Room 1408

Room 1408
(Based off the novel and film 1408)

Mike exited his apartment and walked over to the mailbox. He hadn't
checked it all week and assumed it would be full of junk-mail. Sure
enough, he found it filled with letters. He quickly went through it
sorting out his roommate's mail in the process. John was just as
forgetful. People of his generation never used the mail. That was what
email was for.

Finally, Mike came across an odd post-card. It was a picture of an old
hotel in the middle of New York City. Flipping it over, Mike read the
one sentence description: Don't enter room 1408. Mike smirked at the
post-card. He would have to show John it later. The two of them had
subscribed to a haunted house organization for kicks.

Mike threw the rest of the mail away and placed the post-card on the
kitchen table. Mike and John were both college students. An English
major, Mike desired to one day be a famous writer. John was a jock
playing a number of sports at the college. The two only had one thing
in common and that was their shared interest in haunted houses and
ghosts. The two didn't take it seriously desiring to disprove every
place they had been to.

John came downstairs groggily as he went for the breakfast cereal. "I
got this post-card in the mail. It's another haunting except this time
it's a famous hotel in New York City," Mike said.

"Really? What's haunted about it?" John asked curiously.

"I don't know, but it says not to enter room 1408," Mike said.

John looked over the post-card and studied the numbers. "The numbers
add up to 13," he realized.

"Pretty clever," Mike smiled.

"Not very original," John scoffed.

"New York City isn't a long drive from here," Mike considered. The two
lived in Boston. "I was thinking of checking it out next weekend. You
up for it?"

"Sorry man, I got a wrestling tournament," John said. "You do know that
traffic in New York is insane."

"Yeah, I'll take my bike," Mike said thoughtfully.


Next Friday night, Mike rode his motorcycle into New York City. By the
time he arrived, it was already dark. Mike always came prepared for
these kinds of haunted places. In his backpack were his laptop, tape
recorder, and camera. He strolled into the The Dolphin lobby and saw
how expensive it looked. He realized this would take up most of his
haunted house budget. Mike was dressed in a green coat, a Hawaiian t-
shirt, and black pants. He looked out of place as richly dressed New
Yorkers entered and exited the building.

"Welcome to the Dolphin Hotel," the red-headed clerk said politely. "Are
you checking in?"

"Yes," Mike replied.

"Do you have a reservation?" she asked.

"No, I was hoping room 1408 was open," Mike said casually. He then
kicked himself mentally for not calling ahead. If it was occupied, it
would be a wasted trip.

"It is open," the clerk said as she looked on her computer.

Mike sighed with relief. The clerk frowned as the computer warned her
to talk to management. "Will you excuse me for just a moment, Sir," she

Mike nodded as she went to get a manager. That manager then walked
across the hotel lobby and disappeared from view. Mike waited patiently
until a tall black man approached him. "Hello, my name is Gerald, the
general manager of The Dolphin hotel. Is there anything I can help you
with, Sir? I can arrange dinner reservations, tickets to the Knicks
game, anything you would like," Gerald said.

"I just want room 1408," Mike said politely.

"We were thinking of upgrading you to a pent house suit," Gerald

"Just 1408 please," Mike insisted.

"Could you please step into my office?" Gerald asked.

"Sure," Mike relented.

As they walked towards the manager's office, Mike wondered what was
going on. Why was the manager resisting him? Was it to hold him in
suspense? Mike entered the office and was amazed by its luxuriousness.
There were paintings, sculptures, a small library, a large desk, and a
collection of liquor bottles.

"Do you drink?" Gerald asked getting out a bottle.

"On occasion," Mike smiled.

"Remy 1839, runs about $800 a bottle, when you can find it," Gerald said
as he opened the bottle.

"I appreciate the bribe, but I intend on staying in that room," Mike
said. The more push back he received about this room the more he wanted

"How long?" Gerald asked.

"A night," Mike answered thinking the question odd.

"Oh, I see. No one has ever lasted an hour," Gerald said seriously.

"I have been all over the country in haunted houses, graveyards, and
spooky places. I think I can last more than hour in a hotel room," Mike
said unimpressed.

"No man has ever exited room 1408," Gerald said darkly.

"You saying they died?" Mike asked.

"No, they simply disappeared never to be seen again," Gerald replied.

Mike nodded as if accepting Gerald's advice. "I didn't get that drink,"
he reminded him.

Gerald poured Mike a glass not bothering to ask Mike's legal age. Mike
drank down the glass as if it were a shot. It was the best drink Mike
had ever tasted.

"No," Mike said simply.

"Damn it to hell!" Gerald cursed.

Mike smirked victoriously. "I am trying to help you. You go into that
room, you're putting your life into your hands. You waste your college
fund on these trips to haunted place. You have no direction in your
life. You just play these games," Gerald warned.

"Where do you get off?" Mike replied angrily.

"Oh please. Don't act like a sore school girl," Gerald insulted.

