Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 13

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Synopsis: Tammy and Bonnie take Baby Jennie to Bonnie's place, where Bonnie learns that Tammy wants to try on her old nappies. The girls play dress-ups and decide to take Baby Jennie for a walk in the park.

Chapter 13. Baby Learns Her Lessons

As Bonnie sauntered past my highchair, she paused mid-stride. She grimaced and leaned closer to my cowering form. She took a couple of loud experimental sniffs and screwed up her beautiful painted face in disgust. "Oh-oh! I recognise that nasty smell, Baby Jennie!" She continued in a mocking, sing-song tone; "Someone's got a dirty nap-py, someone's got a dirty nap-py!" Bonnie snickered nastily, pointing an accusing finger at me and shaking her head in revulsion. Her huge bosoms wobbled distractingly under Mummy's tight blue t-shirt, and her long chestnut ponytail flicked from side to side like the tail of a fractious racehorse.

Tammy's beautiful big brown eyes widened in pretend horror. One of her petite hands flew to cover her pretty pink-painted mouth when it gaped theatrically wide. "Oh no! She didn't- You didn't, did you, baby girl?" Tammy rose to her feet and approached me in the highchair. She shook her head mock-sorrowfully when I guiltily lowered my gaze, and my cheeks glowed pink with fresh mortification. "Oh dear! Sniff-sniff! Oh-oh! I can smell a poopy nappy!" The gorgeous blonde grinned down at my shame-faced expression while she interrogated me in that familiar, condescending baby-talk. "Did you make a big poo-poo in your nap-naps, Baby Jennie? Aww, you poor, messy widdle baby girl!" Tammy chuckled and turned to my domineering cousin, switching to more grown-up speech. "I think this dirty little baby girl needs her icky-poo nappy changed, Aunty Bonnie."

"Well, I don't want to be the one to change it," Bonnie grumpily retorted, wrinkling her pert powdered nose in distaste.
"Then maybe we should like, take this little girl to the park in her poopy nappy?" Tammy suggested with a sly smile. She gave a triumphant cackle when my head snapped up in alarm and my cheeks flushed crimson at the potential humiliation.
"No, no! Pweathe no, Aunty Tammy? I don't want to! I don't wanna-" I pleaded, shaking my halo of platinum curls in frantic denial before I was rudely cut off.
Bonnie's perfectly plucked eyebrows arched in astonishment. "What was that, Baby Jennie?" She demanded in a tone of surprised dismay; "You don't want to be changed out of that poopy nappy?"

I started to snivel when my sneering older cousin deftly twisted the meaning of my words. "Yeth pweathe, Aunty Bonnie."
Bonnie cruelly mimicked my high-pitched, lisping reply. "Yeth pweathe?" She concluded in a tone of horrified disbelief, "So you like wearing poopy nappies! What a dirty, disgusting little girl you are!" This was getting worse!
"No, no! I don't wanna go to the park! P-p-pweathe can you change my dirty nappy? Pweathe Aunty Bonnie?" I begged, trying manfully to hold back the tears in spite of my feminised state. Tammy grabbed her taller friend by the shoulder and dragged my chestnut-haired cousin away from my highchair and deeper into the kitchen, where she whispered in her ear for a few minutes.

Bonnie listened attentively as she switched on the kettle on the kitchen bench. She took a china mug from the cupboard above to make a cup of tea for Mummy. I watched their suspicious behaviour with anxious eyes while they chatted animatedly amongst themselves. When both girls fell silent and glanced at me, and then turned back to each other and burst into loud guffaws, I knew my fate had to be the topic under discussion. I fearfully wondered what else they had store for me today, and I felt an unexpected spurt of fresh urine warming my dirty wet nappy. Bonnie grabbed her mobile phone from her handbag and placed a quick call to her big sister, and it sounded like she was arranging a lift home with April. After Mummy's tea was made and the milk and sugar added, the snickering teens approached me again.

It was Tammy who asked the questions, her big brown eyes shining with sadistic delight. "So, Baby Jennie? Would you like Aunty Tammy to change that nasty poopy nappy for you?"
"Yeth pweathe, Aunty Tammy," I submissively replied, staring in fascination at her gorgeous, freshly made-up face. When she looked like she wanted me to continue, I humbly pleaded, "Pwathe can you change my nathty poopy nappy, Aunty Tammy?"

I wanted to let my head droop in shame, but I couldn't tear my eyes from the gorgeous blonde's stunning features. Bonnie had an amazing gift with make-up. The jet-black mascara she'd applied accentuated Tammy's huge eyes and naturally long lashes, making her wide-eyed gaze more innocent and child-like. Her lush smiling lips were glossy with shiny pink lipstick, and looked fuller and more pouty, somehow. Her delicate eyebrows seemed darker and thicker, too. They beautifully framed her huge milk-chocolate-brown eyes, making them look bigger and wider. The pink blush on her high cheekbones mimicked the flush of sexual arousal, and when her pretty painted mouth stretched wide in a broad smile, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen!

"If we change that yucky poopy nappy, Baby Jennie," bargained Tammy, "you'll have to promise to behave like a good little baby girl for your Aunties when we take you out." When she paused for my answer, I slowly nodded. She continued to smile broadly and waited patiently until I verbally responded.
"Yeth, Aunty Tammy." When she still looked at me expectantly, I sighed and mumbled, "Yeth Aunty Tammy, I pwomithe. I pwomithe to behave wike a good wittle baby girl for my Auntieth." Both girls glanced at each other and smiled conspiratorially at my cowardly lisped response.

"Good girl, Baby Jennie!" Bonnie praised me with a pleased smile, before announcing; "So when your Mummy comes back downstairs, you won't mind asking her if your Aunties can take you to the park in your pretty pink dress. Will you, little girl?" My cheeks glowed with fresh humiliation as I tried to figure a way out of this trap, but before I could gather my thoughts, Mummy trudged back into the kitchen. She was wearing a smart navy-and-white striped t-shirt over her crisply-ironed blue jeans, and a pair of comfortable low navy heels. Despite the dark red lipstick decorating her generous mouth, she looked tired and irritable. "Go on, baby girl. Ask your Mummy - if you really want to," Bonnie wickedly encouraged me.

