Linking Spell: A Woman's Desire

Linking Spell: A Woman's Desire

Michelle was a junior at college and preparing for a career in
psychology. She was also known for her athleticism in swimming and
track. As for her social life, Michelle had a few steady relationships,
but she was still looking for number one. She figured she would meet him
after she was done with college. In contrast was her roommate Alicia who
was a complete loner. She never went out and was a college outcast. It
wasn't because she was ugly. She was just simply shy and picky as to
whom she associated herself with. The two roommates got along well
enough but rarely did anything together.

One day during the fall semester, Michelle went to the locker room as
usual after a track meet. For some time she had been unable to advance
her time no matter how much effort she had put into her run. She
wondered if she had truly peaked and would not be able to advance
further. She was not slow by any means; rather she was one of the
fastest girls on the team.

Michelle stripped her clothes off, took shampoo and soap, her towel, and
headed towards the shared showers. Her physical features were stunning
giving her an edge in the dating world. She stood at five foot nine
inches, one hundred-thirty pounds with little body fat, B-cup size
breasts, and an athletic hourglass figure. Her skin was pale and smooth
to the touch and her brown hair went down to her shoulders.

As she got into the shower, there were already a few women present
showering up. She had been accustomed to showering with other girls
since high school, so it didn't bother her until now. This time, as she
looked at naked women, there was an immediate reaction. She felt hot
inside, her nipples tingled, and she felt moist.

Michelle turned away and concentrated on soaping herself up. However,
the women's chatting was making it difficult for her to concentrate.
Fantasies went into her mind of having her breasts touched by one of the
women. Her nipples were now almost painful with desire to be touched.
Michelle soaped around her breasts as a way to satisfy them, but it only
made it worse.

"What is going on here?" she wondered to herself.

She reached for her shampoo went she was interrupted by another team
mate. "You did well out there. I saw you run," one of her teammates

Michelle nodded trying not to stare at the woman's breasts and hips.
"You'll be as fast as me soon," Michelle said modestly.

"I wish," the woman smiled.

Michelle felt herself panic as she desired to touch and kiss the woman in
front of her. She was a blond, good figure, and a good face. Michelle
quickly shampooed her hair, washed off, put a new set of clothes on, and
left the locker room as soon as she could.


After a short bus ride, Michelle went into her townhouse apartment and
quickly went to her room. Visions and fantasies of her teammates went
through her mind. She made sure to lock her door so as to not be
disturbed and unzipped her jeans. Placing her hand inside her underwear
she reached for her clit.

"Oh God yes," she said as she started rubbing it expertly.

As she rubbed her clit she bucked her hips. She tried to think of her
familiar fantasy of a man penetrating her deeply with his cock. However,
that wasn't happening this time. She fantasized another naked woman
relaxing near her as she stimulated herself. Within a few minutes, she
came faster than she had ever been able to do before. Michelle panted
for breath stunned by the intense orgasm. Suddenly, she felt her sexual
high disappear and apprehension filled her mind.

"I'm not a lesbian," she said to herself. "I just dated a guy a week
ago," she told herself. "Could I be bisexual but why now?" she wondered.

Distressed, she took another shower and changed her clothes. Shortly
thereafter, Alice came home from her evening classes. Michelle noticed
her come in and greeted her down the stairs. Involuntarily, she scanned
Alicia's body from head to toe. Michelle stopped herself from the
horrifying prospect she might be attracted to her roommate. Thankfully,
Alicia dressed conservatively and kept her hair up in a bun.

"How was class?" Michelle asked conversationally.

"I have a midterm in a week," she said glumly.

"Want to prepare a meal together?" Michelle offered.

Alicia smiled sadly. "I'm sorry. I already ate at the college," she

"No problem," Michelle let it go. She wondered if Alicia was telling the
truth. She seemed so thin. Alicia then went up stairs to her room
presumably to study. Michelle sighed relieved.

After a quick dinner, Michelle reflected on what was happening to her.
She considered the idea that she was having a hormonal imbalance due to
her birth control pills. Settled that was the cause, Michelle gave her
on-and-off boyfriend James a call.

"You busy this week?" she asked him.

"Not really," he said without enthusiasm.

"How about we hang out and then I stay at your place over the weekend?"
Michelle suggested.

