Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 12

Synopsis. While Bonnie does Baby Jennie's make-up in the highchair, she explains the origins of her feud with Baby Jennie to her friend Tammy, and how she was forced to wear nappies. Tammy learns of Baby Jennie's early fascination for wearing pretty dresses.

Chapter 12. Bonnie's Story

Before we reached the top of the staircase, Tammy cried, "Wait a minute! Stay here with the baby. I'll be back in a second." I tottered wildly when she released my hand, and Tammy whirled around and dashed back into the Nursery. When she returned, the gorgeous blonde teen was carrying the tiny camcorder from the bathroom. Tammy slid past me on the landing and bounded down the stairs ahead of us. As soon as she reached the ground floor, Tammy turned to us and placed the camcorder viewer to her eye.

I could see the red recording light blinking as she aimed the lens at us and suggested, "I think our precious Baby Jennie should like, bump her way down the stairs on her big fat diapered bottom like a real baby girl. After all, that's what she is, you know?"
"Good idea," agreed Bonnie with a malicious grin, and my cousin relaxed her limpet grip on my wrist. "Sit down there on the top step, Baby Jennie, and show Aunty Tammy and me how you bump your way downstairs on that big puffy bot-bot, like the sweet little baby girl you really are."

I knew there was no point objecting. I obediently sat where she indicated, my glistening pink patent ballet flats resting on the step below. I carefully placed my wide-splayed feet on the next step down, and slid my heavily diapered rear forward, till my rustling pink PVC panties slipped far enough over the edge to let my tender padded rear drop with a loud 'plop' to the step where my feet had started. Then I slid my slippery leather-soled shoes down to the next step, and repeated the humiliating infantile procedure, my cheeks burning with shame. I started to wet again as I plopped onto the third step down. Warm wee-wees slowly trickled out of my shrivelled clittie into my thirsty nappy as I slowly padded my way downstairs like a clumsy toddler. I continued on my noisy plastic-sheathed bottom in this mortifying manner every step of the way, and my pink cheeks turned a rosier hue when Tammy chuckled richly while she filmed my unmistakable infantile antics.

Tammy tried desperately to keep from bursting into fits of laughter, probably because she didn't want the record she was making to be blurred by the uncontrollable shaking of her hands. She wanted to make sure that anyone who viewed this humiliating scene later, would know that I was the overgrown baby girl in the pretty pink outfit, slowly shuffling downstairs on her big diapered botty.

When I finally reached the bottom step, the girls wouldn't let me stand. They insisted I crawl down the hallway into the kitchen on all fours - since I was such a helpless little baby. A giggling Tammy filmed my shameful slow progress every humiliating inch of the way. The rustling chiffon petties and dangling pink dress hem kept catching under my hands and knees, making life more difficult and impeding my clumsy movements even more. The chortling teenagers followed me as I awkwardly shuffled on all fours all the way to the kitchen, laughing and snidely commenting on the way my huge pink padded rear swished and swayed so femininely from side to side.

As soon as I crawled within reach of the highchair, Bonnie grabbed me by the waist and dragged me to my feet. "Upsy-daisy, Baby Jennie!" She twirled me around, making my rustling white chiffon petties dance and sway, before grabbing my padded hips and hoisting me into the air. She thrust my damp diapered rear backwards into the pink highchair seat. After Tammy placed the blinking camera on the breakfast bench with the lens directed at me, the two beautiful teens worked together like a well-oiled machine. While Tammy slid the pink wooden tray over the chair arms and securely locked it in place, Bonnie tightly cinched the worn white leather seat belt around my waist, compressing my pink cotton frock and bunched chiffon petties. I heard my cousin clip the end safely out of my reach behind my back. My bladder reacted normally to the increased pressure by emptying its remaining contents into my already damp nappy, without any conscious control from me. The half-moon cut-out of the highchair tray pressed against my overloaded tummy, and I ineffectually tried to wriggle back a few millimetres to give my poor bloated stomach some relief. The normally soft nappies felt scratchy and irritating on my tender rear end, as I painfully shifted from cheek to bruised cheek.

Bonnie clipped a clean baby-blue bib around my neck while she began reminiscing about how our relationship went sour all those years ago. "When I was fourteen and April was seventeen, we were about the same size, you know? She was an inch or so taller than me, but she was so skinny at that age; I outweighed her by like, six kilos."
"Wow! She must have been thin," interjected Tammy with a look of envy, and my buxom cousin frowned in annoyance.

Bonnie placed her voluminous brown leather shoulder bag on the highchair tray and started searching inside. After a few moments of poking through the rattling contents, she produced a small beige make-up purse with a shiny brass snap clip. "Here we are!" Bonnie cried victoriously. "I put together a little make-up kit for my precious little niece. I know how much she loves looking like a pretty little girl. Don't worry, sweetie," she mockingly reassured me, when she saw my worried expression. "These are all in your correct summer colours." Both girls giggled at this mock-thoughtful comment as Bonnie pawed through her bag to produce two more items, which she handed to Tammy before continuing her story.

"So a few years ago, Aunty Isy was visiting us with her little Jeremy one summer Saturday afternoon, as usual, and we'd all been swimming in our pool. Angelica wasn't born then, but I'm pretty sure Aunty Isy was like, pregnant with a baby bump. When April and I went to our rooms later to shower and change, my sneaky little ten-year-old cousin followed us." My cousin placed her huge leather handbag aside on the kitchen bench, and then snapped open the small beige purse. Bonnie tipped the contents onto my pink tray, and I glanced down in nervous anticipation at the feminine items noisily spilling out in front of me. I already recognised the lipstick and mascara she'd previously used on me, and I spotted the tiny pink pot of blusher and a small applicator brush, as well. There was also a brown eyebrow pencil and a pink lip-liner, which was the first item Bonnie selected. She yanked out my dum-dums and handed it to her smirking friend.

