No Greater Love Chapter 3

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“No Greater Love”

(John 15:13)

By Zapper


Chapter 3



The steady breathing and the relaxation told Meka that her body must be asleep. She felt cognitively and emotionally exhausted, but she couldn’t let her mind drift off. This was easily the worst day of her life. She tried not to think about what had happened but found that it was impossible not to replay the day’s events.

After losing her body to some Syndicate assassin she’d left the NWRI and met the guy’s partner in a local pub for “lunch.” To her horror she’d watched as Max, using her body, handed over the crystal and the hoop to a young man, with the mature looking eyes.

“Do you have the items?”

Max dropped a small bag on the table, “Here you go, Ilse.”

The guy glared at Max, “Don’t call me that, my name is Eli, Eli Ó Flannagáin and I’m an American now.”

Meka could feel the slight twitch at the corners of her mouth as Max tried not to smirk. “I guess you need to start calling me Meka Petrucci then.” At this Meka wanted to scream and she’d battered the invisible walls of her prison, to no avail.

“Of course, Meka, that body is younger than your last one.” Then the man gave Max a slow lascivious stare running his gaze over Meka’s every curve. “I must say, I approve.”

Meka felt the amuzement fade from Max, “I’m scheduled to see Gwendolyn tomorrow. There is a staff meeting that I have to attend. Not a good option for what we need done, though. A week from tomorrow there is a social event that might provide a better opportunity.”

The lust faded from the Eli’s eyes and he shook his head, brightly colored hair moving around like an artificial rainbow. “That won’t work. We need to move quicker.” Then using a foot he pushed a backpack toward Max. “You know what to do with that. If you’re careful and use it correctly it should take down the facility. The Society has much invested in that building, destroying it will distract them from our true purpose.”

Max grunted, the sound felt odd, strangly, masculine to Meka’s ears. “It shouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t have to go through any bomb detection devices.”

“Excellent. I will take care of these and report the status of the mission. Now give me the key to your flat.” Without asking why Max dug into her purse and pulled out Meka’s keys and handed them over. “I’ll meet you there tonight.” Then for the first time Eli grinned, “How do you feel about pizza?”

Meka felt the slight buzzing in her mind and then a smirk stretched across her face. “I do belive that I love pizza.”

The next couple of hours were even worse. Meka was totally helpless as she watched Max use her clearance and memories to plant the devices around the building, above and below ground. Meka had no idea what she was looking at, but she knew this was going to be bad. Then Max returned to her office and sent an email to Gwen with some of the basics about the hoop and more information about the crystal than Meka had uncovered. Max was obviously familiar with the items. Then Max closed everything, locked the office, and headed out. As she passed George she wavied at him.

“Good to see you leaving at a decent time Ms. Petrucci.”

“Yeah, working weekeneds can be tough. Are you off soon, George?” Max had asked sweetly batting her eyelashes at him. The blatant flirting was a perfect imitation of Meka’s teasing and George laughed in response. The light from the monitors reflected from his tightly cut hair as he gave her a laugh.

“I’ve got another hour. Then its home to Nora and the grandkids. We’ve got them for the next two weeks while my daughter and son-in-law are on holiday in France.”

“That’s too bad.” At George’s puzzeled look Max hurried on, “That you’re stuck here for another hour.”

“Oh, it’s not so bad. Have a good night Miss.”

Coming up out of the tube at her stop Meka heard the sound of sirens and saw an emergency vehicle flash by. ‘No,’ was all she could think as she realized that the bombs that Max had planted must have already gone off. George, and many of her friends and collegues were still in the facility.

Eli had been waiting in Meka’s flat and this intrusion felt like yet another violation of her privacy. Eli had her flat screen on and had tuned it to the local London news. Scenes from the NWRI building filled the screen and Meka felt her heart break when she recognized an elderly woman holding the hand of a man being loaded, by a team of paramedics, into an ambulance. In a rage she flew at the walls of her prison, with no noticable effect.