James suddenly became more attentive. "Sure, when should I pick you up?"
he asked.

"I'll give you another call in a few days," Michelle said and then hung
up. She smiled mischievously as she enjoyed toying with him.


The next day, Michelle noticed her legs were slightly hairier than usual.
She took a razor and made them hairless and smooth again. She had shaved
her legs recently and wondered why it had grown so fast. With nothing
else unusual happening, Michelle got dressed for her classes.

After classes were finished, Michelle headed to the gym for track
practice. This time she was determined to break her record and to her
amazement she did by a few seconds. Ecstatic, Michelle forgot all about
her problem the day before. She still found herself glancing at the
women sexually but now she was starting to control it. She reminded
herself that it was only due to the birth control pills.


Once she got back home, Michelle took another shower in her own bathroom.
Reaching inside herself with her fingers, she came quickly. It still
disturbed her that she was fantasizing about women as she touched herself
but none of that mattered once she had sex again with James. A part of
her wanted to go to his apartment immediately and throw herself at him.
Yet, she knew she couldn't. She had to drag it out, or James would
become too aggressive. He would want her to come over all the time and
that was something she didn't want to do.

Alicia came home late as usual and went to her room. Michelle decided
she needed to do something about her reclusive roommate. She knocked on
her door. "What is it?" she asked. As the door opened, Michelle noticed
that Alicia was in shorts and a small t-shirt. She felt an uncomfortable
realization as she felt aroused by her roommate's body.

"Let's make...dinner together," Michelle proposed.

"That's not necessary. I'll get a midnight snack," she said as she was
about to close the door.

"Alicia! You keep yourself closed off way too much. You need
activities," Michelle insisted.

Alicia gave Michelle a weird look. "Look, we're just roommates."

"We could be more than that," Michelle argued.

Alicia sighed. "Alright," she gave in.

The two worked together on a pasta meal. "Now, wasn't this fun,"
Michelle smiled.

"Yeah," Alicia agreed.

"Maybe we could do other things like go to the movies or eat out,"
Michelle suggested.

"Not really my thing," Alicia said.

"What is your thing?" Michelle asked.

"I like to read," she said.

"I mean for fun," Michelle pressed. "You need to be more social."

"When I have a boyfriend that will be enough," she said.

"Well, go out and meet some guys then," Michelle encouraged.

"I think...I think he will come to me," Alicia said mysteriously.

"Well, good luck to you," Michelle said unconvinced.


The next morning, Michelle discovered her legs, arms, and pits had all
grown a little hairy. Disgusted, she took the time to shave it all off.
She looked in the mirror and saw fine hairs on her upper lips. Michelle
knew better than to immediately shave it off. It would grow faster and
darker if she did. She would have to wax it off.

She decided to give the college clinic a call. "I would like to make an
appointment for a visit," she said.

"What is it regarding?" the nurse on the phone said.

"I think I am having hormonal problems birth control," Michelle
said awkwardly.

"I completely understand and everything will be confidential. Is it an
emergency?" the nurse asked.

"No, not really," she said lamely.

"We can slot you in for next Monday. How does that sound?" the nurse

Michelle figured she could survive a week. "Sure," she agreed.


Despite her hormonal problems, Michelle beat another record on her time.
She was now almost the fastest one on the team. In the locker room,
Michelle once more felt intense arousal towards her female teammates.
She had a sudden urge to go into one of the stalls and touch herself
until she came. Frustrated by the wait, she calmed herself down and went

As soon as she got home, she locked the door and stripped down. She
needed more than just her touch this time. She took out a dildo from her
closest and took it inside herself. Within a few moments, she came from
the stimulation. Unlike before, she would enjoy a long session. Now,
after she had come, she was disinterested. Tired from the day, she took
a nap.


Michelle awoke once Alicia entered the house. She put her backpack down
and started to watch TV. Michelle came down the stairs and saw what she
was watching. It was a romance movie she had seen before. Alicia
noticed Michelle behind her and immediately pressed the guide button to
look for another channel.

"No, this is good," Michelle told her.

"Really?" Alicia asked embarrassed.

"Sure," Michelle said.

