Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 17

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Synopsis; The mean boy from next door comes over to babysit Baby Jennie and Angelica. David invites his girlfriend over to help humiliate Baby Jennie, but things don't go as planned.

Chapter 17. Come to Daddy

A few minutes later I was lying back on the change table upstairs in the Nursery, and Mummy was tugging down my shiny satin panties and my wetproof rubber knickers. She whisked them free of my compliantly-raised feet without bothering to remove my red strappy sandals first, and she looked pleased when she couldn't find any nasty stains on my rustling white rubber panties. She was brisk and efficient as she peeled the dirty wet nappies away from my bottom with a resigned sigh. She decided not to strip me completely, assuring me; "I don't have time to wash that dirty bot-bot in the bath right now, sweetie. Mummy will just give you a quick wipe-down for the moment, and she'll give you a lovely hot bath after your afternoon nap. Okay, baby?"

I realised it didn't really matter what I wanted, so I chewed contentedly on my dum-dums and didn't bother replying. Mummy disposed of the liners and rinsed the messy nappies in the bathroom, and then tossed them in the bucket under the change table. She made short work of cleaning my poopy botty and between my legs. Because I hadn't had time to sit in my stinky mess, it wasn't smeared all over the place as usual. Mummy made quick work of wiping me down with a handful of cool moist baby wipes. I kind of missed the close loving attention when she was forced to thoroughly clean every grubby nook and cranny of my sensitive areas, after I'd managed to mash my sticky poo-poos all over the place down there. She arranged a fresh crackling disposable diaper between the fluffy cloth layers, before sliding the thick wad of clean nappies under my helpfully-raised rear.

"Good girl. And botty down, baby. That’s it." Mummy grabbed my ankles and tilted my legs back, raising my bottom to position the blue disposable nappy liners correctly. She kept my feet poised in the air while she used a wipe-covered finger to better clean my delicate rosebud. When she poked her longest finger right inside my sensitive boy-pussy, I gasped at the stimulating intrusion and wriggled my little legs in consternation. Mummy's iron grip on my ankles was too secure. "Shh, baby girl! Shhh. Mummy needs to make sure you're lovely and clean back here, too, darling. Shhh."

Every time she gently but firmly inserted her sheathed finger into my boy-pussy and wiggled it around, my excitable little clittie thickened and jerked with arousal. By the time she lowered my feet to the padded table, my swelling tool was already red and hard. She only smiled tightly and gave her head a tiny shake of bemusement. "My special little girl has such a sensitive little rosebud," she cooed, chuckling at my embarrassed expression and my rosy pink cheeks. She merely smiled indulgently as she covered my straining clittie with a heavy coating of baby powder. She rubbed the lightly-perfumed talc over my bobbing stiffy and trembling tummy, before covering my bruised botty cheeks in a thick white layer, too.

I don't know why I glanced towards the doorway to the landing. It might have been a tiny noise, or the strange feeling that I was being watched. When I gasped and jerked in fear, Mummy's olive-green eyes snapped towards where I was staring in wide-eyed horror. David was leaning in the Nursery doorway with a peculiar grin twisting his handsome features, his muscular arms folded over his broad manly chest. "David!" Mummy cried in alarm. I was grateful when she automatically covered my aroused genitals with the front flap of my clean nappy. "How long…? Why…? What are you doing upstairs? I thought I told you to keep an eye on Angelica?" Moments later my thick comfy nappy was being pinned snugly over my embarrassing stiff clittie. I quietly sighed in relief.

"Mike is looking after Angie in the back yard, Mrs R. Don't worry about her," he replied with a lazy grin. His bright blue eyes were hooded by half-closed lids, and he wore a sleepy, insolent expression that was almost offensive. There was something about his tone and attitude I didn't like, but I assumed it was just me.
"Go and wait for me downstairs," Mummy coldly ordered him. "When I'm paying you to be the babysitter, I expect you to look after my girls - not your little brother!"
"Sure, sure, Mrs R. Sorry." He held up his calloused palms to placate her, and gave her a smarmy smile before he backed out of the Nursery. We both heard his heavy tread fading downstairs, and I thought I caught a muffled snicker of amusement.
"I'm not sure I trust that boy," Mummy sniffed in annoyance. "I don't think we'll hire him as a babysitter after today. Not if your cousins are available, anyway."

The same two pairs of panties were pulled over the top of my bulky swaddling. Mummy remembered to heavily powder my thighs first, too, so the clinging rubber knickers slid up my legs more easily. She lifted me down from the change table smelling sweetly of baby powder, and took my hand to lead me back downstairs. "It's almost lunchtime now, so I might as well lock you straight into your highchair, Baby Jennie. Come along, darling," she urged me. She helped me waddle down the hallway before dragging me into the kitchen and lifting me into the humiliating pink contraption. As soon as I was safely buckled in and the heavy wooden tray inserted, Mummy stepped to the back door. She called through the screen door, "David! Undo Angie's harness and bring her inside, will you? I'll get lunch ready for the girls now. I've made enough for you and Michael too, if you'd like some?"

Mummy had cooked beef stew and steamed white jasmine rice for lunch, which smelled delicious bubbling on the stove. She measured out four healthy servings into some bright blue plastic bowls. She placed two on the kitchen bench, one on my highchair tray, and another in front of Angie - after David had lifted her into her booster seat. "I won't have time to feed the baby," Mummy complained, nodding pointedly in my direction after a quick glance at her wristwatch. "See this bottle, David?" She asked, stepping to the sink and holding up the glass bottle full of milky liquid from the window sill. When he nodded, she carefully explained; "This is codeine - medicine for Angie, for her sore mouth. Make sure she has half a spoonful after lunch, but before her sippy cup of warm milk. It's a painkiller, and will help her get to sleep quickly. Alright?"
"Yes Ma'am," the blond Adonis obediently replied, the absolute model of politeness. His brother Michael thoughtfully took out some forks from the cutlery drawer and distributed them around.

"Good boy, Mikey," Mummy said, with a fond smile of approval for my younger friend. She turned back to the muscular hunk. "David, you can put the girls down for their afternoon naps about ten minutes after they finish lunch. I should be back before they wake up. Okay, David?" She demanded, insisting on confirmation and waiting impatiently until he nodded obediently.
"Yes Ma'am. Okay."
"Baby Jennie should be right, but Angie will probably need a change of diaper before her nap. Alright, I better get going. Oh, Baby Jennie's bottle is still in the back yard. She'll need it for her milk after lunch, okay? I must run, or I'm going to be late. Goodbye girls," she cooed, gently kissing us both on the cheek in farewell.

