Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 15

Synopsis; Baby Jennie spends some time with Aunty Bonnie, then Aunty Cath comes over to check out the embroidered bibs she had made for the new baby girl.

Chapter 15. Baby Jennie's New Bibs

Bonnie leaned back against two pillows propped against the padded, pastel-pink headboard of her high bed. From the way her enormous bosoms shifted either side of her lush tanned body, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra under her white satin robe. Her make-up was flawless as usual, and her long hair was loose and lying across her shoulders in a silken chestnut haze. She looked like a beautiful queen, surrounded by a retinue of fat pillows covered in gleaming pink satin. The gorgeous girl's huge golden eyes glowed with lust, and she batted her long black eyelashes seductively. She toyed with the short robe loosely belted around her slender waist, and she delicately licked her glossy red lips with the tip of her glistening pink tongue. Bonnie patted the quilted, pastel-pink satin coverlet beside her in blatant invitation, cooing enticingly, "Come here, Baby Jennie. Crawl up here beside Mama."

In a trice I was on my hands and knees on the queen-size bed beside her. Bonnie used her large hands to turn me on my side and slide me closer to her voluptuous frame. She smelled clean and fresh from the bath, with a faint trace of some familiar sweet perfume I couldn't quite place. I could feel my wet nappy clinging erotically to my genitals, and I knew my clittie was already hard and throbbing with arousal. Bonnie rearranged some of the plush pillows to support my head and shoulder, and then slid me right up against her wonderfully warm body. Her huge fleshy breast was a perfect cushion for my face, and I gratefully rested my cheek against her heavenly-soft globe. "Mama! Mama!" I babbled excitedly, sounding just like a tiny baby.

"Here, baby girl," Bonnie lovingly crooned, as she eased aside the slippery satin gown separating us. "You have a lovely suck on Mama's titty." Her bare tanned breasts looked enormous when she peeled apart the flaps of her shiny white robe, and I stared at the basketball-sized teats in awe. The russet areola were huge - each one wider across than my palm - and her crinkling erect nipples were already the size of the end joint of my thumb. She kneaded the swollen blue-veined breast closest to my face with her thick fingers, and then pinched and squeezed the expanding, darker stiff nipple. A few tiny droplets of watery milk appeared on the bumpy tip between her glossy pink fingernails. "Come on, little girl," she urged me in soothing baby tones. "Come and have a lovely feed from Mama's titty."
"Mama! Mama!" I squealed with more urgency, my senses reeling with excitement.

Bonnie wrapped her whole hand over her enormous bare breast, letting the milk-tipped nipple poke out temptingly between her splayed fingers. She reached behind my head with her other hand and guided my slobbering open mouth towards the erect russet bud. I knew I was drooling heavily in anticipation, the warm spittle dribbling unheeded down my chin to dampen the frilly bib clipped around my neck. "Here you are, baby girl," Bonnie coaxed me, directing the dripping teat between my eagerly parted lips. I greedily latched onto her warm breast like a starving infant. "Oh! Ooo!" Bonnie moaned, "Mmm! That's it, Baby Jennie. Oh yes! Suck hard, baby. Ohh, good girl! Suck the milk from Mama's titties."

When I sucked hard, her huge stiff nipple seemed to slide halfway down my throat. The trickle of warm watery milk across my palate tasted amazing! I frantically pressed the dribbling teat against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and received a stronger squirt of warm sweet liquid for my efforts. I concentrated on building up a rhythm - suck, press, suck, then swallow - suck, press, suck, then swallow. Soon I was lost in the wonderful infantile sensations of breastfeeding, wiggling my little body in rapturous delight as I snuffled like a greedy piglet at Mama's abundant bosom.

"Oh good girl! What a good baby girl you are for Mama," Bonnie murmured throatily. I grunted in excitement as I wriggled even closer to her soft womanly curves. When she was sure I had securely latched on, she released her grip on the heavy swollen teat. I reached up to seize the huge fleshy melon with both hands, kneading and pushing on the full cushiony breast like a starving infant in an attempt to pump out more of her sweet milk. I frantically thrust my hard little clittie into the warm wet folds of my drenched diaper, pressing my throbbing stiffie against my cousin's broad hip until there could be no doubt how excited I was down there. "Mmm, good baby. Such a good little girl for Mama," she moaned quietly in pleasure. I felt her free hand sliding down my tummy towards my nappy front. Her nimble fingers easily bypassed the tight elastic waistband of my noisily rustling baby panties, and then she reached inside my hot wet swaddling.

"Oh my! What a lovely warm wet nappy," Bonnie whispered tenderly in my ear. I frantically sucked and swallowed her sweet milk, gurgling wetly in excitement at her delighted tone. "What a wet little baby girl you are for Mama! Such a wet, wet nappy," she purred approvingly, making me wriggle and twist in her grasp like an excited puppy. "But that's alright, little girl, because Mama knows how much you love it." The feeling when she touched me down there was electric! I'm sure my whole body jerked spastically. "Oh yes, baby! You love wetting your nappies, don't you, Baby Jennie? Oh yes, Mama knows, my beautiful little girl. Yes you are! You're my beautiful Baby Jennie, and you love to wet and poop your nappies. Mama knows, baby. Mama has always known what a big baby girl you are, deep down."

I wanted to moan that it was all true; that she was right - but the warm milk gushing down my throat and the massive nipple filling my mouth prevented me forming any intelligible reply. Instead I simply gurgled and groaned in helpless agreement. I felt warm trickles of breast milk leak from the corners of my mouth and dribble wetly down my cheek. I shuddered in blissful excitement when she wrapped her slippery fist around my pulsating wet clittie.

"Ooo, my little girl likes that! Don't you, Baby Jennie?" Bonnie purred sensuously, expertly stroking me to greater heights of arousal. "Don't stop feeding, Baby Jennie! Keep sucking on Mama's titty, baby girl," she gently reminded me. I realised I had stopped suckling momentarily, caught up by the unbelievable feelings coming from inside my deliciously drenched diaper. "Drink Mama's milk, baby, drink it all down," sang Bonnie enticingly. I started pumping her swollen breast again with my tiny hands, sucking avidly as squirt after squirt of delectable warm milk trickled down my throat, while simultaneously pumping my pulsating clittie into her slippery wet fist. "What a wet little baby girl you are, Baby Jennie. Such a beautiful, wet baby girl for Mama."

For a few minutes I was lost in the wonderful world of infantile delights, whimpering with desire as I filled my tummy with satisfying warm milk, mindlessly thrusting my throbbing tool into Mama's soft wet hand. She titillated me down there as she stimulated my imagination, whispering the words she knew I wanted to hear as she lovingly breastfed me.

"Oh yes, good girl! That's my good baby girl. Mama loves her beautiful wet Baby Jennie so much! Yes she does! Mama is going to keep her sweet little baby girl in nappies and baby panties where she belongs, all the time! Mama knows that's what you secretly want, baby girl. Mama will always dress her precious Baby Jennie in pretty dresses and frilly rumba panties, with sweet sissy frilly petticoats and thick nappies underneath; just like you've always dreamed about. Yes, that's right, my precious baby girl. Mama is going to make you her sweet little baby girl forever and ever!"