"Stretch your lips like Aunty Bonnie, sweetheart," she crooned to me like a loving carer, and I matched her expression with more expertise this time. "Good baby!" Tammy giggled as my bossy cousin heavily outlined my pink-stained lips with the darker pink pencil. When she finished, Bonnie ordered, "Keep those lips stretched wide for me, little girl." She reached behind her while watching my mouth closely, and Tammy slapped a small vial into her open palm like a theatre nurse delivering surgical instruments to a waiting surgeon's hand.

Grinning maniacally, my cousin unscrewed the tiny vial and with the small pink brush attached to the lid, began to fill in between the lines she had drawn around my obediently parted lips. "I've always been good at like, hair and make-up and stuff, you know? Even when I was little," she commented, before frowning and biting her plump bottom lip in concentration.
"I'll say!" Tammy enthusiastically agreed.

"Much better than April," Bonnie continued as if she hadn't been interrupted. "By the time I was a teenager, I was even better with make-up than my mum - and she's really good at it," she reluctantly admitted. "Anyway, when we'd showered after swimming, April asked me to like, trim her pubes."
"What?" Tammy gasped, and Bonnie turned to face her girlfriend to explain.

"You know, trim her pubic bush. Her kitten. April's always been a bit… you know, hairy down there. She knew I was better at it than her, and she often like, asked me to trim her pubes, so it would look neat for her boyfriend. You know?"
"Oh, okay," Tammy replied with a hint of uncertainty. The pointed tip of her wet pink tongue darted out to lick her suddenly dry lips. I had no idea what Bonnie was talking about, and wondered what 'trimming April's pubes' had to do with her hating me. But I remained silent and tried to listen attentively, as my cousin returned to carefully painting my stretched lips with the pink stain again.

"So there we were, stark-naked after our showers. April was lying on her back on her damp towel spread on her bed, with her feet on the floor, and she like, called to me to come and give her a hand,” Bonnie explained. “When I wandered in she had her nail scissors in her hand, and she begged me to like, trim the edges of her muff. Her boyfriend Trevor didn't like it when the hair got in his mouth, you know?" Both gorgeous teens giggled at that risqué comment, and they glanced down appraisingly at me, to see if I understood the import of their conversation. When I didn't react, they merely grinned and nodded sagely to each other.

While Bonnie was painting my stretched lips and dredging up the past, I was closely observing her gorgeous girlfriend. Tammy opened another small vial of clear liquid and while I watched, she painted the inside of the pink plastic guard of my dum-dums. I frowned in confusion, struggling to keep my mouth open the way Bonnie wanted, while the beautiful blonde also painted the neck of the amber rubber teat with the clear sticky liquid. For a moment I thought the tiny bottle contained the same stuff that seeped out of my clittie whenever I became too excited, and I grimaced in disgust.

"Keep your mouth still!" Bonnie snapped in irritation. I anxiously glanced at her glowering golden eyes and concentrated on holding my lips the way she wanted. When she finished with the tiny pink vial, my cousin carefully screwed on the lid and handed it back to the gorgeous grinning girl behind her, before continuing her story.

"I didn't mind giving my big sister's bush a quick trim, so I took the scissors and like, knelt on the floor between her spread thighs, you know? I carefully trimmed the little black curls from around April's pussy lips, and then like, pursed my lips, leaned in close, and gently blew the cut hairs away from her damp kitten. She loved that!" My cousin chortled at the naughty memory before continuing. "She grabbed my head with one hand and stopped me from backing away, and she moaned in pleasure." Bonnie mimicked her big sister's voice with unerring accuracy. "She cried, 'Don't stop, Bonnie!' April ordered me. 'Do that again. Oh yes, like that! Don't stop! Oh yes, lick me like that! Oh! Don't… stop! Oh… yes! Don't… stop!' You should have heard her squeal when I touched her clit with my tongue!"

Bonnie laughed uproariously, and she didn't notice her smaller friend's cheeks had blushed rosily during her erotic description of illicit Sapphic love. Tammy's wet pink tongue slipped out to run the full length of her dry lips, top and bottom, and her heavy eyelids lowered seductively. While my cousin was vividly describing the incestuous lesbian encounter, I had a sudden flashback to that summer afternoon at Aunty Cath's, all those years ago.

I had grown tired of swimming and climbed out of the pool, needing to run to the toilet again. Mummy was always on my back those days, asking me every twenty minutes if I needed to go to the bathroom, and endlessly reminding me not to pee in her sister’s pool and embarrass her like last time. Whenever we went to our cousins' place to go swimming, my pushy Aunty always gave me some weird orange lollies to eat as soon as we arrived. When I finally saw the bottle they came from and checked the label, I realised she was feeding me chewy orange-flavoured, vitamin C tablets. Apart from being good for me, I later learned that the excess unabsorbed vitamin C was quickly excreted in my urine, turning it a dark golden-yellow. The sole intent of my over-protective Aunty was so that she could tell if I had accidentally peed in her precious pool again.

The vitamin tablets contained high levels of sodium ascorbate, which significantly increased my thirst - and consequently, my urinary output. When I climbed out of the water to use the toilet again for the fifth or sixth time that long sunny afternoon, the toilet in the outside cabana beside the pool was already occupied. I rapidly dried myself with my towel and then tossed it aside as I urgently shuffled towards the house, intending to use the main bathroom inside. When I timidly knocked on the locked bathroom door, I heard my mother's sharp reply. "I'm busy in here! I'll be out in a minute."

