Alexa Chapter 11: The Change Begins

Alexa Chapter 11: The Change Begins

“Merry Christmas babe”

I was unable to speak as I laid there and stared at the beautiful blonde woman before me. Even though it looked like she had been through a war she was still the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I felt tears begin to form in my eyes as I tried to convince myself it was all real. A second later I realized it was all true as Jenny left the chair and wrapped her arms around me and placed a huge kiss on my lips. Slowly she broke the kiss and just looked deep into my eyes. “I love you Alexa”

“I Love you too Jen. I’m sorry I ruined your Christmas.” I said I as looked down in shame.

“Would you be quiet. You didn’t ruin anything. I feel bad that I wasn’t here when it all happened. If anything, I am the one who should be sorry. I should never have left.” Jenny said.

“But what about your family?”

“You are all the family I need Lex.” And after that comment from Jenny all talking ceased as I gave her the most passionate kiss I knew how to give. The return kiss was just as passionate and soon we were slowly working each other’s clothes off. As I worked my way down Jenny’s body, I was met by the sounds of pleasure as I soon found myself nestle between her breasts. Her hands were all over my head as I slowly kissed my way from one breast to another, and for a second I thought I heard her purring! I slowly began working my way back up her chest and simply stood back as our eyes met. The look we shared was not one of simply lust. It was one of acknowledgment that this is where we were meant to be. I could feel my own smile almost mimic Jenny’s and I just looked longingly into her eyes and thanked her for coming home. I was promptly told to shut up and soon Jenny and I were easing our way down to the bed where we celebrated our love for each other.

Even as were finished, the tenderness did not fade. We held each other and gave each other light kisses. We continued to take turns kissing each other at various parts of the other’s bodies before returning to kiss each other’s lips. At some point time seemed to stop as the two of us spent as much time being close to each other as we could. However, something must have occurred and Jenny slowly got up and left the room. By the smile on her face I could tell she had something planned. I watched her leave the room, telling myself the whole time that this is who I was meant to be with. I will never question it again. I sat back and just enjoyed the moment. No worries about school, about my family about my job, nothing. I just reveled in the fact that I was with the person I cared about the most on Christmas.

I must have drifted off a little because Jenny was standing at my side reaching out for my hand. I got out of bed and followed her into the bathroom where I was greeted with several candles burning and some soft jazz music playing. Jenny held out her hand and helped me into the bubble bath she had prepared and soon joined me in it. Facing me, we began where we had left out a few minutes ago, sensually kissing the other until soon our passion gave way to a fabulous moment of love making. It was probably the most sensual act I have ever been a part of. The tenderness that Jenny showed me drove me wild and I just followed her lead. As we finished she cuddled in next to me where we both just soaked and held each other. Jenny reached over the side of the tub and produced two glasses of champagne. This girl keeps getting better! We sipped our champagne and continued our tender kissing. But once again, something always found a way to interrupt us.

‘Alexa! Jenny! Are you two here?” came the call from the living room along with the sound of keys and things hitting the floor. Soon we looked up and saw the usual suspect in these interruptions. A smile crossed her face as she spotted the two of us in the tub. “Well that’s a new one for you two.” was all she said as she headed back to other parts of the apartment. We continued to enjoy the warm water, champagne and each other for a few more moments. As the water began to cool, we decided we should get out and put something on. Drying each other was a completely new experience that we took our time with. I never thought of this as being a sexual act but it was getting both of us wound up. Jenny once again took my hand where she produced from the drawer my Mickey Mouse pajamas. She didn’t even bother handing me any panties this time. Jenny went over to her backpack and pulled out my Gopher Jersey. I looked at her and asked. “Of all the clothes you took with you, that is the only thing you brought back?”

Jenny just smiled. “I love this jersey. It is my favorite sleeping attire. And do you want to know why?” I nodded as she posed the question. ‘Because it will always remind me of you. It might not be the sexiest thing I ever wore, but it is one that makes me feel as sexy as some of our sleepwear. Plus, I know you like it.”

“Jenny, I love it.” And with that the two of us began kissing each other again until we hear some yelling from the front of the apartment.

‘Get out here you two. I didn’t blow off my family to watch you two act like bunny rabbits!” Katie explained. Jenny and I giggled and grabbed a blanket to go out and join our roommate. When we got out here was a large box of pastries on the counter along with orange juice and I could smell the coffee brewing. Katie was curled up on her typical end of the couch as Jenny went through the pastry and I grabbed us a couple of cups of coffee. Soon the whole apartment was together on the couch and enjoying this beautiful Christmas treat. I asked the first question after taking a bite of a Lemon filled donut

“Larson’s was open?” I asked my sister as I enjoyed the treats of my hometown bakery.

Katie just nodded and the three of us made absolute gluttons of ourselves as we nearly devoured a dozen donuts. The odd part was Jenny was the one who ate the most. Katie and I teased her but she came back with the fact that she eaten very little the day before. Both Katie and I started to ask her about her trip. Katie and I sat in rapt attention as Jenny began to describe the horrors of her adventure through 5 airports, 4 flights, 3 guys hitting on her and a very special flight attendant. When she started explaining her experience at the Burger King in Kansas City I broke out in laughter. This earned me a shot in the arm that I spent a couple of minutes apologizing for. I was soon forgiven as Jenny laid a huge kiss on me before snuggling back into my arms.

“So, what time did you make it back last night?” Katie asked.

“6 AM.” Jenny stated.

“This morning?! It’s only 9:20! You’ve been home for 3 hours?” Katie questioned. Jenny nodded as she confirmed the times. “Geez if I would have known that, I would have left you two alone.”

“No way.” I state. “Christmas is for families. And since mine has kind of abandoned me, you two are my family. Thank you both for being here this morning.”

Jenny leaned back and gave me another kiss and soon Katie was on top of the two of us giving us a both a gigantic hug. I started to tear up as I realized how much these two have done for me. Katie was always there to guide me and watch over me and Jenny was there in so many other ways I couldn’t even begin to fully understand. Katie was the first to speak.

“I will always be your sister, Alexa. I am glad I’m here. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Christmas”

Jenny moves up a little and begins to kiss “I can think of a few ways” she says as a mischievous look flashes. I giggle and pull Jenny in tighter. Katie clears her throat.

“You two calm down. I’d tell you two to go take a cold shower but you would probably enjoy it.” Katie says. We spend the rest of the morning just lying about. Jenny continued to tell us more about her trip. When she told us about the redneck on her flight from West Palm, Katie howled with laughter. “I would have loved to see you slap him.” I giggled along with Katie and playfully grabbed Jenny’s rear end. I received a much different response than Bubba did. She pushed back into it and moaned a little. I instantly felt her hand begin to rub up and down my leg as she began to give me a kiss. I noticed Katie out the corner of my eye slowly remove herself from the couch and the living room. I dove head first into the kiss as my hand remained firmly on Jenny’s rear. She slowly began to lower my pajamas and soon we were once again in the throes of passion.