These two stangers were in her home, laughing and planning their next move, and she was entirely helpless. Max’s obvious enjoyment of the pizza, which Meka had to admit tasted delicious, made her want to scream, or cry. The Chianti that Eli brought over paired perfectly with the pizza and soon Meka could feel the effects of the alochol in her system, as the Syndiate agents celebrated. When Eli made a comment about getting naked Meka had been surprised that Max quickly agreed.

Meka did her best to shut out the sensations she was feeling as Eli started kissing her neck. He obviously knew what he was doing as his hands roamed over her body finding each erogenous zone and playing her like a Maestro. Meka tried to build a shield between everything thing she was feeling as Max reached out to stroke Eli’s penis but she couldn’t separate herself from her body and her body was on fire with need.

Before long they were in the bedroom clothes flung about carelessly and then Meka was on her back with Eli on top. By now she realized that she couldn’t fight what was happening and her body ached with need.

“Meka, this is John. What’s going on? I saw the news, were you near that building, the one that blew up?”

The sending burst into Meka’s mind like a bucket of cold water. It pulled her up out of the whirlpool of carnal sensations. “John, I hear you! A Syndicate Warlock has taken over my body. You have to help me.”

“Meka, can you hear me? I’m worried! I’ve been having dreams about you . . . Not “those” kind of dreams. I had a vision about a building that caught on fire and it was connected to you, somehow. Then I just saw the news from London, there was a terrorist attack? Talk to me girl. What’s going on?”

At first Meka wanted to laugh at John’s typical bumbling response. Then she wanted to scream and tear her hair out. Again, she tried to form words and “send” them to John but she had no power. In desperation, she reached out to her focus item, her half of the Cavanaugh crystal and PULLED on it desperately trying to draw power through it.

The trickle of mana filled her with sudden delight. It wasn’t much, but maybe enough. Putting all of her will behind it she focused on John, “Help me John. A Syndicate agent has taken control of my body!”

“Meka, what’s going on? Are you alright? MEKA!”

The alarm in John’s voice was gratifying. Meka didn’t know if her message had made it through, and based on John’s response she doubted it, but she knew John was now worried about her. Then she felt Eli’s cock enter her pussy. The act drove out her connection to the crystal and she had trouble focusing as he found her g-spot. There was no way a man, this young, knew how to use his mouth on her breasts like that . . . sucking hard on her nipple while using his tongue to circle her areola while in his mouth. With one hand rubbing her clit and his impressive man meat slowly pumping into her made it impossible for her think. Her body was responding as Max threw himself into it. Meka lost all ability to reason as an all-consuming carnal blaze built and it was all she could do just to hang on.

Now exhausted from sex, and trying everything she could think of to send John a message Meka floated in the darkness. From the sounds of deep breathing both Eli and Max were asleep. This didn’t surprise her based on the marathon session of erotic aerobics they’d engaged in earlier. Evidently the chance to have sex in a new body had been such a unique experience they’d pushed themselves to the limit of their physical endurance.

Even with her body asleep Meka could feel every inch, suddenly she was curious. Focusing on her body and feeling everything she tried to open her eyes. When they flickered open she lost control and dropped back into the void and her eyes fell closed. ‘I-I can control my body when he’s asleep.’ The realization was so shocking that for a time she just floated in the void.

Knowing it was possible to gain control of her body Meka stretched and pushed herself out of the void. This time when her eyes opened Meka just lay there enjoying the feeling of being in control. There was an arm draped over her naked chest and a hand resting lovingly on her breast. Moving slowly, careful not to wake up Eli, Meka peeled the hand and arm away and slid out of the bed. She felt unsteady and had to reach out for the wall. Her whole body felt off, sluggish, and then she winced realizing that she was sore! ‘This is what happens when you go for more than a year without having sex.’ She thought. Then had to resist the urge to throw up when she thought about what had just happened. ‘Keep it together girl.’

