Society Of Sissies


Synopsis: Mark was going to his first collage party flattered he was even invited given he wasn't very typical or even average for a male and a freshman besides. His landlady Rose insisted he go if for no other reason than to make a few new friends. Mark walked off happily as Rose watched. In a few hours he would return Rose mused nervously as she took up the phone. "Society of Sissies" Jennifer answered on her private number. "He's on his way," Rose said.


Mark looked left, right, then left again. No one was near as he stepped from behind the trees hiding him. He'd gone three blocks already and so far so good. Six more blocks to Ms. Carter's house and safety or at least he'd be inside. He wasn't sure yet what he was going to tell his landlady but he'd face that when he got there. Mark was grateful for the walking paths as he began to run for the next clump of trees.

"Ms. Carter," Mark said knocking gently on her window. Whoever had taken his clothes had also taken his key and the only way in was waking his landlady.

"Who is that? Is that you Mark," Ms. Rose Carter asked parting her drapes just enough to see outside as she added, "good heavens, what are you wearing?"

"Ms. Carter please, they took my key to the front door. Can you let me in," Mark said in desperation as he bent down lower fearful their voices might wake one of the neighbors.

"No, don't turn on the light," Mark whispered loud enough he hoped but not too loud. The light Rose had turned on was bright. Too bright as Mark dropped to all fours behind the wax leaf privets that bordered her patio. The light went out and in the darkness Mark made his way into the house.

"What is going on? Is this some kind of joke," Rose asked closing the door the instant Mark was inside.

"No joke! Listen, they've made it so I can't get these things off. Whatever it is it's designed so I can't get out of it. I need scissors," Mark said as he turned his back to his landlady showing her where he thought she needed to cut.

"Whatever it is, is a dress Mark. Now why on Earth are you wearing a dress and a baby dress of all things," Rose said smiling at the look. It was clearly a baby's dress and suddenly Rose added, "tell me that's not a diaper you're wearing?"

"Please, help me out of these things," Mark said.

Rose went to the cabinets by the refrigerator, pulled a drawer open and from it lifted a pair of scissors out. She returned and examined the back of the dress Mark wore as she said, "They've sewn it closed."

"I know and it's got the panties sewn in as part of it so nothing else can come off till the dress does. Please, will you cut it open for me," Mark said.

"Hold still. Mind telling me who did this and why," Rose asked as she found the seam before she allowed the sharp scissors to cut the threads keeping it securely sewn closed. What Rose thought was regular nylon was actually a rip stop nylon making the outfit Mark wore nearly tear proof.

It was clearly designed to stay on till those threads were cut. She snipped them gingerly till she was through the sewing which now allowed her to open the buttons. Instead of a hook and eye closure someone had simply stitched the top closed.

"Now who did this and why," Rose asked as she opened the last button. Mark eased himself out of the dress allowing it to drop to the floor. It was a cleaver design with panties attached as part of the dress so with the dress on the panties kept everything else on. That everything else was a pink pair of plastic pants and under those obviously a diaper.

"Thanks. Listen, do you mind if I go to my room and change out of the rest of this. I had to cross town and couldn't use a restroom," Mark said hoping she understood what he meant. The diaper was wet and he wanted urgently to get out of it.

"I want an explanation when you change if you don't mind," Rose said moving back so Mark could go off to his room.

"I'll be right back," Mark said darting out of the kitchen. Rose smiled at the ruffles covering the backside of the panties Mark wore and those Mary Jane shoes caused her to almost lose it.

Mark stepped out of the diaper he'd let fall to his floor after kicking off the black patent Mary Jane shoes and lace socks. He grabbed his bathrobe and put that on before moving back to his door and that explanation he owed.

"It was a hazing wasn't it," Rose said now sure she just witnessed just that.

"Actually, I don't think so. I mean I don't have an explanation for these things. All I remember was knocking on the door that I had on the paper I was given and then something shocked me. I think it was one of those stun guns or something. Dropped me so fast I'm not even sure I actually felt the shock," Mark said.

"They shocked you? Who? Who did this? That's illegal I think," Rose said holding her hands over her mouth in shock.

"That's just it I don't know. I don't know if it was a man or woman or several. I don't know when they dressed me or where my things are. All I remember was waking up near that new housing development and in these clothes. Spent almost twenty minutes trying to tear these things off before making my way here," Mark said.

"We've got to call the police and report this," Rose said.

"NO! I mean no, please. If we call the police, then they are going to want to see what I was put into. If this gets out I'd be ruined," Mark said.

"They can't get away with this," Rose said.

"I think they just did," Mark said in frustration.

"No word, no hint of why? Not even a note," Rose asked.

There was a knock on the door.

"Now who can that be at this hour," Rose asked moving out of the kitchen towards the front door.

"Better let me answer it," Mark said feeling his anger welling up now that he was free of that outfit.

"Who is it," Rose asked looking through the peephole as she flipped on the light. At her feet was a white envelop as she added, "I don't see anyone."

"That letter for me," Mark asked seeing his name printed neatly in pencil on the front of the envelop.

Chapter two

"Looks like it," Rose said handing the envelope to Mark.

Mark tore it open and pulled the folded sheets inside of it out. Several photos fell out as he opened the paper. Six total as he picked them up. They were pictures of Mark in his baby dress laying in an adult size crib. Actually it was a photo set showing him first pinned in the diaper he'd had on, those ruffled panties, the shoes and finally that dress.

Mark handed Rose the pictures as he looked at the paper.

"What's it say," Rose asked.

"Welcome to Ms. Ingles School For Girls," Mark read before handing the sheet to Rose as he added, "what the heck is Ms. Ingles School For Girls?"

"Gosh, I haven't heard that name in years," Rose said.

"You recognize it? What is it," Mark asked.

"Actually it's the school you're going to," Rose said and added, "or rather it was. I mean that was the name of the school before it went coeducational. Big stink back in the early seventies when a law suit forced the school to start taking in boys."

"I don't understand," Mark said.

"I think I'm beginning to. I heard of this kind of thing happening a few times now that I think about it, but it only lasted for a year or so. Raised another big stink in those days.

"How so," Mark asked.

"This is... This thing that they've done to you, I mean if I'm remembering this right, is some sort of initiation. Honestly though I'm not sure. I'm not sure because the girls then would be my age now and older even. This sort of thing was done back then when the courts forced the school to take in those boys. Started soon after if memory serves. They never found out who did this then," Rose said.

"Did what? What sort of initiation," Mark asked.

"This! This thing that happened to you. Not really an initiation I suppose. More like retribution than simply an initiation. The girls going to this school, some of them, when it was strictly for girls protested strongly that courts ruling and soon after those boys started, this vigilante kind of group formed up. Only then they simply dressed the boys as girls. Girls clothes but in clothes at least the same age as the boys were. Don't remember hearing about any of those boys being diapered." Rose said.

"But why," Mark asked.

"Because they forced the last of an all girl's collages to change and take in boys. There were some girls who hated being forced to go coeducational. That vigilante committee, and they never found out who it was, dressed boys as girls then left them to make their way back to the campus. There was always a note just like the one you got," Rose said.

"OK, so you're saying that there are still girls who resent boys going to their collage? After all of this time," Mark said and added, "Kind of a long time to hold onto a grudge,"

"No, not a grudge per se, more like justice. Mark, if this is the same thing now as it was then, then they might be calling you at some point," Rose said.

"Calling me? Calling me for what? I mean what can they do now, gloat. Did you see what I was wearing, they've already humiliated me," Mark asked.

"No. It's more complicated than that," Rose said.

"More complicated how," Mark asked.

"Mark, they didn't simply dress those boys as girls just for the sake of humiliation, they wanted those boys to actually learn to act like girls. The prevailing logic of whoever it was doing this went something like, if boys were going to go to an all girl's school, then they should at least learn the basics of being girls," Rose said.

"Basics of being a girl? That doesn't make sense," Mark said.

"I know, to you and I it sounds nuts, but to them it wasn't. To them it was their way of getting some sense of justice out of it," Rose said.

"How," Mark asked and added, "I mean how does dressing me like that get me to act more like a girl?"

"Those pictures," Rose said.

"Those pictures... Wait a second, are you saying they are going to blackmail me," Mark asked.

"I'm telling you what happened about thirty five years ago. I'm not sure if this is the same thing or not. It really could just be a silly hazing," Rose said.

"Simple hazing? Not likely, just look at that crib? It's damn near just like a baby's crib and those walls, the decor... That stuff was all meant for a little girl," Mark said.

"I know," Rose said and added, "that's what worries me."

"What worries you," Mark asked nervously.

"That it's a bit too elaborate to be a simple hazing," Rose said and added, "plus, it's that note."

"That it's the same thing as before," Mark asked.

"That's what I was thinking when I saw what was written," Rose said.

"If that's the case, then this is really a no brainier," Mark said.

"How's that," Rose asked.

"I'll simply refuse to do what they want. If it's who you say it is," Mark said defiantly.

"That's the spirit. If you don't let them intimidate you, they can't," Rose said.

"Damn rights," Mark said.

Chapter three

The second note was on the kitchen table when Mark came in that morning, seeing it just as he greeted Rose. Like the first, Rose had picked it up from the floor this morning when she was heading for the kitchen. A fairly large size box was now on a chair unopened. She found that box just outside the door.

"What's that box," Mark said looking at the box as he used a knife to open the letter. His heart was in his throat.

"Not sure? It was on the porch. I'm guessing it goes with that letter," Rose said wiping her hands on the dish towel.

Mark opened the letter, took the pages out and began to read what was written. It was clear by his face it was bad as Rose asked, "so what's this one say."

"Are you ready for this? It says I'm to put my outfit back on and practice a couple of things each day for one hour. Has to be at a specific time and I have to show myself at the front window at precisely eight o'clock tonight," Mark said slapping the letter with his free hand.

"Practice things? Like what sort of things," Rose asked.

"Says a Curtsey and it gives instructions. Also says I've got to learn proper sitting and bending in a dress and those too are spelled out," Mark said and added, "and this part, this... or else part."

"Or else what," Rose asked.

"Or else they print flyers up and hand them out the very next day. That's tomorrow," Mark said looking at the sample flyer that came with the letter. He handed it to Rose.

"Wow! OK, that's bad but not that bad. You can tough this out," Rose said.

"I thought I could, but now I'm not so sure I can. Look at that flyer. I mean it's clearly me. And look at that part there... they've even added my name and this address. Look at that! They've made it read like a personal ad," Mark said and added in despair, "mommy wanted?"

"Never mind that, if it were me, I'd still call the authorities," Rose said.

"Police or not, it doesn't stop this flyer," Mark said.

"No, no it doesn't stop the flyer, but it does end those ridiculous demands," Rose said and added, "what's in that box?"

"The note reads that those are my new training clothes," Mark said moving to the kitchen cabinet for a knife.

The dress laying on top was very elaborate and clearly styled like a little girl's dress. The slip too was meant for a little girl and there were socks to match. Socks white with a cute band of pink lace the same color as the dress. A large pink bow sat on top of six fluffy diapers and those sat on top of two pair of ruffled panties.

"You've got to be kidding me," Mark said when he lifted the last pair of ruffled panties out.

"This is way too much," Rose said looking seriously at the dress Mark had draped over the chair.

"More than I'm willing to wear," Mark said.

"That's the spirit," Rose said but paused as Mark's face changed, "what?"

"But then what," Mark asked as the reality of it all hit him.

"Then what? What," Rose asked.

"Rose, once that flyer hits, I'd be ruined," Mark said softer than before.

"It will blow over," Rose said.

"Not before a long times worth of very embarrassing days," Mark noted.

"Well, it's definitely not going to stop if you agree to their demands," Rose said.

"What did they make those other boys do? I mean do you remember any of it," Mark asked.

"To be honest with you, I'm not sure. Almost everything I know of this was rumors. Lot's of beauty parlor talk back then but I can't remember a boy being outed like that," Rose said and then pointed to the paragraph noting that if Mark cooperated no one, except her, he and the group doing this, would ever know. They also promised that once he'd done what he was told, it would end.

"You believe they will end this," Mark asked pointing to that part of the letter.

"I'm not sure! Funny thing is my gut says yes but that's just intuition and nothing solid to go on," Rose said.

"Why now and why me," Mark asked not expecting an answer.

"Mark, I'm wondering now if this has never stopped," Rose said.

"What," Mark asked.

"I'm just thinking out loud here. What if this has never stopped? What if it's been going on for all of these years," Rose said looking pensive.

"So you think that every boy that's ever gone to this school has had to do this," Mark asked.

"That's what I'm wondering," Rose said looking at the note and adding, "like the note says, cooperation means silence."

"But with that many boys surely someone at some point has refused or gone to the authorities," Mark said.

"But that's just it. What if none have and if that's true then perhaps it does end at some point," Rose said.

"So what do you think I should do," Mark asked.

Chapter four

"If it was me? Gosh, now that is a tough question to answer. I'm like you in a way so my first reaction would be the same as yours. To hell with them! On the other hand, I'd have to consider the impact as well," Rose said and added, "as I think on this a bit more, it just might be better to cooperate."

"But what if they still toss these flyers around anyway," Mark asked.

"I'm not sure they really want to Mark," Rose said.

"How so," Mark asked.

"Wouldn't it defeat their purpose? I mean think about it for a second, if they are looking to feminize you, then outing you would end that. Given these clothes, the elaborate way they are doing this... even the cost of these things suggest otherwise... Frankly, I'd say they have every intention of you doing this and them staying silent," Rose noted.

"You think so," Mark asked reaching for that shred of hope Rose was giving him.

"Honey, that dress you wore last night and now this one has got to cost a couple of hundred just in material and time. So too the rest of these things. Not to mention what they went through to get you. It's an awful lot of money and effort to toss out the door," Rose said and added, "I'm almost sure, given what I've seen so far, that this is their intent."

"What about you," Mark asked suddenly flushing red.

"What about me what," Rose asked back.

"You know? So how do you feel about this? I mean suddenly you've got a guy that is suppose to dress in these things every night for an hour. How do you feel about that? I'm going to be wearing some pretty weird things," Mark asked.

"Mark! Honey, it's not like you suddenly became a cross dresser or that this is something you do. It's not your fault so my feelings on this is anger at these people for doing this to you and sympathy for you having to do this. I'm angry at them and I feel bad for you that's how I feel about it," Rose said.

"I'm not sure I have any choice in this," Mark said.

"I know! OK, look, if you decide you're going to do this, you've got my support and all the help I can give you. How's that," Rose said.

"Really," Mark asked feeling relieved to be past that part of this.

"Really," Rose said moving close to hug Mark which surprised him a little.

"Thank you, that makes this a little easier," Mark said sadly.

"I know. That was my intent and there are plenty more hugs where that came from," Rose said.

"I've got till eight o'clock I guess," Mark said.

"I'll set aside my own time to help," Rose said.

"Thank you," Mark said sitting heavily at the kitchen table as he added, "They are going to expect me to give them a curtsey at eight."

"I know, I read that part. Believe it or not, learning to curtsey isn't that difficult," Rose said.

"Can I learn it in an hour," Mark asked.

"I don't see why not," Rose asked then added, "You could always dress earlier than they want. They are simply expecting you to be standing at the window at eight. You could dress by seven or so and practice. Frankly, the things they are suggesting are not difficult to learn at all but it might be useful to start early. I could help. Those moves really are pretty basic for a girl."

"And you're going to help me," Mark asked.

"Absolutely," Rose said.

"Thank you again. It's means a lot having you with me on this," Mark said.

"Well, I'd like to say it was my pleasure helping you, but given the circumstances, obviously it's not. However, like I said, I'm with you one hundred percent through this," Rose said as she extended her arms to hug Mark again.

This time the hug felt warm and Mark responded with his own hug back. Rose smiled at his show of affection.

"Seven it is then," Mark said as he looked down at the dress and slip as he added, "it's just so odd! I mean OK a dress perhaps, but why diapers?"

"It explained that in the note? Those are you're incentive to learn. Once you've past... or rather once you've mastered the basics, you get to wear panties," Rose said flipping the note she held in her hand trying to find that part.

"Great," Mark said in utter despair as he stood to go and shower. He still had to go to the library and study.

"We will get through this Mark," Rose said.

"I hope so," Mark said moving off towards his room. Rose fought back the smile till she heard his door close. Rose looked up at the clock. She was meeting Sally and Jennifer at ten that morning.

Chapter five

It was a pretty day as Rose moved under the patio roof and a very mature wisteria just beginning to bloom.

"Over here Rose," Sally said waving a hand at Rose as she walked onto the patio proper. The woman she knew as Jennifer was there as well. Rose waved back as she walked past the other tables. The breakfast rush had ended and only a few of the tables held anyone.

Rose was greeted warmly by Sally who hugged her before introducing Jennifer. Rose sat and waited patiently as the waitress walked over with a glass of water and asked, "Would you like a menu?"

"Please," Rose said taking the menu as she added, "and tea please."

"I'll be right back," the waitress said moving off.

"So? I'm dying here! Come on, how did it go," Sally said.

"Exactly as you said it would. He's mad, frustrated, definitely scared, but he's actually going to do it. I nearly died when he knocked on my bedroom window last night. He looked so damn cute," Rose said.

"Told you so," Sally said.

"I know, I know, but I honestly didn't expect it. I mean it's been so long ago," Rose said smiling as she looked off into the distance.

"Not long enough for some of us," Jennifer noted with a smile.

"Still, it's been thirty years for me. I was twenty two back then," Rose said.

"We all were. That's what's so wonderful about doing this now. I mean now we can do something with this with a little more style. Back then we were simply being political," Sally said.

"Sissies? Now who would believe us capable of such a thing," Rose said.

"Me for one! If I had my way, there wouldn't be a man left standing... They'd all be crawling around on all fours," Jennifer said, paused and added, "and heavily diapered I should note."

"You always were a radical, even among the radicals," Sally said laughing.

"Damn rights," Jennifer said.

"Honey, we don't want girls, we want feminine boys," Sally said.

"Well, that's your desire, not mine. I like them more girl than boy or what's the point," Jennifer said.

"The point is you've still got a boy that can still be a boy. If we left it up to you we'd have girls that can no longer be boys," Sally said.

