Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 18

Synopsis; David takes advantage of Baby Jennie's helplessness and rapes her in the Nursery. Afterwards Connie presses Baby Jennie to tell her mother the truth.

Chapter 18. Making a Real Girl out of Baby Jennie.

This time my dreams were a swirling maelstrom of soft pastel colours and muffled muted sounds, before my besotted mind returned to the familiar comforting images of Bonnie and Tammy. We were in my bossy cousin's bedroom again and I was kneeling in the corner, the writhing figures on the pink-covered bed the objects of my fascinated blue eyes. Bonnie was on her bed facing away from me, kneeling between Tammy's spread legs. I could see my cousin's thick pink nappy was saturated and sagging wetly against the crotch of her transparent baggy pink baby panties.

I was certain I must be dreaming this time, because when my buxom kneeling cousin raised her perfectly-painted face from between the gorgeous blonde's wide-splayed legs, there was a hard little penis sticking up in the air from the juncture of Tammy's sculpted inner thighs. The swollen head was only slightly fatter than the slender red shaft – which looked about as thick as my thumb - but it was much darker, and it glistened wetly in the dim light. To my confused little mind, the shiny red shaft seemed to grow upwards from between Tammy's parted pink nether lips, surrounded by a tiny triangle of light blonde curls.

Bonnie turned around to grin nastily down at me and snicker in David's cruel deep voice, "I told you girls liked sucking cock. See?" She grabbed the slick wet tool pulsating above Tammy's flat brown tummy in her large fist. Opening her pink bee-stung lips wide, my cousin engulfed the rampant organ to the hilt. Growling like a hungry cat, she pressed her powdered nose into those soft blonde curls, trying to swallow her gorgeous girlfriend's raging erection whole. Tammy moaned in glorious rapture when Bonnie's head began rapidly bobbing up and down. I could hear the wet slobbering noises of her suctioning lips on Tammy's rock-hard tool.

I grunted and groaned in frustration around the sloppy wet teat of my dummy from my spot in the corner. I rubbed the warm puffy front of my thick wet nappy through my plastic panties, unsure whether I wanted to take Bonnie's place on the bed - or Tammy's? I knew I wanted to be a beautiful girl like them - but which girl would I prefer to be?

The clattering cot side woke me when it was clumsily lowered, and I turned towards the disappearing pink wooden bars in hazy confusion. "Mummy?" I mumbled sleepily from around my dum-dums, as I was effortlessly lifted from my crib and placed on my back on the change table. "Mumma!"
"Shh, baby. Be quiet, little girl." That deep soothing voice belonged to David! I jerked in alarm, trying to clear the codeine fog from my brain, my sleepy eyes fluttering open with difficulty. "I just need to change your wet nappy, Baby Jennie. Your Mummy will be home soon. I don't imagine she'll be very impressed with me as a babysitter if I let you wet through to your crib sheets," he whispered convincingly.

Despite his calm rumbled reassurances, I felt sure something was wrong when David grinned down lasciviously at my crotch. He pushed the front piece of my Barbie onesie up over my tummy to reveal my bulging red satin panties. I wondered fearfully, 'What is he up to? How long until Mummy comes home?' As he tucked my white onesie well up out of the way under my armpits, I hazily searched the walls of the Nursery, looking for a clock I already knew wasn't there. Mummy always said; 'Babies don't need clocks, silly! They can't tell the time.' Then the drug-addled memories started to return in strange disturbing flashes, like technicolor visions from a lurid nightmare.

David had overpowered me and forced me to… He had treated me like a girl, and made me suck his thick hard cock! Or was it all just a strange erotic dream? I felt so dazed and confused. I didn't know what to think. When the lumbering lad slowly pulled down my frilly red panties and then my rustling white rubber baby pants, I felt sure this was no dream. "Holy mackerel!" he muttered in scornful dismay, when he caught sight of my saturated nappy. "You really are wet through! Your Mum only changed you - what? About an hour and a half ago? What a hopeless big baby you really are!"

He unpinned my drenched diapers and carelessly tossed the pins on the shelf above, then delicately lowered the soggy warm front with the tips of his thumb and forefinger. My cheeks blazed with humiliation when my semi-hard clittie was exposed to his contemptuous gaze. "You stink of piss," David complained in disgust, making my embarrassed blushes intensify - but my thickening stiffie paradoxically harden. He snorted disdainfully at my tumescent excitement, and he grabbed a handful of moist baby wipes and began roughly scrubbing my tummy and between my splayed thighs. The hulking brute smirked nastily down at me when he wrapped his huge, wipe-covered hand all the way around my stiff little clittie. He briskly rubbed his moist, wipe-clad fist up and down to carelessly clean my rock-hard tool - which only made it grow thrillingly harder!

David released me with a snort of disgust and tossed the used wipes in the bin, and he pulled the soggy nappies from underneath me. He grimaced in revulsion when the saturated soaker pad slipped out and flopped wetly to the floor. He threw my drenched cloth nappies in the nappy bucket and quickly slammed closed the lid, and then tossed the sodden pink disposable in the bin without folding it or taping it closed first, or bothering with a scented nappy sack. "Roll over so I can wipe your bum, girlie," he ordered shortly, but I detected a note of nervous tension in his low gruff voice.

I willingly obeyed him and turned onto my stomach, grateful to conceal my stiff bobbing clittie from his contemptuous gaze. The pee-damp pink plastic table cover under my tummy made my hard little tool slip and slide about erotically, making me even more aroused. "Lord! Look at those bruises on your butt," David commented in muted surprise, as he gazed down at my shivering bare bot-bot. "Even my Dad never beats me that bad!" I thought he was being sympathetic and I felt a warm glow inside, before he snapped me back to reality with his next chilling warning. "If you don't behave yourself for daddy like a good little girl, you won't be able to sit down for a week after I've finished with you!" I trembled in fear as David gave me a crisp smack across both cheeks in clear warning, before perfunctorily scrubbing my upturned botty cheeks clean. He brusquely wiped my crack a couple of times, before tossing the used wipes in the bin.

