No Greater Love Chapter 8

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“No Greater Love”

(John 15:13)

By Zapper


Chapter 8

*Meka & John*


John fought his way toward consciousness. The dreams he’d had, had been filled with color, light, and non-stop battle with creatures out of his worst nightmares. The most disturbing thing had been that in every dream he’d been wearing Meka’s body! He lifted a hand to brush back the hair on his face and froze, ‘Why do I have hair on my face?’

The room was dark and he was cocooned in a soft warm bed. John had to fight the urge to wiggle deeper into the bed and just go back to sleep. Instead, he pushed back the covers and sat up. The sensation of a soft weight shifting on his chest brought the recent events back and he reached up to cup his soft naked boobs. Then knowing what he’d feel, he reached between his legs. The ill-fitting men’s briefs did nothing to hide the fact that his almost hairless crotch lacked his normal equipment. “Oh, shit. I didn’t dream that Meka and I had been fused together, it really did happen.”

“Meka?” Hearing nothing, he reached out with his mind. Inside his head he heard what sounded like a man snoring. “Okay, now that’s weird.” Then he shook his head feeling his long hair tossing from side to side. “I refuse to believe that I snore!”

John lifted a hand and felt the connection to his crystal, “Lux.” Blue-white light filled the room. Spotting a light switch John moved to the door and turned it on releasing his spell. Then he felt the urge pee. The bedroom had an attached bathroom and, gratefully, he moved into it.

He stopped when he saw Meka looking back at him from the mirror. “I never thought I’d see your face in a mirror again.” John looked down at his chest. His tits were just as he remembered them. Pale skin and bright pink nipples the size of silver dollars, Meka’s breasts were just over a double handful of soft flesh. Trying his best to ignore them John pulled his briefs down over the flare of his hips and kicked them to one side. Then he turned and settled onto the toilet. It took a bit to remember which muscles to squeeze and what to relax but the relief of peeing felt as good as a girl, as it did as a man. Remembering to blot John stood up and flushed the toilet and then looked at the shower. ‘Meka?’ Once again heard a faint snoring in his mind.

When Phillip had shown them to this room John had felt an almost crushing weight of exhaustion. He’d wasted no time stripping down to his briefs and diving under the covers. Now, when he looked into the mirror he could see sweat streaks through the dirt on Meka’s face. He ran a hand through the tangled mess of his hair and sighed. “Getting this straightened out is gonna suck.”

John went to the shower and started it and, once it warmed-up, he stepped in. He let out a hiss as the full impact of hot water on his sensitive chest startled him. “I forgot how sensitive these things are.” Then spotting body-wash and a loofa John got to work cleaning up. He tried to stay focused on the task of getting clean, as the water sluiced off his flesh. Yet the more he fought to ignore the feminine sensations assaulting his brain the more his body seemed to respond.

Rubbing his soft breasts turned into sensual caressing, and then a hand drifted down between his legs. Meka’s tiny landing strip led to a set of lips, swollen with need. John’s exploring fingers sent tiny jolts of pleasure racing through his body. The lips seemed to open slightly exposing Meka’s engorged clit. John continued stroking and rubbing, now using tiny circles with his fingers to stimulate his clit. It felt like someone had gotten ahold of his cock and began caressing it. On instinct he pushed a finger inside while continuing to rub. The deep ache, the need to be filled, was more than he could take and he leaned forward to rest a hand on the shower wall while pushing two fingers deep into Meka’s pie.

“Ohhhhh . . .” he heard the sound of a woman moaning in pleasure and it took John a moment to figure out that the woman was him.

‘Oh, fuck, don’t stop.’


‘Who else is sharing your body? Now keep going, damn it!’

Feeling a little guilty, at getting caught masturbating in her body, John started to pull his fingers out. ‘Don’t you dare leave us like this!’ Meka thought at him and suddenly his body felt like it was on fire with carnal need. Gasping John drove his fingers back into his pussy curling them at just the right angle to find the bundle of nerves up and behind his clit. “Ohhhh . . . goooooooddddddd” he gasped. His body felt like it was on auto pilot. Stroke, curl, stroke, rub . . . he alternated between rubbing his clit, driving his fingers into an empty ache and curling them up to stroke his g-spot.