"Like I said, that's your hang-up, not mine," Jennifer said with a wicked smile on her face as she added, "Nothing wrong with a girl that can... Well, never mind.... to each her own."

"Anyway, so did he try on any of his new things," Sally asked.

"No. I mean no, not yet! However, he did ask, and this blew me away, to practice a little more than the note said. He's so worried that he's not going to do what we've asked of him that he wants to dress an hour earlier," Rose said.

"Wonderful! That's excellent. You'll get another letter around five this evening giving you the instructions and another box with the disposable cell phone in it. It's been programmed so all you've got to do is turn it on and punch in S.I.S.S.Y.. Don't though! I mean let him do most of it. You just keep acting supportive and sympathetic," Sally said.

"Good cop, bad cop," Rose said.

"That's right! Bad cop, that's my job," Jennifer said smiling as she added, "So what did you think of his little dress when he came home?"

"Now that really did blow me away! Honestly, I had to fight myself the whole time I was next to him. That was a cleaver idea sewing him into that dress. And rip stop nylon! That was also very cleaver," Rose said as she reached over to pat Jennifer's hand.

"Sweet mixture that material and thread. I used a nice high denier for the fabric because it was sweetly silky but almost impossible to tear. Same material they make kites and flags out of. It came off the bolt in that color pink. Stitched it together with a thread about twice as thick as I needed. Same thread they sew hot air balloons with. Almost impossible to break by hand. Even with the odd material and thread it went together just like an ordinary dress," Jennifer said.

"The pattern wasn't ordinary," Rose said and added, "about as cute as a dress could be."

"I used a pattern for a toddler. You've seen them. They're called Float dresses or Bishop style dresses, no waist. The puffy sleeve and lace trims were pretty basic. I just scanned the pattern and sized it up with a pattern softwear," Jennifer said.

"Really cute," Rose said.

"Thank you," Jennifer added smiling.

"Now this next part! I know I didn't want to know how you got him into those things but I worried some when he said he was hit with a stun gun. Honestly, I didn't know you'd be using a stun gun and what if he someday identifies you or the girls with you," Rose asked.

Chapter six

"OK, first of all, about that stun gun... We use a very basic conventional contact stun gun. It's very high voltage, very low amps. Very low amps. Believe it or not there isn't a lot of pain, some, but it's very short. However, it does a great job of messing up their electrical signals to the brain. Your young man got about two seconds worth of 100,000 volts.

Almost all of his neurotransmitter circuits were zapped instantly. This also causes a fake signal to the body's muscles. That signal releases a lot of chemicals so the muscles work and they work real hard in those seconds. Best part is that work depletes the muscles blood sugar converting it to lactic acid which in turn makes it almost impossible to get his muscles to work even when those neurological paths come back.

He's instantly unable to command his muscles and even if he could they wouldn't be able to work. Leaves him pretty dazed for about fifteen minutes and very weak for nearly an hour. That's more than enough time to get him into the van and into his outfit. By the time he stops drooling he's diapered, in his cute little baby girl pants and I'm sewing his dress closed.

As for our looks, we were all blonds when he gets clear enough to see us. Lots of garish makeup, the same exact blond wigs and frumpy dresses and those are gone before he's taken his first step. Most of the time they are still dazed when we release them. The effects of the shock is gone but the time spent with Susan also confuses them.

Oh, and we force them to drink about eighteen ounces of water before we let them go. Takes three baby bottles with enlarged nipples to get it into them but it guarantees he's wet by the time he gets home," Jennifer said proudly and added, "makes them anxious to get indoors and not call the authorities."

"He was," Rose said.

"The rest of course is pretty tried and true as processes go. Of course the hypnosis makes all the difference. The young man might want to reject what he has to do but deep down he can't," Sally said.

"What if he actually does refuse," Rose asked and added, "I guess I should also ask if he's at risk of doing so still?"

"If they refuse we cut our losses. All we've really lost is the outfits and our time. If he goes to the police he's got a lame description and that outfit as evidence and, of those who have reported this which is rare, all they got was a lot of snickers," Jennifer said.

"Remember? When we were doing this back even then the police just marked it off to being a collage prank or hazing." Jennifer added after a moments thought.

"If he refuses down the road it's the same sort of deal and that's why it's crucial we do this by the numbers. The thing is it gets harder to refuse over time. Impossible even. We're going to be easing him into this a little at a time and you're really the key now," Sally said.

"I know," Rose said.

"It's really important that you do understand that Rose. It's a whole new ball game than when you were doing this. We've come a long way in the process. You've got to be his advocate in this. He's got to know, without a doubt, that you're very sympathetic and very understanding that it's not his fault and you're there to help him. In the beginning that's the real key. Later on it's going to be more enjoyable for him although even then he's not going to admit it. At least not to anyone but you," Sally noted.

"I'm looking forward to it," Rose said.

"And you should. Honestly, I can't imagine living with a guy that dresses and acts like a guy now," Sally said and added somewhat wistfully, "they can get very subservient in their relationship with you. At first it's for the support, then later when they've gotten use to their outfits and your treatment, they become very dependent on you. Nearly perfect as companions by that time."

"And when do they join the society then," Rose asked.

"About the time they actually need to dress or have a strong desire to dress is when we start their indoctrination. Can't do it before then because they are likely to hesitate or stop. It's really when they are desperate to be sissies that we take them in for the ceremony. Trust me, you'll know when that time comes," Jennifer noted as Rose nodded and both smiled.

Mark, meanwhile, had left before Rose walking the same path he'd taken rushing back the night before. He tried not thinking about it, but couldn't help remembering. There was that invitation to a party handed to him. That was first and then the girl. She was the lure they'd used to get him to that house. She was so pretty and that too was a ruse to get his attention.

He'd left for the party at seven, an hour after sundown smiling at his good fortune. A freshman and his first collage party. Who wouldn't be smiling as he walked along the row of houses. Only the lights were out at the one with the address he'd been given. No lights, no noise and clearly no party he noted in frustration walking up the path.

Then there was a movement. Mark only caught a glimpse of the person as they came out from behind a bush. Mark had just started to turn his head when his body was suddenly racked with an odd overwhelming twitch and jolt before he went rigid. It went on forever he thought as his head went back in a spasm matching his bodies just before he began to slump.

Mark didn't hit the ground because two others were on either side of him as he fall back still twitching. He couldn't hear past a loud ringing sound in his ears, nor could he speak or for that matter move. He did feel someone lifting his feet as they carried him off to another dark place.

Mark felt like a fish out of water reaching it's last moments as he tried desperately to get his arms and legs to move. He guessed it was a van they put him into and the instant the door closed they began pulling his clothes off. In spite of his inability to move his mind was beginning to catch up with what these women were doing and he wasn't clear on what that was for a few minutes.

No one spoke but their movements were very coordinated as his hips were raised. He wasn't sure why till the thick white cloth was tugged between his legs. A diaper... They were pinning him into a baby's diaper as he struggled against it, although that struggle was more in his mind than actual. Pinkish baby pants followed and again his hips were raised.

He wasn't sure if it was a dress next, but it was clearly meant for a girl as someone from the back began sewing the garment closed. That someone sewed while two of the gals held him in a sitting position. A forth was in front of him holding a baby's bottle and again he struggled. The soft rubber tip of the bottle touched his lips as they moved his head so it was laying on a lap.

Mark had to swallow the water trickling down his throat and continued till that first bottle was empty. He was given a second and a third as his control slowly returned. By the time he was finished nursing that third bottle he could move but he was too weak still to do much. He was clear headed when the van door was opened. Mark didn't remember the shoes but those too belonged on a girl as he rested on a park bench. A little girl's shoe given the style and patent leather glassy look since it shimmered in the lamps light.

It took him a few seconds to realize he needed to get out of that light and off the streets as he stood. He began wetting as he headed for that first clump of trees. Jennifer, hidden and a dozen feet away snickered a little as she followed.

Chapter seven

The van was gone and so were the women as Mark started to stand. He was weak but he could stand and that's when he began to realized what he was wearing and how that must look. At first he tugged on the panties under the skirt of his dress trying desperately to pull them down. All that did was tire him and it was clear they were part of the dress when he tugged.

Mark tried pulling the dress over his head next, then down again but to no avail. Nothing he did or tied doing was going to get that dress off and everything he did exhausted him. It flowed around him so delicately yet he was stuck in it. He knew that and he knew he had to get out of that light.

Mark knew he wasn't going to get that outfit off without help and the time he was taking trying only increased the odds of someone seeing him. Even at that hour of the morning there were people out and about. He also realized that a man wearing a pink baby dress, ruffled panties and a diaper would get some attention and Mark didn't need that kind of attention.

He couldn't stop wetting but fought the urge before losing again. Mark felt the panties wondering why he was still dry then realizing that was the point of those baby pants ruffles or not. And those ruffles covered the entire backside of his panties as he moved off towards a small clump of trees. How was he going to explain this to his landlady, Mark wondered. She would never understand.

Although, thank heaven she had...

Mark blinked looking down at his note pad. He realized he was still at the library and all he'd accomplished so far was a bunch of doodles. He couldn't get the outfit out of his head. And worse, it wasn't the one he'd worn home that had his attention, but the one he was suppose to wear tonight. Thankfully his landlady was understanding enough that he didn't have to try and explain any of this other than to tell his story. Not only was she OK with it but she wanted to help of all things.

Mark wasn't going to get any studying done but he might find clues on who was doing this as he went to the newspaper section. Mark spent the next hour searching the library for news articles of those pays past, near the time this may have begun, wondering if other guys had perhaps reported what had happened to them.

Mark had thought about not doing this, refusing perhaps, even contacting the police or at least the school, but that was not going to happen. He played with the notion and realized, given the embarrassment that would come from such an account, this the best thing he could do was nothing. Yet by not reporting it he was stuck continuing with those women and this revenge or whatever it was.

Mark found only one entry of a boy suing the school for harassment citing only briefly that he'd been dressed as a girl after getting drunk at a party. The school denied they were part of what had happened to that boy and even cited their compliance with the courts mandate to continue moving towards allowing boys in as students.

Mark's mind drifted... That second dress was pink and white with traces of lavender ribbon circling the skirt and bodice. It had a slip already attached which made the other slip a little bit redundant Mark mused as he tried imagining himself dressing later on. His landlady, so strongly sympathetic, promised to help him dress and why that excited him wasn't very clear but it did when he allowed that thought in.

There was going to be another diaper and those baby pants again and try as he might to keep that thought out of his head, it kept drifting into his consciousness. A little girl's style dress with a very full skirt over a slip with it's own very full skirts, a soft cotton diaper and those baby pants ruffled across the back. ...and those lace socks and black patent leather shoes. Mark shook his head.

His landlady was going to help him dress he thought as the image of that diaper came back to him. This time he imagined that soft hourglass shape laying open before him and he was naked standing there in front of his landlady. The images left his legs feeling as if they were made of rubber. Mark shook his head to clear it as he realized he was still sitting there in the library.

What bothered him most in those few sudden minutes of fantasy was how exciting it all was. It was the image of his landlady standing in front of him, then standing over him, smiling down as she tugged the diaper up between his legs. Mark thought about his homework, shaking his head forcing himself to think of his class assignment before attempting to leave the library. Until then he couldn't stand yet.

Meanwhile Rose was putting Mark's diaper, the one he wore and wet last night, into the dryer with some of her own things. She had washed this morning and his baby pants now hung in the garage. She ran her hand over the ruffles of the panties smiling as she mumbled softly, "I could get use to him in these."

She heard the back door slam closed. It was Mark. "Hey, you're back," Rose said as Mark walked into the house. He had the spare key.

"Couldn't concentrate," Mark said and was about to mention his day dream when he stopped. His wallet and keys were on the table as he added in surprise, "my stuff? They gave it back."

"Was on the porch in another small box," Rose said as Mark picked up his wallet and opened it.

"It's all there," Mark said slightly amazed

"Glad of that. At least they are not trying to steal anything from you," Rose said and added, "about that other box?"

"Right, another box," Mark asked feeling his stomach twist a little as he asked, "what was in this one?"

"Cell phone," Rose said.

"Cell phone? What's that for," Mark asked then thinking for a second he added, "was there another note?"

"It's on the table," Rose said as she stood at the counter.

Mark moved to the kitchen table feeling more dread as he picked up the envelope. It was still sealed. Mark pulled the note, glanced over it and said, "these people are too much."

"What," Rose asked.

"This is the phone I'm suppose to use when I dress tonight. Know what the speed dial number is," Mark said.

"What," Rose asked.

"S.I.S.S.Y.," of all things, Mark noted and added, "sissy."

"You're kidding," Rose said.

"They don't miss a trick do they," Mark noted slapping the note with his free hand.

"Still time to say no," Rose said keeping her fingers crossed as she said it.

"I know, but I've decided that to heck with them. I mean I got to thinking about this....," Mark said pausing in what looked like anger, but then he smiled a very mischievous smile.

"Thinking about what," Rose asked as she crossed her fingers.

Chapter eight

"Well, this is going to sound really weird I suppose, so please, don't freak out on me," Mark said.

"Not likely," Rose promised.

"So I'm thinking that these girls have been doing this for a long time now. I'm guessing going back to the first days when the school changed. If that's true then there are lots of boys that have already gone through this. Perhaps quite a number of boys even now. Right," Mark said.

"Makes sense so I'd say yes," Rose noted.

"That means there are boys in school right now maybe. Boys that may even be going through this exactly as I'm about to even at exactly the same time. Right," Mark asked.

"The odds, given the number of boys attending school, would suggest that. Why," Rose asked.

"Well, I went through the news papers at the library. The thing is, there was nothing in the news about any of this, ever, and no hint of it around the campus either. At least none that I've heard and no flyers either," Mark noted.

"You're right! Me neither," Rose noted and added, "so what are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that the reason it's been so quiet is that it really does end. I mean it has to given the amount of resources it would take to turn that many boys into sissies over that many years," Mark said and then added after a pause, "and if that's the case, then maybe it's not nearly as bad as it seems. I'm not saying it's good either. Maybe it is just a little hazing?"

"I can see your point and it's sounds plausible. So what where are you going with this," Rose asked.

"OK, so now the weird part. I mean odds are that at least one or two out of all of those boys really is a sissy, right? Given the numbers that is," Mark said.

"Statistically, that's probably true," Rose noted.

"So you've got to wonder then what happens when these girls run across a boy that actually likes doing this," Mark asked.

"I'd bet it takes a lot of the wind out of their sails. Not going to be much fun dressing a guy up if he likes dressing up. I'm also guessing that if they've got a boy that loves dressing as a girl it doesn't make much sense to try and continue forcing him into those things since he would already want to wear those things," Rose said.

"Exactly," Mark noted happily.

"Wait a second! You're right! I see where you're going with this. If they think you like it, then it could very well end right then and there," Rose said.

"That's exactly right," Mark said excitedly as he added, "where's the fun of this if they guy wants to do it?"

"There isn't any fun in this if the boy is already a sissy of sorts. You know Mark, this really could work," Rose said.

"It has to work. Look, they're trying to turn a boy into something closer to a girl by forcing him into wearing those clothes and doing these really odd things, but what if he loves wearing those clothes and doing those odd things," Mark asked.

"There really wouldn't be any point at all in doing this," Rose said.

"So they'd stop to focus their efforts on a boy that doesn't like doing this. They'd no longer want to do this with that kind of boy," Mark said.

"That's right," Rose said feeling her stomach twist in an odd way as she stood there.

"So that's what I'm going to be! I'm going to be a sissy," Mark said and added, "which is the weird part if you haven't guessed that yet."

"Weird in that you actually do like it yes! Weird that you need to pretend to liking it, no," Rose said and added, "I think it's brilliant."

"Awesome. I mean I didn't want you to freak out with this. I'm guessing it means more time in those things and, of course, more time learning to do some of that stuff but I think it will work. The thing is what I'm really doing is pushing their program or their agenda right back at them," Mark said.

"You are absolutely right. Nothing freaky or weird about that," Rose noted happily and added, "so what do you propose then?"

"OK, so I'm suppose to be dressed and at that window promptly at eight tonight. I'm guessing there is going to be someone obviously waiting outside somewhere to verify that I am dressed. Once that's done they've given me an hour to practice that stuff and then show them that I've learned it at that window again. Right," Mark said.

"Right," Rose noted.

"Then what would happen if at eight, instead of me simply posing, that I really do pose. You know, instead of being seen as reluctant I'm enthusiastic. In fact, what if I were to perform a nearly perfect curtsey right at the start of this," Mark asked.

"I think you would definitely catch them off guard," Rose said.

"And it would be the same with those diapers even," Mark said.

"The diapers? I don't follow you," Rose said.

"What if I also happen to love wearing those diapers," Mark asked and added, "or seem to suddenly like them?"

"OK? I can see that as well I think. Although I'm not sure how you'd get that message across to them," Rose noted.

"It's easy! Or easy enough I suppose. OK, so they've given me those diapers and baby pants right," Mark asked.

"Right," Rose answered.

"But not any baby accessories," Mark noted.

"That's right," Rose said.

"So, I'll need a pacifier. You know, so when I'm at that window I've got this pacifier in my mouth. They're not going to be expecting that at all," Mark said.

"Mark, that is brilliant. You're absolutely right! There is no way they are going to be expecting you to actually like your diapers or being a baby let alone a girl baby. They might expect you to like dressing as a girl, even a little girl, but not as a baby. If they did, they would have already included that in the stuff they've left but they didn't did they," Rose noted and then suddenly paused.

"What? What are you thinking," Mark asked.

"A pacifier would definitely suggest you like being a baby or at least dressing like one but what if, instead of a pacifier, you were to also have a baby's bottle in your hands or maybe even both. A pacifier clipped to your dress and a baby's bottle," Rose asked.

"Excellent! Perfect! You're right and this is great! That would have to blow them away," Mark said.

"So we are going to need a baby's bottle and a pacifier," Rose noted.

Chapter nine

Mark felt weak in the knees as that discussion unfolded. He could hardly stand the wait after his landlady promised to get both as she grabbed her keys to drive to the local pharmacy. This was also blowing him away since he was almost faint from the prospects of what he was about to do.

