We Never Break A Promise Chapter 3

We Never Break A Promise Part 3

Warm Hearted
Proofed and Edited by Catherine Linda Michel

Synopsis: Eric Jones was an orphan that grew up friendless, abused, humiliated and unloved in the foster system . In this Third Chapter the former Eric Jones, the present Willow Crane, starts making her new life her own. Under Aunt Erin's care, Willow is exposed to totally new experiences that her new life offers. As Willow's self perspective changes, she starts seeing the vast difference between her old life and new. In this third chapter we also discover why Leigh and her Familiar
Spirit Snowball, are so driven to humiliate Willow and eventually causing her to die friendless and alone.

(THANKS TO ALL THE KIND REVIEWERS AND EDITORS. it's a fact, without your help this third chapter would have never been written. So I dedicate it totally all of you.)

I looked at Erin who seemed overjoyed to go shopping, but to me shopping was actually very painful. I always feared someone from school would see my foster parents handing me stuff off the "Big Men's" rack at the Good Will Store to try on.

Aaron said, "Oh Ye Gods, Shopping! Erin, I'm sure your plan is to infect our new niece here with a chronic case of it. I guess I can make the calls I need to make from the Mall. So I'll take you to watch, I must get some morose pleasure out of watching you create a ravenous clothes and accessories beast out of an innocent girl, but it'll only be proper that I pay for this perverted pleasure."

Saying that, Aaron pulled out
his wallet and pulled out a black card that had American Express on the top. Then he said, "There should'nt be a problem in you using it, but if there is I will call and while you're shopping I'll call my PA and have her order your own card."

Then, as what Aaron had just said sank in, my damn waterworks started again. Crying, I hugged Aaron and said, "I never had a credit card before and I promise not to spend too much or abuse it."

Erin took my hands and said, "Willow, I know from the long conversations we had before you changed, that you lived a very deprived life. But all that has changed now. You have a huge inheritance, that'll soon be in your name and our family is very well off. So you now can afford anything you would like to have."

I looked at Erin and Aaron and said, "I already have the biggest thing I ever wished for, A LOVING FAMILY." I hugged them both and Erin started crying and Aaron hugged us both hard.

As if on queue, Erin's phone rang and she answered it. "Hello,.. Dad! Have you heard we found Willow? Yes, Yes, Wren's spell had hidden her as a male orphan. She's great and we're going shopping. Of course Dad! Here Willow, talk to your Grandfather."

I took the phone and talked to my Grandfather. He told me how happy he was that I was found and that he and my Grandmother would catch the next flight out to meet me. He said he would see me very soon, told me he LOVED me and hung up.

Erin said, "Dad isn't a great phone talker, he thinks telegrams are cutting edge technology."

I shared with them that my "GRANDFATHER" and my "GRANDMOTHER" were flying here on the next available flight. I commented that I thought Wizards would just teleport, but they are coming by plane. I looked at both Erin and Aaron as they looked at me in shock. Their mouths opened and they said in unison, "They're Catching A Plane?!!"

I nodded and Erin said, “Willow, you have no idea how big this is! This is the first time either of them have been willing to get on a plane, and no Willow, Wizards don't teleport. We most times travel in the regular ways, but your grandparents have always said, that nothing would ever get them on a plane. They prefer a horse drawn carriages, but they'll ride in a car though. My niece, it may be eleven months until your "Awakening," but believe me, you just preformed a miracle."

Erin hurried us out the door and we got in Aaron's Lexis. I had never ridden in a Lexis before. Sitting there in the back seat was a totally new experience, but it was strange what I noticed the most was the smell, or the lack of it rather. It just smelled like leather. There was no smell of cigarettes, old food, or car fluids. It was clean, new and not the least bit cluttered, but the previous norm of ever present car stench was absent.

Erin said, "South Park Mall if you please, my good man."

Aaron answered jokingly, "Yes Milady."

As the Lexis pulled away from the curb, the happy trio it contained didn't notice the perfectly restored, Candy Apple Red, "62" Mustang Convertible parked across the street with the black top up. In the classic car, Leigh Wright strained to see through the tinted windows of the accelerating Lexis as it sped off.