He reached for the plastic tub of Vaseline sitting on the shelf above, and snapped off the cap. "Now stay like that on your tummy for a moment, little girl," he softly ordered, and his husky voice seemed to drop an octave. I felt him gently parting my bruised botty cheeks with his thick calloused fingers and I whimpered uncertainly. He snapped in a menacing hushed voice; "Keep quiet, you little sissy! I'm just putting some Vaseline on your… What did your Mummy call it, baby girl? Your little rosebud?"

The musclebound youth snickered in malicious amusement before snidely informing me, "This is so you don't get nappy rash on your sensitive little rosebud, Baby Jennie." I sucked harder on my dum-dums and cringed in embarrassment, realising David must have been eavesdropping on us when Mummy changed my poopy nappy earlier. Instead I tried to focus on the arousing sensations coming from my rear end when he prodded and probed my wrinkled little hole with the soft greasy gel.

He was unexpectedly gentle as he smoothed the thick lubricant around my freshly-cleaned wrinkled sphincter. He circled my sensitive opening a few thrilling times and pressed the tip of his index finger inside me. I felt ashamed of my helpless feminine reaction when my naughty boy-pussy instinctively opened up for him, as though it was Mummy's wipe-wrapped finger cleaning my delicate rosebud. I think I must have unwittingly sighed in pleasure, because I heard him snigger in that arrogant superior manner; "I knew you'd like this, you dirty little slut!"

I was glad I was lying face-down on my change table, so he couldn't see the guilty flush colouring my cheeks. I couldn't help it! I did like it - very much! His thick fat finger started probing further inside my sensitive little hole, opening me wider, and I shuddered and couldn’t help thrusting my easily-aroused clittie into the slippery wet, vinyl-covered table underneath me. I moaned in pleasure, which only seemed to provoke him.

My excited wriggling movements must have made it seem like I was deliberately lifting my naughty botty so his teasing finger would penetrate me more deeply, and he snickered in contempt as he fulfilled my unspoken wishes. "I knew you would like being fingered. All girls like it when you finger with their pussies," he confidently informed me, with all the worldly experience of a horny fifteen-year-old. "And you're just a sissy little girl, aren't you?" Despite trying to restrain myself, I moaned uncontrollably in response as his greasy finger opened me wider, stretching my little hole in every direction, before plunging deeper inside me. "Oh yeah, baby! You're a sissy girl, alright! Open up! Open right up for daddy, little girl," he crooned, like he was coaxing his own precious daughter to eat her din-dins. "Open wide! Daddy wants to make a real girl out of you, Baby Jennie."

In my drugged state, those were the only words he said that mattered to me. I wanted to be a real girl so badly, and if this strong handsome youth was willing to help me achieve that aim - I was willing to do almost anything! I trembled helplessly in excitement as he relentlessly buried his longest lubricated finger all the way inside me, right up to the last knuckle, till I moaned around my dum-dums at the thrilling invasion. His hands were even larger than Bonnie's, and his fingers felt twice as long and twice as thick. He eased his fat finger out a couple of inches, before slowly sliding the tip back in again, then twisting and wriggling it all around. He wanted to make sure my empty back passage was well coated in greasy lubricant, but I foolishly didn't understand David's true intent.

My limited knowledge of sex mostly came from simple line drawings and dirty limericks scrawled on the backs of the toilet doors at school. I shivered and moaned at his stimulating caresses, not realising that my greedy boy-pussy was already dilating in readiness for him. I moaned in disappointment when he plucked out his wonderful wiggling digit. He chortled in wicked amusement when I glanced over my shoulder at him with a reproachful pout.

"Alright, roll over, little girl," David urged me in his soft rasping voice from the foot of the change table. "On your back, baby. That’s right, Good girl.” He chuckled at how eagerly I obeyed him. It was a low wicked sound. I didn't understand the foreplay was over - not that I'd ever heard of foreplay. He tried to control his amusement when he leaned over me and grabbed the stiff clittie bobbing above my tummy, holding me firmly in his warm manly grasp.

"What's this, Baby Jennie?" David mockingly demanded, clutching my throbbing little tool and squeezing it tight in his greasy fist, till I gasped in pleasure/pain. My knees drew up automatically and the soles of my bare feet pressed together, my thighs flopping wide as I naturally assumed the normal, highly-exposed position to have my nappy changed. A tiny drop of clear fluid filled the eye of my pulsating clittie when my tormentor tightly gripped me, before dripping like thick honey onto my trembling tummy.

I shuddered in humiliation as I confessed in my frightened little-girl voice, "It'th my cwittie! My cwittie!" His loud snort of cruel masculine laughter was completely expected, but how could I call my tiny thing a penis? Especially when compared with David's huge piece of erect man-meat! I gasped from a strange combination of relief and disappointment when he released my shameful little erection, and then he busied himself arranging some clean nappies together on the floor beside the change table.

He carefully placed one of my open pink disposables between the white cloth layers as a soaker pad, instead of one of Angie's smaller disposable diapers, like Mummy had done. This was going to be my thickest diaper yet! He gathered my slender ankles together in one huge hand and effortlessly raised my toesies high in the air, before slipping the arranged nappies too far underneath my dangling damp derriere, sliding them half-way up my back. David let my trembling botty drop onto the soft pile of waiting cloth, but then he dragged me down to the end of the table by my feet. I glided frictionlessly towards him because of the fluffy nappies underneath me, until my poor shivering bottom was almost hanging over the edge!