"Give me my key," Mike insisted.

Gerald sighed. "Come with me," he said.

Mike walked with Gerald over to the lobby desk. He took out an actual
key. Mike followed Gerald to the 14th floor. "I don't go farther than
here," Gerald said as the elevator doors opened.

"Is the room ever cleaned?" Mike asked.

"Yes, but the door is always open and never for more than an hour,"
Gerald said gravely.

Mike rolled his eyes and walked down the hall towards 1408. He placed
the key in the slot and then went inside. It was an ordinary hotel room
with a bedroom, living room, and bathroom. There was nothing out of the
ordinary about the room. He closed the door behind him and rested on
the bed. He realized with amazement that he didn't even pay for the
room. Shrugging, he looked around examining every part of the room.

Done, Mike considered why the manager was being such a pain. If John
had been with him, there might have been an actual fight. The only
thing he did find odd was that the paintings in each of the rooms was
that of romantic couples from the Victorian age. Probably a newlywed
room, Mike figured.

Mike recorded all of his observations on his tape recorder as he went
through it. He investigated the liquor cabinet. Smiling, he figured these
would be free as well. Turning on his laptop, he realized there was also
free Wi-Fi in the room. He then turned on the TV and saw different
categories of shows including adult entertainment. Tonight, he would
get himself wasted and then tomorrow he would explore the city.

Looking out the window, Mike could see a number of New York skyscrapers
in the distance. Suddenly, the radio turned on. Mike jumped hitting
his head before going back inside. The music was a woman's voice
singing "It has just begun..." Mike turned off the radio and then saw two
chocolates on the bed. He hadn't recalled them being there before. He
checked the room to see if room service had somehow entered without him
knowing. Seeing no one, Mike checked the closet to see if someone was
hiding there. Instead, he found an assortment of dresses, women's
shoes, and other clothes.

"Weird," Mike said as he closed the closet. He thought he had checked
everything but apparently not this closet. Someone must have left their
entire wardrobe in the hotel years ago.

Mike went over to the bed and had a drink. Nearly finished with the
drink, the radio came back on startling him. "It must be on some kind
of alarm," Mike figured. He turned it off but then the numbers began to
flash. Mike stared as the numbers changed to 60:00 and started counting
down. Mike recalled that no one had lasted over an hour.

"Very clever," Mike saluted Gerald.

Mike decided to forget the alarm and take a shower. He placed his
clothes in the bedroom and then entered the shower/tub. The warm water
was refreshing as it washed over him. It felt so good; he felt he could
spend the entire hour in the shower. After five minutes, the water
became super-cold. "Shit!" Mike said getting out of the shower. He
manipulated the hot and cold knobs without success.

"Old building," he said disdainfully.

Taking a towel, he dried himself and then went back into the living
room. Only his clothes were gone. Mike looked around but his clothes
were nowhere to be found. Irritated, Mike got on the phone.

"Room service," the female voice on the other end said.

"Someone has taken my clothes. I want them back," Mike demanded.

"Who has taken your clothes?" she asked.

"Who do you think? It must have been room service. They came in while
I was in the shower and took my clothes," Mike accused.

"Are there clothes in the closet you can use?" the voice asked.

"Yes, but they're women's clothes. I am a man," Mike objected.

"I don't understand the problem," the voice said.

"What? Are you crazy?" Mike said and then hung up angrily.

Mike then approached the closet looking for anything gender neutral.
There was a t-shirt, white socks, and women's jeans. He also found
women's tennis shoes. "This will have to do," he muttered.

Taking the clothes, he placed them on the bed. He still had an
underwear problem. He figured he would just go commando rather than put
female underwear on. When he was done putting them on, he was amazed
they fit. He looked at himself in the mirror.

"I look ridiculous," he said displeased.

Mike decided to leave and go shopping for real clothes. Turning the
knob, he found it locked. Mike struggled with the knob for a few
moments until giving up. Taking his key, he tried to unlock it from the
inside. His key suddenly snapped off. Mike then continued to twist on
the knob until it came clear off.

Mike banged and kicked on the door without success. Dismayed at his
weakness, Mike went up to the window. There was a woman in the building
across from him. Opening the window, he began to shout at her to get

"You! Help!" Mike yelled at the woman across from him.

The woman noticed Mike and peered at him through the window. "Call the
police!" he yelled at her.

He then realized the woman was simply imitating his gestures. With every
gesture with his hands, she also did the same. Mike became angry at the
mocking woman for not taking him seriously. Mike took the lamp near the
window. The woman did the same.

"Oh really?" Mike smirked. He threw the lamp out the window and the
woman did the same. The two lamps disappeared before hitting the

Freaked out, Mike turned away from the window. He stared at the booze on
the table. "It must be the alcohol. I have been drugged. This is like
an acid trip," he realized.

The television then turned on by itself showing home-videos of when he
was a kid. There was a stark difference though. Instead of a little
boy there was a little girl. Mike watched stunned as his parents
celebrated the little girl's birthday. "That's me," Mike said confused.