The most powerful orgasm John could remember washed over his body and his weakened knees gave out and he slid to the floor of the shower. “Oh, damn. Meka if it feels that good to rub one out, how do you leave the house?”

‘Idiot. It never feels THAT good. I-I didn’t want you to stop, so I focused on what my body feels like at the height of pleasure, and it was like . . . I’ve never felt anything that good.’

After several deep breaths John climbed shakily to his feet. He ran his fingers through the tangled mass of hair. “Uhm, whatever happens in the future, we’re never telling Elaine about this.”


“Okay show me how to get the tangles out?”

‘Sure, you’ve already used shampoo so next is conditioner.’ “Hey, how do you know that? When did you wake up?”

‘Just after you tried to burn our breasts off with scalding hot water.’ “Why didn’t you say something?”

‘It seemed like you were having fun and I didn’t want to ruin it for you. I would have pretended to still be asleep except you were going to stop just as it was getting good.’

Once done with the conditioner John discovered it was much easier to run his fingers through Meka’s hair. Getting out of the shower John wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the mirror looking for a brush.

‘Uhm, John, normally girls wrap the towel around their chests and under their arms.’

“Oh, yeah, right.” He adjusted the towel and then finding a brush went to the bedroom to work on his hair. As he settled onto the bed there was a knock on the door. John opened it a crack and saw a woman he didn’t recognize.

“Yes?” he asked. ‘Her name is Tracy.’ Meka supplied. “Tracy, can I help you?”

“Hi, Meka, I don’t know why, but Mistress Gwendolyn asked me to give these to you. She said you’d understand.” With that the maid offered a pile of what were obviously men’s clothes.

“Sure, thanks.” John opened the door the rest of the way and accepted the clothes.

Once alone he looked down at the pile. “Why do you think she gave us men’s clothes instead of a woman’s?”

‘Probably because Meka is wanted for blowing up a building. She wants us in “John” mode while we’re here . . .’

“But I’m John. When we’re male we’re Meka.” ‘Come on John, time to get dressed and find out what’s happened since we crashed.’

“Fine.” John went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, “I think I want to watch this time.” Then he thought, ‘Okay, we’re all yours.’ and pulled back releasing control. At once he felt Meka move forward.

He watched as his skin seemed to ripple, shoulders growing wider, long hair pulling up and getting lighter while hair sprouted from his arms, legs, and chest. Then his face seemed to shift his cute elfin chin turned square and a day’s worth of stubble sprouted from his no longer soft cheeks. His boobs stretch as his chest and shoulders continued to expand turning into a set of well-formed pecs and his nipples got smaller and smaller until they were dimes instead of silver dollars. As this was happening he grew six inches and felt a heavy weight drop down between his legs. The familiar sensation of his cock and balls swinging freely between his thighs signaled the end of the changes.

“Damn, all of that in like two seconds.” Meka noted running her large masculine hands over her washboard abs and down to the sausage between her legs. “Welcome back boys. I’m sure we’ll have fun a little later.”


“Hey, don’t go all prudish on me. After what you did in the shower, you owe me. I’ll just take it as a rain check.”

With growing familiarity Meka climbed into the clothes Gwendolyn had picked out. Grey dress slacks, leather belt, a light blue dress shirt, leather dress shoes and a matching suit jacket. When Meka saw the tie she just shook her head and folded it up and tucked it into a pocket. “Well, what do you think?”

Meka stood in front of the mirror and John had to admit that the clothes gave him a look of sophistication he normally didn’t go for. ‘I think Gwendolyn has expensive tastes.’ “True, she does know fashion.”

Twenty minutes later they found Gwendolyn and Victor in the garden taking a late lunch on the open air patio. Meka’s stomach rumbled as she walked up to the pair.

“Hi, I don’t suppose a girl could get some lunch?”

“You don’t look like a girl, at the moment, Meka. Please sit down.” Gwendolyn said, with a laugh.

Meka joined in with a chuckle. “How did the magical conference calls go?”

Victor grunted and bit into an apple slice. “Not well. Most didn’t want to believe that the Syndicate would go this far. I had to show them the attack on my estate and then remind them of Cancun.”