When he bent my knees right back against my chest and placed my trembling toesies on his broad manly chest, I suddenly realised that David's huge hard cock was already out of his pants! His rampant tool pressed against my tender botty cheeks as he settled my heels into position on his shoulders. It felt like the hot spongy head of David’s cock was trying to force entrance to my bruised backside. He grabbed a clear plastic bottle of 'Johnson and Johnson's' baby oil from the shelf above the table, expertly flipped open the blue lid with his thumb one-handed. With a leer, he squirted a stream of clear oil at the juncture of my raised legs. Some splashed over my bobbing clittie and onto my trembling tummy, but most ended up dripping down between my thighs, slowly trickling around my tight little sack and into my bumcrack. I was shaking from a combination of fear and excitement when he thrillingly wrapped his rough calloused right hand around my oily hard stiffie again.

"So if this is your clittie," he demanded in a hoarse whisper, squeezing my slippery tool harder for emphasis, "then what do you call this?" David poked his hot cock-head at my well-lubricated back door, to 'subtly' emphasize his point. I shuddered with a combination of excitement and shame as I submissively replied in my high, squeaking, little-girl voice.
"It'th my puthy! My boy-puthy," I whimpered, and he tried in vain to control his laughter. He held my legs clamped against his chest with his broad left forearm, and pressed his left hand over his full sensuous mouth to muffle the explosive snorting sounds. "It'th my puthy!" I plaintively whined, as hot tears of shame formed in my rapidly-blinking blue eyes.

When he finally brought his snickers under control, he anxiously glanced over towards Angie in her bed, making sure his uncontrollable outburst hadn't disturbed my heavily-sedated sister. When I turned my head and hazily checked too, I saw she hadn't moved an inch. Angie was still clutching her teddy with one dead arm, completely out-cold. "Oh, this is just too perfect!" David quietly chortled in glee. He bent his head to the side and clamped his calloused hand over his mouth again when he erupted in another fit of nervous giggles, bringing himself under control with difficulty before he gasped in amusement; "Your clittie and your pussy? How absolutely fuckin' perfect!"

He released his thrilling grip on my stiff, oil-soaked tool and reached down between our bodies, sliding his slippery warm palm over my smooth butt cheek until his thick fingers delved into my botty crack. Suddenly I felt his hard cock-head probing my greasy puckered opening with more purpose. "You want to be a girl so bad?" David roughly demanded. "Then you open up that tight little pussy for daddy, Baby Jennie. Go on! Show daddy what a good little girl you are… Open up, baby. Daddy wants to help make a real girl out of you."

It was as though he knew the magic words to make my body obey! I moaned as his hot cock-head began to relentlessly stretch my virgin hole wide. "Daddy knows that's what you really want, deep down,” he grunted. “Open up, girlie. Open up for daddy. Ohhh!" He clamped his left forearm tighter across my knees so I couldn't wriggle away, and I grunted in pain as the fat head slipped inside my dilating anal sphincter.

"Oh no, daddy!" I moaned in pain. I squealed in alarm around my dum-dums. "No daddy! It hurtth! It'th too big!"
David grimaced at my cries of distress and snickered dismissively, "That's what all the girls say - at first! But don't worry, baby - you'll soon come to love it. I promise!" He gripped my legs more securely and rammed his hips forward another inch, driving past my resistance. He grunted, “Take it, baby!”

It was then I really squealed in agony! I clenched my bum muscles tighter around him by pure reflex. "No daddy! Daddy! Daddeee!" Fortunately the slight tearing sensation inside was dulled by the heavy dose of codeine David had forced me to accept. But now he was making me accept something else, and deep down, I knew it was useless trying to resist him.

"Oh! Oh yes! Ohhh!" he gasped and then groaned in delight. "That's my tight little girl. Oh yeah! Good girl! That's daddy's good girl!" Despite the burning pain coming from my violated anus, I shuddered and moaned in unrepressed excitement at his rumbled words of praise, as David penetrated me like I was a real girl.

"Oh no! No, no! Ohh! Oh daddy, pweathe no?" I groaned loudly around my mouth-filling dum-dums before I could stop myself, overcome by the way he was taking me so forcefully.
"Shh, baby! Try and keep quiet for daddy," David ordered in a rumbled throaty whisper. He clamped his right fingertips over the wide pink guard of my dum-dums, and pressed the fat rubber teat deeper into my mouth.
"Mmph! Mmphh!" I grabbed his thick wrist with both tiny hands and tried to wrench his slippery hand away, but it was like moving a ton of iron. He resolutely held my pacifier in place, preventing me from spitting it out or crying for help. Not that he needed any help!
"Shh, baby," he urged me. "You just suck your dummy while daddy fucks you, baby girl. Suck your dum-dums, baby. Pretend that you're sucking daddy's cock, instead. I know how much you love that, Baby Jennie!"

I closed my eyes and moaned in fruitless denial around my dum-dums, even as my give-away clittie swelled and pulsated madly with excitement above my tummy. "Open right up for me," he grunted in a low voice thick and throaty with passion. "You know you want it! Open that pussy wide for daddy, you dirty little girl! Show daddy how much you want it, Baby Jennie. Oh yeah, baby! Yeah, that's it! Good girl, Jennie!"

He relentlessly slid his hot throbbing tool deeper inside me, and the feelings from my ravaged virgin hole were mind-boggling! It was slightly painful, yet it was like he was scratching an itch I had only recently discovered existed - a long-abiding itch, deep inside my boy-pussy. When he called me a girl, I naturally opened myself wider for him, and every time he used my feminine name, I accepted him a little deeper. Suddenly I knew I wanted him all the way inside me. I wanted him to fill me with his hot hard cock!

"Oh yeth, daddy. Yeth!" I squealed around my sloppy dummy teat in helpless excitement, my muffled cries of passion inspiring him to thrust even harder. He grunted in pleasure as my violated sphincter reacted appropriately to my submissive feminine feelings, and my naughty pussy opened sluttishly wide to accept his meaty anal intruder. I whimpered with need, overcome with sexual desire as he stretched me painfully wide with his hot hard tool. For I moment I thought I heard the doorbell ring as though from far away, but then I realised it was the blood pounding in my ringing ears.

