No Greater Love Chapter 11

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“No Greater Love”

(John 15:13)

By Zapper


Chapter 11

*Meka & John*


The sun was streaming in through Cassandra’s bedroom window falling over the Witch’s soft face. Meka stared at her from a shadow covered chair in the corner of the bedroom. “She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

After carrying Cassandra back to the cabin Meka had tucked her into bed and then found a chair and a spot to watch-over the Seer. John had wanted to report their success but Meka had disagreed. She’d wanted to wait until Cassandra woke up. When Meka settled into her chair she’d slowly gone quiet, staring at the gorgeous face of the unconscious woman. “I wonder what it would be like to kiss those lips. I bet they’re really soft.”

‘Okay, girl, you need a cold shower.’

“Why? Do you think I smell bad? I wouldn’t want her to wake up and find me all smelly and gross!” The alarm in Meka’s rough masculine voice might have made John laugh if he hadn’t become worried about her.

‘Yeah, I do. Only there isn’t a shower here, just that big tub in the washroom downstairs.’

“Okay, I should hurry.”

With that Meka got up and raced down the stairs. As they got further from Cassandra John could feel the effect, whatever it was, wearing off. As Meka moved through the kitchen toward the washroom she started stripping. John had to fight not to say anything and then they were in the bathroom looking at the big brass tub with claw feet. At one end of the tub was a hand pump and the now naked Meka wasted no time bringing up water. Once the tub was full she stepped in and shivered. “Oh, this is cold.”

John could feel the cold water starting to work on Meka’s dazed mind. ‘I know a spell to heat water. Why don’t you give me control?’


With that John felt Meka pull back and he surged forward. There was the familiar ripple and all at once John gasped. He looked down seeing the now familiar boobs. Whatever it was that had been affecting them was gone. Looking at the cold-water John stretched out a hand and drew power from his crystal. Back in the kitchen the Cavanaugh Crystal hidden in the pocket of John’s pants flared.

With a quick word John brought the water to a heat just below what he could stand and then stepped into the tub and settled down into it. “Ahhhhh . . . that feels great.”

‘John, uhm, what just happened?’

“I’m not sure. It was like you were in some kind of a dazed state. You were mumbling about how beautiful Cassandra is . . .”

‘Well, she is really pretty.’ Meka noted defensively. ‘I think your male hormones were just getting the best of me!’

“Whatever.” John sighed and slid lower into the tub allowing the hot water to relax muscles he hadn’t realized were sore.

‘Don’t you think we should go back upstairs? What if Cassandra wakes up?’

“I think that we need a break from watching her. We were up all day and all night last night and most of the night before that. I’m going to relax and then I’m going to get dressed make some breakfast and take a nap . . . in the sitting room.”


“You look comfortable.”

The woman’s voice brought John up from the deep sleep, a sleep filled with colors, sounds, and smells he couldn’t identify. “W-What?” He struggled to sit up and could feel the weight of his breasts shift as he pushed himself up from where he’d been curled up on the two-person love seat.

“I’m Cassandra and you’re in my home. Although if memory serves, you were here, in spirit, the other night.”

John blinked up at the woman in the flower print sundress as his mind slowly added things up. “Cassandra?”

‘Damn it, John, wake up!’

“Yes, and might I know your name? I think, I owe you a great deal since you released me from my prison.”

John stood up and tried to straighten the T-shirt and jeans he was wearing suddenly very self-conscious about the way he must look. With his hair matted and eyes puffy from sleep, and wearing a set of slept in clothes, John felt embarrassed.

“Yes and no. I mean . . . let me start at the beginning.”

“Hehehe . . . yes, please do, beginnings are usually the best place to start.” With that Cassandra moved to the chair by the fire place and turned it to face John. “Let’s start with names. I’m Cassandra Ó Flannagáin once of Erin’s Isle. I’m considered a Grand-Witch by training and a Seer by gift.”

John got the feeling this was a very formal introduction, and he wanted to be honest, yet hesitated. “This might sound odd, but even my identity is sort of complicated.” At this Cassandra raised an eyebrow. John sighed, “The person you see before you is Meka Petrucci. However, I am not Meka. I was born, Jonathon Bedford, Meka and I are sharing this body.”

At this Cassandra’s mouth dropped open in surprise, “You’re not a woman?”