"Ask Mummy what?" my mother demanded shortly. As soon as she stepped within range of my highchair, she screwed up her nose in disgust, placed her fists on her broad hips, and scowled darkly down at me. "Oh no, Baby Jennie! You look so pretty! But you certainly don't smell very pretty! Did you mess your nappy again, little girl?"
Before she could start chastising me for being a dirty baby girl, I interrupted her to ask: "Mummy? Could I pweathe-" I tried to hold back the welling tears as I made my humiliating request. "Could I pweathe go to the park with- with Aunty Bonnie and A-a-aunty T-t-tammy, in my pwetty pink dweth? P-p-pweathe Mummy?"

Mummy frowned and eyed my odd stuttered request with frank suspicion. She was distracted when Bonnie quickly offered: "We'll change this poopy baby for you first, before we take her to the park - if you'd like, Aunty Isy? Your cup of tea is on the bench, you know, so you can sit down and drink that while Tammy and I like, take care of your smelly little girl's messy bot-bot."
"If you girls don't mind?" Mummy entreated, looking unusually haggard and drawn. "It really has been one hell of a morning."
"We don't mind, Aunty Isy," Bonnie brightly replied, surreptitiously grimacing to her friend at the obvious falsehood. "Really we don't. You just sit down there and have your cuppa, and we'll take care of your stinky baby girl. Then we'll like, get her out of your hair for an hour or so, and take her down to the park." Tammy smiled and nodded enthusiastically to show her support.

"Oh would you?" Mummy asked with a grateful smile, collapsing in a chair at the kitchen bench and wrapping her hands around the steaming blue china mug. "That would be great, Bonnie! Thank you so much, darling, and thank you too, Tammy." She took a sip of hot tea and smiled at the girls in appreciation.
"No problem, Mrs R." Tammy replied with a chirpy smile, removing my urine-stained blue bibbie and unfastening the seat belt from behind my chair. Bonnie unlocked the pink tray and slid it away from my tummy.
"Don't worry about waking Angie in the Nursery while you change the baby's nappy. The medicine the dentist gave her has knocked her out cold," Mummy assured us, and the teenagers nodded in understanding.

Tammy moved the worn white leather seatbelt out of the way, and stepped back and clapped her hands. "Come on, Baby Jennie! Hop down from your highchair, little girl, so we can go and change that yucky poopy nappy." The gorgeous grinning teenager leaned in and held out her dainty hands for mine. When I passively took them, she leaned back and slid me forward. The sticky contents of my dirty nappy were forced further up my crack, shifting moistly up towards the small of my back. Tammy led me waddling slowly and awkwardly upstairs to the Nursery, and Bonnie followed close behind. My snickering cousin couldn't resist occasionally swatting my huge bulging bottom along the way, smearing my warm stinky poo-poos all over my poor sore bot-bot.

They quietly escorted me past Angelica who looked unconscious lying in her bed, straight into the en-suite bathroom. Tammy unclipped my dummy chain and temporarily attached it to the collar of her cream peasant blouse. They undressed me beside the tub, being extra-careful when they pulled down my Barbie-pink PVC panties. The smell of fresh faeces filled the small room, and Bonnie immediately stepped back in revulsion. She bitterly complained about the awful stench while she turned on the exhaust fan, and then she hung my clothes on the brass hook behind the bathroom door.

"Oh, it's not so bad," Tammy replied dismissively, making me smile weakly in appreciation while she checked my pretty pink panties for poo-poo stains. Fortunately, the lace-edged baby panties were unsullied, and she placed them aside with a pleased expression. "I used to change my kid sister's poopy nappies when she was three, and some of hers were a lot stinkier that this little girl's, I can tell you!"

Bonnie's disgusted expression clearly indicated her disbelief. She stepped closer to the open window when Tammy urged me to clamber into the empty tub wearing nothing but my sagging full nappy. The gorgeous blonde teen handed my dum-dums to her glowering friend and then knelt beside the bathtub. She efficiently removed the huge pink pins, and my stinky soggy nappies dropped to the bottom of the white enamel bath with a loud wet 'thwack!' After donning some white latex gloves from the box she found in the vanity drawer, Tammy rolled up most of the solid brown lump of crap in the disposable liners. She then tossed the nasty bundle in the toilet for Bonnie to flush away. Tammy used the portable shower head to hose down the filthy nappies, blasting away the sticky remnants with a hard hot stream. She then wrung them out and carefully rolled up the stained pieces of dripping contoured terrycloth. After a final hard squeeze, she handed the diapers to my frowning cousin, who ungraciously accepted them with a grimace of distaste. "Dump those in the nappy bucket, will you Bonnie?"

Tammy turned down the pressure, adjusted the temperature, and then expertly scoured away the mess from between my filthy buttocks first with the warm spray. She then moved the strong stream up to the small of my back and let it pulsate there for a minute, trying to shift the sticky faeces. "My, my! That's still a very red bottom, little girl! That must be very sore, you poor baby," Tammy commented sympathetically. Her sly smirk that gave lie to her kind words. I sulkily turned my face away and refused to respond, my swollen pink-painted bottom lip protruding like a cranky toddler's. She smiled cattily at my unintentional child-like response as she decreased the water pressure even more. She made me turn around so she could carefully hose my front. She kept the warm water flowing in a steady stream, but not forcefully enough to risk splashing my freshly made-up face.

When she decided I was sufficiently clean, she soaped up a pink washcloth. Tammy scrubbed my bum crack and between my legs again and again until the soapy water ran clear. It felt like she was trying to poke her washcloth-wrapped finger right inside my puckered rosebud at one stage. Fortunately, the fluffy wet washer made it way too thick to penetrate very far. The petite blonde made me turn around and gently washed my ball sack and shrivelled clittie, too. I was so worried about what the girls might have planned for me, my terrified tool didn't react at all to her stimulating ministrations.

"That's better," Tammy murmured, before discarding the washcloth and giving my loins a final warm rinse. "Out we hop, baby girl. Come on, sweetie-pie! It's time to pin you into a lovely fresh nappy, Baby Jennie," she sang in encouragement. She removed the dripping latex gloves and dumped them in the bin under the vanity basin.

Tammy swiftly dried my damp pink body and made me toddle nude out to the Nursery ahead of her, giggling at my waddling gait. I didn't see her collect the punishment paddle from beside the toilet. She concealed the vicious wooden instrument behind her back when she followed me into the Nursery. Angelica was still fast asleep in her bed and it appeared she hadn't shifted since we entered the room. Bonnie strode into the Nursery from the landing carrying her clean brassiere and her warm blouse fresh from the drier. She tossed the clothes over the end of my crib before she peeled off Mummy's blue t-shirt.