"Oh yeah, baby! Daddy knew you needed a good fuck," David arrogantly rasped, forcing his huge cock further inside my writhing body, then withdrawing the massive girth a fraction. "That's it, Baby Jennie. Open up right up and let daddy fuck you like a good little girl!" His voice became a hoarse crooning whisper, the hypnotic words leading me down an ever-spiraling path. "Open right up for daddy. It's alright, baby. This is what you need.” He slid his throbbing cock in further, then withdrew another tantalising fraction of an inch. “Ohh, that's right! Good girl! You can't help it, baby. It isn't your fault. Daddy's fucking you. It's beyond your control.”

His thick hard cock began slowly pumping in and out of me, and I groaned at the unbelievably erotic sensations. “You're just a useless little baby girl. Aren't you?” he insisted from above me. “It's not your fault. You need a real man's cock inside you. You can't help it, Baby Jennie. That's the way God made you, I guess. You're a helpless little sissy girl, made for all the boys to use. There's nothing you can do about it. Ohh yes! That’s right! Open wide and let daddy fuck you all the way, little girl. Good girl!" His words were like a hypnotic mantra seeping into my brain, and all resistance crumbled. As soon as I began to push my naughty little bottom back against his wildly thrusting hips, he released my legs and grabbed the side of the change table instead.

He moaned gutturally in excitement as he forced himself even deeper, before sliding out most of the way, before thrillingly shoving himself further inside me yet again. He repeated the maddening intoxicating rhythm until I was almost begging him to fuck me! Fuck me harder! He groaned lustily as he plunged all the way inside me, until I could feel his hot sweaty balls pressing against my trembling bum cheeks. His shorts and underwear were puddled around his ankles, and he spread his sneaker-shod feet as wide as possible to maintain his balance. My thighs were pushed up hard against my heaving bosom by his manly chest, and my flexed knees flopped submissively wide. My mouth gaped open, my eyes similarly flying wide and staring blankly at nothing as he stretched open my pounding pussy to the absolute limit.

"Oh God! Oh God! Ohgodogodogod…" I squealed, sounding like Tammy's baby sister. My head thrashed from side to side beyond my control, till my dummy accidentally tumbled from my wide parted lips. The rattling noise of the pink plastic chain mingled with the faint tread of someone cautiously climbing the stairs, but my confused mind didn't notice the difference.

"Oh yeah, baby!" David grunted quietly in ecstasy, and leaned down over me to stare into the glazed eyes. He collected my dum-dums from beside my head by the chain, and then forced the slick rubber teat between my parted lips again. "Suck it, baby!" he commanded hoarsely. His bright blue eyes were shining with lust, his full lips contorted in a leer as he concentrated on the slippery smooth muscles wrapped tightly around his pulsating shaft. "Suck it hard for daddy like a good little girl!"

I bit on my dummy teat and sucked noisily as I clenched my big blue eyes closed in shame, afraid he would see how enthralled I was by his demeaning treatment. My jelly legs folded back so my trembling knees rested on my heaving shoulders, my thighs splayed wide, wantonly lifting my pussy so he could penetrate me more deeply. I grunted with animal desire as he urgently fucked me, until he moaned, "Oh yeah! That's it, baby. Oh yeah, good girl! You take it all for daddy like a good little girl," he whispered hypnotically. "Mmm, take it all the way to the hilt, Baby Jennie. Oh yeah! Like that! Ohh!" He kept his right hand pressed over the wide pink guard of my dum-dums to muffle my impassioned high-pitched squeals, and he released his grip on the table with his left. He gently trailed his rough calloused fingers down my trembling thigh and over my right hip, before clutching the side of the change table again and burying his swollen tool even deeper.

"God!” he whispered throatily. “Your skin is so smooth! Your legs are almost completely hairless - just like a girl's - and your skin is so soft." He leaned closer and started slamming his steel-hard rod in and out of my greedily clenching pussy like a pile-driver. My pulsating clittie became trapped between our sweaty heaving bodies. My pink-painted fingernails clawed at the t-shirt covering his muscled chest, barely making a dent in his rock-hard pectorals, but making his damp shirt creep up even higher. His bare hard abdomen pressed my excited oily tool against my soft tummy, still slippery from his greasy grasp. Without his strong arm to support them, my little footsies slowly slid down the supple sides of his broad manly chest, and I dimly noticed his firm flesh was slick with perspiration.

"Take it all, baby! Unggghhh! Take every inch for daddy, the way a good girl should," he growled masterfully. I could smell his musky sweaty odour, so different from my own, but his strong manly scent only heightened my feverish arousal. "Oh yeah, oh yeah! Ungh! Ungh," he grunted mindlessly. I shyly opened my eyes and glanced up at him through slitted lids. I could see his eyelids were tightly scrunched closed. He was biting his bottom lip and groaning in concentration. "Ungh! Ungh!" He looked like he was straining to do a poo! His puffy cheeks were red and flushed, his sensuously curled top lip beaded with sweat.

David released his grip on my dummy-ring and grabbed the other side of the table with his right hand until the knuckles went white, leaning into me as he increased the force and pace of his thrusts. He heavily bore down on me, till he was rapidly sliding all the way in, and then all the way out again. In and out, in and out. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, his thick cock swelling and growing impossibly larger with every frantic plunging stroke. His full weight rested on my body, squashing me irresistibly into the padded surface of the change table. Instead of feeling crushed by his massive weight, I clutched my muscular lover to me more desperately, curling my legs and arms around him in desperation. My slippery hot clittie was being caressed by his rock-hard abs, compressed against my soft tummy until I thought the friction on the pulsating head must surely set the baby oil aflame!

David rocked further on top of me as he furiously pounded my arse, and my sweaty thighs flopped obscenely wide, submissively opening myself to his thrusting hips. I found my footsies wrapping around his slender waist almost by reflex, and I rested my bare heels on his strong muscular buttocks and held him tight against me. His thick round 'glutes' flexed and relaxed in spastic contractions as he rammed his huge tool in and out of me like a piston. Every time he jack-hammered his massive cock in and out of my pussy, his firm muscular flesh rubbed against the sensitive underside of my madly-pulsating clittie, and the sensations were driving me wild!