I don’t know how long it lasted but soon Jenny and I are cuddled up under the blanket again just simply kissing when we hear “Is Jexy time over?” from Katie, who is hidden in her room. Jenny giggles as I groan at the nickname our roommate has come up with.

“I really wish you would quit with that name.” I yell out. Jenny gives a little whimper at my admonishment of Katie.

Katie returns to the living room with a smirk on her face “I’m going to keep using it if you two are going to act like two horny teenagers all the time plus its cute.”

‘I think it’s cute too” Jenny says as she snuggles into me a little deeper. I just roll my eyes because I know I have been defeated. A sigh of resignation comes from me.

Katie plops down on the couch with us and announces she is bored ‘Let’s go do something it’s supposed to be nice today. Let’s go find some sleds and go sledding. Something. I don’t want to be locked up in here with you two all day.” Katie says. We begin to go over options. I said we could go skating. Katie was lukewarm to that one while Jenny thought it was a great idea.

“I’d love to see you in a little skater’s dress Lex.” she said.

“She might have the legs” Katie added. “But I don’t think the hockey skates would look very good with it.” I promptly stick out my tongue in response to my sister’s comment. It was decided we should go tubing at a ski hill located out in the suburbs. Jenny and I got off the couch to go get changed. However, before we could get very far, Katie stopped us. “Oh, no. you’re not going in there together. One at time. I want to go while there is still sunlight. This time it was Jenny’s turn to stick out her tongue. I returned to the couch while my two roommates went to get changed. Following Jenny’s return I go to get changed, where I find Jenny as laid some clothes for me. Heavy black leggings, wool socks and a beautiful wool sweater with a matching hat. I quickly strip down and after getting dressed and head out for the girl’s approval. Jenny basically attacks me as I walk into the living room. Katie just smiles. Normally she would have been complaining about our actions, but she sits there and smiles. It’s either a show of Christmas spirit or she feels sorry for me. Either way I don’t care at the moment.

We all hop into Jenny’s car and head to the suburbs. We spent most of the next three hours sliding down the hill on tubes, whether it be each solo or different combinations of the three of us. Snowball fights and just general frolicking in the snow also are part of the activities. It was a beautiful Christmas day and I can’t imagine spending it with two better people. Laughter seems to be the most common sound coming from all three of us. Sure, Jenny and I try and sneak in a few moments, one that resulted in us both getting a handful of snow from our roommate who ran off giggling as we pelted her with snowballs. For the most part, none of the other skiers and tubers give us funny looks. Soon we are all exhausted and hungry. We hand over our tubes to the kid working the tube shack and head to Jenny’s car. We are cold and tired but we are also in a great mood. I offer to cook for the girls and as usual they can’t wait. We decide that it is a spaghetti night. We stop at the store and get the needed ingredients.

Back at home I enlist the aid of both girls. In the last few months I have taught Jenny a lot more of about cooking and to her credit she is picking it up. I think it is time to teach her about making sauce. I show her my technique of cooking up the garlic and onions first in a little olive oil before adding the tomatoes, sauce and spices. I put Katie to work on the meatballs. I had tried to teach Jenny how to make meatballs once before. It turned into a colossal mess. First Jenny was “grossed out” by mixing the meatballs by hand. I told her at least once to get over herself which promptly earned me a meat mixture being thrown at my face. Soon an all-out food fight with my girlfriend ensued, followed by Katie finding Jenny and I on the floor laughing and kissing covered in meat and tomatoes.

During the dinner, I thank both of them for all they have done for me the last few days, and that as low as I felt the last few days, the two of them had made today one of the best I had ever been through. I thanked Katie for all she had said and done on Friday night. She had kept an eye on me and I could never repay her. I couldn’t even look at Jenny without breaking down. Jenny got up and hugged me, telling me to stop. She didn’t need any thanks that she was just happy that I was OK and that we were together. I tried to keep it together for the rest of the meal, but still had a difficult time looking at Jenny. I love this girl. And now more than ever I am convinced she loves me. I think Katie picked up on something and told us to go to the living room and that she would clean up. Normally the two of us would take this opportunity to attack each other but tonight we just held each other. Soon Katie joined us and the three of us wound up curling up on the couch to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Following the movie Jenny and I wish Katie a goodnight, but not before I gave Katie on last hug. “Thanks for being the best big sister ever.” I tell her before moving off to the bedroom with Jenny. While we were now completely free to go crazy, we again decide just to hold each other. Jenny and I were finally getting a chance to talk alone. She asked me if I was doing OK. I did break down a little when relayed all the things that were going through my head. How I hated my father more than ever. How lonely I had been that night and all day yesterday. Jenny kept apologizing for not being able to get ahold of me and I told her it didn’t matter anymore. We were together now. I apologized to her for her having to go through all that hassle because of me. Jenny just grabbed my face in her hands and looked me straight in the eyes. ‘You do not need to apologize for anything. The person I love more than anything in the whole wide world was hurting. There was no way I wasn’t coming to you.” And with that she gave me a long lingering kiss that soon turned into something more. During our little romp, I heard my phone beep. As we were laying there following our interlude, I reached over and grabbed my phone. On it was a message from my mother saying “Merry Christmas” I replied in turn through my tears. I pulled Jenny in closer and drifted off. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

The next day however did not start that way. I was awoken by my phone ringing at 7:30. Who would be calling me at this hour? I looked at the caller ID and was confused “011-44-1379 555513, where is that?” I wondered as I tentatively hit the answer button. “Hello” I answer. I am greeted by a familiar voice.

“Alex? Is that you?” I hear Dr. Burke say.

“Alexa,” I say “Debbie? Aren’t you in London?”

“I am but was just going through my emails and noticed a report from one of our staff. Where are you right now?”

Confused as to what was happening. “In my apartment. What’s going on?”

“Somebody called our office, Jenny I think, and said you were in trouble. Did you talk to talk to anyone from my office?” my counselor states firmly. I tell her I hadn’t heard from anyone and must ask Katie if she talked to anyone. I could tell across a phone line and 5000 miles that Debbie was a little miffed at her office. “I will deal with the office when I get back. Do you want to tell me briefly what happened?” She asks and I tell her about how when we came back from the airport my father was standing there and yes, I was dressed. I told her of how he lost it on me and how I completely fell apart. As I am telling Debbie this I begin to shake and cry, but soon I feel two arms around me holding me.