I knew I was staring at my cousin's huge naked tits while I clambered up onto the change table to lie down on my back, but I couldn't help it! Those mouth-watering russet nipples were stiffly erect from the stimulation of her t-shirt constantly caressing them. I watched in fascination as Bonnie performed the contortions necessary to confine her massive breasts inside the white satin hammocks of her bra. While she rearranged the soft fleshy mounds to sit more comfortably inside the deep E-cups, Tammy snorted in amusement. "I think Baby Jennie likes looking at your titties, Aunty Bonnie," she commented with a knowing leer, nodding to where my little clittie was already thickening and poking out from the juncture of my thighs.

Bonnie stepped closer as Tammy prepared some fresh nappies between my compliantly spread legs. My cheeky cousin cupped her hands under her massive bosom and pressed the shiny white bra cups together to form a deep inviting cleavage. I knew my clittie was growing stiffer and I was staring in awe at her voluptuous chest, but I simply couldn't help it! "Do you like these, Baby Jennie?" Bonnie softly teased me, wobbling and bouncing her proudly-upthrust, well-presented mammaries in front of my blushing pink face. "Wouldn't you love to have a feed from these beauties, baby girl?"

"I'll bet she would!" Tammy's voice sounded envious, as if she had recently contemplated the same thought herself. She cheekily suggested, "Perhaps Aunty Bonnie might give Baby Jennie a suck on her boosies later - if she behaves for her Aunties and does exactly what they tell her to do." When I glanced up in surprise at the beautiful blonde, Tammy arched an interrogative eyebrow at me and smiled enticingly.

"W-w-what?" I stammered in disbelief. My eyes leapt from Tammy's gorgeous smiling face to my cousin's enormous tanned tits, the delectable fleshy melons jiggling inches from my nose.
"Would Baby Jennie like to have a little feed from Aunty Bonnie's big titties? Hmmm?" Bonnie crooned like a loving mother, giving her massive mammaries another wobble. The temptation to press my blushing pink cheeks into that deep fleshy valley was almost overwhelming.
"Y-y-yeth pweathe, Aunty Bonnie!" I gasped and nodded hopefully. I gave a little moue of disappointment when she unexpectedly slid her white peasant blouse over her head. She tugged it down to cover her beautiful brown bosoms.

"We'll see," Bonnie temporized. The buxom teen pulled on her tiny denim shorts, with a wolfish smile for her gorgeous blonde friend. 'If you can be a very good widdle girl and learn you lessons today, maybe Aunty might give baby a lovely feed…" Tammy gave her a quick grin and a discreet nod in reply, and then she brightly ordered me to lift my bottom while she slid a clean pair of fluffy nappies underneath me. The gorgeous blonde only used baby powder on my nappy area, but she didn't seem to mind caressing the talc deeply between my freshly-cleaned bum cheeks, or rubbing a sweetly-scented handful over my stiff bouncing clittie. Bonnie found the change bag beside the table, and busied herself filling the pink-checked vinyl bag with all the necessary diaper-changing supplies - including my new pink baby bottle and the punishment paddle!

Tammy giggled when my excitable tool began to throb and pulsate at her gentle touch. A clear drop of sticky stuff leaked out of the single eye. For one terrifying moment, I thought I was about to be subjected to the horrible ‘frozen spoon trick’ again. To my everlasting relief, Tammy immediately pinned my nappies tightly over my burgeoning arousal, trapping my hot hard clittie against my powdery tummy. I marvelled at the heat emanating from my pulsating organ. I was dressed in the same pastel-pink frock and frothy white chiffon pettie as before, including the Barbie-pink PVC panties underneath. As Bonnie finished slipping my matching pink patent ballet flats over my lacy white anklet socks, we heard a car horn honk from the driveway.

Tammy dashed to the Nursery window. She glanced outside and softly announced; "April's here!" Bonnie nodded and lifted me down from the change table. We all shuffled downstairs hand-in-hand, and we met Mummy on her way up.
"I need to take a little nap, Bonnie," Mummy informed my cousin with a tired smile, gripping the banister for support. She pressed her other hand to her perspiring forehead. "I've taken a strong painkiller for this damn headache, so I might be out cold when you return. Leave the front door unlocked, and when you girls come back, make sure you wake me up if I'm still asleep. Okay?"
"Sure thing, Aunty Isy," confirmed Bonnie, with a nod of understanding and a confidence-inspiring smile.
"You behave yourself, Baby Jennie! Thanks again for looking after my big baby, girls," Mummy added, before continuing upstairs.

While Tammy gripped my hand and led me waddling outside, Bonnie ran to the kitchen to collect her things. I nervously glanced around, afraid some of our neighbours might be wandering about. Fortunately, the street seemed empty. April was standing beside her old red Volvo dressed in a snug pair of navy denim jeans and a crisp white blouse. Her long raven locks were held back from her face by a sweet navy Alice band. My elder cousin had already removed the smaller red toddler seat and stuffed it in the trunk of her car. She showed Tammy how to securely fasten me into the humiliating pink toddler car seat, "so the baby can't escape."

The gorgeous grinning blonde buckled me in, slammed my door and then jumped into the back seat beside me. As soon as Bonnie climbed into the front seat, April hit the gas. At first I had no idea where we were going, but after a few minutes, I knew we were probably on our way to Aunty Cath's place. My cousins only live about five blocks away from us, two blocks past the other end of the huge park where my parents took me last weekend. We pulled up outside my cousins' place a couple of minutes later. When Tammy, Bonnie and I stepped out of the car, April raced away on some unknown errand.

Aunty Cath's huge house was quiet and empty when they marched me inside. Bonnie kept a tight hold of my hand as she dragged me down the long hallway and into her messy bedroom. She brushed aside the dolls and teddy bears scattered about her queen-size bed and then lifted me off my feet. She sat me on my puffy padded bottom on the quilted, blush-pink satin coverlet and ordered; "You just sit still and keep quiet, Baby Jennie. Suck your dummy for Aunty Bonnie like a good baby girl, and don't make a sound." Bonnie produced my pink dummy from the change bag, licked it lavishly, and pressed the glistening amber rubber teat between my swollen pink-painted lips.

I gratefully drew on the satisfying baby soother as she clipped the pink plastic chain to the narrow white lace collar of my floaty pink toddler frock. I realised my nappy was already warm and wet under my tender bottom, and I wriggled about in the familiar soothing warmth to make myself more comfortable.