I bit harder on my dummy teat to stop myself from losing it again, and whimpered and moaned with unrepressed excitement. "Oh daddy! Daddy!"
"Shhh, baby. Shh, little girl. It's alright," he panted breathlessly. "Daddy knows how much you love it. You can't help it. Ungh, unghh! Oh yes! Daddy knew this was what you really needed, deep down. Daddy's fucking you, baby. Ohhh! Take it, baby. Take it all for daddy, like a good little girl. Ungh, oh God!" He stopped speaking so could concentrate on slamming his swelling tool in and out of me faster and harder.

I began to shake and shiver at the amazing sensations coming from my ravaged pussy. It felt like my quivering insides were being turned into liquid mush, and it was fantastic! The hot glow coming from deep inside my body spread like molten lave in all directions, until my tiny pink toenails curled into claws around his pounding buttocks. My throbbing clittie swelled bigger and harder, and I began to tremble uncontrollably. I thought I caught a flash of movement from the corner of my eye, but I was too preoccupied to care.

"Oh yeah, baby! Here it comes! Here it comes!" David ried to keep his straining voice low, but he was obviously equally overwhelmed by the unbelievable erotic sensations as he fucked me like a girl. The thought of what was happening blew my mind! Handsome David was fucking me! Fucking me like a real girl! "Take it, baby! Unnngh! Oh yeah! Ungh! Ohhh! Take it all for daddy! Aargh!" He almost drove me backwards with the power of his driving hips, but I held on with my heels and slammed my greedy pussy back to meet his violent thrusts.
"Fuck me! Fuck me, daddy!" I screamed around my dummy like an excited schoolgirl as the wonderful feelings overwhelmed me.

He thrust himself inside me so deeply, for a moment I thought the spurting head was going to pop out my mouth! "Ohhh Jennie!" His shaft pulsated wildly and his fat cock grew even thicker, and blast after blast of semen squirted inside my spastically-contracting pussy. At the same time my excitement bubbled over between us, and the bad baby juice spurted out of my trembling clittie. My sphincter muscles instinctively clamped harder on the throbbing tool trapped inside me, squeezing him remorselessly as though to milk out every drop of his precious seed.

"Oh God! Oh Jennie! Oh God!" he moaned loudly in the heat of passion, shuddering violently as he emptied himself into my steaming bowels. I don't think I'd ever felt more like a real girl than at that moment!
"Mummy! Daddy! Mumma!" I squealed around my dum-dums as I simultaneously climaxed. I wrapped my little arms around his broad sweaty back as far as I could reach, and clenched him to me with hands and heels as we both shuddered and writhed to glorious completion. I could feel his over-developed back muscles rippling under his damp t-shirt, like angry pythons trapped inside a moist cotton sack.

The crushing weight of him resting on my trembling body was beautifully overwhelming, and over the musky, sweaty smell of sex, I could detect the faint hint of apples from his hair conditioner. My heart was pounding in my chest, almost as fast and hard as David's. I could feel it through our mingled bodies. The heavy wooden change table groaned under our combined weight as we held each other tightly, struggling to catch our breath.

I timorously reached up to stroke the back of his head, and I didn't mind the rivulets of sweat rolling down his thick neck and dripping onto my flushed cheek. After a minute David reluctantly raised his damp tousled head and pressed his shoulders back. Our sweat-lubricated bodies parted with an erotic wet sucking sound, and he supported his weight on his extended arms as he gazed down at me through sleepy, half-closed lids. I recognized the glazed, self-satisfied look in those intense blue eyes.

"Oh yeah, baby! You fuckin' loved it!" David grunted in guttural satisfaction, as if everything he had ever assumed about me had now been proven true. He pushed my limp jerking body along the table away from him, and the thick nappies lying underneath allowed me to slide effortlessly backwards. He edged his slender hips away and I found myself clutching at his shrinking member with my sphincter muscles, mumbling incoherently in futile denial and trying desperately to keep his manhood inside my greedy pussy just a few moments longer. "Oohhh!" We both moaned uncontrollably as his fat cock-head noisily popped free of my clenching rosebud, and I could feel a trickle of warm baby juice leaking out of my hopelessly dilated sphincter.

When David withdrew, it was like I was doing the biggest poo-poo in the whole wide world! I felt disappointingly empty without his manly girth stretching me wide. I belatedly covered my shrinking clittie and ugly wrinkled sack with both tiny hands, as if trying to conceal my shameful male bits from my dominant new lover. He wore that sleepy, self-satisfied smile, and he sounded so relaxed when he muttered appreciatively; "Your pussy is so tight, baby!" He bent over to collect his shorts and underwear from around his ankles.

"Fucking hell!" The breathless gasp came from somewhere outside the room. In my confused state I couldn't tell from where exactly, until David whirled around in alarm to face the landing doorway. Connie stood there, her face blanched and her toothy mouth wide in horror. "Of course her pussy is tight!" she shrieked. "She's only six years old! You- You're- David, you're a paedophile!" Connie's hand flew up in shock to cover her gaping mouth, and she backed away from us in disgust, her terrified eyes wide.

I could see the whites of her eyes all the way around her dark brown irises, the pupils constricted to tiny black pinpoints. My dum-dums tumbled from my trembling lips in fright. "I decided to come back and check on the girls, since you seemed so angry. I was worried…" Connie mindlessly explained, as the crimson-faced hunk tried to tug his combined shorts and sweaty underwear up his trembling legs. She seemed to be in a trance as she continued babbling, "I heard you talking, so I came upstairs and saw you…and her… You were fuc- Oh my God!" She shuddered in horrified revulsion, which seemed to break the spell, and she whirled and ran towards the stairs.