The reaction from Debbie was I think more than concern. If I didn’t know any better, I would have suspected she had reached a boiling point. It took her a minute to respond to my explanation. “I am flying back on Wednesday and will be in the office first thing on Thursday. Can you be there?” She asks with anger that seems barely concealed. I agree and ask if I can bring Jenny. I can tell that she is not too keen on the idea, but after my pleading, she relents. I thank her for calling and tell her I will see her Thursday and our conversation ends. As I hit the end button, I begin replaying the events of Friday through my head again. I had spent so much of yesterday ignoring the thought of it all comes back like a sledge hammer and I break down into Jenny’s arms. Jenny just continues to hold and comfort me saying nothing as the pain returns in full force. And to Jenny’s credit, she says nothing.

The next few days pretty much revolve around us cleaning out the girl’s apartment during the day and relaxing at night. I did everything as Alexa. By Tuesday we had finally disposed of everything last item in the girl’s apartment. We had decided to make Wednesday the cleaning day. That night the three of us cleaned ourselves up and went out for a minor night on the town. Nothing crazy, just dinner and a few drinks. Katie really wanted to go crazy, but Jenny and I talked her out of it. We did manage to get a few drinks into her and watched her get a little friendly with a few guys at Brady’s. That’s not to say that Jenny and I were left alone but Jenny pretty much made it clear that we were already taken. With each other. This was a huge step for Jenny, at least in my mind. She was making a stand for us. I was a little shocked but realized that this was the new order of life and it made me tremendously happy. I was falling in love with her all over again.

When we awoke on Wednesday I was basically shoved into the shower by Jenny to get ready so we could begin the final cleaning of the old apartment. It seemed like she was up to something, but I wasn’t quite sure. A few minutes after I had entered the shower, Jenny joined me. As much as I wanted play she kept pushing me off. She kicked me out a few minutes later and told me to go get dressed. She had laid out some clothes for me on the bed. I just shock my head because now I knew something was up. I was nervous that I was going to find some sort of maid’s uniform or something on the bed. Instead I found two very similar “soccer mom” outfits like the one Jenny has worn that day way back when my parents came to dinner. I just shook my head and started to get dressed. As I was finishing dressing, Jenny came in to the room I just looked at her and said “Really?” She soon began to giggle and tackled me onto the bed.

“I just wanted to see what got you going before. Now I understand. Besides its fun!” Jenny tells me. Who am I to question her as I am pelted with kisses. I move her off and tell her we need to work so we can play latter. I give the pouting blonde one last kiss as I head to the kitchen. I am stopped by Jenny. “Hey get back here.” She yells out. I turn to see her standing their holding the bandana that matched my shirt. I just rolled my eyes and turned to allow Jenny to put the bandana on me. I turned back and ask if everything looked OK. “Perfect” she said and she gave me one last kiss before I headed to the kitchen to start the morning coffee. As I stood there waiting, I heard another person enter the room. I turned to give Jenny my most demure, exaggerated look. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Jenny who was standing there.

“Look at the happy homemaker!” Katie announces as she fought back the laughter.

‘Shut up Kate” I tell my sister. Katie comes up to me and gives me a playful hug.

“You look so cute! What time do the girls have ballet practice? Is the mini-van all gassed up?” Katie says as she reaches for a cup and pours herself a cup of coffee while I once again tell my ‘sister’ to keep her mouth shut. That suggestion is soon completely ignored as Jenny joins me in a similar outfit. Katie can no longer contain her laughter and completely breaks down, spilling her coffee as she leans back against the counter. “What time is the ‘Mommies and Me’ class you two?” she asks through the snorts of laughter. Jenny shoots Katie a dirty look.

“I thought would be fun to dress this way.” Jenny says as she stares down our roommate.

A laughing Katie assures Jenny it is. ‘Oh, it is fun. I can’t wait to give you two crap all day!” Jenny simply flips Katie off and moves to get us some coffee. The three of us sit down at the table where Katie begins to take control as we go over the cleaning plan. She is anxious to get it done as she has to work at 4. So, after our coffee, we move across the hall for our final visit to the apartment where Alexa was born. As we enter in Katie pulls me back and continues to let Jenny move in. Katie leans over and whispers. “Want to have some fun? Watch this.” Speaking up Katie says “Jenny why don’t you get started in the bathroom and Alexa you get started in the kitchen.” Jenny turns to look at Katie and I with a pure look of horror across her face. I can’t hold it and break out in a fit of laughter. Katie starts to laugh and scold me at the same time. “You are so weak!” Jenny just flips us the bird and moves towards the kitchen. Katie looks at me and says “Well you get the bathroom for being so weak!” I try to protest but Katie pushes me along.

After several hours of hard work and lots of laughs we are standing at the entrance to an apartment that no longer held any trace that it had been occupied by Katie and Jenny. “Well that’s it” Katie says. Jenny and I nod. Jenny speaks up next.

“This apartment will always be a special place. It saw the birth of a beautiful woman and a pretty good relationship.” I give Jenny a little shoulder check and ask “Pretty good?” Jenny just giggles and tells me that it is the best and we exchange a kiss. I grab the last bag of garbage and the three of us slowly back out. Ending an era of our lives.

Katie had to work that night, so once again Jenny and I spent a quiet night at home. I was glad because I really wanted to talk to her, alone. Following dinner, we sit down on the couch and I take her hands. “Jenny, we need to talk. I want to set some things straight before we go to this appointment with Dr. Burke tomorrow.”

“Okay”, Jenny says apprehensively.

“I made a decision the other day. I want to live as Alexa full time, but I am scared. I am scared about the ridicule I will receive. I am scared about fitting in, but mostly I am scared about you.” There I said it. The thing that has been in the back of my mind since Sunday when Jenny came home.

“Lex. Why would you be scared of me?” Jenny says with a confused look on her face.

“Because I am scarred you will leave me if I am Alexa full time. I want to grow as a woman. What if I decide I want to start take hormones? What if I want to grow breasts? What if decide to go all the way? I am scared you will leave me because I am a woman. You are not a lesbian but you will be with a woman if I go full time.” I begin to cry a little as I lay it all on the line.