Mike turned off the TV and opened his laptop. He found John online and
initiated Skype video. "Hey John. I need to be picked up. The hotel
put acid in my drink," Mike said.

"Wait, who are you? Why do you have Mike's screen name?" John asked

Mike looked around to see if anyone was behind him. "It's Mike. I need
your help," he said.

"I don't know who you are, lady. How did you get Mike's password?" he
asked suspiciously.

Mike simply stared at John. "Mike let me borrow it, because I don't
have one of my own. I am with him in the hotel," Mike said playing

"Nice," John approved.

"He needs a ride. He can't drive right now, and I don't ride
motorcycles," Mike said.

"Why not stay the night and pass out?" John suggested.

"The room isn't safe. They've locked us in. You need to get the
police," Mike said.

"Has Mike already chickened out? This would be a first," John smirked.

A Skype video then appeared showing Mike's face. "You should come over
to room 1408. It's really spooky," Mike said in the video.

"I already told you I have a wrestling tournament," John objected.

"I understand. Have a good night," Mike on the video said.

"That's not me," Mike shouted at the computer.

The water system suddenly went off in the room disabling the laptop.
"Damn it," Mike swore as his laptop was ruined.

His clothes were now soaked from the water system. Irritable, he ran
his fingers through his black hair. Only instead of his short spiky
hair it was longer and wavy. The water stopped leaving a drenched room.
Mike stared at himself in the mirror. His hair was longer as if he
hadn't cut it in a month. His face also looked a little different. He
realized that his nipples were protruding from his wet t-shirt. Taking
his wet t-shirt off, he could tell that his nipples were larger than

Mike looked at the alarm and saw that thirty-five minutes was still
left. "I just need to last the hour," he said to himself.

Mike went back to the closet to see if there were any dry clothes he
could use. Unlike before, the only remaining clothes left were dresses
and skirts. Turning away from the closet, Mike approached the hair
dryer. Taking off his clothes, he manually dried each article of
clothing. As he did, he saw his face in the mirror. It was becoming
softer and more feminine. His facial hair that he had neglected to
shave was now gone.

"No man has ever exited room 1408."

Mike stared at the mirror in horror. The room was haunted, and it was
changing him into a woman. "No way," Mike said to himself, his voice

Mike felt for his penis stroking it a few times. He closed his eyes as
he thought of sexy thoughts. He was going to defeat this. He thought
of himself embracing and kissing a naked woman in the hotel room. He
stroked himself as he did thinking of all the ways he would pleasure
their breasts. His penis became longer and strong as he continued to
stroke it.

"That's it," he said to himself.

He fantasized penetrating a beautiful black haired woman. Her hair was
to her shoulders, her breasts were B-cup, and her legs were wrapped
around his waist. Mike went harder on himself until finally he came to
his release in the tub. Mike felt exhausted but satisfied. He then
realized something was wrong as his penis became flaccid. His balls
appeared to deflate and his penis became one inch long as if he had been
in freezing water.

"I have to get out of this room," he said, his voice continuing to

He grabbed the half-dried clothes and put them on quickly. He got to
the window and looked outside. Seeing the next window over, he saw that
he had to walk about twenty steps to get to the next window. If he
fell, he would surely die but if he stayed he would lose his manhood.
Mike decided to risk it and went outside on the ledge. He made a few
steps carefully balancing himself. His body shook in fear as he moved

"Don't be a girl," he said to himself.

His chest swelled slightly distracting him as he moved. The wind tore
at him threatening to send him off. "Just a few more steps," he told

He then realized the window to the next room disappeared. Looking
either way, the only hotel room that had any windows at all was his own.
Freaked out, he nearly fell off the ledge. Defeated, he moved back to
his own window and got back inside.

As he crossed over, he turned back to see that the windows had been
blocked off with solid brick. It would now be impossible to even
attempt to get down through the window. The room then became cold as
the thermostat went to 0 degrees. The existing water in the room froze
like frost or snow. He could see his breath and his body shivered. He
looked to the hair dryer but it no longer worked. The shower also
refused to run warm water.

"I am going to freeze to death," Mike realized.

He then heard an electronic noise from the fax machine. He took the
printed piece of paper and stared at the message. "Put clothes on from
the closet and you will be warm," it said.

"No!" Mike refused crumbling the piece of paper and throwing it aside.

As the minutes went by the room became even colder reaching -30 degrees.
Mike could no longer feel his fingers and could barely breathe. "You
win," he said dragging himself over to the closet.

He slowly grasped for a black dress and then put it over his body.
Immediately, the closet became warm and the frost disappeared. "Happy?"
he said weakly.

