Gokachuu - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After some time had passed, Kathed got to his feet. Going over to the corpse of the alien, he slashed and stabbed it several times in frustration. He screamed.

“FUUUCK! JUST MY FUCKING DAY. I GET RAPED BY A FUCKING ALIEN!” he said, knowing nobody could hear him in the vacuum. He sighed, and left the now burned and mutilated corpse alone. It was then that he realized he was naked and his penis was in full view. He grabbed the scraps of his suit and covered his penis with it.

After getting off the roofs, he set about getting past the bulkhead back to the east bay. He grabbed the release lever, and the doors ground open slowly, the vacuum sucking the air out. It was deserted except for his ship, everyone else had likely evacuated while the shop owners were no doubt huddled inside their shops. Disregarding the pallet of scrap, he approached his ship. As he approached, he went to lift the canopy, but it wouldn't budge. His HUD said, “DNA mismatch.”

“That can't be right.” he said. He tried again, same error. He trembled, and then swore. “PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!” He smacked the side of the ship. Knowing one way to break in, he went over to the electrical system box, and yanked it open. Pulling the security and main breakers, he waited for five minutes, sweat pouring down his body and his skin heavily drying out and cold from being exposed to the low air pressure. He replaced them, then attempted to open the canopy. It opened for him and he quickly went over to his surgical unit. “Computer,” he said. “Take a blood sample, analyse it for any foreign anomalies, poisons, foreign DNA. Meanwhile run a full body scan and check for abnormalities or injuries.” He stripped down, his muscular physique relatively unscathed. Inside the pressurized ship, his skin stopped being cold and dried out.

“Yes sir.” said the computer's voice as the surgical unit drew blood from his arm and began the scan procedure. “Warning, anal and urethral tearing detected. Administering morphine and collagia gel. Abnromalities detected in the following regions: Face, neck, chest, abdomen, anus, pelvic, groin, perineum, hands, feet, endocrine. Listing abnormalities:

Face: Abnormal change in bone structure detected.
Neck: Abnormal atrophy of vocal cords and larynx detected.
Chest: Abnormal breast development detected, ribcage narrowing detected, shoulder narrowing detected.
Abdomen: Fat cell atrophy detected, organ migration detected.
Anus: Foreign zygotes detected.
Pelvic: Pelvic bone widening detected.
Groin: Testicular atrophy detected, prostate atrophy detected, scrotal retraction detected. Penile region registering normal.
Perineum: Inguinal area widening detected, migration of scrotal area rearward detected.
Hands: Wrist and hand size decrease detected. Ring finger atrophy detected, index lengthening detected.
Feet: Feet size decreasing, ankle area atrophy detected.
Endocrine: Testosterone and DHT levels decreasing sharply, Oestrogen level rising steadily.
Current abnormality status: Minor, but progressing. Still analyzing DNA. Administering testosterone and DHT.

“In plain words, Computer. What is happening to me?” said Kathed, looking concernedly at himself in the mirror. He didn't look different, yet. He was worried about what was to come.

“DNA analysis complete. Warning: Foreign DNA detected, foreignenzymes detected, mutagens detected. Y chromosome corruption detected, X chromosome duplication detected. Genetic alterations detected. Conclusion: Alien injected mutagen, DNA and enzymes through urethra and deposited sperm and eggs in rectum. Feminization of subject Kathed in progress. Treatment: Unknown, condition irreverisble due to DNA damage progressing record pace.”

“WHAT!? I'M GONNA BE A GIRL??” Kathed said, screaming at the top of his lungs. He struggled to get free but the computer restrained him.

“Sedation in progress. Subject Kathed may induce self-harm, risk analysis must be carried out. Piloting ship to hideout.” Kathed lost consciousness due to the sedation.

The next thing Kathed knew, he was still restrained naked on the surgical unit operating table. He looked down at his body. Breasts were beginning to form on his chest, his body hair was nearly gone. He looked at his hands, they were smaller, with longer fingers. He moved his arm as best he could and felt his waist, it had tucked itself in. He felt his skin, soft and smooth like a woman. Moving down he felt his crotch. It had been shaved during his sedation. He moved down and felt his penis, still attached to him. He breathed a sign of relief at that. He felt for his testicles, his scrotum was still there but it had begun to crease in the middle, and his testicles were smaller, atrophying. He felt they had moved back some… Kathed tried to speak but his throat was dry, but he heard his voice… it was a girl's voice. He said, “Shit. I'm becoming a woman.” he felt lower and his thighs had gained some girth, as had his ass. He tried to sit up but the straps were pulled taut. “Computer, may I be released?”

