Alexa Chapter 8: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Alexa Chapter 8: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

The next few weeks saw me adapt to more of the role of Alexa. I started to dress more androgynously in public. Slowly bringing Alexa to the forefront. And it didn’t go unnoticed. Not only did both Jenny and Katie make comment on it, but so did the two idiots Brandon and Steve. Walking down the hall one day wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a semi crop top I ran into the two meatheads coming back from class. “Nice look Quinn. What time are you meeting your boyfriend?” Brandon cracked. Alex would have put his head down and ran to get away from these two bigots. Instead the Alexa side came out.

“Sorry no boyfriend. I don’t think Jenny would like that very much.” I told Brandon and headed out the door. As I walked away, I turned around so I could check out the expression on his face. In my mind, I could hear Morgan Freeman saying “Priceless”

While the dipshits down the hall like to bring me down, Katie and especially Jenny were highly supportive of my change. The two of them were always trying to find new things for me to wear to help me feel better about myself. It wasn’t just the clothes; they were constantly trying to reinforce what a better person I seemed to be when I was Alexa. And it wasn’t only the girls who have been supportive on this journey. Dr. Burke had been a huge help. I saw her about twice a week. The first time I saw her after our coffee klatch, I showed up as Alexa. She was somewhat surprised that I did.

“So what made you come as Alexa today?” Debbie inquired.

“A couple of things.” I responded. “I feel better about myself when I am like this. I noticed it the other day when I had lunch with Jenny and my mother. I was dressed as Alex and towards the end I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I was literally shaking as we sat in the restaurant. I was able to snap out of it and told my mom it was nothing, but I scarred Jenny. She had seen the aftermath of my little episode the other day and came prepared. She helped me be Alexa again after my mother left. As soon as that happened I felt more at ease.” Debbie continued to quiz me a little about what exactly happened. And each time I answered her, I seemed to mention Jenny and the support she had given me.

“Jenny is the girl you were with on Thursday correct? Katie’s Roommate?” I nodded at the question from my counselor. “Have you been spending lots of time with her?” I blushed a little and hung my head as I nodded a reply. Dr. Burke just scribbled in her notebook before continuing. “Are you two seeing each other?” With the same blush and head still drooped, I nod again but after I come up with a grin on my face. I think that surprised the doctor a little. “How did this come about?” she asked and I explained the events after we saw her and the talks Jenny and I had about me. Just like Katie, Dr. Burke warned to be careful, that relationships when you are in the state of mind I am in can be difficult.

Like the advice I had gotten from Katie, I listened to the words Debbie was saying but pretty much ignored them. I was completely whipped over Jenny. And strangely enough, she was too. There were very few times that we were apart. We slept together almost every night and except for work and classes we were together. Sometimes I think it bothered Katie. I think she felt a little left out, but we tried to include her in almost everything. Most Saturday nights became girl’s night in. We usually hang out and watch movies, whether it be ones we rented or ones on TV. Sure, there were nights when we went out, but I tried to limit those as I was nervous as to how I would be received. One thing we did start doing every Saturday was cooking a big dinner. It was almost like an old-fashioned family dinner. I also used the time to teach the girls how to cook. Katie was a great student, Jenny on the other hand needed work. The lessons usually devolved into food fights and massive bouts of laughter. And I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

The rest of my life seemed to stabilize as I devoted more of my time to being Alexa. The time as Alex was becoming less and less. Basically, the only time Alex saw the light of day was either for class or work and even then, I looked a little closer to Alexa than Alex. It made for some interesting moments. Professors and some the people in my classes gave me odd looks the first few times I showed up in my new attire, but then moved on from it. This was a college campus after all. Unique looking people were part of the everyday scenery. Work was a little different story. My manager, Cade, did not say anything but I could tell he wasn’t a fan of the new “Alex” but most of my co-workers were supportive. One girl I worked with, Dannii, was very kind and seemed very interested in the changes I was making, almost too interested. The tolerance attitude she had always displayed to me changed overnight. She was constantly trying to talk with me and it seemed like she was always watching me. I felt a little creeped out by it. Two of my co-workers, Rob and Marta, were quite put off by the whole deal. It took a reprimand from Cade to get Rob to knock off the snide comments. Marta never seemed to stop. The whole job thing drove Jenny crazy. She wanted me to sue for sexual harassment over the way I had been treated and wanted me to quit.

For the most part life was good. I enjoyed my time as Alexa and started to feel that this is truly who I was. The good feelings were about to change. A few weeks after the lunch date with Mom, my phone rang again with that distinctive ringtone indicating it was my parents’ home line calling. Jenny and I were studying away and I rose to grab the phone off the counter. As usual I answered with “Hi, Mom.” However, this time I was completely wrong.

“Alex, this is your father.” Came over the ear piece and the shaking began. Jenny looked up and saw the situation I was in. She came over towards me.

Ah, hi Dad. How are you?” I say. I watch as Jenny gets closer and I watch her eyes go wide at the mention of my father. She comes behind me and wraps her arms around me.

‘Good. Say your mother and I are going to the Gopher game on Saturday, and we were wondering if you and your new girlfriend want to go for dinner?’ My father says. The question confuses me a little. Not only had my Dad just spoken politely to me, he was trying to be nice. I am at loss for what to say. I scramble for a reply.

“Dad, why don’t you and mom come to my apartment and I will make the two of you dinner? I can get a nice roast and do the works. What do you think?” As the words come out of my mouth, I wonder why I had just said them. Was I really going to have them over to my apartment? I hear a little hemming and hawing over the phone line. Eventually an answer came back.

“That will work. Kick-off is at 1:00, so I figure we will be over about 4:30 or 5. That work for you?”

Stammering I reply “Sure Dad.”

OK, see you Saturday.” And then click. I realize that I have never heard my father say the words “Good Bye” to any member of my family during a phone call. I hit the end button on my phone and just stand there staring off into space, barely acknowledging the presence of Jenny behind me. I reach over with my right arm and grab her hand that is wrapped around my chest.

“You OK?” Jenny asks. As shaken as I feel right now, I don’t know how I would have done without Jenny being there to support me. I drop my head trying to grasp what I had done. Eventually I turn around and face my girlfriend. Sure, this is a new relationship, but every time I look into her beautiful blue eyes I just melt. I whisper a thanks to her and drop my head on her shoulder. Jenny doesn’t say anything, just holds me. Finally, I lift my head and look at her.

‘Guess who’s coming to dinner?’ I say with a slight grin the belies my true feelings.

“I heard. I was standing right there. Why?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking. Actually, I was. He and my mom are going to the football game Saturday and then wanted to take us out to dinner. I really am not up to being in public with him. Plus, I figured if I cook, we can have Katie there as well.” I state. “What do you think? Work for you?”

