Accidental Girl


Synopsis: When a guy dresses like a girl the rest of the world begins debating the right and wrong of it along with the reasons why. Some will argue that it's nature as the cause. Others will tell you it's nurturing as the reason. No one, in either group, is going to agree completely that someone becomes a transsexual simply by accident. Things like that just do not happen that way, and isn't that funny.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: "Hi, I am still editing so please consider that as you read this and, if you don't mind, your comments would be greatly appreciated." Hugs Mary Beth....

Accidental Girl

Characters: Bob Anderson, also known as Bobby; Ms. Miller - Bob’s teacher; Julie Carter - Bobby’s girlfriend; Rose Bickford - Julie’s landlady; Ms. Abby Matthews; Ms. Barbara Turner, Abby's Administrative Assistant; Hilga, from In Home Nursing; Julie’s friends: Cindy, Sandy, Tracy and Brenda; Nurse Bell; Nurse Carol; Mike Austin - Abby’s Attorney; Sally, Abby's house keeper and Henry, Abby's driver.

Synopsis: When a guy dresses like a girl the rest of the world begins debating the right and wrong of it along with the reasons why. Some will argue that it's nature as the cause. Others will tell you it's nurturing as the reason. No one, in either group, is going to agree completely that someone becomes a transsexual simply by accident. Things like that just do not happen that way, and isn't that funny.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: "Hi, I am still editing so please consider that as you read this and, if you don't mind, your comments would be appreciated." Hugs Mary Beth....


Bobby moaned as loudly as the other guys in the class. Ms. Miller, as always, smiled over those moans. Education, she once said, is only painful to those unwilling to learn. Bobby moaned again, although silently this time, as he reached the end of Ms. Miller's handout.

"Class: Psychology 101; Teacher: Ms. Miller; Task: Essay Assignment Number Four: A question to consider, research and answer: For the girls: What do you think it is like to be a boy? For the boys: What do you think it is like to be a girl?

For both: Consider their clothing, in context, beauty or looks and emphasis, health aids, sports, hobbies, interactions with the opposite and same sex, concepts, thoughts, etc. I expect at least 2,000 words, in a draft form, due next Monday at the start of class.

Also be prepared to discuss your opinions and how you arrived at them during class."

Ms. Miller was at it again, Bobby thought, and this assignment worse than the last. That last was just as agonizing for the boys. For any boy to write an essay about girls and what happens to them going through puberty is difficult at best. Of course the girls wrote about the boys under those same set of circumstances but, Bobby decided, it wasn't the same.

"I like asking questions with depth, Ms. Miller had said of that last assignment. Ms. Miller, Bobby decided long ago, was a nut.

"Hey," Bobby said, as Julie walked up with that light smile she often had for no other reason, she once said, than it was easier than frowning.

"Hey! So why the long face," Julie asked in a tone reflective of her sudden concern.

"Ms. Miller again," Bobby said waving the paper in Julie's face as he said it.

"Love that woman," Julie said as she took the paper from Bobby. Julie had walked Bobby through her own puberty, to cover that last assignment. Those discussions had given Bobby long moments of shivers over some of Julie's detailed descriptions. Bobby, like most boys, did not want to know most of what Julie had explained.

"So what is that woman doing to you this time," Julie asked.

"What is it like to be a girl? Hello? I mean what is it like to be a girl, as if I care to know that. If you ask me, Ms. Miller is doing this stuff on purpose," Bobby said.

"On purpose how," Julie asked.

"You know she is a feminist don't you," Bobby said as if that answered the question.

"A feminist? No, I didn't know that," Julie said.

"She is, and that is the reason for these assignments," Bobby noted with an air of authority.

"I hadn't thought of it that way, but you may be right. Someone should do something about that! She's like... you know, teaching for heavens sake. Now who would have expected that kind of behavior from a teacher," Julie said sarcastically.

"You know what I mean," Bobby said, not missing Julie's words or tone.

"Yes I do actually, and honestly Bobby, nothing I've read on this assignment sheet is all that difficult. So what's the big deal," Julie asked and added, "Look, she's even allowing you to formulate an answer in any number of ways. Nice."

"Nice. Well, since you agree, then you up for some interviews again," Bobby asked.

"Interviews," Julie answered.

"Questions and answers. You know, I ask you what it's like to be a girl, and a short time later, you answer me, in writing, with about 2,000 words or more," Bobby said smiling.

"Right! So why don't I just give up my evening, go to the library, write down everything I know about being a girl and then just give it to you," Julie said.

"Would you! Gosh Julie, that would awesome," Bobby said not missing the sarcasm in Julie's voice as he added with a bit of his own.

"Or, we could go get a pizza, you're treat, obviously, rent a movie, my choice, and when I've been bribed adequately, I brake down and give you an inside look on the life of a girl," Julie said.

"Great, now why didn't I think of that! And I suppose that movie is going to be a what... one or two tissue movie," Bobby asked.

"Are you kidding me? Sweets, with you paying for it I'm going all the way and find me at least a three tissue movie, "Julie said laughing as she took Bobby's hand.

"So you will help me then," Bobby asked confirming he had gotten a 'yes' somewhere in that conversation.

"Of course I will help," Julie said and added, "besides, who doesn't want to talk about themselves and what girl is going miss an opportunity to explain why we are so superior to boys."

"Right! OK then. Pizza and your movie and I get 2,000 words on your insight into the wonderful, albeit strange, world of girls," Bobby said laughing.

Bobby was being sarcastic, but he also knew he would get a lot of information from this girl he often called a friend and, just as often, a girl friend. The two terms meaning two different things he had once explained to another guy when he had asked.

Bobby and Julie's relationship was unusual at best, beginning one late night at the library when Julie unexpectedly got her period. They were alone at a table in the back when Julie jumped up, and ran to the girl's bathroom in a panic. Bobby followed, worried, stopping short of the door and asking Julie if she was OK.

She wasn't OK, but wouldn't for the longest time say why until Bobby finally asked, as tactfully as he could, if she had gotten her period. Bobby's sister had done that very same thing one day and the solution, as it happens, was the same now as it had been then.

Bobby got Julie's key, went to Rose's house, then to Julie's room and with the help of Rose, found panties and skirt. In addition, and with a great deal of foresight, he took a plastic bag for the clothes Julie had soiled. Lastly that pad Julie needed.

That act of kindness, from a boy no less, had impressed Julie on several levels. Bobby became her knight in not so shiny armor for his performance that evening. It was that act and other things she liked about Bobby as well, and not too long after that incident they started dating.

As for those other things, Julie once shared with another girl, Bobby didn't panic when she dragged him up to a makeup counter. Moreover, for a boy to know the names of some of the stuff girls are made of, fascinated her. It took some doing to get to the bottom of Bobby's understandings of such things, but she did, and by that time they had a budding relationship of sorts.

Bobby, as he explained it, was the only boy in a very large house shared by his mother, his aunt and his cousin growing up. A girl cousin he noted. Bobby had lost his father and uncle in the same year on an oil rig accident in the middle east. Bobby was too young to know his father and never knew his uncle so growing up with girl stuff was just something he'd done.

And no...