In desperation I grabbed the leaking head of my shrivelled peenie through my cold damp swimming trunks, and I hurriedly trotted deeper into the house, intending to use the girls' bathroom. When I reached Bonnie's bedroom door, I found it closed and locked. I whimpered in pain as I stumbled to the next door - April's - and quietly turned the knob and pushed. The white painted door swung open without a sound, to reveal my attractive teenage cousins in a very compromising position.

I remember freezing at the astounding sight confronting me, my eyes wide and my mouth gaping in shock. Both girls were completely naked, and April was lying on her back on her bed, side-on to me. Bonnie was kneeling with her face between her big sister's splayed thighs, and I could see the top of her head slowly bobbing up and down. I heard my raven-haired older cousin slowly moan, "Ohh! Don't! Stop!" She had her fingers tightly twined in Bonnie's long chestnut hair, and it looked as though she was trying to push the kneeling girl's face away from her private parts.

I jerked in alarm when I realised I had accidentally relaxed my grip on my straining peenie. Pee squirted out of me. Totally beyond my control, my full bladder began emptying into my cossie. Hot streams ran down both legs, trickling onto my Aunty's new beige broadloom carpet. I silently turned and ran barefoot for the back door, unsuccessfully trying to pinch my streaming tap closed before I made too big a mess on the floor. As I dashed past the main bathroom, my mother stepped out. She impulsively grabbed me by one arm, unintentionally breaking my death-like grip on the head of my peenie. I shrieked in distress as my overburdened bladder exploded, hot wee-wee gushing into my cold damp swimming costume and running in warm streams down my shivering legs.

"Oh no, Jeremy! Not again!" my mother groaned in despair. She thrust me into the recently vacated bathroom and almost threw me onto the toilet. My swimming costume was still in place as more warm wee-wees poured out of my peenie, to fortunately splash into the toilet bowl underneath my shivering wet bottom. "You're a naughty, naughty little boy!" Mummy growled, wagging her index finger at me like I was an out-of-control toddler. "Why didn't you go to the toilet when I reminded you earlier?"
"I did!" I wailed like a teary schoolgirl, "I did! But I had to go again, and the b-b-bathroom outside was b-b-busy, and y-y-you were in here! I tried to use the g-g-girls' bathroom down the hall, but- but- but-" Mummy ignored my sniveled protests and using the bathmat, wiped up the golden trail of wee-wee I'd left on the pale-blue bathroom tiles.

"Oh no!" Aunty Cath stuck her head in the open bathroom door, callously disregarding my privacy when she furiously complained, "Who made this wet mess on my new carpet? As if I didn't already know!"
"The girls were busy playing doctor," I sobbingly concluded, even as my Mummy turned to her sister to apologise for my infantile lack of bladder control.
Before she could utter another word, Aunty Cath demanded incredulously, "What? Who was playing doctor?"

I blushed with fresh humiliation when my bossy Aunty strode into the brightly-lit bathroom and stared down at me, sitting on the toilet peeing like a girl. I continued noisily urinating through my swimming costume, feeling like a useless toddler as I tearfully replied, "April and B-b-bonnie. They were playing d-d-doctor in April's bedroom, so I couldn't use their b-b-bathroom, and I…" My stammering voice trailed off when I realised Aunty Cath wasn't listening. She had vanished up the hallway, following the warm wet trail I’d regrettably left behind. As soon as Mummy felt sure I had finished weeing, she lifted me off the toilet and ripped down my wet cossie, crankily ordering me to step out of the dripping togs and jump under the warm shower she had running. While I obeyed her stern instructions, she turned to follow her sister. We both heard the penetrating scream of alarm from the other end of the house.

Bonnie dragged me back to the present when she ordered me to keep my freshly-painted mouth open and my wet lips stretched painfully wide, while the pink stain dried. She expertly brushed mascara on my lengthened lashes top and bottom, while she continued telling Tammy her story. "Mum came running into April's bedroom and caught me with my face like, buried between my sister's legs. You should have heard Mum scream!"
"Oh no! What did you do?" Tammy demanded in breathless fascination, her brown eyes shining as she shifted from foot to foot, surreptitiously rubbing her bare thighs together.
"We both jumped up and tried to deny everything, telling her I was only like, trimming April's pubes. But then Aunty Isy wandered in, too, and Mum made us repeat the story. We could see neither of them believed us. Hang on a sec. I have to concentrate for a minute while I do this."

Bonnie then pencilled in my heavily-plucked eyebrows, frowning in concentration when she delicately tidied them with a tiny stiff paintbrush from her own make-up kit. She was humming in satisfaction by the time she brushed some lightly-perfumed pink blusher over my high cheekbones, and I was grateful when she let me relax my straining pink lips. "Her curls have fallen out a bit at the back," Tammy complained, running her slender fingers through the damp platinum curls behind my neck. "Ew! They're wet!"

Bonnie laughed and cuttingly replied, "Probably with my piss. Those curls will wash out, but don't worry. We're going to give our gorgeous widdle baby girl a permanent at my salon this Saturday!"
"Really?" Tammy questioned in disbelief, as she wiped her glistening fingers on my baby-blue bibbie. My cousin packed away my new beauty products in the beige purse, except for the familiar gold tube of lipstick.

"Yes, I'm going to take Baby Jennie with me to my beauty salon again on Saturday morning, and we're going to give her a permanent halo of gorgeous blonde curls that won't wash out." Bonnie gently wiped the ball of her right thumb across my pink painted lips, to check they were dry.
"No matter how many times you piss on her," Tammy spitefully added. The beautiful teens burst into loud guffaws when my painted cheeks blushed a rosier hue than the rouge. I frowned resentfully at their wicked teasing.

