge erect nipples poked out temptingly through the thin cotton material. Bonnie was carrying one of my mother's pinafore aprons in her hands; this one made from clear plastic. She noisily shook out the crackling pinnie and looped the white cotton neck strap over her head, then tied the dangling white waist cords in a knot behind the small of her back, covering her front in frosty protective plastic from neck to knee.

Bonnie strode over to the toilet and after slamming closed the white lid, she sat down on the commode and rearranged the layers of rustling apron to shield her lap. My auburn-haired cousin covered her splayed plastic-sheathed thighs with the damp pink towel she had recently used to dry her lush body, and then turned to me, smiling expectantly. Patting her lap and crooking her finger in clear invitation, she called me to her like a strict Nanny summoning her recalcitrant charge. "Hop up and toddle over here to Aunty Bonnie, Baby Jennie. Come on, sweetie! We still have some unfinished business to discuss, little girl."

Her calm motherly tone was soothing and enticing but I knew better. I lay there on the tiles like a truculent toddler, my fat pink bottom lip stuck out resentfully as more sticky stuff paradoxically dribbled out of my pulsating clittie, gluing the moist satin panty front to my swollen erection. When I initially seemed reluctant to move, Tammy stood up menacingly and glowered at me. This alone was enough to encourage me to spin over and scramble to my feet, causing the gorgeous teenager to chortle in derision. My humiliating rock-hard pee-pee bounced and slapped against my swollen tummy, trapped against me by the high-waisted, slick wet cheerleader panties. I hesitantly shuffled over to my domineering cousin in my normal wide-legged baby waddle, causing Tammy to laugh uproariously again.

"Look how she toddles along, just like a diapered two-year-old!" Tammy jeered, and pointed disdainfully at my tiny, wide-splayed feet with the pretty pink toenails. "She waddles just like a real baby even without her nappies on. And that full little tummy sticking out is so baby-like. This is priceless!" She reached for the vanity bench and unseen by me, produced a tiny palm-held camcorder and switched it on, nodding to my leering cousin to indicate she was ready to record the proceedings.
"I told you she was nothing but a big baby!" Bonnie scornfully replied, waving me closer with one regal hand. As soon as I stepped within range, my buxom cousin grasped my slender left wrist with her large left hand and yanked my shivering frame over her broad lap.

I squealed in alarm as I involuntarily tumbled across her spread thighs, my halo of bouncing blonde curls momentarily brushing the floor when she wriggled me about. She took her time ensuring my pee-drenched, panty-clad posterior was perfectly perched for her perverse perusal. My tiny toes struggled to reach the ground but because Bonnie's legs were so long, my shiny pink-painted toenails waggled uselessly in the air. One of her knees pressed into my overloaded tummy and I belched uncontrollably. I clamped my mouth shut with both hands, terrified the acrid contents of my stomach would come hurtling back up.

I could taste wee-wees on my breath and the smell of Bonnie's recent bladder contents filled my nostrils. As she rearranged me over her lap, my satin-wrapped stiffie seemed to accidentally slide into the gap between her slippery plastic-sheathed legs, pressing the damp towel down to form a space between them. When she brought her knees together she inadvertently trapped my pulsating clittie in the humid valley she'd created between her plump fleshy thighs and the warm damp towel - except my throbbing hard pee-pee was thrillingly wrapped in slippery wet satin.

She possessively patted the cooling damp seat of my shiny red panties, before demanding in a soft cajoling tone; "Ooo! What silky-soft satin panties! Do they feel nice, Baby Jennie? Do you like the feel of Aunty's pretty panties on your naughty widdle bot-bot?" She ceased rubbing my pee-damp rear for a few seconds, and when I didn't reply quickly enough, her gently patting hand slammed down forcefully over both poised cheeks. SMACK! "Answer me!"