Bobby made very clear when Julie's smile twisted slightly one day, he had never gotten any closer to that girl stuff than any other boy. Unless you counted Halloween and that part of this came long after he and Julie had become intimate. Remarkable, Bobby made a very cute girl and that too was at least one of the reasons Julie liked him. That last was never said outside of her teasing him, over those pictures of Halloween, but that feeling she has was there nonetheless.

"You know, you could probably answer most of that question yourself," Julie noted as she took a bite from the second slice of pizza she'd started.

"Not likely," Bobby said defending his ego, which was already at risk, given the subject matter.

"You grew up with woman! With women and a girl actually. If you don't mind me pointing out the obvious with those pictures from your Halloweens, you've been a girl or at least have worn her clothes. Albeit only briefly, but Bobby, that definitely qualify's you far better than most boys," Julie said.

"Growing up with it, and knowing about it are two different things. Wearing girl's clothes, and I only wore them Halloween just for the record, doesn't give me any better insight into being a girl than you knowing about boys by wearing pants," Bobby said.

"Yes it does actually, but I'll accept your denial since I do have some experience with boys and their girlaphobia," Julie noted.

"Girlaphobia? Is that what I suffer from," Bobby said laughing.

"It is. Honestly, why guys can't be more open about what girls are about, is so fascinating that I may very well limit my practice to just that when I get licensed," Julie said.

"Doctor of Girlaphobia. Has a nice ring to it. So doc, can you truly cure me of girlaphobia or am I doomed to die never having known a cure," Bobby said clutching his chest.

"I can cure you easily, but you're not going to like it," Julie said and added, "and it starts with a bubble bath."

"Not in your wildest dreams, and you are drifting off the point of that pizza I might add," Bobby said.

"Well, go ahead and suffer then. See if I care. Now then, let's go find a movie I can sink a tissue into and perhaps, although this could just be wishful thinking on my part, it might something you will enjoy," Julie said.

"Right," Bobby said picking up the pizza box with the four remaining slices. Both had eaten two with a large soda and it was enough. Both were the same size and that too Julie liked about Bobby with half his tee-shirts now mixed with her own. Unfortunately, she mused on occation, he never borrowed any of hers. She was grinning as they pushed themselves out through the door and onto the sidewalk.

"What," Bobby asked.

"Nothing," Julie answered.

"Nothing with you is something! So what is that nothing making you smile," Bobby asked.

"I was just thinking is all," Julie said without taking it any further.

"The answer is no," Bobby said.

"I haven't said a word," Julie said in a mock innocence.

"Don't have to! I've seen that grin before, and it doesn't matter what the question is because I won't like it," Bobby said.

"So then hearing me out isn't going to hurt now is it," Julie said.

"No, it's not going to hurt, because no matter what, the answer is no," Bobby said.

"Will you at least hear me out? I mean listening to what I have to say is actually one of the keys to a good relationship," Julie said.

"I'll take my chances," Bobby said.

"It could put you at risk of sleeping alone tonight," Julie said looking mischievously at Bobby.

"I buy you pizza, and I'm about to rent two hours worth of guy torture tapes, and you are cutting me off," Bobby said.

"Absolutely! Besides, that pizza and tape is for your class assignment so don't go adding any additional things to that bargain. This is separate. Getting laid was not part of that deal, this part is," Julie said.

"You ever think about selling stuff? I mean you'd be great selling cars or something," Bobby said.

"Really? So is that a yes then," Julie asked.

"No, that's a no still, but you would be great selling cars," Bobby said.

"And you my friend, are sleeping alone tonight," Julie said as her face changed slightly hinting of a frown.

"Come on, what did I do? OK, OK, tell you what... Here, let me try that again, 'Hey Julie, why don't you tell me what you're thinking. While you do that I'm going to be looking really interested. In fact, I'm not going to say no till you are done, and that way, I can still get laid,'" Bobby said.

"Wow, that was mean. Actually, by the time you and I get together again, you'll be retired," Julie said.

"OK, seriously, what are you thinking," Bobby said hoping he had not pushed it as far as Julie made it seem.

"Nope! We get the movie, popcorn and as soon as the credits start rolling you'll be walking back to your own room," Julie said.

"Come on, what is it that has got you in such an uproar all of a sudden," Bobby said.

"You and your girlaphobia," Julie said.

"I knew it! I knew it was going to be something like that," Bobby said.

"You don't know dip," Julie said. Her tone suggested instantly that Bobby might not even get the benefit of the movie he was about to rent.

"Hey, Come on, lighten up a little. Come on, give. Honestly, I will at least listen," Bobby said hoping to turn this turn of events in his favor. He could easily say no, and was sure he would, but not getting laid tonight wasn't worth any more risk.

"Go with us tomorrow," Julie said.

"Go with you where," Bobby asked.

"Us! Go with us tomorrow," Julie repeated making it clear it wasn't just her.

"Go with who, where," Bobby asked.

"Us! Cindy, Sandy, Tracy, Brenda and I! We are going to look for a dress for Brenda, she's going to be in her sister's wedding," Julie said.

"That's it? That's what you wanted to ask," Bobby said.

"Yes, that was it, that was the mole hill you turned into a mountain," Julie noted.

"Then why didn't you just say that in the first place," Bobby said.

"Because, I was thinking that if you went with us... as one of us, you'd get a lot of material," Julie said.

"As one of you? OK, stop right there! Now see that, you did it! You did it just like I said you would, and now you know why I said no. OK, I listened, and the answer is no," Bobby said.

"You haven't heard the rest of it," Julie said sounding as calm as Bobby was excited.

"Don't need to. I got to that part where you said 'as one of us' and that is all I needed to hear," Bobby said.

"I wanted to add that you can go as one of us but you'll be wearing the same things you're wearing now, almost," Julie said.

"Almost? Exactly what does 'almost' mean," Bobby asked.

"Part your hair, add a little bit of makeup, change your tennis shoes for my tennis shoes, if they fit, and a little bit of padding and that's pretty much it," Julie said.

"That's pretty much it is right!" Bobby said.

"It's not like you are coming out or anything," Julie said.

"Just about," Bobby noted and then added; "Listen, do you girls, when you girls ask this sort of thing of guys, ever consider what it is you are really asking," Bobby said.

"Of course," Julie said.

"And yet you still ask," Bobby said shaking his head as he added, "how do you do that?"

"By ignoring a guy's girlaphobia," Julie asked.

Girlaphobia is legitimate in this case. You are asking me to dress as a girl! Julie, I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, but guys don't dress as girls! At least not most guys. Not for any good reason except a few that, I should note, can mark a guy for life," Bobby said.

"I'm asking you to allow me to feminize you... lightly. A little of this and some of that and you go out with the girls. Difficult yes, but you are doing it safely. Safely, discretely and in the end you now have five girls to get information out of," Julie said.

"No, what I've got, or what I end up with is five girls that will never ever let me live it down, and all of that for no good reason besides," Bobby said before adding, "and another thing, the only person I need to interview is you."

"I know, I know. It was just me testing you a bit. I suppose I just needed to confirm what I already suspect," Julie said.

"What? What did you already suspect," Bobby asked knowing full well he was being baited.

"That you, like most men, are truly cowards at heart. You guys... you guys talk brave and you can be when it comes to guy stuff, but try on a little bit of femininity and you run whimpering or screaming to mommy," Julie said sounding disgusted.

"Julie, might just as well stop, it is not going to work," Bobby said and added, "you're bating me! You know it and I know it so stop wasting your time."