Leigh said, “All I can see is those two damn Wizards in the front seat and some girl in the back. Snowball, do you think it's safe for me to use a locating spell on the house now?”

Snowball, a Long Haired, white domestic house cat said, “I don't know. It depends on if they put warrens up. I don't think they did though because warrens take some time and effort, even for two Mage class Wizards like those two."

Leigh was very hesitant in casting the spell because she had never felt a searing pain like she did when those two Wizards blocked her last attempt to check the house for Eric. Leigh drew energy from her Familiar, the white cat in the seat next to her. She then formed the transformed drawn energy into a seeking spell and channeled it towards the bookstore.

Leigh saw the black mist flow from her hands and flow into the bookstore. A bicyclist rode by through the mist, which is invisible to all Non-Magical folk. In the bookstore the black mist flowed into every space of the bookstore and residence seeking Eric Jones, then returned to Leigh.

Leigh shook her head and said, "He isn't there and that was the only place that he could have been hiding. I've had my vassals watching this place since that Wizard bitch floated that fat ass of his in the back door."

Snowball hissed, arched her back and said, "We better find him, because I don't want to spend the rest of eternity being fed on by some power sucking demon and you have a lot to lose too! I promise you, before that Demon locks me in his vault I will take back everything I gave you. You know the deal as well as I do and you know we only have till Eric is 18, or the deal will be broken. Now take me home and feed me."

Leigh nodded and thought about the deal Snowball and she had made as she drove home.

Two weeks before Leigh was born, some crazy, fucked up Wizard negotiated the deal with a Demon. That whacked out Wizard provided that Demon some service as advance payment before she died shortly after. So that Demon, in fulfilling the contract, struck a deal with Snowball, (Demons love making deals and never break them.) to carry out a very defined vendetta
against an orphaned infant.

Leigh continued pondering the events that led to what she presently faced. Snowball, a 12th Level Familiar, which is the highest level of Familiar Spirit was offered the hunting territory of Dubai, which in some way this Demon had acquired, if she agreed to carry out this vendetta. Snowball took the bargain and went about finding an unborn Witch in the right location and position to help carry out the deal and bonded to Leigh.

Leigh remembered when she learned all this, back at her "Induction" into her coven when she was 12.

Young Witches learn about themselves and the nature of their world at "The Induction. Witches themselves are very weak Magicals, and their powers mainly consist of the ability to control weak willed, self-centered, and shallow Non-Magicals.

Witches can manipulate their "Vassals" into thinking the Witch's friendship is the only thing that makes them special to the point that the fear of losing the Witch's friendship could be so terrible, the Vassals will do terrible things to win the Witch's approval. Witches can also make Vassals forget or remember things differently.

The source of the Witches real power is their Familiar Spirits. These Familiars have to feed regularly off their Witch to stay in this world. The purpose of the Familiars wanting to stay in this existence is to hunt and devour perverted human souls which will increase their magical strength and they have assigned hunting territories. In return for the ability to remain here and hunt, the Familiar gives it's Witch magical powers.

There are strong and weak Familiars and every Witch's success in life depends on the strength of their Familiar, but the Familiars choose their Witch prenatally and wait in their spiritual realm for 12 years. From that realm, the Familiar watches and has some ability in guiding the events in the child's life, until the child reaches 12 years of age.

The symbiotic relationship in this world will start at the Witch's "Induction". At the Induction the "Inductee" sees her Familiar for the first time and the Familiar will physically manifest itself as any small animal and it will be this animal during it's life with the Witch.

During the Induction Ceremony the Witch and Familiar will communicate by telepathy and come to an agreement. The Familiar will tell the Witch it's price for it's loyalty and the Witch then can accept or refuse. (Familiars and Witches both are very greedy by nature and 12th Level Familiars are rarely refused.)

Leigh arrived home and she and snowball went to her room. Leigh turned on the local news to see what they were saying about Eric and if they had caught him. She sat on the foot of her bed and Snowball jumped in her lap. As Leigh watched the news Snowball started licking a small freckle on Leigh's bicep. The freckle grew and fattened until it magically transformed into a perfect female nipple which the cat started nursing from.