“I’m wearing or rather I’m in control of Meka’s body and she is a woman. The quick explaination is that Meka is a dear friend. She was ambushed by a Syndicate assassin who took possession of her body. I tried to resuce her by using an experimental spell and ended up sharing my body with her.”

“Then how is it you now have her body?”

“The spell did more than bring her spirit into me, it also transformed my physical body so that I look like Meka while I’m in control.”

“I see.”

“Have you heard of this sort of thing before?”

“No, but there are many spells I’ve never heard of, plus you said you were using experimental magic? That is one of the most dangerious fields, the witches and warlocks who develop and design new magic are both brave and a little foolish.”

‘Hey, we take all kinds of precautions!’ Meka protested silently.

“Meka says that they take precautions.” John said, while agreeing with Cassandra.

“You can talk to her?”

“Yes, we’re sharing the same body. I’m currently in control, but she sees and feels everything I do.”

“Alright. How is it you came to rescue me?”

“After freeing Meka, we contacted Grand Witch, Gwendolyn ó Beaglaoich and the Warlock Victor Montrose. The war with the Syndicate has taken a new turn. In addtion to the open attacks, the Syndicate has begun bringing creatures from the shadow realms here as allies. They were concerend because they hadn’t heard from you in several months and sent us to investigate.”

“Months? Impossible. Just last night I activated a gift from my son Eli. Although, it wasn’t a gift, it was a trap. I’m not sure excatly what it was supposed to do.”

“Casssandra, it turned you to stone. You’ve been in a petrified state for almost nine months!”

“W-What? T-that’s impossible.”

John could see that his words had shaken the witch. “Why? As you said the gift was a trap.”

“John, you are a young Seer. You’ve not learned how to control and use your gift. I am the greatest Seer alive today.” The words were spoken in a calm confidnt tone. There wasn’t a hint of ego. “I’ve not been ambushed, without seeing it coming, in more than sixty years.”

“Well it happened. In fact I had a vision of it.”

At this Cassandra seemed to focus once again on John. “That’s right, the night I activated the crystal I saw you observing. Tell, what happened!”

“I can do better than that. One of the things they teach the Guardians is a spell that allows us to projection of a memory.” Then John paused, “This is going to be very hard for you to see. The person who attacked you, he said, he killed your son.”

“What!?” Cassandra looked shocked and then she shook her head, “No, if my son were to die, I’d know it. We have a blood connection, I can feel him, right now. He’s alive.”

“I don’t understand these blood connections, but I’m pretty sure the person living in your son’s body isn’t your son. As I said, I can show you, but it’s going to hurt.”

‘John, maybe you shouldn’t.’

“Show me.”

Even though Cassandra spoke normally John could feel an intensity behind her words. With that John fished around in his pocket for the Cavanaugh crystal. Pulling it out he spoke the spell and it lit up with his signature blue-white light. Then John focused on the memory. A three-dimensional image was projected from the crystal filling the space above and between John and Cassandra. The image showed Cassandra reaching down to touch the crystal in her sanctum with a bloody finger.

From there the scene played out, and when the youth spat in Cassandra’s face John saw a tear leak from her eye. When the young man mentioned the name Deidrick, Cassandra moaned, tears now flowing freely. John dismissed the spell when the fake Eli stepped through the gate.

“Ma’am, are you alright?” John moved forward and wrapped his arms around the now sobbing Cassandra. At first she just sat there and then slowly she leaned forward returning the hug and burying her face in John’s shoulder. Heavy sobs wracked Cassandra’s body and all John could do was to hold her.

“I-I know who killed Eli. I know who now wears his body. The Grand Witch, Necromancer, and fiend . . . Ilse Hirsch.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because during the War, I was with a team of Allies that caught her and her lover Deidrick. We killed Deidrick during the fight but captured Ilse. Later on, she managed to escape. She, rightfully, blamed me, since it was my talent that led us to them and foiled their plan to open a hidden-way from Berlin to Scotland. They would have used the Way to send an army into the UK behind our lines. We stopped the rite. Ilse vowed vengeance.”

After several minutes Cassandra gently pushed John away. “Even worse! As long as she is in Eli’s body, I won’t be able to SEE her.” Then Cassandra stood up, “I need to go for a walk. The cool air always makes me feel better.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No, dear, you’re sweet, but I need to be by myself.”

John watched as the Seer collected herself stood up and went out the front door. “I’m worried about her.”