Entering the living room, as long as he had the dress on, the room
remained normal temperature. Mike then began to see hallucinations of
people from various times. They all appeared as black-and-white
holograms like that of an old movie. They moved across the room and
each one had their own story. Mike watched in fascinated horror as each
one of them started out as a man, then eventually putting on female
clothes of various fashions, and then becoming women. Mike then
followed the ghostly holograms to the bedroom where he then saw the now-
women make love to other men.

Mike couldn't turn his eyes away as these women took off their old
fashion dresses from the 1920s while the men took off their suits. They
made love the same way couples made love today. Mike saw a World War 2
soldier in uniform change before his eyes into an Army nurse and make
love to another soldier. He then saw a man with long hair and beard
from the 60s change into a beautiful woman with long hair down to her

Mike noted that with each visual he saw, the guest went through a
process of denial and final acceptance of their fate. "No," Mike shook
his head. "I won't be like the others," he said to himself.

He then turned and saw his mother sitting on the couch in the living
room. "Mom?" Mike wondered.

"Honey, you look beautiful," she said standing up and looking him over.

"Mom, I'm your son," Mike said to her.

"You no longer need to pretend anymore, Michelle. I have accepted it.
I just want you to be happy," his mother smiled.

"Michelle?" Michael wondered.

"It's the name I would have given you had you been born a girl," his
mother said. "Do you like it?"

"Sure, I guess," Mike muttered. "I'm not going to be girl. I'm still
your son," he told her.

"I should have known from the very beginning. You always liked to dress
up and play with dolls. Can you forgive me for denying it for so long?
All the pain you must have gone through. I'm a terrible mother," she
said mournfully.

"No, you did nothing wrong, mom. It's this room. It's making everyone
crazy," Michael said. "You have to help me get out of this room."

"You're no longer in the closet, honey. You're free now," she said.

"You're not listening to me, mom. You have to help me get out!" Mike
yelled at her.

There was a sudden knock on the door and both turned towards it. "It's
me, John. Open up," John said from behind the door.

Mike simply stared in disbelief. "He's such a good boy. I'm so happy
for you," his mother gushed.

"It's not like that," Mike insisted turning to the door. He looked back
towards his mother, but she was gone.

Freaked out, Mike reached for the door knob. "Come on, you in there. I
drove all the way out here to see you," John said frustrated as he

"I can't open the door. Get help," Mike said and then covered his mouth
in shock. His voice was a high pitched woman's voice.

"What do you mean? Just open the door," John said annoyed.

Mike decided to test the door knob and opened the door. As soon as the
door was open, Mike dashed to get out. He ran into John bouncing off
him. "What's your hurry?" he asked.

"Don't close the door!" Mike yelled at him in his squeaky voice.

John closed the door just as he said it locking them in. Mike's heart
sank as he realized he had just lost his opportunity to escape. "You
don't seem happy to see me. Our wrestling meet got cancelled, so I
decided to come out and see you. This room doesn't seem so bad," he

"We have to get out of here," Mike told him.

"You look freaked out. Relax, babe, I'm here," John said and then
kissed him.

Mike felt confusion, disgust, and arousal all at once. John smiled at
him and then took off his jacket on the bed getting more comfortable.
Mike glanced at the mirror and saw a woman in a black dress looking back
at him. He looked down at himself and saw that he was still male,

John lay down on the bed kicking his shoes off. "Maybe tomorrow, we can
tour the city. Would you like that?" John asked.

"Sure," Mike replied.

The phone then rang. "I'll get it," John offered getting off the bed.

"No, I got it," Mike insisted grabbing the phone.

John shrugged as Mike listened to the receiver. "If you want to leave,
you know what to do," the woman's voice on the other end said.

"Why are you doing this?" Mike whispered back.

"All guests at room 1408 have free will. You can either relive this
hour over and over, or you can take advantage of our express check out
system," the woman's voice said.

Mike looked over at the relaxing John and put the receiver done. "Who
was it?" John asked curiously.

"Just room service wanting to know if we needed anything," Mike lied.

"That's nice of them, but I prefer it if we had some privacy," John

"Yeah, right," Mike agreed.

Mike's mind was turning. If he had sex with John and became a woman, he
could leave the room. Or else the two of them could be trapped in the
room forever. Foreign thoughts started entering Mike's mind. Was John
good in bed? Could he last long enough? Was he husband material? What
would having a family be like with him? Mike shook his head trying to
clear the weird thoughts from his head.

"I'm going to take a shower," Mike said excusing himself.

"Mind if I join in?" John asked hopefully.

"No, I'll be out quickly," Mike said awkwardly.

John shrugged and turned on the TV. Mike exited the room and went into
the bathroom. A woman's face was in the mirror. Mike felt his usual
features on his face despite his female appearance in the mirror. His
hands appeared feminine as they moved across his face. Mike took the
dress off and hung it on a hook on the door. Taking his underwear off,
he could see the changes to his body.

"I just need to think," he said to himself as he turned the water on.

Mike felt the jets of warm water on his budding chest. He felt the A-
cup breasts wondering if he could simply remove them surgically or bind
them so no one would notice. "All I have to do is have sex with him and
then I am free to go," he thought to himself.