"Ow!" I squealed in shock and pain, my exhaled breath tinged with the scent of her wee-wee. Of course they felt nice! Her sexy red knickers felt wonderful at that moment, especially with the slinky wet material wrapped so thrillingly around my throbbing stiff clittie. I discretely rocked on her lap and thrust my sensitive swollen tool between her clenched thighs. Gasping in a shuddering breath, I shakily lied. "No, Aunty Bonnie."
"No? she demanded incredulously, although the soothing circular rubbing on my satin-clad botty cheeks was momentarily reassuring. "No? Are you sure, Baby Jennie? From the looks of that hard little clittie, I thought you liked the way my knickers felt. Don't you, little girl?" Her warning tone was insistent, and eager to placate her, I readily changed tack.

"Yeth, Aunty Bonnie. They- They feel nithe," I snivelled in confusion, pathetically grateful when the calming rubbing continued, her fingers dipping lower to softly stroke the soggy gusset bunched between my thighs, pressing erotically over that delicate sensitive spot between my poo-poo hole and my balls.
“Yes baby. I thought so.” She continued rubbing the slick wet material against me till I shuddered at the arousing sensations. "But Baby Jennie! These panties feel all wet!" The stimulating caresses between my legs paused again for a few moments, and I heard her noisily sniff her pee-damp fingers. "Sniff-sniff! Oh my! I can smell wetties! Um-arrrr! Did you do a wee-wee in my pretty panties, little girl?" I knew she wasn't actually referring to this particular occasion, so I answered in the affirmative in my tremulous, high-pitched voice.

"Yeth Aunty Bonnie, I did a wee-wee in your pretty pantieth,' I humbly confessed, hot tears of humiliation beginning to leak from my eyes, till they were running down my long dark lashes and dribbling warmly down my forehead. Despite my shame and embarrassment, my pulsating clittie was like a bar of molten steel between her tightly-clenched thighs. I tentatively rocked my hips up and down a few millimetres, hoping the girls wouldn't notice my fumbling attempts to discretely stimulate my excitable stiff clittie.

"Yes, you did a wee-wee in my pretty panties," Bonnie sadly confirmed, before stating brightly; "But that's because you're still just a helpless little baby girl! Aren't you, Baby Jennie? You're a silly little baby girl who still needs her nappies, aren't you?"
"Yeth Aunty Bonnie, I'm a thilly little baby girl, and I thtill need my nappieth," I sobbingly agreed, and I heard Tammy's callous chuckle of amusement as she recorded my shameful lisping admission.

"That's right! You're just a silly little baby girl," Bonnie brightly concurred, before coyly demanding; "And do silly little baby girls who still need to wear nappies, borrow big-girl panties and wear them without asking permission?"
"No, Aunty Bonnie." The wonderfully erotic sensation from my excited pee-pee slipping and sliding between her clenched thighs was demanding my attention, even as my cousin ruthlessly demanded answers.

"No Aunty Bonnie," she mockingly mimicked my humble snivelled reply, and my right thumb suddenly found its way into my mouth as she scathingly continued, "That would be silly! Little babies don't wear big-girl panties, because they might have accidents in them! Did you have an accident in my pretty panties, baby girl?"
I nodded silently as I sucked my thumb for comfort, momentarily too overcome with shame to reply. But when she waited expectantly, I snivelled tearfully around my wet digit; "Yeth, Aunty Bonnie. I'm thowwy. I'm thowwy I had an acthident in your pwetty pantieth, Aunty Bonnie."

I heard her murmur with grim satisfaction, "You soon will be!" She abruptly changed the direction of her interrogation, catching me totally off-guard. "And what was my naughty baby girl doing in my bathroom that day, while wearing her Aunty's pretty red panties?" Bonnie unexpectedly inquired in a gentle teasing tone.
"I- I wath- I wath pwaying with mythelf, Aunty Bonnie," I confessed with a whimper of shame, and I sucked harder on my thumb.