Alicia and Michelle continued watching the movie. She didn't really mind
the movie being played, but Alicia seemed really into it. Michelle could
tell that Alicia was a true romantic wanting a masculine hero in her
life. She felt sorry for Alicia. Guys would rarely meet those
expectations. Michelle then realized she was becoming interested in the
female lead. Like she wondered how she would look naked and was
disappointed when the movie only gave her a kiss scene. Bored with the
movie, Michelle went back to her room.


The next day, the hair became present all over her body. "I'm going to
take control of this situation," she pledged to herself.

Using some hair removal waxing, she went to work on her legs, arms, lips,
and finally her crotch. Afterwards, she felt really sore from the
ordeal. Her body looked red and inflamed. "I'm going to skip track
practice today," she said to herself.

Resolved she couldn't go to track practice in her condition, she felt
annoyed that she couldn't go to the woman's locker room. So, when she
came back home she felt sexual frustration. Looking at her computer
screen, she decided to do a rare Google search: porn.

Finding a search engine she liked, she started viewing some videos of men
and women. As she watched her computer, she started touching herself.
It disturbed her that she wanted to be the one on top of the woman
grinding her hips into her. With the straight porn not getting her off,
Michelle finally gave in to the temptation to go into the lesbian
section. She had never had an interest in lesbian porn before but now
her body was reacting strongly to it. After watching a few videos,
Michelle finally got off.

Her sexual high immediately vanished and she clicked off the porn
website. "Just a few more days," she told herself.


Finally, it came to the date with James. They first went to a club to
have a few drinks. James and Michelle both knew some people from the
college there. Michelle let loose dancing with whoever was on the club
floor. "Your girlfriend is a wild one," one of the guys said to James.

"That she is," he smiled.

"Hey, James, would it turn you on if we kissed," Michelle said referring
to another girl. She was tipsy at the moment and having a good time.

"Go for it," James encouraged.

Michelle kissed the other drunken girl on the lips and immediately felt
aroused. She wanted to do it more, so she gave the girl another French

"Nice," James smiled as he saw Michelle kiss the other girl.

Michelle laughed it off as good fun. The two girls continued at it
dancing with each other and then grinding their hips together as they
did. James nodded impressed and aroused by what he was seeing. Once she
was done at the club, Michelle got into James's car to go to his place.

Immediately, the two drunken college students started taking off their
clothes and kissing. Michelle was more aggressive than usual taking
James's clothes off and grinding against his hips. Any thoughts of her
being a lesbian were gone. She wanted to have sex with James right that

James placed his lips on her nipples and stimulated her breasts with his
hands. It felt good but Michelle remembered it feeling better. Maybe
James wasn't doing it right. James then put on a condom and positioned
himself at her entrance. Michelle wrapped her legs around his hips and
waited for him to enter her. With a single thrust, James was now inside
her deep.

Michelle hung onto James waiting for him to take her to new highs. James
smiled as he started thrusting. She was tight around him. Still, there
was a problem as she was becoming dry. James couldn't move as quickly as
before or as deep. Michelle realized it too and thought of a way to
arouse herself. Instinctively, she fantasized about being with a naked
woman being on top of her. She focused on James and wondered what he
would look like as a woman with long curly red hair and big breasts. As
Michelle focused on the vision, she became wet again.

James quickened his pace and within a few minutes came inside the condom.
He grunted as she filled the condom up with semen. Michelle was
disappointed she didn't get off but hid it from James.


The next morning, Michelle got dressed and left the apartment before
James got up. It wasn't that she was a lesbian she told herself. James
was simply bad in bed. Once she got back to her house, Alicia was
watching TV on the couch.

"Long night?" she asked.

"Yeah, it was great. My boyfriend and I had a great time," she said as
if to convince herself of it.

Alicia shrugged. Michelle ignored her and went upstairs. She was glad
James hadn't awoken as the hair on her body had increased dramatically.
Now it was on her legs, crotch, stomach, breasts, and her arm pits.
Michelle considered the pain she would have to deal with it to remove it

"You know what? I don't have to shave it every day. I'm not going to see
another guy for a while. I can wait," she said to herself.

Resolved, she let it be and went to the clinic on Monday. After telling
the doctor her symptoms, the doctor concurred that the birth control
pills could have an effect. He advised her not to take them anymore and
see if there were improvements. Michelle agreed since she had no
intention of having sex with James anytime soon.