‘All the way?” Jenny asks. You mean like SRS?” I nod my head and look down in shame. The next thing I know I am being pushed backwards and find Jenny laying on top of me. “You know there are times I think you should be the blonde in this relationship. On one of my flights I met a ditzy teenage girl named Aly. When you start acting like this, that’s what I am going to call you, Aly. I don’t care what people will say. I already play with your nipples when we make love, so it will just give me more to play with. If you go all the way, we will just have to go buy some things down at Sex World. I love you Alexa I. LOVE. YOU. That is not going to change, no matter what.” And with that she leaned over and gave me a long kiss. She pulls back and says in a hushed voice “I love you Lex. I will do whatever it takes make you happy. I will be here for you.” And again, she leans in for another kiss. As I lay there with Jenny all I can think is that I don’t deserve all this love from one person. Soon Jenny is pulling me off the couch and back to our room, where we once again consecrate this baffling but incredible relationship.

The alarm goes off way to early the following morning. Jenny and I slowly extract ourselves from each other. I make it out of bed first and make it to the bathroom where I take care of the usual morning rituals before I go and start the coffee. I hear Jenny turn the shower on and look down and see a note on the counter. All it says is “Turn off the lights!” I giggle as I think back that we did leave the lights on last night. It wasn’t long before the author of the note comes stumbling out of her room wearing an oversized t-shirt rubbing her eyes. “You getting ready for your appointment?” Katie asks. I nod apprehensively. “Don’t be worried, Alexa. Debbie is there to help you remember? Just as Jenny and I are here. Remember that.”

“I wish you could come too” I say.

“Nah. If someone is going with you it should be Jenny. She loves you, you know that, right?” I smile and nod at Katie’s question and thank her again for everything. “Ah, don’t worry about it. You take care of family. I will want you to come back and give a full report OK?” I agree and then give my sister a hug. “And remember I love you too Alexa Marie. I just don’t attack you. Now I’m going back to bed. You two keep it down out here.” And with that Katie heads back to her room. Unable to control myself I yell out at Katie.

“Yes MOM” and without turning around Katie flips me off before entering her bed room and closing the door.

I go into the bathroom and join Jenny in the shower. As she starts to get a little frisky I tell her I am just trying to cut down on time. She gives me a playful pout as I begin to wash my ever-lengthening hair. I had not had it cut since October and it is now almost shoulder length. I have been bugging Jenny to get me into her stylist because now it is time. I say something about it as she is leaving the shower and tells me she will take care of it. I finish cleaning myself and begin to run the razor over my body. This is another thing that I will have to talk with Jenny about. It is time to begin more permanent hair removal. I have never had much facial growth, but it has been getting annoying.

I was surprised not to find any clothes laid out for me as I returned to our bedroom. It seems like when we have to go somewhere, Jenny loves to pick out my clothes. But this time she must have trusted me, after donning my typical bra and thong set, this time in black, and I slide on a pair of dark tights. Moving to the closet I choose a blue and green plaid skirt and a ribbed black turtle neck. After finishing off my makeup, I put on my trusty knee high black boots. Moving over to the full-length mirror Jenny and I put in my room I check myself out. I think I look pretty good and move out to meet Jenny. She is standing at the kitchen counter drinking coffee and nearly drops her cup. “You look great Lex! Very cute, very feminine. I think you are learning.” I thank her as I move beside her a give her a quick kiss.

“Thanks, I wanted to look like a total girl today. Plus, I have a great teacher.” And with that I give her a long deep kiss. She breaks it telling me we should go or we will never get out of here. I take a look at the classic look Jenny has decided on today. A grey wool midi skirt with a grey/rose colored sweater and light grey scarf. Brown boots and a matching thin belt complete the look. Both of us stop and check ourselves in the mirror before we grab our coats and head out into the frosty morning.

In just a few minutes, we are sitting in the waiting room at Dr. Burke’s office waiting for our appointment. Every time I have said our appointment this morning, Jenny has reminded me that this is my appointment. I keep reminding her we are in this together and that it is our appointment. After about five minutes my counselor comes out into the waiting are. “Alexa, Jenny. It is so good to see you. Please come in.” As we stand up I watch Dr. Burke as she takes in what we are wearing. “You two look very nice as always” as she leads Jenny and I into her office. Jenny and I take a seat on the couch as Dr. Burke sits in her usual chair. I ask Debbie how her Christmas was and she is polite but very short with me. I can also tell she is kind of shocked not only by my clothing but the upbeat attitude I have. “Alexa, I am kind of surprised to see you so chipper today. I figured when I got you in here today, you would be a mess but to the contrary you seem happier than I have seen you. Why don’t you tell me what happened last Friday?”

I take a deep breath and tell her the story of my day. She instantly stops me and looks at Jenny in shock that she wasn’t there. I continue to the time when I met my father in the hallway. I reach over and grip Jenny’s hand as I tell the story of the verbal beat down I took from my father and how lost I was. My family had abandoned me and my girlfriend was on her way to Florida. I felt like a lost soul. “So, Katie called here?” Dr. Burke asked.

“I guess so” I say. “I really don’t know. I was such a mess I don’t really know what happened. I am not completely sure what time this all happened. Debbie just nods her head and scribbles some notes. As I am relaying the story I feel Jenny release my hand but take it with her other and her free arm now wraps around my waist. I then begin to tell Debbie about my little midnight stroll through campus. At this point I am openly weeping. I had not discussed any of this with anyone before. I had buried it and tried to forget it. I begin to tell these two women sitting with me how I stood on the bridge and looked down. I told Debbie of how a tiny voice in my head kept telling me to jump but I fought it back. How I decided right then and there I could never go back to being Alex. How my father’s beat down had kind of erased that part of my persona out of me. I explained how I pulled my student ID out and tossed it over the side. Debbie took all this in while I broke down on Jenny’s shoulder. Debbie looked at me and asked. “Alexa, was there one thing that made you not jump?” I nodded my head. I looked at Jenny and then turned back towards my counselor.

“Jenny. I could never hurt her that way.” I buried my head on Jenny’s shoulder for a moment before finally pulling myself up and explaining the events of the 24th. Dr. Burke was generally surprised that I had decided to go to church by myself and made a note about that but was shocked that there was a priest there that was concerned about someone like me. She asked me his name and I suddenly realized that I had never asked. “He’s the priest at St. Kevin’s down on like 60th and 28th. Down by Nokomis. He was very nice and actually invited me, us, back sometime.” Debbie stopped her note taking and looked up at Jenny.

“And you knew nothing of any of this?” Debbie asked almost incredulous.

“No. And if I had I would have bought an airplane to get back here. Some of this I am hearing for the first time. I kept having phone problems, when Lex is at work today I am going to get a new phone. But as soon as I heard I made every effort to get back to her.” Jenny then went into describe her day of hell. Debbie laughed at a few of the little adventures Jenny ran into. When Jenny described how when she finally made it home and she heard me snoring she knew all was going to be OK. Hearing Jenny tell the tale from start to finish of her trip made me realize that I would never doubt her or her feelings for me again. Debbie smiled when Jenny finished her tale and I wrapped my arms around her. Once again Dr. Burke scribbled down some notes before looking up at us. The look of concern had been replaced. Not by a look of satisfaction but one of acknowledgement.