"And Halloween, what was your reasoning for Halloween then? What allowed you to suspend all of this macho BS for a pretty little dress that night," Julie asked.

"That was Halloween," Bobby said now cursing his decision to go as Julie's girlfriend to her guy disguise. Julie had wanted to go as cross dressers which simply meant they sharing clothes and they had.

"Come on and give me a slightly better reason than that. I mean what is it about Halloween? Do you guys have a secret pack about Halloween? Something that says it's OK to dress as a girl on that night and that night alone," Julie asked.

"Believe it or not the answer is yes," Bobby said and added, "on Halloween, guys can dress as girls without getting branded. Teased yes, but not branded! Unless of course they go too far," Bobby said suddenly regretting that last.

"Panties," Julie asked.

"Those were your idea, remember," Bobby said.

"And you like them," Julie said.

"And I liked them! OK, so? I mean that doesn't change what you're suggesting," Bobby said.

"It does a little, because I thought it was pretty brave of you to do that! Fun for me as well remember," Julie said. Julie had wanted to wear Bobby's underwear that night, and she wanted him to wear hers so she didn't feel guilty wearing his.

She wanted to be 'authentic' she'd said whatever that meant. He had done it, he wore panties, and admitted he'd like it. Any guy would of admitted it if that guy was being honest. Didn't make him a cross dresser or anything else, because that was the last time.

"I get it, now you are going to try a different tactic, right," Bobby asked.

"About you being brave," Julie asked.

"Yes," Bobby answered.

"That's not a tactic. Listen Bobby, you are brave. Hell, I cannot name another boy, not one, that would have done what you did that night in the library. You are special, and admitting it or not doesn't change that. I'm just saying that this wouldn't be all that risky, and it would truly get you a lot of insight into us being us as girls. A lot of insight for an hour or so," Julie said softening her voice slightly.

"Why can't you girls understand why we guys can't do that sort of thing," Bobby asked with a touch of amazement in his voice.

"Because we cannot imagine something like that being as horrifying as you guys make it out to be. Hell, you passed that night... remember? Bobby, no one even knew you were a guy tell we told them," Julie said.

"Doesn't play into this," Bobby said as they reached the video store causing Bobby to add, "can we take this up later?"

"Yes," Julie said pushing the door open and walking in ahead of Bobby.

It was the films that started raising Bobby's blood pressure. Julie was baiting him again as she picked up "Dress code" first, then "Ma Via Rose", "La Cage Aux Folles" followed and finally, with a snicker, "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar".

"What are you doing," Bobby asked as he began to recognize what she was doing.

"Getting a few movies to watch," Julie said.

"You've got about eight hours in your hands already, and that's not the question Julie! The question is what are you doing," Bobby asked.

"I'm not sure yet. Here, hold these while I go ask the guy where I can find the 'Crying Game' and 'Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert'," Julie said.

"Is there a point to this," Bobby asked.

"I think so, but honestly I'm not sure yet," Julie said.

"Well you come back here," Bobby said in a loud whisper as Julie turned to walk off for the clerk.

"What," Julie asked.

"That guy is going to see these, and those other films, and start wondering, and you know that," Bobby said.

"Wondering? Oh, you mean that you might be... You know, you might like that sort of thing? You know, you are right, I'll bet he does," Julie said as she turned away to walk again towards the sales desk.

"Will you come here! Please," Bobby said in a forced whisper.

"What now," Julie asked.

"What is your point," Bobby asked.

"My point is? Let's see? OK, my point is that you might just as well go along with my idea, because no one outside of me and the girls is going to know it's you. On the other hand, beginning right now, a lot of people are going to start guessing otherwise," Julie noted and added, "So, what's it going to be, an hour in secret, tomorrow, or the next few weeks of giving off a bunch of hints?"

"You wouldn't," Bobby said.

"Right! Excuse me, I have a few more films to get. Oh, and that part about you wearing panties? That is no longer a secret either," Julie said as she turned towards the desk again.

"Julie! Wait," Bobby said.

"What," Julie asked.

"This isn't funny," Bobby said.

"It is! I mean think about it. You could easily dress as a girl and not blink an eye... an eye covered in mascara I might add. You wore a dress, slip, bra and panties on Halloween and, I might add, looked totally fabulous and very convincing, and yet... and yet you can't rent a few films. Of course it's funny," Julie said.

"I'm serious," Bobby said.

"So am I, so why can't you do this one thing for me tomorrow," Julie asked.

"Julie, what the hell is so important that I've got to pretend I'm a girl," Bobby asked in frustration and no small amount of anger.

"Because, I am just beginning to realize that we are not really joking about that girlaphobia, as funny as it sounds, and this assignment is actually going to get blown off by you. Honestly, it's a great opportunity for you to really get a taste of what we are about. An honest and safe way to step into my shoes, and I mean that both figuratively and literally," Julie said.

"And I can't count Halloween as that experience," Bobby asked and added, "or those half dozen other times growing up?"

"Half dozen? You said you dressed as a girl only a couple of times," Julie noted curiously.

"Will you stop! That's not the point! I'm saying you are putting me... as a guy... at very great risk asking me to do that, and you know it," Bobby said.

"A half dozen times? You got pictures. I've only seen those couple," Julie asked.

"I'm about to go Postal here," Bobby said as Julie smiled.

"Come on, for me! One time, one hour. One lousy hour. We doll you up... No, forget that word! We get you looking like one of us, take you shopping to one store and drive you back, no one the wiser, and you a lot smarter," Julie said and added, "and it's not even going to be all that girlish either. Jeans, tee shirt, tennis shoes and something in your hair."

"You make it sound so damn casual, and it's not," Bobby said.

"It is! It really is, and you know it is, and that's pretty much it," Julie said.

"Please someone, help me! I'm hanging out with a mad woman," Bobby said in frustration.

"So is that a yes I'm hearing? Are you breaking down and is it far enough finally," Julie asked.

"If I say yes and I'm not saying yes, but if I said yes, would that be the end of it? I mean it, the absolute end of it," Bobby asked.

"Absolutely the absolute end of it! Never, ever again! Never! I promise," Julie said crossing her heart.

"That goes for tonight, and all the nights to follow, for the rest of your unnatural life," Bobby asked.

"So help me," Julie said raising her right hand.

"And nothing fancy," Bobby asked.

Nothing fancy! Just the basics, period," Julie said crossing her heart again.

"And I don't get teased by you, or the girls... EVER," Bobby said with emphasis.

Never! Not a word after tomorrow," Julie said as she crossed her heart again.

"Including tomorrow," Bobby added.

"Including tomorrow," Julie said as she drew another cross.

"One store, one hour! Out, and right back in again," Bobby said and added, "I mean it! No side trips, no extra stuff, just that one store and we are back home again?"

"Exactly that, and no more," Julie said.

"And you shut up about it for the rest of this night," Bobby asked and added, "and these films go back on the shelf."

"Right this instant, and my lips are sealed till you tease them open later," Julie said twisting an imaginary key over her lips but snickering.

"Damn your pretty eyes," Bobby said and added, "and I get to take a Valium or something suitable that makes me slightly catatonic for tomorrow.

"Two! I will get you two Valium," Julie said kissing Bobby on the cheek, as she grabbed the films. She began putting them back but grabbing another after she returned.