“Of course. I’ll be there for you and you know it.” Jenny assures me and seals it with a kiss. A kiss that slowly evolved into a little more until we are interrupted by Katie’s arrival home from work.

“I’m going to start caring buckets of water around to throw on you two.” Katie says as she enters the kitchen. She could tell something was up. “What’s going on? Did I miss something?” Katie asks.

I look at Katie. “What are you doing Saturday? You up for a Quinn family meal?” I ask.

“Dick and Char are coming? Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy! What does Dick-head want?” Katie says sarcastically as she drops her purse on the table and moves towards the fridge for a bottle of water.

“I don’t know.” I say. Then I think about it a little more. What does my father want? In all the times over the last two and a half years that he has come to campus, he has only come to where I was living once, and that was to help move me into this building. He’s up to something, but the reason is beyond my grasp.

Not being able to study now that King Richard has entered my mind, I move to the couch. I try and drag Jenny with me, but she says she has some studying she wants to finish. I plop down next to Katie. I look at her and ask her what she thinks my father is up to. Katie finishes checking her email and puts down her laptop. “I don’t know, but he is up to something” she says as she leans back and takes on the look of someone of pondering a difficult math problem. After a minute or two she screams out “I got it!”

“Got what, herpes?” Jenny jokes from the table.

“No, shut up Jenny.” Katie replies as she sticks her tongue out her roommate. “I figured out what Dick is up to. He wants to check you out Jenny.”

I come up with a real insightful question to Katie’s revelation “Huh?”

“Dick doesn’t believe Char’s description of Jenny. He has to see for himself. Going to the game is probably just an excuse to come here and see if you really landed the rich, funny looking blonde chick.” Katie grins.

Jenny begins to protest Katie’s description of her. I simply sit back and let what Katie just said sink in. That does make sense. The Dick would never believe what my mother’s description of Jenny might be so he needs to check it out for himself. “Katie’s right. My dad is coming here to check you out Jenny. Mothers will either go on and on about a girlfriend or rip them to shreds. I’m guessing Mom went and did the first. My Dad would never believe I could get a girl as beautiful as you.” This comment earns me a smile and an air kiss from my girlfriend.

“Well we have to do something to really impress him and show him that it’s all true.” Katie says.

“I suppose I could jump Lex and do her on the couch.” Jenny says

“So it would be a typical Saturday night” Katie says. This comment causes a pen to be launched at her from the kitchen table.

“I know” Jenny says. “I will not be there right away. Give your parents a little time to settle in and then I will make a grand entrance. I will come in and give you a big kiss right there. Then maybe I’ll jump you.”

“I think that will work. But we might have to hold on to the couch jumping until later. Shit, that also means I have to clean up my apartment. And I work tomorrow until 8. And we will have to go shopping for something to feed them.” I say as I try to figure out how we are going to pull all of this off in the next few days.

Jenny gets up from the table and comes over and sits down next to me. Cuddling up into me she assures me not to worry. “We will worry about it Friday. I have class until 10:30. I will come back and help you clean the apartment.” This comment was completely out character for Jenny. She was not exactly the domestic type. Katie is always on her for helping clean around their apartment and Jenny usually pouts. Her response causes Katie and I to stare at her with open mouths. “What?” Jenny says. I can’t say anything; however, Katie didn’t have that problem.

“Okay who are you and what did you do with Jenny?”

Jenny just simply replies. “I will do anything for Alexa, even clean her apartment.” And cuddles into me more and raises her head up gives me a kiss. Of course, I reciprocate which just earns a groan form Katie. We break our kiss and just giggle at each other. The three of us spend the rest of night planning our attack for Saturday.

When I awoke on Friday, I was a little nervous about the next few days. I showered and dressed and joined Katie in the kitchen for a cup of coffee before she headed off to class. Katie laughed at how I was dressed. I hadn’t paid much attention to it, but I was sitting there in a pair of black leggings and an oversized Gopher sweatshirt. “Alexa you look like half the girls will in my class today. You really are getting into this?” At first I was somewhat insulted by what Katie said, but realized she was just adjusting to the new me,

“Is it weird?” I asked. I must have had a sad or scared expression on my face because the look on Katie’s face turned to one of sympathy. Reaching over she took my hand and began to speak.

“Oh god. I’m so sorry Alexa. I didn’t mean anything by that, it’s just the change seems like it is almost natural. Don’t take this wrong way, but did you have to take time to figure out what to wear today?” I shook my head at Katie’s question. “You just went into auto mode then?” I nodded at this. “What you did was dress as any normal girl would. Well, at least girls not named Jenny.” She said with a wicked grin.

“It just felt right as I was getting ready this morning. I feel like a girl, even though it is neutral looking. I do like how they feel. Plus, if I have to clean all day, I want to feel comfortable. Speaking of cleaning, what kind of help can I expect from Jenny?” I ask my ‘sister’.

A huge laugh escapes Katie’s mouth. “You are in for adventure. If you have been frustrated by the cooking lessons you have been attempting with her, just wait for cleaning day. You will be stuck with the bathroom, that’s for sure. Just be gentile with her. Living a ‘normal’ life is completely new to her. But if you love her, you have to accept her flaws.” Katie says before realizing what she said. “I mean if you like her., I mean if you love being around her.”

“I do love her.” I say in whisper stopping Katie from her backtracking.

As Katie gets up from the table. She wraps her arms around me and gives me a sisterly hug. “I know. I think she does too. Two years ago, I never could have pictured you two together. Now I can’t imagine you without each other.” Katie gives me light kiss on the cheek before heading off to get ready for her class. I let her words sink in and develop a warm glow from it. She loves me? That would be beyond my wildest dreams. But for now, I don’t want to push anything. I just want to enjoy the moment.

Enjoyment was not a feeling I was going to have now. Over the last few weeks, I had not been to my apartment for more than grabbing some clothes or something I needed for school. Today will be the longest I will have spent in my apartment since the infamous Tuesday night. I open the door and was immediately hit with the smell of musty locked up place. Before I could even go any farther, I went back to the girls’ apartment and grabbed as many candles as I could find hoping that they would take away the smell. I lit them and dove into the work at hand. Taking Katie’s advice, I began in the bathroom and gave the place a thorough cleaning. That wasn’t too bad an experience. After completing that, I moved to the kitchen where most the smell was emanating from. My first mistake was opening the refrigerator where a lot of old food and spoiled milk sat producing some of the foulest odors I have ever dealt with. Grabbing the food and milk, I shoved it into the garbage can. Grabbing the pizza boxes and fast food bags, I practically ran down the hall to the garbage room. Thankfully our apartment had a trash shoot and soon the smells had vacated the third floor of our building.