Actually Mark was dizzy from the prospects of imagining his landlady actually pinning him into the diaper. It was all he could think about that morning. He'd decided, although he wasn't sure when, that he'd rather she do it. It was all he could think about now as he looked over at the stack of diapers and those ruffled panties.

Mark worried some that it might seem a little lame since pinning a diaper closed wouldn't be all that difficult but he also hoped that a guy wouldn't know how and that his landlady wouldn't catch on. Mark smiled at the thought of it and frowned at how long it was taking his landlady to get back. She'd been gone nearly ten minutes already and Mark laughed out loud realizing that it had only been ten minutes.

"Hello," Jennifer said after flipping her cell phone opened.

"Jennifer, hi, it's me, Rose," Rose said as she was climbing back into her car.

"Hey, expected to be hearing from you but not so soon," Jennifer said.

"I guess I should first say you were right. Frankly I was very skeptical but obviously it's working. I'm just coming out of the pharmacy and my head is still swimming," Rose said.

"Pharmacy? OK, then that means a baby's bottle or pacifier," Jennifer asked.

"Both and in pinks," Rose noted happily as she rested her hand on the pharmacy bag.

"Well, if that parts working then he's most likely also considering you diapering him. As I mentioned, that is going to be an awkward moment for him trying to find a way to ask. If you feel comfortable doing so you might suggest it in some way before he does ask, but it's not really necessary given how quickly he's acted on the other suggestions.

"This is really incredible," Rose said.

"And it only gets better," Jennifer noted.

"Anyway, just thought I'd give you a heads up on this," Rose said.

"Looking forward to seeing him this afternoon," Jennifer said.

"Me too," Rose said and added, "Talk with you soon."

"Hugs," Jennifer said clicking off.

Mark heard Rose's car park in her driveway and began shaking slightly from the anticipation of seeing his pacifier and baby bottle. Why he'd thought of those things was a bit of a mystery but the logic of it fit his concept of taking this initiative. He fought for that thought as well. It was a preemptive strike of a sort.

Then suddenly he stopped in mid stride. What was he doing? This wasn't right. He was actually looking forward to seeing what his landlady had gotten, yet somewhere deeper still he wanted to scream. He wasn't sure what to call what he was doing nor how to explain this growing desire he had but it was taking all of his control not to leap into those clothes.

"Hi! Well, I got them and I hope it's what you are expecting or wanted," Rose said coming into the kitchen with two bags. Two bags, not one which caught Mark's attention.

Mark fought against the urge now gripping him so powerfully as his landlady reached into the bag. It was a bubble package and a pacifier and, to his delight, pink. A baby bear decorated the plastic front but it was that soft rubber nipple that caused his heart to beat faster and even flutter a little.

"A pacifier is a pacifier," Mark said as casually as he could trying to appear nonchalant.

"That's what I was thinking," Rose said almost snickering over his and her fibs as she added, "got the strap so you can clip it on your dress as well."

The strap hooked onto the baby's pacifier then clipped onto the dress and it too was decorated by a very cute and very pink baby bear. "That should work," Mark said reaching for it slowly, carefully, casually as he said it. His hand shook and he hoped that wasn't noticed.

"Wasn't sure if you wanted a girl's style baby bottle or something more plain so if this one is too baby girlish I can go back. They had some pretty basic baby bottles," Rose said.

"Probably the baby girl style will work best," Mark said almost grabbing at the bottle Rose fetched from the bag. He had to stop and settle the trimmer in his hand for a second.

"Didn't know what you had as far as the basics or what they might end up giving you so I got to thinking that if you're wearing those diapers, for any length of time that is, you'll need some of these items," Rose said as she lifted out a plastic container of baby wipes. Baby powder followed then a bottle of baby oil.

"Good thinking. I'm so glad you're part of this," Mark said and added quickly, "Honestly, I wouldn't have thought of those things."

"Me too! I mean I'm glad I can be so helpful," Rose said.

"Guess I should think about getting ready," Mark said as casually as he could. He wasn't calm at all as he looked at the packages laid out on the kitchen table. He had held the dress and slip lovingly caressing those ruffled panties and patted the diaper he'd wear all the while Rose was gone.

"Shouldn't take too long," Rose said as casually as she could. She was trying to figure out a way to suggest that she diaper him but couldn't come up with anything that would make it logical.

"Rose," Mark asked softly.

"Yes hon," Rose answered as she fiddled with the packages.

"Rose, I don't know the first thing about diapers. It shouldn't be that hard I suppose but I didn't pay much attention to how I was put into that first one and I honestly don't know how they go on. I mean is there a right way and wrong way," Mark asked.

"There is a right way and how would you know? Tell you what, I could do the first one for you if you like," Rose said trying to keep the nervousness out of her voice.

"I know it's asking a lot," Mark said.

"Don't be silly! You're in a dilemma here already so asking for help makes perfectly good sense and frankly I'm glad I can," Rose said. Rose wanted to hug Mark but didn't dare giving the emotions coursing through her at that moment.

Mark wanted to hug Rose for the same exact reasons. The silence just then was defining. The smiles on both their faces were obvious as both fought against them.

Chapter ten

"Was that Rose," Sally said coming into the living room.

"It was. Mark had asked her to go out and get him a pacifier and baby bottle," Jennifer said smiling and added, "he's going to dress when she gets back so he can practice. He wants to surprise us."

"Surprise us? As if! It's so amazing what our Susan can do," Sally said and added, "although, I've got to admit that this guys turning faster than I can remember."

Tell me about it! I think of Mr. Macho that first time I met Susan and can't help but laugh that day he told her he couldn't be hypnotized," Jennifer said laughing.

"He's a changed man," Sally added as she too began to laugh.

"He's a changed man all right. Every morning when he gets up and discovers he's wet his diapers again during the night," Jennifer said between laughs.

"Makes me wonder how we ever got this to work without her," Sally said.

"That part was easy enough! We were women, and we were taking on the world back in those days," Jennifer said and added, "a lot of men could hear us roar in those days.

"Fear is a pretty good motivator," Sally said and added, "but give me a sissy that likes being a sissy any day."

"I don't know, there is something to be said for a man that wants to please you so you don't come down on him," Jennifer noted as she turned towards the kitchen and yelled, "Lee, come in here!"

"Yes ma'am," Lee said rushing into the living room. Before the two women now stood a beautiful young woman in her early twenties wearing a cute little maid's outfit and as soon as she entered she did a quick little curtsey. Her fingers were splayed apart and turned upwards.

"What are you doing," Jennifer asked.

"My nails," Lee said.

"Again," Jennifer said shaking her head as she added, "You did them last night before you went to bed?"

"I know, I just wanted to add another layer of color," Lee said sheepishly.

"You just wanted to play with mommies nail polish again you little sissy," Jennifer said softly but smiling.

Lee dropped his head blushing as he said, "yes ma'am."

"Well, never mind that, did you finish the kitchen," Jennifer said.

"Yes ma'am and you're delicates are soaking and the beds been made." Lee said proudly before he added, "was there something else?"

"Yes, mommy wants to play after lunch so when you're nails are dry.... again, go get a diaper and baby pants ready and I'll be in to change you," Jennifer said.

"Really," Lee said excitedly. That meant the pleasure of his mistress at some point.

"Really," Jennifer said smiling.

"Oh thank you, thank you," Lee said turning for the hall.

Jennifer and Sally watched Lee's short petticoat bounce above his ruffled panties and both smiled.

"Like I said, there is something to be said of a man that want's nothing more than to please you," Jennifer added.

"I suppose. Anyway, it's been pretty wild these past few years hasn't it," Sally asked watching Jennifer's latest sissy walk off trying to remember what that boy looked like when he was still a boy.

"About the most fun a woman can have," Jennifer noted with a nod.

"When is our next meeting," Sally asked.

"For initiations or the general get together," Jennifer asked.

"Initiations," Sally asked.

"Friday after next. Why, you thinking that Roses little sissy can make that one," Jennifer asked.

"I don't see why not? I mean if he's going to dress himself today and practice and if Rose actually gets to diaper him I can imagine him being ready even faster than that," Sally said.

"You might be right. Going to be interesting this evening when he calls," Jennifer said smiling as she stood to walk towards the kitchen while adding, "meanwhile, I need to get a bottle ready and go pin my little doll into something soft, fluffy and thick."

Chapter eleven

Mark faltered between anxiety and excitement not sure which emotion was which at times. He kept sensing he should be more concerned over what was happening then, just as he thought that, he'd conjure up an image of his outfit and get excited again. This last part, this part with his landlady helping him into his diaper made him almost incapable of walking or even thinking.

The thought of her pinning a diaper on him was almost too much to even consider and there she was getting ready as he moved to the shower. What was it about a diaper going between your legs that excited him so and why had he not thought of his landlady in this way before last night? What had changed that made this even a possibility?

"Mark," Rose said from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Yes," Mark answered poking his head past the shower curtain. His voice faltered as he fought an overwhelming sexual excitement below the calm he put in his voice.

"Mark, I've laid our your diaper on my bed rather than yours. It's got a little more room and sits a bit higher," Rose said trying to keep her own excitement out of her voice.

"OK," Mark said swallowing first. He was trying with all of his might to be as casual as he could and losing. He ducked his head back into the shower letting the water hit his face. He'd relived himself right after he started his shower, right after he squeezed a bit of his Baby Bath Gel into his hand. It had been an act of desperation.

That gel! That sweet smelling baby gel had made him gasp when it reached his nose. Rose had surprised him handing that tube over as he passed into the bathroom. It was in a soft baby pink.

"It's Johnson's Baby Bath Gel, thought you might prefer this over regular soap," Rose said handing it to him as she walked off holding one of the diapers she was soon going to pin him into.

All Mark could do was mumble thanks and dart behind the safety of a closed door. He actually sat on the closed toilet seat cover for a couple of minutes fearing he would faint if he didn't. Baby Bath Gel he mumbled to himself as the image of that diaper in his landlady's hand came back to him.

He began breathing in that baby powder smell the instant it flowed onto his hand and what was it about that smell that left him gasping for a breath only a few seconds later. Mark had felt sexual tension many times before this but nothing like this. Nothing this powerful had ever held him so mesmerized, so excited and so very confused.

Rose sat on the edge of her bed looking at the diaper laying open on a cute pink and white plastic changing pad she'd purchased. Mark hadn't seen that yet and she hoped it wasn't too much too soon. She couldn't help herself she mused as she ran her hand over the fluffy white diaper before doing the same over the ruffles on the back of his new baby pants.

"Take your time but don't make it appear as if you're doing so," Dr. Susan Marco said as she was going over the process with Rose and just before adding, "slow, gentle and methodical steps spaced as far as you dare that first time you diaper him. Lots of baby oil, and as much baby powder as you can use and then those slow agonizing steps till he's diapered."

Rose remembered those words and the others spoken that night Dr. Susan Marco talked with her.

"You're his alliance against the world, his only friend in this. He's wide open, vulnerable and defeated in possibly the worse way for a man, yet it will be that very vulnerability that brings you and he together. His exposure will put him into your care and no one else, and his weakness will drive your strength," Susan said.

Rose has listened intently, asked questions, looking back to those other times, years before this, trying to imagine this being done then. She was one of the rebels back then. She wasn't a ring leader, never wanted to be but she'd enjoyed the rush of doing something naughty and another rush learning to feminize those boys. That last part was what she'd discovered as her greatest thrill.

They ceased to be men then or at least by their definitions. They lost their ability to be macho and it was thrilling those first few meetings watching those guys they'd transformed enter the meeting hall so timidly. Each one fearful of the other guys among them yet even more fearful of the girls because they had done this to them. It was a power girls had but new. A power most men believed nonexistent and for that matter so to the girls. Guys were stronger yet their strength actually became they're greatest weakness because it couldn't be used Tracy once wrote.

Tracy Goodman, the founder of sorts, discovered that shocking bit of understanding while feminizing a young man for the fun of it. It had become so easy, she noted in her journal, when she waited for his sexual urges to peak. At that point, at that very moment when that masculine drive was so overwhelming a man was also at his weakest. Tracy's young lover was put into panties and a slip that first time as she wrote in capitals, 'how short his protest lasted'. They were equals then.

Equal rights, Tracy once wrote, was a double edge sword believing that if women could learn to be more masculine, then why couldn't men someday learn to be more feminine. Tracy's experiments grew and suddenly those men she played with found themselves fully on that girl's side with no understanding of those other sets of rules. Her men became soft, feminine, sweet, and some even sensuous but they had no context away from the approval of the women teaching them those things.

Most certainly not the approval of any other man. Tracy's men had changed but the world hadn't and without their bravado, that machismo that had been with them all of their lives, they found themselves clinging to the safety of the women controlling them. They wanted to be feminized but feared it. They wanted to be more like women but feared those very women they were trying to emulate. It was a very satisfying dilemma for Tracy and those women who would her.

Ironically teaching men to be women gave those women their power. And with that power femininity took on some of those masculine traits these men gave up. That new sense of self Tracy and these women had might someday change the world. It was Stanton that Tracy quoted often who hinted at that. Elizabeth Cady Stanton once spoke of coeducation as a woman's intellectual emancipation except by doing so they would lose their own isolation and status and someday women would have to be in charge.

There were women, and Tracy most of all, who found that more than desirable. Then the courts took hold and by 1970 most laws segregating women began falling but there was that sword again with the double edge. Women could not remain segregated while insisting men drop their own barriers and the first male came in as a freshman seven months later. Only some of those women, Rose being one of them and Tracy another, found that invasion just a bit too much to tolerate.

They couldn't defy the law, not stop the inevitable but they could change those men. No one is clear who said that first or where those thoughts originated but it wasn't long before women were gathering under Tracy's leadership to discuss how. Equal access to all things became something of a joke. Humorous to these women given that it meant men should be using a woman's bathroom but doing so as women, or as close to women as men could get.

Emancipation wasn't simply liberating men from that onerous controlling influence of masculinity but of freeing men not to be men or so Tracy reasoned. Of course a dog caged all of his years might wish to remain in the safety of his cage because he didn't know anything else. Tracy reasoned that it would be the same with men and some men, perhaps most, might resist becoming feminine.

However, Tracy had experience in such things. Lots of experience by that time. Tracy Goodman while making that point about men added another by noting it would be easy enough to help those men overcome their hang-ups if women did what she'd been doing. Those first few women listened intently, organized, planned and the first man was taken soon after that discussion.

That man woke, according to the journal of Ms. Goodman, fully liberated, and totally free of his masculinity. Within a few weeks he was as female as if he'd been born to it or so that journal read and at the bottom of one particular page Tracy wrote, "having a man as a woman got you the penis with none of the baggage."

'..and now', Rose said out loud but to herself, 'it was Mark's turn...'

Part twelve

Mark clung to his robe more for the shield than the warmth as he left the bathroom. Rose waited, forcing herself calm as Mark padded to the edge of her bedroom and those steps well past any he'd ever taken. She felt guilt over her part in this but her desires were driving her past it. Mark felt guilt doing this as well but his desire was as strong as hers.

Logic or the sparks of it had been tugging at Mark continuously. He could easily diaper himself he'd reasoned then reasoned even the need to do so. If he refused, that flyer would go out but what if it did? Embarrassment for sure, humiliation as well but it could all be written off as nothing more than a hazing. Something to get past and hardly a new thing in collage.

If Mark refused, that flyer would go out and he'd be marked for some amount of time and then it would end. That was the logic he'd allowed back into his arguments but not strong enough to foster a change in those desires. Mark gave in at some point and admitted, with a terrible amount of guilt, that he wanted desperately to lay under Rose's hands.

That desire had taken an hour to grow after the stun gun and change of clothes. Four baby bottles of water had been fed to Mark and Mark remembered only minutes passing but those bottles had taken an hour for all four. A full hour with his head in the lap of a woman who's voice soothed and softened the harshness of what they'd done to him.

That woman, whoever she was, had eased the soft rubber nipple against his lips, talking him into a warm calm matched to the hand stroking his forehead. Whoever owned that voice owned Mark soon after he began to nurse that first bottle. He wanted to be babied she'd said. He yearned to let go and be cared for she suggested and he wanted to be loved... above all loved. Mark knew he couldn't talk but he said yes many times in his mind.

Mark listened and took that second baby bottle only slightly reluctant, the third eagerly and the forth happily. He loved his pretty dress and the softness of the diaper between his legs and his motherly nurturer. Mark needed a nurturer desperately that voice urged. It was a figurative figure in a relative way and would only be better for him if he was a baby that voice promised. Best if he was a sweet baby girl that woman assured him and he believed her.

He remembered those pictures suddenly and not that they were of him but that he'd cooperated. He'd been in the van, then in a garage, then a room and with hardly any effort at all, in that crib. In that crib and smiling back at the camera. A half dozen poses as each piece of clothing came back off then back on again before the ride back to where he'd been taken. They had helped him to the bench and drove off.

"Best if he was a baby girl," Mark said but it had been intended to be a silent thought. Mark hadn't realized he'd just said it out loud.

"What," Rose asked watching Mark carefully.

"Rose, I think they hypnotized me," Mark said.

"What? How? I mean how do you know that," Rose asked suddenly worried.

"Those pictures! I was in a van but those pictures show me sitting in a crib," Mark said and then added, "and I remember a voice talking to me when I was being given those baby bottles of water."

"Now why would they do that," Rose asked with a touch of apprehension.

"Suggestions I think. They've planted these desires I'm having... I shouldn't have said that," Mark said regretting that word.

"Desires, what sort of desires," Rose asked feeling that she was losing Mark suddenly.

"I didn't mean to say that. OK, listen, I'll tell you, but you've got to promise not to laugh," Mark said.

"I promise," Rose said.

"Rose, it's all I can think about. This stuff... That stuff there has been on my mind all day. It's driving me crazy," Mark said.

"What stuff hon," Rose asked.

"Stuff! You know.... you, that diaper, the baby powder, this, all of it. It's all so weird," Mark said but paused and in a lower voice added, "I want this badly and the thing is I shouldn't."

"You shouldn't? I'm not so sure of that. I mean I've been wondering about this myself. It's not as if you've had a choice and perhaps some of it is my fault," Rose said.

"You're fault? How," Mark asked.

"OK, so you think that they've hypnotized you into liking this," Rose said.