"No, Mummy! Don't go!" I whined like a pathetic pre-schooler. Hot tears sprang unbidden from my eyes. I held out my arms imploringly and leaned towards her as far as the tight seatbelt strap and the restrictive highchair tray would allow. "Don't go, Mummy! Don't weave me!" I childishly pleaded, waving my little hands in desperate entreaty. "Pweathe don't weave me, Mummy?"
"Aww! It's okay, darling," Mummy crooned to me like I was a petulant toddler. "I have to leave for a little while. Don't cry, baby. Aww, my poor little girl." She wiped away my tears with my baby-pink bibbie, before cuddling me close and softly pecking my damp cheek again. "Mummy will be back soon, precious; don't worry! I'll be home before you wake up from your nap, honey. I promise! You'll hardly know I was gone, okay?" She gently pinched my blushing pink cheek to wipe away the lipstick mark and smiled reassuringly, despite the concern I could see radiating from her olive-green eyes. She peeled my little arms from around her neck, gave my hands a reassuring squeeze, and stepped back.

"Don't worry about your little girls," David suggested with a cheeky grin that was almost a leer. "They'll settle down as soon as you're gone - just like all toddlers."
Mummy disdainfully raised one perfect arched eyebrow at his unwanted, unsolicited advice. She froze him with a withering glare before turning to us again. "Make sure you behave like good little girls for your babysitter today. Alright, girls?" When I sniffled in misery and we both nodded obediently, she gave us a hurried wave and rushed down the hallway, searching for her keys and handbag. She yelled on departing; "Bye, everybody! Back soon." As soon as we heard the front door slam closed behind her, David turned to me with a malicious grin twisting his handsome features.
"Right," he growled decisively, and reached for the cell phone in his back pocket.

"Baby Jennie's not allowed to feed herself," Angie piped up unnecessarily. "She's too little." My face flushed warmly with embarrassment when I contemplated David trying to spoon-feed me my lunch.
I was grateful when Michael kindly offered, "Don't worry, Dave. I'll do it." He picked up my untouched fork from the highchair tray and tossed it back in the cutlery drawer, and took out one of the familiar pink, rubber-coated spoons and held it up with a cheeky grin. "This one looks like it belongs to you, Baby Jennie." I bit my temperamental bottom lip to stop it poking out like a sulky toddler's, and meekly nodded.
"You can feed the big sissy baby. I've gotta make a quick call," David announced with a smug smirk, and he disappeared into the sunroom punching numbers into his mobile phone.

I tried not to look totally humiliated while Michael carefully spoon-fed me my tasty hot lunch, between cramming forkfuls of yummy minced beef stew and rice between his own smiling lips. I could vaguely hear David chatting on his phone to someone in the next room, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I concentrated on eating 'grown-up' food for the first time in days, secretly thrilled that Mummy hadn't had time to spoon-feed me my usual two jars of bland toddler rubbish. Nevertheless, when David strode back into the kitchen several minutes later with a self-satisfied smirk twisting his sensuous full lips, I knew enough to start worrying. He sat at the kitchen bench and began wolfing down his stew, ignoring Michael while he quietly fed me my entire meal like I was a helpless infant. By the time we'd finished eating my tummy was full. Even Angie had difficulty emptying her bowl. Michael slipped outside and returned in a few moments carrying my empty baby bottle, which he took to the sink and carefully washed and rinsed.

As soon as David finished gobbling down the remaining contents of both pots on the stove, he took Angie's plate and fork away. The handsome teenager grabbed the medicine bottle from the window sill and the dessert spoon Mummy had left beside it in readiness. With a start of fear, I realised it was the same spoon Mummy and Bonnie had been using to try and tame my uncontrollable stiff clittie! I shuddered at the mere sight of it. He loaded the shiny steel utensil with milky liquid, and then held it to my sister's pursed, cupid's-bow lips. "Here you go, kid. Open up…" He scowled in annoyance when she clamped her lips shut in refusal. She turned up her pert little nose and twisted her pretty face away, but then he grinned nastily and approached me instead. "Look, Angie baby," he coaxed, unleashing his megawatt smile on my reluctant sister. "Your sissy baby sister doesn't mind. Watch this. Open up, Bedwetter Baby Jennie… Open wide for daddy… "

Even though I didn't need or want any medicine, I obediently opened my mouth. I was locked in my highchair with nowhere to go - what choice did I have? After he pressed the fully-loaded dessert spoon to my pink-stained lips and tilted it up, I quickly swallowed. For my sister's sake, I tried hard not to pull a face at the horrid taste. David then went through the motions of pouring another dose from the bottle, but from my vantage point in my highchair, I could clearly see the spoon remained empty. "Look, Angie baby," he insisted craftily, and mimed pouring some medicine down his own throat, then noisily fake-swallowed and smiled enticingly. "See? Even I can take it." This time he half-filled the utensil for real, and offered it to her while crooning temptingly; "C'mon, Angie baby! Open wide for daddy…"

Casting David a small scowl for his presumptuousness, my sister reluctantly let him slip the loaded spoon into her open mouth and tip it up. Angie pursed her cupid's bow lips like a cat's bum after she swallowed her medicine, then she shook her head violently in disgust. When Michael quickly handed her the purple sippy-cup full of warm milk straight from the microwave, she urgently gulped down a mouthful to wash away the nasty taste.

Michael gave me my warm pink baby bottle with a small sympathetic smile. I tentatively smiled back at him as I gratefully accepted it. I clutched the huge bottle with both tiny paws and shoved the clear silicon teat in my mouth just as greedily as Angie. I leaned back in my highchair and sucked hard, and I didn't care how infantile I looked at that moment. The cloudy white medicine wasn't pleasant, and I was glad to wash away the yucky taste with a mouthful of warm sweet milk. By the time Angie drained her sippy-cup, I was only half-way through my huge baby bottle. As Michael gently washed my sister's face and hands with a warm soapy washer, we heard the front doorbell ring. Every head swivelled towards the unexpected sound, although from the way our babysitter's handsome face lit up, I knew David had been expecting a visitor. I regretted that we hadn't already been put down for our regular afternoon naps before anybody else found out about my humiliating baby punishment.

The muscular young teen dashed out of the room, and we heard him open the front door and effusively greet someone. When the handsome lad returned to the kitchen a minute later, he was swaggering like he owned the place. He grinned smugly as he finished explaining, "Because of the codeine in the medicine, they'll both be out like lights, soon. If you can change the little one's diaper and put her down for her nap first, Connie, we can have a little fun…" The pretty girl following David into the kitchen was one of our neighbours from across the road. She lived about a half-dozen houses down the street from us, and I didn't know her well. I think her family only moved into our neighbourhood sometime early last year. I plucked the spurting rubber teat from my mouth and clutched my baby bottle in fear, holding it upright so no more milk would leak out.

