We Never Break A Promise Chapter 5

We Never Break a Promise: Part 5
By Warm Hearted
Proofed and edited by Catherine Linda Michel

Willow sat up in her bed and saw a tiny 4 inch tall woman with platinum blonde hair and golden wings. She remembered recent events and knew this diminutive beauty with golden wings was Wee Lo, her fairy godmother. Willow said, "Good morning Wee Lo. Erin told me about you and how I was named after you. I'm so happy to meet you aah.. Godmother.".

Wee Lo smiled and answered, "You too Goddaughter. So stand up and let me have a good look at you."

Willow got out of bed and pulled back her hair, turning around so Wee Lo could see all of her. Then Wee Lo said, "No, take off that silly shirt. Let me see you."

Willow didn't feel uncomfortable showing her naked body to her Godmother. It was like she was a doctor examining her. Willow dropped her sleep shirt on the floor and spun again.

Wee Lo's tiny face sparkled with a silver light. She giggled and said, "Willow, you're glowing a bright blue and showing a lot of power for someone who has not awakened yet."

Wee Lo continued after a long pause. "Goddaughter, you're beautiful. You have your father's eyes and your mother's face, but you look like a giant wingless fairy."

Willow laughed at the thought of being considered a giant. She looked at Wee Lo, noticing that she was very similar to her in body type, but also in other ways that she couldn't put her finger on. She studied herself in the mirror, trying to figure out why she why she looked like a fairy. Willow then thought, 'I guess it's because of my complexion and body type. It's nothing to worry about and it's nice I look a little like my Godmother.'

She put her sleep shirt back on, sat on the side of the bed and started quizzing Wee Lo about her parents, how they became friends and about Fairies in general. She learned her parents and Wee Lo had fought the Witches and Familiars in the great war. She discovered that only the most powerful Mage class Wizards could travel to Wee Lo's world and that the battles were fierce.

Willow listened with great interest about how her parents and Wee Lo in the great battle of Fairy Ring and had called up a great magical fire destroying a Witch and Familiar army. That victory broke the Witches and Familiars will to continue the war and they negotiated a truce that still stands.

Willow was happy to hear that it will be a long time before the Witches and Familiars will be strong enough to attempt another open war, but Wee Lo warned Willow; “They are still just as evil and are working in many hidden covert operations, trying to gain an advantage.

Then Wee Lo's face became very grim and said,"Willow, you are causing a big stir in my realm. Word has reached them that you have been found and that you are showing signs of being a very
powerful Arch Mage after your Awakening. The Familiars fear that a new very powerful Arch Mage will weaken their position to an all time low and disrupt many of their long range plans. That's why you must be very careful until your Awakening. After that it will be too late for them."

They were stopped talking by a knock on the door and Willow said, "Come in." Aaron stuck his head in and said, "Hello Wee Lo. It has been a long time, good to see you. Willow? Erin said you need to get ready to go to school with her to get enrolled. I'll see you two later this week since I have some things to take care of in Raleigh. Be safe and Wee Lo, please don't incinerate any Witches, not in public anyway."

Wee Lo answered, "No promises, but you be safe also, we'll catch up when you get back."

Aaron shut the door and hurried off. Willow then went to the closet and put out a pair of jeans and a high waist linen top. She told Wee Lo she needed to get ready and ducked into her bathroom. Wee Lo said, "While your getting ready I'll visit with Erin."

After getting ready Willow went downstairs, regretting that she would have to return to the torture chamber she called high school. All of the hurt that had been inflicted on Eric there came back to her memory, but she resigned herself, thinking, 'We never break a promise.'

Willow found Erin and Wee Lo in the kitchen giggling and talking. When they saw Willow they stopped and greeted her. Erin said, "Willow. Here is the way it will be, Wee Lo will be with you at all times while you are at school. Don't worry, no one can see her unless she permits it, not even Witches or Familiars. Secondly, be careful not to get too close to cold iron. because cold iron can block Wee Lo's magic and burn her but not kill her. Other metals like steel have no effect and hot iron will not effect her, only cold iron. So be careful
around cast iron fences, furniture, cook wear, and the like. Now lets go get this over with."