Tammy wandered about inquisitively touching and poking Bonnie's possessions. "So where are these nappies your mum made you wear? You mentioned you like, still have them?" Tammy coyly inquired, her light tone innocent and wondering. Her pretty painted cheeks turned a rosier hue when she asked the leading questions. The petite girl's chin dipped until she was looking up at her taller friend from below seductively half-closed eyelids. Tammy batted her long black lashes enticingly, giving Bonnie a winsome smile. She slipped the tip of her index finger between her pouting pink lips and sucked on it, twisting her body endearingly from side to side like a small child asking favours from her mother. Bonnie grinned at her petite friend's charming performance and dropped to her knees beside her bed. She reached far under the dangling blush-pink bedspread, slid an old brown suitcase from its place of concealment under her mattress, and opened it on the floor in front of Tammy. I craned my head forward, trying to see the contents. The gorgeous blonde's big brown eyes flew wide and she softly sighed, "Oh my God!"

The way Tammy held up the worn pink cloth nappy with both hands and admired it made me think she secretly wanted to try wearing one. Bonnie obviously had the same impression, because she produced a pair of 3" stainless-steel, pink-capped nappy pins identical to my own. She softly asked her gorgeous, dewy-eyed friend; "Tammy? Tammy sweetie? Do you want to try on one of my nappies?"

I sucked harder on my dum-dums as my naughty hand automatically crept down to cover the warm front of my rustling baby panties, where my clittie was already thickening with excitement. Tammy looked mildly embarrassed, but she smiled sheepishly and silently nodded. She held out the nappy to Bonnie with her left hand while her right index finger crept between her pursed pink lips again, and she sucked noisily on the pink painted nail. Beneath my frock and flared petties, I surreptitiously gave my stiffening clittie a quick squeeze through my deliciously warm wet nappies and rustling PVC panties. Tammy wanted to wear nappies like me?

"I'm pretty sure they'll fit you," Bonnie continued temptingly. She gently took the hourglass-shaped piece of cloth from her suddenly-shy friend's small hand, before spreading the diaper on the queen-size bed beside me. It was a similar shape to my nappies, except larger - and pink - and there was an oval addition two layers thick sewn into the wide crotch as an extra soaker pad. "Come on, sweetie," Bonnie urged Tammy with an encouraging smile, patting the thick, fluffy cloth nappy in blatant invitation. Her tone turned seductive. "Take those big-girl clothes off, Tammy - or do you need Mama to undress you, too?" The thought of seeing Tammy naked - and then diapered - made my stiff clittie surge to greater fullness inside my warm wet nappy.

For a wonderful fleeting moment I thought they were going to let me sit on the bed beside them and watch. But as soon as the slender blonde clambered up onto the high mattress, Bonnie brusquely ordered me aside. "You go and sit in the corner, Baby Jennie, and don't you dare say a word!" She imperiously pointed to a spot near the bathroom door, and I released my discreet grip on my throbbing tool and miserably crept away. I quietly sat cross-legged in the indicated corner on my tender wet bottom, and timidly turned to face the foot of Bonnie's bed, making my dancing petties rustle and swish noisily against the carpet. I casually let my hands rest in my lap, gently pressing down my bobbing petticoats over the tenting front of my slick baby panties.

Unfortunately, from my position on the floor, I couldn't see anything of Tammy except her dainty bare feet. When Bonnie appeared satisfied my view of them was restricted, she turned back to her waiting friend. The gorgeous blonde had already slipped out of her cream peasant blouse and tossed it aside on the carpet, but Bonnie made her lie back on the open nappy while she took over. "Let Mama do that for you, sweetie," she cooed tenderly. I heard Tammy giggle like a cheeky toddler when Bonnie unsnapped the clasps of her denim skirt, before slowly lowering the zip. "Lift that little bot-bot for Mama," Bonnie crooned. They both giggled when Tammy readily obeyed, before raising her lithe little legs high in the air so her friend could tug away the short blue skirt.

"Your panties, too, sweetie," Bonnie lovingly coaxed her. She discarded the worn denim skirt on the beige carpet next to Tammy's blouse. My ears pricked up and my clittie jerked spastically with arousal, and I quietly shifted onto my knees. I reached under my frothy petticoat skirts and clutched my warm damp nappy against my throbbing stiffie with both hands. The heat from the pulsating engorged head pressing against my tummy felt amazing! I knelt up as high as I could and craned my neck towards the girls.

I managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of Tammy's exposed womanhood when she momentarily raised her cute bum. Bonnie whisked down her friend’s pink nylon bikini panties to her knees, and the gorgeous girl quickly dropped her naked bottom back on the bed. She raised her shapely legs so Bonnie could pull her knickers all the way off, too. After she tugged the rumpled pink panties clear of Tammy's petite feet, Bonnie pressed the tiny wisp of damp material to her nose and sniffed loudly. "Oh my! Little Tammy? Did you wet your panties, little girl?" They both burst into fits of girlish giggles again, and Bonnie tossed the balled-up panties on top of her friend's cream blouse. She took the slim white plastic tub of baby wipes and the container of powder from my change bag.

"Mama will have to wipe that wet little kitten clean first," Bonnie whispered enticingly, her voice husky with passion. I watched Tammy's feet draw up in anticipation. The gorgeous blonde teen sighed contentedly as her knees flopped obscenely wide, eagerly exposing herself to my dominant cousin's lascivious gaze. "Good girl," cooed the tall temptress in throaty approval. She bent close to wipe her gorgeous girlfriend's delectable openings again and again with the moist baby wipes.

"Ooo, you're such a wet little girl for Mama!" Bonnie commented with a saucy smile, and both girls started chortling again. After taking an awfully long time to clean her private places, Bonnie lovingly crooned, "There! That's better, little girl. Now Mama just needs to make sure that you're kissing-sweet clean…" The tall teen quickly turned to glance at me, and her huge golden eyes were sparkling with lust when she snapped, "Nose in the corner, Baby Jennie! Go on, you naughty little girl! Turn around and press that little nose into the corner, baby girl - or Aunty Bonnie will spank!"

My hands leapt from my pulsating groin to defensively cover my wet padded rear, my big blue eyes wide in fright. I whirled around on my knees and thrust my nose into the junction of the cream painted walls. I tried to picture what the girls were doing from the odd sounds they were making. Unseen by me, Bonnie moved to kneel on the bed between Tammy's wide-splayed feet. She crouched forward, lowering her face until her puffy, pink-painted lips were millimetres from the petite blonde's gaping vagina. My cousin inhaled loudly and deeply, and I could hear the pleased smile in her voice when she commented, "Mmm, that's better! That's a lovely clean kitten for Mama…" I clearly heard the sound of Bonnie wetly kissing her girlfriend, but I couldn't understand why Tammy began moaning with excitement. The groaning and slurping noises continued unabated for a few minutes, and I took the chance to slowly turn my head, trying to sneak a peek at the girls on the bed.