"Oh yes, that's right! My naughty baby girl was playing with her clittie down there!" Her innocent playful tone indicated she barely recalled that memorable day, before her scary voice dropped an octave when Bonnie demanded menacingly; "Do good little girls play with themselves down there? Hmmm? Do good little baby girls play with their clitties?" I thought about the erotic frenzied masturbation scene I'd just witnessed, but knew this wasn't the time to bring up her hypocrisy.
"No Aunty Bonnie," I shakily replied, saying the words I knew she wanted to hear.

"No, that's right!" Bonnie brightly agreed, switching personalities like an out-of-control schizophrenic. "Now hands on head, little fingers interlocked in those gorgeous blonde curls, and don't let go, my precious babykins! I don't want to have to fight your naughty hands back here. If you let go, we'll have to start again from the beginning." She demanded in her syrupy-sweet voice, "Does widdle Baby Jennie clearly understand her Aunty Bonnie?"
"Yeth, Aunty Bonnie, I underthtand," I weakly replied.

Removing my soggy thumb from my mouth and ignoring the stream of drool dangling from my lips, I obediently interlocked my trembling fingers over my scalp. I felt so frightened and submissive in this humiliating, juvenile punishment position, regardless of the pulsating distraction of my throbbing clittie clamped between her fleshy thighs. My quivering damp bottom felt so exposed and vulnerable, and I knew her gorgeous girlfriend was watching my shameful treatment intently. I didn't realise Tammy was recording my infantile discipline session for posterity, as well.

SMACK! The second bare-handed slap on my quivering damp panty-bottom was more painful than the first, but I had no time to think about it before it rapidly grew much worse! SMACK! SMACK! All thoughts of my excitable hard clittie were driven from my mind by the sudden savage onslaught. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! To my surprise I found myself loudly sobbing almost immediately, as much from being embarrassed and humiliated by the whole situation, as from the actual pain of the spanking. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Not only did it hurt; it was absolutely mortifying! But I kept my fingers wrapped tightly in my curls like a good little girl, because I didn't want to risk the consequences of disobedience. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Soon my juvenile girlish cries rose in pitch, and a smile of vengeful satisfaction crossed my cousin's pretty face when I broke into full-throated, infantile wailing! "Wah! Waah! Waaah!" SMACK!

Abruptly Bonnie ceased pounding on my rear, and I quickly stopped bawling and sucked in a much needed lungful of air. 'Was that it?' I wondered hopefully, listening to Tammy's nasty titters as I tried to bring my stentorian breathing under control. It hadn't lasted as long as I'd feared. It was bad - but it could have been much, much worse! I thought confidently as I slowly unlocked my fingers, 'I can handle that!' "Baby Jennie? Why are you getting this spanking?" I heard my cruel captor's calm voice coax from above, as I swiped at the salty tears running down my forehead and dampening my curly locks.

"I don't know!" I sulkily whined, completely forgetting to thrust my sensitive clittie between her warm clenched thighs. SMACK! "Ow!" It was so much more painful to be spanked through wet knickers!
"Yes you do!" SMACK! "And you will address me as Aunty Bonnie, little girl!" SMACK! SMACK!

"Ow! Ow! Ohhh!" My thumb crept back into my mouth as I anxiously considered my response. "Becauthe- Becauthe I twied on your pwetty pantieth without your permithion, Aunty Bonnie… and I p-p-pwayed with mythelf down there. I- I pwayed with my cwittie, Aunty Bonnie," I sobbingly confessed. I felt her soothingly rub my hot tender bottom through the thick satin knickers again, and I whimpered in relief. That felt so much better!

"That's right! What a clever baby girl for remembering for Aunty!" I let out a deep shuddering breath, relieved it was all over, unaware that the stinging pain in my rear had made my turgid erection fade completely. "I like to make sure my bad widdle baby girls know exactly why they're getting their spankings before we continue. Hands on your head again, Baby Jennie. We can proceed now. Tammy, hand me the punishment paddle, will you?"