"Yes! I mean why else would I be like this," Mark asked clutching his robe tightly.

"Why else? That might be a little harder to explain. The thing is, they very well may have hypnotized you and it makes sense in a way. Trouble is Mark, they didn't hypnotize me," Rose said.

"What," Mark asked not sure what Rose meant.

"OK, now it's your turn not to laugh," Rose said and added, "promise."

"OK, I promise," Mark said giving her his attention.

"Then it might interest you to know that it's all I've thought about as well," Rose said.

"Because it's so weird, right," Mark asked.

"No, because... Well, no, not weird at all. I don't see it as weird at all and that's funny because, like you, I suppose I should. I know it's illogical, completely wild and anyone asking I'd most likely say as much. That's one of the reasons that I've kept silent so far. It's why I've hesitated telling you the truth, but the truth is I really wanted to do this and very badly. Mostly for your sake but for my sake as well," Rose noted.

"For your sake? OK, you've got my attention for sure now, and I think I'm just a little more confused," Mark said.

Chapter thirteen

"Yes, for my sake. OK, this isn't going to make any sense at all, but when you were so worried and sad it made me, deep down, want to hug you. Hug you badly, a lot and... hug you and also mother you. Don't ask me to explain that part because I'm not sure I can but when I thought of dressing you as a baby I nearly fainted. The thing is, those diapers, that diapering, for me, was going to allow me to actually mother you. Does that make sense," Rose asked.

"Makes sense in a way I suppose, but it still doesn't change the fact that it's weird," Mark said almost faint again at what Rose was saying.

"No, no it doesn't. About as weird as it gets I suppose, but not after I began to think about it. I can't explain the emotions very well but like right now, this desire is almost overwhelming me," Rose said.

"Really," Mark asked slightly shocked. It was making him slightly giddy as well.

"Really. Maybe you were hypnotized and maybe just enough so you would like it but then again, I wasn't and if that's the case then why do I like it," Rose asked.

"I'm not sure," Mark said.

"Perhaps we're pushing this too hard. Perhaps I shouldn't be doing this? I mean maybe we should take a couple of steps back. You know, you get dressed... alone and then I simply help you with those girl moves like we planned. I can show you how the diaper goes on then leave you to it," Rose said fighting the urge to say otherwise.

"What," Mark suddenly felt the moment slipping away from him and with it the chance to do what he was suddenly trying to talk himself out of. Trouble was he didn't want to talk himself out of it. He wanted it even more. Especially now since discovering that Rose might actually like it.

Mark was desperate suddenly. There was a touch of remorse in his voice under a hint of pleading as he said, "it's got to be done anyway and... Rose... Rose, I'm not sure how to say this but... OK, the thing is, I don't want to do this alone."

"And the thing is I don't want to leave you here by yourself," Rose said using a finger to stroke his cheek.

"I guess it's really not our fault is it. We still have to go through with it because they are going to be expecting it," Mark said hoping it didn't sound too odd or lame as an excuse now.

"So we might as well try and enjoy it a little," Rose said.

"Enjoy it," Mark asked nervously.

"Mark, I'm of the belief, given how we feel, that it just doesn't have to be an painful as it might have been," Rose said smiling.

"So how do we make this less painful mentally," Mark asked smiling back and very relieved that she was still sitting there considering this.

"That's easy enough! We simply use more baby oil and powder," Rose said snickering.

Mark stood there quietly for a moment... a long moment feeling the tension of this easing some with that snicker of hers but his desires growing too fast to control. Mark's face flushed even more if that was possible as he said, "lots more and for a longer time maybe?"

"Lots more and a whole lot longer," Rose said.

Mark hadn't meant to talk, only nod as he said in a voice just audible, "that would be nice."

"Starting the instant you come over here and lay down," Rose noted as she patted the diaper.

Mark hesitated. His legs felt like lead one minute, like rubber the next and now it seemed they didn't want to move or hold him up. Rose stood then, walked over to him and without a word eased his robe to the edge of his shoulders and down. It fell to the floor as Rose kissed him.

Mark kissed back. The force of their kiss grew more intense and a touch more passionate before Rose broke it off taking hold of Mark's hands. She stepped back still holding his hands and Mark followed to the beds edge. She ignored his reaction, he couldn't.

Rose turned him and eased him back till he had no choice but to sit and did so. She bent to kiss him again then again broke it off pushing him to lay down. Mark went back laying at an angle slightly off the diaper as Rose took hold of his hips guiding him, with her touch, over it.

"Here, take this for now, it will help you concentrate on something else," Rose said teasing the pink baby's pacifier against Mark's lips. It had been on the nightstand with everything else. Mark gave in and the pacifier slipped into his mouth up to the plastic guard. Mark closed his eyes and that voice came back... 'you want to be babied,' it said.

Rose too was hearing some of those words that Dr. Susan Marco used. Rose had met with Susan soon after her get together with Sally. Susan graduated a year ahead of the girls going on to become a psychologist and it was that conversation that convinced Rose to do what she was doing now.

"You can't make a person do something against their will. Not if that will is strong enough. So what I found so remarkable, towards the end of my doctoral thesis and while working with Tracy, was that most men, if given the chance, would do this. They would do this for the sake of curiosity if nothing else and most of those would admit they liked it if there was less social pressure," Susan noted.

All of this information was based on those first few men that they feminized that led to her own study some years later. It was those men later that convinced her that most would happily dress as women or girls and a few as babies but only if that social stigmatism wasn't there. Remarkably those men who were taken and more or less forced to dress were some of the happiest.

When Rose asked why that was, Dr. Susan Marco had laughed. She laughed with her apology for doing so then paused. She had laughed along with the rest who began snickering just before she said, "Rose, that's actually the reason we had to form the Society Of Sissies."

"What," Rose had asked.

"That's the irony of this Rose. Believe it or not when we began doing this to those young men, it started to become very clear, very clear very early on that when we stopped forcing them, they didn't or couldn't stop," Susan said and added, "so many wanted to keep doing this that is actually scared us a little. The thing is we didn't know what to do with all of them.

Chapter fourteen

'They couldn't or wouldn't stop', Rose mused to herself as she looked down at Mark who had just taken the pacifier so willingly. As soon as the pacifier slipped into his mouth his eyes took on that faraway look Dr. Marco said to watch for. Rose stood there for a second simply watching in fascination as Mark slowly eased his legs apart and did so on his own.

"Play with his diaper just a tiny bit after you've given him the pacifier. Just tug it a little and bring it between his legs slightly and he'll do the rest," Susan had said as she was given Rose her instructions. Rose did just that after watching Mark for a moment. The diaper was very thick, very soft and the instant Rose began causing it to move Mark reacted.

"Your young man is not going to be able to help himself when you begin his diapering and that's why you need to draw it out for as long as you can. He's going to be bonding in two ways that day: First he will bond to you. To you and the 'act of diapering him'. Then he will bond to the diaper itself. The diaper, baby oil and powder and finally the clothes.

Rose was thinking of that bonding as she gently tugged the diaper left, right and up slightly before picking up the baby oil. Mark's gaze suggested he was far away at that moment as Rose opened the baby oil. "Lots of baby oil and lots of time applying it and, as you begin, talk to him," Susan had said and added, "talk to him as you might a baby."

"Here we go precious," Rose said softly moving her hands first to Mark's stomach just below the navel. Rose was careful not to actually touch his genitals first moving slowly from the center outward, then down his hip joint before easing to the inside of his thighs. She added more oil to her palm, moved back to his thighs for a second, paused and both hands reached the center.

"Does that feel good sweetheart," Rose asked softly as both hands converged causing Mark to squeeze his eyes shut and nod. It was tortuous and meant to be as Rose spent some long number of seconds applying the warm oil in slow methodical strokes. Mark's skin glistened from the waist down and it was clear, very clear he had enjoyed that part in an obvious and blissful kind of agony.

Mark was not a virgin nor, in a relative sort of way, a babe in the woods and he smiled to himself at that metaphor. Mark wanted sex in the worse sort of way when he laid over the diaper and it became almost uncontrollable when Rose started with the baby oil. It didn't get any easier on Mark as her hands, so warm and smooth, worked their magic.

That baby talk was odd but Mark wasn't sure Rose was actually talking or it was his mind making it up and it didn't matter. He'd lost himself to this the moment Rose teased that pacifier into his mouth and again when she gently played with the diaper for those few seconds. Male, macho, masculine and mature came into his thoughts but only briefly.

Mark was male about to learn to be female, macho about to become sissy, masculine on his way to becoming feminine and about as mature as a toddler might be suddenly and he couldn't care less. All he cared about were those seconds and those hands. Mark moaned without realizing he'd done so and Rose, hearing it, shivered. It was working.

Rose wanted sex even worse than Mark but she knew it had to wait. It wasn't so much the sexual tension but those endorphins now beginning to course through Mark's brain and in turn his body. Rose was, in effect, giving Mark a sort of therapeutic massage and Mark had no control over what was happening to him. Rose was, in effect, activating Mark's other brain.

"Rose, you're going after his second brain, the primitive brain," Dr. Marco noted. It's our second brain. It's called the hypothalamus and it's our director for much of our autonomic nervous system. Right now, according to Dr. Susan Marco, Mark's thalamus was suddenly producing vast amounts of endorphins and something called enkephalins.

Endorphins and enkephalins are pentapeptides, Dr. Marco told Rose. For emphasis, Susan noted that those chemicals Mark's body was producing were almost forty eight times more powerful than morphine. When pentapeptides form they trigger other physical response, all pleasant and all acting on Mark as a natural opiate and instantly moving to those opioid neurotransmitters.

That natural high also comes with a sedating effect and that in turn will aid in his regression. Mark would, like it or not, slip further and further into that regressive state as he was being regressed and, just as importantly, it would happen just as his additive response was forming. A natural high was the highest of highs Susan noted happily. Those connections with this process, Rose and his clothes would also grow more powerful.

So it was as Rose massaged the baby oil onto Mark she was, in effect, injecting him with his own drugs and it was every bit as powerful as the stuff sold on and off the market - more so. More importantly Dr. Marco noted, it's the beginning of a wonderful addiction. Rose thought of that as she picked up the baby powder. It was, in effect, Mark's next fix she mused making her smile as she twisted the top open.

"You are my baby. My precious little baby," Rose said as she sprinkled the baby powder liberally over Mark from his waist to the fleshy part of his thighs. Mark had drifted into a place that was more fantasy than reality but the reality the biggest part of his fantasy as the dust reached his nose.

Mark was trapped in his own mind and about as happy as he'd ever been when Rose eased her hands between his legs. Another crucial step was being taken and this one as important as the first and leading to the next as Rose gently massaged the baby powder slowly over Mark's skin. "My sweet little baby," Rose said in a soothing whisper.

Rose had filled the baby bottle with a sugary fruit juice for the sugar itself but also for something pleasant to taste when the time came and it was clear by Mark's face that the time was now. Rose moved to the nightstand and took up the pink baby's bottle and deftly exchanged his pacifier for the bottle. Mark might have wanted to resist taking it but didn't.

That baby bottle of juice was Mark's third and final fix before his diaper as Rose picked up a pink tipped diaper pin. She tugged at the diaper slowly, methodically allowing the expanse of thick soft white cotton to gather between his legs. A thousand points of contact from the softest part of his bottom to the most sensitive part of his thighs all registered what was happening.

Mark's erection, already super sensitive, shocked him more as the soft cotton touched and teased. "Move the diaper as much as you can in those first few seconds," Susan had noted. "Enkephalins, a morphine like substance actually means "in your head" and that's where Mark was when Rose gathered the first sides of his diaper together to be pinned.

Rose shuddered as she moved to pick up the cute little pink head of a teddy bear that decorated Mark's diaper pin. "Oh, and wear a panty liner," Sally had cautioned over dinner one night as they talked of this moment. A joke Rose thought till Sally had explained why. Rose had laughed at the concept of sex without intercourse when Jennifer mentioned it. Only she wasn't laughing just now.

Mind sex is as powerful as physical sex, perhaps more so, Susan had noted and all of it just terms to be remembered for Rose till now. Rose shuddered again as she gathered the remaining two sides of Mark's diaper. She had tugged the diaper together snugly, then eased it slightly, tugging it snug again for the movement it gave and Mark's legs suddenly stiffened noticeable.

"As odd as this may seem, he will have an orgasm and it will be at some point while you're treating him like a baby," Susan noted and added, "It happens at different steps for each boy, but it will happen. That is going to be a very powerful moment for that young man. The most powerful moment of his life believe it or not and the best thing you can do is reinforce that moment it happens with a slight and gentle touch. Don't make it sexual, just be there so he knows you're there."

Rose shivered delightfully as she moved her hand gently to rest over Mark's diaper

Chapter fifteen

Mark was registering everything intensely. Registering everything in great detail... the soft nipple of the baby bottle, the sweet juice trickling down his throat, the smell of baby powder, that warm baby oil, Roses warm hands now just the hand, those words, his diaper and suddenly that soft intimate pressure. It was becoming too much to hold on to... too much to hold back against and Mark tried.

Mark tried desperately to ignore it all and couldn't. He knew he couldn't but fought against it anyway. Mark moaned again, it was soft, nearly silent, more like a grunt, guttural, almost primal. Mark willed himself to hold on but he knew only seconds remained as his body stiffened slightly.

Mark arched his back more growing stiffer from his neck as his head tilted back. That stiffness flowing downward. Mark felt his spine tighten, his bottom constrict and still he fought against it even as his toes began to curl. Both hand were holding his baby bottle in a near death grip but he had stopped nursing almost biting the nipple in half before he caught himself, relaxing his jaw slightly.

Each small thing Rose did, was doing, teased at him. It teased at him both physically and mentally then suddenly that diaper, once just a hint touching his bottom, filled that space between his thighs was now draping him, touching him fully. Soft, sensuous cotton touching him, caressing him beyond anything he'd ever known.

Mark, all through his diapering had held on. He'd held on for an eternity it seemed, longer than any human could stand as he crushed his eyelids tightly together. He almost pleaded with Rose to end this, then beg her to continue. He wasn't sure if he moaned or not but it didn't matter. There was absolutely no way he could go on any longer, and just as that thought formed he felt Rose's hand rest directly on the front of his diaper.

A thousand points of pure joy ignited in his brain. Mark almost cried then knowing nothing in this world was going to stop what was happening. Mark gave himself over to it passing from an agony almost beyond description to a blissfulness the likes of which had no comparison. There was no experience in his life to compare to this as all of his senses gathered. His senses marshaled and centralized to a single point and suddenly, in a flash of pure joy, his world ceased to exist.

"Rose, it's hard to explain what Mark will be experiencing," Susan said and added, "it's almost impossible to describe that moment when he finally reaches orgasm, but I can tell you that it will become the most intense experience of his young life. It may not be his first orgasm, but it will be the most powerful. In a word his sexual chemistry, and trust me when I say it's very real, will take over and engulf him completely.

Rose, everything you've done up to now, is going to be within this so called excitement phase. Everything up to now is to bring him to his first stages of orgasm. All of it stimuli and all designed to capture each of his senses: tactile, visual, olfactory, etcetera. All of this feeding into that deepening psychological state he began drifting into right at the start of this. It make take only seconds, but it's an incredibly powerful few seconds.

If you consider the drugs he's already produced and they're effect, remembering what I said of that force and how powerful it is, then simply know that what happens next is estimated to be ten to a hundred times more powerful. The reason, simply put, is that the reproductive imperative is second only to survival and, ironically, operating almost the same way chemically. The reason I'm telling you this is so you'll know at the instant he reaches that plateau phase or his orgasm just before release.

In those seconds Mark will be driven by a vast amount of hormonal releases that will flood his entire body in the course of a few heart beats. That flood will literally be taking over every aspect of every function. For those next few seconds beginning with that adrenaline and a neurotransmitter called noradrenaline, both from his adrenal glands, he's no longer going to be in control.

In addition to those, besides what his brain has already produced, there is going to be a couple more brain chemicals released when his orgasm begins: prolactin hormone and phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine, as it happens is also found in chocolate and, of course, there will be even more endorphins. All of this will increase his heart and breathing and you'll see a slight flush to his skin as his blood flow increases. He's actually going into a mild state of shock now.

At that point he will only be milliseconds away from his orgasm and just before that his conscious brain is closing down external stimuli to concentrate on a very complex set of major and minor muscle contractions and bodily activities to culminate his sex drive. Meanwhile his entire nervous structure will begin firing impulses by way of his pudendal nerves.

I mention this only because those are the processes for the actual orgasm itself. More importantly that is also what drives those rhythmic, wave like contractions or our pelvic floor muscles and, of course, what drives the contractions of muscles lining his reproductive tract and forcing him to ejaculate. Rose, at this point, and trust me when I say this, what happens next is unstoppable and indescribable.

That's your cue! That's the moment you'll be looking for. You will have about five to fifteen seconds at that point. That is when I want you to move to his ear and whisper softly, "you are my precious, sweet, little sissy baby."

"What," Rose remembered asking and mostly out of curiosity then.

"Rose, Mark's conscious mind will ignore you, his subconscious mind will not and it's then or near then that he's going to lose it all and, by doing so, gain it all. Mark is going to lose it but, as he does so, he will be imprinting on everything including you and those words. It will be like chiseling each word on a piece of granite under a picture of your face," Susan said.

Rose, remembering those words and Susan's instructions, watched Mark intently. Mark moved as if struck with a bolt of electricity and his face flushed deeply. Mark made an involuntary cry just as his bottom lifted slightly, caused when his spinal muscles contracted just as the first wave, the most powerful and most intense gripped him. Another wave swept over him and another, each as pleasant as the last but growing less intense and, while shorter, no less pleasant.

Mark thought it was his own mind saying those words "you are my precious, sweet, little, sissy baby," and he repeated them to himself in that pure fog of ecstasy he was swirling in as he pushed against Rose's hand.

There was a long set of moments before Mark realized he was holding his breath and that escaped for another gasp as his body collapsed. This was a resolution, a settling of the forces no longer needed and in those final moments a chance for the body to gradually return to normal.