"No Connie! No!" David clumsily lumbered after her like a hulking bear while trying to zip and button his shorts, leaving me lying naked on the change table on top of my cum-stained nappies. Before he reached the top of the stairs, we both heard the front door violently slam shut. I was shuddering and twitching uncontrollably in reaction. I reached further down between my splayed thighs, and I could still feel my lover’s warm cum trickling from my tender open hole. I brought my trembling knees right up to my heaving breast again, and opened my little legs wide so I could run my fingertips over my ravaged pussy. The normally-indented, wrinkled opening felt soft and puffy and swollen, like when my mouth had a fat lip.

I delicately ran my left fingers over the slippery sensitive flesh and, being careful of my sharp pink nails, tentatively slid one finger inside the tender puffy lips. My small index finger went in all the way in to the knuckle, and it didn't even feel like it touched the sides! I slipped it in and out and then rubbed my two longest fingers around the greasy swollen lips of my boy-pussy to coat them with lube and David's cum. I eagerly thrust them inside my naughty open hole. Ahh! That felt better! I wiggled my naughty fingers wide apart to stretch my pussy further open, and then grabbed hold of my stiffening little tool. I wrapped my right fist around it like David had been doing, rubbing my fingers up and down the thickening slick shaft in mounting excitement.

A few moments later I heard a noise on the stairs, and I guiltily ripped my greasy fingers from my sluttish hole. I released my thrilling grip on my excitable hard clittie, defensively pulling the nappy front up between my legs to conceal my tell-tale arousal. David stumbled back into the room, his bowed shoulders shaking and his face ashen. He stood there staring at me as though he wanted to kill me, and my slowly diminishing clittie began to rapidly shrivel in fear. His muscular frame seemed to shrink along with my erection, and his hands were trembling as he silently manhandled me into position over my clean nappies. Well, they were a little damp with our sweat and baby oil - and our baby juices - but they weren't really ‘dirty.’

David grabbed a handful of cool baby wipes, and grumbled wordlessly in disgust as he hurriedly wiped up the oil and bad baby juice smeared all over my crotch, chest and tummy. His hands were so rough when he carelessly scrubbed my sensitive little clittie, my tiny tool shrank even smaller. He disdainfully poured a handful of powder over my shrivelled pee-pee and between my legs, without bothering to rub it in.

I watched him fearfully as he tightly pinned my nappy in place over my hips, but he wouldn't meet my gaze. He seemed to be looking everywhere else; his nervous Paul Newman-blue eyes darting from the doorway to the landing, and then over to my sedated sister asleep in her bed, then back to where he had to thread my white rubber baby panties over my compliantly-pointed ballerina toesies. My pink dummy found its way back into my mouth without any conscious thought of mine, and I sucked on the chewy rubber teat for reassurance.

David clumsily clipped my onesie crotch together, almost tearing the stretchy cotton baby outfit in his haste to be rid of me. He unceremoniously thrust me back in my cot and raised the wooden side rail till it locked it place, and he scuttled from the Nursery without another word or a backward glance at me. In minutes I fell into a warm, dreamless sleep, slurping mindlessly on my pacifier.

I groggily came awake to the sound of side rail clattering down. Mummy had already opened the curtains, filling the room with the soft yellow glow of late afternoon sunshine. Angie was standing beside her bed dressed in her cute red polka-dot frock, although she was yawning tiredly and clutching her old brown teddy, leaning her upper body on her mattress. Mummy unfastened the snap fasteners in my onesie crotch and after lifting aside my rubber panties with one hand, she slipped the other inside my thick nappy. "You're a bit damp - but not as wet as I thought you'd be," she commented with a small pleased smile. "Mummy doesn't need to change your nappy yet, Baby Jennie. You girls have slept for hours, baby! I thought you were going to sleep the whole afternoon away." She removed my white Barbie onesie and then lifted me down, and the warm wet wad of material between my little legs forced my thighs wider apart than usual. Like when David forced my-

"Mummy, David-" I croakily attempted to tell her, but I hesitated. I realised I would have to confess to her how aroused I had become when our babysitter used me like a girl. Fortunately she cut me off with a tender smile, patting my blushing pink cheek affectionately.
"It's okay, baby girl. David already explained to me what happened," Mummy crooned indulgently, "and I told him he was a very naughty boy to do that to you - even though he said he was only trying to help."

Mummy slipped my sleeveless red polka-dot frock over my raised arms and settled the round open collar around my neck, before attaching my dummy chain with the clip. I watched her familiar actions with wide disbelieving eyes, almost numb with shock. "He told me you'd had some nightmares during your nap, too, and that he had to get you up to change your wet nappy. You'll probably feel a bit tired and sleepy this afternoon because of him," she commented sympathetically, "and you might have some more odd dreams, too. But don't worry, baby girl. Everything is alright." She hugged me warmly, and I clutched her tightly around the waist for support, my mind reeling at her calm dismissive words. "Mummy's here now, and she will keep her little girls safe. Alright?" I was stunned at the cavalier way she handled David assaulting me, but everything felt confused and hazy. Was it all just a bad dream?

Mummy lifted the abbreviated back hem of my polka-dot frock and gave the puffy seat of my rubber panties a few firm loving pats, asking; "Where are your pretty red panties, Baby Jennie? Oh, here they are." She collected the shiny satin knickers from beside the foot of the change table, and held them down and open for me to step into. That's when I knew it had been no dream! I clutched Mummy's shoulders for support as I clumsily threaded my ballerina toesies through the appropriate holes, and she firmly tugged the ruffled red knickers up over my puffy bottom till I was dancing on my tippy-toes. After buckling on my flat red sandals for me, and fluffing out the ruffled tiered skirts of my frock till they sat prettily over my bulky nappies, Mummy gripped my hand and held out her other hand for Angelica to take. "Come on, Angie," she urged my sleepy sister. "Take Mummy's hand, and I'll help you girls walk downstairs. You can watch some TV this afternoon, if you'd like? At least until after you wake up a bit more. Okay?"