They headed out the door with Wee Lo sitting on Willow's shoulder.

Leigh was in her room scanning traffic cams looking for Eric. She had magically hacked the NSA network so she could have intel if Eric would pop up somewhere. She was getting frustrated with her Familiar Snowball's continuous fretting over only having just over a year to carry out the bargain he made with the Demon to have Eric die hated and alone before Eric's 18th birthday.

Snowball said, "This is August 21st. That's only 405 days until his 18th birthday and I'll be the main course for a demon's dinner while you'll be a Witch without a Familiar. How will you like that... being a low down, bottom feeder in Witch society. Your parents will lose their wealth and position, and you'll lose your minions and be doomed to having a nothing life until you die unhappy."

Just then Leigh heard the doorbell ring and she heard her mother answer, saying, "Your Highness! Welcome! Please come in."

Leigh and Snowball ran downstairs and saw the head of all the covens standing in the living room with a raven on her shoulder and her mother on her knees, bowing before her.

Leigh and Snowball joined Leigh's mother with Snowball on his back in a cat's sign of submission.

While Leigh was kneeling her mind was racing, wondering why the head of all of the covens was paying them a visit. Fearfully she thought, 'Is she here to stop me looking for Eric or punishing me for using so much magic in trying to find him. Have I brought down too much attention of the Wizards on us. Is she here to punish me?'

Then Dianna Hobs, the head of all the covens, spoke softly, "Stand up and stop groveling. I'm here to help. Leigh my child, I'm well pleased in how you are turning out. I had my doubts considering your heritage."

Dianna, looking at Leigh's mother said, "I meant no insult, but you must agree that you and your husband do not possess that special spark that makes a special Witch. Your accomplishments until Leigh joined us were very mundane at best as you well know. Leigh shown the calculating, unrelenting ruthlessness that sets apart a great Witch."

Turning her attention towards Leigh, Dianna continued, "My dear Leigh, your efforts thus far have been outstanding. You gathered useful minions and utilized all resources in devising intricate plans to reach your goals. I personally think Leigh that once this Eric issue is resolved you will rise quickly in our ranks. I'm so sure of this I will take you as my protégé and personally mentor you."

Dianna then thought, 'So I can control her and keep an eye on her to make sure she is never a threat to me.'

Smiling at Leigh, Dianna continued, "But Leigh you're faced with a situation that is beyond any one witch to handle on their own. This Eric, for some reason, is being aided by several very powerful Wizards. The reason why they are so interested in him is well hidden, but even their high counsel is somehow involved which has us worried."

Dianna then took Leigh by the shoulders and said, "Little one don't worry, I'm here to help you. We will do this together. I will take a position at your school and gather some helpful minions and, with you as my lieutenant, we will find this Eric and properly dispose of him. Once that is done you and your Familiar, Snowball, will come with me and you will start your new life as my adopted daughter."

Leigh was elated by what Dianna said and she and Dianna with their familiars left Leigh's mother standing in the living room completely ignored. As they left Leigh's house She saw a chauffeur holding the door of a limo. Dianna, Leigh and the Familiars entered the limo and they were on their way.

Dianna, taking Leigh's hand said, "Leigh, you do not have to return to that middle class hovel. From this point you will start living with me."

Leigh wanted to squeal but thought better of it. Restrained, she answered, "Thank you Mistress."

Dianna aristocratically giggled and said, "No daughter, call me Dianna and don't worry about returning and getting your old clothes. I want you to have all new things suitable to your new position in life. I have taken a house in Quail Hollow in South Charlotte. It's only 12 bedrooms but adequate. Daughter you will still have to list your parents home as your address to stay in the same school. I know it's distasteful, but I feel it is necessary and will compensate them for their trouble."

As the Limo pulled in the gate of a large mansion Leigh was amazed at the thought of living there. She thought, 'I get to live here and have all new things and have MAJOR help in dealing with Eric. It looks like I'm finally getting what I deserve.'

Inside the grand entrance hall Leigh tried not to look too impressed, but said, "Very nice."

Then a man came up to them and said, "Mistress the man you sent for is here and waiting in the library."