I glanced up in alarm to see the beautiful blonde step closer to my prostrate form. She passed a flat wooden object to my strict disciplinarian with her left hand. Tammy had boldly pushed her tight denim skirt up around her slender waist again and her right hand was thrust down the front of her shiny pink panties. Beneath the gossamer layer of tautly stretched nylon I could see her self-pleasuring fingers dancing in that rapid circular pattern over her moist slit once more, and I knew the sadistic siren was savouring every second of my humiliating infantile punishment.

"Hands on head! Fingers interlocked, Baby Jennie!" As I obeyed I felt Bonnie's large hand painfully grasp the curls at the scruff of my neck, forcing my head back down and resolutely keeping me in position. I clasped my trembling fingers together and shivered in terrified anticipation. I didn't see Bonnie heft the heavy wooden paddle in her right hand or raise it high above my red-tinged botty cheeks, but I knew the difference when it came slamming down on my bouncing rear end. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Beginning with a series of painful hard swats, I learned that my punishment was far from over. I shrieked and cried from the increased pain and the frustration of being so helpless, the uncontrollable wailing stage achieved much more quickly this time. "Wah! Waah! Waaah!" Despite the agony being inflicted on my burning battered bottom, I snarled my fingers in my curly platinum locks as if my life depended on it.

Again Bonnie stopped to have me repeat like a recalcitrant child why I was being paddled, interrogating me further before she resumed. "Tell Aunty Bonnie now, baby! Do good baby girls play with themselves down there?"
"No Aunty Bonnie, no!" I sobbed contritely, my breath coming in ragged gasps and my narrow chest heaving.
"So were you a good baby girl for Aunty Bonnie?" She cajoled me in her sing-song voice, leading me along like a reluctant toddler.
"No Aunty Bonnie," I obediently whimpered, sniffling dreadfully.
"No you weren't! What were you, instead?" she demanded relentlessly, leaving me no room to manoeuvre.

I knew what she wanted me to say, and I tearfully submitted to her will and said the words she had been waiting months to hear. "I was a- I was a- I was a bad baby," I haltingly confessed through my sobs, blushing furiously in shame. I didn't see my cruel domineering cousin stare directly into the camcorder lens that her friend Tammy aimed at us, grinning triumphantly before she continued with her long-awaited climax.
"What are you?" She ruthlessly demanded; "Say it!" I could feel her weight shift to raise the vicious wooden paddle high again, and her menacing tone clearly indicated her intention.

Tears dribbled into my hair as I sobbingly admitted. "I'm a bad baby, Aunty Bonnie!" WHACK! "Ow!"
"You're a bad baby girl! Say it properly!" she ordered loudly.
"I'm a bad baby girl!" WHACK! "Oww! Oh Aunty Bonnie, pweathe-"
"You’re a bad widdle baby girl! Say it again, only this time louder!" she commanded harshly.
"I'm a bad widdle baby girl!" WHACK! "Oww! I'm a bad widdle baby girl, Aunty Bonnie!" WHACK! WHACK! "Oww! Oh Aunty Bonnie, pweathe? Pweathe no?" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "I'm a - oh! I'm a bad widdle baby girl, Aunty Bonnie! Sob-sob! WHACK! WHACK! Ow! I'm a bad widdle baby girl, Aunty Bonnie! WHACK! WHACK! Ow! Oww!"

The harsh wooden paddle cracked against my bouncing panty bottom again and again, until I collapsed into uncontrollable infantile wails once more. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Waah! Waaah Waaah!" It seemed to last forever, and it hurt more than anything I could remember. My bottom burned and stung all over, my excitable clittie forgotten entirely as I shrieked and screamed like a terrified toddler. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Finally she stopped punishing me, demanding breathlessly, "Now will you remember to stay out of Aunty Bonnie's good underwear, little one?"
Gasping for breath, I tearfully shrieked, "Yeth!" WHACK! "Waaah! Yeth Aunty Bonnie!" In the background I could hear Tammy's excited high-pitched grunts, and I was certain the beautiful blonde was about to cum in her pink panties again. But this time the thought of watching the tawny teenage temptress masturbate to orgasm did nothing for my shrivelled clittie. All I could think about was the burning pain radiating from my poor abused buttocks.