As I returned to my apartment, Jenny came out of her apartment. I couldn’t help but laugh at her attire. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans rolled part way up her calves, a blue and yellow checkered shirt that was tied just above the waist over a white tank top. The look was completed by a pair of white sneakers and a bandana that matched her shirt, wrapped around her head. She looked like a stereotypical soccer mom. “What she asked?” I tried to apologize for laughing, but I could see her beginning to pout a little. I walked up to her a gave her a huge kiss right there in the hall way and commented on her look.

“You look gorgeous. It is definitely a MILF slash soccer mom look. I just want to know where the minivan is parked.” This started her giggling and earned me a slap on the arm. As much as I joked about her appearance, she looked beautiful. But then again in my mind she could wear a garbage bag and look beautiful. I once again thanked divine providence for allowing me to be with her. We moved into her apartment and began working away and trying to make my apartment presentable to the King and my mom. We were almost finished when Katie showed up. Her reaction to Jenny’s attire was very similar to mine. Not able to contain herself, she spoke up.

“Jenny, the school just called. Alex junior has detention again. You can’t pick him up until 4:00.” Katie said laughingly. This earned her a wet sponge being tossed in her direction. Katie could not stop laughing at Jenny and got me laughing too. Eventually Jenny found the humor and joined us. Soon my apartment was cleaner than when I moved in. The three of us crashed on the couch, proud of the work we had done. I thanked the girls for all their help and the two of the assured me it was no problem. It didn’t take long for Jenny to cuddle up to me as we sat there enjoying me clean, but spartan apartment. It wasn’t long before our quiet rest was interrupted by my phone ringing.

I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Dr. Burke. Crap, I forgot I had an appointment today. I quickly answered. “Hello Dr. Burke, how are you today?”

“Just fine.” I heard from the other end of the line. “I was wondering if you would be able to move up your appointment today?’

“Sure. What time?” I ask.

“Is 1:30 OK? I am trying to head out early for the week end, but I don’t want to miss our time.” Debbie responded.

I agreed to the time and soon ended the conversation. I looked at the girls sitting on the couch. I knew that they were going to help me spruce up my apartment a little more so it was presentable. I almost felt bad felt bad about abandoning them, but they were very understanding and almost pushing me out the door. They did decide I need to improve my look a little and soon the ratty sweatshirt was replaced with a hooded maroon sweatshirt with the University’s huge block M on the front and my beat-up Nike running shoes were replaced with a pair of black boots with a flat sole. Jenny worked on my face and hair a little and Katie ran over to their apartment and returned with her black North Face vest. When the two of them were done, the led me to the mirror in the bathroom. Starring back at me in the mirror was a typical female student here at the University of Minnesota. A smile grew across my face as I took in the view.

“Just remember you are all mine Lex. Don’t go running off with any guy that starts hitting on you.” Jenny warned me before leaning in and giving me a kiss. Katie also commented on how ‘normal’ I looked.

“Say aren’t you in my women’s studies class?” Katie said laughingly. I just smiled at Katie and then flipped her the bird. I moved off to the door to leave for my appointment with Debbie, but realized that I was being followed by the girls. When I asked where they were going, Katie piped up that they were just going to run to Target and grab a few things to ‘brighten up the place’. I cautiously nodded my head and the three of us headed out of the building.

I made it over to Dr. Burke’s office with no problem, even though I was constantly nervous that I was going to be pulled over and I was going to have to explain why I was dressed the way I was. As has been the case my meeting with Debbie made me feel much better about myself. She was always so friendly and seemed to know the right things to help lift my spirits. I felt very lucky that I got her as my counselor. She did express concern over my the ‘dinner party’ I was having tomorrow. She was worried that I would have another episode like I did when I had lunch with my mother. “You had a difficult time when you met with your mother, and from what you have told me about your father he is very critical of you already. I am nervous that an episode like you had with your mother will be much more pronounced. How are you planning on dealing with this?”

“I am hoping that he won’t notice. But I think being on home turf will help me plus the fact that both Jenny and Katie will be there to keep an eye on me has boosted my confidence a little.” I purposely neglected telling Debbie about our little plan for my dad’s introduction to Jenny. I thought it would be better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. While I don’t think I allayed Dr. Burke’s concerns, I think I was able to convince her that I would be OK with the help of the girls. She did make me promise to come in Monday and go over everything with her which I readily agreed to. And with that I left Debbie to get on with her big week end plans. As I walked out I feel like that Debbie has become my guardian Angel. To have someone who is practically a stranger be that concerned about me made me feel even more energized. A plan to thank her already began forming in my head.

Soon I was home. I walked into the girls’ apartment out of habit and found it empty. I thought I saw Jenny’s car parked out front. It was then I realized that they were probably across the hall in my apartment. This made me nervous. I had left these two alone for almost two hours. I can’t imagine what they did to my apartment. I slowly opened the door to my apartment and looked around. While they had not completely turned it in to a girl’s apartment, I could recognize that a woman’s touch had been added. It was just odd things. The first thing I noticed were some orange, yellow and white throw pillows added to my drab brown faux leather couch. I also noticed a lamp and end table now between the chair and couch with a couple of candles put on it. The book shelf that had only been used to hold my CD’s and movies had been organized, books added as well as couple of framed pictures. I noticed one of the pictures as that of Katie and I at prom. Why would they put that up? The family picture that had sat in my room had been added, but the picture that sat at the top of the book shelf was the one that caught my attention the most. It was of me and Jenny that Katie took of us last weekend at Minnehaha Falls. The picture looked like that of a typical couple both wearing sunglasses and enjoying the day. But if you looked real close you could see I was wearing makeup. And if the picture showed a full shot it would show me in a pair women’s stretch jeans and the ankle boots with a wedge heel that I had bought a few weeks back. I really liked this picture and couldn’t believe the girls had taken the time to blow it up.

I continue to survey the damage the girls have done. On the table is a beautiful fall bouquet of autumn flowers. In the kitchen, I notice silly little things like magnets on the refrigerator and a crock that is holding all the utensils. I smile at the work Jenny and Katie have done. It does look more ‘homey’ around here. The two of them do good work. I continue down the hall and look at the bathroom. The first thing I notice is a giant Viking head on the shower curtain. I had to laugh, because this is not girly at all! It will be good cover for when my dad comes plus it does look better than having a “Holiday Inn” logo like my old shower curtain did. The other thing I noticed was actual hand towels, in purple of course. There was also a bottle of hand soap at the sink. It was amazing that I had been missing all of these things, but then again when you live by yourself, you don’t think about these things

My exploration of my apartment leads me back into hallway. I notice that the doors to the two empty bedrooms are closed. I poke my head in and see that both are still in the same condition they had been in since each of the former occupants vacated. I look down and see the door to the last room, my room, closed. I move to it and slowly open it and find Jenny, still in her “housewife” outfit curled up on my bed taking a nap. Underneath was a new comforter with orange, brown and yellow stripes on it. I take a second and look at Jenny as she lies there she looks so peaceful. She is just as beautiful sleeping as she is awake. I can’t help but think how lucky I have been over the last few weeks. Not only have I been able to express my true self as I became Alexa more, I was able to connect with the beautiful woman laying before me. I almost start to tear up as I look at Jenny. Silently as possible, I step over to the side of the bed and give Jenny a light kiss on the cheek. As I am backing away from the kiss, Jenny slowly opens her eyes and whispers “Hi” to me before starting to pull me back towards her for a longer kiss that could only be shared by two people who care about each other.