For the next few days, Michelle stopped taking her birth control pills.
She went to track meets and became the fastest one on the team beating
her record by another few seconds. It became an ordeal shaving herself
every morning as her condition would be discovered in the locker room.
She continued to have sexual fantasies about the women on her team no
matter how much she tried to block them out.


When she got home, Michelle became paranoid that she was somehow being
drugged. She went into Alicia's room and searched it. What she found
surprised her. There was a book case filled with books on the occult,
magical spells, and witchcraft. "What the hell?" Michelle wondered.

She looked through one of the books and found Alicia's bookmark. It was
on a Linking Spell. Michelle read the contents of the spell. It would
bind two people together in permanent love. Michelle knew Alicia was a
romantic but this was beyond desperate. It became apparent that Alicia
was trying to use magic to get herself a boyfriend. Michelle put the
book away and felt sorry for the poor girl.

Alicia came home and noticed her books were not in the right order.
Shocked, she quickly went over to Michelle's room and barged in. "You
were in my room," she accused.

Michelle turned around in her chair stunned. Alicia had never gone into
her room before. Alicia noticed Michelle's arms and legs were hairy.
She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. "Get out! I'll talk to you in a
moment," Michelle shooed.

"What's wrong with you?" Alicia wondered.

"It's just a hormonal imbalance. It's not a big deal," Michelle told her
standing up.

"I don't think so. Could it be? No, it can't be," Alicia looked at
Michelle horrified.

"What are you talking about?" Michelle asked impatiently.

"The Linking Spell: it's supposed to bring two people together in love.
It must have been placed on you," Alicia realized.

"You talking about those silly magic books," Michelle said

"Oh no," Alicia clutched her hair as she realized her error.

"What are you going on about?" Michelle asked frustrated.

"It was supposed to bring me the perfect lover. Instead, it is making
you that perfect lover," Alicia said.

Michelle was about to call Alicia crazy but then stopped herself. She
had been having sudden lesbian thoughts and hair growth the last week.
"What are you trying to say? That we're going to be lovers?" Michelle

"Not just lovers but perfect lovers. I'm not a lesbian, so I can only
conclude you're becoming a man," she said shocked.

Michelle realized everything fit. She wasn't becoming a lesbian but a
straight man. She was becoming faster and stronger like a man. She was
becoming hairy like a man. "Reverse the spell then," she demanded.

"I don't know how. I don't know if I can," Alicia said.

Michelle could tell that Alicia was panicked and confused. "You couldn't
find a guy on your own, so you started playing with magic to get one.
You're pathetic," she said angrily.

"I know," Alicia said lowering her eyes. "I've just never been with
anyone, and you could find someone so easily."

"You're not ugly. You just don't have any confidence," Michelle told

"It's just that I have been hurt before," she said sadly.

"Well, I'm going to hurt you if you don't fix this," Michelle demanded.

"I don't know how, but I do know that the longer we stay in the same
house it is going to get worse for you. I'll move out," Alicia offered.

"So, if we become closer it will speed up the process?" Michelle asked.

"Yes, so you understand I must go," Alicia said.

"And how am I supposed to find another roommate on the fly?" Michelle

"I'll pay rent until you find a new one," Alicia offered downcast.

"No, I can manage this for the time being. You don't have to go. If you
leave and I lose contact with you then there's nothing I can do,"
Michelle said.

"You don't understand. It will get worse until...," Alicia stammered.

"Until what? Until we have sex?" Michelle said bluntly.

Alicia nodded awkwardly.

"Okay, obviously we're not going to have sex. I just need to shave every
morning," Michelle sighed. "You owe me big for this. This whole time I
thought I was surpassing my track speed and it was only because I was
turning into a man," she said disgusted.

"What do you want from me?" Alicia asked meekly.

"From now on we're going to have fun. We're going to the movies, going
to eat out, going to clubs, and socializing with people," Michelle

"Alright," Alicia agreed.


For the next week, Michelle and Alicia went to parties and mutual
activities. Michelle was forced to shave as the hair kept coming back.
At her track meet, she was continually improving. Over the last two
weeks, Michelle's leg muscles had bulked up. But her other muscles also
did as well giving Michelle a more muscular appearance.

Alicia continued her research calling anyone she knew within her "realm"
about the spell but getting no results.

"What if you do the spell again but this time you link me with someone
else?" Michelle suggested.