"Good baby girl! Would Baby Jennie like Aunty Bonnie to pin her in a clean nappy now?"
"Yeth! Yeth pweathe, Aunty Bonnie! I want my nappy! I w-w-want m-my n-n-nappy now!" I sobbed contritely while Tammy loudly climaxed, before the gasping girl collapsed back against the vanity bench in a fit of breathless giggles once more.

"All right, my precious little baby girl, you can unlock your fingers and hop up." Bonnie placed the punishment paddle aside and helped me trembling and swaying to my feet, making sure my fiery red bottom was pointed directly at the camcorder - which Tammy had carefully placed still aimed at us on the bathroom vanity.

As Aunty Bonnie stood me on shaky legs, she soundly chastised me for helplessly wetting her panties again during my spanking over her lap. I hadn't even felt myself lose control of my bladder during the awful endless punishment, but the dripping evidence was there for all to see. She ripped down my sagging red knickers and stood holding out the yellowed, urine-stained, pastel-pink towel and the pissy panties in one hand to display them to Tammy, making sure that part of my humiliation was duly recorded, as well. Droplets of amber liquid dripped unheeded from her plastic pinafore to stain the white tiles at her feet. "Look, Tammy!" Bonnie brutally insisted. "She did it again! Baby Jennie wet her panties during her botty-spanking, and pissed all over me again! She's a hopeless little panty-pisser, I tell you!"

I glanced up and only sobbed louder when I realised my humiliating performance had been filmed by the beautiful blonde teen! Tammy was currently slumped splay-legged and panting with one elbow on the vanity bench, and one palm cupped protectively over her steamy gaping crotch. Instead of covering my embarrassing shrivelled genitals, my little hands flew back to caress and soothe my stinging red bottom.

"No no, widdle girl!" my cruel cousin soundly scolded me, insistently brushing my hands away from my poor bruised botty. "That's a no-no! We don't rub our naughty bot-bot after our spankings, ause that would make it feel better! We want our spankings to hurt for as long as possible! Don't we, Baby Jennie? That way they keep reminding us what a bad widdle baby girl we were! Understand Aunty Bonnie?"
"Yeth Aunty Bonnie," I tearfully conceded, my bowed knees shaking with reaction and making me wobble alarmingly. I clamped my hands to my sides with difficulty, desperate to rub my badly battered botty cheeks. She used some dry patches on the soiled towel to brusquely swipe at my shivering pee-damp thighs and groin, then she discarded the wet towel on the floor as I slowly collapsed to my knees.

My cousin regarded my shaky prostrate form with a sanguine eye, before carelessly pointing to the door. "I think you'd be better off crawling on your hands and knees, Baby Jennie, like the helpless widdle baby girl you really are! Come on, widdle baby girl, crawl into your Nursery. It's time to pin Baby Jennie into a lovely clean nappy," Bonnie sang invitingly, her golden eyes glowing with malicious satisfaction.

Tammy languidly leaned back against the vanity bench and with trembling fingers, wiped away the thin film of sweat beading her upper lip. She snickered in contempt and reached for the camcorder as I slowly crept out of the bathroom on all fours like an infant. She laughed aloud when Bonnie encouraged me to hurry along with another hard bare-handed slap to my bruised bottom. I squealed in fresh agony and increased my shuffling pace to hurriedly crawl over beside the change table, where my cousin lifted me into the air with a grunt of effort. She sat me on the edge of the table, and I winced and whimpered when my sore bare botty made contact with the soft padded vinyl cover.