Connie looked around the same age as David, except she was about six inches shorter. She was wearing a long hot-pink t-shirt from Maui beach in Hawaii, with bright tropical flowers painted over her plump jiggling bosom. Her iridescent pink top almost covered the tiny stonewashed denim shorts I could scarcely see peeping out from underneath. She was wearing a pair of cute, pastel-pink sneakers similar to my own, tied with fluffy pink laces, too. She had short, dark-brown hair cut in a boyish bob, but her face was pretty enough to get away with it. Connie had a slight overbite that made her plump painted lips pout attractively, and seemed to keep her mouth from ever completely closing. Her wide staring eyes were dark-brown, too, with thick black, mascara-lengthened lashes beneath fine dark, perfectly-arched eyebrows. Under a short, upturned snub nose that was almost piggish, her permanently-parted lips were painted with glossy hot-pink lipstick to match her top.

"Hi Connie," Michael quietly greeted the toothy grinning girl, while he rinsed the washcloth at the sink. She gave him a friendly wave and was about to say something before his hulking big brother intervened.
"I forgot you were still here, squirt. You can piss off home now, okay? Rack off home to mummy," David rudely ordered, frowning severely to emphasise his harsh dismissive words.
Michael gave me a discrete shrug of his shoulders and grimaced in resignation as if to say; 'What else can I do?' "See ya, Baby Jennie. Bye Connie, bye-bye Angie," Michael reluctantly farewelled us. He tossed the steaming washcloth on my tray and gave me a sad little wave before he disappeared out the back door.

The girl named Connie stepped over to where I sat cowering silently in my highchair, and her big brown eyes flew wide in disbelief as she read aloud the humiliating message embroidered on my stained bibbie. "Huh! 'Bedwetter Baby Jennie!' Holy shi- shivers!" She exclaimed in amazement, chewing a mouthful of gum like a cow chewing cud. I could clearly see every one of her large white teeth. "You were right, David! She's the biggest goddamn baby I've ever seen!"
"Yeah, I told you," David snickered with malicious satisfaction, his startling blue eyes gleaming with mischief. "But you don't have to worry about her - I mean, him. Mike spoon-fed the big sissy baby her lunch, and her mummy just changed her nappy before she left. But this one," he said, lifting Angie out of her booster seat as though she weighed nothing at all and placing her gently on the floor; "This one needs changing before her afternoon nap - which should be in about ten minutes, anyway."

"Okay, I'll change her diaper and put her down for her nap," Connie readily agreed, smiling invitingly and holding out her hand for Angie to take. "Hi, I'm Connie. What's your name, sweetie? You're such a pretty little thing."
"I'm Angie," my sister softly replied, sounding like she was talking with a mouth full of cotton wool. "That's my baby sister Baby Jennie in her highchair. It's her nap time, too." She smiled sleepily and pointed at me, before accepting the girl's offered hand.
"Aren't you pretty, Angie? And your sister, too! They're both gorgeous," the brunette teen commented in apparent surprise to David. "I love their cute matching polka-dot dresses - but I thought you said one of them was a teenage boy?"
The cruel sneering teenager pointed at me and snorted with withering contempt. "He is!"

Connie glanced unbelievingly at me again. When she noticed me cowering in my pink highchair, my head bowed and my cheeks blazing with shame, a confused smile crept across her pretty pug face. She threw a quick frown at the smirking hulk standing beside her, then looked closely at me again as she chewed her gum more thoughtfully. She began to slowly shake her head in disbelief. She turned to my sister instead of responding and asked, "Why don't you show me where your clean diapers are kept, Angie?" Connie let herself be dragged upstairs to the Nursery with a gay laugh, leaving me alone in the kitchen with the brawny, tousle-haired youth. Handsome David leered menacingly at me, and I defensively held up my bottle of warm milk. I pressed the teat between my trembling lips and sucked hard. I felt my insides shrivel in fear even as another comforting warm stream spurted from my twitching little clittie into my thirsty damp nappies.

Fortunately the beefy teenager ignored me for the interim. He contented himself with opening a fresh bottle of milk from the fridge, and he thirstily drained the whole bottle without bothering to use a glass. David left the refrigerator door open and leaned on it as he drank. He nosily poked through the contents of our fridge, probably looking for something more to eat. The huge blond hunk found some leftovers and ate them straight out of the plastic tubs with his fingers. He carelessly tossed the empty containers in the sink. He grimaced and wiped his greasy hands on the seat of his baggy black shorts when he finished eating.

Ever since David started working out with his weights, he always seemed to be starving. I finally drained my huge baby bottle, and quietly set it on my highchair tray so as not to disturb him. I slowly sat back, my little tummy feeling bloated and full. When I belched uncontrollably, David slammed the fridge door closed and whirled menacingly towards me. I cringed under his disgusted glare. Luckily he was distracted by the sound of Connie bouncing down the stairs, and a few seconds later the pretty brunette strolled into the kitchen looking pleased with herself.

"That's one down for the count," she announced with a toothy smile of satisfaction, and she took away my empty bottle and imperiously handed it to David. "Wash that out in the sink and rinse it thoroughly, and then fill her bottle with cold water. Then bring it upstairs for the baby, will you? It's her nap time, too." He snorted in annoyance at being so casually ordered around, but she either didn't notice or didn’t care. Connie was preoccupied wiping my face with my stained bibbie, but she was gentle as a lamb while she scrubbed a sticky spot from my chin with the cooling damp washcloth. "Bedwetter Baby Jennie, eh?" She teased me again before she removed my dirty bibbie, tossing the humiliating item on the kitchen bench. She grinned as my cheeks burned red with shame.

After brushing my drooping blonde pigtails back over my ears, she commented enviously, "I love your beautiful diamond stud earrings, sweetie!" She fumbled with the hidden catches under my pink tray, removed it, and then set the heavy wooden item aside, leaning it against the legs of my highchair. She unfastened the white leather seatbelt from behind me and pushed it and the crotch strap out of the way. She helped me clamber down from the pink padded seat with a grunt of effort. "Gees you're a big baby!" She complained, smiling to take the sting out of her words. She took my hand to lead me into the hallway.