“You two are the most incredible couple I have ever run across. It’s almost like you live your lives for the other and somehow it makes everything else work. I will admit that I was concerned about you Alexa. Heck I was more than concerned. I’ll tell you a secret. There is an on-call operator and another counselor who are in a little bit of trouble over this. I am appalled that no one even contacted you or Katie. And I assumed it was you Jenny who called. But now as I see you two together I realize that support you two give each other made up for it all. Jenny what you went through to get back here is an incredible story. But it does show how much you care for Ms. Quinn here.”

“I love her and would do anything for her.” Jenny replies as she pulls me in for another one-armed hug. I am hit once again at the closeness that we share, but something else hits me. Dr. Burke just called me Ms. Quinn. No one had ever called me that before. I think I like it. An even bigger smile comes over my face as the three of us just sit there for a moment. Eventually Debbie speaks up and asks Jenny if she would leave for a little bit because she would like to speak to me alone for a moment. Jenny simply nods her head and looks down on me. It was one of the most unique looks I have ever seen. It was a look of concern and caring I had never seen, except for maybe my mother. I know that neither one of us wants to let it each other go, but I assure Jenny I will be fine. I whisper into her ear that I wore water proof mascara on purpose today which elicits a giggle from her before she heads out the door. I turn back towards my counselor and await the upcoming prodding that I know is going to occur.

“You know why I asked her to leave I’m sure. So, tell me did you really think about jumping?” No use in beating around the bush, eh doc? I sit for a moment and think back to the terrible night almost a week ago. The pain I was feeling was tremendous, but I knew deep in my heart it would be better. I didn’t not think it was going to be as good as it has been the last few days. Maybe it was just Jenny trying to be as nice to me as possible but I don’t think it was just that.

“To be honest doctor, I don’t think so. Not at the conscious level. Sub-consciously, maybe. I never allowed that thought to take control. I know I was thinking about what you said and how hard it was to live two lives. I think the decision was made for me by my father. I think as I stood there it was more symbolic than anything. I still don’t know how I wound up on the bridge. But I knew that I could never take my own life. I could never do that to Jenny. Or Katie. They have been so kind to me and supportive. I knew if I did anything I would hurt them. I could never do that. Jenny has been through enough, me jumping might destroy her. Plus, there is another reason.” Dr. Burke looked up from her notes at me for one moment as if waiting for me to continue. “I’d be too chicken to do it. I hate heights.” I say with a smile as I try and diffuse the situation.

Debbie smiles at my comment and goes back to her notebook. She looks up and asks me “Do you think that this is the choice you would have made if your father had not found out?” I ponder that one for a moment. I had never thought about the fact. And I answered Debbie as I honestly as I could when I told her I didn’t know. She scribbled some more notes. “What about Jenny?” she asks. “How is she handling all of this?” This time I am quick with my answer.

“Fantastic.” I say with a smile. “We have not left each other’s side since Sunday.” Dr. Burke asks me if I have talked to her about staying as Alexa full time and I tell her I have and that the two of us talked about it at some length last night. “She says she doesn’t care what I decide. Or who I am. The same as she always said. Heck we even talked about how it would affect us if I started on HRT.” Debbie dropped her pen as I made that comment.

“You two have talked about this?” She asked.

“Yes. I wanted her to know everything that is going on. I will admit that it is something that is in the back of my mind. How can it not? I told her I want to grow as a woman. I am done being Alex. When Jenny and Katie first dressed me up I think I knew it then and as time has gone on this is how I spend most of my time. It’s time to move on. It’s time for Alexa to take her place in the world.” The conviction in my voice even surprises me. But I want this. I want this more than almost anything in the world except for one thing.

“I am very surprised Alexa. You do seem a much more confident person than when you started coming to see me. And I would probably have suggested that you start HRT after you came out to your parents. But last week’s adventure does change things. You need more time to be certain. And I’d like to talk with Jenny some more about this, but alone. Actually, hold on.” With that Debbie stands and heads over to her desk and picks up her phone. She asks to have Jenny come back in. A second later Jenny is walking in the door with a very nervous look on her face but when she spots me just watching her with a smile on my face, she just lights up. I do the same and soon Jenny is sitting next to me again. We look over at the doctor. Holding hands once again. Debbie has a smile on her face and just shakes her head. “Jenny, Alexa told me that she has discussed the possibility of HRT, hormones, with you. Is that true?” Jenny just nods her head. “Do you have any reservations about Alexa possibly starting HRT?”

With a decisive answer, Jenny states “No I do not. If that’s what she wants I am here for her 100%.” The confidence that Jenny displays overwhelms my counselor. I can see that she wants to say something but is trying to formulate her words.

“Jenny, you seem pretty confident in your convictions. You know this will be a difficult road for Alexa.” Jenny nods her head. I would like to spend some time with you discussing this alone. Would you be free tomorrow afternoon, say 1:00?”

“That works perfect. Lex has to work so I will be free. I will be glad to come in.” Jenny’s confidence is making me more confident. I seem to sit up a little straighter. A can feel my smile widen but most of all I feel as relaxed as I have ever been over who I am.

“Alright then. Well I don’t know why I was so worried on Monday. Alexa, don’t do anything foolish like that ever again. I also apologize for us here at the Program. You should have been contacted immediately. But like I said you are very lucky to have the support from Jenny and Katie that you do.” As Debbie finishes her sentence she rises form her chair. That is the signal that our session is over. She watches in amusement as I stand and offer Jenny a hand up. I can see Debbie shaking her head out of the corner of my eye before she begins speaking again. “Jenny I will see you tomorrow then and Alexa I will see you at our normal time on Tuesday” We both offer a handshake to Dr. Burke before once again taking each other by the hand smiling at each other as we leave. From behind us we hear Dr. Burke begins to speak again.

“I do have one last question. How does Katie put up with you two if your all living together?” The smile on Debbie’s face relays the joy she is watching between Jenny and I. Jenny speaks before I can.

“Depends on the day. Most of the time she thinks we are pretty revolting.” Jenny flashes that Million-watt smile that I love and Debbie just chuckles before telling us to get out of her office in a very cheerful manner.