When Bonnie pushed me onto my back, I lay back without resisting, anxious to have my poor backside safely swathed in several soft layers of cotton terrycloth nappies. She clucked in annoyance at the shiny wet trails of pre-cum dotting my tummy, and called over her shoulder. "Tammy! Fetch me a soapy washer to wipe up this messy little girl, will you. After you wash your hands," she pointedly reminded her friend. The only response was a loud snort of girlish laughter from the bathroom, but a few moments later, I heard the faucet running. When the gorgeous blonde teen strolled out of the en-suite, she wore a lazy grin and carried a steaming washcloth.

"Here you go!" Tammy handed the hot washer to Bonnie, and watched through seductive half-closed eyelids as the buxom teen wiped away all traces of urine - and my excitement - from my tummy and loins. Tammy's cheeks were flushed and her lips were red as cherries after her tumultuous orgasm, and she looked more beautiful than ever. The warm damp cloth felt soothing on my shrivelled genitals, but unfortunately, my easily-aroused clittie began to react to the familiar comforting humidity.

Bonnie finished scrubbing my thickening stalk and little sack, and she frowned forbiddingly as my semi-hard pee-pee flopped obscenely onto my tummy. She turned her attention to my face, and she grinned malevolently as she savagely scoured my smelly mouth, chin and nose with the coarse soapy washcloth covered with urine and my pre-cum. The towering auburn-haired teen discarded the used washer in the nappy bucket under the change table, and Tammy's smirk widened when my cousin popped open the white plastic tub from the shelf above, and she drew out a moist baby wipe with a flourish.

Bonnie briskly commanded in honeyed tones, "Little leggies up, Baby Jennie!" Without waiting for me to obey, she grabbed both my ankles in one meaty fist and thrust my feet high into the air. She forcibly bent my toes back towards my face, and I grunted in alarm as my compressed tummy gurgled menacingly. I concentrated on not throwing up a stomach full of Aunty Bonnie's wee-wee and relaxed my knees, unintentionally allowing my bruised botty cheeks to gape invitingly open. With her other hand, my domineering cousin deftly poked and prodded at my sensitive back door, shoving a cold wipe-covered finger deeply inside my puckering rosebud. I shrieked in distress but she held my ankles so tightly, there was no chance I could wriggle out of her grasp. She rammed her invading digit all the way into my tender back opening, relentlessly pushing past my uselessly clenching sphincter till it was buried to the last knuckle. Tammy giggled gaily at my shrill girlish squeals, but Bonnie yelled over the top of my teary protests, "Watch this, Tammy!"

The beautiful blonde sleepily opened her milk chocolate-brown eyes wider and stepped alongside my folded torso. When Bonnie withdrew her fat finger from my violated rosebud and let my feet crash down onto the padded table, both young women were staring intently at my groin. I glanced down and to my shame, I saw my engorged, rock-hard clittie bobbing with excitement above my tummy again.

"See?" Bonnie demanded of her grinning friend. "I told you she really likes it!" Tammy nodded in understanding and snorted with laughter at the ready evidence of my arousal. My cousin disposed of the badly-soiled baby wipe in the handy nearby bin. She bent down and I heard the frightening rattle of ice in plastic from under the change table. Bonnie had brought up Daddy's ice bucket from the drinks cabinet downstairs, and already filled it from the freezer. She removed the icy-cold spoon and held it up, before gleefully ordering Tammy; "Hold Baby Jennie's ankles for me, will you?"

Tammy eagerly stepped around to the foot of the change table and grasped my slender ankles, forcing my drumming heels onto the padded top. "No, Aunty Bonnie! No, no! Pweathe, I'm thowwy! Aieee!" Both girls cackled sadistically at my shrill screams when my cousin brutally pressed the freezing steel over my tiny wrinkled sack. When I desperately attempted to push the spoon away from my genitals, Bonnie savagely batted my hands aside. I shrieked in fresh agony when she cupped my shrinking stiffie with the frozen utensil, my pleas for mercy unheeded by these two terrible torturers.