“It’s one thing to do a large area attack on the Society, even to bring Fae to our Realm. It is an entirely different matter to bring Insectoids to this Realm. We sent a local witch to Victor’s estate only to find they’ve established a nest. Our scout almost died.” Gwendolyn added.

“The local authorities in Louisville will come out to the estate at some point and they’ll be slaughtered. There is no going back from this one.”

“How will you let the mundanes know?” Meka asked, looking at Victor.

“As we speak members of the Society within every industrial government are revealing themselves to the mundane leaders. Once ready, hopefully within the next few days’, public announcements will be made. Then we’ll move openly on the nest in Louisville.” Gwendolyn answered.

“Any idea where Max is in my body?”

“No.” Then with an intent look Gwen added, “There is something we need you to do. In Alaska, there is a witch, a powerful Seer, who has been invaluable fighting the Syndicate.” ‘Cassandra!?’ John gasped. Not hearing John’s mental exclamation Gwen continued, “Cassandra has helped us foil Jason Drake and his mother Tia Drake’s plots for years. Recently we’ve lost all communication with her. We need you to go there and find out why.”

‘Who’s Cassandra?’ Meka asked John silently.

‘Only the most powerful living Seer. She’s very reclusive and rumor has it cursed, although, no one knows what that means. She also doesn’t appear to like men. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard, she’s had a couple of apprentices all female and her lands are warded against men.’

Meka shook her head. “I’m sorry to hear that something might have happened to this woman, but I have to find Max and get my body back.”

“Meka!” Victor said, sharply, “This is bigger than your personal wants or needs. She is one of the greatest Seers of our time and only another Seer may enter her lands uninvited.”

“Not just Seers, Victor, female Seers.” Gwendolyn interrupted. “Her curse prevents her from wanting any contact with most of humanity. To set foot on her land you must be both a Seer and a woman. That combination is so rare that very few of the gifted visit her uninvited.”

“Well, I’m not a Seer either.” Meka retorted hotly.

“No, but John is.” Gwendolyn replied with a wide smile, “And currently he is the female.” Meka’s shoulders slumped. “I understand. I just . . . I feel like Max’s out there, in my body doing horrible things and everyone thinks it’s me!”

“Meka, we’ll do everything we can to find Max and capture him.” Victor assured, in an earnest tone.

“And I’ll look into a way restore you.” Then looking thoughtful, “It might mean dividing the crystal again.”


Ben opened the door as the bell rang a second time. “Yes, can I help you?” The tiny brunette with red highlights looked up at him. “Are you Benjamin Lavin?”

“Who are you? Do you realize it’s two in the morning? I’ve got to be to work in a few hours.” As Ben tried to clear the fog of sleep from his mind he realized this woman looked familiar and that she was a witch.

With one hand the witch reached in to touch Ben’s wrist. “You are Benjamin Lavin, John Bedford’s partner, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” then Ben realized why she looked familiar, “you’re John’s friend, Meka. What brings you here, at this time of night?”

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

The comment caught Ben by surprise and suddenly he couldn’t look away. The woman’s eye seemed like bottomless pools of blue and then blood rushed to his cock and he gasped at the raging hard on between his legs. “I’ve just started studying Tantric magic and I really need your help Ben. Do you think you could help me?”

Ben felt a swelling of pride that matched the growth of his cock. Meka Petrucci, the woman who’d destroyed a horde of zombies, killed a Nazi Necromancer, and discovered a hundred new ways to use magic wanted him to help her! Ben opened the door wide dropping the house wards, “Sure, anything for a friend of John’s. What do you need?”

“For starters? Your cock in my hot little pussy.” Max purred stepping into the house. “Then the keys to the St. Louis Great Coven’s vault. There is an artifact there that Lord Drake desires.”

Ben stumbled back his eyes glassing over, “Y-You want to have sex?”

“Oh, yes . . . for starters.” Max moaned closing the door and feeling the wards reset. “I’m going to ride your cock and milk every drop of cum from your body. Then I’ll rip the memories I need from your mind, drain your life force, and leave your empty husk here on the floor.” Max whispered, “Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Fuck, yes.” Ben fumbled out of his pajamas. With his more than eager cock in hand he looked up as Max slowly, sexily, slipped out of the leather jacket, jeans, and t-shirt she’d been wearing.