"Her lips are dry," Bonnie commented professionally, before nastily pinching my protruding pink bottom lip and giving it a hard yank. I squealed in pain. "You can give baby back her dummy now." Tammy gleefully grabbed my pacifier from the bench, and leaned over the highchair tray to ruthlessly press the oversized infant soother between my compliantly parted lips.

"Here you go, Baby Jennie," Tammy snickered, as she clipped the dangling pink plastic chain to the collar of my baby-blue bibbie. "You have a lovely suck on your dummy teat." The distinct smell of cloves filled my nostrils, and my stained pink lips tingled when I drew the amber rubber teat deep into my mouth. I sucked earnestly on the big baby pacifier for the comfort it usually gave me. "Aww, good girl! Let's hear you sucking, baby girl,” Tammy insisted in treacle tones “That's it, suck your dum-dums for Aunty Tammy, baby. Nice and loud, now!".

I slurped noisily on my dum-dums and tried to block out their cruel laughter. I cast my mind back to the events of that afternoon. After I stepped out of Aunty Cath's shower and swiftly dried myself, I wrapped the damp towel around my waist and shuffled down the hall, to where I could hear the sounds of strident female voices arguing. I realised with shame I had peed all over Aunty Cath's new carpet, and my stomach lurched when I anticipated the trouble that irresponsible infantile act would entail.

"I want the truth!" I heard Aunty Cath thunder, and she sounded so angry, my fumbling footsteps faltered. I nervously peeked into April's bedroom and spied my two beautiful teenage cousins standing naked and shame-faced in front of Mummy and Aunty Cath.

When April glanced towards the doorway and caught me staring at her nakedness, my sixteen-year-old cousin immediately covered her exposed breasts with one forearm and her black furry mound with her other hand. Her mouth gaped in shock before it snapped closed and she glared at me in fury. Bonnie merely gazed down contemptuously at me and proudly thrust out her already well-developed bosom. The small triangle of pale brown curls at the apex of her long brown legs momentarily drew the focus of my wide blue eyes.

When Aunty Cath glanced over her shoulder and caught me shyly peeping from outside the doorway, her frown deepened. "You!" my Aunty snarled accusingly, and I winced in fear. "You naughty little pants-wetter! Get in here!" Her emerald eyes were bright with anger as I reluctantly shuffled into the bedroom, and April frantically wrapped her damp towel around her naked body.

Bonnie stood there staring defiantly at her mother with her fists clenched by her sides, her stiff pink nipples poking out provocatively and her huge golden eyes glistening. "It wasn't my fault!" she piercingly protested, her pretty face flushed red with a combination of shame and anger I would come to know only too well.

"Shut up!" her mother yelled. "I'm going to ask little Jerry here, and see what he says - and I don't want to hear one word from either of you girls." I shuddered at the prospect of being caught up in a bitter family dispute, but before I could consider what the girls might want me to say, my Aunty demanded; "Jerry? Tell me what you saw going on in here between my daughters?" When I guiltily glanced at my compromised cousins, my Aunty snapped at me; "Don't look at them! Look at me, you naughty little boy! Tell me what you saw going on in here, while you were standing out there pissing on my brand-new carpet."

My cheeks blazing with shame, I haltingly described the taboo scene confronting my innocent young eyes when I opened April's bedroom door a few minutes ago. "A-April was lying on her b-b-bed," I stuttered, "and B-b-bonnie was kneeling on the floor with her face pressed between April's legs."
"You little shit! I was only-"
"Silence, Bonnie!" My Aunty's roar was so loud it startled me, and I was thankful my bladder was mostly empty. I nervously wrapped the damp towel more tightly around my waist and pressed one hand over my tiny peenie, cupping my unreliable tool with the absorbent terry towelling just in case. "Go on, Jerry," Aunty Cath ordered in a slightly calmer tone, her normally beautiful face as black as a thundercloud.

"I- I- I dunno," I finished lamely, even as I captured a tiny warm trickle in my cupped palm and clutched the damp towel tighter around my leaky peenie. "Bonnie's head was moving up and d-d-down between April's legs, and April was telling her to stop-"
"She was not!" Bonnie protested vehemently.
"Bonnie! One more word out of you, and I'm getting out the punishment paddle right now!"
"She was too!" I shrilly insisted. "April was trying to push her away, and she was telling B-b-bonnie to stop, and she w-w-wouldn't!" Aunty Cath turned away from me to confront her daughters. April wore a tiny embarrassed smirk, while Bonnie's scrunched face was scarlet with rage.

"I think I've heard enough," my Aunty fumed in a voice cold enough to freeze blood. "Isy, after you and your little piddle-pants have cleaned up that mess in the hallway, could you please let yourselves out? I need to have a little 'mother-daughter' chat with my girls right now. Go to your room, Bonnie, and don't bother putting any pants on. I'll be in with the paddle to deal with your sluttish behaviour shortly. And as for you, April…"

My mother rapidly dragged me out of the bedroom and quietly closed the door behind us, so I didn't get to hear what Aunty Cath had to say to my elder cousin. After I changed into my clothes in the cabana, Mummy made me fetch a bucket full of warm water and a rag. She sprayed the dark trail of wee-wee along the hallway with carpet cleaner, and afterwards I had to crawl around on my hands and knees, and scrub the stinky chemical solution till it foamed.

A few days later I forgot all about the erotic events I had fleetingly witnessed that momentous day. I had been blissfully unconcerned with the results of my half-baked testimony - until this moment, when Bonnie belatedly informed me what had occurred as a result. "I tried to explain to mum what happened, but April said it was like, all my fault, you know? Then my ten-year-old cousin arrived on the scene, and mum said the little panty-pisser must have seen everything. When she asked her, Jennie- Jerry - told mum I had like, forced myself on April, and my big sister had simply been trying to make me stop." There was a longer pause while Bonnie glared balefully at me, I guiltily let my eyes drop to the pastel-pink highchair tray, suddenly fascinated by the brightly coloured item of make-up lying there, and wondering why my tingling lips were turning numb.