What if I become pregnant? Can I become pregnant? What if I...I mean if
he uses a condom? Mike shook with nervousness as he anxiously thought of
what would happen if he had sex with John. He felt arousal go through
his breasts as he thought about it. Slowly his breasts and nipples
expanded becoming B-cup size. Mike could now cup his breasts easily.
There would be no way to hide them now. Mike placed his hands on his
hips and felt them expand outward while his waist shrunk in.

"I guess I better get in one good stroke before it's gone," he said to
himself. He reached down to his shrinking penis and felt an intense
pleasure as he touched it. "Oh fuck!" he said stunned.

Mike felt underneath as his balls flattened into his abdomen. Inside,
he felt a weird sensation as organs started growing and rearranging
themselves. His penis continued to shrink until it was no longer
visible. Mike felt around and realized his penis had become a clitoris.
He rubbed it a few times and felt the most intense feeling. "This is so
much better," she said to herself.

Michelle exited the shower and dried herself with the hotel's towel.
Wrapping it around her torso, she nervously exited the bathroom. John
was distracted with the TV and didn't notice Michelle enter the bedroom.

He suddenly noticed her and immediately turned off the TV. "You look
hot," he smiled.

Michelle blushed as she walked closer to him. She felt butterflies in
her stomach as she came closer to the bed. Was she really going to go
through with it? Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the task at
hand. She opened her eyes and let the towel fall to the floor. John
looked at her in stunned silence with elevator eyes. Michelle smiled
awkwardly as she revealed her naked body to him.

"Wow, you look..." he began and then suddenly disappeared.

Mike heard the alarm clock go off and saw the numbers rotate until it
was back to 60:00. He looked down at himself and saw his naked male
body with the towel around his feet. "I took too long," he realized.

Mike mentally kicked himself for even thinking about having sex with
John. Sudden disgust filled his mind at the idea of it. He quickly put
his male clothes back on and reached for the door knob. It was locked
preventing him from leaving. He struggled with the door knob for a few
moments before giving up. He checked the closet and found women's
clothing as before. Mike turned away from the closet and went into the
bathroom to wash his face.

"This is just a really bad dream," he said to himself. He turned the
facet on and washed his face a few times. He turned the facet off but
the water kept going. "What?" he wondered.

Water started pouring out filling up the sink and then overflowing into
the bathroom. "What a mess," Mike complained. Water then shot out from
the shower as well. In quick order, the bathroom was flooded. Mike
backed away as the floor of the entire room was flooded. The flow of
water accelerated until it reached a foot high. Mike made his way
through the water and noticed that none of the water was flowing through
the crack in the door. He reached for the window, but it refused to

"I am going to drown," he realized.

The water kept coming forcing Mike to swim to the surface. Desperate,
he kicked at the window to release the water, but it was no use. Mike
went back to the surface near the ceiling and considered what to do.
"The closet maybe?" he figured. It saved him from the cold so maybe it
would work this time. Mike swam over to the closet and with difficulty
got the door open. Water immediately flowed into the closet making all
of the clothes soaking wet.

Mike reached for the black dress and made his way back to the surface.
He now had only a few inches of air space left. The water continued to
flow even as he held the dress. "Oh, come on!" he said angrily.

As he ran out of air space, Mike struggled to get the dress on.
Finally the room was completely submerged. Mike eventually got the
dress on while being tossed around by the waves. Once he zipped it up
completely, he dropped to the floor perfectly dry.

Looking around, he saw that the hotel room was completely dry with no
sign of any water damage. Cautiously Mike approached the bathroom but
didn't dare touch the sink. He then heard a knock on the door.

"Fuck me, right?" Mike said wearily.

Looking at the clock, he saw that he only had thirty minutes left. Mike
approached the door and was able to open it. John walked through as
before, and Mike immediately tried to get out. He found to his chagrin
that his bare feet were stuck to the floor. John didn't seem to notice
and closed the door behind him. "Damn it!" he screamed inside his head.

"Nice place, but it doesn't seem spooky at all," John remarked. "My
wrestling meet got cancelled, so I decided to come over."

"Thanks for coming," Mike said lamely.

"No problem. Tomorrow, we can tour around the city. Anything you want
to do, babe," John smiled.

Mike smiled awkwardly at being called "babe." He looked at the clock and
noticed he was running out of time.

John took his jacket off and kicked off his shoes before he lay on the
bed. "Want to watch a movie or TV?" John asked.

Mike's mind was in turmoil as he tried to think of what he was going to
do. Resolved, he walked closer to John. "No, I want you, now," he

John raised his eyebrows surprised. Mike got on top of John and worked
to take off his shirt. He tried not to think about what he was doing.
As he unbuttoned John's pants, he couldn't help but think that this was
the gayest thing he had ever done. Mike pulled John's pants off and
threw his shirt aside. Mike could tell that John was good and hard
through his boxer shorts. Hesitating, Mike finally reached to take
those off as well. Meanwhile, John unzipped his dress and started
taking it off his body.