With a tiny hand Max reached out to stroke Ben’s man-meat. “Such a pretty little pecker, I’m going to enjoy this.”


It took two different gates before Meka and John stepped out of the traveling room at the Anchorage Alaska Great Coven Hall. From Gwendolyn’s traveling room, they’d gone to the Great Coven Traveling room in New York. This Traveling room held no fewer than forty-nine gates. From there Anchorage had been a step away.

Before they’d left London, Gwendolyn had insisted on packing a backpack Meka could carry on her broad shoulders. It held sets of clothes for both John and Meka so they wouldn’t be forced to wear ill-fitting clothes if, and when, they transformed. She’d also, at John’s request, furnished them with weapons.

John had been surprised when Gwendolyn had produced a SIG Sauer P229 the .40 felt comfortable to John as Meka held it using his large hands. “I’m not really a very good shot.” Meka noted.

‘If we need to use it we can shift.’

“These will come in handy.” Meka lifted one of the three crystals Gwendolyn had given them. Each was a special purpose crystal. They couldn’t be used as a focus item and had a single spell locked inside. The beauty of these was that it took almost no magic to activate, provided the person holding the crystal knew the key.

The first crystal held a powerful veil. Gwendolyn explained that it was much better than anything Meka had ever produced. The second held a body shield. When they activated it, the shield would protect them from all magical and physical threats until it ran out of power. The duration, of course, would be determined by the power of the attacks it was blocking. The last crystal held a potent healing spell. It was battlefield magic designed to bring a person back form the edge of death to full health in under a minute. The three crystals were expensive to make and time consuming to enchant. Both Meka and John knew the value of the gifts.

Moving out of the traveling room Meka spotted what must have amounted to a reception area. Directly across from the door was a desk with a woman bent over writing something that Meka couldn’t see. The very shapely bottom of the receptionist was prominently displayed and Meka felt a rush of blood to the tube-steak between her legs. It was 5 pm in the UK but only just 8 am here. By the look of things, the receptionist had just arrived and was still setting up for the day.

Meka cleared her throat with a deep masculine cough and the woman jumped and gave up a little screech as she spun around. “Oh, I didn’t know anyone was scheduled to come in this early.”

“This was an emergency.” Meka eyed the pretty brunette lasciviously. “I’ve been sent on Great Coven business. I’m a Guardian, my name is John Bedford.” Meka felt strange using John’s name.

“Okay, hi, my name’s”

“Sandy, yes I can see that.” Meka interrupted stepping into Sandy’s personal space and reaching out she tapped the name tag attached to Sandy’s blouse.

Sandy flushed and took a half step back, “Oh, uhm, okay.”

‘Stop staring at her tits.’ John chided. ‘Most women think that’s creepy. Besides, we’re here on business. We need to rent a plane to take us up to Cassandra’s.

With a start Meka realized she’d been looking at Sandy’s boobs and felt her face flush. ‘Stupid, man body.’ She thought at John before turning to Sandy. “I’m sorry. I think I’m a little jet lagged. Hehehe . . . Sotta speak. I didn’t mean to seem creepy.”

“Oh, you’re fine.” Sandy, now clutching her necklace, replied. At the end was a crystal the size of a golf ball and Meka was sure it was her focus item. “Do you need a rental car?”

“Actually a lift to the airport. I need to rent a boat plane to take me up to Lake Klutina.”

“This time of year that shouldn’t be a problem. Are you going fishing . . . wait you said Great Coven business? The only thing up there is the Seer.” Then Sandy shook her head, you do know she doesn’t like visitors, or men?”

“Look, Sandy, the less you know the better. Can you either get me a taxi or do I need to rent a car?”

“No, for the airport, we’ve got a shuttle service. Go on through those doors and then down the stairs to your right. There’s a lobby and the guy working the desk, Greg, he’ll make sure you get to the airport.”


It took longer than Meka wanted but at last they were soaring over the Alaskan wilderness headed east. The man at the controls looked old enough to be her grandfather but he seemed to know what he was doing as the tiny plane flew between a pair of mountain peaks.

