Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 8

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Sunday Morning Pantyhose VIII
Tracy Davis

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them -- Tracy

I got so used to wearing hose with the Young Organist’s outfit that I really missed it when I was wearing boy clothes. I noticed I was getting really used to walking like a girl and swinging my hips when I had heels on, and had to remind myself to walk like a guy after I took them off. After seeing women dangling their pumps off their toes when they were sitting with their legs crossed, I started doing it when my feet were pinching from wearing my heels for a long time, and it started becoming second nature to me.

The concerts were usually on Sunday afternoons, and on concert days, I would always put sheer-to-the waist pantyhose on in the mornings for church, so I’d already have my concert hose on when I changed for the concert. One morning, when we got home from church, I took off my church clothes and put on my white turtleneck and slacks. I walked into my mom’s room when she was changing her clothes and was standing there in her bra and nylons. I saw she was wearing sheer-to-the-waist hose too. “Mmm, you’re wearing sheer-to-the-waist too,” I giggled.

“Your feet are so pretty in those sandalfoot hose, I thought I’d try them too. When I was buying us hose the other day and I was getting you sheer-to-the-waist, I bought myself a pair too,” she said, as we walked to my bathroom.


After a concert, Lisa and I were sitting together talking. My legs were crossed, and when I looked down, my shoe was dangling off my toe – I didn’t even realize I was doing it, it was subconscious! She said, “Wow, you’re even dangling your shoe. You’re really turning into a girl!”

After a pause in our conversation, Lisa asked, “So, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you like wearing nylons all the time?”

I said, “I love the sleek feeling! Actually I’ve been wearing pantyhose with dress slacks since I was in junior high, when I get dressed up.”

"Your bottom is so smooth. You can tell you’ve got pantyhose on. You’ve got a girl’s butt,” she giggled.

“I know. I don’t wear any underwear when I have hose on,” I giggled.

She continued, “We were surprised you were wearing panty hose. We all thought you were just wearing knee-highs, and Jo volunteered to ask you. She was so surprised when you told her you had pantyhose on! So, what kind do you wear?”

“No Nonsense Sheer To The Waist,” I said. “My mom said I should wear hose with a sheer panty with these slacks so the panty part wouldn’t show through. Since I started wearing them she’s been buying me some every time she buys hose for herself. Once a month or so I go in my bedroom and find a new pair laying on my bed. What kind do you wear?”

“Legg’s. She gets me sheer toe, so they look better in my sandals.” She rotated her ankle around as we were looking at our shoes. “I love your white pumps, I bet they keep your toes warmer. Where did you say you got them?”

“Wards at Scottsdale Mall,” I said. We bobbed our feet a few more times, and she said, “What size do you wear?”

“Nine,” I said. “How about you?”

“Oh wow, I wear a nine too. Can I try on yours, if I let you try on mine?”

“Sure,” I said, slipping out of them. She undid the straps on her sandals and stepped out of them and handed them to me. Daringly, I put my feet into them and fastened the buckles while she stepped into my pumps. I was glad I had sandalfoot hose on.

We got up and started walking around in each other’s shoes. Her heels were a lot higher than mine and it took me a little while to get used to them, but I could really feel myself shimmying as I walked. Lisa said, “I’ve been meaning to ask you something. We have another white skirt like mine at home, and it’s about your size. Would you like to maybe wear it to the concerts? Then we’d all match!”

The thought was really tempting. While I was thinking about it, Lisa said, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You don’t have to if you just want to wear slacks and heels.”

“Actually I was thinking that would be really neat. You all have been so accepting of me wearing high heels,” I replied.

She lowered her voice and asked, “Have you ever worn a skirt out in public?”

“Mmmm-hmmm,” I smiled. “I have a sweater dress that my sister-in-law in Canada gave me. I wore it home from their house once. I had it on all day. It felt really neat! I also have a long skirt that my mom gave me, but I’ve never worn it out.”

Lisa said, “You’ll need a long slip with it too, I think we have one that goes with it. I just thought that, since you normally wear pantyhose anyway, you might as well wear a skirt along with the rest of us.”

About that time, the other girls came back from the restroom. They immediately noticed that we had each other’s shoes on, and started asking Lisa how they felt. Jo sat down next to us, crossed her legs, and asked, “So, what do you think of my No Nonsense?”

“They look great,” we all echoed. I asked, “So you bought hose on your own?”

“Mmm-hmmm. You seemed to like No Nonsense so well, they were on sale and I thought I’d try them.”

I could see her toes in her sandals, and she had sandalfoot hose on. “So you got sheer to the waist?”

“Mmmm-hmmm. Now I look grown-up like you guys!”

I noticed Shonda staring at my feet, and she asked Lisa, “You’re letting him wear your sandals?”

“It’s OK,” Lisa said, rolling her eyes, “He’s got hose on!”

“I know. I can’t believe how girly his feet are,” she giggled.

As we were leaving, I heard Shonda say to Lisa, “I can’t believe he is such a girl!”

“I know!” Lisa replied. “With those hose on under his slacks, he’s got a girl’s butt too! Isn’t he darling? We’ve got another long white skirt like mine that I’m going to give him. Won’t he look darling in a skirt? Then he’ll be a girl all the way!”


Our moms were talking on the other side of the room. Lisa’s mom said, “You know, Ruth, I have another long white skirt like Lisa’s that your son could wear if we wanted to. Then they would match exactly. I’m pretty sure it would fit him, if you want to try it.”

Mom smiled. “I’ll have to ask him. Why don’t you bring it along next time, and he could try it on?”

She replied, “I’ll do that. I think I have a slip that matches it too. I’ll bring that as well. Actually Lisa suggested offering it to him.”


On the way home, Mom said, “You know, Lisa’s mom said that she had another long white skirt like Lisa’s that would probably fit you if you wanted to wear a skirt to the concerts. Would you like to wear one?”

I said, “Yeah, Lisa mentioned that to me too. That would be really neat.”

Mom laughed, “You’ll have to learn to get in and out of a car in a long skirt.”


That night I had a wet dream. I dreamed that Lisa and I were sitting on my bed with nothing on but panty hose and high heels. We had swapped shoes again and I was wearing her high heel sandals. Our nyloned legs were touching and we were arm-in-arm, kissing deeply. We started rubbing our legs together and then we French kissed, and I ejaculated!

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