Meka slowly made her way through her flat, more on memory than sight, and pushed open the door to the spare bedroom that also happened to double as her at-home sanctum. To an uneducated eye this appeared to be a normal bedroom. Dresser with a large mirror over it, full sized bed, night stand, and a recliner with a reading lamp completed the picture of normalcy. From under the bed Meka pulled out her casting kit; chalk, string, candles, and her personal grimoire, the grimoire that had started her journey into witchcraft. Meka ran her tiny fingers over the heavy leather bound book enjoying the feel of the old-world leather and the scent of the parchment. Slowly, an idea formed and she turned to the back of the grimoire. The pages were blank, but that was okay, it was a minor ward that caused the words to become visible. At last, satisfied she put the book in the center of the room and returned to her magical kit.

Using the string and chalk she quickly drew a circle. Meka didn’t need the spell book for what she had planned next, that would come later. Once the circle was done Meka focused on her crystal. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t touching it, or even in the same room as the crystal. Most witches believed there was a range limit to the connection but Meka had always doubted that theory. Why should a magical bond recognize distance? She suspected it was a limitation set up within the minds of the individual witch or warlock.

Settling, naked, within the circle Meka rested her fingers on her grimoire for a moment and then focused on her crystal drawing in power, filling her manna-well. The sun was just beginning to stream in through the window and Meka guessed it was around 6 am which meant it was midnight in St. Louis. “Knowing John, he’s sound asleep right now. Either that or he and Elaine are having a little marital fun.” Hearing her own voice once more under her direction gave Meka thrill.

She thought about trying to find a spell that would expel the Syndicate assassin’s spirit from her body, but then she thought about the warlock-er-witch in the other room. Any heavy-duty spell casting would wake him up. Then she’d be fighting a spirit who controlled her body plus an outsider. This made her wonder what would happen once Max woke up. With a sigh, she shook her head, “Time to be subtle. Okay, girl, let’s see if this will work.” Focusing on her spell Meka said, “Venez à moi, Pinkie Pie.” The burst of energy wasn’t much but Meka knew she didn’t need much.

A moment later a pink dot of light coalesced in front of her and then the toy horse she’d enchanted stood facing her within the circle. Meka slowly reached out to run her fingers over its’ tiny mane. “I’m glad you survived the explosion, Pinkie. Now, I’ve got a job for you, girl. Then carefully assembling her thoughts Meka lifted the toy to her lips and started whispering to it. Once done she set the toy down, on the grimoire and pulled in her Will and unleashed a sudden burst of power, “Transmettre!”

Energy flowed out of Meka and a bubble of pink power surrounded Pinkie Pie and the grimoire and then in a sparkle of pink lights both the book and the toy disappeared. “Go, girl, go!”

Then Meka let out a sigh. “I’ve done what I can.” Then the urge to evict the creep in her body was more than she could resist. Drawing in manna she filled her Well and focused inward, “Sortez!” Power seemed to burn through her running down her veins and bursting over every nerve ending. The pain was so quick and fierce that Meka threw her head back but was unable to scream.

“What?” The words burst out of her mouth and she felt the Syndicate Assassin come awake. “Are you still here? Bitch, I thought I killed you.”

“Not yet.” Meka replied and was delighted when she could use her own mouth to form the words. “This is my body! Now get OUT!” As she spoke she felt Max reach out for her crystal, “No, you don’t!” Meka said moving to block him. Then she felt his Will. This assassin was strong, his mind and will honed in a way Meka had never felt. Even so, she was determined and ready, ‘I won the first round, he won the second, I WILL win the third round.’ she thought, and re-doubled her efforts to block Max from accessing her crystal while trying to pull power from it.

The door to the bedroom burst open, and Eli, naked, looking ridiculous with his rainbow hair pointing in every direction and his flaccid cock bouncing around, rushed in. His eyes blazed with orange energy and he raised a crystal in his left hand. “apage!” power ripped through Meka like the wind of a hurricane and in an instant, she lost all control. She felt a spinning sensation and then all she knew was darkness.

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