“There’s a pier at the southern end of the lake and a set of cabins. I assume you’ve rented one and that’s where you want to be dropped off?” The crackle of his voice in her headset was difficult to understand and it took Meka a moment to figure his question out.

Pressing the mic button, she spoke into the boom mic on the head set. “No, take me to the north end. If you can run up onto the bank, great! If you can’t I’ll wade ashore.”

The pilot gave her an odd look. Like he was used to crazy rich people getting dropped off in the wild, but this guy didn’t look rich or crazy. “What’re you going to do up there? Are you meeting someone? Do you need me to come back and get you in a few days?”

“Yes, and I don’t know yet. It’ll depend on the lady I’m meeting.” Meka gave the guy a conspiratorial wink.

“Ah, okay, will good luck with that, buddy.”

The approach to the lake left Meka’s stomach in knots. Everything had been smooth sailing and then the pilot pushed the nose over and suddenly they were bouncing around.

“The wind off these mountains can be a bit turbulent.” He commented dryly. As the fir trees got bigger Meka spotted the clear blue water and then the air seemed to smooth out. The little plane skimmed over the surface of the glass like water finally settling smoothly into it.

“How about we beach it over there?” Jack, the pilot, pointed at what looked like a soft sandy section of beach. “This water might not look it, but it’s extremely cold I’d hate to make even a tough guy like you wade through it.”

Meka blinked for a second before she realized he was talking about her. ‘Hehehe, that’s the first time I’ve ever been referred to as a “tough guy.”’ she thought to John.

‘Well, don’t get used to it. I plan to be back in my body soon.’

‘Oh, pooh, don’t be such a party pooper. I could act all swishy and feminine. Would that be better?’

‘Don’t you dare!’

Just then there was a jolt as the plan’s skis hit the shore. “Alright here you go. This is as far as I can take you.”

Meka climbed out of the cabin and slung her backpack over one shoulder. The battle-rod was strapped to one side within easy reach. The water here was only a couple of inches deep, yet she hurried ashore, since her water-resistant leather hiking boots would only stay dry for a few seconds. Once there she turned to wave at the pilot as he selected beta on the prop-pitch causing the aircraft to back away from the shore.

Then in a display of bush-pilot skill he spun the little plane around and accelerated smoothly over the lake taking off in a few minutes. Once airborne he did a quick wing-wag to say goodbye before turning toward Anchorage.

‘Gwendolyn said we need to hike north from here. We should hit the southern edge of Cassandra’s warded domain in a mile or two.’

‘Then we probably need to change.’ John thought.

Meka released control and John pushed forward. The transformation by now was painless and it almost felt like a relief to not just be in control, but to be female. John pushed that thought down. He’d only been sharing a body with Meka for two days and already he was getting comfortable.

John dropped the backpack to the gravely beach and pulled out the clothes that would fit Meka’s body. Hiking boots, thick socks, panties, sports bra, jeans, and a soft flannel shirt. Feeling embarrassed to be changing outside, even if it was the wilderness and there wasn’t another person for miles, John got dressed in a hurry.

“I might be getting more comfortable in your body, but the way your underwear fits too damn snugly . . . I’ll never get used to it.” He said trying to pick at the thong riding up between his ass cheeks. “Why did Gwen pick out a thong?”

‘Why didn’t you look at what Gwendolyn packed? Hehehe, and I should hope not, or I’ll be getting calls from Elaine wanting to know why you’re trying on her panties, after we fix this.’

“You’re not helping!”

With that John stuffed the male clothes into the backpack, pulled out the P229, and made sure it was loaded with a round in the chamber and slid it into the holster he’d already attached to the belt.

‘Why are you going all cowboy-er-cowgirl? You don’t think the Syndicate is going to attack us out here do you?’

“No, I’m more worried about Bears.”

‘John, you are NOT going to shoot some poor bear. We’ve got magic. I can teach you a spell that will cause any animal within a hundred yards to fall asleep.’

John swung the backpack up over his shoulders. Once on his back he adjusted the straps to make sure it was tight and comfortable. “Fine. Teach away. I’m still keeping the gun.” Then he reached back to make sure he could draw the battle-rod before turning to face north. “Well, here we go!”