I vainly tried to thrash my legs and break free, but Tammy's iron grip on my ankles was too secure. My chilled clittie shrivelled like an old dried mushroom, the shrinking stalk trying to hide inside my body like my terrified testicles. I shivered and whimpered and begged them to stop, but their cruel laughter told me my clamorous pleas fell on deaf ears. Bonnie must have brought up my dummy from the kitchen, because she loudly ordered her friend to release my ankles and stuff the oversize infant soother in my mouth.

"You can let go of her feet now." Bonnie had to yell to be heard over my distressed cries. "Her pacifier is on the shelf up there. Shove it in Baby Jennie's gob, will you? That usually stops this sissy cry-baby bawling." The gorgeous giggling girl grabbed my dum-dums from the shelf above and hurriedly stuffed it in my mouth without wetting it first. But there was enough moisture around my pink puffy lips already, what with my tears and snot running everywhere. As soon as Bonnie removed the icy spoon from my shrunken white clittie, she poured a fresh handful of powder over my numb groin. She carelessly rubbed it in, and then raising my gathered ankles once more, sprinkled the sweetly-perfumed talc over my shivering bruised botty. She kept my footsies high in the air until Tammy arranged two of my fluffy nappies and a liner together, and slid them into place under my conveniently raised rear.

As soon as my heels crashed onto the table, my cousin pulled the front flap up over my frozen genitals and pinned it tightly. I was secretly relieved when my poor bruised bottom and tortured tool were safely enswathed in the layers of comforting soft cloth. Tammy was searching through my panty drawer, and she twirled around and held up some hot-pink baby panties with a cry of delight. These pretty PVC panties had a tiny row of delicate white lace sewn around the waist and the leg bands, and there was a dainty baby-pink satin bow decorating the front of the waistband, too. "Look!" Tammy cried in delight, "Barbie-pink baby panties! I've always loved this colour, especially when I was a little girl."
"Then that's what my Baby Jennie must wear!" Bonnie declared with finality. "After all, she loves being a little girl so much!"

Tammy handed the humiliating wetproof panties to my cousin, and turned to tenderly stroke my cheek with her soft hand. "Aww! There, there, Baby Jennie! Suck your dum-dums, sweetie, and don't cry. Go on, let's hear you sucking, nice and loud now." They chortled in derision as I noisily sucked on my dummy teat for them like a big baby, my distressed cries quietening as the oversized infant soother performed its ritual magic once more.

"Footsies up in the air and ballerina toesies!" my cousin gaily ordered. "Ballerina toesies, baby girl!" Bonnie sang enticingly again when I was slow to obey. With effort I raised my feet and pointed my trembling toes, amazed at the fatigue overwhelming me. She threaded the crackling pilchers over my compliantly-pointed toes and slid them up my shaky legs. "Oh look, Baby Jennie!" Bonnie crowed with delight. "Your pretty pink panties match your nail polish! Now lift that botty for Aunty, baby. Good girl! And down." When I lowered my crinkling padded bum back onto the change table, I tentatively placed my trembling hands on my slippery panty front and stared down at the ends of my fingers. Bonnie was right. The intense pink PVC panties and my iridescent nails were an almost perfect match. "Ballerina toesies again, Baby Jennie!"

While Bonnie fed my feet into some white ankle socks with pink lace trimmings around the ankles, Tammy sorted through my dresses in the walk-in wardrobe, trying to find something to go with my bright pink panties. "You know, she doesn't have very many dresses," the gorgeous blonde complained, holding up the pastel-pink toddler frock Mummy had recently sewn for me. "This is like, the only pink dress she owns." Tammy produced her other hand from behind her back, proudly displaying the pink padded hanger holding my new white chiffon petticoat. "But look at the gorgeous pettie she's got to wear under it!"
"Don't worry about her lack of wardrobe," Bonnie reassured her prettily pouting friend with a frightening shark-like grin. "My mum has been like, going through our old stuff, and altering a few of our old dressier frocks to fit this precious little girl. She knows how much Baby Jennie loves to dress in pretty frills and lace, you know? Don't you, baby girl?"