‘Yeah, that’s got to be really hard.’

John could feel the sympathy in Meka’s deep masculine mental voice. The rumble of her mental voice made John feel good, comforted. “Yeah, I think I’ll go make some breakfast. We’ve got eggs and there was a can of corn-beef hash in the pantry.”

John hadn’t realized how much he’d become caught up in Cassandra’s emotions until, as he moved to the kitchen, he realized that his cheeks were wet. Drying them John got to work. The act of putting together a meal immediately started to make him feel better.

‘You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s totally normal for two girls to share a cry.’

“Yeah, but I’m not a girl.”

‘You are right now.’ Then sensing that John was uncomfortable Meka changed the subject. ‘That image of Eli. I know him.’

“What?! How?”

‘Remember when Max first stole my body? I was a passenger in my own skin. Max met Eli back in my flat in London. Eli’s changed his look since your vision of him. He got a Mohawk and has it dyed it at least five different colors, but I’m sure. It was Eli that Max was working with, I should know because I saw him up close, as they fucked like bunnies! It was also Eli who stopped me from evicting Max, that last time. He hit me with a spirit-blast that severed my connection to my body. Luckily, I was channeling magic from our crystal and my soul went into it. I think that’s why we’re stuck like this.’

“Wow, he sounds really evil.” John noted. He’d already lit the wood stove and was now cracking eggs.

‘I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I might have a solution to our problem.’

“Which one?” John added a bit of water to the bowl of eggs and started whisking them with a fork. The smell of the hash heating up on the stove filled the little kitchen with a delicious aroma.

‘The one that has us stuck sharing a body. Silly.’

“Okay, hit me with it.” John added a second pan to the stove and dropped a scoop of butter onto it. Then using a spatula flipped the hash.

‘The Cavanaugh crystal is a very special artifact. I didn’t know this when we used it to body-swap. I split the crystal and it sort of became two separate crystals. Each almost as powerful as it had been when whole. I came up with a spell to restore it when I was doing some research on the properties of similarity.’

“Yeah, I sort of already know all of that, remember?” The butter now melted John added the eggs to the cast iron skillet.

‘Right. I think that when the crystal was restored the principle of similarity caused it to think we were two halves of one person and it joined us.’

John mixed the eggs with a spoon scrambling them and checking to make sure they didn’t stick. “Yeah, you said something like that before.”

‘I think the solution is pretty simple. We cast the same spell I used the first time to split the crystal. When it divides, it should also separate us.’

“Won’t that just cause you to go back to your body with Max in control?”

‘I don’t think so. The connection to my old body was destroyed. I think the crystal will divide us and sort of create two bodies from this one. The same way it’ll divide itself and create two whole crystals from one.’

John got a plate out and dumped the heated hash onto it, “How sure are you? I mean is it possible that without a body you’ll be sent into the afterlife?”

‘I think it’s pretty unlikely. The worst case might be my soul goes back into the crystal.’

John finished the eggs and put them on a separate plate. “Okay. When do you want to try it?”

Before Meka could answer the back door opened and Cassandra came in. Her cheeks were flush and she looked better. “I SAW that you’d just finished making breakfast, and realized I was hungry, so I came back.”

“I’ll get some coffee going if you grab a couple of plates.”

Breakfast was a quiet affair. John didn’t know what to say and it was obvious that Cassandra was lost in thought. Once done eating John sat back and waited. After a moment Cassandra looked up, with a slight smile she raised an eyebrow, “What?”

“Now that you’re free, what do you plan to do? Are you going to contact Gwendolyn? A Seer of your skill is a huge asset to the Society. Or are you going to try to track down this Ilse person who took your son’s body?”

Cassandra sighed and glanced down before looking John in the eye. “I’ll use my gift to see what I can find out. Then I’ll contact Gwendolyn. And no, I won’t leave my place here and go looking for Ilse. As much as I want too.”

“Why not? You’re not afraid of him, are you?”

At this Cassandra gave John a fierce look. “No, I’m afraid of my curse.”


Cassandra nodded. “Yes, I’m cursed. There is a reason I hide away up here, cut off from most people. I cannot leave my land safely because of it,” then she stood up and started clearing the plates, “it’s the reason my land is so heavily warded. I need the protection.”

John stood up and moved to help but Cassandra waived him away. “No, let me. You made breakfast after all.”