"Like who?" Alicia asked.

"Let's try James," Michelle said thoughtfully.

"You will be bound to James as permanent lovers," Alicia reminded her.

"It's better than being permanently a man," Michelle said.

Alicia felt a little hurt by Michelle's rejection. She knew she didn't
want to be man, but it was also very apparent she didn't want to be with
her either. Alicia cast away these foreign thoughts and researched the
possibility. "It could work," she said hopefully.

"Alright, do it," Michelle ordered.

"It will take some time," Alicia said and then went into her room.

Michelle waited patiently as Alicia did her magic in her room. She
wondered if this was all a bunch of nonsense and that the thing she
really needed was a doctor. After a few hours, Alicia came out
exhausted. "It's done."


The next day, Michelle went over to James' apartment. Knocking on the
door, a red haired woman answered the door. "How are you, Michelle?" she

"Do I know you?" Michelle asked confused.

"It's me Jaime. I know I did my hair, but you should at least recognize
my face," she said annoyed.

"Right," Michelle said and looked over Jaime's face. She appeared
similar to James like his sister. Michelle then noticed a ring on
Jaime's finger.

"Where did you get that?" Michelle asked curiously.

"Oh, did I not tell you? Adam and I are now married," she said happily.

Michelle simply stared. Adam was James' roommate. "I'm so happy for
you," Michelle said awkwardly.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but we recently eloped. I'll be sure to
tell you when I get pregnant. With all the attention I have been getting
from Adam I think it will be soon," she smiled.

"Sure, I wouldn't want to miss the baby shower," Michelle said.

"Thank you for everything Michelle. Without you I wouldn't have passed
calculus," she said gratefully.

Michelle gave a twisted smile, James had failed calculus. "No problem.
I should be going."

"Oh wait, I want to show you around. We redesigned everything here,"
Jaime pressed.

"Sure," Michelle agreed.

Michelle went inside and saw a few pictures of Adam and Jaime together.
She went into Jaime's room and saw a feminine design to it. She looked
through the closet and saw feminine outfits and dresses. The whole
experience was surreal to Michelle. James was completely gone and in his
place was this woman who called herself Jaime. Michelle then saw a
picture of her with Jaime as if they were best girlfriends. Worse yet,
Michelle felt attracted to Jaime. James had fucked her on this bed
several times and now Michelle wondered if she could do the same to the
female James. Michelle turned away from these thoughts. Jaime was
married now to Adam of all people. She knew they were roommates but
never that they were this close.


Michelle came back to the house defeated. "It didn't work, well it did
work, but not the way it should have," she said to Alicia.

"What do you mean?" Alicia asked anxiously.

"James is now a woman and is married to her roommate," Michelle told her.

Alicia sat down dumbfounded. "I don't know what to do now. I have
ruined two lives now," she said mournfully.

"Why was James' change so fast?" Michelle wondered.

"Men have a higher sex drive, so it could have happened in one night,"
Alicia said.

"I can't believe those two would have sex," Michelle said dismayed.

"The spell changes your thinking and orientation. You've experienced
it," Alicia reminded her.

"I never went that far," Michelle shook her head.

"It's best if we stay fully clothed around each other," Alicia said. She
was wearing pants and a sweatshirt to cover herself up.

"There's another thing. The spell changes reality so that everyone
thinks James was always Jaime except for the two of us. So, if I become
a man my family, the college, and everyone I know will think I was always
a man," Michelle concluded.

"I believe that is true," Alicia said.

"Well, that's better than losing my whole identity," Michelle said
bitterly. Alicia stayed silent creating awkward tension between them.

"What are you thinking now?" Michelle asked.

"I'm thinking I fucked up. Aside from the lives I have ruined, I won't
be able to have my own dream fulfilled," she said.

"You mean Prince Charming?" Michelle mocked.

She nodded. "Well, maybe I just hoped for too much."

Michelle gave Alicia a sympathetic look. "You have a power no one else
has. You can use magic! You can reward and punish with just words and a

"I can't control it," Alicia said.

"Then learn to control it," Michelle pressed.

"I can't undo what I've done between us," Alicia said frustrated.

"Forget that. Think about what else you can do with that power,"
Michelle said aggressively.

"What do you have in mind?" Alicia asked.