"What is that one," Bobby asked.

"Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams," Julie said.

"You are killing me," Bobby said.

"It really is suppose to be funny," Julie said.

"Fine," Bobby said knowing he'd lost, but not sure how as he followed Julie to the counter.

"He is paying," Julie said handing the film to the salesperson.

"Though the nose," Bobby said under his breath.

Julie spent half of the film talking to the girls on her cell phone, and laughing on occation. Bobby was going to wear her jeans with the flower on the back pocket, his own tee-shirt, her panties but white this time, and a white bra with Tracy's tennis shoes. Bobby's transformation would take place at Rose's house.

"What if I have got to go to the bathroom," Bobby said suddenly as he stepped into Julie's jeans. He had walked to Rose's house and the girls were waiting. Julie started by helping in into her bra. He had put her panties on to only a slight giggle.

As it also happens Bobby was going to wear Cindy's very pink Barbie watch, carry Sandy's purse, also in pink, and his hair was going to be held by twin clips donated from Brenda. It was only fair the girls had argued, since Bobby was already wearing something of Julie's and Tracy's tennis shoes.

"What happens if you need to go to the bathroom? You go to the bathroom," Julie said.

"No, that is not what I meant and you know it. I mean what if I have to go to the bathroom? You know, I can't go into the guy's, and I sure as hell can't use the women's! Last thing I need is getting caught dressed as a girl in a girl's bathroom," Bobby said.

"That is how we do it," Julie said making it sound silly.

"You are girls which is why they call it the girl's bathroom," Bobby said.

"OK, so you go before we go, and you don't go again till we get back," Julie said and added, "it is only for a hour?"

"Nope, this isn't going to work. I mean it, I am too nervous and I can see it now, Nature calls and boom, I end up in the back seat of a squad car, my life ruined," Bobby said.

"Bobby, you cannot back out now," Julie said.

"I can! Listen, honestly, I can't do this. I mean it, what if I really have to go," Bobby said in an honest to goodness panic.

"OK, wait right there," Julie said moving to her door.

"Where are you going," Bobby asked.

"I'll be right back. I've got the perfect solution, or rather Rose does," Julie said.

Bobby stood there in Julie's panties, jeans and the bra crossing himself to hide the bra as Julie opened her door after a time. They had sprayed his hair with a jell, brushed it to part down the middle. Julie used Brenda's pink hair clips with small plastic pink bows to give him two cute piggish sprigs of hair off to either side. Bobby didn't see those bows till they had finished his make over.

Bobby did pass, and he knew it. He knew it even before the girls began complementing him on how cute he looked as a girl, and he really should wear a dress they kept suggesting. That last part got a rapid and emphatic no as he had walked off to Julie's room to dress. Bobby was sitting there looking at himself in the mirror, wondering how he had gotten himself into this.

"Here," Julie said coming into the room again before closing the door. She was holding what looked like panties, but clearly not.

"What are those," Bobby asked.

"Panties but they are designed just a little differently. They belong to Rose," Julie said.

"What do you mean differently," Bobby asked, looking at the panties, and trying to figure out what was different about them.

"OK, and you've got to keep this to yourself, but Rose is slightly incontinent. She has to wear these," Julie said handing them to Bobby. It was then that Bobby understood that difference.

"What! Are you suggesting I go out... No! Absolutely not! I am not wearing a damn diaper," Bobby said pulling his hand back.

"It is not a diaper OK, and don't you ever say that. Look, she doesn't even know I have borrowed these, and she's super sensitive about it, so keep your remarks to yourself. These are not diapers, they are incontinent pants for women and, just for the record, you can get these for guys in damn near the same style. Besides, it completely eliminates any risk of having to use the bathroom which is the whole point of these in the first place," Julie said in an angry whisper.

"Julie," Bobby said in anguish.

"It's these and no risk of using a bathroom or keep my panties on, and go out as planned that way," Julie said and added, "and we are going to be late if you don't finish up here in a minute."

"Fine!" Bobby said taking the panties from Julie and laying them on the bed, as he mumbled, "if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a damn good chance it's a duck."

"What," Julie asked as Bobby removed his jeans and then her panties.

"These! They have a thick cotton lining, and obviously there is a plastic layer between the nylon panty layer and that cotton. Call them whatever you want to call them, but they are still a diaper," Bobby said.

"OK fine, then think of them as training pants if you're looking for accuracy. Now, come on and get them on so we can go," Julie said.

"And your bra is cutting into my chest," Bobby said as he stepped into Rose's training pants or diaper pants or whatever they were.

"Can't be and it's not! Look sweetheart, we are nearly the exact same chest size, and if you were a girl we'd be sharing bras easily so stop finding reasons for not doing this and just do it," Julie said and added, "you are just not use to wearing a bra, and you should remember this for your essay."

"And I'm not going to get use to wearing a bra either," Bobby said definitely as he grabbed the jeans. Those training pants were thick enough to feel odd between his legs, although it was clear they would fill out Julie's jeans better.

"I hope not," Julie said and added, "I don't think I'd be comfortable with you getting too comfortable dressing as a girl."

"What, you talked me into this," Bobby said.

"Just kidding," Julie said as she picked up the white tee-shirt to hand to Bobby.

Bobby pulled the tee-shirt on and that slightly larger than a "B" cup bra was obvious as he began tucking the tee-shirt into the jeans. As it happens, those training panties, as thick as they were gave Bobby a nice feminine set of hips and a very girlish looking bottom.

"Cute, now grab your purse and let's go," Julie said smiling at the figure before her. Bobby made a damn cute looking girl, she mused, as she took up her own purse. Bobby reached for the one Sandy had loaned him. Bobby carried his wallet, a tube of the lipstick Julie had used and a purse size pack of tissue.

Julie had teased Bobby playfully asking how far he was from his period and did he want to carry a Kotex. Julie noted that saying she didn't want the same thing happening to Bobby back when they met. Bobby reminded her that she promised not to tease. Julie returned the Kotex to the box, but there were a couple of more snickers she had trouble holding back.

"About time," Rose said admiring how feminine Julie's young man looked. As pretty as the rest of the girls, and if she didn't know he was a boy she would have never guessed.

"Wow," Sandy said before the rest joined in to complement Bobby. All of the girls were dressed pretty much the same as him intending to help him fit in. They were all gathering their purses and heading out the door making Bobby grateful that the complements had ended.

They were going in Julie's car, because she was the only one that could hold them all as Cindy, Sandy and Tracy got into the back seat, with Brenda sliding in between Julie and Bobby. Bobby was wondering what the hell he was doing, as Julie backed the car out. Bobby's purse, a pastel pink, matched his Barbie watch and hair bows. Bobby had refused to get his ears pierced when the topic had come up.

Julie turned left on to Baker road and eased into traffic. Baker road, an expressway, ran seven miles long before Julie would be turning left on Tucker for the bridal shop. The traffic patrol officer, the first on the scene, would later write that the sedan, traveling Northbound, was at or near the speed limit according to the skid marks.

Bobby remembers two things worth noting just before he was struck unconscious: One of the girls screaming behind him and two large black overlapping "R's", one higher than the other, on a very white Rolls Royce. He turned his head just as the Rolls slammed into his door. Crunching metal and braking glass caught the attention of bystanders.