One of my hands unconsciously drifted from her emptying teat and my fingers slid down her warm belly, caressing my cousin's smooth brown flesh in adolescent adoration. "Mama knows that's what you secretly want, baby girl," she whispered confidentially, as I lovingly stroked her silky-soft tummy. Suck, press, suck, swallow. Suck, press, suck, swallow. "She knows you never want to grow up. You'll always be a sweet, helpless baby girl - my beautiful little Baby Jennie." When my fingers touched the waistband of her panties, they fluttered to a stop in confusion. Instead of the silky nylon panties I expected to find, Bonnie was wearing plastic panties - like me! When I dared reach down further, I discovered the unmistakable bulk of a thick cloth nappy beneath the crackling layer of plastic. I ran my hand over the huge steel nappy pin clasped over the hip closest to me, easily recognizing the metal object securing her enormous diaper in place. In a flash I recognised Bonnie’s familiar perfume; it was an enchanting combination of sweetly-scented baby powder and her fresh urine!

"Yes, baby girl," Bonnie moaned lasciviously. "Mama is wearing her nappy, too!" I let my searching fingers creep across the crackling front of her plastic-sheathed nappy, and inched my hand down between her splayed thighs. I felt that familiar soggy warmth, compressing the bulk against her kitten with my cupped palm. Not only was Bonnie wearing a nappy, she was saturated - just like me! I pressed her warm wet nappy harder against her kitten with my curled fingers. We both grunted and groaned in excitement, and I thrust my pulsating clittie into her soggy fist more rapidly. Her other hand moved from behind my head to cup and caress my crinkling panty bottom. When her fingers slid over the seat of my wet nappy and delved into my bumcrack, she pressed on the hot hard lump nestled between my cheeks. It was then I knew I had pooped my nappy, as well!

"Ooo, did my poor little baby girl do a lovely big poo-poos in her nap-naps, too?" Bonnie chuckled forgivingly as she poked and prodded the hot squishy mess trapped inside my humid nappy, spreading the lovely warm mud over both botty cheeks. "Oh yes, I can feel it! Mmm, what a big, hot, squishy poo-poo in your nap-nap! Mmm, doesn't that feel lovely, little girl? Yes it does! Mama knows! You love to poo your nappies like a helpless little baby, don't you, you naughty girl? But that's alright, because Mama knows how much you secretly enjoy it - all warm and moist and squishy around your bot-bot and clittie. Mmmm! You love it, don't you baby? What a lovely, hot, wet, poopy nap-nap you made for Mama! Ooo, is that more poop I can feel coming out of your bot-bot? Are you doing another poo-poo in your nap-nap for Mama? Yes you are! That's it, you dirty bad baby. Push it out of your botty-hole, Baby Jennie. Push nice and hard for Mama, you wicked, poopy little girl. You bad baby. Bad girl! Oh you bad baby! Bad Baby Jennie!"

"Mama! Mmph, Mama!" I tried to grunt around the gushing nipple filling my mouth, as an unbelievable tension built up in my body. I felt like I had to pee and poop at the same time, and everything wanted to come out all at once. Bonnie was crisply swatting the growing bulge poking out the seat of my nappy, her broad palm slapping harder and harder over my tight plastic panties, until it felt like she was trying to smack the firm turds back inside my widely-dilated rosebud. Suddenly all the feelings became focused on my pulsating clittie and my straining poo-poo hole. Bright coloured lights flashed in my head as I began to tremble. My senses swam dizzily as I squealed in excitement, rapidly pumping into Bonnie's slippery wet fist as the fantastic sensations overwhelmed me. My stiff clittie felt like it had swollen to twice its normal size, and it was about to explode! "Mama! Mmph! Mama!" I mumbled in the heat of passion, milk dribbling from my writhing lips.

"Oh you bad baby! Bad Baby Jennie!" Mummy snarled in fury. I was cruelly torn from my wonderful fantasy as she savagely spanked my heavily-padded, upturned botty. I couldn't stop ramming my clittie into the clinging folds of my hot wet nappy, my rapidly thrusting rear rising up to meet her punishing hand several more times before I came fully awake. Mummy forcibly rolled me onto my back, and I gazed up at her angry red face in dazed confusion. The hand I had cupped protectively over my soggy groin fell away to clutch my pink teddy, my pelvis still jerking and twitching spastically before my rampant erection began to rapidly wilt.

Tears filled my sleepy eyes when I realised it had all been a fantastic dream. When I opened my mouth to protest my innocence, the nipple of my baby bottle slipped from between my wet lips. Milk spurted over my face and then trickled onto my pillow, adding to the large wet stain already there. Mummy grabbed the leaking pink bottle before it made any more mess on my bedclothes.

"I wathn't doing nuffin!" I cried in stunned alarm. My fingers automatically searched for the dummy I knew must be clipped to my onesie collar. Mummy slammed my almost-empty bottle onto the vanity with a loud snort of disbelief, then roughly wiped my milk-stained face with my bib. As soon as I located my big pink baby soother, I popped it in my mouth and drew hard on the amber rubber teat for solace. When I ran my fingers along the slender plastic chain, I found it was fastened to the delicate lace-trimmed collar of the bib clipped around my neck.

"You're a dirty, bad little baby girl!" Mummy stormed, as she stamped on the release lever of my crib railing. "Bad baby! Bad Baby Jennie!" As I sucked harder on the fat pacifier nipple, I remembered the details of my strange erotic dream, and I'm sure my cheeks were tinged pink with guilt even as I shrilly protested my innocence.
"I wath athleep, Mummy! I wath athleep!" I complained in a high-pitched whine, fingering the unfamiliar soft lace frill around my neck. I turned my head to search for Angie, hoping she could confirm my story. My sister's bed was already empty.

Mummy looked doubtful as she lowered the side of my crib with a unnerving clatter. "It didn't look like you were asleep to me," she responded tartly, with a quick frown of annoyance for my visibly-tenting crotch. "Come here to Mummy, you bad baby girl." She grabbed me under the armpits and carried me over to the change table, and she almost threw me onto the pink padded top.
"I wath, Mummy! I wath athleep!" I repeated abjectly. The ready tears that seemed to always lurk below the surface these days sprang unwanted from my eyes again. "I wathn't doing nuffin'!" I blubbered around my dum-dums like a fretful toddler.

Mummy ignored my baby tears to smooth out the milk-stained bib over the breast of my pink onesie, pausing to admire the delicate pale-pink lace frills sewn around the neckline and the outside edge. "That'd be right," she snorted incomprehensibly, and I didn't realise she was reading the humiliating inscription embroidered across the front of the pastel-pink terry bib. 'I love my wet and poopy nappies' was printed in bright-red toddler's alphabet blocks, the shameful message there for everyone to read. She glared at me as she unsnapped the crotch of my onesie and ripped down my pink plastic panties. I hazily tried to remember how I ended up in my cot wearing a bib and sucking from my baby bottle. In moments my dripping nappy was unpinned, and Mummy stuck the open pink-capped pins in a bar of soap on the shelf overhead.

I cringed as I remembered the humiliating walk in the park with Bonnie and Tammy, and my embarrassing public nappy change on the picnic table. Feelings of shame almost overwhelmed me, and I sobbed harder as I recalled how my cruel cousin had told the little red-haired boy and his mother all about my naughty habits and exactly how she was punishing me. Mummy clucked in annoyance when she discovered my saturated nappy was also poopy in the rear. I ignored her grumbling as she examined the sopping front of my dirty diaper for any trace of semen. Satisfied my nappy front was unsullied by cum, she dropped the dripping diapers in my nappy bucket with a sigh of despair. She carefully cleaned my messy bot-bot and damp loins with baby wipes without any assistance from me. I simply lay back like a useless infant while Mummy did everything for me.