"No, no!" I squeaked plaintively in protest. "Pweathe, I need my dum-dumth!" I urgently pointed to where it was sitting in the glass of water on the kitchen bench, wailing, "I need my dum-dumth!" She chortled disparagingly as she grabbed it by the dangling pink plastic chain, and she shoved the dripping amber teat in my waiting open mouth.

Connie chewed on her gum as I gratefully chewed on my dummy teat. She snatched my hand again and dragged me down the hallway towards the staircase. I was awkward as a two-year-old as I clumsily mounted the first step. When I timidly glanced up at her while we slowly climbed the stairs, she was grinning down at my unavoidable wide-legged waddle. "How old are you really, Baby Jennie?" Connie demanded quietly. Before I could respond, she commented in a confident voice, "You look like you could be about six or seven - even though you're dressed like a two-year-old, and you act like one, too! Are you truly thirteen? You can't be!" She asked the questions like she'd already made up her mind, and who was I to disillusion her?

I nervously glanced down the stairs behind us to check David wasn't within earshot, and I almost overbalanced. I wobbled alarmingly on my wide-splayed sandalled feet, squealing and swinging my free arm violently to try and stop myself tumbling backwards down the stairs. Connie grabbed my back to support me and I clutched her hand tighter in fear, gasping with relief when she caught me. I made sure I was steady before I softly replied around my dum-dums in my best, highest, little-girl voice; "My name ith Baby Jennie and I'm onwy thix yearth old." I meekly glanced up at her from under half-closed lids, batting my long black lashes innocently and pouting prettily like the shy little girl I secretly wanted to be.
"Huh! I thought so," she muttered darkly, with a quick frown of annoyance obviously not directed at me. "That's what your sister told me, too. Imagine that doofus David trying to convince me you were a teenager! Or a boy! What a joke!" She gave a brittle laugh, but I didn't think she was actually amused when she muttered, "A stupid, bad joke."

Despite her ready acceptance of my lies, my tell-tale cheeks were turning a darker shade of red with my every awkward wobbling step. I lowered my guilt-filled blue eyes and kept my humiliated gaze on the carpeted steps that presented such a challenge to me today. "That idiot didn't have to lie to me, to talk me into coming over here to help. What a dickhead!" Connie abruptly seemed to remember she was holding my hand. She turned to me and apologised, ignoring the pleased smile she must have detected stretching past the pink guard of my dum-dums. "Sorry, sweetie. You know you shouldn't say naughty words like that. Only grown-ups can say bad words like that, you know? But tell me, Baby Jennie - why are you still wearing nappies, if you're already like, six years old?"

I felt a wave of tiredness wash over me as we slowly shuffled along the landing, and my mouth felt strangely dry, despite all the fluids I had recently consumed. "I can't thtop wetting the bed or poo-pooing my pantieth," I mumbled mindlessly around my dummy teat in reply, barely realising what I was saying. I was unthinkingly parroting the responses my cousin Bonnie and her friend Tammy had drilled into my head. "I'm a hewpweth widdle baby girl."

She giggled quietly in derision at my childishly-lisped, self-admitted lack of maturity. Connie had already closed the curtains in the Nursery, and the dim light was soothing to my tired eyes. I found it hard to raise my heavy arms when she kindly removed my short red frock. She carefully lay it on the change table beside Angie's smaller matching polka-dot dress. Connie decided to leave my pretty red satin panties in place, but I was too tired to care. I yawned continuously as I showed her the drawer where my onesies were kept, and she dressed me in the white cotton one with the picture of Barbie on the front. 'I love Barbie - she's so beautiful! I wish I was Barbie, sometimes,' I thought sleepily, wondering why I couldn't stop yawning.

"I used to love Barbie, too," she whispered with a indulgent smile for me, making me wonder if I had unintentionally voiced my thoughts. "I still have a couple of my old Barbies at the bottom of my bedroom cupboard, somewhere… Holy mackerel!" Connie exclaimed softly, as she gamely struggled to stretch the white onesie flaps down over my bulky nappies, trying to force the crotch pieces together. "These are like, the biggest, thickest nappies I've ever seen!" She grunted in relief as she finally fastened the four chromed snap-clips over the red satin panties stretched tautly between my helplessly bowed thighs. I gratefully turned towards my waiting open cot and clumsily waddled closer. I was so tired, I was almost out on my feet. It was difficult climbing up into my high crib even with Connie's help, but we managed at last.

Angie was already fast asleep in her bed, her favourite brown teddy clasped under one unmoving arm. My grinning babysitter raised the high barred side railing till it noisily locked into place above her head, and she shook her brunette bob in amazed disbelief. "Wow! You wear nappies and baby clothes, eat your meals from a highchair, and sleep in a crib... You wear bibs and suck a dummy, and even drink from baby bottles… You sure are one strange little girl, Baby Jennie - even for a six-year-old!" Connie fell silent as David bounded into the room. He handed her the sloshing pink baby bottle full of cold water with his usual sneer when she bossily commanded him to be quiet. "Shh, you! You'll wake Angie," she grumpily ordered in a loud whisper. He frowned in annoyance as he stood beside her.

"Aw, come on, Connie! She's out cold already. Relax," David urged his small brunette friend in a mock stage whisper. I sleepily watched as he possessively grabbed one of her perky round breasts and gave it a hard squeeze. Connie impatiently smacked his rude paw away from her bosom, and she winced in embarrassment when she noticed my bemused expression.
"Don't, David! Not in front of the baby," she primly insisted, with a pointed nod in my direction. When I saw the childish pout of disappointment marring his handsome features, I gave her a tired smile in spite of her calling me a baby. "Here, baby girl," Connie tenderly cooed to me, carefully threading my upright pink baby bottle through the bars to hand it to me. I spat out my dum-dums in readiness, reaching for the heavy full bottle with both hands.

"Aww Connie! C'mon! Let's get out of this bloody Nursery so we can get down to business," David insisted in a frustrated whine. I gratefully accepted the bottle of water from her and shoved the spurting nipple between my suddenly dry lips, wondering why I felt slightly dizzy. David stepped behind Connie and squatted until their hips were almost level, and then he grabbed her around the waist. "C'mon, Connie!" She was hanging onto the pink bars with one hand and leaning over to gently stroke my head, unintentionally sticking out her plump, denim-clad backside for his puerile attention. I saw her frown severely when he started suggestively thrusting his pelvis against her big round bottom.