Bonnie was kneeling on the pink coverlet facing away from me, and her huge womanly bottom was almost split in two by her tiny blue denim shorts. The crotch piece and her cream nylon panties had crept so high up her magnificent arse, I could actually see her darker-pink pussy lips protruding wetly either side of the tiny strip of material. As I watched, a drop of clear juice oozed from her gaping slit, inching lazily down the inside of one fleshy brown thigh. There was a strange pungent scent in the air that was vaguely familiar. I would soon come to identify it as the smell of female sexual arousal. I cautiously held my noisily rustling petties up out of the way with my left hand, and began to discretely rub my right palm up and down over the bulging front of my slippery PVC panties, wondering if I dared reach inside my deliciously warm wet nappies and touch myself down there.

Tammy's legs were hooked over my cousin’s shoulders, her dainty heels resting on Bonnie's broad back. Her pale soles slowly came together and slid up towards Bonnie's neck. It looked like the moaning teen was trying to use her slender heels to drag the bigger girl's face closer to her crotch. "Oh yes, Bonnie! Ooo, that's so good! Ungh - ungh! Oh!" Her toes scrunched up like little claws around Bonnie's bobbing chestnut ponytail, and I could see the creamy pink nail polish on her tiny toenails glistening in the light. "Oh! Oh God! Oh Bonnie! Aww!" Tammy groaned bitterly in disappointment when my pushy cousin forcibly pulled her head back. When Bonnie peeled the smaller girl's ankles from around her neck, I whipped my face away and fearfully pressed my nose into the corner once more.

Bonnie chuckled richly at Tammy's soft cries of displeasure. After a frowning glance in my direction, she murmured consolingly in her girlfriend's shell-like ear. "Later, little girl, later! Mama will take care of you, later - when she doesn't have her naughty little niece to babysit, too." Bonnie sprinkled some powder over the glazed-eyed girl’s crotch and bottom and rubbed it in for several long minutes, until Tammy began to quietly moan again. "That's quite enough of that, little girl!" Bonnie teased her, chastising her horny girlfriend like a prim Sunday school teacher. She placed the container of baby powder back in the change bag and tossed the scrunched-up wipe into a painted metal bin beside her bed. My cousin dusted her powdery hands together, and then swiftly pinned the huge pink terrycloth nappy around her slender girlfriend's hips.

I heard Bonnie jump down from her bed with a ‘thump,’ and then she dragged Tammy to her feet. "Here," Bonnie suggested, her voice thick and husky with arousal. "Try these on, sweetie. They should easily fit over your nappy." Unable to resist the temptation, I glanced around in time to see Tammy pull a huge pair of translucent white plastic panties over her diapered hips. She squatted down low to help slide the tight elastic leg bands higher up her smooth sculpted thighs, and then she tugged the snug waistband all the way over her big padded bum. Her tiny waistline looked so slender, especially in contrast to the thick fluffy nappy pinned tightly over her hips.

"It feels like a huge sanitary pad between my legs," Tammy murmured mostly to herself, splaying her shapely thighs wide again and staring down at her puffy crotch in fascination. She started rubbing her right palm up and down over the slippery front of the crinkling plastic panties, and I saw her shudder at the naughty erotic feelings.
Bonnie grabbed Tammy's smaller hand in hers and gave the back of her slender wrist a playful smack. "Ah-ah-ah! No touching down there, little girl! Only Mama can touch little Tammy down there," she cautioned her friend with a sly smile. Both girls burst into gay girlish laughter once more.

Tammy was wearing a milk-coffee coloured brassiere made from thick cheap cotton. Although she wasn't huge, her soft breast flesh bulged attractively over the top of her tightly-clasped underwear. Bonnie unexpectedly grabbed the shorter girl by the shoulders and spun her around. She swiftly unsnapped Tammy's bra at the back, sliding the beige straps over the skinny girl's shoulders and down her arms before she had a chance to react. "Hey!" Tammy exclaimed in consternation. She whirled around, covering her breasts with her small hands when my pushy cousin ripped away her remaining adult underwear. "What are you doing?"

"Aha! C-cups, eh?" Bonnie sniffed in disbelief when she checked the padded bra cups, before examining the worn label near the rear clasp. "34-B," she read aloud with a sharp snort of laughter. She stared accusingly at her red-cheeked friend. "And it's padded, too, you cheat!"
Tammy shook her head in dismay, making her honey-blonde bob dance and sway attractively. She pouted prettily and complained, "I'm almost a C-cup! Mum says I'm still developing, and- and- Give it back!" When she reached with both hands for the push-up bra Bonnie dangled temptingly in front of her scarlet face, Tammy released her pert young bosoms. The small mounds of feminine flesh didn't drop at all. Her tiny stiff nipples pointed towards the ceiling cornice like two pink pencil erasers. Despite being petite, her perky breasts appeared perfect in every way - although I thought Justine's big pinky-brown nipples and Bonnie's huge russet caps looked much more succulent than Tammy's tiny pink ones.

Bonnie held the frayed cotton bra high out her tinier friend's searching grasp. She replied, "No, no, honey! I have something much more suitable for you to wear, little one." She tormented her embarrassed, small-busted friend by waving the cheater bra in front of Tammy’s scarlet face, and then holding it high out of reach again. Bonnie laughed at Tammy's forlorn expression when she yanked it out of reach, then she danced over to her chest of drawers. My cousin momentarily glanced my way. Fortunately she didn't seem perturbed when she spied me kneeling in the corner with one hand cupped over my puffy wet groin, timidly spying on her and her half-naked accomplice. She obviously had other things on her mind. I noticed Bonnie's normally immaculate pink lipstick was smudged all around her full smiling mouth and wondered; 'How come Tammy's make-up still look immaculate if they've been kissing?'

While Bonnie rummaged through her white dresser drawers, Tammy gazed down in apparent delight at the thick pink nappy encasing her loins. She discretely ran her hands up and down between her legs, caressing her crinkling baby panties and pressing the soft wad of absorbent terrycloth more firmly against her sensitive spots. I likewise rubbed my rock-hard clittie through my warm wet nappy and slippery PVC panties. I desperately hoped bossy Bonnie wouldn't catch me - or punish me if she did. The tall teen produced a white spandex tank-top that looked small enough to fit over one of her thighs, not her torso. "I used to wear this to gym class when I was thirteen to stop my tits from bouncing around too much. Here, put your arms up and try it on."