I soon join Jenny on the bed and we continue the kiss for a moment. A moment I will never forget. If I thought that I was truly smitten by this girl before, I now am in deep. Jenny releases the kiss and tilts her head back enough to look at me. A smile slowly creeps across her face. Not a smile of just happiness, but a smile of warmth and dare I say love. She whispers “I missed you” and I return the sentiment. Soon the kiss has begun again and we settle back down deeper on the bed. Even though the two of us have been intimate before, I don’t remember the feeling of tenderness that we seem to be sharing. I am almost scared to touch her. Jenny doesn’t seem to have the same issues as I have and soon her hand is running across the back of my thighs and up onto my rear end. Her touch is incredible and I find it hard not to reciprocate the action. Slowly Jenny begins feeling up my sweat shirt on to my silky tank top. Any normal guy would have torn off his clothes and Jenny’s clothes and just tried to go at it. I however don’t want this to end. I slowly begin untying Jenny’s checkered shirt and wrap my arms around her, trying to pull her in even closer. Soon she is working my sweatshirt up and gently pushes my back so she can complete the task.

After removing my sweatshirt, she begins to kiss my face and neck and slowly kisses her way down my body. As wonderful as this feels, I long to have Jenny back next to me so I can share more kisses with her. I can only lay back and enjoy the sensual kisses. As she makes her way to my stomach I feel her reach down and begin trying to work my boots of as she continues to kiss my stomach and chest. I never had found the sound of zipper being undone as being erotic, but the slow release of the mechanical fastener gets my heart racing faster. Soon my boots are gone. I realize that Jenny has kicked of her sneakers during all of this and has started to kiss her way back up my body. As she reaches my chest, she slowly places soft kisses all over and lightly bites each of my nipples before continuing her ascent up my body. Soon we are back to together, sharing the tender but passionate kisses that had started all of this.

I begin to realize that it is now my chance to return the favor, and I begin to mimic the kisses down Jenny’s body. I slowly slip the shirt off her shoulder and stop for a brief moment at the cleft of her breasts before continuing my trek down her torso. I am met with light moans being elicited by my girlfriend as I make my way to her stomach. I reach up and gently unsnap her jeans and try and emulate her sensuous removal of my boots as I reach for the zipper of her jeans. The whole time her hands massage my head as the moans become deeper as I slowly remove her pants. I begin working my way back up her body and slowly begin sliding her tank top up and unfasten her bra. As I free her breasts I begin to lightly kiss each one before taking the right nipple into my mouth and begin to lightly suckle on it. I am greeted by slightly louder moans and increased breaths from Jenny. I slowly move to the left breast and begin the same process. Both the moans and breathing begin to increase and soon I feel my head being gently guided up by Jenny as our lips meet once again in passion. As the kiss continues I slowly move my hand back down her body where I slowly slide my hand under the waist band of Jenny’s delicate panties. Slowly begin rubbing her clitoris and gently guide my fingers into her.

Meanwhile I can feel Jenny’s hand slide up and down my back a few times before reaching the waist band of my leggings where she begins to work at sliding them down my legs. As she gets them to about my knees, can feel her feet begin to assist her hands and soon she has them off and her hands are gently caressing my exposed cheeks. She gently moves her hand towards the front of me and slowly reaches under the waist band and begins caressing my engorged member. It is now my turn to moan and breathe heavily.

As I slowly begin working Jenny’s panties off her body, she does the same with me. After they are off, she rolls me onto my back and straddles me. She slowly lowers herself down onto me and the two of us share a loud moan of pleasure. Our eyes never leave each other except for the occasional closing of the eyes to acknowledge the sheer pleasure we are feeling. Jenny continues to work herself down in an erotic rhythm that I try and help with. Soon the two of us reach a climax that I can only describe as earth shattering. Other than Jenny crying out for the creator no other words are said. A smile crosses both of our faces as we stare deep into each other’s eyes. Soon Jenny extracts herself and lays her down next to me rests her head on my chest, but not before another deep passionate kiss.

As I lay there in the afterglow of the most incredible, sensuous, loving experience imaginable I can’t help to be in awe at where my life has progressed to in the last few weeks. And the beautiful blonde next to me is the main reason for that. I have been able to find myself as Alexa partially thanks to her and I was lucky enough that this beautiful angel didn’t care how I expressed myself. The fact that it went even farther than that to the point we are at now was even beyond the wildest fantasies that I had ever dreamed of. I can feel myself begin to tear up a little. I was feeling more love than I had ever felt before from another human being. I started to mentally kick myself for the tears, but was interrupted by Jenny as she slowly raised her head up and looked warmly at me.

“I love you Lex.” Her voice said softly as she placed another loving kiss on my lips. The smile that came across my face masked the tears I was fighting back. For the first time in my life I truly felt wanted and it was all because of this beautiful blonde that had just expressed her deepest feelings towards me. I know I have said it before, but I could have died right at this moment and would have had no regrets. Finally, I can’t hold back the tears and let go. Jenny holds onto me and lets me expend all the emotion that has built up.

When I am finally done, she looks at me again. “I really do love you Alexa. I know it has been a short time, but I can’t imagine being without you.”

“I love you too Jenny.” I respond and give her another huge kiss. We don’t leave the bedroom for a couple of hours and make love to each other several more times. I know I should be off shopping for dinner tomorrow night, but here was no way I was leaving this bed and this girl. I can go in the morning. Eventually the two of us lay exhausted from the energy we have expended during this love making session. After a moment, Jenny asks if I am thirsty and I just nod. She gets out of bed and walks over to my closet. She pulls out my Gopher hockey jersey and slips it on. Even though it is big on her, it still barely covers her rear end. She looks damn sexy in it. “I don’t think anyone has ever looked better in a hockey jersey in my life” I tell her. She does a little pose and then comes over and gives me a long kiss. I try pulling her back in bed with me but she playfully chastises me before heading out to the kitchen. At least I thought. A second after she left the bedroom I hear the main apartment door slam shut. I can’t help but wonder what she is up to.