With that John went back to the sitting room and spotted the backpack with his clothes still packed inside. “We should leave soon. Cassandra’s Gates will take us to London or St. Louis. The last location we had on Max was in London after he escaped from the Society. That’s probably the best place to start.”

‘Yeah, it’s also where my flat is and all of my magical tools. We can go there and see if we can’t split the crystal again. When do you want to go?’

“We might as well go now. We did what we were supposed to do here. Cassandra, will contact Gwendolyn and start helping. I’ve got a very strong feeling we need to find Max, wherever he is, and stop him.”

‘Alright, then I think it’s time to change. Meka’s still a wanted woman in London. It would be better if we were in, John, mode when we get there.’

“Yeah, I suppose.”

John pulled out the backpack and started stripping. Once naked he eased back and felt Meka surge forward. The shift from female to male happened in seconds. Then as Meka bent over to pick up John’s boxers she heard a gasp.

“Who are you? Y-You can’t be here!”

Turning around Meka felt her face heat up in embarrassment and used John’s boxers to hide her schlong. “Uhm, hi, I’m Meka. I guess we forgot to mention when we shift control we also transform into each other.”

Cassandra staggered back a step, her eyes locked on Meka, “No, you don’t understand. It’s the curse.”

“W-What . . .” Meka’s voice trailed off and her eyes widened as he looked at Cassandra, “You’re so beautiful.” Dropping the boxers Meka took one step and then another, her cock becoming harder with each step. “I want you.”

‘Meka!’ John shouted mentally. ‘Stop! What’s wrong with you?’

Cassandra’s eyes were glued to Meka’s rampant penis. “I-I want you too.”

Meka moved closer, cock now at full attention. “Take off your clothes and suck my dick.”

‘What the hell’s wrong with you?’ John pounded mental fists against Meka’s mind but it was like she wasn’t even there. Cassandra unzipped the back of her sundress and allowed it to waterfall to her feet. She stepped out of it before tossing her bra to one side and shimmering out of her panties. Her naked body was gloriously youthful and sexy. Then she moved forward dropping to her knees.

Meka moaned when Cassandra reached out with one tiny hand to grab Meka’s cock. Cassandra’s hand looked tiny as she stroked Meka’s sausage. “Oh, that’s right babe.”

Cassandra ran her tongue down Meka’s shaft and blew gently on the now wet foreskin. The sensation sent shivers of pleasure through Meka.

“Suck it babe!” At Meka’s command Cassandra took Meka’s cock into her mouth. The moist heat sent an intense sensation coursing through Meka. “Oh, god, I forgot what it feels like to have my cock sucked!”

Cassandra started moving her mouth up and down Meka’s shaft taking it deeper with each repetition while stroking the base with her hand. For Meka it was like her whole universe was now centered on her love-muscle. She couldn’t think of anything except blowing her seed deeply into Cassandra’s throat. Looking down it seemed like her man-meat was too big for the tiny woman to swallow yet somehow she was managing it.

“Take it all the way! I want to pump my heat into your tummy!” Meka groaned, grabbing the back of Cassandra’s head forcing her rod past Cassandra’s gage reflex. The feeling of being fully deep throated was almost enough to drive Meka over the top, then Cassandra started using her tongue on Meka’s shaft, while it was in her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh . . .” Meka groaned deeply and then felt the uniquely masculine sensation of her balls clenching up. Then her body drove her seed down her shaft, in strong pulses of orgasmic pleasure. Meka’s seed hit the depths of Cassandra’s throat and raced in a hot tidal wave of cum into her belly. “OhhhhGoooodddddddammmm!”

As the last jets of cum left her cock Meka could feel it get a little soft. Yet somehow she knew she wasn’t done. “Okay, now that you’ve had a taste of me, I want a taste of you!” Meka slowly pulled her dick out of Cassandra’s mouth, a long silvery strand of cum and saliva connected the tip of her red-veined monster to Cassandra’s luscious lips.

“Yes, master,” Cassandra whispered laying back and spreading her legs to display her pretty little pie. Meka placed a large masculine hand on each creamy white thigh just below the knees and pushed them further apart. Then starting with the left leg, she slowly kissed her way toward Cassandra’s pussy.