Rose had whispered those words twice in Mark's ear and was stroking his cheek as she watch the tenseness fall away from his face. Susan said that Mark's orgasm, like most every one, was equivalent to an intense exercise cycle and would take nearly ten minutes to resolve as his nerves triggered him to relax.

"Use those minutes to reinforce what has happened to him," Susan had said. Rose did as she began to fuss with Mark's diaper. Mark reacted slightly as the warm cotton moved over a thousand super sensitives points.

Meanwhile, blood drained, muscle fibres contracted and Mark's nearly rigid spongy tissue grew soft Rose knew. Mark's body was reversing the effects of his orgasm as his heart rate slowed. Those high levels of adrenaline were now being absorbed and Mark's inhibitory centers of his brain were switched on as well so he would relax. This period of rest, this refractory period, as Susan called it, was driven to make Mark relax while the sensations in Mark's loins and testes slowly became a warm and very pleasant memory.

Rose herself had not simply been an observer though and she too took a breath. That hand once resting on Mark's diaper was still there fussing with it, feeding back to Mark as Mark's body relaxed. Mark slowly eased his body back down, realizing he had been pushing against that hand for some amount of time.

Mark's conscious mind reflected on what had just happened. He was pinned into a diaper and nursing a baby's bottle and to his shock and amazement just had the most intense sex ever. He couldn't open his eyes but didn't try either as his body slowly relaxed again. The bones that gave him shape felt as if they'd disappeared as he sensed Rose beginning to fuss with the diaper she'd pinned him into.

It was far more than he'd hoped for, beyond what he could have ever imagined and all of it, he realized, simply from being pinned into a diaper? Impossible he mused. He couldn't grasp the reality of it as those words floated back over him. Those words... Those words so pleasant, so odd and, he smiled suddenly... and so true.

"You are my precious, sweet, little, sissy baby,"

Chapter sixteen

"You are my precious, sweet, little, sissy baby," Mark said in a whisper forgetting everything but those last few seconds. Even forgetting he wasn't alone as he whispered them.

"What," Rose asked.

"What," Marked asked blinking himself back to the world. Mark looked up at Rose's face. Shock first realizing she was there, then a calm. It was as if she'd been highlighted somehow blanking out the background leaving just her face glowing over him. It was a beautiful face, an indescribable face. Mark smiled.

"Are you OK honey," Rose said softly.

"What," Mark answered feeling suddenly guilty.

"Really, are you OK," Rose asked.

Mark, realizing what had just happened was easing his eyes fully open after closing them again savoring the pleasure he still felt and didn't want to lose. Mark found himself looking at Rose sheepishly. He realized then that she had to know what had happened and with that thought wondered over her thoughts in this.

His brain, trying to cling to what had happened, was also trying grasp what might happen next toggling between fantasy and reality. Reality was slowing rolling over his fantasy and fear tugged lightly at his pleasure. Pretending to like something is one thing, having witnessed the evidence of him actually liking it, he realized then, might be another.

"Rose," Mark asked after a moment's hesitation in a difficult voice.

"Yes sweetheart, what is it," Rose said softly as she fussed at the waist of his diaper still. He could almost ignore those fingers moving around the waist and legs of his diaper.

"Rose, I'm not sure I can explain what just happened. I mean why that just happened," Mark said flushing crimson as he watched Rose's face for a hint of what he feared.

"Mark, what if I told you that no explanation was necessary and that the same thing just happened to me," Rose said picking up the ruffled lace baby pants that had been laying on the bed. Mark caught sight of them... that bright shimmer of nylon, that pink lace...

"It did," Mark asked surprised, a little shocked and instantly very much relieved. He wanted this to continue, it had to continue. He wanted those sweet ruffled panties covering him and Rose was suggesting that very thing by her new movements and those words. She intended this to keep going.

"Yes, it did and it was pretty amazing," Rose said as she gathered the baby pants so the leg openings bunched up to the waist. Mark watched intently, excitedly.

"It was amazing," Mark said wistfully, unbelievably given what was happening, what had happened.

"Precious, I hope this doesn't scare you too much, but I'm beginning to thank we might just like this sort of thing or, if that bothers you, then at least I do," Rose said as she held the baby pants in a position suggesting she wanted them on Mark. Mark, almost automatically, eased his legs up bending at the knees so his feet were high enough. The flush in his face felt hotter.

Rose eased Mark's rhumba panties over his right foot then his left. There was a soft rustling of the plastic Mark noticed wanting to touch them, yet not daring to. Rose almost held her breath considering that she had just breached the topic openly for the first time, and was now slipping Mark into his first girlish baby clothes.

"I guess I like this a little as well. I guess I'm also pretty weird I suppose," Mark said at the end of his breath, as Rose worked those panties along his leg to his knee.

"Just a little," Rose asked snickering as the panties went over Mark's knees. Rose was snickering over Mark's orgasm and he knew that smiling back at her obvious point.

"OK, a lot," Mark said watching Rose dress him, feeling the diaper relax behind his legs when he lifted them as the material in the front gathered more. In his relaxed state it no longer tugged at him sexually but it still register deeply.

"Thank you, I was worried there for a second," Rose said.

"Worried? Why," Mark asked.

"Why? Well precious, we've still got to cover your diaper with your panties, get you into your pretty little slip and then that adorable dress not to mention your girlish lace socks and those cute little patent shoes. Then there are those lessons to get through. My heavens, now how would it be if you only liked this a little," Rose said smiling and added, "and then after all of that what would it be like if I wanted to still play and you didn't?"

"I hadn't thought of that," Mark said smiling wider as he planted his feet and lifted his bottom for the panties. Rose slipped the panties over Mark's diaper from the back then waited patiently as Mark lowered his himself so she could pull the front up.

Rose snickered a little again as she said, "honey, if you're weird for liking this then move over a little because that is going to make me as weird as you. However, since I don't feel weird, even a little as it happens, then I'm not sure you should either.

"You don't," Mark asked in surprise before adding, "not even a little?"

"On the contrary honey. The truth is, I'm feeling pretty wonderful at this moment," Rose said as she moved a finger around the waist of the panties to cover the diaper fully before moving to the legs.

"Me too," Mark said drifting back to feeling he'd had, was having.

"I know precious, I know. Not sure why yet and I don't think I want to. Mark, to be honest, I'm afraid to say why I suppose," Rose said as she laid both hands at the side of Mark's rhumba panties for a moment.

"It's OK Rose. Truth is I'm feeling pretty wonderful at this moment as well," Mark said.

"The thing is Mark, if I tell you what I'm really feeling, I'm afraid it's going to scare you and when that happens this will end and I don't want it to end," Rose said.

"If I told you I don't want it to end either would that make a difference," Mark asked but jerked a little when Rose's hand moved over the panties causing him to add, "sorry, I'm a little sensitive is all... I mean when you..."

"I know," Rose said and added, "So do your panties fit OK sweet heart," Rose asked not holding back on the words she was using. That too was from Susan's suggestions as she said, "when his orgasm has passed he's yours. He's yours and very little, if any, of his resolve well remain. You can treat him fully like a baby and sissy at this point and he'll accept it happily."

Mark's baby pants were styled in an adult size rhumba panty lined in soft white plastic under a silky layer of simmering white nylon. Adorable pink rows of lacy ruffles were tickled by a sweet pink bow centered on the second row. The look and feel of them made Rose grow giddy as she had gathered and slipped them over Mark's feet.

The lace moved nicely reminding Rose of icing. Icing on her cake. Rose felt a glow from the pit of her stomach outward as she mused to herself, 'my cake and I'm eating it to." She was still slow in her steps but now it was a battle. She had to fight the urge to not rush his dressing as she had moved those sweet and so precious panties past his feet and along Mark's legs.

Mark was wearing baby girl style panties and not a word of protest as Rose said, "well my little one, let's put you into your little lace socks and shoes, then get you into your pretty little slip and dress. OK?"

Mark nodded watching Rose pick up a lace sock. Rose eased the first one over his foot fixing the fold and bit of fluffy lace before gathering the second. It went on as easily as the first before Rose picked up a very authentic looking black patent Mary Jane shoe. She slipped that first shoe over his left foot closing the buckle before doing the same with the right.

Rose looked at him sitting there in his ruffled panties, clearly covering a very thick diaper and now wearing his little girlish shoes and lacy socks and nodded in satisfaction. Rose bent closer and as she did so Mark lifted slightly towards her and they kissed. It was a warm kiss, affectionate and soothing as well. Mark had just gotten his answer on how she felt, so had Rose.

"Come on, I don't think I can wait any longer to see what that slip and dress look like on," Rose said patting his knees playfully before she stood.

Mark stood then, feeling that same feeling he'd had the night before, as the material of the diaper pressed the nylon of the panties against his thighs. Rose turned, eased behind and grew closer putting her arms around Mark's waist and hugged. Mark hugged at her arms. He had a lot of questions he decided but he had a lot of answers as well just now. The questions, Mark decided, could wait.

Chapter seventeen

The slip rustled delightfully as Rose gathered it. Mark stood quietly, happily and extended his arms willingly as Rose brought the slip up. A shimmery soft taffeta nylon for the bodice edged in lace with satin straps connecting that to a gathering of ruffled organza edged at the hem of the petticoats. Three full layers actually with the two silkier and softer layers made fluffier by the tulle netting sandwiched between them. That outer layer prettier from the gathers, lace and touch of pink ribbon decorating it.

It fit Mark perfectly and fell wonderfully ending well above his knees almost where the last row of lace ended on his panties. Rose fluffed and teased the excess into falling even around mark's legs as she worked her way to Mark's back. Mark felt the material touching him delightfully. Mark felt Rose's arms wrapped around him again and, as her face reached his ear, she whispered, "like it?"

"Very much," Mark said not seeing any reason to fib any longer.

"Me to," Rose said kissing his ear lobe, then his neck from behind. They were both looking at each other in the large mirror.

"I guess that makes me a sissy," Mark said not sure how to tone it. What had happened he liked, what he was wearing he liked, but he didn't like that word.

"It makes you normal," Rose whispered not letting go of him.

"Normal? This is normal," Mark asked.

"That's what I'm thinking and the reason I'm thinking that is because I really liked it and obviously you did as well. Since I see us as pretty normal then yes, this then is normal," Rose said.

"Guys wearing diapers and ruffled panties and little girl dresses are normal," Mark asked smiling at the world he was suddenly seeing in Roses eyes, even if it was clearly a fantasy.

"OK, as strange as it sounds yes, but it's obviously not because, when you think about it, only a few guys have ever had the opportunity to really do this right? And I'm betting if you were to ask them they'd admit it as well. Of course they're not going to admit to that, but that doesn't change the fact that everyone would or could or that you are not normal for doing this," Rose said.

"You think that men, other men, if given the chance would do this," Mark asked.

"You did," Rose said and added, "and I see you as normal as anyone else."

"Thank you for that, but I was kidnapped and dressed and I think hypnotized," Mark said.

"You were kidnapped and dressed and perhaps hypnotized, but it doesn't change how you're feeling about it now, now does it," Rose asked.

"No, I suppose it doesn't," Mark said and added, "although I'm not sure about that hypnotizing part. Maybe I've been hypnotized to feel like this? You know, post hypnotic suggestion?"

"Maybe? If so, and I don't claim to know this as fact, it would seem they would be just suggestions Mark. The real thing that happened and what made it so pleasant was you enjoying this regression and feminization along with me. What is happening to you now is my doing or our doing," Rose said.

"What," Mark asked.

"Mark, it's not about what happened to you before that moment you sat over the diaper on my bed, but after you sat over that diaper," Rose said as she slipped her arms snugly around Mark's waist.

"I don't follow," Mark said as the nylon moved over his skin making it more pleasant under her arms.

"Honey, everything that has happened, the nice parts at least, happened right here and right now. Doesn't matter, not in the least, how you came to have those diapers and baby pants or this slip and that little dress or for that matter those cute little shoes. What does matter, at least as far as I'm concerned, is that it happened just between us and we both liked it," Rose said.

"Then what about that regression and feminization thing," Mark asked.

"That's what I'm wondering Mark," Rose said.

Wondering over what," Mark asked.

Come on and think about it? Think about this honestly. I mean it was just you and me and it felt so natural, it did didn't it? No, don't answer that because I know you can't because you're a guy, but Mark, the thing is you know it did and we've got the obvious proof of that. Right," Rose asked.

"You might be right," Mark said slightly confused but sure he liked it and that she was right.

"Honey, it was so wonderful, so natural that I can't help thinking it must be. Maybe it is weird but I'm just not feeling it. Perhaps we're just luckier than most since most don't ever get the chance to experience this," Rose said with a girlish giggle and then added, "Come on and lets get your little dress on and see if all of this is really true or not."

Mark had waited for this moment all day as he watched, then heard Rose fuss with his dress. It was so pretty, so little girlish and so exciting to know he was about to wear it. His hands, the palms first had been touching the taffeta of his slip. For that whole while Mark's finger tips were moving slowly, imperceptibly, he hoped given he didn't still want to appear too eager, and smiled at that given that he did.

"So does the word sissy still bother you knowing that," Rose asked as she gathered the dress to slip over Mark's head.

"Not you saying it," Mark said smiling as he reluctantly let go of his slip to put his arms into the puffy sleeves. There was a delicate banding of ribbon added around the sleeves elastic highlighted by a tiny pink bow Mark noticed. The dress, a white organdy over satin was highlighted lavishly by pink ribbon.

"Then may I say you are the sweetest most precious sissy I've ever known," Rose said kissing Mark after the dress fell over his slip.

Mark hesitated a second, then gave in as Rose slipped her arms around him kissing him again before he said, "thank you."

"No my precious little sissy, thank you. I really had no idea that this would be as wonderful as it is," Rose said.

"Me neither," Mark said as his hands this time reached the hem of his dress without hesitating.

"Or that you would look so damn cute in these things," Rose said fluffing Mark's skirt after twisting and fusing with his puffy sleeves. Fussing with his clothes was touching him and Susan had suggested as much touching as was possible when Rose dressed him.

"Really? You think I'm actually cute in this stuff," Mark asked looking for more of the encouragement she was giving him.

"Absolutely. Adorable frankly and the best part is you're mine now," Rose said smiling as she kissed his cheek.

"Yours now," Mark asked only because he wasn't sure what she meant by that.

"Mine! Mine to do with as I please and remember, you must cooperate! I mean if you don't cooperate now, cooperate fully for me, I'm afraid I'm going to have punish you," Rose said.

"Now how on Earth would you be able to punish me beyond what I'm wearing," Mark asked taking on the teasing mood that Rose was in as he added, "Rose, look at me, there is nothing left to punish me with."

"It's all about positive and negative reinforcement my sweets. So I have one thing left to offer you as a positive and one thing left to punish you with precious," Rose said.

"Like what," Mark asked feeling excited again.

"Well, if you are a good little girl for Mommy Rose..." Rose said as her hand went under his dress and slips as she added while pressing against the silken panties, "if you're really a good little girl for mommy..."

"I get that," Mark said as he thrust his hips forward. Mark's eyes glazed a bit and half closed as he felt Rose's hand teasing even through his diaper as thick as it was.

The hand remained and moved as Rose bent to kiss him again as she added, "So, are you going to be a good little girl for Mommy Rose or not?"

"Oh yes," Mark said but teased back by adding, "so I understand the reward part now, but what about that punishment part. The thing is, you really can't punish me now. Nothing left."

"Don't be silly I can punish you much easier now," Rose said as she put her hands on his waist and twisted Mark to and fro a little. The mass of petticoats and dress lagged a little with the lace sliding across Mark's legs front and back. Mark smiled at that touch and the feel of his dress moving over his slip around the bodice and against his chest.

"I don't follow? I mean I still don't see what you can punishment with," Mark asked confused since he was now, finally, wearing everything.

"Honey, you are so blind to this still. Precious, your punishment would be so easy. You see, if you don't do what Mommy Rose wants I'll simply put you right back into your boy clothes," Rose said and added, "and all of your pretty things go directly into my closet."

There! There it was Rose mused. Now all she had to do was wait those agonizing seconds to see if all of this had really taken hold. What Mark would have considered laughable, even shocking just yesterday afternoon was either going to still be laughable or, as Rose hoped, almost impossible to consider.

Chapter eighteen

Mark was really shocked over his reaction. He was actually a little scared over losing what he was wearing. Over this ending and these things disappearing. It was terribly unnerving on two levels suddenly: One that he couldn't imagine just then not wearing these things and the second that he had just thought that.

"I promise to be good," Mark said, instantly, lightly, humorously he hoped, but suddenly meaning every word of it.

"Good then. That's very good and I promise that by the time you leave my bed tomorrow morning, you'll be the happiest little sissy I know," Rose said moving in to kiss him and this time it was definitely not motherly as their tongues met.

"You know many sissies," Mark asked laughing when their kiss broke.

"Not really, but I sure wished I'd known you sooner. This part of you that is," Rose said happily as she began to close Mark's dress from the back.

"But I wasn't a sissy before this," Mark said as a touch of his ego gripped him over the notion of Rose considering him a sissy without the excuse of what happened to him to hide behind.

"Maybe you were and didn't know it," Rose said but added, "or maybe you're like most guys and have a natural feminine side never touched before. Until now that is?"

"You think most guys have a feminine side," Mark asked.

"Absolutely just like most girls have a masculine side. I think you're like most guys and today is the first time you've really discovered your feminine side," Rose noted.

"So you think I've got a feminine side," Mark asked trying to figure out if he did or not then realizing, with a touch of irony, that his hands were still touching the edge of his dress and slips.

"Absolutely. Don't you," Rose asked.

"Yes," Mark said as his fingers now openly found the edge of his skirts again.

"So cute! Don't you feel cute," Rose said as she gathered up the sash. It went around the waist of Mark's dress and was twice as long as the waist giving up a lot of material for a super size bow.

"OK, yes, I feel kind of cute," Mark said no longer cautious of what he said.

"You know, we should get a wig for you," Rose said.

"Only thing left I suppose," Mark noted as the emotion of that pushed it's way into his thoughts. With a wig he would still be a sissy he decided, but he also decided he wouldn't look like one. A convoluted little twist to his logic that made this odd giving he'd look like a girl.

"Actually, it would be wonderful turning you into a pretty little girl rather than just a sissy," Rose said.