Then Dianna said to Leigh, "You can see your room later. Right now we need to set a special plan in place. We need to get close to the Wizards that seem to be helping Eric. One of our minions would be spotted by the magic we use to control them, so we need to have a mortal with unique talents that is completely loyal to us of their own free will.

I have found that promises of wealth or fear of punishment will not work with some mortals, especially ones with the talents we need for this work. So we need to offer them something they want more than even life itself. My minions have found a mortal that fills our needs and we are going to strike our deal with him. Leigh, attend me and learn."

Leigh followed Dianna into the library and she saw a middle aged very tall. large framed man in a dark suit sitting in a chair. He rose when he saw the Witches enter the room and very sharply said,

"What is this all about and why was I order to come here? I was deep undercover in an a domestic terrorist cell. This little talk cost me 8 months of work and put lives at risk."

Dianna calmly answered, "Mr. Sands, I have something to offer you that will fulfill your life's deepest desire."

Mr. Sands yelled, "Lady, I don't want anything you have and I will arrest you for trying to bribe a Federal Officer!"

Unshaken, Dianna with a slight smile appearing on her face countered, " Mr. Sands how do you ever find heels to fit those huge feet of yours?"

Mr. Sands, a little shaken replied, "Oh that's it, but you missed. Times are different now... the bureau knows I'm a pre-op transgender woman. They also know when I'm off duty and not involved in an active case I dress as a woman. So now I will arrest you for extortion and attempted obstruction of justice because you pulled me off my case for this."

Dianna laughed and said, "Yes Mr. Sands, you could try to do that, but you would just end up without a job and you will never save enough to have your surgery. Even if some miracle happened and you had the surgery what would you be? Just a very large old woman that still looks very much like a man. What I'm offering is this."

Dianna made a pass with her hands and spoke a short incantation. Mr. Sands eyes went blank as he froze in place.

Dianna then told Leigh, "He is seeing life as a seventeen year old, very pretty girl. He will be back in a few seconds more than ready to take our offer."

Sands came to himself and said, with a pleading voice, "How did you do that?"

Dianna answered, "Magic, Special Agent Sands, and I can use that same magic to make it real, but listen closely to what you must do to pay me for my services. We need you to find a killer who is hiding. You will have to use all your considerable talents for infiltrating and information gathering. You will be dealing with very powerful magical beings so you must always be on guard that you never break your cover story.

Once you discover the whereabouts of the target you will then contact me, but not until you do. That will fulfill your contract and I will leave you in the life that you will use as your cover... that very pretty seventeen year old girl you saw in your vision. She is completely just as she seems, a natural born female. You could even have children if you wish. In addition she will have a $500,000.00 trust that she will
receive on her 18th birthday.

If you betray me and try not to fulfill the contract I will change you back and you will be jobless and disgraced for disappearing in the middle of an operation. In addition, you will discover you will have a very bad Meth addiction."

Sands looked at Dianna and said, "I agree to your terms."

That night 13 Witches were in a candle lit room, standing in a circle around a table with a large middle aged man asleep on it. They were chanting with an eerie rhythm in some dead language. On the table the mans body started to undulate and reform as he became smaller.

At this point all his hair fell out and he continued to shrink... then new hair sprouted. Then all gender left him and his feet no longer hung off the end of the table, but were far from the edge. New hair grew first on his head thick auburn hair, and his waist pulled in as his hips flared. Then a V of slightly dark hair formed between his, or rather her gapped thighs because it covered a new virginal mound.

As the new girl lay still asleep on the table Dianna informed Leigh, "We used this very complicated spell because we wanted no trace of magic left. We actually have rewritten the former Mr. Sands DNA. We have set up an unbreakable cover for her.”

“Her parents were killed in a car crash and she was sent to live with her only relative, an aunt here in Charlotte. The aunt has a history of mental illness and abandoned her. She was taken by DSS because she is Seventeen. Today she will be delivered to foster parents in your school's service area.”

“All of that is true. The dead parents had a life policy that will pay her the 500K when she is 18. The real Hanna Hicks was a little plainer, but the photos have been altered to look like our new Hanna. The old Hanna just seemed to disappear. HA-HA. Now go upstairs. Jared will show you where. There you will find your clothes and personal items and a file on Eric Jones, your target."