Julie's car was knocked sideways, but forward with momentum as it began to skid and turn in a counter clockwise direction. As luck would have it, Bobby's side of the car hit the street pole. The girls were hysterical as the fire departments Emergency Medical Team or EMT unit began treating Bobby at the scene. The girls were also being treated as was the woman driving the Rolls.

Three ambulances were dispatched to the scene with Bobby's the first to leave, but holding Julie sitting next to the Paramedic. That Paramedic, checked Bobby's vitals one last time then took up the mike looking at his clip board before clicking to transmit.

"Base, mobile one, one, five. I've got a young female, accident, auto, with an extraction time of ten minutes, estimating late teens early twenties, approximate height 64 inches, weight approximately 50 kilograms. Vitals are pulse 100, BP 90 over 60, respiration 12 and shallow.

Victim is unresponsive, pupils showing pupillary reflex. Possible head and neck injuries, major and minor contusions with heavy bruising below the right breast. CPR paced intubation with mask, and O2 started with IV flow. ETA four minutes." The paramedic said before clicking off.

Julie, holding her sprained wrist, began to cry softly.

Julie was wheeled to an exam area while Bobby was taken into one of the glass walled trauma units. Cat scans were called for as was the resident neurologist. The second ambulance holding the woman driving the Rolls plus Cindy and Sandy arrived two minutes later. Four minutes after that the rest of the girls were on their own beds in that same trauma area.

They were all in tears as each was wheeled out of their ambulances and into the emergency room past Bobby. There were six people working on him as the girls started receiving emergency medical treatments themselves. Julie insisted on a bed that gave her a view of Bobby in the trauma centers work area. Julie was terribly upset.

A large nurse walked in with a clip board asking if Julie knew the unconscious girl. She did, Julie noted. That nurse was about to begin asking questions when another nurse walked up to her side, tugged on her arm and moved off a few feet. The large nurse, about to ask questions, nodded a couple of times as the nurse from the emergency room talked. The broke up and the large nurse returned to Julie's bed.

"Ma'am," The nurse asked of Julie as she added, "I'm nurse Bell and I've been told that the victim we have in trauma one, originally identified as female is, in fact, male. Do you know him?"

"Her! Yes, I know her! Is she going to be all right," Julie asked sniffling slightly.

"She? Ma'am, that young lady is male," the nurse said before realizing that Julie needed to know first if that person, she obviously knew, was going to be all right as she added, "vitals are almost normal and stable, good signs. The doctors will no more after the scans. Honey, we've got the best doctors here.

Nurse Bell has been a nurse for twenty two years and has seen most of it at least twice. Having a young man laying on a table dressed as a young woman was not something new. What Nurse Bell wanted to know, based on the way the young man was dressed, was how he preferred to be referenced.

"Does he or she prefer the feminine pronouns," Nurse Bell asked.

"Yes! Her name is Bobby Anderson, she's eighteen and she is a transsexual pre-operative," Julie said thinking fast. Telling the hospital staff that Bobby was a transsexual would not change his treatment and explain quickly why he was dressed the way he was.

"Is he incontinent," Nurse Bell asked not sure about the diaper pants.

"Yes, occasionally," Julie added thinking that would explain what Bobby was wearing under his jeans, and why the nurse asked.

Nurse Bell, after those two questions began asking the normal ones finding out that Bobby was a student and what his address was. Julie lied about that as well giving the nurse Julie's address. That would eliminate, for now, a call to the school and ultimately Bobby's mother. At least until Julie could get Bobby back to normal as she worried over his condition. If Bobby's condition was bad Julie would call Bobby's mother herself.

It was an hour later that the girls, in their own pain, discomfort and fear for Bobby, settled in around the trauma unit waiting to hear from the doctors on Bobby's condition. Another hour passed with Ms. Abby Matthews having joined them, after introducing herself as the one that had done this to them.

The doctor, who was the on call trauma doctor, walked into the emergency waiting room set aside for families, asking who it was that knew Bobby. Julie stood then waiting in fear till the doctor smiled. There was, in fact a concussion, and a fairly bad one actually, but there was no internal bleeding and only minor brain swelling.

The doctor that looked at Bobby's scans, a specialist on Neurological disorders said that his, or rather her scans looked very good. Julie hugged the doctor, as did the other girls, and Ms. Matthews visibly relaxed. Bobby would have a splitting headache and there were other minor injuries as well but nothing that was going to keep her there for longer than a few days, a couple even if she woke within the next few hours.

The doctor had been told about Bobby and assured Julie that she, emphasizing she, would be treated and referred to as female. Julie thanked the doctor just as they began to wheel Bobby up to the intensive care unit. He wore a pink hospital gown, Julie noted, with a light smile. ICU was a normal procedure for concussion victims and Bobby would be there till she woke, Julie was told.

Julie took that time to talk again with Nurse Bell who, Julie noted, was both sympathetic to the girl boy she had admitted and clearly in charge of that floor. The diapers, Julie said, traced back to a childhood trauma, Julie wasn't clear on, and when Bobby was very young. In a convoluted kind of logic Julie had decided that a diaper would somehow hide the fact that Bobby was male.

Nurse Bell, mindful only on the care Bobby received, made a notation on his admittance form that the diapers were to continue and no catheter would be needed. As is always the case in a hospital, the unusual is shared quickly, and nearly all of the nursing staff, and doctors, knew they had a transsexual under their care. To their credit that nursing staff was very sympathetic to their young lady now under their care.

Bobby woke at three o'clock that following morning, but was suffering from a painful headache, as predicted, prompting a painkiller, putting Bobby almost immediately back to sleep. Bobby wasn't aware that he had been diapered and changed twice since arriving. Julie, of course, was.

Julie sent the other girls home when it was clear they could leave and that Bobby was going to recover fully. They left only after Julie promised to call them if there was any changes to Bobby's condition. Meanwhile, Mike Austin, Abby's Attorney, was already working on what he saw as a potentially expensive litigation for Abby, which also included running interference at the hospital.

Ms. Abby Matthews was a formidable woman and some would even say brutal in her business dealings, although those working for her thought otherwise. Mike, for instance, was an intern when he met Abby some twenty years before that day and saw her, more often than not, as the mom he'd lost right after starting college. He'd been with her ever since.

Abby was also fair minded and extremely generous, to a fault, when an opportunity arose to do something for someone. Abby suddenly had that opportunity with the kids she had injured. Abby was beside herself over hitting what she considered a car load of children, given the differences in age, and already Mike's firm was working on her behalf.

Ms. Abby Matthews had been there in the emergency room with Bobby and the girls. She was there for a badly bruised nose, and a lip that wouldn't be kissable for at least several days. She was also directing the hospital staff, like a wounded general might his troops.

Abby's first order of business was the care of those still in the hospital, namely Bobby and Julie. Julie had refused to leave so they had given her a bed next to Bobby's. The best of care was ordered immediately making the hospital administrator very happy. That administrator also knew of Abby so he was more than willing to do what she commanded.

The first thing Abby took care of was the insurance the kids had making it clear it wasn't necessary. Abby wanted those two still in the hospital treated on her dimes, and it had only taken an hour or so for those around her to know that she had a whole lot of dimes!