Connie abruptly leaned back and viciously drove her left elbow into David's ribs, making him grunt in pain. She twisted in his grasp and swiftly twirled around. He fell back in alarm, clutching his left side and groaning. The bottle nipple slipped from my gaping mouth, and I tipped it upright before it spilled any water on my pink pussycat sheets. Connie's big brown eyes were blazing when she snarled in quiet fury, "Get away from me, you idiot! I told you didn't want you to do that to me any more!"
"But- but that's why I asked you to come over! I mean, don't you wanna…?" He had his other hand cupped suggestively over his groin in crude invitation, sliding his fingers slowly up and down with obvious intent. I could see the beginnings of a thick erection swelling sideways towards his right hip. He proudly toyed with it as it grew, squeezing and fondling the huge head with his fingers, trying in vain to ignore the pain from his bruised ribs.

"No, I don't wanna," Connie huffily replied, with a withering scowl for his inarticulate adolescent advances. I lay on my side and giggled at the sulky look on David's face, and the way his plump bottom lip stuck out like a frustrated toddler. Now he looked like a sooky baby - not me. He glared in rage at me through the pink-painted bars, and then controlled himself when he turned to gaze imploringly at the angry brunette.
"Maybe you could just suck it a little?" David entreated. "C'mon, Connie…" he hopefully pleaded. Her only response was to reach up and loudly smack the taller lad on the chest with her open palm, forcing him to step back with a stunned confused expression clouding his handsome boyish features.
"I don't think so!" She snapped testily, "I'm sick of that, and I'm sick of you!" She strode towards the door to the landing with her pug nose in the air. "You're such a stupid liar, David!" Connie snarled in contempt before she marched out.

David trotted outside to the landing, scurrying after her like a beaten puppy. I could hear him begging and her yelling while they walked downstairs. I heard him raise his voice in anger and shout, "Come back upstairs and look for yourself, if you don't believe me!" It was hard paying attention when the whole world felt soft and blurry. I distractedly sucked on my bottle of cool water as I tried to catch her shrilly yelled reply. I let my free hand slide over the crotch of my stretchy onesie. I pressed the stretchy front flap to one side, caressing the silky crotch of my pretty satin panties underneath and loving the feeling of warm cushiony wetness beneath. A few minutes later I heard Connie scream something rude and anatomically impossible at David in her loud piercing voice. Then the front door slammed with enough violence to almost shake the foundations. I chortled as I imagined the brawny teenager's frustration and disappointment. I pushed my bottle aside, stuck my dummy teat in my mouth, and sucked on it contentedly as everything faded to black.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bonnie was lying half-naked on her back and I was resting on top of her, on my tummy. Her voluptuous body felt warm and comfortable under mine, and I detected the delightful cushiony softness of a lovely wet nappy wrapped thrillingly around my excited stiff clittie. I sleepily raised my head to look around and realised we were lying on my buxom cousin's bed. The rest of the room looked fuzzy and slightly out-of-focus. I sucked harder on my dum-dums when I noticed Bonnie had draped her bed in a smooth shiny sheet of transparent pink plastic. It was as though a little girl's mattress protector covered her huge queen-size bed, and it crackled distantly as I wriggled about on my cousin's lush brown body. It felt like everything was wrapped in cotton wool, and even sounds seemed strangely soft and muffled. I breathed in deeply, inhaling the familiar comforting scents of lightly-perfumed baby powder and sweet fresh urine.

Something felt disturbingly different down below. I struggled to focus on what was out of place. Although my clittie was wrapped in delicious warm wetness as usual, my botty felt strangely cool and exposed. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw with shock that I wasn't wearing a nappy! I was lying buck-naked atop Bonnie's broad brown tummy, bare-bottomed like a new-born babe with its mother. But how come I felt so deliciously warm and wet around my sensitive stiff clittie? I raised my torso with effort and twisted my head to look down between us, and realised with a surging thrill of arousal that Bonnie was wearing the hot wet nappies - not me! And she wasn't wearing any plastic panties! My naughty teenage cousin had drenched her thick pink cloth nappy while lying on her plastic-covered bed, and my throbbing clittie was pressed into a soggy groove formed by the bunched wet terrycloth between her plump parted thighs. There was a shallow puddle of aromatic amber urine all the way around her big diapered bum. It sloshed delightfully against the plastic mattress cover whenever she shifted her weight on the bed. I experimentally thrust my pulsating tool into the humid folds of her moist nappy, loving the fabulous thrilling sensations that made me shiver and moan with excitement.

"Come here and suck Mama's titty, Baby Jennie," I heard Bonnie throatily command from over my head. When I tilted my face up to peer up over her long torso, she was smiling down at me and holding up one of those mammoth, basketball-sized breasts for my adulation. Her make-up was flawless as always, her huge golden eyes glowing with desire, and her puffy lips glistened wetly with rich, glossy pink lipstick. "Here you are, baby girl," Bonnie tenderly crooned, and when I reached for the swollen teat with my infant-sized hands, the thumb-sized russet nipple seemed to swell and elongate towards my searching grasp. "Suck hard for Mama, baby." My dum-dums had magically disappeared without my noticing, and as soon as I latched on to the swollen hard nipple, I began urgently sucking. But this time Mama's soft brown titty was bone-dry, even when I chewed hungrily on the firm rubbery teat. I grumbled wordlessly in frustration and sucked harder and louder on the mouth-filling nipple, desperate to extract some warm sweet milk from those delightful fleshy containers. I heard muffled footsteps beside me, and suddenly knew there was someone else in the room.

Tammy stepped into sight at the side of Bonnie's bed, and the gorgeous petite blonde had never looked so stunning. Her short, honey-blonde hair was bound in two juvenile pigtails high on either side of her head with dangly pastel-pink satin ribbons, and she batted her impossibly-long black lashes coquettishly. Her perfect, pouting, dark-pink lips were unadorned by any trace of lipstick, and glistened moistly when she ran the wet tip of her tiny pale-pink tongue across them. Her dark shadowed eyelids drooped to shade her big brown eyes in that sexy sleepy manner, and her cheeks were flushed with sexual arousal. She was wearing a snug white, button-front blouse that was completely sheer, and the shirt-tails were knotted tightly around her tiny waist above the delicate cleft of her belly button.

Although her blouse was demurely buttoned to her slender throat, beneath the gauzy white top I could clearly see Tammy's slender bust and her hard pink, pencil-eraser nipples, the erect little buds straining for my attention against the diaphanous material. Below a smooth expanse of flat brown tummy and a pretty navel free of ornamentation, she wore the briefest schoolgirl skirt you could imagine. The tiny skirt was wide-flared with multiple pleats, in a darling pastel-pink, white, and dove-grey tartan. It was so short, I could clearly see Tammy was wearing a thick pink cloth nappy pinned underneath, but with no plastic panties to cover them, either.