"That bottom looks very sore, little girl," Mummy commented sourly, fingering the painful purple bruises that decorated both botty cheeks until I winced in pain. "Someone must have been a very naughty baby girl for her Aunty Bonnie." I continued sobbing but didn't reply, and Mummy seemed to take pity on me. She didn't say another word while she cleaned me up, although she still looked annoyed by my uncontrollable infantile antics.

This time Mummy slid an open toddler's disposable diaper between the two hourglass-shaped cloth layers, before slipping the prepared white terry nappies under my compliantly-raised rear. "I'm putting one of Angie's disposables inside your nappies to act as an extra soaker pad, little girl," Mummy snidely informed me, "because you're such a heavy wetter. Those nappies that Bonnie sent back today were drenched with urine front-to-back, you naughty baby."

I shrugged my narrow shoulders in passive acceptance of my fate, thinking that things probably couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. When the clean nappies were pinned tightly around my hips, I found the extra bulk between my thighs forced my little legs even further apart. If I thought I was waddling badly before, I knew this would make things much worse.

* * * * * * *

I could barely remember the long tearful journey back to Bonnie's place from the park. I remembered being thankful when I saw April's car in the driveway. "Mum is going to kill you," were the first words I heard when Tammy dragged me through Aunty Cath's front door, startling me from my self-pitying reverie. "I mean it, Bonnie," continued April in warning. I breathed a sigh of relief around my dum-dums when I realised the raven-haired beauty wasn't talking to me.

"She'll kill you if she catches you borrowing her boots - and her silk blouse - and her leather skirt - without permission. You know that. Oh hi Tammy, and hello Baby Jennie. Don't you look sweet, little one?"
"Yeah, yeah," Bonnie carelessly yawned with a dismissive wave of her hand. She paused to pose in front of her temporarily-shorter big sister in the skyscraper-high black boots. "It's a good thing we all have like, the same size feet now, you know?" She glanced down in contempt at the plain white sneakers April wore.

"Yes, but that's Mum's favourite leather skirt stretched around your fat arse-"
Bonnie cut her off to protest indignantly; "My arse is not fat! I'm just more 'womanly' than you, that's all."

April grimaced and ran her palms over her slender hips and pert bottom, encased in a pair of snug navy stretch jeans. On top she wore a demure white Broderie-Anglaise, button-front blouse. "Yes, well, you'd better get your 'womanly' arse into mum's bedroom and put her stuff away before she comes home, or she's going to be extremely pissed-off. She'll be back in less than an hour. And wash all that make-up off your face, too, Bonnie. It makes you look ten years older. Go on!"
"What are you doing now," Bonnie asked her big sister, unconsciously smoothing the tight leather skirt over her big curvaceous bum and pouting prettily - which looked kind of weird with the harsh make-up still painted on her face.

"Mum picked up Baby Jennie's bibs from the embroidery place, and she asked me to drop them over to Aunty Isy's this afternoon. I'm driving over there now."
"Fabulous! Where are they? Can I see them?" Bonnie demanded in excitement. Tammy unclipped the reins from my toddler harness and then twirled me around to unbuckle the pink leather straps. I sucked harder on my dum-dums while I tried to remember what Aunty Cath had suggested doing to some of my bibbies.
"No, they're in the boot of my car, and I'm leaving now," April replied shortly.
"In that case, can you take the baby back home?" Bonnie asked hopefully, before promising; "I only changed her nappy like, about twenty minutes ago. She shouldn't need changing anytime soon."

April appeared to notice Tammy's juvenile appearance and her awkward, wide-legged stance for the first time. She frowned momentarily in confusion, before checking her wristwatch and dismissing the matter with a preoccupied shake of her jet-black locks. "Okay Bonnie," April agreed with a reluctant sigh. "The car's unlocked, so you put Baby Jennie in her toddler seat in the back and buckle her in. I'll grab my handbag from the kitchen and get going."
"Cool!" Bonnie exclaimed in delight. She snatched my pink leather harness and the reins from Tammy's hands and carelessly stuffed them in the bulging change bag. She waited until her big sister walked away before continuing in a muted voice; "Let me check that nappy, Baby Tammy."

The smaller girl smiled coquettishly as she boldly raised her tartan skirt in front, exposing her sagging plastic panties and waiting expectantly. Bonnie reached between Tammy's legs and pushed the sodden cloth up firmly against the cheeky girl's wet kitten, holding her hand there and gently rubbing back and forwards. The tiny teen shuddered and moaned with excitement. Bonnie grinned triumphantly as she cooed, "Ooo, what a wet nappy! Mama will have to change her wet little girl right away! You go and wait for me in my room, Baby Tammy. And make sure you don't touch anything until I get back!" Bonnie cautioned the beautiful blonde with a sly seductive smirk. Tammy nodded eagerly in agreement and grinning hugely, she obediently waddled off to her girlfriend's bedroom.

Minutes later I was buckled into the humiliating pink toddler seat in back of April's old red Volvo. Bonnie dumped the full change bag on the floor beneath my swaying candy-pink slippers. I could smell the ammonia stench of my stale urine drifting up from my drenched diapers inside the tied plastic bag.

"Bye-bye, Baby Jennie," Bonnie sweetly crooned. She leaned in to carefully wipe my tear-stained face with the bib still fastened around my neck, before giving me a quick peck on the cheek. "I had fun today," she whispered in my ear before withdrawing. The car door slammed closed before I could sputter a retort around my mouth-filling dum-dums. In the solitude of the back seat, I found myself fantasising about breastfeeding like a real baby on Bonnie's humungous breasts, sulking over her broken promise to let me suckle from her mammoth teats. I sucked harder on my substitute rubber nipple for consolation, and April thankfully remained silent during our short drive home.

She parked in our driveway and after she released me from the toddler seat's restrictive nylon straps, April pulled a mock-miserable face at my woebegone expression. "Aww, what's wrong, little girl? Why such a sad face, when you look so pretty today?" I looked up at her with hazy eyes as she stood me on my feet. When I sucked harder on my dum-dums and didn't reply, she asked; "Are you hungry? Is that it, baby girl? Does my gorgeous baby girl have an empty tum-tum? Hmm?" I hesitantly nodded and chewed on my dummy teat, aware that my tummy was growling emptily at the mere mention of food.

"Did your Aunty Bonnie feed you any lunch today?" I shook my head in misery, and April frowned and similarly shook her head in disappointment. "That'd be right," she muttered in mild annoyance at her kid sister's careless ways. "I have to do everything around here." She slid my full change bag over one shoulder and collected a bulging yellow plastic shopping bag from the boot, and tossed her handbag inside. She gripped my hand before leading me waddling up the path like an unsteady toddler.

When nobody answered our doorbell, April simply turned the knob and opened the front door. There was no response to her loud calls either, so she escorted me into the kitchen and dumped the bags on the bench. She buckled me into my highchair, and I stretched and yawned as my hopeless bladder lazily emptied again. "You wait here for a minute while I find your Mummy, Baby Jennie," April ordered unnecessarily. She locked the pink wooden tray in place as well, so I had absolutely no choice in the matter.

April returned a few minutes later to inform me, "Your Mummy and sister are fast asleep upstairs in bed, little one. I'm going to feed you some lunch, sweetie, and then I'll put you down in your crib for your nap, as well. I bet you must be all tuckered out, too, baby girl." I realised it was already way past time for my usual afternoon nap, which might have partly explained why I felt so tired and cranky.