"Mum beat the living crap out of my bum that afternoon," my towering cousin ruefully admitted, pausing to rub her plump womanly bottom cheeks at the painful memory. In the momentary silence, I could hear her huge palms slithering sensuously over the seat of her cream nylon panties. "It was my last - and worst - session with the punishment paddle. Then mum decided I couldn't be trusted around my big sister, and she told me I was going to be locked in my bedroom - all night, every night - until she got up in the morning and came to release me."

"Gosh, that's like, so unfair!" Tammy sympathised, leaning over to likewise rub and gently pat Bonnie's slinky panty bottom, looking suitably upset on her friend's behalf. "It wasn't like, your fault, you know? April's so much older than you-"
"I know, I know," Bonnie interrupted her understanding friend, glancing down at the small hand still caressing her curvaceous rear. The buxom auburn-haired beauty smiled briefly before continuing, "But after this little panty-pissing squealer gave mum her side of the story, there was like, no way mum was ever going to believe me. You know?"

When Tammy nodded wryly in agreement, Bonnie continued her tale of woe. "Every night at bedtime, Mum came into my room, kissed me goodnight and then walked out, locking my bedroom door behind her. A few minutes later she said goodnight to April, and then I heard her lock the bathroom door to my room, too."
"You mean, like, you couldn't use the bathroom all night?" Tammy demanded in horrified confusion, even as she leaned forward with heightened interest to hear the gritty details.

"Uh-huh." Bonnie nodded, pouting in misery at the awful memory. "You know April and I have like, an adjoining bathroom we share? Well, Mum had a deadlock installed on my bathroom door like the very next day. She even paid the locksmith extra, to do it on a Sunday, you know?"
"Oh my gosh," Tammy gasped in sympathy. "How were you supposed to like, go to the bathroom, if you needed to use the toilet in the middle of the night? You know?" Her beautiful brown eyes were wide and wondering, and she bit her plump pink bottom lip, her gorgeous face reflecting her concern for her wronged friend.

"I couldn't," my frowning cousin simply replied. "I was okay for the first couple of nights, you know? But on the third night, I must have had like, too much to drink before bedtime."
"Oh no!" Tammy's perfect pink mouth fell open in shock, her wide brown eyes huge with what I assumed was horror.

"That's right. You guessed it." Bonnie nodded sadly and grimaced in self-loathing. "Some time during the third night, I woke up needing to pee. I jumped out of bed and started bashing on the bathroom door, trying to wake April to let me use the toilet without waking our mum, you know? When April finally woke up, my stupid big sister whispered that the door was locked on her side too, and she didn't like, have the key. I started sobbing when my aching bladder eventually burst and I like, pissed in my pyjama panties. I made a mess all over my bedroom floor. Unfortunately, I woke mum with my banging and yelling, and she marched in to find me crying in a huddle against the bathroom door, sitting on her new carpet in a warm puddle of my own pee. You know? So after that, my mum decided to diaper me at bedtime - till she thought I'd learned my lesson."

If it wasn't for the fact that I was securely buckled into my infantile highchair, I would have fallen out of my seat! I clutched the sides of the pink tray for support and barely managed to keep from losing my dum-dums. Bonnie had been forced to wear nappies when she was around my age? It was all too much to take in at once! "That is like, tragic! You poor thing!" Tammy gasped, shaking her honey-blonde bob in stunned disbelief. "That must have been like… awful!" When I glanced at her, I noticed the gorgeous blonde was unconsciously pressing the heel of her hand against her denim skirt, right over her steamy crotch. The way she was rubbing it up and down, I assumed she had an itch that needed scratching.

"It was," Bonnie bitterly confirmed, before glaring darkly at me. "And it was all this naughty little baby girl's fault, you know?" I tried to appear as innocent as possible, avoiding Bonnie's angry golden orbs and vacantly gazing off into the distance, as if I hadn't been privy to their intimate discussion. "Wasn't it, Baby Jennie?" Bonnie crossly insisted, reaching under the highchair tray and past the wooden strut to viciously poke my warm diapered crotch for emphasis. I sucked noisily on my aromatic pacifier and reluctantly turned to face my cranky inquisitor, opening my big blue eyes wider and batting my fabulously long lashes at the two frowning teens in an attempt to look blissfully ignorant.

"So that's why you and April tricked her into like, wetting the bed at your place, whenever she slept over?" Tammy muttered in growing understanding, the circling hand pressed to her groin gradually slowing to a halt. But my ears pricked at this unexpected morsel of information. The girls had tricked me?

"Yes,” Bonnie replied. “I wanted this lying little shit to feel what is was like to be humiliated, by being forced to wear nappies the way I was. So I talked April into like, helping me perform the 'hand in the bowl of warm water' trick on her, whenever she slept over at our place. You know? But unfortunately, after the sissy baby wet the bed the first couple of times, mum only used like, pull-ups and baby panties on Baby Jennie at my place, not diapers. She talked to Aunty Isy about putting this little sissy back in proper cloth nappies, but my plans hadn't progressed that far - till a few weeks ago."

"But what about the gorgeous toddler frocks and frilly baby panties? How did you get your Aunt Isy to dress her- I mean, him - like a pretty baby girl?" Tammy inquired - quite reasonably, I thought. I felt my pink cheeks begin to glow with fresh shame when my cousin eagerly explained my strange fascination for girly things, even at an early age.