"Mama, I have to do a wee-wee," the gorgeous blonde seventeen-year-old proudly announced, before climbing up on the high crackling, plastic-covered bed, to stand next to Bonnie's head. Tammy was wearing sheer white frilly anklet socks with two elaborate rows of wide baby-pink lace frills below the fold, and baby-pink court shoes that perfectly matched the ribbons in her hair and the pink tartan of her miniskirt. Neither girl seemed to worry that her five-inch, pencil-thin stiletto heels might puncture the thin plastic mattress protector, potentially causing quite a pungent mess on Bonnie's bed.

"Good girl, Tammy! Come here to Mama," Bonnie lovingly crooned from her supine postion, reaching up for the wobbling girl's puffy hips. She directed the submissive teen to stand with her heels either side of Bonnie's head, and then my cousin urged the gorgeous blonde to squat, and then kneel over her eagerly-upturned face. I sucked harder on Mama's empty dug in a furious effort to draw out some milk, while I watched the playful teenagers in rapt fascination. Bonnie reached across and deftly adjusted the smaller girl's little legs, positioning Tammy so that her bare knees rested wide apart on the crinkling plastic sheet either side of my cousin's head, till the bulky crotch of the gorgeous blonde's nappy was poised a bare inch above her smiling painted face.

When Tammy's smooth sculpted thighs splayed wide, her tightly-pinned nappy drew up snugly against her crotch, cupping her proud pudenda in thick absorbent terrycloth. Bonnie's beautifully made-up face creased in a delighted smile as she gently coaxed the straining girl to go potty in her nappies. "Go on, little Tammy. Show Mama how you do wee-wees in your nappy. Go on, baby girl. Do lovely long wetties in your nap-naps for Mama."
"Oh Mama!" Tammy cried in excitement, as she bit her plump bottom lip and screwed up her gorgeous face in concentration. I loved it when Tammy made her potty-face! "I'm doing it, Mama! I'm doing a wee-wee in my nappy!"

I chewed harder on the nipple filling my mouth, trying not to lose it in my excitement. I watched in awe as a dark wet spot appeared in the middle of the puffy pink crotch of Tammy's thick fluffy nappy. Grunting and trembling with arousal, I urgently thrust my pulsating stiff clittie into the soggy folds of Bonnie's drenched diaper, which enveloped my throbbing hard tool in wonderful wet warmth. The tiny dark patch on Tammy's pink nappy slowly grew larger and larger, and then her sweet urine began to bubble through the multiple thick layers. She peed so much, she had overflowed her absorbent nappy! Her wee-wees began irresistibly seeping out, and I watched in amazement as the amber flow began to trickle into Bonnie's waiting open mouth. The buxom beauty's eyes were closed and her puffy painted lips were drawn back, her mouth agape, and she was grunting with excitement as she greedily accepted her beautiful blonde girlfriend's sweet golden wine.

I knew I must be dreaming when I heard Bonnie wetly gurgle, "Good girl! That's my good little girl, Baby Tammy. Keep going, baby. Don't stop! Mmm! Oh yes! Show Mama how you do a lovely long wee-wees in your nap-nap. Oh yes! Good girl!" I knew it was impossible to swallow mouthful after mouthful of steaming urine and keep talking, the way Bonnie was doing - but I was so caught up in my erotic fantasy, I didn't care! Tammy grinned down lasciviously at me while she teased her own erect nipples through her sheer blouse, pinching and squeezing the ripe buds till they were poking out like stiff little fingers. But then the peeing blonde reached down and grabbed Bonnie's breast, selfishly trying to pull the wet nipple from my lips.

"Aww! Look at the little sucky-baby. What a sweet little sucker." It was weird! Tammy sounded like David! Even though I bit harder on the teat in my mouth, I couldn't stop her ripping it free. I grunted in displeasure when I was rudely awakened by having my soothing dum-dums yanked from between my pursed wet lips. I twisted onto my side and glanced up through the pink bars, pouting in sleepy confusion. Everything seemed hazy and fuzzy in the dim light, and despite the shining thread of drool trailing from my lips to my dummy teat, my mouth felt soft and cottony.

David was standing beside my cot with a nasty grin on his handsome face, dangling my saliva-drenched dummy by the pink plastic chain in front of my glazed blue eyes. "Come here, sucky-baby," he cooed in a coarse throaty whisper, as though pretending to entice a shy toddler. "Come to daddy." It sounded like he was talking to me from the other end of a long tunnel. "Come get your dummy, little girl. Come to daddy, you pretty sissy baby." His gruff inviting voice sounded even deeper than usual, and I obediently rolled onto my front again and slithered towards him on my belly.

Apart from the muffled crinkling of my protective plastic mattress cover underneath the fitted sheet, and the muted rustling of my rubber panties when I wriggled closer to the bars, the house was eerily quiet. When I glanced towards Angie's bed, I could see the inert form of my heavily sleeping sister. The arm limply draped over her old brown teddy hadn't moved, either. David slowly drew his calloused fingers back, teasing me by holding my drool-coated dum-dums just outside the hardwood bars. I knew I was already hard and excited inside my comforting wet nappy, and as I wriggled closer to the side rail, I discretely thrust my stiff clittie into the delicious soggy folds that surrounded me with thrilling warmth.

When I dazedly reached for the glistening pacifier with my fingers, the brawny youth moved it away again. He quietly cautioned me in a deep throaty whisper; "No, no! My sucky-baby has to let daddy put it in her mouth. Put your face up against the bars, and open those pretty pink lips wide - and no handy-pandies, Baby Jennie!" I shrugged dopily in resignation and pressed my face between the hardwood bars, opening my mouth wide in expectation. I didn't expect him to reach through the pink-painted bars either side of my head. The smirking hulk tossed aside my dum-dums and swiftly grabbed hold of my pigtails, one in each meaty fist. He painfully tightened his grip until I squealed in alarm. He snarled in a hushed voice; "Shut up! Shut up, you little sissy faggot! You told Connie I was lying, and you made me look like a fool in front of her. You told her you were a little girl! You want to be a girl so bad? You act like a girl, and you look like a girl - so I'll treat you like a girl! Open those pretty pink lips wide for daddy…"

I gasped as he thrust his crotch against my face, and I suddenly realised his erect penis was poking out the front of his black shorts. It was huge and red and swollen, and in the subdued light, the enormous shiny head looked almost purple. I noticed David was circumcised, the same as me - not that it made any difference at that moment. It's amazing; the insignificant details that you notice in times of extreme stress. "Open up, baby," he sternly commanded, struggling to keep his voice low. "Open that wet little mouth wide…" I could smell a hint of stale urine on his musky straining tool, and funnily enough, I found his rangy man-scent strangely exciting.