April found two jars of pureed toddler food - turkey and mixed vegetables - although apart from reading the labels, I couldn't have told you what it was. She spooned the pale brown gruel into one of my plastic Barbie bowls and heated it in the microwave. When it was ready, she tried a little of the unseasoned baby food on her lip first. "Yuck!" She grimaced in disgust and spat into the sink, then turned to face me while reloading the pink baby spoon. "It's so bland! Oh well, that's what babies like, I guess," she commented airily, as she delicately wiped her red lips clean with the back of her hand. Tired and hungry, I spat out my dummy and opened my mouth wide in readiness. "Lucky you've already got your bib on, honey. Here you go, Baby Jennie. Open wide, little girl," she crooned affectionately, spooning the pureed food into my gaping mouth. "That's it. Good girl."

I must have pulled a face at the awful tasteless concoction, and April poked out her sensuous red bottom lip in sympathy. "Aww, I know it doesn't taste very nice, sweetie. But you eat it all up like a good little girl for Aunty April, and I'll feed you some yummy banana afterwards, okay?" I swallowed the next mouthful of bland beige paste with difficulty and gave her a weak smile of appreciation, and she returned my smile with a broad one of her own. "Let Aunty April remove that dummy, baby, before you get it all messy," she kindly suggested, and unclipped the chain from my dirty white bibbie. "That's better. Now open wide, darling. That's my good baby. What a good baby girl you are," she tenderly cooed, spooning up a tiny piece of turkey that accidentally slipped down my chin and landed on my bib, and then feeding it to me again. "There you go! Good girl! Such a clever baby girl for Aunty."

April was talking to me and treating me as if I really was nothing but a helpless baby girl, but her tone didn't sound sarcastic or nasty. Her smiles were genuine and her sparkling dark-brown eyes seemed full of concern. It was as though she really saw me as nothing but a small child; a pretty little girl who needed love and looking after. I hesitantly smiled back at her, and she beamed in delight. "That's better!" April cooed in approval, batting her long black eyelashes at me endearingly, until I found myself unconsciously imitating her feminine behaviour. Her pleased smile grew broader.

"That's a pretty smile, baby! You really should smile more, precious. You're such a beautiful little girl, especially when you smile." Even though I knew it should have been humiliating being treated like a helpless baby girl by the tall raven-haired beauty, I shyly smiled up at her in appreciation. After the cruel way her little sister and her best friend had teased and tormented me all morning, it was a relief to be spoken to so kindly. True to her word, as soon as my Barbie bowl was scraped clean, April took it away and rinsed it in the sink. She selected two large ripe bananas from the fruit bowl on the kitchen bench, peeled them, and then with a fork, mashed them with a little honey in my clean pink plastic bowl.

"Here darling," she lovingly coaxed me. "I'm sure you'll like this a lot better." After eating nothing but porridge and bland baby food for the last few days, the taste of fresh mashed bananas and honey was like an explosion of flavour on my tongue. I grunted wordlessly in excitement and wriggled forward like an overexcited toddler in my highchair restraints. I sucked harder on the pink rubber-coated spoon to draw every last scrap into my slobbering mouth. "Mmm, that's better! Isn't it, Baby Jennie? Yummy-scrummy 'nana!" She laughed when she had to tug the baby utensil from my suctioning lips. I lunged for the freshly-loaded spoon without bothering to answer. "Ooo, my little baby girl likes that, doesn't she? Mm-mmm! Yum-yums!" She smiled forgivingly as she used the rubber-coated spoon to scoop up the stream of drool running down my chin.

She was sweet as honey herself while she lovingly fed me the rest of the sweetened mashed fruit, encouraging me to eat every tiny bit like a good babysitter should. When I had greedily swallowed every delicious morsel of banana, she giggled merrily while she wiped my grubby lips and chin with my stained white bibbie. "Such a messy baby girl you are," she gently chided me, before she unclipped my filthy bib and tossed it aside on the kitchen bench. She carefully wiped my face and hands clean with a warm washcloth too, crooning encouragingly to me to hold still for her like a good little girl.

In moments she had released me from the highchair restraints, and I yawned hugely before she could lift me into her arms. She popped my dum-dums back in my gaping mouth, and I sleepily sucked on the fat rubber teat. The towering beauty carried me upstairs as though I weighed nothing at all. "Shh, baby girl. We don't want to wake up your sister," April cautioned me in a hushed voice. She softly padded into the Nursery and quietly stood me beside the change table. She silently removed my frock and rustling petticoat, and hung them on the wardrobe door. Then she lifted me onto the change table to remove my pink patent slippers and frilly socks.

April poked my droopy wet crotch through my PVC panties with her fingers, and quietly asked; "How wet are you, baby girl? I thought your Aunty Bonnie said she only changed you a little while ago? This nappy feels saturated, Baby Jennie!" I assumed her whispered questions were rhetorical, and didn't bother responding. "I certainly can't put you down for a nap in that wet nappy, baby girl. Lie back, and lift that bot-bot for Aunty April, sweetie. Good girl. And down, and point those pretty pink toesies like a pretty ballerina." I relaxed and closed my eyes, letting her go through the familiar comforting routine of changing my nappy. When she raised my ankles and folded my feet back to clean my poor sore bottom, she didn't mention the bruises, although her hands were more gentle than usual when she wiped my damp behind.

"There isn't any poop in your nappy, but this rosebud is very dirty, little girl." She demanded in a gentle teasing tone; "Did you do a wet fluffy, Baby Jennie?" I didn't bother replying and she tut-tutted in mild annoyance when she had to wipe my sensitive opening again and again with the cool moist baby wipes. She gently poked her fingertip inside my wrinkled hole until the wipe wrapped around it remained clean on withdrawal. She didn't comment on my thickening clittie when she lowered my ankles, except to gaily observe; "Hmmm. I think my little girl liked that!" I began to tremble with fear, expecting her to cool my ardour with an icy-cold spoon. April merely smirked down at me as she sprinkled a handful of talc over my straining erection, before pinning two fresh fluffy nappies around my slender hips.

"It's okay, baby girl. Lots of little girls get excited when you clean their pussies," she reassured me in honeyed tones. She patted the obvious bulging front of my fluffy nappy. "It's completely natural, sweetie. I think you feel the same thing when I clean your 'boy-pussy'. It makes my sissy baby girl get all excited, too! My little niece's clittie gets all hard when we play with her boy-pussy, doesn't it?" She nodded encouragingly as she asked, "That's it, isn't it, precious?" I nodded hesitantly in reply and smiled up at her gratefully, and she gave me a wider smile of understanding in return. Her expression became indulgent as she ordered in her sweetest voice, "Lift your footsies and point your pretty pink toesies like a pretty ballerina again, baby girl." I obeyed her crooned commands without a second thought, and she slid my baby panties up my legs.

My exhausted mind was already drifting by the time April raised the barred side of my crib and locked me in. She grimaced and muttered; "I forgot to give you a drink after lunch, sweetie! Wait here." She thrust my dolly into my arms and I instinctively clutched Justine to my bosom, and then made sure my fluffy pink teddy was tucked under my bowed knees. "You just cuddle your baby like a good little girl, and I'll go and get you a drink right now."

I was so tired, I didn't care. I must have drifted off. The next thing I knew my drool-covered dummy teat was being gently plucked from between my pouting wet lips. The dripping nipple of my baby bottle was thrust in its place. "Here baby girl," April cooed encouragingly, as warm milk squirted into my mouth. "You have a lovely suck on your titty-bottle. That's it, darling. Good baby." She leaned over the high side railing and held the pink bottle for me until I released my grip on my baby. I slowly raised my hands to take the bottle from her, my arms heavy with fatigue.