In short order, the two were naked on the bed. Mike felt completely
awkward still appearing to himself as a man. "Should I get a condom on?"
John asked reaching for his pants.

"Yeah, sure," Mike agreed.

Mike waited patiently as John placed the condom over his cock. All the
while, Mike wondered what it would feel to have that thing inside him.
Mike then had a wild idea. What if he fucked John? Then maybe he would
remain a man, and John would become the woman. It was worth a try but
could Mike go through with it knowing the consequences for John. It was
either him or John.

Mike took the initiative aiming his cock towards John's entrance and
pushed in. "Wow, you're feisty tonight," John commented.

Mike smiled as he thrust all the way in. He had never done this before
with a man, but it seemed similar enough to when he fucked girls in the
past. After a few thrusts, Mike suddenly became disoriented. Looking
down, he saw B-cup breasts wiggling with his motion. Down below, he no
longer had his penis, and he was not inside John at all. Instead John
was inside him! He was still on top, but John's cock was deep inside
him. Mike was a woman again in the cowgirl position on top of John.

"Oh my God! What the fuck?" Michelle screamed in her head. John
continued to thrust his hips upward and then grunted as he came inside
the condom.

"Wow, that was good," he smiled.

Michelle was absolutely horrified and got off him. She looked at the
clock and saw that she only had a few minutes remaining. Had she done
it this time? Was she free to go? John fell on his pillow contently as
the minutes ticked by. Michelle simply stared at the clock as it
counted down. Finally the clock got down to the end.

Mike was suddenly placed in the living room wearing his male clothes as
before. John was gone and the clock was back to 60:00. The phone rang
again. Mike picked up the phone. "What do you want? I did what you
asked," Mike demanded.

"I'm sorry, but you did not fulfill the checkout requirement," the
woman's voice said.

"I fucked my best friend. What else do you want?" Mike asked outraged.

"In order to check out, two lives must enter and three lives must exit,"
the woman's voice said calmly.

Mike let that sink in. "What...the...fuck?" he said.

"Two lives enter and three lives exit," the woman's voice repeated.

Mike put down the receiver and stared off into space as he realized what
the room demanded of him. Not only did the room want him to become a
woman, it wanted him to become pregnant as well. He would have to
conceive in this very room in one hour.

"Impossible," he said to himself but then realized what kind of room he
was in.

Mike stared at the mirror in the living room and saw a pregnant version
of himself in it. "It's not fair," he muttered.

The phone suddenly caught fire in an apparent electrical fire. "Oh
shit!" Mike realized as the fire quickly spread. If he didn't get out of
the room, he was going to burn to death.

Mike quickly checked the door and found it locked as before. He then
noticed the closet and found the black dress as before. "I get it," he
said angrily.

As the fire spread through the room, the smoke began to suffocate him.
Mike put on the dress using his hands to feel as he could no longer see
anything in the dense smoke. Successfully putting on the dress, the
smoke and fire disappeared.

Mike took several long breaths to clear his lungs of the smoke. As
before, there was a knock on the door. Mike opened the door and
immediately ran out into the hallway past John. As soon as he reached
the hallway, he realized he had just run right back into the room. John
closed the door and touched the back of his shoulders.

"You're so tense, babe. The wrestling meet was cancelled, so I figured
I would come over," he said as he massaged Mike's back.

Mike was mentally and physically exhausted by his ordeal. He just wanted
to surrender to it all. "John, just take me," Mike said defeated.

"All the way?" John asked.

"All the way," Mike repeated.

John continued to massage his back and kiss his neck. Mike didn't care
if what he was doing was gay anymore. He just wanted out of the room.
Besides, what John was doing felt so good. John reached around and
began massaging his breasts through the dress. Mike arched his back as
he saw John cup, squeeze, and massage his growing breasts. As soon as
they reached full size, John began squeezing his nipples expertly.

Mike felt his dress fall off but felt no shame in his nakedness. John
continued downward touching his smooth hairless stomach and his female
hips. As John moved down his body, Mike could see the changes taking
place. John lightly touched his female ass and then reached around to
his crotch. John's larger hands went straight for Mike's shrinking
penis and completely covered his crotch. Mike moaned as John moved his
fingers. Once John withdrew his hands, Mike's cock and balls were gone.
Looking at himself, Mike was now completely female.

John took off his jacket and shirt throwing them aside. He then
unbuttoned his pants taking them off. Michelle turned around and saw
John's naked male body before her. Immediately, she felt turned on by
his muscular tall frame. John had been taller than her when she was a
man but now he looked like a giant. Michelle couldn't help but wonder
what her future son would look like.

John took off his boxers revealing a flaccid penis. "I must be a little
tired from the trip. I'll get it up," John promised her.