"Oh, my cousin Jeremy has always been an effeminate little sissy, you know? Ever since she - I mean, he was little. Whenever Aunty Isy would bring little Jerry over to our place for a visit, April and I would always grab him the moment he waddled through the front door, and drag him off to play with him like our big diapered dolly. He was such a hopeless pants-wetter, his mum made him wear nappies and plastic pants during the day till he was like, five or six years old, you know? I remember when I was about eight or nine, we used to change his wet nappies as soon as he turned up at our place, and then April and I would dress him up in our old toddler frocks and frilly, plastic-lined rumba panties. He was tiny even at that age, and could easily fit into my dresses from when I was like, two or three. He looked so pretty all dressed up, too."

Bonnie paused to grab a small atomizer of perfume from her handbag. She squirted my throat and the top of my head with the strong-smelling floral bouquet. "Well that hasn't changed," Tammy commented in frank admiration, nodding in approval at my beautifully made-up face as Bonnie tossed the perfume spray in her bag. "But didn't he, like, object to being dressed up like a little girl?" Her question was perfectly reasonable, but I knew how Aunty Bonnie was going to reply. My cheeks glowed pink with anticipated shame.

"No way! He loved it! Especially when he was about seven or eight," Bonnie recalled, making Tammy snicker and intensifying my mortification. "When he finally graduated out of nappies and into our old training panties when he was around six, we would let him take them off so he could wear our old frilly panties under the toddler frocks we dressed him in. Mum and Aunty Isy bought and sewed the most fabulous matching frocks and panties for us, when April and I grew out of needing training panties in turn at around age three. We had silky bloomer panties with elastic cuffs edged with the softest delicate lace, that hugged our upper thighs so sensuously, yet felt like we were wearing nothing at all around our crotches! You know? Or sweet snug satin rumba panties, with like, cute rows of frilly lace across the seat, and the softest lace accents around the waist and leg bands. If he objected to us dressing him up or doing his hair in fluffy pigtails, we would simply give his little pee-pee a quick rub through his silky knickers. That would always like, calm him right down! He had the tiniest thingie back then, and his little stiffie looked so cute tenting out his pretty panties in front, especially when he like, danced around for us. You know?"

My cheeks were blazing after Bonnie added that humiliating tidbit of information, but the tall teenager ignored my visible anguish and sailed on. "After that, if we let our little sissy fairy sort through our old toddler dresses and select one for himself - he always chose the frilliest, lace-edged satin frocks to wear, so he could wear the matching silky panties! And he was never satisfied unless he had like, cute shoes and frilly socks to match, too," she needlessly added. Tears of shame welled in my eyes as I restrained myself from nodding in agreement with her heartless accusations. I barely remembered a time when my older female cousins didn't doll me up in their old clothes. I loved it! I wasn't sure about what they did to me when I was still in nappies, as that occurred too long ago for me to recall.

I had hazy memories of April and Bonnie removing my damp training panties when I was around six or seven, and gently wiping me clean down there, stroking and fondling my naughty bits until my sensitive little pee-pee grew stiff and hard. They would cackle and snort with barely suppressed laughter as they dressed me in their prettiest old party frocks and silky-soft panties, crooning encouragingly to me as they teased my naughty bits through the deliciously soft material. But I didn't care! I loved the attention my beautiful bigger cousins showered on me when they dressed me up so prettily. I would wiggle and thrust my slippery panty crotch against their teasing hands, while they caressed me and seduced me into agreeing with their whispered demands to play their little girl for the day.

"So you've always loved dressing like a little girl," Tammy softly questioned me. “Is that right?” My ears were buzzing with shame and I was too embarrassed to respond to her gentle interrogation. It had been fun dressing in pretty clothes and playing gentle girls' games; ones that required cooperation and friendship, not competition. And it had been wonderful when Mummy and Aunty Cath talked to me and treated me like I was a pretty little girl, too, during those halcyon Saturday afternoons. But I couldn't tell these two sadistic sirens the truth, and I clamped my lips tighter around my pacifier nipple. I ducked my chin and kept my tear-filled eyes locked on the tray in front of me. I sucked harder on my smelly dummy teat instead, my puffy lips tingling while my pushy cousin answered for me.

"No, not really,” Bonnie interjected. “He certainly loved playing dress-ups with us when he was little… But when he was about nine, our other cousins came to visit while Jerry was all dolled up in one of my toddler frocks and matching rumba panties. April and I were teaching him how to jump rope, and he was happily skipping around the backyard in his little-girl finery. His mum had cut his hair pretty short by then, because his dad was sick and tired of him being mistaken for a little girl all the time. But April and I tied some pink satin ribbon on two hair clips and put them in his hair, and they looked really cute! Anyway, Aunty Meg has two boys and a girl, and her oldest boy - Sam - was around eight back then, and Jack was probably seven - younger than Jeremy, but both boys were much taller and brawnier than this little sissy, even then. Sam fell about in hysterics when he caught sight of our gorgeous little fairy all dressed up in my flounced pink satin party frock, with some matching pink satin rumba panties peeping out from underneath, and these cute little pink flat sandals."

She chuckled fondly at the memory, but my cheeks began to burn when I remembered how ashamed my male cousins' taunts and cruel laughter had made me feel. "Sam told Jennie that she should have been born a girl, and that Aunty Isy should dress her in pretty frocks and matching panties all the time!” Bonnie snickered. “And young Jack wanted to know why she wasn't wearing a nappy as usual, since she was such a pissy pants-wetter. Even five-year-old Jacqueline thought our Baby Jennie made a more attractive girl than a boy, and told her so. Well! You should have seen little Jennie's expression! She was so embarrassed, her pretty little face went bright red, and she started to sniffle back tears. She tried to rip off her precious pink toddler frock and run away, but with the high round collar and the tiny buttons fastening all the way up the back to the nape of her neck, there was no way this cranky little girl was going to get her gorgeous party dress off without a grown-up’s help."