"I'm not sure I understand the difference," Mark said.

"Me neither actually, but then again I'll bet it's going to be fun finding out. Don't you think," Rose asked.

"Be interesting to see what I'd look like as a girl," Mark noted not allowing himself yet to fully commit to this as he felt the sash slid over the front of his dress.

"Precious how you would look as a girl is already known. You already look adorable as a sissy. You'd look deliciously adorable as a little girl. As my little girl," Rose said.

Rose was behind him and didn't see Mark's eyes close but she felt him collapse a little as she fused slowly with his sash. She couldn't believe this still. It was impossible and yet here she was and there he was. She'd used all of the words, put Mark through all of the steps, those processes and introduced that little test Susan had suggested. That part about putting Mark back into boy's clothes and with that done there was no doubt left.

"I think I'd like that," Mark said swooning over the prospects of this continuing, growing even beyond this.

"I know I would. Now, all we've got to do is teach you some of those little girl moves honey then pick up that phone," Rose said.

"Oh, I forgot about that phone," Mark said.

"Honey, when we call and you end up performing you're little girlish moves, it's going to be very clear to those ladies that they have nothing left to hold on you," Rose said.

"I guess that was the goal wasn't it," Mark asked.

"It is, so let's move into the living room and start practicing," Rose said as she tugged at the edges of Mark's large bow. Mark had a long ways to go before Rose could take him outside but, then again, she couldn't believe what was standing before her as Mark moved off from the bedroom.

"I'm ready," Mark said standing there in anticipation of what was coming next.

"First, I want you to walk to the dining room, around the table and back here again. When you get here I want you to make a full three hundred and sixty degree turn then do it again in the opposite direction," Rose said and added, "you can, if you want, skip a little as well."

"OK," Mark said as he started to walk towards the dining room table but asking as he did so, "so what's this called?"

"This little maneuver is called the I.E.B.A.G. maneuver. I learned this one as a little girl," Rose said.

Mark circled the table, skipped a couple of steps and was walking back towards Rose happily as he asked, "so what does I.E.B.A.G. mean?"

"Honey, this is the I Enjoy Being A Girl maneuver," Rose said as she watched Mark twist in a full circle.

Mark stopped, laughed and put his hands on his hips as he said, "You're being silly."

"Absolutely not! OK, yes, a little, but it's exactly what I would do when I was a little girl and was all dress up by my mother. I loved moving about in my little dresses. Can't you feel it," Rose asked as she waved a hand for Mark to continue.

Mark moved off in the direction of the dining room again smiling. He did feel that it whatever it was. It could have been the silky touch of his panties moving between his thighs. The diaper moving oddly around his bottom as he walked, those slips against his legs and his dress under his hands or that rustle coming from the lace against the slips taffeta. Whatever 'it' was, Mark liked it.

"OK now your curtsey. A curtsey is definitely meant for a girl and I suppose a sissy so it's going to be your most important maneuver," Rose said.

"OK, so let's do that then," Mark said enthusiastically.

"Stand at attention, hands at your sides, then take up your skirt on either side with the thumb and forefinger lifting the skirt just a bit," Rose said.

Mark did that.

"Now in a coordinated set of moves I want you to bring your right foot back toe pointing down but resting on the floor so it's just behind your left foot. I want you to bend a little at the knees while bending at the waist also just a little," Rose said showing Mark what she meant.

Mark did so losing his balance that first time. He did so again and again with that last one at least mimicking what Rose had showed him. Mark did it again with Rose standing just ahead of him and facing the same direction doing so slowly so Mark could follow. A half dozen more times and the last three were nearly perfect.

"OK, now go walk around the dining room table again, then come back facing me and give my your very best little girlish curtsey," Rose said.

Mark walked off, around the table, come back, stopped and curtsied.

"How was that," Mark asked with an enthusiastic voice.

"Perfect, nearly perfect. Go on and try it again then I'll show you how to sit and even pick something off the floor so you don't show off your panties," Rose said.

Mark walked off, returned and gave Rose his best efforts and a nearly perfect curtsey and Rose smiled. Mark had held on to his skirt the whole time Rose noted.

Rose taught Mark to sit in a delicate maneuver gathering his dress by sliding his hands down the back of his skirts as he sat, then fluffing them before resting his hands in the folds of his dress. He did that several times adding it to his skills before learning to bend at the knees to pick up a quarter Rose had sat on the floor.

Nearly two hours had slipped past and before long it was time to make the call.

Chapter nineteen

Mark felt almost faint suddenly as he moved to center himself at the large living room window. Rose would open the drapes when the time came as Mark held the phone in his hand.

"Ready," Rose asked looking at the clock on the mantel. They had two minutes left before eight o'clock.

"I guess," Mark said turning to look at the clock again. He was very nervous.

"You'll do fine sweetheart, just remember what you've learned," Rose said smiling encouragement at her new sissy as she held onto the cords that would open the drapes.

S.I.S.S.Y. Mark punched in before putting the phone to his ear. The clock chimed eight times as the number rang. He would nod to Rose when whoever it was answered. The phone rang once, twice and a third time making Mark nervous now that there was no answer. He looked at Rose, shrugged and waited. Four times, five, six and then a click...

"Society Of Sissies, how may I help you," A woman's voice said slightly out of breath.

Mark took the phone from his ear and cupped it looking at Rose in a panic.

"What," Rose asked.

"It's a society? Sissies or something," Mark said.

"Society? Of what," Rose asked.

"Society Of Sissies," Mark said putting the phone to his ear again but not sure what to say.

"Hello," the woman's voice said and added, "is anyone there?"

"Hello," Mark answered hesitant to say anything.

"Thought I lost you, how may I help you," The woman's voice said.

I was suppose to call this number exactly at eight o'clock," Mark said not sure what would happen next or, for that matter, what else to say.

"OK, are you checking on meeting times or is there someone you wanted to talk with," The woman asked.

"I'm not sure, I was suppose to call this number but they didn't give a name or anything," Mark said feeling silly in the midst of his panic.

"Are you interested in just getting information? Honey, are you new to this," The woman asked.

"Yes! Yes, I'm new to this," Mark said not sure what else to say.

"Would you like to talk with a counselor," The woman asked.

"I'm not sure. I was told to get dressed up and call this number? That's all I was told," Mark said.

"Dressed up? I'm not sure I understand," The woman said.

Mark cupped the phone looking confused and desperate. Rose dropped the cord to the curtains and moved to Mark with her own curious look.

"Can you hold for a second," Mark said then cupped the phone as he added to Rose, "Rose, I don't think this woman knows a thing about this."

"Here, let me take it," Rose said taking the phone from Mark. Mark happily gave it up.

"Hello, who am I speaking with," Rose said.

"Hi Rose, how's he doing," Jennifer said laughing.

"Hi, my name is Rose Carter and we were told to call this number," Rose said ignoring what Jennifer had said and nodding reassuringly to Mark who was now very panicked. Rose knew the number and the person behind it and what was happening as she began faking the call at her end as she added, "can you tell me about this society and what it is about?"

Rose stood silent for a bit then began responding for Mark's benefit as she said, "I see. OK. Interesting. Really. No, I didn't know that. Hold on and let me get a pencil and paper."

Rose cupped the phone as she whispered to Mark, "fetch me a pencil and paper honey."

Mark took off for the kitchen and the note pad with the pen. His skirts bouncing unnoticed. He rushed back to Rose who cupped the phone before taking the paper pad and pencil and said, "OK, I'm ready."

Mark leaned in to watch what Rose wrote.

Society Of Sissies, 1888 TOO CUTE, 435 South Main second floor, First and third Friday meetings at eight o'clock, second and forth Friday are socials. There was a tea one Saturday a month. Private elevator from Parking area. Can change on the premises. Ask for Jennifer.

"OK, I've got that and thank you. We're sorry to have bothered you," Rose said as she pressed the phone off.

"What was that all about," Mark said now in a full panic. Evidently he wasn't going to make that performance. He was worried now that he was in some sort of default and that whoever it was expecting him was now going to publish that poster they warned him of.

"Well, evidently you're the victim of a very elaborate hoax," Rose said in anger.

"Hoax? What do you mean," Mark asked.

"Hoax! Some sort of horrible hoax. Can you believe that? The whole thing is nothing more than a hoax," Rose said looking disgusted and very angry.

"I don't understand," Mark said.

"Honey, there never was anyone planning to stand outside our window and observe you. That's plain enough now. This is a very elaborate hoax that has been going on for years that woman said and they always give the poor boy they've played this hoax on that society's number," Rose said.

"You're saying this is all some sort of sick joke," Mark said in anger but stopped as he added, "That can't be. I mean it must have cost a fortune for this stuff and I was kidnapped besides."

"Honey, sit and calm down and let me think for a second," Rose said as she moved to the couch to sit herself.

"Sit? SIT! Look what they've done to me? Look at what I'm wearing! What they've made us do and it's all just some sort of joke," Mark said twisting to walk off but stopping before starting off again, pacing now. He was furious. Kidnapping, assault, unlawful restraint and these things he wore, it was maddening.

"Obviously it's a bit more elaborate than just joking around or so the woman said. Evidently it is a group of women who have been doing this. No one knows who they are. They've been doing it for some number of years and clearly, they've got the resources to do this sort of thing," Rose said and added with a little more composure, "and you are most definitely not the first."

"So now what," Mark said in absolute and total frustration as he fell into a sitting position onto the ottoman in front of the chair it went with. His skirts flared falling around him as he sat with his legs spread. It was very unlady like Rose noted, but cute looking she also decided.

"That woman... Jennifer," Rose said looking at the note pad she had written on to confirm the name before adding, "Yes, that woman Jennifer says that it always stops with that phone call and if we like, we can donate what you are wearing to the society. Some of the boys have done that. Their members can always use more clothes she says."

"A joke, all of that... all of this nothing more than a joke. Everything I've done... You've done! Oh man, the things I've done! I'm so ashamed," Mark said dropping his head.

"Now hold on just a second there! OK, yes, it's horrible what they did to you and yes, it's a very cruel joke but don't you think for a minute I'm regretting any of this! Not one bit of it if you don't mind," Rose said.

"But Rose, you're a victim here too," Mark said as he added, "Look what you've had to do?"

"Participant... Yes, victim, no," Rose said, pausing, a soft smile formed on her face as she added, "and look what I've had to do? Precious, are you kidding, I'd do it again in a heart beat. Honey, aside from what has just happened, it doesn't change a thing as far as I'm concerned. My only regret now is that it might change for you. Damn them!"

"What," Mark asked looking up as he added, "but this changes everything."

"Doesn't change a thing moppet! Not in my book anyway! Not in that book we started writing together this afternoon or yesterday or last night. Not a word of it is going to change as far as I'm concerned. It might end and I'll be very sorry if it does, very sorry, but it's not going to change how I felt, how I feel," Rose said.

"You're kidding right," Mark asked.

"Honey, if I could I'd pretend that you've made the call and that's that. That you made the call, convincing those women you're happy the way you are and that too would be that. And as far as those women are concerned, I'd like to thank each and everyone of them," Rose said as she stood up and added, "now can you come over here for a second."

Mark stood, flushed with anger but he stood taking those few steps to Rose who now was standing with her arms open.

"Rose, seriously, are you kidding? What are we suppose to do now," Mark asked coming close enough for Rose to put her arms around him. Rose hugged Mark tightly for a few seconds before changing positions slightly to kiss Mark and did. Mark kissed back and slowly his heart rate returned to normal but rose again for a different reason. They kissed for a time before Rose broke it off unwrapping her arms.

"What to do now? Well, precious, it's still very early so we've got plenty of time to play before bed and, of course, there's that bed part I'd like you to consider," Rose said smiling and added, "you still interested?"

Chapter twenty

"Interested? Rose, doesn't this change things? I mean there is no reason left for me to be doing this so if I do this now..." Mark said in frustration over wanting to do this and seeing it end.

"Honey, all that's happened is that you're suddenly exposed a little," Rose said.

"What? Exposed? I don't follow you," Mark said.

"You believe you no longer have a reason to be in those things... you're exposed! The only reason you'd be in those things doing this now is if you liked it. Well, considering what's been said between us, what has happened between us, more importantly, what can happen between us, nothing has really changed.

Think about it for a second. Sweetheart, not too long ago you did like it and I still like it," Rose said and in a softer voice added, "and I think, I hope, you still like it."

Mark looked at Rose confused, angry, not angry, frustrated, happy over what she had just said, confused more though and wondering what to do next. Rose was right, he had liked it, did like it and those emotions before the call were slipping back but those women... Those evil women he mused. "I don't know what to do," Mark said softly.

"What say we take a moment to gather our thoughts while I change your diaper. It will give us a little time to consider this. They say baby powder is very therapeutic... you know, a little aromatherapy might be just the thing you need right now," Rose said sliding a finger along Mark's cheek with one hand while the other took up Mark's hand.

"Change me? Rose, I don't need to be changed," Mark said but not meaning a word of it. Actually, Mark wanted that very much just then. A reason to hide behind something, even that for now. He wanted desperately a way to get past what he was feeling so he could get back to the way he had felt.

"You need it more than ever right now," Rose said and added, "don't make me have to punish you. It took me forever to tie that sash into a bow."

Mark snickered over the bow remark. In spite of his anger and all the reasons he needed to stay that way he was slipping out of it. That remark about punishing him was appropriate because it would mean going back into his boy clothes and those same feelings came back. Mark eased away from the anger, smiled a little and asked, "so you think changing me is going to help?"

"I don't know about you, but it would sure help me a lot," Rose said bending slightly to kiss Mark on his cheek as she added, "wasn't going to show you these till later because it was a surprise, but, considering what has happened, I guess I can show you now."

"Show me what," Mark asked.

"Wait here," Rose said pecking at Mark's cheek again.

Mark stood in the same spot and a second later Rose returned. He wasn't sure what she was holding but it was pink. A soft bubble gum pink and Mark noticed it was more than one item as he asked, "what's all that?"

"Something to wear to bed later, or sooner if I can convince you to lay down. Got it at a boutique called Thrills and Frills. Lovely stuff, very retro. It's a baby doll nightgown and don't you just love that term 'baby doll'. Has puffy panties and the nightgown has two layers of nylon. Would be perfect with your diaper and that clear pair of pink baby pants. Picked up the robe to go with it," Rose said laying everything down but picking the nightgown up again as she added, "it is so cute!"

Mark's emotions were shifting dramatically looking at the nightgown Rose was holding up. Almost looked like a baby's dress but silky through and through. A soft pink with a layer on top of another with the top layer lighter material so you could see through it to the opaque layer. Lace trimmed the bottom of the top layer and it had slightly puffed sleeves. "You are too much," Mark whispered trying not to sound too excited.

"Honey, you have no idea," Rose said as she lifted the puffy panties designed to go with the top as she added, "now imagine, just for a second mind you, that I'm changing your diaper, slowly and with great care. Lots of baby powder of course. Then putting you back into that cute new pair of pink baby pants and covering those with these sweet panties. Then imagine me taking those things back off layer by layer as I talk baby talk to you just before I change your world forever. Can you imagine that?"

Mark's legs were turning to jello and most everything that had happened was settling somewhere else as the vision of what Rose was describing came into his consciousness. Yes, he could imagine it and was as he laughed in spite of trying not to while nodding a yes.

"If that's a yes then confirm it with a proper curtsey," Rose said smiling as she added, "and a 'yes ma'am, thank you ma'am' would be appropriate right now as well."

Mark flushed, bowed his head slightly, snickered again and executed a nearly perfect curtsey as he said, "yes ma'am and thank you ma'am."

Rose nodded looking sternly at Mark but lost it a second later with her own snicker as she said, "perhaps we should turn in early tonight and get a fresh look at all of this in the morning?"

Mark, feeling slightly giddy as Rose began picking up the nightgown, panties and robe could just manage another nod as he realized he would have trouble walking just now.

"This way precious, if you please," Rose said taking Mark's hand. A spider's thread linking their hands would have been strong enough to keep Mark tethered to Rose as he walked towards her room and those images.

Rose reversed the process she'd taken to dress Mark beginning with his sash undoing the bow first before draping it on a hanger covered in pink satin. She was also as slow as before as she undid his dress and that too went on the hanger. His slip followed before she made him stand there while she laid the changing pad out.

She gently tugged Mark onto the changing pad, teasing his pacifier back into his mouth as she moved to his Mary Jane shoes and lacy socks. It was getting painfully slow again for Mark as Rose carefully gathered his girlish socks into a neat bundle that went on the floor with his little girl shoes.

"You are my precious, sweet, little, sissy baby," Rose said in a soft voice as she tugged at his ruffled panties. Those words, code to invoke a relaxed state touched him. Rose eased his rhumba panties down far enough to unpin Mark's diaper doing so on both sides before she tugged his diaper off with his panties. Mark jumped a little when the soft, cool baby powder scented wipe touched him. Rose used three before slipping a fresh diaper under him.

Two more diaper pins this time decorated with pink elephants closed his diaper before she gathered the soft, pink, nearly clear baby pants in her hands. Mark wanted to make love in the worse possible way but it was clear Rose wasn't ready yet. Of course Rose was ready, had been for a long time now, but this all had to be done to get Mark past the nights anguish.

Mark lifted his bottom once more for his new puffy pants as Rose called them then sat for his new baby doll nightgown feeling faint when the layers of nylon lightly covered him.

"Such a pretty little girl you are," Rose said as she neatly folded the changing pad. Mark was still nursing the pacifier as Rose began to undress. Mark had not seen what Rose wore under her dress till now only imagining till this moment. A black full slip covered a black lace bra that covered a pair of lace trimmed panties and, of all things a garter holding her stockings up.

Rose had raised her slip showing the garter before she sat at the beds edge to undo the clasp holding her thigh high stockings in two places on both legs. It was slow, methodical, painful for Mark but exquisitely seductive as she slipped her fingers into the stockings easing each to her toes before they fell to the floor.

Rose stood gathering her slip before it came over her head with a sensuous wiggle and the panties followed before her bra. She was breath taking, almost Renaissance in her form as she moved to her tall ornate dresser to tug a drawer open. She gathered a nightgown that was almost a baby doll but longer slightly as it covered her. Seeing her naked and now covered made it even more titillating as Rose moved back to the bed.