After Snowball finished, the nipple became a freckle again and the cat sat in Leigh's lap, cleaning herself. Leigh jumped to her feet and said, "I can't believe that's all they said about Eric and how the hunt was going? It was less than a 10 second report!"

Snowball, landing on her feet said, "Another plan failed like the other two. I'm starting to believe there is more to Eric Jones than we know. Isn't one of your Vassal's father the owner of the station? Just get her father to make it a bigger story."

Leigh shook her head and answered, "No. Joy is on my squad and is a spoiled brat, but she's too strong willed for me to control.

Snowballed committed, "You need to do something, if you want this third scheme of yours, to not fail like the first two."

Leigh was silent, thinking about her first two failed plans and what she needed to do to make this third one work. The first plan, she surmised, just depended too much on Eric. Leigh had her mothers help on that one. Her mother told Leigh that the boy she had to take care of, had put in an application at one of the Walmarts she was Regional HR Director of.

Leigh's parents knew the pact Leigh had with Snowball and were fully invested in helping Leigh in carrying it out. Leigh's parents investment didn't come from love, or the pride in seeing successes for their daughter. Their involvement came from greed and insuring that their future benefits would continue to come, just as they have since Snowball became part of their "family".

Mr. Wright, before Snowball's involvement, was just a backstabbing, lying, self-serving Para-Legal for The Department of Social Services. Now 'Judge' Wright is a backstabbing, lying, self-centered District Court Judge and if he passes his Congressional Approval Hearing, he will move up to Superior Court Judge.

Mrs. Wright, before Snowball's arrival, was a Witch so unimpressive that she bore the shame of not having any Familiar willing to take her. She had a job as a marginally unimpressive, and bitchy assistant department manager of the Pet Department at one of the local Walmarts. Now she is the bitchy Regional HR Director on the move up to HR VP, taking full use of the hard work of others, with Snowball's help, to cover her unimpressive job performance.

Both of Leigh's parents had flagged Eric Jones' name, so if it came up in their circles of influence they could assist their daughter in Eric's demises. So when Eric applied at Walmart, Mrs. Wright told that particular store manager she would handle Eric's interview and took over the manager's office. Then Mrs. Wright and Leigh worked out the act they performed for Eric.

Leigh was sure that her mother and she had pushed all of Eric's right buttons to cause him to commit suicide. So when she passed him just standing, looking down at the traffic off the top of the I-77 overpass, she was sure it was a done deal. Leigh was very surprised when Eric showed up for school that Monday. Not only was he still alive, he seemed happier than she'd ever seen him.

Leigh sent her Vassals to find out why Eric seemed so happy. They discovered that he was working at some bookstore that was getting ready to open. Leigh then decided to take more direct action. She was going to lure Eric to some place private and have her Vassals beat him to death, then plant drugs on him and a gang bandanna. Then her farther could pressure the DA to not waste any time or resources, on what was obviously a gang dispute over drugs.

Unfortunately, when they were just about finished with Eric Jones, that damn Wizard showed up and stunned them all. Leigh thought how Snowball woke her up and they got her Vassals out of there. Then, in a stroke of genius, Leigh came up with the kidnapping and attempted rape story. Leigh had her father call the DA and tell him that if Eric Jones wasn't charged with everything he could think of and charged as an adult, that the DA would never win another case that the DA office brought him. The Judge then, in great theatrics, started crying and said to the DA "He tried to hurt my little girl!" that clinched it.

The DA's office ordered a full manhunt for Accused Kidnapper, sexual criminal, and attempted murderer, Eric Jones. Leigh, planned that, once Eric was arrested, she would have him raped and beaten regularly until he either committed suicide or was killed for fighting back.

Leigh was however very upset that the news wasn't making it a much bigger story. As she pondered the situation, she came up with devilishly brilliant idea. She explained her plan to Snowball, who purred and rubbed up against her legs. Leigh picked up her phone and started calling.

Leigh blocked her number and called Joy, sounding just like Joy's boyfriend Ben, and said, "Hi babe. I just picked up the cooler that James is borrowing from the coach for his party tonight and now my car won't start. Could you come and get me?"