Bonnie chuckled at the mental picture she'd painted of me, blindly struggling around their backyard with the irremovable pink satin frock trapped over my head, and my frilly matching rumba panties so shamefully on display. Tammy started giggling, too, and my cheeks blushed a rosier hue when the gorgeous blonde innocently inquired, "And did you help her?"
"Of course not!" Bonnie scornfully retorted, and they both laughed gaily once more. "Baby Jennie started to squeal and cry in frustration, just like the hopeless sissy cry-baby she's always been! And then guess what she did?"
"What?" Tammy breathlessly demanded, her huge brown eyes glowing with sadistic anticipation.

My overbearing teenage cousin turned to me and malevolently insisted, "Why don't you tell her, Baby Jennie? Go on! Tell Aunty Tammy what you did, in front of all your cousins that day." My burning eyes were glued to the pink highchair tray in front of me, and my cheeks were crimson with shame when she forced me to confess to my infantile crime.
"I- I- I wet my p-p-pantieth!" I snivelled around my mouth-filling dummy. I sucked harder on my stinky baby soother when both beautiful girls burst into bright peals of laughter again. Unbidden tears welled in my eyes, and I bit on my odd-tasting dummy teat and chewed harder, concentrating on holding back the shameful sign of feminine emotion.

By the time Mummy came to rescue me that terrible afternoon, my jeering younger cousins had surrounded me and were calling me all sorts of nasty names. 'Panty-pissing cry-baby', 'sissy-pissy-pants' and 'big baby girl' were among their favourite jibes. Unfortunately, Mummy didn't bother chastising my mean cousins for teasing me, although she soundly berated me for wetting my pants again. In front of all my cousins, Mummy threatened to put me back in diapers permanently if I couldn't learn to control myself! She hauled me into the house in fury and stripped the shameful wet toddler outfit from my body, and made me take a quick hot bath at Aunty Cath's. Immediately after she dried me off, she changed me into my own clothes, made me apologise to everyone for being such a big baby, and then dragged me home in disgrace.

"That's right, baby girl!" Bonnie brightly exclaimed with a sunny smile for me, as if I was the cleverest baby in the whole wide world. "You wet your panties - again - as usual," she finished scathingly, with a sly wink for her gorgeous blonde friend. "I remember Aunty Isy mentioning that it was like, lucky you were wearing your toddler frock and rumba panties when you wet yourself. Otherwise you wouldn't have had any clean pants to wear home. You know? Your mummy said the next time you wet your pants at our place, she was going to make you like, wear one of our old toddler frocks home, with a thick cloth nappy and some frilly plastic panties underneath." Bonnie's huge golden eyes glinted with malicious delight. "Just think, Baby Jennie! That would have been the start of your very own little girly wardrobe, you know? Imagine how many pretty dresses you'd own by now, if we'd started dressing you all the time like the little girl you really are, way back then?" Tammy cackled in wicked amusement when I winced and shuddered at the thought.

Bonnie continued, "After the boys embarrassed her so badly, Baby Jennie refused to play any more dress-up games with April and me. In fact, she got real surly and sulky there for a while! She stayed right away from us for months. The only time she came near us was when she was trying to sneak a peek up our dresses, you know?"
"Oh no! Is she like, one of those little perverts?"
"Oh, she's a little pervert, alright! But I was just never sure if she just peeking at our sexy bottoms, or lusting after our pretty panties. You know? Anyway, after Angie was born, we had like, a new beautiful baby girl to dress up and mother. We didn't need this sissy big baby any more." I don't know why, but I felt a pain in my chest and my heart shrivelled when I heard Bonnie’s callous words of dismissal.

Part of me always suspected that was how Mummy felt, too, shortly after Angelica was born. She was so tired all the time, and never had any time for me. It felt like she was shutting me out of her life, and I didn't know what I’d done wrong. Daddy tried to take me to our local park early in the mornings on the weekends, I think mostly to get me out of the house and out from under Mummy's feet. He tried kicking a football with me at first, but I was always so hopeless, the ball usually hit me in the face and made me cry. He wrestled and roughhoused with me on the grass a couple of times, but I always ended up getting hurt and bursting into tears. Eventually Daddy gave up playing rough games with me, and he usually took a newspaper to read while I quietly played on the swings, the monkey bars and the roundabout in the kiddie enclosure.

I stayed away from the bigger rougher boys my own age, and usually played on the equipment with the little kids in the fenced-in toddler section. They were closer to my own size and temperament, and the little girls always played such fun games. They were much friendlier, too, and always invited me to join them role-playing with their dollies. Daddy sometimes looked concerned when I was happily playing dolls with children half my age, but since I never caused any trouble, he soon stopped worrying and let me be. It seems I was constantly playing with kids much younger than myself, and I always got on so well with the other little girls. I wondered if that meant anything?

Bonnie brought me screaming back to the present when she painfully ripped out my dummy. I had been sucking hard while I’d been reminiscing, and the amber teat jerked out with a loud 'plop!' that made both teenagers giggle in scorn. Bonnie firmly gripped my chin and turned my face from side to side while she examined my swollen puffy pink lips, and then she tossed her friend that familiar shark-like smile. "Look at those big, pouty pink lips! Aren't they gorgeous?"
"What a great mouth!" Tammy breathed in wide-eyed agreement. "That stain looks so good, she doesn't really need any lipstick, you know?"