“Analysing risk… Permission granted. You may move, Kathed.” and the straps retracted.

Kathed felt the changes in his body… and he sat and cried. Cried in his own self pity. He was turning into a woman, and he couldn't do a thing about it. He looked at himself in the mirror. His body was slowly being feminized, he felt his breasts. “I must be an A right now.” he moved down. His penis was still normal, for the present. His ass was round and feminine and he had acquired a thigh gap. His short blond hair clashed with his looks. His face already was looking more like that of a girls.

“Computer, how long do I have?”

“You have approximately two days for breast development to complete, uterus and ovaries will be processed within a week, your face and body structure will be fully feminine within two weeks. Your penis, I am still running tests on but I give it two months at most for it to become a clitoris. I understand you must be emotionally distressed. I am still analyzing what to do about the eggs in your rectum. In the meantime, your clothes will no longer fit, so I had a delivery placed to the hideout, discretely. We're almost to the hideout, approximately two hours. You should rest.”

Kathed sighed and got into bed, turning off the lights and sinking into sleep. Kathed awoke to the sounds of the engines idling down as the ship came to halt in the docking bay. Getting up, he examined his body. No real changes in the two hours, but that didn't comfort him. The bed was soaked in sweat.

Opening the canopy, Kathed hopped out and walked over to the delivery hatch. Inside was a box which when opened had panties, skirts, and blouses. “Damn that sadistic computer.” Kathed muttered. Sighing, he put on the panties, noticing how he had a bulge where his penis and scrotum were. Sighing, he tucked them in before replacing the panties, which made it look better. Putting on a blouse and skirt, he then said, “Hideout computer, commence download from T78. Update yourself on the situation.”

“Affirmative. Feminization of Kathed in process. Updating DNA signature.” it said. Kathed opened the bay bulkhead and thus entered the hideout's main section – an abandoned Type 5 Light Carrier. Going over to the medical area, he sat down in the surgical unit. “Scanning subject. Confirmed, Kathed. Feminization accelerating. Progress, 15%.”

“What about the monster babies in my rectum huh? What the hell am I supposed to do?” just at that moment he doubled over in pain.

“Warning, infant aliens evacuating rectum. Preparing containment area.” said the computer. Just under Kathed's anus, the section of the unit moved. “Please remove your undergarments immediately.” Kathed pulled them down, and felt intense pain as the infant aliens were ejected out of his anus, accompanied by lots of slime. Kathed screamed, his voice getting higher slowly. “Warning, feminization 30%.” Kathed felt his testicles and scrotum joined by a very wet vagina. The breasts on his chest swelled from an A to a B size as his body became covered in slime. His hair lengthened slightly, to just past his ears. His skin darkened a shade as his lips swelled and his face began to morph before his eyes. The infant aliens still kept coming, now it was four of them, then five of them wriggling in the container. Semen ejaculated from his penis as he orgasmed due to the pressure on his prostate. His breasts swelled again, to a C size as his body hair entirely vanished. “Warning, 50% feminization.” said the computer. He felt his insides shift as a full size vagina, ovaries and a uterus formed. Still screaming and orgasming in pain and forced pleasure, three infant aliens shot out of his anus, bringing the count to eight. His breathing quickened as he felt his spine and posture warp, and his waist shrink in as his ass swelled. His penis, and testicles were still present even as his scrotum bifurcated and formed the upper part of his labia, his testes still attached. Finally he screamed the loudest as his voice broke, all traces of his male voice were gone and his face stopped morphing, becoming a beautiful female face, his breasts finally swelling to a full, round D cup as the last five aliens were pushed from his anus. All at once, it was all over, and he sat there covered in slime, his own semen and sweat, as the computer said, “90% feminization complete. Feminization slowing and stabilizing. Aliens contained, performing incineration of all but one which will be stored in the containment system for analysis of its DNA and function. Initiating cleaning of now female subject Kathed. Or maybe Kathed has a different name now she would liked to be called by.” the surgical unit tipped forward as Kathed dropped into the bathing area and was bathed and placed onto a bed by the computer's various servicing arms – Kathed was unconscious from the shock.

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