"That's it, baby," she lovingly coaxed. "Hold your own bottle for Aunty April, Baby Jennie. That's right. What a good baby girl." When she released her grip on the full plastic bottle, I felt her fingers moving around the collar of my onesie and unclip my dummy chain. "I don't want you to dribble milk all over your clean onesie, so I'll just clip this on…" I realised she was turning me onto my side so she could fasten a clean bib behind my neck. I grunted in displeasure and bit harder on the streaming nipple to prevent it popping out of my mouth.

"It's alright, Baby Jennie," April tenderly crooned, rolling me onto my back again and gently smoothing the frilly bibbie over my breast. She reattached my dummy chain to the lacy bib collar and smiled down in pleasure at the picture of innocence I made, lying there sucking on my baby bottle in my pink crib. "You just keep sucking, baby. Mmm, that's right. Good baby, drink it all down. Drink down all the milk. What a good baby girl." The bib had an unfamiliar soft lace edging around the collar that tickled my neck. I reached up with my free hand and fingered the delicate material as I busily sucked and swallowed. I vaguely recalled Aunty Cath mentioning something about sewing some pretty lace trim on some of my bibbies, but I couldn't be bothered remembering exactly what she'd said. I closed my sleepy eyes and fantasised that I was sucking on Bonnie's huge tits instead of my baby bottle. I'm sure I fell asleep with Justine tucked under my arm before April walked out of the room.

* * * * *

From the size of the wet patch on my pillow and the crib sheets when Mummy woke me after my afternoon nap, a fair quantity of warm milk must have leaked out of my bottle while I slept like a baby. When I looked closely at the damp centre of my pastel-pink ballerina bed sheets, I realised my saturated nappy must have leaked, too. There was a dark wet patch about the size of a dinner plate in the middle of the fitted bottom sheet. I was momentarily grateful for the crackling plastic mattress protector Mummy had placed underneath me.

As soon as I was freshly diapered and dressed in a clean pink onesie, frilly anklet socks and pink sandshoes, Mummy lifted me down from the change table. She carelessly wiped away my tears and made me blow my snotty nose into my bib, pressing the lace-trimmed cotton cloth over my face until I obeyed her stern commands to blow. She ignored my continual blubbering, and she ordered me to carry my full nappy bucket downstairs and toss another load in the washing machine. The trip downstairs was even slower and more awkward than usual, due to the added bulk of the puffy disposable diaper inside my normal cloth nappies.

Mummy followed me downstairs carrying the wet pink sheets and pillowcase from my crib. She still looked cranky when she tossed them in the laundry tub to soak. I sucked on my dum-dums and avoided her irate green-eyed gaze. I threw my smelly saturated nappies into the washing machine, trying to stop the wide lace edge of my flapping bibbie from getting caught when I closed the lid. Mummy made me carry the heavy pink plastic washing basket full of freshly-washed nappies outside. She escorted me to the clothesline and lowered it till I could reach the wires.

"Hang all those nappies and baby panties out here on the line to dry, Baby Jennie," she ordered. When she saw my worried expression, she gave a brittle laugh. "Don't worry, little girl. Mummy will toss your clean nappies in the drier for a few minutes afterwards, to soften them up before you need to wear them again." I sniffed in derision. As if that was what was worrying me! She retired to the porch and watched me at the line for a few minutes, before slipping away unnoticed inside the house.

I hung up the laundered nappies and dripping baby panties, biting my dum-dums in humiliation at the embarrassing display of big baby items hanging out on our line for all the world to see. Well, for all our surrounding neighbours to see, anyway. There was one of Angelica's nappies and a few pairs of her baby panties hanging up, too, and the size difference between hers and mine was as plain as the nose on your face. I was startled to find a pair of red satin panties mixed in amongst my crackling plastic panties at the bottom of the basket. I blushed rosily as I collected the dripping knickers with trembling fingers. Fearful that Mummy was still watching me from the porch, I tried to concentrate on what I was doing. I daintily shook out the frilly ruffles and then timorously pegged them up, wondering what Mummy was going to say when she noticed the pretty big-girl panties hanging on the clothesline. After I hung up the last pair of my dripping pink baby panties, I heard a loud cough from nearby. I twirled around in alarm to see our neighbour, Mrs Smith, smiling and waving to me from next door.

A huge grin creased her chubby face, and she called out; "Yoo-hoo! Hello, Baby Jennie!" She stepped closer to the oleander bushes separating our back yards, smiling indulgently as she took in my feminine, infantile appearance. "Aww, look at you! What a good little baby girl you are, helping your Mummy with her washing. Such a good little helper for Mummy." Despite her praise I stumbled backwards in shame, acutely aware of how infantile I must look in my snug pink onesie, sandshoes and bib.

Ruth Smith raised her crinkled blue eyes from my bulging nappy crotch to the lacy bib covering my breast, where they lingered for a while. They shifted up to the huge pink dummy bobbing in my mouth, and then over the lines of wet washing hanging up behind me. She wore no hint of make-up, and her scraggly brown eyebrows arched and her bloodless lips pursed in question. "My, my! What a lot of big nappies and baby panties! Are they all yours, Baby Jennie?"
I turned to guiltily glance over my shoulder at the dozen hourglass-shaped cloth nappies flapping in the breeze. I whined in protest around my dum-dums; "No! They're not all mine. Thome of them are Angie'th," I mumbled sulkily, especially when I realised all the nappies hanging on the line were mine - except one.

"Hmmm. The girls were right. You really must be a heavy wetter." But then Ruth Smith smiled forgivingly and muttered, "Oh well. You do love your wet and poopy nappies, though. Don't you, Baby Jennie?" I didn’t realise she was reading the message embroidered on my frilly bibbie. Dismayed by the thoughtless manner in which she discussed my bladder and bowel control - or lack thereof - I hastily picked up the empty washing basket and turned and waddled wetly towards where Mummy waited beside the back door, as quickly as my bowed little legs would carry me. "I'll tell David to make sure to check your nappy before he puts you down for your afternoon nap tomorrow, precious," Mrs Smith called after my retreating back. I felt a jolt of terror at the thought of being babysat on Wednesday by her intolerant older son.

Mummy lingered on the back porch to chat with our nosey next-door neighbour After first replacing the empty plastic basket in the laundry, I was allowed to join my sister in the sunroom. Angie was lying on her side on the floor, cuddling her dolly Sophie and watching TV. She was wearing the same outfit she had worn to the dentist that morning; her favourite pastel-pink t-shirt, and her hot-pink shorts with the snaps in the crotch. Her head was resting on her old brown teddy, the one with the softest fur, and her sleepy blue eyes looked slightly glazed as she stared at the flickering screen. I read the message on her t-shirt; 'Mummy's Little Angel,' spelled out in alphabet blocks across the front, blissfully unaware there was a similar but more humiliating message embroidered across my own breast.

"My mouf hurts," Angie complained as soon as she saw me, and I cast her a sympathetic smile from around the wide pink guard of my dum-dums. I sat down beside my miserable sister in my soft comfy nappy and gently patted her puffy bottom. She gave me a sleepy appreciative smile in return. I sat there absent-mindedly caressing her warm diapered rear through her shorts while I watched a couple of episodes of "The Pony Club" with her. I'd never seen a whole episode, and I was touched by the way the girls in the show stood up for one another. I found myself wishing I was a girl, too, so I could have kind and helpful friends like them. Girls are so much nicer than boys, and everybody said I should have been born a girl.