Even though I was reluctant to obey him, I knew I had no choice in the matter. He weighed more than twice what I did, and he was a hulking ball of pure, rock-hard muscle - compared with my soft, effeminate little body. Resistance was futile, and I was terrified of getting hurt. I hesitantly opened my mouth and let David force the fat head of his rigid cock inside me, amazed at the slick feel of his silky-smooth member on my puffy pursed lips. It was hot as a poker on my tongue and just as stiff, and he gave a barely-restrained groan of pleasure when I automatically locked my lips below the pulsating crown. I started sucking on it, just like it was my dum-dums - only much fatter.

"Oh yeah! Suck it, baby! Suck daddy's cock like a good little sucky-baby," he ordered in a hoarse whisper, and then he moaned helplessly in delight as I instinctively pressed on the underside with my tongue. I forced the head of his swollen tool against the roof of my mouth, like it was one of Bonnie's huge nipples from my dreams, trying to milk out the contents as I sucked for dear life. "Oh God! Ohh yeah, suck it! Mmm, that's right. Ohh, you suck it like you love it, baby! Mmm. Oh yeah, you love it, alright! All girls love to suck cock; so you must be a girl, after all! Oh!" He gasped in amazement, and then ordered in a raspy croak, "Use your tongue again, you little slut! Go on! Keep sucking like that, but run your tongue around the underside of the head…. Oh yeah! Ohhh! Yeah, like that, you dirty little bitch!"

I slavishly obeyed his every quietly grunted order, worshipping his huge erection with my lips and tongue. I teased that sensitive spot under the head again and again, until his hairy legs began to shudder and writhe uncontrollably. "Oh, good girl! Suck it for daddy, baby," he mumbled in the heat of passion. "Oh yeah! Good girl, that's right. Lick daddy's cock like a good little girl." Every time David called me a girl, I seemed to submit more deeply, and the feeling of being totally dominated by this huge muscular youth made my hard swollen clittie expand to thrilling new proportions inside my lovely warm wet nappy. He began to pant with excitement, and he struggled to keep his harsh commands at a croaky whisper. "Yeah, baby! Rub that spot up and down with your tongue some more. Faster, girlie! Oh yeah, like that! Good girl! Keep sucking, baby! Oh God! Yeah, that's it. Yeah, you love it! Don't you, girlie? Oh yeah, you fuckin' love it!" When he started to thrust his hot hard cock deeper into my mouth, I began to truly appreciate how big it was. His rampant penis must have been twice as long as my stiff little clittie, and more than three times as thick.

I clutched the pink painted bars either side of my head and hung on for dear life, preventing him from ramming me backwards with every urgent thrust of his hips, trying desperately to stop him from tearing out my pigtails by the roots. His swollen manhood already filled my small mouth, and I could see there was several more rigid inches sticking out of his white Y-fronts - which I knew he urgently wanted to cram inside my maw. His groin had a sweet musky odour I found oddly exciting; a combination of sweaty balls and stale urine that was both weirdly familiar and strangely compelling. I timidly rocked backwards and forwards on the bulging front of my wonderfully warm wet nappy, and the fantastic feelings coming from my swollen clittie were mind-blowing! I experienced a confusing rush of emotions. Despite my arousal, I felt helpless and victimised. I was being used and abused - and yet I felt overwhelmingly submissive and… feminine, as he made me perform for him like a real girl.

"Jesus! What a hot sweet mouth," he groaned in appreciation, and the painful grip on my pigtails relaxed slightly. I sucked harder in grateful response and rapidly flicked my tongue against his sensitive spot, until his whole body began to tremble. His baggy black shorts slid unnoticed down his hairy thighs to his knees, and I could clearly see his rampant cock was sticking out through the hole in his white Calvin Klein underwear. "Holy shit! You're really good at this," he grunted in pleased surprise, his low voice thick with passion. David released one pigtail and began to stroke my blonde locks, affectionately patting my head like I was some kind of obedient, well-trained puppy. "Good girl! Try and take it all for daddy like a good little girl." Somewhere deep inside, I felt a tiny thrill of pleasure at his rumbled words of praise, and I tried even harder to swallow the rigid straining length of him. "Oh! Ohhh! Oh yeah! What a good little cock-sucker! Ohh baby! Oh yeah! You're even better than Connie… You must really want to be a girl, deep down inside." I released the pink wooden bar with my right hand and wrapped my tiny fist around his rock-hard red shaft. I could barely touch my longest pink fingernail and my painted thumbnail together, he was so thick around! I mean, I know I have small dainty hands - but he was enormous!

As David rapidly pumped his huge, saliva-drenched cock in and out of my suctioning mouth, I compressed my lips into a firm round 'O,' and my clenched fist automatically began to slide up and down the slippery solid length of him. When I pressed my tightly-pursed, puffy pink lips over the slick head and squeezed the throbbing shaft harder with my little fingers as I sucked, my mouth was suddenly filled with unexpected sweetness. The proud purple crown I reverently kissed was as soft as my mother's lips, and the contrast between the spongy hot head and his steel-hard shaft was amazing! I clamped my tiny fist tighter around him and rubbed faster, as I greedily tried to swallow as much of his sweet juice as I could. "Oh yeah, baby! Like that, Jennie! Rub me like that while you keep sucking my cock. Oh yeah, baby… Oh God! Keep sucking hard like that. Suck daddy's cock, you dirty little bitch! Suck it, baby! Lick it! Suck it- Ohhh!" He grabbed my other pigtail again, almost yanking my hair out by the roots in his excitement.

I squeezed his hard shaft tighter with my tiny fist to stop him trying to shove his monster tool all the way down my throat, and I felt the length of him pulsate thrillingly on my tongue. My big padded bum bucked rapidly up and down as I thrust my stiff clittie into the humid folds of my deliciously-drenched diaper, desperately hoping David wouldn't notice how much it excited me; being treated like a helpless girl by this cruel handsome youth. He was so dominant, and I felt so submissive - and so feminine - as he made me service him like a dirty little slut. I slavishly sucked on his wildly jerking tool, and rhythmically squeezed his throbbing shaft in a way I innately knew would bring him more pleasure. "Oh Jennie! God, Jennie!" Why did it thrill me so, to hear him desperately cry my feminine name like that? Unexpectedly stuff began shooting out of the tip of his pounding cock, and it rapidly filled my suctioning mouth. It was like when my excitable little clittie exploded this morning, while Mummy lovingly fondled me with her warm silky panties. I didn't like the strange salty taste suddenly spurting onto my tongue, but when I tried to pull my face away, David's strong grip on both my pigtails abruptly and painfully tightened.