My questions are answered a few minutes later as I hear the door to the apartment open again and I hear the pitter patter of Jenny’s feel coming down the hall. Jenny enters the room carrying two bottles of waters, a bowl of various fruit and what appears to be my new royal blue robe. It was the whole set, tap pants, camisole and robe. “If I’m going to dress to turn you on, you have to do the same” she informs me. We both share a giggle as I slip on the tap pants and camisole and cuddle up with Jenny. We begin feeding each other grapes, raspberries and strawberries. At least we attempt to. It soon turns into a little bit of mini food fight with various fruits being thrown at each other or one of us ‘force’ feeding the other. There is also lots of hugging and kissing during this and at one point the bowl winds up on the floor with several pieces of fruit that had found their way to the floor earlier as we continue the love making session. Eventually we find ourselves cuddled up again, a layer of glistening sweat covering our bodies and smiles covering our faces.

We both don our discarded clothing and head out into the kitchen to look for something more substantial to eat. “Hey look,” Jenny says “It’s dark outside. How long were we in there?”

“Not long enough” I say as I grab her from behind and begin to nuzzle her neck. At first I am greeted by a low moan that appreciates what I am doing and then she wrestles away from me.

“Knock that off or we will never eat anything.” Jenny says as she seductively moves away from me towards the kitchen, flashing a little of her derriere as she kicks a leg up playfully. That was all the motivation I need as I come up behind her and resume the nuzzling. Our play time is soon interrupted as Katie comes through the door as she busts us standing in front of an open fridge.

“I can see a lot got done around here after I left for work.” Katie states as she walks through the door carrying a bag and sits down at my kitchen table.

“Don’t you knock?” I say as I give Jenny another quick kiss before letting her go and dragging her to the table with me as I can smell food. I look at Katie as we approach the table. ‘So sis, what you bring us to eat?” I say as I take a seat and pull Jenny on to my lap.

“Nothing.” She says with a smug smile. ‘I tried texting you two to see if I should bring anything home, but no one answered so I just worried about myself.” Katie says as she pulls out a box and opens it revealing a juicy steak. Jenny and I both begin reaching for it only to get our hands slapped by Katie. “You didn’t answer so you get nothing.” Jenny and I begin to give pouty looks and start playfully whimpering as Katie heads to the kitchen to grab some silverware. As she comes back, I get a playful slap on the back of the head as I am reaching for the steak and potatoes.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“For being naughty girls. Both you.” Katie says as she takes her seat. Looking at us she just sighs and shakes her head. She reaches into the bag and produces another box. You would have thought that Jenny and I had not eaten in weeks by the expression of our faces as we grab the box, and begin feeding each other. “You two are out of control.” Katie chastises us. “I suppose you two have been in the bedroom all night.”

“Not all night.” Jenny answers sheepishly.

“Yeah.” I say trying to act tough. “We came out, ah 5 minutes ago.”

“Just what I thought” Katie says with a shaking of her head and then a smile begins forming. “You two better get it out of your system tonight. You can’t act like a couple of rabbits tomorrow in front of Dick and Char. Char will wear the beads out if she sees you two.” I chuckle at that but can see Jenny is a little shaken by Katie’s comments. I wrap my arms around Jenny and try and comfort her. Katie speaks up as well. “Don’t worry Jen. You have nothing to be scared of tomorrow. Alexa though is up against it.” I think that this calms Jenny down, but I am still not sure she is handling the idea of tomorrow night very well.

After we finish our food, we begin trying to lay out a plan for tomorrow on the shopping trip that Jenny and I blew off tonight. We make plans to go to Byerly’s bright and early and Jenny and I wish Katie a good night. “I get it. You two want to be alone. I can take a hint.” Katie says as she gets up to head back to the girls’ apartment. As she reaches the door, she turns and looks at us. ‘Two things before I leave. Try and get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. And Jenny, next time you wear that jersey, please wear some panties.” Katie says and heads out the door laughing away. Jenny and I just cuddle up to each other again and share another kiss before Jenny stands and reaches out for my hand and leads me back to the bedroom where begin where we left off before dozing off to sleep.

The alarm goes off way too early for the little the two of us have slept. I reach for my phone and shut off the alarm and as I do I am greeted with a kiss on my bare chest from Jenny. Of course, this leads to some continued kissing and heavy petting. However, before we can continue to more exciting endeavors we are interrupted by my ‘sister’ calling out from the living room “We have to start locking that door” Jenny states causing me to laugh. Reluctantly the two of us get out of bed and don the jersey and sleepwear we had each warn yesterday and moved out to the living room. We can hear Katie making noise from the kitchen as we enter in to the living space of the apartment.

Jenny and I enter the main part of the apartment and turn the corner into the small, secluded kitchen and find Katie fighting with my coffee maker. As she gets the coffee brewing, she turns and looks at the two of us. “Good morning lovebirds, I hope the two of you got some sleep last night and weren’t being naughty.” Katie seems with a smirk. I continue into the kitchen and reach for some cups, gently shoving Katie as I pass her. “Hey chicky, watch it” she replies as she playfully punches me in the arm. “Are you two ready to go grocery shopping?”

“I guess. I can’t remember, did we make a list last night?” I look at both girls and they shake their head no. I ask Jenny to grab a piece of paper out of my back pack and I begin looking through the cupboards, shouting out needed items as we wait for the coffee to brew. Satisfied I have remembered everything I move back to the kitchen table and join the girls to enjoy the morning coffee.

Katie goes back to giving us orders. “Ok you two need to shower and get dressed. It’s 7:30 now, do you think you can be ready to go in a half hour? Jenny and I look at each other and smile a knowing smile as if we had other ideas. “Hey you two, knock it off” Jenny admonishes us. “You will each take showers in your own apartments. And get ready there. You are not allowed to see each other until it is time to leave. Do you two understand?” Jenny and I just nod at Katie’s maternal lecture and we can’t let it slide by unacknowledged.

“Yes Mom!” Jenny and I say in unison, casing Katie to laugh. Jenny stands and gives me a long kiss and heads to her apartment, leaving Katie and I alone. I kind of feel like a little kid as I sit there with Katie just staring at me. I can tell she has something on her mind and I ask her that very question.

With a sigh, Katie asks “Are you ready for this little dinner tonight?” The concern Katie shows has me worrying.

“I don’t know. This will definitely be a reality check.” I acknowledge the concern Katie has.