Mummy put in a DVD of 'Aladdin' - the Disney cartoon version - which we'd already seen at least ten million times. But that was what Angie wanted to watch, and it seemed like she was the boss of everything today. When my sister lay on the carpet with her head resting on her brown teddy, I wished I'd brought my bear with me, too. Mummy returned from the kitchen a few minutes later with a red sippy-cup of juice for Angie, and my filled pink baby bottle. "Mummy," I plaintively whined like an irritable, overtired toddler, "I need my teddy, too. Pweathe Mummy?"

"Alright, darling," she said, smiling indulgently while handing me my bottle. I went to guide the teat in my face and almost dropped the heavy vessel. "Use two hands, baby," Mummy cautioned me, and her smile grew broader when I clumsily obeyed. "Good girl."
"It'th in my cwib, Mummy," I needlessly explained before I spat out my dum-dums. "My pink teddy bear," I sleepily reminded her, before plunging the spurting nipple in my mouth.
"I know which teddy is yours, Baby Jennie. Silly girl!" she gently chided me. "I'm your Mummy, remember? Mummies know everything!" She tossed me a forgiving smile before vanishing upstairs, and she returned a few minutes later carrying my plush pink teddy and both our baby dollies.

I think Angie and I slept through most of the movie, cuddling our baby dolls with our heads resting on the soft tummies of our plush teddies. The only thing that prompted us to sit up was when Mummy reappeared some time later carrying a plate of chocolate-covered biscuits, my bottle filled with warm milk, and Angie's purple sippy-cup. My sore bottom felt more tender than usual inside my warm soggy nappy, especially around my sensitive rosebud, but I eagerly sat up nonetheless.

I love chocolate biscuits, but before I was allowed to touch one, Mummy insisted on clipping a fresh yellow bib around my neck. This one had an elaborate lighter yellow lace frill sewn around the collar and the outside edge, and as I hungrily munched, I felt glad my sister couldn't read the humiliating message embroidered across the front. The bright red cursive text over my breast proudly proclaimed me to be; 'Mummy's Little Nappy Wetter.' Although when Mummy made me lift the hem of my frock and slipped her hand down inside my rubber panties while I munched, she looked pleased when she announced I hadn't wet though - yet.

It was fun eating yummy chocolate biscuits between sucking down mouthfuls of sweet warm milk from my pink bottle. I suggested to Angie that we watch 'The Pony Club' again. Fortunately when she turned on the TV, a new episode was just about to start. Mummy came back later and sat down on the lounge, and she watched the whole second episode with us. She agreed with Angie that the boys in the show were yucky and horrid, and when my sister piped up during an ad break, "I'm glad I'm not a horrible boy," I found myself unconsciously nodding in agreement with her and Mummy.
"I wish I wath a girl," I quietly mumbled after removing the teat from my mouth, and accidentally dribbled some milk down my chin. Luckily my yellow bibbie was there to stop my pretty red frock from getting stained.

Angie turned away from the TV to stare at me in surprise. "But Baby Jennie! You are a girl! You're my baby sister, and you are a girl! A very pretty baby girl!" I couldn't help but smile at my sister’s earnest reassuring words of praise, my cheeks turning pink with pleasure. I felt a warm glow all over when Mummy nodded thoughtfully and murmured in agreement.
"Yes, Baby Jennie. You're a very pretty little girl. But even pretty little girls have to learn to grow up, sometime," Mummy gently reminded me, making my shy smile falter. I thrust my bottle teat back in my mouth to cover my embarrassment, and noisily slurped on the nipple to fill the sudden silence. We watched the rest of the show without any more conversation, and as soon as it finished, Mummy jumped to her feet.

"I'd better go and check on dinner," she said, before hurrying into the kitchen. "Otherwise my pretty little girls are going to starve tonight!"
"Lets do some colouring-in, baby," Angie proposed, and she opened the drawer under the coffee table and took out some of her picture books. We sorted through them together, and I was mildly jealous when she grabbed the only 'Pony Club' booklet.

"This one's mine," my sister defiantly stated, clutching the slim volume to her breast. "You can colour in one of the 'My Little Pony' ones, Baby Jennie." At least I was allowed to choose my own colouring-in book, and I selected the one with a drawing of the pretty pony with the long mane that had yet to be filled in. She was my favourite. We lay on the plush sunroom carpet on our tummies, with our dollies and teddies arranged around us so they could watch, and I was soon lost in the sweet feminine world of pastel-coloured ponies.

When the front doorbell rang, it seemed to sound from far away, and I didn't bother looking up from my drawing. I found it especially hard to stay inside the lines this afternoon, as I coloured the rearing pony's mane a darker pink than her body. I chewed on my satisfying dum-dums and frowned in hazy concentration. "I'm sure she'll love that! Here are my girls," Mummy cheerfully announced, and when Angie and I turned towards the doorway, we saw Connie walking in behind our mother. I felt a brief jolt of fear shoot through my body, before that emotion was overwhelmed by a strange wave of lassitude.

The toothy brunette teenager was smiling hesitantly, although her pretty face looked unusually pale and drawn. She was carrying a small pink suitcase with colourful Barbie stickers all over it, and she gave us a little wave with her free hand before turning to our mother to ask; "Is Baby Jennie alright?" I could clearly detect the concern in her voice.
"Yes, she's fine," Mummy reassured her, smiling quizzically at the pretty teen.

"I mean, after what David did to her… You know? I wasn't here at the time," Connie hurriedly explained, as though to excuse herself of any wrongdoing. "I only arrived afterwards." My heart almost skipped a beat, and I felt the blood drain from my cheeks.
"Oh yes," Mummy replied with a small frown and an annoyed shake of her head. "David told me what he did. That was very naughty of him…"
"Naughty?" Connie repeated the mild rebuke in an incredulous tone, rearing her head and looking horrified on my behalf.