“Ohhhh . . . yes.” Cassandra moaned lifting her hips as Meka reached her snatch. Meka blew lightly on the already moist lips before turning to Cassandra’s right thigh. “P-Please, don’t tease me.” Meka ignored the request moving slowly down Cassandra’s leg . . . her mouth setting a fire to Cassandra with every lick and kiss. This time when Meka reached her prize she blew on it and the glistening lips quivered as Cassandra started to writhe. “I need you so bad! Please, fuck me!”

Meka used her tongue to part Cassandra’s lips tasting her moist feminine essence. Meka ran her tongue up to the nub of, blood engorged, flesh at the top of Cassandra’s slit. The first touch of Meka’s tongue on her clit almost sent Cassandra over the edge. She reached down to grab the back of Meka’s masculine head pulling Meka’s face into her pie. “Oh, god, right there!”

Meka swirled her tongue in tight circles around Cassandra’s clit and then using one hand spread Cassandra’s pussy lips and drove a finger into her tight snatch. The dual stimulation of tongue and stroking fingers had Cassandra bucking her hips, moaning and writhing, with one final scream of carnal pleasure, Cassandra came . . . hard. A flood of pussy juices washed over Meka’s chin and she leaned back grinning.

“I-I-I . . . Oh, god that was fantastic.”

“We’re not done.” Meka growled. His rod was once again iron hard and Meka wasted no time. He moved up Cassandra’s body, kissing her belly, and then nibbling at Cassandra’s succulent boobs before mashing his lips to hers. Meka ravaged Cassandra’s mouth in a passionate tongue dancing kiss. When Cassandra opened her mouth, she could taste her own juices on Meka’s tongue. Abruptly, Cassandra’s eyes went wide. While they’d been kissing Meka had used one hand to guide his one-eyed monster to the gates of heaven. Then in a single savage thrust he pushed in!

“Oh, fuck, you’re tight!” Meka groaned pulling back a little and sliding both hands under Cassandra’s round firm ass. When he drove in again, using the power of his male body and the leverage provided by his hands, he fully impaled Cassandra with his cock!

“AAAAGGggghhhhhhhhh!” Cassandra’s eyes seemed to roll back in her head, but she lifted her hips giving better access to her body. Then she wrapped her legs around Meka’s tight waist. For a moment Meka remained still, her shaft buried balls deep in the luscious, tight, feminine body of Cassandra. Then an urge as old as time raced through Meka, the need to dominate, to own, to control, and take the helpless female beneath him, completely. To pump this creature full of his seed, to make her scream in pleasure and to put a baby in her womb!

Slowly at first, Meka started moving her hips. In time to the in-and-out action of his pistoning cock Meka lowered her mouth to Cassandra’s titts devouring a bright red nipple. Cassandra threw her head back, hair moving around in a wild display as she was caught up in the carnal sensations assaulting her body. As the pleasure built Cassandra lifted her hips to meet each thrust and reached up digging her nails into Meka’s broad athletic back.

The wave of erotic bliss built until Meka’s groans of masculine pleasure drowned out Cassandra’s high pitched screams. As her climax approached Cassandra started clinching Meka’s cock with her inner ring of muscles . . . milking his manhood, demanding his seed. Meka tried to hold back as he teetered on the edge of bliss and then he felt his balls once again clench up and this time when the wave of heat pulsed out of him, he cried out in a pure shout of primal, masculine, triumph!

Cassandra felt the first pulse of heat deep within her womb and her body responded radiating pleasure. It was like every inch of her skin had become an erogenous zone and every zone was aflame. The feeling of Meka’s sucking, licking, and massaging of her breasts while pumping her enormous cock into her tight little pussy had brought her to the edge and now, with his seed filling her, it was more than she could take. Cassandra’s body exploded in an orgasm that shattered her world and her sense of self and left her drifting in a sea of post-orgasmic bliss.

Meka collapsed onto Cassandra’s sweat slick body. His cock only semi-hard was still buried within her. For a moment Meka lay there and then some instinct caused him to roll over, and he felt the uniquely male sensation of a cock sliding with a pop out of his lover’s pussy.

Meka lay on his back and closed his eyes, spent. John still stunned by what had just happened felt Meka’s laser like focus slip as he was now only half awake. John surged forward and felt Meka’s mind slide back. As soon as this happened John and Meka’s body shifted becoming female.

John quickly stood up and moved back away from Cassandra. The Seer lay, sprawled on the floor; body naked and covered in sweat, cum dripping from her now well-used pussy. Moving quietly John snatched the backpack with his female clothes and darted from the room.

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