“Don’t let him get to you OK? Remember both Jenny and I will be here for you. I know the man is a prick but he is your father and Jenny has never met him. Try and be nice to him. But don’t let him push you around. You have come a long way in a short period, let Alexa’s personality come out, just not her clothes OK?” As always the advice my ‘sister’ gives me gives a little boost of confidence and I thank her. The next advice she gives energizes me even more “I think Alexa needs to be the one shopping today, not Alex. What do you think?” I nod my head eagerly. “Would you mind if I pick out your clothes for the day?” I nod at that as Katie pushes me towards the bathroom where I shower and completely shave. When finished, I return to my room and I smile as I see the attire laid on the bed before me. I slip on the black thong and bra set and insert the breast forms. I grab the stretch jeans left for me and pull them on. I can already feel how they lift and form my butt and get a wicked smile. I pull the navy sweater on and head to the bathroom to put on the makeup Katie had brought over. Satisfied with the look I return to my room don my wig and black wedge ankle boots. Even though I has been growing my hair out, I still need the wig. I wrap the multicolored scarf around my neck and stop in the bathroom to take one more look. I do look good. The next thought that comes to my mind is I hope Jenny likes how I look.

My question is answered as I enter the living room at about the same time the girls walk in. Jenny says nothing but comes over to me with a lecherous smile on her face and gives me a long kiss. As her tongue enters my mouth, I can feel her hand reach around and start grabbing my ass. “God you are hot Lex.” I just moan as we continue to tongue wrestle for a moment before we are admonished by Katie.

“Enough you two. Let’s GO!” Katie says holding the door open for us. Jenny heads out first followed by my passing through the door that Katie has held open. As I walk by my sister, she stops me and says “Jenny’s right. You do look hot. I have pretty good taste, don’t I?” I giggle at Katie’s confidence and head out the door and slide up next to my girlfriend and grab her hand. As we head towards the car, I can’t help like I have everything that I need right here with me. Soon we are on our way to Byerly’s.

Once inside the store, I take control. I give Jenny and Katie each a task to go and get certain items as I head to the meat counter to pick out a nice roast. I tell the older gentleman behind the counter how many I am feeding and ask for his advice, the whole time just beaming as I think about the last twenty-four hours of my life, not realizing that I might be projecting something else. I flash a smile and thank the man for all his help and turn to put the roast in my cart. Jenny is standing there with a frown on her face. She looks at me and says “Were you just flirting with him?” The question stops me in my tacks. Was Jenny jealous of me? Did she think I was going to runoff on her? I walk over to her and pull her into my arms for a long hug.

“God no! Jenny, one I would never want some guy and most importantly, I love you more than anything. I just can’t stop thinking about us, so maybe I am giving off some sort of vibe. I’m sorry, I’m all yours, you have nothing to worry about.” I try and explain to my girlfriend. To try and allay these feelings I give her a long kiss right there, not caring who may see us. Luckily it went unnoticed by those around us. Unfortunately, it did not go unnoticed by a returning Katie.

“Geez you two. Even here in the store? Knock it off before we give some soccer mom a fit.” Jenny and I giggle as we let go of each other, except we do keep holding hands as we continue to shop. I do notice that occasionally, I can see Jenny looking over at me with various looks. Sometimes there a look of questioning, sometime s it is a look of pride and others it is almost like a look of animal lust. One thing the little event at the meat counter teaches is me is that there is a touch of jealousy in Jenny. That incident will always serve as two reminders to me. One she does love me and two not to mess with her.

The trek through the grocery store continues as we continue to get items that will be perfect to serve to my parents. I decide besides the roast beef I will go with a simple menu of oven browned potatoes and steamed green beans as well. My dad is a strictly meat and potatoes kind of guy, but I do know my mother will appreciate the green beans at least. Desert then becomes the all-consuming item. Buying a pie is one thought, but everything here is so expensive. As we look through the bakery at the various items, I get sticker shock. It was then I decide I would make a nice apple crisp. I instruct Katie to go get a couple of different apples as I drag Jenny with me to get the few other items I need. As Katie leaves I stop and look at Jenny, “Are you all right?” I ask.

A blush come over Jenny’s face. “I’m sorry” she says. “I do get a little jealous. You have to remember I am the little rich girl who gets everything she wants” She continues on with a little smirk on her face. “It just seemed like you were flirting with him and I got scarred. Scarred that I wasn’t going to be enough. That as Alexa comes out more you would want something more.” Tears started to come to her eyes.

Looking around, I see that no one will notice us, I pull her in. I whisper into her ear. “Jennifer Ann Thompson. I have loved you since freshman year and I NEVER, EVER would do anything to jeopardize this. I have been living on Cloud 9 for the last few weeks since this all began. You will never have to worry about me” and I gently bend down and give her a long kiss. A kiss that I hope will take away some of the fear she has. I do also know that the two of us are going to have a long talk tonight. We release our clinch and continue on our way to get the last of our needed ingredients. And make our way to the check lanes and out the door headed for my apartment.

When we return to my apartment, I realize we forgot to go to the liquor store. I found this to be the perfect opportunity to try and get rid of Katie for a little while and spend some time with Jenny. I think Katie knew something was up when I practically begged her to go and even offered up the use of my car. With a slight wink to Jenny, I handed over my keys to my sister and gave her a detailed list of what I needed. Soon she was out the door and I was alone with Jenny. I turned and looked at my girlfriend in the kitchen putting away the groceries. I was almost feeling bad at how I might have made her feel. I walked into the kitchen and she flashed me a warm smile. Without even saying a word I walked up to her and planted a huge kiss on her lips. This slowly evolved into some heavy groping through our clothes. Suddenly Jenny stopped and considered my eyes. “I’m sorry” she whispered and buried her head into my chest. I was at lost for what to say. What is she sorry about? Rather than argue with her I simply took her by the hand and led her to the couch.

“I’m the one who should be sorry.” I say. “I didn’t realize I was flirting with him”

“You weren’t. I was just being a jealous bitch. Can you forgive me?” Jenny says looking up at with those beautiful blue eyes that seemed to slowly be moving back to the unhappy look. I felt small at that point. She wanted to be forgiven for her actions. This is so different than the girl I had met two years ago who I do not believe had ever said the words I’m sorry. I mumbled to her that there was nothing to be sorry about and continued our kissing. It soon evolved into much more and we found ourselves racing to the bedroom. The love making was much more passionate and animalistic but still more loving than anything. As we lay on my bed trying to catch our breath we hear the front door open.

“Get out here you two” Katie yells. “I knew there was reason you let me use your car and sent me to Haskell’s. Get dressed. Now” Giggling Jenny and I share one more kiss and get dressed, sort of. I pull on my old robe, while Jenny pulls on the Gopher Jersey, ignoring her roommate’s earlier tip. Entering the living room, we are met by a harsh stare from my ‘sister’ as she stands there with two bottles of wine and a 12 pack of Grain Bet Premium. “You two better get control of your hormones. We still have a lot to do.” Feeling like little kids, Jenny and I move to the kitchen and begin making the Apple Crisp. Mostly I began making it and teaching Jenny what I am doing. I will admit it was a little hard trying to cook with Jenny hanging on my arm most of the time but I didn’t care.