Ms. Abby Matthews, Julie and the rest would find out later, had a great deal of dimes. In fact, Ms. Matthews had tons of dimes. So, as it also happens, Bobby was transferred almost immediately from the ward. Actually, and to the surprise of Julie and her friends, Bobby was transferred to a room that cost more per day than any of them made working a year part time.

The girls were abuzz with excitement when they returned that following morning to visit Julie and Bobby, who now shared suites, on the eleventh floor. They were very private rooms with verandas and sitting area for the girls. What had the girls so excited was in discovering that Abby's firm wanted to settle and to the extreme as far as they were concerned.

Julie had a taste of that already given the room she occupied and had met Abby late last night again when she came in to see how Bobby was doing. Abby knew that the young lady was a young man in transition and that, as an issue, was set aside almost instantly. As far as Abby was concerned Bobby was female with all the rights and privileges of being so.

Abby also got that same information from Julie on why Bobby was wearing a disposable since he was changed once during her visit. Abby didn't see Bobby actually get changed but she knew a disposable diaper when she saw one.

When the issue of him wearing diapers instead of a catheter came up again Abby was there to intervene. Diapering a comatose patient was not standard procedure, a catheter was. It only took a moment for Abby, with some backing from Mike, for the hospital to change their procedures.

Again, to Abby’s credit she was both swift and generous in her aid and support. Abby hated that hospital green diaper and Bobby was diapered in white not more than an hour later. As for Julie, Abby was very fast in fact, because Julie, when she was ready to drive back to the house from the hospital, would do so in a brand new car purchased by Abby’s attorney. The girls, come Monday, would no longer have to pay for their tuition, books or any other cost associated with their schooling, which also included Julie and Bobby when the time came.

It had shocked the girls further when the owner of that bridal shop called to say that she would open after hours for Brenda so she could still buy that dress for her sister's wedding. Not only would she be open special for Brenda, but she would no longer be buying her dress. Abby had arranged that with a phone call to her administrative assistant and that assistant had made the arrangements with the store. It had blown Brenda away to be the only customer and that the cost of her dress was no longer an issue.

One could argue, almost immediately, that Abby was self serving in this maneuver, and it was mentioned in the discussions the girls had. What changed their opinion of that woman and her attorney was the fact there were no papers being signed. Abby, through Mike, had made it clear that she would settle without contesting that settlement if the girls decided to pursue any litigation later and what she'd done so far was over and above that settlement.

What endeared the girls to Abby that following day was the fact that none of the girls, including Julie, had even considered getting an attorney. Julie did mention the loss her car, as old as it was, and that she would need something beyond a rental at some point making Mike laugh some. Mike laughed because he already knew that and Julie, when she was up to it, was to go shopping for a new car on Abby.

Bobby too was benefiting from Abby's generosity, but didn't know it although the girls did right after they arrived at Bobby's new room. Seems that Abby had purchased nearly all of the flowers in the gift shop and Bobby, still sleeping soundly, was wearing a brand new quilted pink satin bed jacket "for visitors". There was also a very big pink teddy bear bandaged appropriately by the nurses to match Bobby's head where he'd been given those three stitches above his right eye.

Julie had nearly died laughing when Abby asked if she could have her personal beautician come in for Bobby's sake. Abby, now sharing another of the suites on that same floor to be close to Bobby, was going to have her own face done and would love to offer Julie and Bobby the same. Julie of course said yes if for no other reason than the humor of it in Bobby's case.

That makeover, Abby noted, would be for Bobby's moral when she woke. Hospital or no, Abby noted, a girl is a girl and if she looks pretty, she'll feel pretty. Bobby would be thankful that he would not have heard that part first hand. It was a statement made to Julie who again fought the laugh that she hid behind her smile. The other girls were let in on Julie’s cover story, as far as the details were concerned, and that was pretty much that when breakfast came that following morning.

Bobby woke, soon after, with an IV also administering a pain killer for a headache that would make an elephant cry. That headache was one of the reasons Bobby didn't spend too much time on why he was wearing a pink satin bed jacket and a very fluffy disposable between his legs.

Bobby also didn't know he was wearing lipstick, shadow, eye liner and mascara. Nor did Bobby know that his hair had been washed, set and curled but now sporting two pink neatly tied satin bows in his hair. Abby's beautician did that as Bobby drifted in and out of sleep in those first few hours. When that beautician left Bobby was beautiful and left no doubt he was a girl for those around him other than for those that knew him.

Ironically that effort by the beautician took the edge off the nurses who were taking turns changing the diapers Bobby wore. That edge was there only slightly and comes with having a guy wishing he was a girl. Although, to those nurses credit again, all they really cared about was Bobby's comfort and well being and, of course, that Bobby didn't end up with a diaper rash.

Julie was to be released that day sometime in the afternoon as was Abby when she knew Bobby was going to be OK. Bobby, the doctor noted could leave as early as Monday if there were no further developments showing up on his cat scans. It would be another slightly twisted bit of irony that the doctor also mentioned, as was the case with head trauma, that Bobby take it very easy for at least a week.

Abby took that as her personal responsibility, and the reason for that irony, to make sure those orders were followed. Abby suggested to Julie that she and Bobby spend that week, perhaps two, at her house with Bobby under supervised care. Julie, not seeing any downside for Bobby, agreed on his behalf. Julie was sure Bobby wouldn't mind given how he looked at the moment.

Julie's intent was to explain to Abby what had transpired before that accident but only after Bobby was fully recovered and able to get back to 'normal'. Julie was hopeful that Abby would understand, given the circumstances, when she sat with Abby to explain. What changed that only slightly was when Julie brought Bobby a few of her things, but making it appear they were Bobby's.

There had been some amount of bleeding at the scene of the accident so what Bobby wore had been stained, and why Julie had tossed together something for Bobby to wear home, or to Abby's house. For Abby, those things of Julie's were a heart wrenching view of a girl struggling to make it. Of course Julie's intent was for Bobby to have something a bit less feminine to wear out of the hospital.

Abby, shocking Julie when she suggested it, had ever intention of changing that. As far as Abby was concerned, Bobby was going to leave there in something delightfully pretty. Something very pretty, very frilly and very girlish since Abby was still viewing Bobby as her little girl want to be. Abby was feeling extremely motherly towards that pretty little girl sleeping so soundly and sweetly when she and Julie left.

Abby insisted on brunch first after a days worth of hospital food then a couple of hours shopping at one of Abby's boutiques for Bobby's sake. Julie was a little nervous over that part and mostly over Abby spending money on Bobby that would obviously be wasted at some point. Abby of course laughed and then insisted not knowing the real reason for Julie's resistance.

Julie had never felt real silk lingerie before this nor had she ever seen a slip priced beyond a hundred dollars and envied Bobby his new things. In a slightly guilty view of things Julie hoped what Bobby wore out of the hospital would soon be hers and what Bobby was going to wear out of that hospital left Julie with a perpetual smile on her face.

Most everything Abby was now paying for was silk. Bobby's panties were first but matched the slip and Abby had tried being delicate given that Bobby wore diapers. Abby wasn't sure if Bobby would want to wear panties under her diaper but thought it might make her feel better if she did.

Julie, fighting a very strong urge to lose herself in laughter was sure Bobby would love wearing those panties under her diaper. What girl doesn't like pink silk panties Julie noted happily as those were put on top of the new slip also in pink silk. Bobby also now owned a silk pair of thigh high stockings in a light taupe and a bra to match his slip and panties.