Back in Jenny’s car we head home so I can get ready for work. As I get dressed in my uniform, Jenny sits on the bed and watches me put on my uniform as Alexa. She makes a few pointers like adding a black ribbon to my hair. “We do have to do something about this hair.” She says with a frustrated tone to her voice. I ask her again to see if she can line anything up for me to get into her stylist. She tells me that she will see. She was sure that she was busy for New Year’s so it probably wouldn’t be until next week. I finish donning the leggings and the black dress shirt, which I leave untucked. I reach for my black belt to wrap around my waist but Jenny tells me to hold on and sprints out of the room and returns with similar belt in red. “this will look much better.”

A little before 11:00 I walk into the coffee shop and my two current co-workers stop and stare at me. Neither of these two were working on Christmas Eve so they had only heard the rumors about my change in appearance, but now they were confronted with it head on. Rather than slink away like I would have in the past I stride past my co-workers with my head held high. Marta and Dannii were both working now and I knew my manager Cade was around somewhere. I went and punched in and grabbed my name tag pinned to the wall. I looked at the name on it ‘Alex’. The sight of the name made me mad for a change. In the past seeing the name just made me sad. But now I looked at it and all I could see was my father’s rejection. I had planned for this and pulled a Black Sharpie out of my purse and neatly added an ‘a’ to the end. Perfect. It now reflects the new me. I put my jacket and purse in one of the lockers, grab an apron and head out to the counter.

To say Dannii and Marta were surprised would be an understatement. I could see the disgust building in Marta and the confusion building in Dannii. Marta was the first to say anything to me. She walked behind me not long after I started and whispered into my ear “You’re a sick fuck. You disgust me.” I just smiled at her. I had decided on the way over I was not go to say anything. I was going to act if everything was normal. And I think that pushed Marta over the edge. Hostile would be the right word to use to describe her actions. She spilled coffee on me at least twice in the first ten minutes and never apologized. She knocked a pitcher of steamed milk over causing me to jump out of the way. She said nothing but the evil smirk on her fact told the whole story. Yet I just stood my ground saying nothing. If I could handle being rejected by my family, some obnoxious college student was nothing. Cade walked into the customer area right at that time from the back. He witnessed Marta throw a wet dish towel at my face and demand that I clean it up. Almost yelling at Marta, he got her attention. Before she could say anything, he told her to be quiet and clean up the mess. Cade looked at me and motioned me to follow him to the back. I simply stepped around Marta and the still bewildered Dannii and followed Cade to his office.

“Alex. What is going? He asked. “Jana told me you came in dressed different the other day and I know you have been going for a more androgynous look the last few months but this looks more girlish than anything you have worn up to now.”

“It is Cade because I am not Alex. My name is Alexa. I have decided to quit living my life as a man and live as a woman full time.” I said it. No hesitation in my voice at all. I was as confident as I had ever been in my entire life. The ball was now in their court. If they let me go, the coffee house would get a reputation as anti-LGBTQ, which was exactly opposite of what they always claimed publicly. They knew they would also face some sort of backlash if they allowed Marta to continue the way she was. Cade knew he needed counsel from the higher ups as how to handle this whole situation. He just gave a nod of resignation and reached into his desk and produced a new name tag. Pulling out the label maker he made a new one that said ‘Alexa’. I just smiled as I give him my old one and he handed me the new one. I think smiling is not the right word. I beamed. A new era was beginning in my life and I won the first battle for a change. I will give credit to Cade for knowing his limitations. This was not a call he should make so as I left he followed me out and called for Marta to come in to his office. As we passed she gave me another scowl but I just smiled and went back to my job.

I returned to my station and kept working on. It wasn’t long before Marta came out of the office. The look Marta shot me was one of pure hatred but she did not say anything as she stormed past me and into the back room. She came out a second later holding her jacket and left via the front door. Instantly I started to feel bad. Did Marta just get fired? My mind instantly started to feel a large amount of guilt. Soon Cade came out of the office and joined Danni and I behind the counter. “Marta is going to be gone the rest of the day. I’ll help until Jordan can come in.” Nothing else was said about Marta until it slowed down a little after lunch. By this point, Jordan had showed up and Cade had gone back into his office. Jordan had taken over at the register leaving Dannii and I at the coffee makers. As were trying to look busy, Dannii leans over and whispers “Did she do this to you?” I was completely taken aback but what she said. I ask her to clarify. “The blonde, Jenny I think. Did she get you to dress up?” I laugh and begin to explain how I had felt and that slowly I had started to change. I also told her that I had decided to live as a woman full time. She looked almost relieved when I told her this.

“Now I get it. I thought there was no way you would pick her over me. That was just a set up at the Holiday Party right.” Dannii states feeling smug and relieved.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Jenny is my girlfriend and I love her more than anything in the world. As matter of fact there she is now.” Danni turns around as I see Jenny come in through the door. The look on Danni’s face turned from joy to one of almost sheer terror. Jenny spots the tall red headed girl and instantly I can see a look of loathing on my girlfriend’s face. Dannii quickly excuses herself and moves to the back room. A look of victory comes over Jenny’ face as Dannii disappears into the storeroom. I take a quick look around and see the coast is clear and lean over and give her a quick kiss. “What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I was bored and forgot what time you got off. Plus, we don’t have any coffee so I thought I would come down.” Jenny says. I tell her that I will be done in about an hour. I turn around and begin loading up some bags with coffee beans to be grind. Jenny and I continue chatting away. However, Cade comes out of his office and tells me I can head out early. The look on his face is one that shows of deep thought. I really don’t care as I head into the back to punch out and grab my things. Feeling in such a good mood I tell Jenny we are going out tonight. All of us. Since we both have driven we race each other with me taking the race. We stumble into the apartment laughing away over our race and fall over the couch right on top of our sleeping roommate. “Come on were going out for dinner and who knows what else.” Jenny says. ‘And Alexa’s claims she’s buying.” That got Katie moving. I told Jenny to line up a ride and went to get ready. Katie was moving faster than me as she had to take a shower. Soon Jenny joined me in the bedroom as I changed into the skirt and sweater I had worn earlier in the day to my appointment and sat down to fix my makeup. The hardest part was trying to do it with Jenny hanging all over me. After telling her to back off I am finally back to looking like a typical college girl rather than a barista.

We head out to the living room where I grab a bottle of wine and three glasses and pour Jenny and I each a glass while we wait for Katie. I try and talk about everything other than what happened with Marta. I wanted to have fun tonight and I knew if I brought up the harassment I went through today we would never get out of here. I did have to ask her about Dannii and what the deal with the two of them is. I can see a little twinkle in Jenny’s eye as at first, she tries to deny that there were any issues between her and Dannii. “Liar, Liar, pants on fire” I repeat causing both of us to giggle. “I saw the look on Dannii’s face when you walked in. She was scared of you. So, what is going on?” I ask. As Jenny prepares to tell me what her issue is with my co-worker, Katie comes out dressed in a black skater skirt, magenta long sleeve top, black nylons and three-inch black plumps. Katie must be on the prowl again. She looks good. She asks why I am calling Jenny a Liar.