"Yes, very naughty," Mummy replied slightly more sternly, looking puzzled by the young girl's over-reaction. "When he told me he made Baby Jennie take some of Angie's medicine to encourage her to take hers, I told him he shouldn't have done that! I don't think I'll let him babysit my precious girls again."
"Oh, that!" Connie looked like a balloon deflating. Her tone was much more subdued when she asked, "Oh, okay then. So is it alright to like, give these to Baby Jennie?"
Mummy still looked slightly confused when she replied, "Yes, of course, darling! That's very kind of you."
"Hi Connie," Angie sleepily greeted the hesitantly smiling girl.

"Hi Angie, hello Baby Jennie," Connie politely responded, but I didn't know what to say. I mumbled something incomprehensible around my dummy teat and then sucked harder to cover my embarrassment. Connie stepped closer and I dazedly sat up to face her, my cheeks blushing pinkly when I saw her tentative smile broaden while she read the humiliating message on my bib. "Hello 'Mummy's Little Nappy Wetter.'” She giggled. “Angie told me you didn't own any, so here, Baby Jennie." She thrust the tiny pink suitcase into my hands by way of explanation, and my little fingers trembled when I nervously opened the two shiny metal clasps. The case sprang open to reveal two old Barbie dolls stuffed inside, along with a mass of tiny dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes.

Angie squealed in delight as my mouth fell open in surprise. Connie had given me her old Barbies, plus loads of clothes and accessories! Despite my embarrassment, I was touched by her generous gesture, and I shyly thanked her from around my dum-dums. "Fank you, Connie," I mumbled in appreciation, as I carefully took out the blonde doll first. Then I realised with a start; Connie thought I was only six years old. I was supposed to be acting like a six-year-old girl.

"Wook Mummy!" I cried in excitement from around my dum-dums, holding up my prize and waving it about like an excited pre-schooler. "My own Barbieth!" When I noticed a yellow satin dress in the suitcase under the brunette doll, I snatched it before Angie could. I held up the tiny buttercup-yellow dress with my other hand. "And wook! Thith dweth ith the thame cowour ath our yewwow fwockth!"

"Yes darling, it is!" Mummy cooed, smiling indulgently down at me. I eagerly pawed through the suitcase, before tipping the contents on the floor to search for a pair of tiny yellow high heels to match Barbie's pretty satin ball gown. Angie snatched up the brunette Barbie and began to examine her arms and legs, snorting in contempt at the antiquated lack of bendable limbs. She abandoned the obsolescent doll to paw through the scattered clothes and accessories, frowning in hazy concentration.

"Mrs R?" Connie softly asked, but her big brown eyes never left my face. "Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes, my dear?" Mummy responded, with a pleased smile for her generosity.
"How old is Baby Jennie really?"

I squeezed my new blonde Barbie tightly in panic and glanced up in horror at the unexpected question, clutching a single tiny yellow plastic shoe in my other hand.
"My big baby turned thirteen last birthday," Mummy casually replied, as if it were completely normal to have a teenager sitting on the floor dressed in nappies and baby clothes. Connie turned to stare down at me in stunned surprise, her big brown eyes wide. I knew my cheeks were blazing with shame, and when my watering blue eyes dropped to the carpet, Connie turned to my beaming mother again.
"And David told me… It can't be! Is it true that she's really a boy?"

My mother's affectionate smile never faltered when she lovingly gazed down at me. "Well Connie, while it's true that Baby Jennie was born a boy… I think God might have had something else in mind for my special little Princess."
"Mummy, I did a poo!" Angie loudly announced, and she cast aside a handful of doll dresses to clumsily kneel up. She climbed to her feet and waddled awkwardly over to our mother, holding out her little arms to be picked up. I was grateful for the interruption when Mummy automatically crouched and gathered my sister in her arms.

"Pooh! You certainly did, Angie! Come with me upstairs, and we'll change you out of that nasty stinky nappy straight away." Mummy gave a pointed look in my direction and glanced inquiringly at Connie, who nodded briefly in understanding at the unspoken question.
"I'll wait here with the baby until you get back," the toothy brunette kindly offered, and Mummy smiled her thanks before carrying Angie away. When we heard them disappear up the stairs, Connie turned to stare down at me in frank disapproval.

"So your Mummy doesn't know… You didn't tell her," the toothy teen ruminated aloud, as though she was considering her options. I couldn't meet her furious brown eyes when Connie glared accusingly at me. "You lied to me!" Bright spots of colour appeared on her otherwise pale cheeks. I sucked harder on my dum-dums and nodded guiltily, my head bowed in shame. "You told me that you were only six years old, and that you were a little girl." I kept my chin down and silently nodded again, and she gave a sharp snort of annoyance. 'You naughty little girl!"

"I couldn't help it," I whined, childishly seeking to avoid any responsibility for my actions. "My Auntieth made me do it!" I ineffectually tried to excuse my misbehaviour.
"Hmph! Your Aunties made you do it, huh? When David told me the truth about you, I called him a liar! Now I'll have to go and apologise to that stupid prat…"

She crouched down beside me and put her mouth close to my ringing red ear. "When I walked in on you two in the Nursery upstairs… He was fucking you, wasn't he?" I nodded, reduced to shame-faced silence, my burning cheeks crimson with embarrassment. "He told me that you wanted it… You were begging him for it all afternoon… And I heard you upstairs," she whispered accusingly. I couldn't tell if it was amazement, jealousy, or disgust that tinged her low voice. "I heard you begging him to fuck you up the arse! You dirty little slut!" Feelings of shame and guilt almost overwhelmed me, blood pounding like a drum in my ears. "So the question is - do I tell your Mummy what David was doing to you? Well, Baby Jennie? Do you want me to tell your Mummy what that nasty, big bad boy did to 'Mummy's Little Nappy Wetter'?"

To be continued in chapter 19.

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