"Oh no, baby! Ungh! You take it for daddy!" He ordered in a grunting animal voice, ignoring my muffled whimpers of pain and distress. "Take it, Baby Jennie! Ahhh! Ungh! You don't have a choice, little girl. You take it all for daddy! Argghh! Swallow it, baby! Swallow down daddy's cum like a good girl should! Oh yeah! Ohhh! That's it, girlie. You eat it all up for daddy, like a good little girl," David commanded between rasping gasps for air. With no choice, I let him pump jet after jet of creamy discharge down my throat. I kept swallowing his baby juice, too frightened to disobey him, and I was thankful when it appeared he had finally finished cumming.

"Now when it comes out of your mouth, baby," he panted breathlessly, "daddy wants you to keep holding it with your little hands, and kiss the head like it was your best girlfriend. Then lick daddy's shaft clean from my ball sack to the tip, like a good little girl should - like you were licking your favourite ice-cream cone. Make sure you eat up every sweet drop of daddy's precious cream, baby. It will help you to grow lovely big titties, like a big girl. Got it, Baby Jennie?" I meekly nodded, and as I let the shrinking head pop free of my suctioning pouting lips, I fervently kissed the tip, wondering if he was telling the truth. I would love to grow beautiful big titties like Bonnie or Justine - or even perky little bosoms, like Tammy! When I slavishly tongued his slowly shrinking shaft from bottom to top, another pearly drop appeared in the tiny open eye. I greedily licked that up too, and he moaned uncontrollably at the heightened sensitivity of his exhausted organ as he thankfully released my pigtails.

I continued to hold and softly kiss his gradually shrivelling member, and he crooned in a bass rumble, "Good girl! Mmm! What a good little girl you are for daddy." David finally pulled his cock free of my gentle grasp, and he still sounded short of breath as he backed away from the side of my crib. He gathered his fallen shorts from around his knees and pulled them up over his narrow hips. I watched as though through a hazy mist while he tucked his shrinking manhood inside his sweaty tighty-whities, before zipping closed his baggy black shorts over them and snapping the clasp. There was a thin sheen of perspiration covering his handsome smiling face, and a contented, glazed look in his hard blue eyes I would come to know only too well.

He stepped closer to the crib bars and gazed down at me over the high side rail. "Now we won't tell Mummy about this, will we, Baby Jennie?" David softly insisted, frowning down in warning at me. "We'll keep this one just to ourselves - between daddy and Baby Jennie. Won't we, baby?" His low rumbling voice took on a hint of menace when he asked the questions. I nodded fearfully, the taste of him still fresh on my pouting pink lips. "This will be our little secret, okay? Say 'yes daddy'," he sternly commanded.
"Yeth daddy," I whispered obediently. I swear the room grew brighter when he smiled, and I ducked my head, too ashamed to meet his domineering blue-eyed gaze. I nervously licked my lips and tasted his cum again, and I saw his smile turn contemptuous when I shyly glanced his way.
"Good girl," he muttered, looking and sounding pleased by my ready acquiescence. "It will just be our little secret."

I rolled onto my back and grabbed my half-full bottle of water, shoving the dripping teat to my cum-stained lips to wash away the strange salty flavour of his ejaculate. I couldn't help pressing my other hand over the slippery satin front of my panties, rubbing my fingers up and down in a frustrated effort to stimulate my throbbing clittie through my thick wet nappy. David grinned in malicious amusement at my tell-tale masturbatory actions, and snorted in contempt. He reached between the bars and slapped my naughty hand aside, and unsnapped the crotch of my onesie with such force, I thought the stretchy cotton material would tear for sure! He clamped his huge cupped palm over the front of my silky red panties and pressed down firmly. He grabbed my swollen clittie right through the many wet layers and squeezed viciously hard, until I moaned in pleasure/pain at his ruthless grip.

David gave an amused snort and muttered self-righteously; "I knew it! I knew it would turn you on to be treated like a girl! Oh baby! You loved it," he insisted, although it sounded more like an accusation than a compliment. "You loved sucking my cock, you dirty little cock-sucking faggot!" I cringed under his harsh condemning words and his cold disgusted tone, even as my pounding clittie thrilled to his strong manly grip inside my wonderfully warm wet nappy. "Jesus! This nappy feels soaked already, you dirty little bitch." He snatched his huge hand away and then needlessly wiped his dry palm clean on the front of my onesie, as though to avoid possible contamination. I couldn't understand how he could sound so pleased with me one moment, and then absolutely revolted by me the very next second.

He stepped back so I could clearly see the familiar disdainful sneer had returned to its normal position on his otherwise-handsome face. His clenched fists rested on his slender hips and he looked away from me in disgust, his bright blue eyes glowering sadistically. "You queer little cock-lover! I always knew were a sissy poofter. Wait till the guys hear about this," he snickered nastily. "You're just a sissy little girl deep down - a sissy who loves to suck cock! I bet all the guys will wanna try you out!" I was so frightened by his idle threat, I actually gasped in fear and inhaled a few drops of water. I thrust my bottle aside and coughed violently to clear the fluid from my trachea. Had I known about the brief refractory period of the horny teenage male, I would have been even more alarmed.

I didn't see David swagger triumphantly out of the Nursery, but I heard his heavy tread bounding down the stairs, and his deep, self-satisfied rumble of laughter. I guiltily glanced over to Angie's bed through the pink-painted bars. Thankfully my sedated sister was still fast asleep, and I assumed the medicine must have knocked her out-cold. 'It's true,' I thought hazily, cringing in my crib in abject mortification. Every accusation David made had rung true with me. I had been incredibly aroused by being treated like a helpless girl, except now I felt ashamed of those submissive, feminine feelings. I felt so confused, and yet my uncontrollable clittie was so hard and excited inside my comforting wet nappies!

My discarded dummy lay on the pink pussycat sheets between my splayed legs, and I grabbed it and thrust the amber rubber teat into my mouth as soon as I stopped coughing. I sucked on my soothing pacifier in misery, terrified by the thought that soon, everyone would know how much sucking a boy's cock excited me down there. But frightened as I was, nothing could stop my heavy eyelids from slowly drooping closed. I collapsed onto my tummy and softly rocked on my thick wet nappy, comforted by the thrilling sensations coming from my excitable stiff clittie. Minutes later, I was fast asleep again.

To be continued in chapter 18.

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