“She did something to this girl I work with. Dannii took one look at Jenny coming through the door and ran to the back. She was just about to tell me what was happening.” I say. Katie pours herself a glass and takes a seat as Jenny begins to tell her tale of my work Christmas party and her little run in with the red head. I sat in shock but Katie laughed at my girlfriend’s story of challenging Danni for my affections. Everything has started to make sense now. I remember how Jenny had gotten me to leave the party with the long sensuous kiss. How after that party Danni had pretty much avoided me. The once friendly girl went out of her way to avoid me. “You are a bully.” I tell my girlfriend.

“I’m not a bully. I just want her to know that you are mine and there is no way some floozy is stealing you from me.” Jenny states with a huge smile and a big kiss for me. I think Katie is feeling left out. I can see kind of a sadness in her eyes. We tell her to get over here and soon the three of us are sitting in the couch chatting away when we get the notification that our cab was running late. The three of us continue our general chatting about various subjects. Soon the wine begins to take hold of us and the giggling and teasing begins in earnest. Katie gets on my case for being a temptress and on Jenny for being so jealous. Jenny for her part took all in stride. She stood up and struck a Wonder Woman-like pose and states loudly. “I am a jealous bitch and I don’t care who knows” She falls back into me on the couch, giggling away, where the two of us begin kissing. I tell her I am glad she is a jealous bitch. Soon the kisses become a little deeper.

“No Jexy stuff. This is girl’s night out, not third wheel night.” Katie states laughingly as she reaches for and drains the wine bottle. Soon I realize I need more and begin to wonder where the cab is. I ask if I should open another bottle. “Why not?” Katie says “We’re on break!” And with that recommendation I grab another bottle from the fridge and pour myself another glass. We almost drain the second bottle before our cab finally shows up. The three of us leave the apartment giggling away. I feel sorry for this driver. I don’t think he was ready for three slightly inebriated college girls but we try and make it fun. I give him the address and less than ten minutes later we are in front of Rosato’s. Jenny was surprised that I had chosen this place, but not disappointed. Katie was excited. “I have been craving this place! I can’t believe you picked it!” The three of us walked in, myself a lot more comfortable than last time. It didn’t take long for the owner, Paul to spot us.

“Jenny Thompson! You are back and you brought your friends!” The man’s voice is incredible. It just resonates throughout the dining room. “Follow me. I have a great table reserved for you.” As soon as Paul said that Jenny turned and looked at me with an astonished look on her face. I knew I had got her. I had planned this and had called the restaurant this morning on my way to work to set this up. I owed these two so much, I felt the least I could do was take them to dinner, so I called and reserved a table using Jenny’s name. As we were being seated, Paul motioned over to his niece to come over. He also asked which one of us was Alexa and I told him I was. “Don’t worry about anything Alexa. Anything you need just ask. Marie will take care of you.” Paul headed off and Marie appeared with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and began pouring us each a glass and letting us know what the specials were before heading off.

I raised my glass and proposed a toast. “Here is to the two of you. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. Katie, thanks for everything last week when I was losing my mind. I could never have made it without you being there, you are the best big sister anyone could ever have. And Jenny. I don’t even know where to begin. The last few months, other than dealing with Dick-head, have been the greatest few months of my life. I love you even more than you know. So, here’s to you two. This night is on me!” We clink glasses and each take a sip. Jenny hadn’t even put down her glass before she began protesting about me picking up the tab. Telling me I can’t afford it. I just simply take her hand and smile at her. “Jennifer Ann Thompson. I love you more the anything in this world, so please understand I mean this with all the affection and love I can muster. Shut up. This one is on me.” Katie can’t stop laughing as I finish my little speech.

“Well said Alexa!” Katie says. “I have been wanting to do that for two years now.” Jenny gives a mock look of indignation over my comments before all is smoothed over as I give her a light kiss on the cheek. As I have said we have both gotten to the point that we don’t care what people think of us, which is a good thing because just as I am kissing Jenny, Marie returns to our table. Marie just accepted the fact that Jenny and I were kissing like it was something normal. We placed our orders and restarted our conversation from the apartment. I was the one who started to give Kattie a hard time about Wyatt and her missing him. Katie blushed as we talked about her being lonely for him and she admitted she was. It was great to see that Katie had found somebody and both Jenny and I let her know we were happy for her. It didn’t stop us from the continued teasing. Katie though was not one to back down and got on the two of us for how much Jenny and I basically hung on each other. Jenny just smiled at this and told Katie she could tease us all she wanted because Jexy was here to stay and that we were going to keep on hanging on each other. The mention of ‘Jexy’ by Jenny once again made me roll my eyes and groan. I still didn’t care much for it but it had gown on me a little.

Once again, the food was excellent, rather than trying to deal with all the leftovers we decided to spilt two meals amongst the three of us as well as only one tiramisu. I gave Marie my credit card as she presented the bill, still earning a somewhat evil glare from Jenny. As we left we thanked Paul for everything and headed out into the night to enjoy ourselves. While we did want to be a little adventurous, clubs didn’t not appeal to any of us, even our old standby bar, Brady’s did not sound exciting. We found a nice little wine bar just off Hennepin and sat ourselves down for some more fun. However, it wasn’t long before the time and the amount of wine consumed began to take the toll on the three of us and we headed back to the apartment.

The next morning I awoke to find myself alone in bed, which was rare because I am almost always up before Jenny. Just as I was getting ready to get out of bed, Jenny appeared with a tray that contained coffee, orange juice and bagels. She places the tray on her night stand and leaned over and gave me a kiss. “Good morning Lex” she says as she again takes the tray, placing it across my lap as she gets back into bed next to me and cuddles up to me. When I ask her what this was all for, she simply replies “Because I love you. You might have been the one doing the thanking last night but the next couple of days it will be me doing the thanking.” Jenny once again gives me a kiss and we enjoy our breakfast in bed. Sadly, though it must end sooner than I would have wanted. I do have to work today and I know that Jenny has an appointment with Dr. Burke so we get up and allow the other to take a shower. I give Jenny a kiss as I head out to work. As usual she’s grinning away, but today there seems to be something behind it. “What are you up to?” I ask. Playfully she says nothing. I head to work wondering what trick she has up her sleeve.