Michelle came up with a list of men she considered to be rude, sexist, or
simply intolerable. She then printed out their photos from Facebook,
because Alicia needed to have a visual image to do the spell. They both
knew they were playing with fire, but Michelle wanted at least some
benefit from this power. Every day, she had to check herself for hair
growth and increased masculinity. Michelle and Alicia were careful never
to get too near to each other, see each other in any kind of sexy outfit,
or be in the same room for too long. Over the course of a few weeks, a
dozen confirmed men became women. Only Michelle and Alicia knew of their
success. As far as the universe was considered, these men had always
been women. In one special case, two men became a lesbian couple.

During this bonding period, Alicia became more sociable. Michelle
started wining sports trophies due to her increased athletic ability.
She still looked like a woman but appeared very athletic. Michelle also
found herself concentrating better when it came to her math and science
classes. However, according to Alicia she was forgetting details and
seemed to not care about how other people felt. Michelle realized with
some anxiety that her brain was slowly changing and there was nothing
that could be done to stop it.

At the end of the school year, the lease was up on the apartment.
Michelle and Alicia were going to move and go their separate ways.

"I'll contact you if I find a way to reverse this," Alicia promised.

"Yeah, maybe I'll see you around," Michelle said awkwardly.

The two were about to hug but thought better of it under the
circumstances. Michelle and Alicia just shook hands and that was it.

One Year Later

Michelle's changes were never reversed, but they were halted. Every so
often, Michelle would wax the body hair off her body. She kept her hair
long and stayed in athletic shape. She became horrified at the prospect
that she could gain belly fat like a man. She also came out as a Lesbian
and started becoming involved in the LGBT Center on the campus. This
exposed her to like-minded women. Over the course of the year, Michelle
learned everything about wooing women. She had a number of girlfriends,
some of which she became sexual with. The old Michelle would never have
imagined she would do the things she was doing with her same sex. During
her senior year, Michelle never saw Alicia.

One night, Michelle went to a Lesbian club and approached a woman that
was all by herself. Michelle had practiced a number of times to be the
assertive one in a dating relationship. At first, she failed numerous
times. Now, she was even more successful than a typical guy was in
picking up chicks.

"Can I get you a drink?" Michelle asked casually.

The woman gave Michelle an odd look, almost as if she recognized
Michelle. "Yes, thank you," she replied.

"What's your name?" Michelle asked.

"Ally," she said.

"My name's Michelle. You come here often?" Michelle asked.

"It's my first time, actually," she said.

The two began talking and Michelle was amazed at how well the evening was
going. The two discussed school, their hobbies, and future goals.
Finally, it was getting late. "I should call a cab," Michelle said
feeling a little drunk.

"You can come to my place. I haven't drunk very much," Ally said.

Michelle looked at the one drink Ally had, the one she had given her.
"Sounds good," Michelle smiled.


Ally drove Michelle to her place, a studio apartment. Nothing seemed out
of the ordinary as Michelle entered the apartment. It was perfectly neat
as if Ally was expecting a visitor. Ally took out a bottle of wine and
poured two glasses.

"Thank you," Michelle said appreciatively.

"You might want to say here for the night," Ally suggested.

Michelle looked around and noticed there was only one bed in the bedroom
and no couches. "Where would I sleep?" she asked.

"In my bed," Ally said smiling.

Michelle smiled back and clinked glasses with Ally. This was going to be
her lucky night. The two of them had a few glasses until they finished
the bottle. Michelle couldn't tell if it was the alcohol or her
hormones, but she really wanted Ally at that moment.

She went over to Ally and kissed her on the lips. Ally returned the kiss
and the two held each other while barely able to stand. Michelle felt
blessed that she was in love with women. She didn't have to worry about
pregnancy, STD transmission, rape, or abuse. She could also take charge
or be the submissive one. In this case, Michelle was the aggressive one
French kissing Ally. She didn't know Ally very well, but she had such a
hot body. She had the attractive face and hair, C-cup breasts, hour-
glass figure, and nice legs. She even dressed sexy.

Michelle wanted more than just to kiss Ally. She started kissing Ally's
neck and reaching around her back. Ally gave no resistance as Michelle
unzipped the back of her dress. Ally turned her back to Michelle as the
dress came off. Michelle wrapped her arms around Ally's black bra and
massaged her breasts. Ally closed her eyes shifting her stance with
every touch she received. Ally unhooked her bra and then bent over as
she took off her black underwear. Michelle simply stared in stunned
silence as she looked over Ally's naked body. Ally then turned around
smiling at Michelle.