When Mummy walked into the sunroom and handed me Justine, I gratefully accepted my dolly and cuddled her tightly. Angie seemed really down, so I suggested we play 'Mummies and Babies' to try and cheer her up. Although she seemed pretty despondent at first, her listless play gradually became more animated. By the time Mummy brought us something to drink, we were giggling and playing like two happy toddlers again. Our mother handed the purple sippy-cup to Angie, then threw me a grateful smile when she turned to me. "Here, Baby Jennie," Mummy softly offered, holding out my huge pink baby bottle full of watered-down apple juice. "You seemed to be enjoying your bottle so much while you were having your nap, I thought you might like to have a suck on your titty-bottle now, too."

I dropped my dolly to my lap and let my dum-dums tumble from my lips. My smiling Mummy pressed the dripping silicon nipple into my mouth. I slurped and swallowed noisily as I shyly accepted the full bottle of juice. It was so heavy I needed to hold it with both hands, but Mummy swiftly spotted my problem. "Here, baby girl. Let Mummy fix." She eased me onto my back on the plush sunroom carpet, and I abandoned my dolly. I lay back thirstily suckling from my titty-bottle while Angelica sat beside me, smiling gleefully from around the purple spout of her sippy-cup.

"Maybe from now on when we play 'Mummies and Babies,' I should be the mummy and you should be the baby all the time, Baby Jennie," Angie cheekily suggested, laughing brightly despite my dismayed expression. It was hard to keep frowning with a huge nipple gushing cool juice into my mouth, so I gave up and concentrated on not spilling any. "I'm more grown-up than you," my sister proudly boasted, placing Sophie on her back beside her. "I drink out of a sippy-cup, but you suck from a baby bottle," she giggled in derision, "and I don't need a bib - or a dummy."
"Angie, don't torment your baby sister," Mummy gently admonished her. "Play nicely together like good little girls. Okay, sweetie?"
"Okay Mummy," Angie agreed with a disarming grin. "I was just teasing the baby a little."

Mummy left us alone and after Angie drained her sippy-cup, she placed it aside and stood up. She toddled over to squat by my supine form. "Here, Baby Jennie," she cooed like a loving mother. "Let me help, baby." She took the half-full bottle from my clumsy grasp. I was so tired of holding it up, I readily let her take the heavy vessel. She crouched beside me and kept the clear silicon nipple pressed between my pouting pink lips, holding up the base of the bottle so that the contents easily drained down into the teat. "Good baby. What a good baby girl," she fondly crooned, speaking down to me as though I was her dolly Sophie. "You drink it all up for Mummy like a good baby girl."

Then Angie decided to change positions. "Wait a second," she announced, before unexpectedly plucking the dripping nipple from my lips. "Oops!" Juice squirted onto my face before she could tilt the bottle upright. She giggled as she wiped my sticky wet cheeks and chin with my dirty snotty bibbie. "Oh well," she chuckled carelessly. "That's why babies wear bibs, I guess." She wriggled closer and then lifted my head onto her little lap, then returned the spurting teat to my mouth.

"Mmm-mmm, yum-yums," Angie murmured encouragingly, smoothing my bibbie out on my breast with her free hand. "That's it, Baby Jennie. You drink down all your yummy juice for mummy like a good baby girl." She ran her fingertips over the embroidered alphabet blocks stitched to my bibbie, and fingered the delicate lace edging before commenting, "I like your new bib, baby. This pink lace trim is so soft and pretty. Oops! You keep sucking, baby. Mmm, good girl! That’s right. Keep drinking, Baby Jennie."

My tummy was starting to feel bloated after consuming so much liquid, but the tender way my sister spoke to me reminded me of my erotic dream during my afternoon nap. One hand moved almost by reflex to cup my heavily-padded groin, but strangely, I couldn't feel my swelling clittie underneath. Even though I knew it was growing bigger, I couldn't feel it - probably due to the added bulk of the swollen wet disposable between the damp cloth layers. The chromed onesie clips slid noisily over the slippery plastic panties underneath when I discretely rubbed my cupped palm up and down over where I knew my erection should have been. I passively lay there sucking distractedly as I fantasised about feeding from my bounteous cousin's lush bosom. I heard the sound of air being noisily drawn back through the collapsing nipple as I completely drained my baby bottle.

"Aww, what a charming sight! Look at our two gorgeous little girls playing 'Mummies and Babies' together!" Aunty Cath's warm compliment was tinged with sarcasm. I'm sure my sister was blissfully unaware of the fact when she beamed up happily at our buxom brunette relative. I snatched my naughty hand away from the bulging front of my nappy in shame and clutched my dolly. I defensively pressed her rubber body over my heavily padded groin. I fluttered my long black lashes and tried to look innocent, even as I felt my cheeks turning pink with embarrassment.

Aunty Cath was dressed in a similar fashion to Mummy, in some snug-fitting stretch blue jeans and a smart, red-and-white striped, boat-neck t-shirt. Her court shoes were fire-engine red, too, with a modest three-inch stiletto heel today. As usual her glossy red lipstick was a perfect match for her outfit, and her long, dark-brown hair was loosely bound in a sexy, untidy bun on top of her head.

"Baby Jennie is being my baby, and I'm being her mummy," Angie stated proudly, drawing another approving grin from Aunty Cath. She squatted beside us on her lithe long legs. Her jeans stretched tautly over her female cleft, cleaving her delicate folds when she let her womanly thighs drift apart.
"I'm sure you're being a very good mummy, Angelica," Aunty Cath lovingly assured my sister, her amused smile stretching her full red lips wider. She reached down to brush my dolly aside from my lap and crisply patted the front of my bulky nappies, and I fearfully wondered if she could tell I was hard and excited under the multiple thick wet layers. "Is Baby Jennie being a good little baby girl for her Mummy today?" Cath inquired in saccharine baby talk. She gave us another sly indulgent smile when Angie nodded enthusiastically and babbled about what a good baby girl I was being.

Aunty Cath continued patting my heavily padded crotch with her fingertips, and I shuddered at the sensuous vibrations transmitted through to my swollen erection. When she didn't seem to notice my clittie was hard and stiff beneath my warm nappies and baby panties, I gave a muted sigh of thanks. My sister finished wiping up the spilt juice on my chin with my damp bibbie, and my grinning Aunty leaned over me and straightened out the milk, snot, and juice-stained napkin over my breast. Her emerald-green eyes sparkled in wry amusement when she silently read the humiliating inscription she'd paid to have embroidered on my bib. Unfortunately, she failed to let me know what was written there.

"Hi Cath! Angelica is already turning into a very good little mother." Mummy praised my three-year-old sister from the kitchen doorway, and she beamed up at the smiling grown-ups in delight.
"It's probably just as well, since your Baby Jennie looks like she is going to be a baby forever," Aunty Cath noted snidely. Both adults snickered as I scowled sulkily and instinctively pushed the amber rubber teat of my baby soother between my pouting pink lips.

Cath stood and turned to face my mother with a sly smirk creasing her beautiful face. "I brought over a couple of Bonnie's old cotton sun dresses for your big baby girl. They aren't anything special, but since my daughters said that the yellow satin frock fitted Baby Jennie perfectly, I know these ones will, too. They're still in the car. I'll bring them inside in a minute, but I wanted to see what you thought of the alterations to the bibs, first," my Aunty mentioned with another devious smile.
"Oh, they're lovely!" Mummy cried in delight. "I haven't even put them away in the drawer, yet. They're still in the plastic bag on the kitchen bench. Oh, and I think Bonnie left your camcorder on top of the bench, too. Come on, I'll show you." She led my Aunty away, and a wet sigh of relief bubbled around the pink guard of my pacifier.