Mark watched in rapt fascination this process sometimes forgetting to nurse his pacifier till Rose sat taking it from his mouth. Rose bent fully to kiss Mark as her hand slipped under his baby doll set to rest on the front of his panties. The kiss lingered a time as their tongues played against each other before Rose sat up again.

Mark was beyond any sort of control as Rose eased his panties and baby pants down to expose his diaper and the pink tipped pins holding it on. A moment and those two diaper pins sat with his pacifier on the nightstand as Rose opened his diaper. It was just before she playfully eased on top.

Mark found her breast under the nightgown as Rose's hands found his over his nightgown. The pink of his and black of hers a stark contrast mixing together as it did, the last thing Mark noticed before closing his eyes. Their movements began slowly, easing into a rhythm of absolute ecstasy.

Chapter twenty one

The soft glow of Rose's bedside clock showed nine as Mark searched for the baby bottle he'd nursed before falling asleep again. Rose had pinned his diaper closed and unpinned it again twice more that night with the last somewhere near seven that morning.

The baby bottle was in her hand when she eased into bed waking him that last time. He'd smiled at that image but the urge for the bathroom was teasing at him as Rose teased the nipple against his lips. He'd said potty first, but Rose held him back telling him there was no need to get out of bed and to his surprise he stayed there nursing till the urge passed. She changed him then. She changed him this time for the first time for real before they dozed off once more.

Mark didn't want to move but Rose did, insisting only that they eat something. Eating something was actually breakfast fed to Mark before they helped each other out of their night clothes for the shower they shared. It was noon when Mark reluctantly left the house trying desperately not to pay any attention to the pink panties Rose insisted he wear to the library. Those she said would help him remember their time together, as if Mark would forget any of it.

He tried to finish his report and did but it would need a lot more effort and not till he could focus again. Wearing Rose's panties he'd decided wasn't such a good idea as he closed his books and gathered his papers in frustration. When he stood though he'd also decided that wearing her panties wasn't all that bad of an idea either.

Rose would be out of the house she'd said for a time returning a shortly before Mark after spending time and brunch with friends. Meanwhile Rose and the girls compared notes, after they asked about Rose's young man. They listened to Rose's account of the two days ending that morning. Mark's regressions and transformations had culminated in a complete and very successful way Susan said listening and asking questions and congratulating Rose on her new expertise.

Mark's adaptation phase was next the women agreed as they ate lightly from the continental buffet. Mark, they also agreed, had fallen far faster than most as they each shared some of the pleasures of their own early days. Rose had joined the Society of Sissies. Although as far as the outside world is concerned it is also known as the Society Of Sisters. That was the name when the charter was formed. Rose joined but only as a member pro tem till her young man took the oath.

That was next Rose mused as she hugged the women, some of whom she'd known since collage. How ironic that her twenty year reunion would put her here today and in this way. Rose had attended anticipating happily meeting the girls she'd grown into the world with, finding it satisfying that they'd all found their place in that world.

Rose spent that first day getting pleasantly shocked over those that had changed and a few that hadn't catching up on the twenty years between some of them. They shared their stories, they're hopes, dreams and lives both good and bad before Rose settled in with the old crowd. They'd gone through some remarkable times Rose agreed remembering their rebellious nature and their rebellions and all of the changes they went through.

Rose remembered with a mixture of nostalgic and sometimes strong emotions those days soon after the court ruled that Ms. Ingles School For Girls would have to go coed. Rose laughed fittingly over those first few boys they hazed into their clothes and agreed that most had found themselves different not too long after they'd been changed. Different and betty Rose agreed.

Yes, Rose had agreed, and it was too bad, that part had ended. Rose was surprised again to discover that for some of the women it hadn't. It was Jennifer that shocked her the most listening to her stories of domination and the business she'd formed around her taste for a certain type of man. It was Jennifer's building that housed the Society of Sissies sitting above her three other businesses, Businesses, she said, that catered mostly to men who would rather be women and a few that had no choice.

There were a dozen shocks to Rose's sense of the world as she listened to Sally, Susan and Jennifer who shared the many successes they'd had. Pictures, as proof, then later Rose met a couple of those boys you'd swear were girls during the tour of Jennifer's building. Above the business was the bar, restaurant and social area for the Sissies with a back area for those members. Below that floor the Thrills and Frills Boutique.

Next to the Thrills and Frills Boutique sat Her Majesties Spa and Salon and behind those two the oddest place of all given it was called "The Fitting Room". The fitting room was driven by the women that drove men into becoming more like them, Jennifer had said proudly. There was a little girl's bedroom, a nursery and what appeared to Rose as a well appointed doctors office.

It was a thriving business Jennifer noted and again proudly but the biggest shock of all came when Jennifer noted it all began when their hazing began. When Rose fell out of the scene to make her way in the world a few of the girls continued doing what they had all started. Problem was that so many of the boys, Jennifer noted, didn't want to go back to just being boys once they'd been regressed or transformed.

The Society of Sissies was formed to provide those boys with a venue of sorts and before long the group had grown. The outside world, mostly those men who found their way to Jennifer's businesses also added to those businesses and Jennifer's passion soon became her livelihood. The Society Of Sisters was formed, chartered and grew on top of the Society of Sissies as more and more women also found their way into that world of feminizing men.

At first the hazing continued for the fun of it as Rose had remembered, then it took on a more serious tone, Jennifer noted, when she was asked by a woman to transform her son. A boy who was just out of jail for the second time and still heading for a life that wasn't much of a life at all. That young man was abducted, regressed and transformed and even today is Jennifer's best example given that Tracy now runs the bar and restaurant above.

It was Rose herself who pointed out how many laws the women were breaking given that some of those men, a lot of those men came into this illegally. Jennifer agreed surprising Rose until she explained in a convoluted way that it wasn't too unlike deprogramming a loved one brainwashed by a cult. "If you the only way to rescue them, was to abduct them, you would and that's what we do," Jennifer noted.

Men, Jennifer claimed, were brainwashed and manhood nothing more than a cult she argued. Jennifer made her claims pointing to the fact that of the nearly one hundred taken so far only a few had walked away from their experience. In fact, Jennifer noted with a great deal of conviction, the world would be a much better place if this was done to the majority of men and Rose found herself agreeing, in principle, if not in practice.

What changed Rose's view of this besides feeling slightly better over the morals and legalities was meeting those men when she was invited to. That's also when Rose met Dr. Susan Marco and was given her opinion of why this was better for men and how the doctors own experiences were now being added for their benefit. That was not too long after Rose took in her freshman boarder Mark.

Rose had watched Mark intently noting some of the things Jennifer and Susan suggested she watch for. Rose discovered that so much of what Mark did was a front to cover much of what Mark couldn't do and possibly might do if given the chance. Rose played with the notion of Mark going through the process for a good amount of time in those first few months Mark lived with her.

Fantasies of him as something softer, cuter, more feminine and a bit more dependent on her grew slowly, inevitably and ultimately consumed Rose's waking thoughts. What made Rose decide that the women were right was Mark often stressing over school when he didn't have to and that was credited to Susan's comments about that process called regression.

Imagine how much better he'd be if he could, at least for a few hours out of a day, shed all of his adult responsibilities and pressures. How much better off would he be, as a person, if he could renew himself ever so often, Susan had asked. Rose was almost positive Mark would be better off, but still somewhat reluctant till she had to opportunity to watch a young man being regressed.

It was an amazing process. Rose, at first, didn't believe it possible that a bit of nurturing coupled with a few accessories and items of clothing could have that kind of impact until she'd seen it with her own eyes. What Rose also saw was a side of her she hadn't seen before or not for a long time and those fantasies of Mark became something closer to a baby was impossible to ignore.

Mark needed this Rose decided, but more importantly so did she. With that decision made, Rose spent the rest of that day window shopping for some of Mark's first outfits at the Thrills and Chills boutique. That night Rose nervously met with Jennifer, Susan and Sally to go over the process that would put Mark on top of his first diaper that very night if Rose gave the word. She did.

Chapter twenty two

Mark was seventeen when he left foster care for the world. He had held a good grade point average in spite of the turmoil two alcoholic parents and a half dozen foster homes added, and won a scholarship to Ingles University just at the beginning of his last year in high school. Having been, more or less, on his own since his teens he didn't fear life as some might although he'd missed a great deal of a normal childhood going from family to family.

Rose met Mark on his first visit to the collage having put her name in as a sponsor and, if he chose, his landlady. Sponsoring freshman who needed only a helping hand was something Rose had wanted to do for a time and given her investments or, better said, her returns, she was able to now. Rose had read Mark's file noting how rough his life had been and also noting how well he'd made it so far. At the time, that was her only motivation.

Mark needed just a little she was told by Mark's counselor and Rose could easily afford that. Mark was a child to Rose when she first met him, but that was the twenty years between them she'd mused. However, when Rose began her fantasies over Mark it was clear she had already felt those tugs at her apron strings and the more she considered it the stronger that tug and it wasn't just at her apron by then.

Remarkable those emotions, those feelings of hers were twofold: Thoughts at first, given that Mark was also an adult with an adult's body, even as small as it was, but as small as he was changed those thoughts slightly. Susan had planted that small seed in Rose's head then Jennifer added to it by way of waxing poetic the benefits of living with someone that wanted to please you. Someone that could, with so little effort, look so cute while doing so.

All it would take was just a tiny bit of control, Susan noted, and having that control gave back far greater, Jennifer had added. That control, such as it was, came when Jennifer guided Rose through the Thrills and Frills Boutique beginning where Rose should begin as Jennifer pointed out the benefits and overall superiority of using her custom fitted cloth diapers.

That was the thrill Rose felt when she started considering the type of diaper Mark would be wearing. The frills part came after nearly fainting over how adorable and authentic those rhumba panties were. If Rose had any second thoughts of doing this it ended when her hand teased the little pink bow and played over those ruffles that day.

The same way she was playing over the ruffles of his new pair that she was shopping for now while Mark studied. Rose spent that early part of the afternoon sharing her experience and living it again encouraged by what Susan had said about bringing Mark out sooner. They'd talked, Susan and Rose, just after lunch. Rose had a plan now and all that remained was putting Mark into that plan and, of course, into his newest outfit.

It was fashioned after those little school dresses Rose remembered near the age of eight or so. A bodice toped by a Peter Pan collar, puffed sleeves and a skirt that could take a number of petticoats if need be. Fancy to be sure and frilly as well. Girlish enough to tug at her memories of special dresses meant for grandmother's house or church, now changed just enough for a boy and a boy will beyond the age of eight physically.

"That dress is such a timeless design," Jennifer noted walking over with one of her newest slips.

"It's perfect! I feel like I've worn this very same dress somewhere in my past," Rose said tugging and admiring over the elastic of the sleeve and overall quality of Mark's new dress.

"It could very well be Rose. Almost all of my designs come out of catalogs from those days. That one in fact is from the Montgomy Wards Catalog circa 1952/53. I've taken a dozen designs of little girl dresses from there. Even the material is vintage or nearly so. It's a taffeta with an underskirt of acetate, rustles deliciously doesn't it," Jennifer noted as she rubbed the material between her fingers as Rose was doing.

"I like the pink in it, it's such a dainty luster and that skirt would swirl nicely and it's own slip besides! He will love this," Rose said as she changed her focus to the slip Jennifer was holding as she added, "and that as well. He spent so much of his time fingering the slips yesterday. I wasn't suppose to notice, but did.

"They do that don't they? Worse, far worse than we were as little girls or at least as bad," Jennifer said.

"It's so hard getting use to though," Rose said slightly less sure of herself suddenly.

"Our boys as little girls," Jennifer asked.

"As babies I guess. Honestly, I think he turned so fast because of the diapering more than the girlish clothes. Don't get me wrong, he loved his slips and dress but clearly it all came after that diaper was pinned on him.

"That is why it was so remarkable when Susan joined us. Changed everything when she began talking about regression and how therapeutic it was. And not just therapeutic but almost magical when we started diapering the boys first before putting them into their dresses," Jennifer noted wistfully.

"Tell me about it! You should have seen his face when I took his diaper off this morning before he went to school. Put him in panties, but I'll bet if he could have he would have preferred the diaper and his ruffled panties again," Rose said holding the slip up and out to admire it.

"You might consider putting him into our Little Miss Training Pants," Jennifer noted.

"Oh, I like that name, so what are those," Rose said.

"They are panties and diaper mixed. I designed them myself. A cute layer of nylon over a nice padding of cotton shield by a pair of plastic pants under another layer of panty nylon. Laced of course. What makes them so effective is the extra padding I've added into the crouch area. Makes them feel like they are wearing a diaper when they're on but without the bulk," Jennifer said proudly and then after a pause, "or the equivalent to a maxi pad for the sissies dressing a bit older.

"Definitely a couple pair of those," Rose said folding the new slip with the dress as she added, "and a pair of lace socks to match his new dress. Oh, and I nearly forgot the wig! He needs a wig! Something sugar and spice and everything nice."

"Our Shirley Temple is perfect for this age. Cute sausage curls and blond. Takes ribbons nicely," Jennifer said and adding, "Why don't you take those to the register and I'll bring one in for you to look at."

Rose was getting the dress, slip and two pair of Mark's Little Miss Training Pants when a very cute girl walked in with Jennifer. She almost looked like Shirley Temple till Rose realized she was a bit taller.

"This is Tad! Tad, also known as Tammy is one of our new little girls," Jennifer said before bending in closer to Rose to add, "was caught cheating by his wife a short time ago. Been a very good little girl ever since his 'deprogramming'."

"You abducted him," Rose asked looking on in amazement at the young man.

"Actually no, we've introduced a new service this year using a private investigator. You know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand days in their new pretties," Jennifer said with a slight snicker and added, "his mother-in-law has taken on her new nieces training. Go on back honey, you're mother-in-law only gave you up for second."

Rose watched the young man walk off as she said, "not very happy is he?"

"Not yet. In his case it's him catching up with the process I'm afraid. His mother-in-law had him dressed like that when he broke off his relationship with his girlfriend so there is little hope of him ever going back to that woman.

"That's so cute," Rose said after repeating Jennifer's new slogan as she added, "well, I've got my own to worry about. He's only going to be at the library till four and I'll definitely take that wig."

"On those panties," Jennifer said handing the sales lady the wig as she added, "you get them into those by calling the panties he's wearing icky pants. Pointing out the obvious works every time."

"You're a treasure," Rose said.

"So when do we see him in my salon," Jennifer asked.

"If I had my way it would be tonight but it's most likely going to be Thursday," Rose said and added, "if what Susan has said and so far she's been right on the money. I'll call and make an appointment Monday if all goes well."

They hugged, kissed lightly and hugged again as Jennifer's sales lady, once happily a very sexiest professor of history, handed Rose her packages. Rose didn't have a clue that the woman ringing up her things had once been Professor Williams, but then again no one did now. He was actually the first one Jennifer's private investigator turned.

Chapter twenty three

"So how was your day, moppet," Rose said taking Mark into her arms affectionately when he came into the kitchen.

"Couldn't concentrate," He said with a smile.

"The panties," Rose asked.

"The panties," Mark said happily but flushing beet red.

"Oh, oh! Did my sweets do icky pants," Rose asked putting her hands on Mark's jeans.

"And then some," Mark said now glowing a slight pink as Rose undid his belt and button insisting she see.

Rose, in a teasing voice, when she saw the evidence, said," Definitely not ready for big girl panties yet. I'm afraid we'll have to stay with diapers for now."

"Bummer," Mark said smiling at the teasing as Rose took his hand to walk him to the bedroom and that promised diaper.

Mark watched his bubble bath filling after Rose helped him undress and set everything out for his next change. She had hidden his new things and the wig deciding she'd diaper him first after deciding she'd tell him about the Society during his bath. Rose could no longer wait as Mark slipped happily into the foaming water before Rose knelt beside the tub.

"I've had a very remarkable day moppet," Rose said as she took up the No More Tears Shampoo, baby soap and finally a wash clothe.

"How so," Mark said not really concentrating on what was being said as Rose started washing his back. She had quickly shampooed his hair with No More Tears and was now using the baby soap for the rest. A warm baby powder scent filled the space and their thoughts.

"I called that woman back. That woman I talked with last night at the Society of Sissies. Mostly for information or some bit of understanding on what was done to you. Ended up meeting with her today as it happens. Blew me away because, as it also happens, that Society meets right above that shop I found your baby doll nightgown in.

"The Thrills and Frills Boutique," Mark asked remembering the name and added, "That's pretty odd! So what did she say?"

"Couldn't tell me much about you or those women but she did say that your outfit, the one they put you into that night, most likely came from her Boutique as did everything else. Some pretty remarkable stuff when I got a chance to really window shop a bit more. Anyway, it's that Society I found even more interesting," Rose said moving the baby wash cloth to Mark's chest.

"Interesting how," Mark asked feeling wonderfully content till Rose moved the wash cloth to his legs and thighs.

"Interesting because it's all geared to support boys not too much different than you at the moment," Rose said and added, "some of them, this woman believes, even came into this the same way you did."

"Really," Mark asked trying to focus on what Rose was saying but finding himself focusing on the soft wash cloth.

"Really! Oh, and did I tell you I also found a wig," Rose said excitedly.

"No," Mark said.

"Will I did, very cute and I picked up a few more surprises but you'll see those after your bath," Rose teased as she added, "Anyway, it's a kind of support group for boys that likes dressing as girls. A support group for the women in their lives as well."

"Support how? I mean what kind of support. Like a cure or something," Mark asked worried it was meant to undo what had been done.

"Cure? Gosh, I hope not," Rose said looking on in a false anguish before smiling as she added, "please tell you you're not thinking of giving this up all of a sudden."

"Not if I can help it," Mark said smiling meekly.

"Thank the stars. You had me scared just then. Here, stand so I can dry you off," Rose said as she stood. Mark stood as the water began to drain watching Rose take up a huge pink and so very soft towel.

"So what do they do then," Mark asked now a little confused.

"Mark, I was thinking and I know this is going to sound very odd to you and perhaps even scary, but I was thinking it would be a way to keep this going. Growing with it maybe? From what I've gathered, I suppose it's more of a get together and mostly for the fun of it. Like I said, it's kind of a reason to get dressed up," Rose said.