Michelle looked at the clock and saw that she was running out of time.
"Let me help," she said.

John let Michelle get closer to him and got on her knees. She got close
to John's cock and started stroking him. "I can't believe I am doing
this," Michelle said to herself. She finally placed her lips on his
cock and licked it a few times. Realizing it wasn't as weird as she
thought it would be, Michelle put her mouth on John's cock and started
sucking on it. John tensed up as he felt a pleasurable sensation
radiate from the head of his cock. Michelle decided to take the plunge
as a sexually active woman. She was going to suck cock and get fucked
just like any other woman. She felt liberated as if the flood gates of
possibilities had become open to her. She could appreciate John and
share her body with him like never before. They could still do the same
things as before. They could tour every haunted house and hotel in the
country but instead of awkwardly sharing a bed, they could now get laid
instead. The stress of finding a good girl to hang out with was over.
She now had her man, forever.

John became instantly hard as she continued to suck on him. Knowing he
would cum, if she didn't stop she withdrew from him. "Show me what you
can do," Michelle said standing up.

"Alright," John smiled following her to the bed.

"Oh, I forgot my condom," John said.

"Forget it. I want to feel the real you," Michelle insisted.

"You sure?" John asked.

Michelle nodded. "Alright," John smiled as he got in the bed with her.

Michelle waited as John got into the right position on top of her.
Michelle felt weird being in such a submissive role. Even when girls
were on top of her before, she always knew she could retake control.
John placed his cock between her legs and slowly pushed in. Michelle
gasped as she felt his cock inside her. The feeling was indescribable
as he made his way all the way to her cervix. John and Michelle kissed
as John got used to being inside her.

Michelle felt relief wash over her as John went to work. She didn't
have to worry about a premature ejaculation or whether or not she could
successfully pleasure a girl. She could just lay back and relax as John
fucked her. Michelle felt a rush of new memories enter her mind. She
and John had been high school sweethearts, they awkwardly made love for
the first time when her parents were on vacation, and they began living
together as a couple at the apartment, and had many love sessions in
haunted places. Every memory of each haunted place they went to was now
enhanced by their love and chemistry towards each other. They were no
longer just friends. They were lovers.

Michelle could tell that John was not going full speed trying to keep
going as long as he could. She looked over at the clock and realized
they only had a few minutes left. "Cum for me, baby," she whispered in
his ear.

"But you haven't, yet," he pointed out.

"We have all night," she said.

John smiled at that and picked up the pace. Michelle felt an instant
rush as John went full speed. Right now, they were just doing
missionary. She had plenty of time to try other positions later. She
just needed him to cum within the next five minutes. If he failed to do
so, she would go back to being a man and have to start all over again.
She decided to do her part by crossing her legs behind him and clutching
his muscular back. She kissed him as he went faster and faster.

Finally, John grunted and stayed still. Michelle could feel movement
inside her like a steady stream. John was cumming inside her! John did
a few more thrusts as he softened inside her. Michelle sighed knowing
it was over. It would take John some time before he could recover. She
looked over to the clock and saw that they had only one more minute to

After a few tense moments, the clock went to zero, and she heard a click
on the door. John didn't know the ramification of what had just
happened. She was pregnant now. John's sperm managed to get to her egg
just in time. They were going to have a baby. Michelle then noticed
that they were both wearing wedding rings. She had become a wife and
mother in one night. Memories of their wedding suddenly appeared in her
mind. John had proposed to her in a haunted house no less. She felt
instant love for John, her soul mate.

"John, we should get dressed and go downstairs, right?" she said

"We could stay in all night. Would you like that?" John asked

Michelle liked the idea of exploring her new sexuality with John, but
she desperately wanted to get out of that room as soon as possible.
"John, I don't like this room," she said.

"It is a little stuffy," John agreed. "Still, we should take a shower
first," John said.

"Sure," Michelle agreed.

John helped Michelle off the bed so that they were standing close
together. Michelle's breasts lightly touched John's muscular and hairy
chest. She had lost a few inches of height and now had to look up to
meet his gaze.

"So, you want to go first?" Michelle asked him awkwardly.

"You're funny. Let's go," John told her.

Michelle's eyes widen as she realized he meant for both of them to
shower together. John entered the shower first getting the right
temperature. Michelle cautiously followed. The shower hadn't exactly
been friendly to her before. John took the soap and got his hands all
soapy. He then massaged her breasts and circled her nipples. Michelle
moaned in pleasure as he expertly cupped and squeezed her just the way
she liked.

John then went lower rubbing his thumb against her clit. Michelle
nearly fell from the shock of it. "Oh God, that felt good," she gasped.

"I didn't think it fair I got to cum, and you didn't," John remarked.

"It's okay, really," Michelle said.

"I'll get you there in no time," John promised.

Michelle placed her back against the wall as John continued to rub her
clit with his thumb. Her heart started to race, and her breathing
picked up. She felt her nipples get excited by what was happening. Her
whole body was reacting to what he was doing. John then took his index
and middle finger and slowly went inside her vagina.