I continued playing with Angelica and our baby dolls, frequently distracted by the shrieks of bright feminine laughter we could hear coming from the next room. After a while, Angie wanted to know what was causing the grown-ups so much amusement. She stood up and wandered into the kitchen to see what all the noise was about. I remained in the sunroom sitting on my comfy wet bottom, cuddling my baby and sucking intently on my dum-dums. I stared mindlessly at the colourful cartoons blaring from the TV without actually seeing or hearing a thing. There was no way I was going out to the kitchen! I knew my predicament was probably the cause of all their merriment, and I didn't want my suspicions confirmed. I would rather sit here in my lovely warm wet nappy and remain blissfully ignorant.

I absent-mindedly fondled the puffy front of my bulging baby panties under my pink onesie, while I wondered what Bonnie and her friend Tammy were up to this afternoon. Even though I couldn't detect my stiffening clittie under the bulky layers, I loved the pleasant vibrations that were transmitted through the damp warmth to my sensitive swelling organ when I cupped my hand and firmly patted my crotch with my fingers - like Aunty Cath had done earlier. I tried to imagine what Bonnie might have been doing between Tammy's legs to make her girlfriend squeal and moan with excitement this morning. As I pictured them cavorting on the bed together, I dimly recalled how her sister April had made the same kind of weird noises when Bonnie had pressed her face between the raven-haired beauty's splayed thighs, all those years ago. I discretely rocked back and forth in my bulky warm swaddling as my clittie stiffened. I firmly patted my crotch, thrilled by the erotic sensations from my swollen clittie when the sensitive underside rubbed against the warm wet cloth.

For the first time I realised that Bonnie and Tammy might have been having sex - although at the time, I had no idea what that really meant. I only knew sex was something naughty that the bigger boys often whispered about at school, and sniggered over in small groups. Whenever I tried to join in their muted conversations, I had always been told; "Piss off, Jeremy, you sissy poofter! You're too little to understand what we're talking about." They would snicker nastily and toss mocking comments at my retreating back when I scurried away, head bowed in shame. It was just one of the many cruel ways my peers at school used to deride my small stature and immature looks. I sighed with regret when I realised that they probably wouldn't have treated me that way if I was a petite pretty girl, instead of a scrawny, effeminate boy. Not for the first time I found myself wishing fervently that I’d been born a girl.

My daydreams were interrupted when Angie came dancing back into the room, grinning and holding a fresh, lace-lavished white bibbie in her hands. "Here, baby girl," she cooed, stepping behind me to unfasten the dirty bib from around my neck. The snap clips behind my neck parted with a loud 'pop!' "Mummy said it's almost time for din-dins, so she told me to put a clean bibbie on you." I felt my cheeks grow warm again as my sister competently changed my bibbie for me, making me feel even smaller and more useless than usual. "There you go, Princess Potty-pants," she announced with a pleased smile, and I wondered where she had dug up that demeaning title. Then I vaguely remembered; I had called my sister something like that when Mummy was trying to potty-train her, a couple of weeks ago. Although at that moment, it felt like months ago to me!

I noticed my grinning Aunty watching us from the kitchen doorway, and Cath nodded in approval when Angie stepped in front of me and tucked my dirty pink bib under one arm. "Come on, Baby Jennie," my smiling sister commanded, holding out her little hands for mine. "Come with me into the kitchen, Princess Potty-pants," she cooed like a loving mother, as she clumsily helped me to my feet. Angie kept hold of my hand and dragged me along like a sulky toddler, and I sucked harder on my dum-dums in embarrassment as I slowly waddled along behind her. I glanced down, relieved that my stiff clittie was completely concealed by the thickness of my damp nappies. Despite my arousal, it was so humiliating when my little sister treated me like I was the baby - not her.

Before I toddled two steps into the kitchen, Aunty Cath knelt in front of me to block my path. "You go and stand by your booster seat and wait for Mummy, precious," our Aunty crooned to my sister, "while I check your baby sister's nappy." She turned back to me and sang, "Let Aunty check that nap-nap, Princess Potty-pants." I obediently paused in front of Cath and thrust out my crotch towards her, leaning my shoulders back and spreading my feet wide to make it easier for her to inspect my diaper. "Good girl, Baby Jennie," Aunty Cath murmured in approval, as she slid one finger under my onesie crotch and inside the leg band of my pink plastic panties. "What a helpful Princess Potty-pants." She looked and sounded surprised when she announced, "Good heavens! This nappy still feels dry!" The expression on my face must have indicated my mutual disbelief. I could feel the familiar comforting warmth bunched around my sensitive genitals.

"I put one of Angie's disposable diapers between Baby Jennie's cloth nappies, to act as an extra soaker pad," Mummy informed her confused big sister from beside the stove. "My Princess Potty-pants is such a heavy wetter, you know? Those toddler disposables hold a fair volume of urine, so it may not have seeped through to the outer cloth layer yet. Unclip Baby Jennie's onesie and reach down inside the waistband of her nappies, and check inside the front as well," Mummy suggested. Her big sister reached down and deftly unsnapped the chromed fasteners between my legs, and let the stretchy cotton onesie flaps fly apart. I stumbled backwards, and Aunty Cath swiftly grabbed me by my wide padded hips to prevent me tumbling over.

"Careful, baby," she cautioned me, gripping me tightly and drawing me closer. I was trying to back away from her before she could put her hand inside my nappy. I didn't want her to discover I was still hard and throbbing down there! I desperately tried to will away my irrepressible erection before she noticed. "Hold up the flap of your onesie for Aunty Cath, Baby Jennie, like a good little girl," Cath ordered in sugary baby tones.

When I reluctantly obeyed and held the front flap against my bibbie, she lifted aside the tight elastic waistband of my pink baby panties with one hand. She slipped her other hand inside the front of my tightly-pinned nappies. I realised I was automatically sucking in my tummy and arching my back, making it easier for Aunty to check inside my diaper - like Tammy in the park this morning, when Bonnie wanted to slip her naughty fingers inside her girlfriend's nappies before she wet them. Despite willing my stiffie to go down, it swelled noticeably when I thought of Tammy and Bonnie playing their erotic games in public.

"Oh yes," Cath informed my mother, with a smile and a nod of admiration for her expertise. "Our Princess Potty-pants is wet, alright! Just not enough to wet through, yet." I frowned around my dummy teat in annoyance, wondering; 'Why was everyone calling me that?' Aunty Cath's searching fingers brushed against my slowly diminishing erection, and her perfectly-plucked eyebrows crawled up her forehead in horror. She frowned and gazed menacingly at my cowering expression with those disdainful emerald eyes.

I'm sure my cheeks were crimson with shame when she loudly exclaimed, "Oh-oh!" She turned her hand inside my lovely warm nappy to curl her fingers around the pulsating hardness she'd discovered. I shuddered uncontrollably at the rush of sensations from my sensitive semi-stiff clittie and tried to back away. "What's this I can feel in your nappy, Baby Jennie?" Her icy tone made Mummy turn to glare at me. My big blue eyes were rimmed with shameful tears as I dropped my humiliated gaze to the grey linoleum tiles around my pink sandshoes. "Well?" Aunty Cath ruthlessly demanded. "What's this, you naughty little baby girl?"

"My cwittie," I whispered, too ashamed to look at her beautiful frowning face.
"Your what?" Aunty cried, uncertain that she'd heard correctly. She gave the object under discussion another hard warning squeeze.
"Ouch!" I yelped in anguish as my dum-dums popped out, perversely hoping the pain had a salutary effect on my uncontrollable tool. "Oh Aunty Cath! It- It'th my clittie! My clittie," I whimpered in shame. I sighed in thanks when she relaxed her terrible grip on my excitable organ. She stood to wipe her pee-damp hand on my frilly bib, frowning and shaking her head in dismay as she made way for my mother.