Tammy bit her plump pink bottom lip uncertainly but obediently raised her arms, making her small naked bosoms rise even higher towards her quivering chin. Bonnie stretched open the tiny white top. After Tammy managed to squeeze her head and arms through the appropriate holes, my domineering cousin tugged it down over the red-faced blonde's slender torso. The lycra tank-top was so tight, it completely flattened Tammy's already-small bust into insignificance, making her look more like an immature twelve-year-old than a seventeen-year-old. While she gazed down at her vanished bosom in consternation, Bonnie dashed to her built-in wardrobe and slid open the mirrored doors. She chuckled richly when she cried, "I have the perfect outfit for you to wear to the park, little Tammy!" She rapidly sorted through the clothes in the overflowing wardrobe, and then tossed a skirt and a crisply-ironed blouse onto the bed.

I recognised the red plaid miniskirt as one April wore the other day. The white, V-neck cotton blouse Bonnie produced was a simple front-button affair, with a small pocket over the left breast and a narrow round collar. It looked like a standard schoolgirl's blouse, and I suspected it was one of Bonnie's old ones. Tammy drew the tartan skirt up her shapely legs and over her big diapered bottom, before deftly reaching behind to hook the eyelet and zip it closed at the back. Because of the height difference, it was much longer on Tammy's shorter frame, and the flared hem fell most of the way down her sculpted bronze thighs.

I couldn't detect any sign of her nappy or her white plastic panties, and for some reason, I felt strangely disappointed. Tammy smoothed the red plaid skirt down over her wide padded hips while staring in amazement at her reflection in the wardrobe's mirrored doors. She twirled around and glanced over her shoulder to check the rear view. I could only admire the way her huge puffy butt and broader hips under the A-line miniskirt seemed to draw my focus exclusively to her deliciously slender waist. Tammy seemed satisfied with the effect too, and readily accepted the blouse from Bonnie's hands. She slipped it on over her tight tank-top and buttoned it closed.

The white cotton blouse was loose enough that her compressed bosom disappeared completely under the baggy folds. When she tucked the flapping tails under the snug waistband of her tartan skirt, it completed the effect. Tammy slipped on her flat leather sandals and frankly admired her appearance in the mirror. "If I'd known, I would have worn my frilly anklet socks and my black patent Maryjanes today," she sighed regretfully. Bonnie was grinning like a madwoman as she tossed her beautiful friend a pair of white cotton anklet socks with two wide rows of elaborate white lace frills around the ankles. While a gleeful Tammy slipped on the sheer socks, Bonnie scrabbled through the dozens of shoeboxes in her cupboard, searching for a pair of her old black patent Maryjanes to fit her girlfriend's tiny feet.

"I think these should fit you. I was saving them for Angie - well, for Baby Jennie, now," Bonnie glibly explained, as she handed the glossy black shoes to her beaming blonde accomplice. In moments Tammy had the shiny Maryjanes buckled in place, and she stood to admire the effect in the mirror once more. She looked like a beautiful pre-teen schoolgirl, and when she grabbed her honey-blonde locks either side of her head and held them up in little bunches, my cousin started to laugh.

"Oh yes, that's perfect!" Bonnie chortled, grabbing a brush and some red hair elastics from on top of her white chest of drawers. In a few minutes Tammy's hair had been styled into a pair of high childish pigtails either side of her head, making her look even more juvenile. Her apparent age had dropped from about twelve to possibly ten, or maybe even younger, and I abruptly realised that the fabulous make-up job Bonnie had done on her friend earlier really emphasised her new juvenile look.

"Now you keep an eye on my Baby Jennie, little Tammy, while Mama changes her outfit and re-does her make-up. I'll only be like, about twenty minutes," Bonnie promised, before she swiftly disappeared into the en-suite bathroom.

Tammy ignored me and continued admiring her juvenile appearance in the mirror, and I shuffled around on my knees to improve my view of… the room. The gorgeous blonde attempted to lift and press her flattened titties together for a few moments, unsuccessfully trying to produce the semblance of grown-up breasts under the baggy white blouse. When she raised the hem of her tartan skirt in front with her left hand and began to press the front of her nappy against her crotch with the heel of her right hand, my tiny paw crept under my pink toddler frock and frothy petties, too. I stared in wonder at the beautiful diapered schoolgirl while she gazed in fascination at her youthful reflection, absent-mindedly caressing her excited kitten through the soft wad of pink cloth bunched between her legs. I discretely massaged my raging pee-drenched erection through my incredibly warm nappy. It was thrilling to realise that I wasn't the only one who found it arousing to wear nappies and to be treated like a helpless little girl.

I don't know how long she stood there rubbing her nappy front and staring at her reflection in the mirror, but I started to breathe heavily when the sensational feelings coming from inside my warm wet nappy almost overwhelmed me! I suddenly felt dizzy and short of breath, and I started to loudly pant - which startled Tammy from her narcissistic reverie. Her beautiful face whipped towards where I knelt in the corner playing with myself and she leapt over to me.

"No, no, Baby Jennie!" Tammy briskly scolded me, but her glowing brown eyes and the smile on her flushed face told me her heart wasn't in it. She snatched my self-pleasuring hand away from my throbbing wet clittie, crisply smacked the back of my wrist, and then wagged a playful warning finger under my nose. "Ah-ah-ah, Baby Jennie! Don't touch! Do you want another spanking?" When she released my hand and it automatically dropped to cup the tenting front of my nappy again. Tammy shook her head in disapproval and reached into the pink-checked change bag lying beside the bed. She produced the wooden punishment paddle and my jaw dropped in shock, almost causing me to lose my dum-dums!

"Well Baby Jennie?" Tammy loudly demanded. Her indulgent smile faded, replaced by a forbidding frown. "Do you want another paddling on that naughty bot-bot, little one?"
"No Aunty Tammy," I mumbled contritely. My hands moved to defensively cover my tender wet bottom, shaking my head in frantic denial and making my halo of blonde ringlets dance. I pleaded, "Pweathe no?"
"What are you, Baby Jennie?" She began to crisply smack the harsh wooden paddle against her open palm, the horrible sound making my blood run cold.