Work proved to be rather interesting, actually it was a disaster. It started out as normal as possible. Carrie and Hannah, who usually work the morning shift are the two working and I do not see Cade or Jana, but do notice that the office is closed. Just after the lunch rush ended at about 12:30, John Lee came walking in the front door. John was one of the owners of the coffee shop. I had met him a few times and he was always very nice, even though he was a lawyer by trade. He does not come to the counter but goes right to the office and knocks once before entering. Odd, must be some business meeting I think and go back about my work. A couple of minutes later, Cade opens the door and calls for me to come back to the office. Bewildered, I head over. Cade offers me a seat and closes the door. I feel very small at the moment as John looks over at me. His expression shows nothing. Finally, John begins to speak. “I understand that there have been somethings happening around here that I should be made aware of. First off let me say I have no problem with the fact that you seem to be transitioning. What does concern me is how you are being received by your co-workers. I apologize for the way you have been treated. That will not be condoned. Marta has been let go and Rob has been placed under an official warning and told that one more incident will result in his termination.” I nod at the explanation John has given, but somehow, I know there is more coming.

“It’s Alexa correct?” he asks. I nod my head “We would like you to sign this letter, releasing us from any further liability from both our employees and customers. To be quite honest, while we have no issue with you transitioning we do feel we should have been given a little heads up on it. It has put us in a very bad position that we do not feel is completely of our making and that we should not be held liable for how people treat you.” I am shocked at what has been just asked of me. I ask what will happen if I refuse to sign it, and John tells me that he and his partners would have to evaluate the situation a little more. I do not plan on signing it at all, but don’t want to shut the door completely. I ask if he minds if I take some time and consult my attorney. He readily agrees and informs me to take the rest of the day off, paid. I quickly leave the office and grab my coat and purse. I felt humiliated and insulted. I need to find some help on this issue. I hope that Jenny can help me find an attorney to fight this. I head back to our apartment and remember that Jenny is meeting with Debbie at 1:00. Hopefully Katie is around.

I charged into my apartment fuming mad. I can hear the shower running so I am left to brood a little more as I wait for my sister to get out. I practically rip off my work clothes as I hit my room. The thoughts of telling them to shove this whole thing up their arse becomes stronger in me, but I know if I reacted this way it would be counterproductive. I slip on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt and storm back out into the kitchen. I grab a bottle of mineral water from the fridge and plop down on the couch. Thoughts of suing John and his partners for everything they have dance around my head. Katie finally emerges from the shower, she is completely nude and freaks when she sees me. She starts yelling at me, telling me I am not supposed to be home yet. She ducks in her room as comes out shortly in a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. Once again she admonishes me, wondering I am doing home so early. I don’t say anything, I just hold up the waiver. A confused Katie walks over and grabs the piece of paper out my hands.

“What the hell is this?” She asks as she begins to look it over. “On my god! They want you to sign this? What did you tell them?”

“Nothing, told them I wanted my lawyer to look it over. I’m not signing that thing! I was so mad when I left I knew it was best if I didn’t say anything. So how do I handle this.” I say. Katie plops herself down on the couch next to me. At first, she seems confused by the whole thing, but as time goes along I can see her getting madder. Finally, she breaks her silence and tells me we have to sue these people. I tell her I agree but we need to find a better way to handle this. We begin to talk about my options. We decide we need some help and just a few moments later we are joined by girlfriend returning from her meeting with my counselor. When she sees the letter, she takes it much more calmly than either I or Katie did. She simply reaches into her purse and pulls out her phone and places a call. A moment later she is telling her grandmother what had happened. After minute I hear her tell her grandmother thank you and that she loves her. Jenny hits the end button and plops down on the couch on my other side. She pulls me in her arms and tells me that it is all set. Her Grandmother is going to set an appointment for the two of on Tuesday to meet with one of her lawyers. I try and tell her that I can’t afford that, but Jenny just assures me that her grandmother might have been even more mad than I was and that she was going to pick up the tab on this one. All I can do as smile as I can imagine Mary Thompson burning up the phone lines and laying down the law.

Jenny asks me what happened and I told her. She just nodded and told me not worry and convinced me to forget the whole thing for now. As soon as Katie leaves the room, Jenny begins to tell me about her conversation with Debbie. In all the excitement of my day, I had almost forgotten about Jenny’s meeting with my counselor. My anger soon turns into fear over what Debbie might say. Jenny told me that they had talked about her feelings after she had heard about the run in with my father.

“I told I was scared for you and that I still am. Lex, you may put on the tough exterior, but I know you. It eats at you mostly because you don’t have any contact with your mother. But I’m here for you. And that’s what I told her.” She looked up to make sure that Katie wasn’t around and said in a hushed tone that they had also talked about HRT. I knew the issue had been broached at the meeting the day before, so I asked Jenny what she had said to Debbie about it. Without even blinking, Jenny responded the same way she did yesterday. “I told her that if that’s what you want I am behind you 100%. I told her the same thing I told her yesterday and the same thing I told you the day before. Alexa, I love you. If that’s what you want I will be there for you.” I hug my girlfriend and kiss her again. She pushes me off and tells me to cool off. Katie will be gone soon and we will have the apartment to ourselves.

Katie comes out her room ready for work. As she is getting ready to leave Jenny speaks up. “Katie, do you got any plans in the morning? I have to run out to my parents and I need your and Lex’s help. Does that work?”

“No problem. What time?” Katie responds.

“We need to leave at 7:30. I need to meet somebody at the house at 8:00 That OK?” Jenny tells her.

“No problem. Just yell for me about 7:00 Ok? I’ll see you two latter. Don’t get too Jexy tonight you two.” Katie teases us as she walks out the door. Ignoring our roommate Jenny and I are soon kissing on the couch. We try and not to get to worked u because we realize we do have a long night ahead of ourselves. I make the two of us a light dinner and we return to the couch and lay low watching a movie. What movie I really don’t remember because I didn’t see much of it. When Katie gets home, rather than finding us drooling all over each other she finds asleep on the couch wrapped in a blanket. She wakes us and tells us to get to bed as we must leave early. I help Jenny up and we head off to bed. I don’t think Jenny ever woke up but I know I did because after she cuddled up next to me, I just laid there. The events of the last week kept playing through my mind. Last Friday I was at the lowest point I had ever been. Disowned by my family, girlfriend out of state and my sister leaving to be with her own family. One week later I had my sister back, I had my girlfriend back and I had a whole new outlook on life. I was at the highest point I had ever been. Why? Because of the beautiful blonde next to me. She had shown me her love and her support. People and things might try and take me down, but the love of Jenny was there for me. I kissed her forehead one last time for the day. I might just be the luckiest girl in the world. I can feel the smile on my face as that thought lingers as I fall asleep.

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