"What's wrong?" Mummy demanded, standing over me and frowning down at my bowed head and guilt-ridden posture.
"Your naughty, wet baby girl has a bit of a stiff… clittie, I think she called it," replied Cath, snickering in derision at my use of the feminine term for my masculine appendage.
"Her clittie?" My mother repeated in disbelief, "She called it her clittie? Oh my!" My cheeks were blazing with embarrassment when Aunty Cath sniggered and nodded. Mummy sneered and slowly nodded her head in understanding. "But then I guess my Princess Potty-pants would call it that - seeing as she's such a sissy baby girl. Aren't you, Baby Jennie?" The angry blonde stepped over and crouched down closer to me, and in moments her hand was delving inside the front of my warm wet nappy, too.

Fortunately the humiliation of being caught red-handed with an erection in my comfy wet nappy had already caused my clittie to considerably wilt. By the time Mummy wrapped her cold fingers around my shrinking shaft, it had almost returned to normal size. "Harrumph," she snorted crankily, as she squeezed my rubbery tool painfully hard. "What a bad little baby girl." I squealed in fresh agony and ineffectually tried to pull away from her vicious grasp, trapped like a fish on a hook until she released me. She withdrew her hand and plunged it inside my crackling baby panties down the front, checking the outer layer of cloth at the crotch and reassuring herself it wasn't wet, too.

"She's still mostly dry on the outside, Cath, as you said. That's good," Mummy concluded with a tight smile, while she washed her hands at the kitchen sink. My smirking Aunty knelt in front of me once more and clipped my onesie crotch back together again. "That nappy will easily last her until bath time tonight. It means I won't have to change Baby Jennie's wet nappies quite so often in future."
"Hmm," Aunty Cath commented with a hint of uncertainty, as she likewise washed and dried her hands. "But that means your wicked little baby girl will be able to enjoy her hot wet nappies for longer."
"Possibly," Mummy agreed, but when she smiled, it never reached her cool, olive-green eyes. "But then my naughty little girl is more likely to get nappy rash, too, you know?"

Aunty Cath chuckled nastily at that threatening titbit of information, and then she lifted me into my pink wooden highchair and buckled me in with the worn white leather restraining straps. She dropped my dummy in a glass of water on the kitchen bench and then returned to straighten the lace-edged bib over my breast, smiling in delight at the results of her humiliating handiwork

Mummy took my dirty bibbie from Angie's hands and tossed it onto the kitchen bench, and then she lifted my sister into her booster seat. I learned that Angelica's mouth was still too sore for her to chew properly, so Mummy had thoughtfully defrosted some of her home-made butternut pumpkin soup for dinner tonight. Aunty Cath inserted the pink wooden tray in place, sliding it in towards my tummy until the spring bolts noisily clicked into their slots. The adults were obviously eating later, as they both took their time looking after Angie and me. My smirking Aunty approached stirring my pink rubber spoon into my favourite Barbie bowl, crooning, "Open wide, Princess Potty-pants! Here comes some lovely-wovely din-dins." Cath slowly fed me a huge bowl of warm orange puree which I gobbled hungrily, ignoring the condescending way she treated me. She sometimes intentionally missed my mouth, making sure my cheeks, chin, and bib were soon stained bright orange. There were crusty warm bread rolls, too, that Aunty tore into tiny bite-sized pieces for me, as though I was incapable of chewing properly.

I noted with spiteful pleasure that Mummy had to feed Angie the last few mouthfuls of her pumpkin soup, when my whining sister began complaining that she didn't want to eat any more. At least I wasn't the only one being spoon-fed my dinner like a helpless toddler; although I'm sure my face looked a thousand times worse by the time we were finished eating. Aunty Cath cackled with malicious amusement when she roughly wiped my messy face clean with my frilly bibbie, holding the back of my head with her other hand so I couldn't pull away.

"Our Princess Potty-pants is such a messy eater," she scolded me, before letting the orange-stained cloth drop to my breast. When Mummy filled Angie's purple sippy-cup with warm milk, my Aunty disappeared into the sunroom, and she returned a few moments later carrying my empty baby bottle. "Bonnie told me she'd bought a big pink baby bottle for your new baby girl, but I didn't realise how huge it was," Cath commented with a pleased smile, unscrewing the pink cap. She pulled out the clear teat and rinsed all the pieces under hot water, and then held out the plastic bottle for my mother to fill with warm milk.
"Well, big babies need big bottles, I guess," Mummy replied with a disdainful sniff, as her sister screwed the pink cap securely in place.

"Bonnie told me where she bought it, at the mall," my Aunty continued, as she pressed the spurting silicon nipple to my messy stained lips. Remembering the last time Aunty Cath fed me, I made no move to take the humiliating pink bottle from her hands. I meekly kept my tiny palms on the highchair tray in front of me, and desperately swallowed the warm milk gushing down my throat. The pretty pink polish on my neatly manicured nails sparkled attractively in the light, and I admired the way they glistened and shined when I wiggled my fingertips.

"I might drop into that medical supply store tomorrow, and buy a couple more," Aunty decided, tilting my bottle up so that I was forced to lift my chin and raise my humiliated gaze to her cold smiling face. She was staring at me with those heartless emerald eyes, and I knew I was cringing in embarrassment as she bottle-fed me as like a useless infant. "It's always useful to have a few spare baby bottles for your special big baby girl."
"My special Princess Potty-pants," Mummy concluded with a sardonic smile, as she measured out some cloudy white medicine onto a tablespoon. She checked the label before replacing the cap one-handed, then placed the clear bottle of milky liquid on the windowsill.

Mummy approached Angie with one hand cupped under the spoon, and carefully aimed it between my sister's lips. ""Open up sweetie, and swallow this medicine all down. It will make your mouth stop hurting, and help you to get to sleep," she reassured my hesitant little sister. Angie pulled a face after she swallowed it, but then Mummy handed her the purple sippy-cup full of warm milk. Angie gratefully crammed the spout in her mouth and started gulping to wash away the taste.

With nothing to do but suckle like a helpless baby from my titty-bottle, I idly gazed around the room. My eyes dropped to the dirty bib lying on the kitchen bench. I admired the pretty pale-pink trimmings Aunty Cath had sewn on, and then I caught sight of the red baby block pattern embroidered across the badly-stained front. The letters on the alphabet blocks looked like they formed words… Because it was upside-down to me and slightly crumpled, it took me a few minutes to decipher the message written there. ‘I love my wet and poopy nappi-’ That was all I managed to read, and my face began to burn with mortification when I remembered Aunty Cath promising to have some 'cute messages' embroidered on my bibbies, too.

As soon as my grinning Aunty plucked the nipple of my empty bottle from my pursed lips, I glanced down at the orange-stained bibbie covering my breast, to see if it, too, carried an embarrassing inscription. When I lifted it by the pink lace-edged bottom and read upside-down, 'Princess Potty-pants,’ the mortifying message in hot-pink silk lettering three inches high, I abruptly understood why everyone was addressing me by my shameful new title. I frowned sulkily as I fearfully wondered; 'How many bibs did Mummy give Aunty Cath to alter? And how many different humiliating messages were embroidered there for everyone to read?' To my everlasting shame, I knew I was soon destined to find out.

To be continued in chapter 16

Baby Jennie

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