Joy answered, "Sure. You were going to come my house after the party anyway, since parents are gone so it will be better if your car isn't seen in the drive overnight. Where will you be when I get there?"

Leigh, sounding like Ben, said, "I will be in the concession stand filling the cooler with ice"

Joy said, "OK. I'll come in and get you when I make it there.

Then Leigh called her Vassal James and in her normal voice she said, "James, no questions. Meet me at the concession stand at the school." and hung up.

Then a few minutes later Leigh was waiting in the darkend concession area. She was careful that the area she was in didn't have security cameras. In this older part of the stadium the nearest cameras were on the field entrance and others on the field. She saw Joy walk into the concession area and immediately froze her in place.

In a few minutes, 6'1" James came in and asked, "What is going on?" and Leigh froze him also. Leigh then placed her hand on both of their foreheads and channeled Joy's and James' souls into each others bodies. Then Leigh transformed herself into the image of Eric Jones, right down to the old clothes he always wore. The new Eric found a kitchen knife in the utensil drawer of the concession stand.

Then Leigh partially unfroze Joy, who was now in James' body, and with Eric's strength, easily dragged him out onto the field in plain view of the cameras. The new Eric turned the new James to face the nearest camera and slit his throat, holding him up until he bled out, so the camera could catch every graphic detail.

The new Eric walked back out of sight of the cameras and changed back into Leigh. Then she unfroze James, now the new Joy. The new Joy looking down at herself asked, "What did you do to me?"

Leigh answered, "You still want to be my friend don't you?" The new Joy nodded. Leigh asked, "You like making me happy, don't you?" The new Joy nodded again. Then Leigh said, "Well, to make me happy I want you to pretend you are Joy and act like her in every way. I gave you help "JOY" so you have access to all her memories now. I picked you specially to do this for me because I like you so much.

You see, Joy's father's TV station isn't doing enough to find Eric Jones. So I want you to pretend to be Joy and act too scared to go out of the house until the police find Eric. I need you to act just like Joy so only you and me will know you are really James. Joy, Can you do this for me?"

Joy nodded and Leigh hugged her and both the girls left. Leigh drove home to tell Snowball of her progress and James, trying her best to act like Joy, drove to meet Ben at Joy's house.

Leigh driving home, smiled as she thought of how surprised James will be when she discovers how much "Joy's" body enjoys being fucked long and hard by Ben. Then her face grew darker and she said out loud, "Damn it, where is Eric?" not knowing she'd seen "Eric" 6 hours earlier, riding in the back seat of a Lexis to South Park Mall.

On her way to the South Park Mall, Willow didn't notice the Classic Mustang pull away from the curb, being deep in thought thinking about her new aunt and uncle.

I had been noticing that there is always a very sensual undertone in most of Erin and Aaron's conversations. I learned in an earlier conversation that Erin, like my mother, was Apprenticed to Mage Crane, Aarons natural father. I wondered then what had happened to my father's parents and what instigated Aaron's family to adopt him.

I thought then about what Erin said, that Wizards live a very long time. So how old are my surviving grandparents, since they are more comfortable in carriages than cars? I assumed it must be like my favorite vampire movie "Interview With A Vampire." Where they live so long they find it hard to deal with the modern world.

It dawned on me then that I was getting a little more at home in my new body. This revelation happened when they went over a section of poorly repaired road, that bounced even this smooth riding car. I noticed her breasts bouncing in my bra. At first I noticed them every time I moved. But for the past couple hours I had forgotten about them.

I pondered what Erin told me after the hair meltdown I had. I thought about why I wanted to kill myself before I met Erin and went to work for her at the bookstore. I concluded that Erin was right. The reason for my self hatred was, I subconsciously knew that it was impossible for me to ever be the person I was meant to be.

This self hate made me unsure of myself so I became shy and reclusive. Then blend that in with the stigma of being a foster, my bulky size, my clumsy awkwardness, and my old victim's personality. No wonder I caught hell at high school. I could have wore a sandwich board sign that said "ABUSE ME PLEASE" and not been treated any differently.