Michelle looked up-and-down as she scanned Ally's naked body. "Come,"
Ally said taking Michelle's hand. Ally brought her to the bedroom where
Michelle simply fell on the covers. Ally quickly took off Michelle's t-
shirt. Michelle hadn't bothered to wear a bra underneath. Ally kissed
Michelle's nipples while placing her thigh in between her legs. Michelle
liked the feeling she was being given but wanted even more. It just
wasn't enough. She switched positions getting on top of Ally and started
taking off her pants and underwear. With both women naked, Michelle
pushed her clit up against Ally's. The two started rubbing slowly at
first but then with greater intensity.

Michelle felt a weird sensation as she rubbed against Ally. It was
almost as if a small part of her was inside the woman's vagina. It felt
wet and easier for Michelle to position. Instead of moving all over the
place, Michelle felt she was in a fixed position. If she had been sober,
she would have been alarmed by it.

Ally moaned as she felt something penetrating her. Whatever it was it
was getting longer and thicker. Michelle suddenly withdrew from Ally and
stood up. She looked at her body in shock and felt her groin. There was
now a semi-hard penis where her clit used to be. Michelle stared at the
foreign object and felt around her vagina. It was still there but
barely, and she could feel two semi-hard orbs. Michelle then looked at
Ally and it was as if the scales on her eyes had been removed. Instead
of Ally it was Alicia in front of her.

"Alicia, what the hell?" Michelle said distressed.

"I can explain," Alicia said sitting up on her bed.

"How was I not able to recognize you? What is this?" Michelle asked
referring to her dick.

"I couldn't reverse the spell, so I casted another spell, so you wouldn't
recognize me. I am still the same person," Alicia said.

"You tricked me," Michelle accused.

"I had to, Michelle. The linking spell affects us both. I couldn't find
love this entire year, and I knew it could only be you," Alicia said.

"You're a crazy bitch, Alicia. You better find a way to change this
back," Michelle demanded.

"You have to go all the way, now," Alicia told her.

"You mean to become a man?" No thank you. I was just fine as a gay
woman," Michelle said.

"You were going from girl-to-girl. Don't you want to get married and
have a family?" Alicia asked.

"No, not now anyway," Michelle said.

Alicia walked over to Michelle and her presence was intoxicating.
Michelle couldn't help but have her three inch penis rise to the
occasion. "I can be whatever you want me to be. I can stay young for
you. I can clean and cook for you. We can have sex whenever you want,
and I can have your children. We can have as many kids as you like,"
Alicia said.

"I don't need a sex slave," Michelle said resisting the spell.

"Not a sex slave, a wife and mother to your children," Alicia said.

Michelle started imagining a life where she was firmly in charge. Alicia
would do anything she asked of her. She could have kids but not have to
deal with pregnancy and birth. She would never be told what to do. She
could have a career and fulfill her goals and ambitions. All she had to
do was...

"What do I have to do?" Michelle asked finally.

"Cum inside me, and it will seal the spell," Alicia said.

Michelle looked down at her now flaccid three inch penis. "You can start
by getting that bigger," Michelle said authoritatively.

Alicia smirked and went down to her knees. Michelle closed her eyes as
she felt something wet and soft on her dick. She had received oral sex
before but nothing like this. The penis was so exposed, so easy to
access. Alicia licked the head of Michelle's penis creating instant
pleasure for Michelle. Unlike before, all of the pleasure was in that
one spot. Michelle could barely stand as the pleasure became more
intense. It was like she was getting shocked in that one spot.

As Alicia sucked on Michelle's cock, it started to grow longer and
thicker. Alicia backed herself up a few inches as Michelle's cock
continued to grow. At the same time, Alicia felt for Michelle's balls
that were slowly forming. Soon they would produce life-creating sperm.
Michelle was on the verge of cumming when Alicia suddenly stopped.

"Why did you stop?" Michelle demanded.

"You will cum only once and become tired. We have a long way to go,"
Alicia reminded her.