"I know - but we're going to use some, anyway." Bonnie grabbed the gold tube, popped the cap, and unscrewed the glistening pink stick. "Pucker up, baby girl," she crooned. When I shaped my mouth properly, she painted my slightly-numb lips with the lightly-perfumed pink lipstick. "Now blot. Good baby. And pucker up again…." She was grinning wildly when she finished, and Tammy's expression was one of combined wonder and awe.

“My God!” Tammy gasped. “She- she looks beautiful!" Tammy turned to my cousin and commented enviously, "You are so talented, Bonnie!"
"I know," the grinning teenager agreed without a hint of false modesty. "I told you I was good."
"Could you like- Could you do my face, too? Please?" Tammy pleaded entreatingly.

"Sure!" Bonnie expansively agreed. "Although I don't have my full make-up kit with me - just Baby Jennie's stuff, and my usual assortment of war-paint, you know? But the colours I used on the baby should pretty much suit your complexion, too." Both girls moved to the kitchen bench nearby and sat down facing each other, smiling in anticipation while Bonnie lay out her tools and the contents of my new make-up purse in preparation.

I was thankful when they ignored me and seemed to forget I was sitting bound in my highchair, although I quietly longed to suck the dummy gently bouncing against the baby-blue bibbie covering my breast. But I wasn't sure if that was allowed, as my tingling puffy lips had been freshly painted with juicy lipstick, and they still felt moist and slightly sticky. I clutched my dum-dums for security anyway, and wriggled uncomfortably from cheek to bruised cheek, disturbed by the unfamiliar sandpapery feel of my normally soft terry nappy on my battered bum. As I shifted about in discomfort, I felt an alarming sharp cramp in my gut. Even as I became aware of the urgent need to empty my bowels, my body was already betraying me. My terrified eyes anxiously darted over to the two gorgeous girls, who were fortunately too preoccupied with Tammy's make-up to even glance my way. A hot hard lump was already oozing out of my slackened anal sphincter, and I winced in embarrassment when a muffled fart trumpeted out as well.

"What was that, Baby Jennie?" Bonnie demanded, pausing mid-brushstroke to turn and glare at me. "Did you do a fluffy in your nappy, baby girl?" She chuckled nastily after she questioned me, then returned to painting her friend's face without waiting for my response.
"Did Baby Jennie let Fluffy off the leash?" Tammy playfully inquired, and after glancing at me, they both broke into fresh fits of girlish giggles when my cheeks blazed crimson with shame. I knew I wasn't required to answer. I concentrated on relaxing open my sphincter and pushing out the heaving mass in my bowels without making too many more embarrassing noises.

Even though I needed to do a poo-poo really badly, it was difficult pushing it out while seated in the restrictive highchair. There was nowhere for it to escape, and the solid log slowly sliding out of my anus hit the wet nappy bunched between my tender cheeks - and stopped. It remained stuck there, propping my delicate hole wide open as I strained to push the hard brown sausage all the way out. But it was impossible!

I leaned forward as far as the tight waist belt would allow me, and rested my elbows on the solid highchair tray. I gripped the sides of the pastel-pink tray and raised my bum as high as I could, and the effort caused the huge turd to slide out another inch or two. Then it began to bend and squish moistly between my cheeks, as it squashed into the warm wet terrycloth underneath me, before sliding up my bottom crack towards the small of my back. I couldn't stop it now, even if I’d wanted to. I grunted quietly as I pushed out more hot poop into my dirty wet nappy, desperately trying to avoid attracting the girls' attention.

Fortunately they were preoccupied gossiping about a girl they knew, and they didn't seem to notice while I filled my nappy to the limit. By the time I felt sure my bowels were empty, my arms were exhausted from holding my weight for so long. When I let go of the highchair tray and relaxed, my bottom slowly settled onto the huge hot lump underneath me. It wedged like delicious warm putty between my sensitive bruised bottom cheeks, and then slowly squished forward between my splayed thighs. I considered informing Bonnie that I had soiled my nappy, but when I imagined the potential embarrassment that might entail, I remained meekly silent. I knew they would discover my infantile humiliation for themselves soon enough.

I silently waited, cringing in anticipation as Bonnie finished painting her gorgeous girlfriend's face. When she began to put away the items of make-up, the tension became unbearable. My senses were on high alert, which is why I was the first one to hear the front door distantly open. I gave a quiet sigh of thanks when I heard my mother's tired voice call out, "Bonnie? I'm home, girls!" My cousin jumped up and dashed out to the hallway, and I heard Mummy greet her; "Hello, Bonnie darling." Mummy sounded slightly confused when she asked, "Is that my t-shirt you're wearing?"
"Yes, Aunty Isy, it is. The baby piddled all over me while I was changing her nappy, so I threw my top in the wash and borrowed one of yours," Bonnie explained sourly.

"Baby Jennie wet your top? Oh no, Bonnie! I'm so sorry! That wicked little-"
"Don't worry, Aunty Isy. I've already paddled your bad little baby girl's bot-bot for being so naughty. Now, how's Angelica?"

I heard Mummy sigh heavily before telling her; "Angie had to have a tooth pulled, and the dentist gave her some medication for the pain. She's fast asleep now, thank God, because she cried all the way there and most of the way home again. I've got such a headache! I might have to ask you to take Baby Jennie out for a couple of hours, so I can have a bit of a lie-down, too. Is that alright? Could you make me a cup of tea too, please darling? I'll just change Angie's wet nappy and put her to bed, and then I'll be right down to check on my other baby girl."

"Alright, Aunty Isy," my cousin cheerfully replied before returning to the kitchen, a huge grin plastered across her immaculately made-up face. "I think we should take our precious big baby girl to play in the park, Tammy!" Bonnie gaily suggested, laughing uproariously when my painted face crumpled in fear.

To be continued in chapter 13.

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