Not wanting to linger on my past pain, I started thinking about the new me and, on that ride to the mall I discovered a lot. First of all, I never want to hurt someone like I was hurt. Most "average" people have no idea what torture someone suffers from what is considered "normal" teenage hazing.

The next discovery I made about myself was I wanted to look and act the best I'm able to do. My initial reaction to this was the worry that I was turning into one of those self centered people I hate, but then real reason I felt this way surfaced. Before Willow as Eric, I knew I was blessed with a good mind and, just as I did with my second hand clothes I had to wear, I worked hard to make the best of it. I studied, read, washed, and ironed, making the best of what I had to work with, but now I have a hell of a lot more to work with.

The fact that this was the first time I was going to be able to have new clothes was no small matter. My trips to the Good Will Store with my foster parents, were comprised of me standing there as they handed me things to try on. The only consideration they had about what I got was price and was the size close enough for me to wear them. My former wardrobe mainly consisted of outdated jeans and tee shirts screen
printed with some stupid saying or business logo. I remember how I just about froze last winter because I wouldn't wear the coat they got me. That coat's back was embossed with the business name, "Long's Sausage" in big red letters.

I got real excited as we pulled into the entrance of South Park Mall. I have lived in Charlotte my whole life and this is my first time seeing it. South Park Mall is a very upscale shopping fantasy land. I have heard people at school talking about coming here, but as I had said, my shopping haunts were limited to primarily Good Will or, on occasion, Walmart, Big
Lots, and Family Dollar.

We pulled into an area designated "Valet Parking" and we exited the car. Aaron gave the attendant a key and got a receipt. Aaron asked, "I'm hungry. Could you girls eat?"

I realized then that all I'd had was the cup of healing tea that Erin gave me this morning and we both agreed with Aaron it was time to eat. We entered the mall and went into a restaurant call Arthur's. They had signs talking about their famous burgers and I thought a burger would be good.

The waitress handed me a menu and I got sticker shock! I thought, "14.99 for just a burger, no drink or fries, just the burger?" You have to understand. My past extent of dining out was food that came in Styrofoam boxes and paper cups where five bucks would get you a combo meal and a fried apple pie. I thought I was hungry enough to eat their double meat, loaded cheeseburger, fries and an ice cream sundae, but I just ordered the small burger and water feeling guilty even to get that because it was still was over eight dollars.

We talked while we waited for our food and I discovered that Aaron was a state congressman and spent most his time in Raleigh, NC. My grandparents once made their home in Wilmington, NC, but had moved to South Beach, FL. Erin, I discovered, had a house there too, but moved here in searching for me. Erin and Aaron were certain that my grandfather, Ged, would take me back to live with him but Erin assured me that she would join us once she closed the bookstore.

I felt a rush of depression and busted out "NO!" Aaron and Erin were taken aback by my reaction, but Erin then got a look of understanding and then shock.

Erin then said, "OH NO! Your promise! Aaron, before I knew who Willow was I asked her to promise to work for me at the bookstore after school and Saturdays till she graduated."

Aaron responded "OH SHIT! GED AND ELANE WILL BE SOOOOO PISSED! You both will have to stay here and keep working at the bookstore. I wondered why Willow was helping the cops put the books back. Now it makes sense. This is Saturday and you worked at the bookstore. Damn, I just thought of something else. Willow, what school were you thinking of when you made that promise?"

I answered, "My high school, why?"

Erin hit her head and said, "I'm so screwed. Dad's going to kill me. Not only can't he take Willow with him, but his Granddaughter is going to have to go to a public school where there is a powerful Witch out to get her."

Aaron consoled her, Erin, you had no idea and if you didn't hire Eric you would not have found Willow. I'll help explain it to the Grand Mage. I'll pay the check and we'll do what we came for, the corruption of a good girl via the method of sacrificing money to the gods of retail."

Aaron's taking charge and his humor seemed to calm Erin. As I got up I noticed that I was very full from just a small burger. I guess I eat less now. Erin and I both needed to go to the restroom so, like "Girls" do, we went as a pair. While I was in my stall peeing, I farted. It wasn't a little toot, it was a full flatulant eruption. I was sure Erin heard me so I wiped and redressed, exiting the stall fully embarrassed. I saw in the mirror I was blushing brightly.