I knew what she expected me to say, and my chin dropped as I submissively replied, "I'm a bad widdle baby girl, Aunty Tammy."
"That's right! You're a bad widdle baby girl, and don't you forget it!" She looked thoughtful for a few seconds and then she unexpectedly asked; "What do you tell people, when they ask you your name and how old you are?"

I frowned in confusion before replying. "I tell them - I tell them my name ith Baby Jennie, and I- I'm- I'm thix yearth old," I hesitantly informed her, my cheeks turning pink when I admitted to repeatedly fibbing to strangers.
But Tammy merely nodded in thin-lipped approval and muttered, "Fair enough. That is your name, and you could certainly pass for a six-year-old. But what do you tell them when they ask you why you're wearing nappies?" She leaned forward and cruelly ripped my dum-dums from my pouting pink lips, making me cry out in pain as my drool-covered pacifier bounced wetly against my heaving breast.

Without time to think up a story, I felt my cheeks glowing with shame as I confessed to continually lying to other people. "I- I- I uthually tell them I'm- I'm only wearing nappieth to- to help potty-twain my thithter," I haltingly admitted, lisping badly even without the dummy in my mouth. My big blue eyes were wide and fearful as I self-consciously reached up to wipe away the embarrassing stream of drool trailing down my quivering chin.

"But Baby Jennie! That's not true at all, is it?" Tammy prudishly insisted, scowling and smacking the paddle against her palm with ominous intent. "You told me you can't help it. You said you can't stop your wee-wees from coming out. You can't control yourself - just like a real baby!" I whimpered in shame when she threw my words back in my face with unerring accuracy. I clutched my dum-dums and instinctively pressed the rubber nipple between my trembling lips again. While I noisily sucked on the soothing rubber teat, Tammy shook her head mournfully, making her short pigtails dance and sway. She paused to let the effect of her heartless reminders sink in.

Despite the tears of shame welling in my eyes, I feebly tried to protest. "But I- But-"
"You're just a helpless little baby, aren't you?" Tammy cruelly cut me off. "You're a helpless, bad widdle baby girl, aren't you?" she insisted, reinforcing the message.
"Yeth Aunty Tammy, I'm a helpweth, bad widdle baby girl," I automatically whispered in reply, my blurry eyes locked on the menacing implement she continued smacking against her palm.
"You're a dirty, helpless, bad widdle baby girl who can't stop wetting the bed and pooing her panties! What are you?"
"Yeth Aunty Tammy, I'm a- I'm a- I'm a d-d-dirty, h-h-helpweth, b-b-bad widdle baby girl, and I c-c-can't thtop wetting my b-b-bed and poo-pooing my pantieth!" I stammered. I hiccupped violently when a loud sob caught in my throat.

Tammy ceased slapping the paddle against her palm in that threatening manner and tossed me a victorious smile. She brightly ordered, "Tell Aunty Tammy again why you're wearing nappies, Baby Jennie?"
"B-b-because I'm a helpweth, dirty, b-b-bad widdle baby girl, and I c-c-can't thtop wetting my bed and p-p-poo-pooing my pantieth!" I wailed, the hot tears of shame rolling down my humiliated red cheeks.

"That's right! What a clever widdle baby girl!" Tammy praised me like I was a precocious toddler, and then she scowled darkly at me again. "You really can't stop wetting the bed or pooing your panties, can you? That's the honest truth. That's why you need to wear nappies, Baby Jennie - and that's what you'll tell anyone who asks you from now on. Understand?"
"Yeth Aunty Tammy, I underthtand," I sniffled around my dum-dums, and my cheeks blazed crimson when I considered the embarrassment such a humiliating confession might cause me.

Tammy snorted in disgust at the feminine tears trickling down my painted cheeks, and she grabbed one of my bibbies from the change bag. She plucked out my dum-dums and used the white cotton bib to gently clean my snotty top lip and delicately wipe my leaking eyes. "Stop all that sooking!" She carefully dabbed at my eyes again, before grunting, "It's just as well Bonnie used waterproof mascara on you, little girl. Really, you are such a sooky cry-baby! You're worse than my baby sister!" I sucked back my sniffles and blinked away the remaining tears, stung by the unfair comparison with her toddler sister, even as I surreptitiously caressed the warm tenting front of my crinkling baby panties.

When Bonnie strode back into the room she looked completely different. Her bust-length chestnut mane was tied up on top of her head in a severe bun several inches high, and appeared slicker and darker somehow. Her pencilled eyebrows appeared thicker and longer, arching out menacingly towards her temples. The heavy black eye-liner bordering both her upper and lower lids made her look much older, despite her long doll-like lashes. Her full lips were painted dark crimson and heavily outlined with an even darker pencil, reminding me of her elderly boss at the salon, Mrs Worth. Bonnie had used a lot of foundation, too, so her whole complexion looked darker and… more mature, somehow. She looked old… at least thirty! In addition, she was wearing her mother's mid-thigh black leather skirt and her gleaming black knee-high boots, with the two-inch platform sole and the scary spiked, six-inch heels.

There was an unbuttoned, oyster-grey, long-sleeved silk blouse loosely draped around Bonnie's broad shoulders. It flapped open to reveal her enormous brown bosom, proudly upthrust by an outrageously low-cut black satin, half-cup bra. Her erect russet nipples threatened to spill over the top of the daring demi-cups with her every powerful stride, and the clever underwiring caused a deep entrancing cleavage between the bouncing, bulging mounds of woman flesh. I gasped in wonder at her abundant feminine pulchritude, and reluctantly released my grip on my pulsating clittie when she swiftly approached me. Tammy stepped back to admire the towering vision in satin, silk and leather.

I was stunned when the tall teenager squatted before me and leaned forward, till her surging meaty breasts almost escaped the confines of her low-cut bra. She grabbed one of my freshly-pierced earlobes, making me squeal more in alarm than pain. My dum-dums popped out and tumbled wetly to my trembling breast. Bonnie gripped both my tender lobes and gently pulled me closer. I awkwardly scrambled forward onto my hands and knees until she was pressing my face between her heavenly-soft, fleshy melons. I inhaled her delightful musky perfume and felt her warm breast flesh caress my blushing pink cheeks. My rock-hard clittie surged to greater fullness inside my warm wet nappy, and I tentatively kissed one quivering bosom.

Bonnie tittered at my submissive act of worship before she tilted my head back by my sensitive earlobes. She released one ear but kept a firm hold of the other when she demanded icily; "Have you been behaving yourself for Tammy, you bad widdle baby girl?"
I shrieked fearfully, "Yeth! Yeth Aunty Bonnie!" She gave me that shark-like grin so reminiscent of her mother's, and then her tone and manner altered abruptly, like a 'Jekyll and Hyde' split-personality.