"You mean they go to the meetings dressed," Mark asked in shock.

"Actually, you can dress there if need be. They've got lockers and change rooms and we can bring what you'll wear. Honey, it's a lot to think about but it really is something I want you to think about," Rose said taking Mark's hand after wrapping the towel around him.

"You're kidding I hope? I mean it's one thing to do this here, alone, like we're doing now but quite another to go out and do this in front of a bunch of strangers," Mark said as he walked to the bedroom door. He stopped talking the moment he saw his next diaper laying on the changing pad but that wasn't what caught his breath as he said, "where did you get that dress?"

"There. At the boutique! Lots more like it. The place is really a delight to shop in. There is that boutique and I still haven't seen everything that they have, then there is a salon and they cater to boys and of course the club house above," Rose said not mentioning the area set aside for the dominates.

Mark thought the dress he wore last night was lavish, exquisite, way frilly as it was but this one, this one he was looking at made the other look like a play dress. The slip to go with it hung behind it but showed and there hanging on the doorknob clipped to a lingerie hanger a matching pair of ruffled baby pants. Mark shivered a little and he wasn't cold.

"Do those other boys... those guys wear dresses like that," Mark asked.

"I'm told they dress quite elaborate most of them, and a few to the extremes if that's possible. Really suppose to be quite something. Like I said, it would give us, you, me an outlet of sorts. A reason to dress up and a way to meet others like us," Rose said as she moved Mark to the beds edge this time without any struggle as Mark sat over the diaper.

"I'm not sure.. I mean I'd be too scared. Can I think about it," Mark said as he spread his legs just as Rose picked up the baby oil.

"Of course you can. Tell you what, enough talk for now and you just think about it while I get you dressed. Besides, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to concentrate on anything else for now," Rose said as she poured baby oil onto her palm.

Mark nodded as Rose moved her hands to Mark's stomach just below his navel. He was thankful she didn't want to talk anymore as he closed his eyes. He already smelled like a baby from his baby bubble bath, shampoo and soap, now he wanted to feel like one. He smiled to himself then adding the thought that he also wanted to look like one... A girl baby he mused.

Rose was going to take Mark as far as she could today, further tonight she decided. She also decided that between now and tomorrow Mark would only know the pure bliss of being a good little girl. By tomorrow she hoped Mark would be more than willing to think about joining the Society of Sissies. If not then she was sure that their planned visit for brunch at the SOS social would do the rest.

"Does my little precious like that," Rose said softly as her hands moved from Mark's inner thighs to his very center. Mark, she noted happily, was squeezing his eyes shut tightly but did manage a nod. Rose nodded to herself as she moved her hand slowly, methodically and so very carefully. By the time Mark was dressed this time he would be more than happy to join the Society Of Sissies.

Chapter twenty four

Rose was as good as her word taking almost forty minutes to dress Mark and even then he wasn't finished as she walked him to the kitchen. She had borrowed a light pink taffeta smock from the salon to do his face and hands painting his nails a light pink before doing his face. The smell of acetate and the coolness of the nail polish coming with each light stroke captured his attention as his finger tips turned pink for the first time.

Rose had diapered Mark, slipped him into his baby pants, the new ones to match his dress then his slip before walking him to the kitchen table. His dress she said would be the next to the last thing she'd help him into noting that the wig would be last. He couldn't see the wig nor would she allow him the benefit of a mirror tell she was done she'd said picking up the foundation after his nails were done.

Mark was lost to this new world of his moving from moment to moment wishing Rose done so they could make love, then in the same thought hoping it would never end. Rose teased his makeup on explaining what each item was and playing lightly every chance she got. Mascara, eye liner, shadow, and his lipstick last after blushing his cheeks. Each step took Mark a step away. One step from male for a step towards female and it wasn't all physical.

"You need a girl's name," Rose said.

"What," Mark said.

"Mark isn't going to work with me after you're all dolled up. I want to call you something pretty," Rose said as she had Mark blot his lipstick once before she slid the waxy pink over his lips again while adding, "so think of something cute and pretty that I can use."

"Me? It would be better if you chose it," Mark said.

"No, that's not true. I want you to reach down in your thoughts and think of a name that feels good for you," Rose said.

"Mark snickered lightly and Rose wasn't sure it was sarcastic or just Mark being nervous as he said, "OK, Cinderella! Cinderella given what is happening to me and you're my fairy Godmother right now since you're doing this to me like she did to Cinderella," Mark said.

"How sweet that you'd think of you and me in that way. I like that! Tell you what precious, how about Cindy in honor of you becoming Cinderella. It would be kind of our secret on how you came by that name," Rose said.

"Cindy," Mark repeated as Rose had Mark blot his lipstick again. One layer for the base, another for the color and the last for kisses... Rose had explained when Mark asked why so many layers of lipstick. He wasn't complaining as the odd waxy taste touched his sense.

Rose had spayed him before his slip with Lov's Baby Soft perfume and he'd used a "Baby Powder Fresh" deodorant besides. All of it mixing delightfully with his baby bubble bath and baby powder. Those aromas had mixed with the smell of his nail polish and now there was that taste of lipstick beside.

He felt like a Cindy as he mulled the word around in his thoughts. He felt as if he knew what Cinderella might feel like under the magic of her fairy Godmother and in his day dreams he didn't notice he was smiling before Rose did.

"Cindy honey, you make an adorable looking little girl. Now lets finish getting you ready precious," Rose said using Mark's new name. Mark blushed but nodded as he stood by his chair. Rose wasn't going to let him back into her bedroom and her mirrors until she said, "No mirror until Cindy is ready to meet Mark".

The dress was even more delightful than his first, silkier if that was possible and noisier he noted as the taffeta rustled in Rose's hands only to continue rustling as she put him into it and just as loudly after. Mark could not make a move without some slight bit of noise and more so when Rose had him gather his skirts and slips to sit again.

Mark looked at Rose who was close, facing him as she brought the wig over his head playing with it before taking up a soft brush. Mark had caught the large pink bow already attached and matching in color to the dress wondering again and becoming desperate to see what he looked like.

"Stand up Cindy and let me make sure you're perfect before you meet Mark," Rose said tugging at Mark's fantasy of himself as a girl. Mark stood with a light smile on his face softening his eyes even more than his makeup did and giving Rose flutters as she held back her gasp. Her little Cindy she mused then said it loudly for Mark's benefit.

"Are you ready Cindy," Rose asked.

"I guess," Mark said blushing again at the girl's name Rose was using.

Rose took Mark's hand walking him down the hall with his eyes closed. She walked him into her room and stood him in the middle directly in front of her mirror. Mark wanted desperately to look but didn't dare till Rose told him to, warning him he was at risk of being put into boy's clothes if he didn't mind her.

"OK Mark, open your eyes! I want you to meet Cindy," Rose said.

Mark opened his eyes. There wasn't a shred of comprehension or the slightest bit of recognition of that pretty little girl looking back at him as him, even as he rationalized it was him looking at the little girl. He was looking through a window, not a mirror as he tried imagining her as him, and his legs grew weaker and weaker as the realization drifted slowly and finally to the fact it really was his reflection.

"Cindy, I want you to meet Mark! Mark, this is my precious little girl Cindy. Isn't she the cutest, most adorable little girl you've ever seen," Rose asked.

"Yes," Mark said almost in a whisper and not fully comprehending as he looked on.

"Cindy honey, why don't you show Mark how adorably you curtsey," Rose said watching Mark perform flawlessly making Mark blush to see the little girl in the mirror mimic exactly the same maneuver.

"Mark," Rose said.

"Yes," Mark said almost unable to speak and in a daze full of amazement.

"Cindy has a little secret she wants to share with you," Rose said and then added, "Cindy precious, lift your dress and slips and show Mark your cute little ruffled panties and the sweet diaper they cover."

Mark lifted his dress and slips, feeling faint standing there as the panties grew dazzling, shimmering even more under the light now hitting them.

"Isn't she the sweetest little thing you've ever seen," Rose asked and added, "Cindy honey let your dress down.

"Yes," Mark said to answer Rose's question and meant it.

"Now do you understand why I want Cindy to meet those other little girls and women. I want so badly to show her off," Rose said.

"Yes," Mark said feeling detached but connected and growing incredibly overwhelmed by the look, yet knowing full well it was him. She was unbelievably pretty and it was him and it just couldn't be. He was Cindy from his toes to his bow and suddenly in every thought he was having just then. He couldn't find Mark anywhere no matter how hard he looked.

Rose moved to her bedroom door pulling it away a bit showing a white coat she removed from it's hanger before walking back to Mark. It looked almost like the dress, and was styled out of the catalog designed to be worn with a dress that flared out from petticoats.

Mark eased his arms into it in silence not realizing the ramifications yet as Rose lifted his curls to rest over the collar. A black patent purse was hanging on the door knob Mark noticed before Rose handed it to him. It matched his shoes in he mirror. Rose fused with the coat a bit, then his ringlets before moving to her closet and taking up a coat of her's.

Slowly, ever so slowly Mark drifted back to what was happening as Rose took up her purse. He wasn't sure what she was doing till Rose said, "Come on Cindy and let's go meet those other girls over tea."

"What," Mark said as the realization struck him fully. Mark's stomach twisted slightly as he tried blinking himself back fully into this new reality and suddenly afraid of what Rose had just said as he added, "Rose, I can't."

"Hush sweetheart. Of course you can," Rose said taking Mark's hand in hers. Rose tugged lightly on Mark's hand and Mark moved. That movement caused him to come back fully from where he was.

"Rose, honestly, I can't," Mark said resisting only slightly.

"It's going to be OK," Rose said moving a finger lightly on Mark's cheek.

"You said I had time to think about this," Mark noted softly.

"I know and you did," Rose said.

"I'm not sure I can do this Rose," Mark said.

"I know precious, but that suddenly begs a question now doesn't it? Would you rather be Mark or Cindy," Rose asked softly.

Chapter twenty five

Mark was petrified almost unmovable over that question. The very thought of stepping outside looking as he did and more so the drive ahead left him almost catatonic. He couldn't imagine being seen by anyone other than Rose, let alone meeting even one stranger. Yet, there was that question and the answer in Mark's mind was clearly Cindy. To be Cindy. Although Mark was also realizing that to be Cindy now meant going out.

Even more frightening though was being Mark again and more so now that he had seen Cindy or realizing as he thought that it was him as a girl. Losing that was unthinkable. No, he decided, he couldn't lose that not for an instant as he said, "I'd rather be Cindy."

Rose hugged him warmly, softly, cuddling him as if to say it was OK and as he thought that she said it and whispered softly, "Honey, I would never take Mark out dressed like this but Cindy, my precious, adorable and oh so pretty Cindy, easily."

"I don't understand," Mark said.

"I know baby, I know. What you don't understand, but will soon enough, is that the world will only see Cindy," Rose said taking Mark's hand again. This time when she tugged Mark's hand Mark followed without hesitation. He still wasn't clear what Rose meant but it was clear she understood and to be Cindy gave him that soft nudge he needed to accept what she was saying.

There were people about and some looked, but those that did only smiled briefly, casually and went on. Mark had walked to Rose's car, got in, fussed with his dress, then buckled for the ride of his life he mused as Rose pulled away. He felt odd, but wonderfully so, exposed but hidden and expertly so and began to understand some of what Rose meant as they made their way downtown. They only saw Cindy he mused.

Cindy, Mark said in a whisper. Rose smiled but didn't speak. Mark didn't need words yet, just the time to enjoy this as Rose drove just a mile or two under the speed limit. Reflections from business windows occasionally gave Mark glimpse of himself and of Cindy and she was so pretty he'd think then smile again realizing he looked every bit the way he felt.

"And we're here," Rose said as she pulled into the parking lot. It was surrounded by a chain link fence filled with slats making it fairly private as Rose parked near the entrance. Mark's apprehension, easing some on the way here, increased again as the thought of leaving the car took hold.

A soft breeze, just this side of Spring, lifted a paper lightly sending a cool touch against Mark's legs making him feel he was wearing shorts as Rose moved around to take his hand. He almost wished he was in shorts and another reminder of what he was wearing as they moved to the door. It was a glass door opened by a stout woman who greeted them with a slightly masculine voice causing Mark to blush given how the guy looked reminding Mark of how he looked.

"Tea room," The woman with the man's voice asked.

"Yes," Rose said allowing Mark to walk in first.

"Take the elevator," the man dressed as a woman said pointing to the button on the wall a dozen feet from the door. It was already down as the doors instantly opened as she added, "it's on the second floor."

Again Rose allowed Mark to go first following him in before pressing button two.

"Two in the elevator," The stout woman said over a small hand held walkie talkie.

"Thank you Carol," Jennifer answered on the base unit walking out of her office and towards the elevator just as it pinged it's arrival.

"Hello, welcome, I'm Jennifer," Jennifer said extending a hand to Rose who stepped out first then moved sideways to allow Mark to exit as Jennifer added, "and you precious, you are so adorable!"

"I'm Rose, Rose Carter and this is Cindy, my niece," Rose said as casually as he might were Mark actually her niece as Rose added, "we talked about the tea and meeting some of the other boys?"

"Of course, I'm so happy you've decided to visit. Hello Cindy, so you will be joining us for tea then," Jennifer asked of Rose and Mark.

Mark wasn't sure if he was or not and too scared to speak even if he could looking again to Rose for support as Rose said, "Yes."

"Then this way please and may I say again Cindy, how pretty you look," Jennifer said as she turned to the left. They moved down the wide hall to a nicely decorated entrance towards a women holding menus and smiling. Although just before reaching her Jennifer turned right walking through a door she opened as she added, "we keep our tea room separate."

It was a large room nicely appointed in a soft feminine motif, opening, Mark noticed, into the restaurant but made more private with a series of well spaced flowering plants. Little girls and women were seated, with a few standing and all talking, laughing animately.

Some were dressed like Mark, some older looking, two obviously dressed as babies with a few clearly male under their makeup and clothes. Perhaps all were male Mark mused flushing crimson with a sudden urge to bolt back the way he came.

"Here, let me take your coat honey, then I'll introduce you," Jennifer said reaching out for Mark's purse. Rose moved to the front of Mark undoing the three large pastel pink buttons holding his coat closed then behind Mark to help it off him. Jennifer handed Mark his little purse back after taking Mark's coat then Roses. Rose fussed with Mark's hair a moment.

The room went quieter as Jennifer moved to the table first giving Mark a name to each face. There was a woman, then a girl, woman and girl around the table as Mark noticed all were paired off like that. Too many names to remember but one face struck a familiar cord and Mark wasn't sure why as Dr. Susan Marco extended her hand to take his.

"Rose," Mark whispered as they moved to the table holding an ornate brass and stainless steel urn next to porcelain cups and saucers. There were trays of cookies on either side of the urn.

"Yes precious," Rose asked.

"Rose, I've got to potty," Mark said feeling the panic of suddenly having to go to the bathroom.

"It's OK honey, I brought a diaper bag. It's in the trunk. Let's get our tea and settle in first then I'll go fetch it," Rose said as if this was perfectly normal and everyday sort of thing.

"You are very pretty," Susan said to Mark as he sat remembering what to do and doing it as Rose carried their cups over. Susan couldn't help but admire the young man she'd helped nurtured into the beginning of this with those baby bottles during Mark's hypnosis that night just a couple of days ago.

"Hey, Cindy, come on, Betty the DJ is here. You can have your tea later," the girl introduced as Brandy said speaking on behalf of the other two now surrounding Mark. Mark panicked again looking at Rose who smiled patting his hand. A couple of other girls or boys dressed as girls stood then.

"Go on precious. I'll have your change here when you come back. Let yourself go sweetheart and enjoy yourself," Rose said nodding to Mark.

Mark stood on very weak very reluctant legs as the Brandy extended her hand saying in a slightly masculine voice, "That's Donna, and that's Tracy and she's Brenda."

Mark was led off looking as if he was going to be executed just as a soft base started reverberating in the dance area.

"Rose, that young lady of yours is adorable," Susan said in utter amazement as she added, "And here? Here after what, just three days. You are amazing." Rose smiled watching the girls walk off.

"You diapered or just wearing panties," Donna asked of Mark as she started to move in a rhythm to match the music. They all stopped in the middle of the dance floor. She was smiling in a wicked sort of way.

Mark shocked already didn't answer but did blush.

"Diapered! Thought so! Me too. So is Tracy but not Brenda, she's a big girl or so she says but we know she's a baby girl when she goes to bed isn't that so Brenda," Donna said teasing as the other two girls took up the music matching Donna's moves. Mark began moving lightly nervously glancing around at all of the girls filling onto the dance floor. He began to smile as Cindy took hold of his hand. The other girls joined them and the music suddenly got louder.

Post Script

Mark was beside himself as Rose helped him into his Little Miss Training Pants that next morning. He fingered the white gold ring on his left ring finger twisting it happily. Inside was inscribed Society Of Sissies. Rose wore her own inscribed with "Society of Sisters". They were dressing to go to brunch, meeting the ladies and girls again after Rose talked him into it last night. She had asked while changing him in the baby changing station next to the girl's bathroom.

Mark, a few hours after arriving, had taken the pledge in an alcove set aside for that very thing with his new friends behind him standing quietly only until Mark said, "I do." Although, as happy as he was, there was still a nagging thought tugging at Mark since the ceremony. A question growing, pushing it's way to the surface even now as Mark slipped his arms through the straps of his slip.

Too many coincidences Mark decided. Way too many coincidences to ignore.

"Rose," Mark asked in a slightly serious, somewhat sad tone. He knew Rose was part of all of this, he knew that woman Susan was as well remembering clearly her voice first, then her face. Mark had to know. Then suddenly, as the slip went over his head and before Rose could even respond, Mark realized, looking at Cindy, he didn't need to know, didn't want to know.

"What sweetheart," Rose asked.

Cindy, paused watching her wig about to be put in place with a new lavender bow to match her second new dress, thinking now of the day ahead for her. Cindy turned from the dress looking back at Mark from the mirror then at Rose. Cindy smiled slightly as Mark twisted his ring before saying, "never mind, it's not important."

Mary Beth


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