Michelle cried out in pleasure as John moved his two fingers inside her
while rubbing her clit with his thumb. "He's so good at this. I don't
want it to end," Michelle said to herself. Her vagina instinctively
clenched on his fingers as he continued. Michelle's thoughts went wild
as she was being penetrated. She would kiss him, suck his cock, allow
him to fuck her however he wanted as long as he could get her to this

Michelle clutched onto John unable to stand on her own. "Don't stop,"
she gasped.

John quickened his pace. Michelle felt it build up and then suddenly
her whole body tensed up. She released in a powerful orgasm that could
never compare to before. Michelle couldn't help but scream as it hit.
After getting her breath back, Michelle looked at John in awe.

"You have no idea how much better it is for me than you," Michelle said

"Like you would know," John scoffed.

Michelle smiled knowing it would be impossible to tell John what had
transpired in the last hour. She felt so grateful to him for such a
wonderful night. She stared at his flaccid penis and decided to make
her move. It was no different than when she used to touch her own she
figured. Since he was her husband it only made sense that his cock was
now hers. She lightly touched his penis with her right hand stroking

"It's going to take a while before I can get it up," John reminded her.

"Maybe not," Michelle smiled.

Michelle took the soap and rubbed it on his penis until it became semi-
hard. The water eventually washed away the soap as she stroked him.
Michelle got on her knees and pulled her wet hair away from her face.
She placed his cock into her mouth and started sucking like it was hard
candy. John's breathing picked up as he felt her tongue stroke his
head. Michelle looked up as she realized she was getting an effect from
John. This was so much easier than when she had gone down on a girl.
The shaft and balls were so easy to access. After a few moments, John
tensed up as he came in her mouth. Michelle quickly swallowed and stood
back up.

"Wow, that was great," John said appreciatively.

She had done it. She had gone down on a guy and made him cum. Never in
her life did she think it would be possible for her to have sex with her
male roommate and have his baby. Everything before this moment had been
dull. Now it was going to be an exciting adventure.


John and Michelle joyfully went down the elevator to the lobby where
they were met by the manager. "How do you like your stay?" he asked
them knowingly.

"It's been good so far," John smiled oblivious.

"I would like to offer you an upgrade to the penthouse suit. It's
perfect for a pair of newlyweds," he said.

"Sounds great," John agreed.

"You still have those Knick tickets?" Michelle asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do," the manager said taking two of them out of
his pocket.

John looked at Michelle in awe not expecting this. "Thank you, Sir,"
John said appreciatively.

"My pleasure. We hope you stay with us again whenever you are in New
York," the manager said and then walked away to the lobby desk.

"Looks like our evening is set," John grinned.

John put his arm around Michelle as they exited the hotel onto the
streets of New York. John waved for a taxi to take them to the
basketball stadium. Michelle looked around at the people around her.
Nothing would ever be the same; the way she saw men and women now. She
felt the dress around her like it was the most natural thing in the
world. As she walked, she noticed the subtle differences in her step.
She looked up at John who was now several inches taller and a lot bigger
than her now. She felt protected like never before.

A taxi drove up to John and Michelle to give them a ride. John took the
door and opened it for Michelle. Blushing at the new treatment,
Michelle got in the cab first with John following after her. As the cab
drove off, Michelle rested her head on John's shoulder feeling the
greatest contentment.


Two girls in black clothes strolled into the Dolphin hotel. One was
blond while the other had dark brown hair. They both wore mascara
around their eyes and had a gothic style to them. They came up to the
desk and waited for the clerk.

"How can I help you?" the clerk asked politely.

"We heard room 1408 is haunted. We wanted to check it out," the blond
girl said while chewing gum.

"I'm afraid 1408 is already booked," the clerk said.

"Oh really, I guess it's not so haunted after all," the brunette said

The clerk double checked and saw a sudden vacancy. "It appears it is
available now," the clerk said. The computer instructed the clerk to
alert the manager. "Can you wait a moment, please?"

The two girls waited patiently as the manager strolled up. "How can I
help you?" he asked politely.

"We wanted to check into room 1408," the brunette pressed.

"That room was just recently vacated. Allow me to provide you other
options, a penthouse suit perhaps," the manager smiled.

"No, we want that one," the blonde insisted.

"I must warn you ladies, no woman has ever lasted more than one hour in
that room," the manager said darkly.

"So, a man could? That's sexist. I want that room," the brunette

"Very well," the manager relented handing over the room key. "Take care
of the details, please," the manager said to the clerk.

The blonde turned to the brunette taking out her cell phone. "I am
going to make a quick call and then I'll see you up there," she said.

"Sure," the brunette said taking the keys and her stuff to the elevator.

The manager stared at the young brunette woman as she went into the
elevator. "Two enter, but three come out," he said darkly and then
poured himself a shot of old rum.

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