Soon the Apple Crisp was done and everything else was prepped ready for cooking. The three of us sit around in the living room waiting for the final stretch. It was at his point Katie speaks up once again. “It’s quarter of three and there are still some things we need to finish and you two need to get change. Jenny go make the bed. And then go get changed. Alexa, you need to wash up and bring Alex back for a while. I think Dick would notice if you walked around with your forms on. Now get to it!”

Soon it was 4:00 and I turned on the TV to check on both the score and the time left in the game. 4:37 left in the 4th quarter and the Gophers were beating Illinois. Well at least that will put Dick-head in a good mood. I inform the girls that we have about a half an hour until they will be here. It was time. I give Jenny a kiss and tell her she better head out if she wants to make her grand entrance and I grab Katie telling her I need her help. I have Katie begin cutting and cooking some bacon while I brown the outside of the roast as well as the potatoes in oil. Soon the roast and potatoes are in the oven and we await my parents for show time.

Our wait is not long as there is knock on the door. I give Katie a nervous look as I go and answer the door. I check through the peephole and verify that it’s my parents. I open it and welcome them. First I receive a hug from my mother and then a hand shake from my father. Both my parents look around and kind of check out things. Neither has been here since I moved in, so it is somewhat foreign. Trying to relax them, I ask “Can I get you anything to drink, I have Diet coke, wine, Beer.” My mother asks for a glass of wine. The next question is one I prepared for.

“I’ll take a beer. So, where is this girlfriend I keep hearing about.” At that point Katie came from around the wall that divides the kitchen from the living room. ‘So is this,” My father stops his inquiry “Oh it’s just you Fahey. How you doing Katie?” I laugh at the first shot at my father by the three of us as I can see the disappointment on face

“Hello Mr. Quinn. Good to see you.” Katie says before she moves over to my mother. “Hello Charlotte” Katie says to my mother as she gives her a hug. “It’s been too long. Sorry I couldn’t make it to lunch and you got stuck with the two love birds.”

“It’s good to see you too Katie. How’s your mother?” my mother inquires as the two women move off to the couch.

My father, obviously annoyed by the ‘woman talk’ looks at me “You said something about a beer? It better not be any of that fruity microbrew crap.”

Laughing inside my head while also cringing at my father’s comment “No Dad, Grain Belt Premium. Do you think I would forget that?” I ask as I move to the kitchen and grab a beer for my father and three glasses of wine. I return to the living room and hand my dad the beer and place two of the glasses of wine on the table in front of Katie and my Mom and keep the third glass for myself. “So how was the game? I didn’t catch much. I saw they won.” I say to my dad trying to make some small talk.

My father paces around looking at various things. He spots the pictures on the book shelf. He takes a long look at the one of Jenny and I then picks up the family picture that sits on a lower shelf. “They got damn lucky. The Illini have a pretty shitty defense or they would have gotten killed. I tell you that Taylor kid is a horseshit quarterback. I said that when he was at Burnsville and he hasn’t gotten any better.” My dad shakes his head and grimaces as he looks at the picture. I wonder if he is having regrets at how close we were or sorrow as he thought how life could have been if I had been just like my brothers. As he is putting the picture back, the door to the apartment opens and in walks Jenny. She looks gorgeous in the same shirt dress I wore a few weeks ago on that fateful day. However rather than a belt like I had worn, it is held by a red sash. As always she looked stunning. Jenny confidently walked into the room and greeted my mother with a hug before walking over to me and giving me a big kiss on the lips.

Looking at my father as he stood there with his mouth agape, I could tell he was in shock over how beautiful Jenny was. I can only and sit here and smirk as I begin my introduction. “Dad, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend Jenny Thompson. Jenny this is my father, Dick Quinn.”

Jenny quickly sticks out her hand. ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Quinn.” My father just mumbles under his breath as he tries to come up with something to say.

“It’s nice to meet you as well.” My dad says taking the offered hand while trying not to act so flustered. I couldn’t be happier that my dad is in shock over Jenny and I. My father had always derided me over my lack of luck with women when compared to my brothers. But now here I was standing in front of him with a woman that blew away any of their girlfriends. Jenny gave me another kiss on the cheek and moved to the couch. My dad looked at me as I watched Jenny walk away, “How the hell did you pull that off?” My dad asked me.

Feeling a little bold I just looked at him and said “I don’t know. Ask her. She made the first move.” And I walked away announcing to the room that I was going to check on dinner and asking them if they needed anything. Getting a no from everyone, I head to the kitchen to check on things. The roast and potatoes look like they will be done soon and I start calculating how much time that I will need to cook the beans when I hear from my left.

“Do you need some help?”

I turn to see Jenny standing there giggling holding open her dress and displaying a beautiful Purple bra and panty set trimmed with white lace and flashing a seductive smile. “God yes, but my folks are out there.” Jenny quickly closes the dress back up giggling away. I walk over to her and give her a long kiss. “Can I get your help later?” I ask as we continue to kiss away. At that point, my father rounds the corner. I look up to see him standing there with another stunned look on his face. Jenny attempted to bury her head in my chest as my dad asked if there was more beer. I gently slide Jenny to one side and open the fridge and grab a beer out of the fridge. He thanks me and heads back to the living room. Jenny and I break out into giggles as we try to deal with being busted by my dad. Soon Katie enters the kitchen. She begins to ask how everything was going but sees the two of us giggling away.

“Were you to making out in here?” Sheepishly we both nod our heads. “I knew it had to be something like that, because Dick came into the living room acting like he saw a ghost or something. It was funny as hell, but you two have to stop this for a little while OK.” The two of us nod shamefully but with big smiles on our face.

“Sorry MOM!” I say” to Katie with Jenny again cuddling up to me once again laughing into my chest trying to hide herself. The next thing I know my mother has entered the kitchen.

“Did you say something dear?” my mom asks.

“No Char.” Katie says turning to my mother. “I realized that the two love birds had disappeared so I thought I better check on them. When I saw Dick come back with that look on his face I knew they were up to no good.”

My mother lets out a little laugh. “Dick does not do well with those situations. I’m sure that he is quite off kilter with how pretty Jenny is and that she is with Alex. I tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t believe me. It’s good to shock his system occasionally. I better go check on him. Why don’t you come with me Jenny? Let’s give him some more shock treatment.” My mother finishes giggling away as she leads my girlfriend back to the living room to spend more time with my father. I was surprised at how my mother had taken to Jenny and how much she had just opened up. After my mother and Jenny left, Katie and I just stared at each other in shock.