"Good girl," Bonnie lovingly crooned. With her free left hand she tugged down the shiny left bra cup, till her straining erect nipple popped free. "But for the remainder of the afternoon, Baby Jennie, I want you to call me 'Mama'."
"Mumma?" I repeated in befuddlement, trying to tear my mesmerised gaze from where her left thumb and forefinger were pinching and pulling on the exposed thimble-sized nipple, teasing the russet cap to greater tumescence.

"No, Baby Jennie. Say 'Ma-ma'!" Bonnie playfully demanded. When Tammy gave her palm a crisp warning smack, I glanced from the unspoken threat of the paddle to Bonnie's heavily made-up face in terrified confusion.
"Ma-ma?" I copied her uncertainly. In response she dragged my face closer to the swollen russet bud she was squeezing, till my puffy pink lips began to instinctively pucker in anticipation.

Bonnie smiled down wolfishly at my eagerly upturned face and she nodded in approval. "That's right, baby; 'Ma-ma'." She made it sound like she was one of those talking dollies calling for its mummy after you pulled the string, and she insisted; "Say it like that, baby girl. Go on! Say 'Ma-ma'!"
"Ma-ma," I obediently mimicked her childish doll-like tone in my squeaky high-pitched voice, and both girls grinned in apparent delight.
"That's right, Baby Jennie! Ma-ma! What a clever baby girl!" I knew I was straining forward to suck her erect nipple into my greedy mouth, but the fingers grasping my shiny diamond stud earring remorselessly kept me in place.

"Ah-ah-ah! Say Ma-ma a few more times, and then you may kiss Mama's nipple. Not suck," she warned me seriously, her tone suddenly low and threatening, before turning syrupy once more. "Just sweet kisses on Mama's nip-nips for the moment, baby girl."
"Ma-ma! Ma-ma! Oh! Mmm."
She drew my pouting lips away, and her tone became saccharine and cloying again when she praised me and commanded, "Good girl! What a good baby girl for Mama! Say it again, Baby Jennie."
"Ma-ma! Ma-ma! Ma-ma! Mmmm!"

It was almost impossible to restrain myself! I so wanted to suck that tempting warm morsel of woman flesh deep into my mouth, but after each soft lingering kiss, Bonnie pushed me away again. "Mama! Mama! Oh Mama!" I moaned in despair when she smiled heartlessly and forced my dum-dums back between my sulky pouting lips. Bonnie carefully tucked her huge breast back inside the black satin demi-cup and she stood erect on her scary high heels. She laughed disparagingly at my dismayed expression as she buttoned the oyster-grey silk blouse over her flat brown tummy.

"You can have a lovely suck on Mama's titties later, my little Baby Jennie - provided you can remember your lessons." Bonnie left the top few buttons boldly unfastened to reveal her expansive cleavage, but from the way the shiny grey material snugly hugged her voluptuous curves beneath, I suspected the expensive too-tight silk top belonged to my Aunty Cath, as well. The grinning buxom beauty fingered the string of glistening pearls clasped like an expensive choker around her long slender neck, and asked, "Well, girls? What do you think?" Bonnie proficiently twirled around on her towering high heels and assumed a dominant pose; chin high, tummy tucked in and bosom proudly out-thrust, with her booted feet spread wide and her clenched fists on her broad womanly hips. She waited expectantly for our reaction. I sucked harder on my mouth-filling dummy teat, uncertain how I should respond to this apparition of female dominance.

"Gosh, Bonnie - I mean, Mama - you look fantastic!" Tammy threw the punishment paddle on the bed and clapped her hands in delight, and Bonnie strode over to her and impulsively hugged the gorgeous blonde. The top of Tammy's head didn't even reach Bonnie's chin, due to her skyscraper-high boots. Instead the small blonde carefully pressed her pretty painted face against my cousin's lush silk-clad bosom, and hugged her tightly around her curvaceous bottom.

Bonnie chuckled in delight and wrapped her long arms all the way around the slender girl's tiny waist, reaching down to possessively rub Tammy's bulging, diaper-clad derriere with her broad right palm. "This is going to be so much fun!" She gave Tammy’s big bum a few crisp affectionate swats through her tartan skirt. My clittie jerked at the familiar ‘whoomph’ sound of her cupped palm striking those packed plastic panties.

Tammy squealed like an excited schoolgirl when Bonnie released her grip, and she turned towards where I still cowered in the corner on my knees. "I've been teaching Baby Jennie how to respond if she's asked any questions at the park," she informed my smirking cousin. "Ask her why she's wearing nappies, Mama. Go on. Ask her!"

Bonnie turned to me with a malicious grin and demanded, "Stand up and look at Mama, little girl. Why are you wearing nappies, Baby Jennie?"
I glanced at Tammy's warning expression and grabbing the walls for support, I awkwardly clambered to my feet. I weakly mumbled around my dum-dums, "Becauthe I can't thtop wetting the bed and poo-pooing in my pantieth, Aunty Bon- Ma-ma."

Bonnie smiled in delight at my cowed humiliated response, and then her smile vanished and she nodded severely in agreement. "That's right, you dirty little girl! How could I ever forget!"
"What are you, Baby Jennie? Tell Mama," Tammy prompted, waving the paddle at me in warning.
"I- I- I'm a dirty, helpweth, bad widdle baby girl, Mama," I snivelled in response, unable to look at either of my cackling captors.

Bonnie picked up the change bag from the floor and held it open for Tammy to toss the paddle inside, and then the imposing teen announced, "Come on, girls! Mama wants to take her little ones for a lovely walk in the sunshine to the park. Let's go!" I thought Tammy might object to being dragged outside wearing nappies, but then I realized; no-one could possibly know she was heavily diapered under her baggy plaid skirt. Even I couldn't tell, and I knew she was wearing a thick cloth nappy and puffy white baby panties under her demure tartan outfit. But when people saw me in my too-short toddler frock and bulging shiny PVC baby panties… Everybody would know!

"No Mama! I don't wanna," I plaintively whined. I edged away in fear when Bonnie frowned and reached into the pink-checked vinyl bag. But I was already backed into the corner, and there was nowhere to run when my snickering cousin withdrew my pink leather toddler harness and the matching baby reins from the vinyl change bag.

To be continued in chapter 14.
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