Bobby's going home dress was a very pretty flowery print in a light pointelle and lace silk above a slightly ruffled four gore skirt styled for Spring. Very girlish the woman at the boutique noted when Abby suggested something along those lines and slightly juvenile. Little girlish Julie couldn't help but notice and that was most of the reason she liked it. It was an original created by fashion designer Tracy Wilkinson of Mon Petit Oiseau and very pretty both women agreed.

Bobby's dress drove the shoes which were chosen as a lightly heeled pump in a soft pastel pink from designer J. Renee Sly. Not quite a little girl's style but slightly Mary Jane-ish in looks made older with a short heel added. Those shoes of course drove the handbag the women chose. It was a shoulder sling soft sided leather designed by Prada of Italy and almost perfectly matched to Bobby's shoes.

Bobby's going home outfit totaled out to be nearly twenty two hundred dollars leaving Julie gasping for breath and very envious of Bobby as those items were bagged. A very good buy Abby noted having gotten almost three hundred off the dress since it was on sale. A comment that left Julie wishing she had a clothing budget like that and giggling as she realized that Bobby did.

Bobby, meanwhile, woke feeling better but not for the reasons he'd been woken. It was to be his final cat scan his Day Nurse Carol said as she gently nudged him awake. Which was said in a very casual tone as she rolled back the soft blanket and sheet covering him and exposing what was clearly a very thick disposable diaper.

It hadn't been a dream those diaper changes Bobby mused in a mild state of confusion and no small amount of shock before asking in a slight panic if Julie was around. She wasn't the nurse said as she peeled the tapes holding Bobby's diaper on. Bobby realizing also that his hair was still styled like a girl was confounded even more over the pink bed jacket and makeup on his nightstand.

Of course the room surprised him as well till Nurse Carol mentioned that a Ms. Abby Matthews was taking care of all of his expenses. As odd as everything was and most of that because of a lack of context, Bobby relaxed some. Whatever was happening had already been happening he mused and he was sure it was Julie's doing. The fact that there was a slight nagging headache still kept him calmer than he would have liked to have been.

"Hey," Julie said coming into the room with Abby who she introduced to Bobby immediately. Abby left for coffee promising to return in a while leaving the bags on a chair so Julie could have a few minutes with Bobby.

"What the hell is going on," Bobby said tossing the bed sheet back to show Julie what he was tapped into.

"I can explain and the doctor has made it clear you are not to get excited," Julie said.

"Not get excited. Did you know that the nurses think I'm a girl or a guy that wants to be a girl. One of them told me... One of them told me I was making the right decision! The right decision? What have you told them and why am I wearing diapers," Bobby asked in a slight panic.

"First of all, calm down and secondly, what did the doctor say about your scan," Julie asked.

Bobby, actually calming a bit mostly for the sake of his head noticed the brace on Julie's wrist and that caught his attention for a second as he said, "how are you? The girls? Is everyone OK?"

"I'm fine. Mild sprain, a sore nose from the airbag and that's pretty much it. The girls are fine. Brenda, next to you, got the brunt of it when she banged her knee on the dash. She's OK though and home. Everyone is fine! Now what about you," Julie asked.

"Doc says I'm OK. Swelling is down and except for a really ugly bruise on my chest and those stitches, I'm going to live. Doctor says I should stay off my feet for another week, but if the scans look good I can leave tomorrow. Now then, what about this stuff and you may start with my damn diaper," Bobby said.

Julie sat on the edge of Bobby's bed smiling as she began to explain everything from the moment Bobby was carried to the ambulance to now. Bobby now understood who that woman was and why he was wearing a diaper, more or less, but not clear why he had to spend that week at Abby's.

"Look, she feels very badly over what happened and it's mostly because of that. Like I said, she adores you already and I didn't see any reason to blow up any of her bubbles till it was absolutely necessary. If you want, we can tell her right now and blow this off, but honestly, I think it would break her heart if we did. Besides, you need the rest." Julie said softly and clearly meaning it.

Julie had told Bobby what Abby had already done for the girls and about the car Julie was going to shop for blowing Bobby away given the cost of it. However, all of that aside, he wasn't about to spend any more time as a girl than he had to as he looked around the room at mostly stuff in pink not to mention that giant teddy bear the nurse had given him for the ride to his cat scan.

Julie laughed then and some of it reminding him of his assignment still looming out there from Ms. Miller's class. Julie's argument was two fold beginning with how little harm there was in Bobby continuing his charade for the sake of Abby and of course all of that material he'd be gathering for class.

Bobby had laughed sarcastically over that last but had calmed considerably given that Julie had honestly acted on his behalf. The fact that the staff was already fixed on him being a girl helped sway him a bit on continuing at least till he left the hospital. Julie didn't mention the clothes though feeling sure if Bobby saw what he was going to wear out of there that he'd faint dead away.

"We need to tell that woman what's what," Bobby said.

"How about we tell her in about a week. I don't know about you, but I've never stayed in a rich woman's house and from what she's described, we're going to be very comfortable. Besides, you still need that week and like it or not I'm going to make sure you take it," Julie said with conviction.

"You're telling me I've got to pretend I'm a girl for another week," Bobby said but with a lot less anger given the circumstances. Whatever harm had been done and most of that was to his ego, had already been done. Spending the week at that woman's house was going to be difficult but doable.

"I'm telling you that the woman who hit us feels terrible and this thing that she's doing is helping her a lot to cope with it so where's the harm," Julie said.

"Hello? Where's the harm? What about my damn ego? Look at me," Bobby said.

"I'm looking? So, you've got ribbons in your hair, you're wearing a satin bed jacket and you've been tapped into a diaper, what's that got to do with your ego," Julie said with a snicker over the humor of it.

"You really are crazy," Bobby said taking up the mirror on his nightstand. His lipstick needed to be freshened up as did his makeup, he noted, but the girl was still clearly there, as he added with a sight smile, "look what you've done to me."

"Me thinks she protest too strongly," Julie whispered as she bent to kiss Bobby.

"What's that suppose to mean," Bobby said laying the mirror at his side.

"Come on, you can't tell me this isn't getting to you just a tiny bit," Julie said.

"I'm not answering that until I've talked with my attorney," Bobby said smiling slightly.

"I knew it," Julie said.

"You don't know anything. This is all your doing," Bobby said.

"And that little trick with the mirror just then. What was that all about," Julie said moving a finger to fix Bobby's bangs.

"What? Hey, I was just curious is all," Bobby said defensively.

"So stay curious then, for another week at least. Look, it's one week in a very big house with a woman with a very big heart. It's private, it's safe and I honestly don't see you not seeing your way clear for her sake," Julie said.

"Private and safe? Where have I heard those words before," Bobby said.

"Hey, it was an accident and it wasn't my fault. OK, so things got slightly out of hand but it's not going to get any worse if that helps and honestly, you really do need that week," Julie said.

"Can I trash the diapers at least," Bobby asked moving a leg slightly causing the crinkling to return.

"Honestly? No. The thing is, they're part of this facade for now. Trying to explain away the diapers would raise questions on everything else. Come on, hang in there for a bit longer and just go with the flow," Julie said and added, "get it, go with the flow?"