Dianna gave the new Hanna a silk robe. She put it on and found Jared waiting for her as she left the room. Once Dianna was sure Hanna could not hear her she said to Leigh,

"She is a very gifted spy. I believe she will find Eric quickly and, as a incentive, I have instructed Jarred to show her how much she now enjoys submitting to a strong man. I told Jarred to use a condom so an unwanted pregnancy will not hinder her mission."

As Hanna walked up the stairs she was amazed by how good the silk felt on her new body. Then Jared led her into a bedroom where Hanna saw a trash bag full of clothes, a cheap purse, makeup and a hair brush and spray on the dresser. Then she saw a pair of jeans, a tee, and underthings on a chair next to the bed.

Jared motioned to the file folder and said, "That is the information we have on him and, by the way, Mistress made you smoking hot."

Hanna was surprised by his last statement, but even more surprised when he turned and locked the door. Jared then stood very close to Hanna and she saw how small she was. Jared then tilted her face up, took his finger and traced her lips. Hanna tried to push Jarred back, but found she no longer had the strength.

Then she felt a strange electricity flow from Jared's touch that forced her to open her mouth to take a deep breath. Then Jared leaned down and kissed her open lips, as his hand went to the back of her head. Jared's other hand went to her butt and he pulled her into him and Hanna felt his cock grow against her.

Hanna didn't have time to process what was happening. A tidal wave of erotic pleasure filled her as Jared's tongue entered her mouth. Sands had kissed many men before, but none felt like what she was now feeling. She reacted and circled Jared's tongue with her own. She felt weak in her knees and she felt Jared break the kiss.

Before she had time to think, Jared pulled off her robe and took her new nipple in his mouth. He still held her as his expert skills turned her into a yielding glob of erotic putty. Then in the cloud of lust she felt his hand go to her new pussy lips and enter her.

As Sands he had been entered anally, but had only dreamed and fantasized about how this sort of entry would feel. Hanna realized that all of Sands past fantasies were far from the truth. Then she felt her new clit being stroked and she mewed in sheer sexual bliss. Her knees gave way and Jared effortlessly carried her to the bed.

Jared laid her face down as she heard him unzip his pants and then she heard paper tearing. After a short pause Hanna realized what Jared was doing, but then she felt him pick up her hips. She then felt a huge cock push into her very wet pussy. There was a pinch then she felt him start pumping in and out of her, hard.

Then it happened. Hanna's world imploded into to a black hole of pleasure pulling in all thoughts and her will. She became just an object completely controlled by Jared's cock. She screamed into the bed, clinching the comforter. Jared knew now Hanna was one of those girls that will do anything for him not to stop fucking her.

Jared decided to play with her and he pulled out and started just dragging the head of his cock over her sloppy wet lips and said, "You want me to keep fucking you don't you slut? Answer me. Do you want me to keep fucking you?"

Hanna had to have his cock back in her so she said, "Yes." Jared then said, "Then say Please sir, fuck me hard."

Hanna without hesitation said, "Please sir, fuck me hard."

Jared rolled her on her back in the bed and climbed on top of her and said, " Now my pet, spread those legs."

Hanna quickly obeyed and wrapped her legs around him and Jared rode her into four more screaming orgasms. After it was over Jared took off his condom and threw it in the trash and said,

"Damn girl, you are a real pillow eater. Now get dressed and I will take you to the DSS worker."

Hanna laid there and relished the after glow and thought, 'I will do whatever it takes to stay like this.'

Willow arrived at that temple of humiliation and regret called high school with Wee Lo on her shoulder. No one could see Wee Lo. In a second Willow realized why every one was looking at her. She was the "New Girl." Willow noticed the boys were looking a lot more than the girls and giggled a little.

Wee Lo said, "Well I can see you will need a secretary to screen your calls."

Willow acted like she was brushing something off her shoulder, playfully hitting Wee Lo. On the way to her new locker she saw a girl she didn't know being tortured by Leigh and her crew. Willow walked over to them and said, Stop being so childish and leave her alone.

Leigh then said, "Let's leave the new retards alone. They have a special ed class to go to."

The new girl turned to Willow and said, "Thank you. I'm Hanna."

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