Stepping into the heavily shaded pine forest John felt like he’d just stepped back in time. While by the lake he’d heard the buzz of insects, the soft call of the frogs, the chitter of squirrels and the distant cry of a lonely eagle. Now within the shade of the forest everything became quiet. As if the weight of the ages were carried by the bowed limbs of the fir trees. The bed of pine needles underfoot made each step a soft silent dance into the ancient past.

John took a deep breath and the scent of the pine forest was overwhelmingly strong. There was a part of him that wanted to turn around and go back to the life filled lake to bask in the cold waters and enjoy the sounds of life. Another part, deeper, more primal wanted to dash into the deep forest strip away his clothes, the badges of civilization, and run naked through the trees. The urge to summon her power and bond with Mother Nature, to commune with her, and embrace all her ancient feminine glory, was surprisingly strong.

Then he heard Meka giggling in the back of his mind, ‘Seriously? Commune with Mother Nature? Did you drop acid when I wasn’t paying attention?’

John shook his head, feeling his hair whip around and his face flushed. It was like Meka had just dumped a bucket of ice water over his head and the fuzzy strange thoughts vanished. “I-I’m not sure what I was just thinking.” He took a deep breath feeling the way his breasts pushed against the stretchy material of the sports bra. “If I start spacing out again, shout at me, please. This forest is enchanted!”

After a few minutes of hiking John felt a soft buzzing ahead of him. “It feels like we’re about to hit the wards.”

‘I can feel them. Be careful.’

“Gwendolyn said they just cause anyone not meeting Cassandra’s criteria to get confused, turned around, and end up back at the lake. We’ll be fine, worst case.” John said, trying to sound confident, yet knowing that Meka shared his thoughts and must be picking up on his apprehension. John pushed forward and the ground started to rise making the hiking more difficult.

Then John crossed some invisible line and his whole body started to tingle. With each step the tingling got worse. It felt like a thousand tiny sparks were moving over his skin. With his next step they intensified around his breasts and pussy causing John to gasp and stumble. Another step. Then another. All at once the sparks faded.

“Fuck, that was weird.” John muttered and realized that his nipples were pushing out, hard, against his bra and that he could feel a slick moistness between his lower lips. “I-I think I’m turned on.”

‘Yeah, this is what it feels like, for a girl, when she’s sexually excited.’ Meka thought, sarcastically.

‘Shut up.’

John started walking again knowing that he had to be getting close. Once again, he felt like he crossed a line. Abruptly, his sixth sense seemed to expand, blowing up and filling his mind with information. He knew before he put his foot down, that there were several ants under the pine needles and he’d crush most of them. He adjusted his stride. Moving around a tree he knew that in the branches a nest of birds with 2 two chicks waited for their parents. A mosquito dove for his neck and John twitched his head so that a lock of hair brushed it aside.

In the back of his mind he could hear a voice. A man’s voice, calling . . . he ignored it. Continuing through the forest took all of his attention, if he was to avoid hurting anything, or being hurt. John was never sure how long he walked. It felt like hours, but Meka swore it was no more than thirty minutes.

Abruptly, he stumbled into a clearing and saw a large cabin with two out buildings sitting on the bank of a small stream. As if stepping from a dream into wakefulness John stood still, blinking, and his sense of the world around him returned to normal and he found himself breathing hard, like he’d just ran a six-minute mile.


Meka’s mental shout snapped John back to the present. “Hey, there’s no reason to shout.”

‘No reason to shout? I’ve been trying to get you to wake up, to respond, or whatever, for half an hour! What the hell happened to you?’

“I’m not sure. It was like, I could see and feel everything around me. Like all of life, nature, had opened. Like my Seer talent was in overdrive. I knew before I lifted my foot where to put it to avoid taking a life. I knew how to walk through the forest, so that I didn’t become confused and end up back at the lake, it all seemed too, obvious.”

‘Well, you were walking like a drunken person.’

“I think it was the second test, to see if I had the gift of ‘sight.’” John could feel Meka roll her mental eyes and sigh. He glanced around and spotted the cabin. “Do you think?” ‘Of course! Who else would be out here in the middle of nowhere protected by those ridiculous wards?’

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