With my bottom still burning from the savage beating in the bathroom, I replied without hesitation. "Yeth Aunty Bonnie. I wuv dwething in pwetty fwillth and wathe." I sucked harder on the comforting teat of my dum-dums when they snickered again in cruel amusement. Bonnie sat me up with my stockinged feet dangling over the side of the change table, and held my hands to support me as Tammy opened the frothy petticoat and slid the satin bodice over my bowed head.

Bonnie fed my flaccid arms through the shoestring shoulder straps and rearranged the rustling feminine creation around my swaddled hips. As soon as the chiffon layers had softly settled into place, Tammy rolled the sheer pink frock up in her hands and opening it wide, slipped it over my bouncing blonde curls, too. I offered no resistance as they dressed me like a useless toddler, my poor sore bottom a constant reminder to behave like a good little girl for Aunty Bonnie.

"What shoes shall we wear today, Baby Jennie?" Tammy questioned in saccharine baby tones, although she clearly didn't expect a reply from me. "After all, we want our precious little babykins to look her very best."
"I have the perfect shoes to go with this outfit. In fact, I have the perfect shoes to go with every outfit!" Bonnie grandly announced. She stepped over to my cot and pulled out the heavy blue overnight bag from underneath. She theatrically emptied the contents onto Angie's bed, and at least a half-dozen pairs of little girl's shoes tumbled out onto the bedspread. There were white ones, pink ones, blue ones and red, mostly in the juvenile Maryjane style to which I was already accustomed. "These are some of April's and my old Sunday-school shoes, from when we were about six or seven. We grew so fast at that age, we barely had time to break them in, so most of them still look brand-new."

Tammy squealed in delight as she seized upon a pair of gleaming hot-pink patent shoes, and held them up triumphantly. "Perfect!" Grinning like a madwoman, she approached me joyfully holding up a pair of ballet flats with wafer-thin leather soles, each with a little matching hot-pink satin bow glued over the toe piece. The shiny leather shoes fitted me perfectly, of course, and I silently admitted the colour set off my painted nails and pretty pink panties to perfection. The gorgeous blonde teenager turned to face my cousin, who was leering down at my forced feminisation with evil satisfaction.

"Why, Bonnie?" Tammy demanded, her fabulous face creased in puzzlement. "I mean, like, I don't really care, you know? But why do you hate her so? What did this little baby girl do to you, to piss you off so badly?" She asked the question that had often crossed my mind, but I'd never dared put to my deranged cousin.

Bonnie pursed her full pink lips and folded her arms across her huge breasts, squashing them against her lush body as she contemplated my identical inquiring expression. Her perfectly plucked eyebrows rose up her forehead and she glared accusingly at me, her huge golden eyes blazing. "Baby Jennie knows!" She harshly spat, poking her chin at me. "A few years ago, when I was fourteen, he- she squealed on me and April to my mother! This little panty-pisser got me into like, so much trouble… My mum locked me in my bedroom every evening, and I had to- I had to- I had to wear nappies and plastic panties to bed every night for three months!" Anyone could see the shameful admission was still painful to her even after all these years, but I had no idea what she was talking about.

"What? How? Why? When? What happened?" Tammy demanded in rapt fascination. Bonnie lifted me down from the change table, and made sure I was steady on my feet before releasing her grip on my tiny waist.

By way of reply, my cousin suggested; "Let's take this baby girl downstairs to the kitchen, and lock her back in her highchair. I want to do her make-up again, and I can like, rest all my stuff on the highchair tray, you know? I'll tell you all about what happened while I paint Baby Jennie's face." Similarly intrigued, I willingly grasped Bonnie's large paw when she held it out, and accepted Tammy's dainty hand too when the gorgeous smiling girl offered it to me. I submissively accompanied the two grinning teenagers when they led me waddling awkwardly along the landing towards the stairs.

To be continued in chapter 12.
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Baby Jennie

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