“Who was that woman?” I asked Katie which started her laughing. I had Katie begin steaming the beans and I began making the gravy. Once the beans were done I threw them in a pan of olive oil and the bacon and added some lemon to give them a final touch Katie became my ‘waitress’ and was moving the completed items of the meal to the table and soon everything was on the table and ready to go. Katie announce that dinner was served and soon we were all at the table. Of course, my mother wouldn’t let us eat without saying grace. I could tell Jenny was a little uncomfortable with this, but Katie had been around my family enough to know Charlotte and her ways. Soon my father was carving the beef and we were enjoying the meal. My mother was very complimentary of it, as were Katie and Jenny. My father seemed to be tolerating the green beans and but he was eating everything so I guess he liked the rest. The only thing my dad did to get under my skin about the food is when he asked for the ketchup. Why would anyone use ketchup on a nice piece of beef was beyond belief.

However, it wasn’t my father’s use of condiments that was concerning me the most as the meal when on. The first incident that started to make me nervous was when I stood up to go to the kitchen and get more gravy. “What the hell are those pants you’re wearing?” my father asked. I looked down and froze. I was wearing my women’s stretch jeans and not the skinny jeans. Thankfully Jenny was there to cover for me and explain that they were some jeans that she had bought for me. She asked my dad if they looked nice, and all he could do was grunt. “I don’t get you guys nowadays. Wearing these chick clothes. No offense Jenny, but those seem a little tight.” Jenny tried to persuade otherwise, but my father would have none of it. “All I am saying, is that in my day, men wore Levi’s or Wrangler’s, not some fruity thing like Gloria Vanderbilt’s.” I signaled Jenny from the kitchen to drop the issue

The second event of the evening that got me just as concerned is when we were having desert. My mother and the girls began talking about the recent events of “The Bachelor”. While never being a fan of reality TV, I had started watching it with Jenny as another way to spend time together. As we were talking about the actions of Rebecca on the show and her attempts to gain the bachelor, Devan’s favor. I joined in and did not realize how animated I had become during the conversation. I realized I had made some hand gesture that was obviously very feminine and hoped that my parents did not pick up it. My mother did not, at least she made no comment on it. However, as I looked at the opposite end of the table, I saw my father giving me an odd, questioning look. I felt like I had been busted. With a touch of confusion in his voice, my father asks me “You are watching a chick show rather than Monday night football? Jesus Christ! Is that how I raised you?” By the look on Jenny’s face I could tell she was shocked by my father’s opinion. Before I could say anything, my mother surprisingly chastised my father.

“Dick, let them be! If Alex wants to spend time with his girlfriend it will not kill him.” I was in shock that my mother spoke up against my father, and I think my father was as well. The look on his face was one of incomprehension. He just shook his head at the conversation and returned to his apple crisp. As the conversation amongst the women and I continued I could see his frustration build and he stood up from the table. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. He went to the living room, plopped himself in a chair and turned on the TV. My mother turned to me “Go sit with your father. He seems a little upset.” Nodding, I heed my mother’s request. I grab my glass and join my father as he flips channels on the TV. I feel like I am back home as he barely acknowledges my presence at first. Before turning to me and speaking.

“What the fuck is going on here? Are you completely pussy whipped?” My father says to me with almost anger in his voice. “Yeah she is a good-looking girl, but grow some balls boy! You’re the man. Don’t sit and watch some chick show with her, don’t let her buy you some fruity clothes. Man up!” Outwardly I attempted to agree with my father, but inwardly I was losing it. He will lose his mind if he finds out about the changes I have begun to go through. I don’t care what he says about me, but he needs to leave Jenny alone. Before I can say anything, Dick-head begins spouting more advice to me. “And do something about all the crap you got laying around here. What is this candles, pictures of your girlfriend and your family on shelves. A plant over there. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the only room you decorated here is the bathroom!” The disgust on my father’s face said it all. His final comment puts me over the edge as he whispers, “She’s just some piece of ass. They are a dime a dozen.” I finally get the nerve to say something.

“You leave Jenny alone. You can be a prick to me but you ever say anything about Jenny again old man you are going to have to deal with me.” My father just eyes me up and laughs. The arrogance that his man displays is amazing.”

My dad looks over at my mother and says “Come on Char, I think it’s time to head home and leave the girls alone.” He emphasizes the word girls and looks directly at me as he says it. For the first time in a while I agree with something my dad says. I try and return his smile, which surprisingly makes him flinch ever so slightly.

My mother gives me a sympathetic look as she gives me a hug and my dad moves to the door. She turns and gives both the girls a hug telling Katie to keep an eye on Jenny and I. She gives Jenny a hug and tells her to watch me. She gives me another sympathetic look and mouths ‘I’m Sorry”

This whole time my father is standing at the door getting anxious. “Come on Char, let’s get a move on it! Jesus!” As final shot on the way out the door, my dad yells see you girls and soon one of the worst nights of my life is over.

As soon as the door closes I completely lose the temper I have held in for the last few hours. “Fuck you Asshole” I scream. “I hope you get pulled over for a DWI on the way home then some guy tries to fuck you up the ass when you’re in jail!” I continued screaming other profanities at the top of my lungs. I don’t even remember what I was saying but soon all the anger is drained from my body and I begin to break down. Jenny is immediately at my side trying to comfort me and she begins to lead me to the couch. I continue my break down as Jenny just holds me.

I slowly sit up and through my tears I look at Jenny and ask, “How can anyone be so closed minded? Did you hear the lecture he gave me?”

Jenny looks at me sympathetically, “Only a little. Your mother did because she got up from the table quickly when we heard him talking to you. I’m so sorry Lex. I thought everything was going so well. When he got here, you seemed so confident. The food was great but it was like he kept coming at you. He kept trying to put you down. Now I know why you call him Dick-head.”

“The guy is a Grade A prick, and you only saw part of it Jen.” Katie says as she sits down next to me on the couch. “Hey, at least your Mom seemed to enjoyed it. She even commented on what a good cook you are. I should have known your dad would be like this, but it was worse than I remember.” Both girls help, with the attention they were giving me. But the feeling that I had failed my father kept coming back to me. But the longer I think about how my dad was making me feel the madder I got. Screw him! I don’t need to take his crap any more. I pull myself together and pry myself away from Jenny. I turn and look at Katie and I see the concern in her eyes. I thank her than look at Jenny. There are so many things I see in her eyes. I see concern, I see fear but most of all I see love. I knew what I had to do. I gave Jenny a kiss and got up. I went to my room. I put on my wig and breast forms. I put back on my navy sweater and scarf from earlier. I apply some make up and this time I put on my knee high black boots. Ten minutes later I am standing in front of my sister and my girlfriend.

‘Girls let’s go. Alexa needs a drink!”

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