Erin saw I was upset and she laughed and said, “Willow girls fart too believe it or not.”

She laughed again, then gave me her lipstick to reapply after eating and told me one of the first things I needed to get is a purse. I reapplied my lipstick and looked at the color, since it was Erin's and it was good for me. I then thought, "It makes sense, but I never thought about pretty girls farting."

The first place we stopped was at the Apple Store, and Erin made me get the newest and best iphone they had. I just about cried again when I shared with them that it was my first phone.

Erin stopped me short, saying, "If we have to stop and cry every time we buy something we'll never get done. So just know, Aaron and I love you."

Aaron added in, "You are only our niece and it would embarrass us if you were seen with anything, but the best."

With that I pushed back the tears and became really happy that I was Willow now. Erin gave me the numbers off the phone and sent me to a store that sold phone cases, while she went to the AT&T store to get me added to her plan and activate my phone.

I was a little nervous since this was the first time I was alone in public since being "Eric," but I pushed on. I stopped at the big mall directory board looking for the phone case store, not knowing what it was named, so I had to read the descriptions of the stores. While there, I saw boys and young men pass by me then slow down. I quickly looked over my shoulder and noticed they were checking out my butt. I was upset for an instant, but then I became sort of proud and thought "Eat your hearts out.".

Then I found the store named "Cellaris" and I was right at it so I went in. As I walked into the store I saw two clerks helping other customers and one walking toward me. I didn't recognize her at first because she was taller than me and I'd never seen her from this angle or perspective. It was Kinzey, one of Leigh's friends, she had been there last night at my beating.

I looked at her as she asked if she could help. I used to think she was pretty, but now I saw she had a poor complexion, too much make-up for work, and her hips were a little too big. I told her I needed a few cases and some accessories for the iphone I just bought and I gave her the model number.

She took me to the girly cases first and pointed at the top shelf and said, "These are our best cases, but we have cheaper ones."

There was no way I was going to tell Kinzey I wanted to look at "cheaper" anything.

I looked at the cases, not looking at the prices, and picked 6 of the prettiest ones they had. Not too blingy but still very stylish. I really liked a blue one with a silver bird design on it. Then I had Kinzey show me the accessories and I picked out the best headphones for music, bluetooth for hands free talking and a sterling silver stylus.

Getting every thing I could think of, I looked at Kinzey, whose mouth was hanging open over all I was buying, and I told her I was ready to check out. We went to the register and I handed Kinzey the black American Express card. I then learned that that was a very special card because when Kinzey saw it she just about soiled herself.

As Kinzey was ringing up and bagging my purchases she started talking to me in a very friendly manner.

Handing me my bags Kinzey said, "I don't remember you coming in before."

I answered in a polite, but impartial manner, "No I've never been in here before, I'm new." Well it's a new me so that wasn't a lie. Kinzey then gushed, "Oh you're new in town, so where are you going to school?"

I said, "My Aunt will enroll me in Mariposa Park, Monday."

Kinzey almost squealed, "That is where I go! I would love showing you around and introducing you to people, if you want?"

I thought, 'That's right Kinzey, you never can have too many rich friends,' but I said, "Oh that would be so nice of you, but my Aunt is waiting for me. I have to go."

Kinzey chirped, "Have fun and see you Monday... oh, I'm Kinzey Morris."

As I was leaving I answered "Nice to meet you. I'm Willow Crane.”

I just then had learned something else new about girls. They have a pecking order like boys, but they have different reasons for status. Willow, I believe, will be near the top of the food chain and I got pleasure from that thought.

I found Erin where she said she would be and it was a blur after that for 4 hours, going from store to store. Poor Aaron was playing pack mule, making regular trips to the car carrying packages, but talking on his blue tooth all the time. He was trying to find out all he could about Leigh and why she wants to hurt me so bad.

Aaron then said, "We have to get going girls. The Grand Mage is sending a limo for us in two hours for Dinner, so we all need to get dressed."

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