"Oh yeah," Michelle remembered. All of her ex-boyfriends had become
tired and exhausted after they were done. Now, she was going to be in
the same position.

"You have to cum inside me if you want to complete the change," Alicia
said getting on the bed.

Michelle wasn't sure she wanted to go through with this. Her cock was
now over six inches now and would be difficult to hide. She would need a
sex-change operation to go back to before and even then it wouldn't be
the same. She was infertile; never again would she menstruate, or risk
pregnancy. Michelle felt like something had been taken from her in the
last several minutes. Alicia was now going to be that means to that end.

Michelle cautiously got on top of Alicia not wanting to crush her new
appendage. "I don't know how to aim it," she said awkwardly.

"I'll help you guide it in," Alicia said.

Alicia took hold of Michelle's cock and placed it at her entrance. "Push
slowly," she instructed.

Michelle moved her hips down pushing into Alicia. At first there was
resistance and then slowly it went an inch inside. Alicia rubbed her clit
to lubricate herself as Michelle continued to push until she was all the
way inside.

"I guess this is the part where I fuck you," Michelle said.

Alicia simply nodded getting used to having Michelle's penis inside her.
Michelle was still mad at Alicia's deception but at the very least she
was going to make her pay for it. Michelle moved her hips hoping she
wouldn't come out completely and have to readjust herself.

"You ready to have kids?" Michelle challenged Alicia.

"As long as they're yours," Alicia replied.

Michelle decided to fuck without restraint. She was drunk and new to
this body. She could work on technique and positions later. Right now,
all she had to do was ejaculate into Alicia's vagina. However, that
became easier said than done. Whether it was the spell or her
nervousness, Michelle found it difficult to cum.

As she lay on top of Alicia, Michelle's body began to change. Her muscles
expanded, body hair started to grow all over her body. Michelle felt
like she was becoming an animal as her hands and feet became larger. She
was rapidly gaining weight especially in muscle. Her shoulders and rib
cage expanded as her upper body strength rapidly increased. Her already
small breasts disappeared into the pectoral muscles. Her nipples became
smaller and darkened in color.

"At least, I'll never have to wear a bra again," Michelle thought as she
continued to press into Alicia.

Michelle momentarily stopped as she felt her hips change. It wasn't
painful, but it did feel weird. Alicia watched in amazement as she saw
muscles ripple up and down Michelle's body. She wondered what kind of
man Michelle would become.

Michelle grunted as she got closer to cumming. Her voice had become
deeper, like that of a man's voice. When she kissed Alicia, she
dominated her mouth. When she touched Alicia's breasts it was if she now
owned them since she had lost her own. She could not feel the odd
sensation of having her balls touch Alicia's inner legs. She was so
close she could feel it.

Finally, Michelle felt a sudden jolt of pleasure at the head of her cock.
She felt a rush as semen shot into Alicia's womb. There were several
pleasurable surges and then it was over. Michelle gasped and rested on
top of Alicia exhausted.

Alicia looked over the man that was on top of her. Michelle was no
longer. The only remnant from the past was the man's long hair. As he
slept next to her, Alicia stayed awake wondering about the future. Due
to the spell, she was likely pregnant. Would her new boyfriend and
future husband over-compensate in his masculinity after living as a woman
for most of his life? Alicia touched his now flaccid penis and testicles
and looked for any sign of a vaginal opening. There was none. He was
now completely a man.


The next morning, Alicia awoke to find a naked man examining his body in
the light. "What do I call you now?" Alicia asked smiling.

"Michael works. It is close to my old name," Michael said.

Alicia got of bed and walked up to Michael. He was now taller than her
by six inches, weighed a third more than her, and was significantly
stronger. His hair was still long from before but that only made him
look more masculine. Alicia took Michael's larger hands and placed them
on her lips.

"These are yours," she began.

She then placed his hands on her breasts, then her hips, and finally her
vaginal entrance. "These are yours," she said for each one.

"This is yours," Michael replied placing her small feminine hand on his

"I am whatever you want me to be," Alicia told him.

Michael took two rings from a desk in the room. "I found these," he
said. He placed one of the rings on his ring finger. "This belongs to
you," he said placing the ring on her finger.

Alicia looked at the wedding ring in awe. "Calling you my wife is going
to take a little time to get used to," Michael admitted.

"We have time," Alicia said happy as could be.

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