"Flow! You mean continue riding the rapids you've tossed me into," Bobby said sarcastically and ignoring Julie's little play on words.

"Is it really that bad," Julie asked as she laid a hand over the sheet and on top of Bobby's diaper as she added, "I could, maybe... I mean if you're really good, come up with a reason to keep you in these."

"Oh, right and that's suppose to turn me on to this," Bobby said, but going silent as Julie teased.

"Hard to fib isn't it. Sort of like knowing Pinocchio. So tell me Pinocchio, honestly, is wearing a diaper really that bad. Come on, tell mommy the truth now," Julie said moving her hand over the sheet and Bobby's diaper as she added, "never mind sweetheart, mommy already has her answer. Wonderful thing about a nose, and other things, that grow"

"You are too much," Bobby said flushing crimson, but giving up to the pleasure of what was happening and suddenly nervous that it was happening, as he added, "one week and that's absolutely it. I mean it!"

"One week," Julie said finding herself as turned on suddenly as Bobby was. What was it about him in a diaper she mused. She already found it appealing to see him feminized, and there had already been a twinge of something when he wore those training pants getting ready, but that diaper was oddly compelling.

"I mean it," Bobby said as Julie bent to kiss him. She'd moved her hand under the sheet and again was resting directly on top of Bobby's diaper. Her fingers moved slightly, purposefully.

"And these too? Please," Julie asked.

"One week," Bobby said closing his eyes as Julie exaggerated her movements slightly causing Bobby between a snicker to add, "maybe two for this part." Julie laughed causing Bobby to laugh just as Abby walked in.

"Well, I see that you're feeling better and I'm so happy to see that," Abby said as she moved towards Bobby. What caught his attention in that instant was the watery eyes and a tear she didn't catch before it slid down her cheek. Bobby's heart faltered slightly at the emotions it invoked.

"It's going to be OK," Bobby said meaning it and feeling guilty suddenly that he wanted to tell this woman the truth knowing that the truth might sadden her more.

"I know it is sweetheart and I'm going to see to it," Abby said breaking off the hug and dabbing at her eyes as she added, "so, have you seen your going home outfit? We're going to have a little party tomorrow night with the girls. Just the girls."

"Just the girls," Bobby said in a whisper as his anxiety level rose again looking at Julie as he added, "what outfit?"

"I was going to mention that," Julie said nervously as she added, "didn't get the chance."

"Oh heavens, then that is a must," Abby said suddenly very animated and very thrilled as she moved to the bags. The dress was in a dress bag and that she noted, would be last. First, Bobby's under things.

Bobby shared his attention between Abby and Julie. Abby got a smile and Julie, when Abby wasn't looking, got a look that suggested she leave town. That look began when Abby held up the panties noting first of all that they were silk.

"Here, feel these and tell me that those are not the best reason of all for being a girl," Abby said bringing the panties to Bobby before extending them for him to feel.

"Wow, those are nice," Bobby said as his mind said the same thing. There were two different meanings between that public and private wow as Bobby's fingers moved over the panties. Bobby flushed crimson if his blush had disappeared. His face grew warmer when Abby shared the slip and matching bra with him as well.

All three items she left on the bed so she could get the nylons out next.

"Gee, this is so wonderful," Bobby said hoping Julie got the drift of his meaning without the risk of hurting Abby as he added, "silk as well?"

"Honey, everything you're going to wear home is silk, except for you purse and shoes that is. Cinderella herself would approve of these. Any girl would," Abby said with an excitement often shared between a mother and daughter or so she thought as she added, "I feel like your Fairy God Mother."

"You must be! It's all so lovely," Bobby said trying to imagine the right terms to use. He wasn't sure girls said lovely but knew boys didn't and never about lingerie as Abby draped the stockings over Bobby's hand. 'Fairy God Mother', Bobby mused privately.

"Wait," Abby said picking up the dress bag as she added, "you haven't seen anything yet."

"WOW!" Bobby said with more emotion than he intended and not sure why he'd just done that as he added, "it's beautiful."

"Really, you like it," Abby said.

"I love it," Bobby said tossing some of his caution and a great portion of his anger at Julie out. It was a beautiful dress and Bobby was shocked that he could admit it so readily but it really was. Girlish, frilly, sweet and his, he mused with a twinge of guilt, casting some of his excitement towards doubt and wondering again over his emotions.

"I was so worried," Abby said happily as she brought the dress over to Bobby. For Bobby it was definitely a conflict showing his emotions over such things as a part of his mind played against it. How could he like such things and not like such things in those same moments he mused looking at the dress with the realization he'd be wearing it.

"And about those panties," Abby said nervously as she realized that Bobby might be feeling bad to have panties and no chance to wearing them.

"What about them," Bobby asked feeling his face warming again as he looked down the shimmering material near his knee.

"I'm going to insist that you wear them. You know, under your diaper tomorrow. They can always be washed," Abby said as delicately as she could. It was her way of hinting that it was OK and to her it was as she added, "oh and I forgot about your shoes and bag. The bag is Prada of Italy and the shoes are J. Renee Sly."

"Wow," Bobby noted without having a clue who Prada or Sly was. Obviously Abby knew and just as obviously it was a big deal for her.

"This is so incredible," Bobby said looking once again at Julie who was fighting to hold her emotions in check. She couldn't help it as she watched Bobby faltering between his two states. Julie was trying to imagine what was going through Bobby's head and wished suddenly she had her hand on the diaper again. Julie was positive Bobby wasn't nearly as angry as he tried showing deciding most of it was for show.

"So, I'm told by the doctor that you are out of here tomorrow promptly at ten when he releases you. I've made arrangements with my beautician to be here at nine for your make up and there will be a lemo waiting curb side for us when the doctor gives his OK. Julie and I can help you dress," Abby said bending to kiss Bobby good-bye.

Clearly it was very exciting for her as Abby hugged Julie before adding, "I have arraignments to make for our tea and dinner party before tomorrow night. I want you to get plenty of rest as well young lady."

"I'll be here," Bobby said meaning it as a joke with a touch of sarcasm in it.

"Slept tight honey," Abby said.

"I will," Bobby said and quickly added, "and thank you so much for the clothes. I can't believe you did that."

"Nothing! Honestly, it really was my pleasure," Abby said as she blew Bobby and Julie a kiss before disappearing out of the room.

"What have you done to me," Bobby said looking at the clothes on his bed.

"Honest, I was going to tell you about those things but didn't get a chance and just for the record I brought you jeans and a tee-shirt to wear home. It was all her idea to get you something special to wear out of here. What could I do," Julie said with a shrug as she picked up the panties.

"And those! I'm suppose to wear those under a diaper? Julie, am I going nuts or what? Did she really say that," Bobby said.

"Look, she feels bad that you can't wear panties. Bobby, you've got to remember that she thinks you really want to be a girl. She's doing this in that context. Why do you think she went with the pinks. Besides, you can give those things to me when this is over," Julie said taking up the slip and holding it next to her as she said it.

"I'm going to be in therapy for months after this," Bobby said.

"A lot of transsexuals spend some of their time working this out with a therapist," Julie said stepping back before Bobby could take a swing at her as she said it and added, "don't you dare! You're not suppose to be getting excited, or is it too late for that? Pinocchio!"

"You wait! I mean it, you just wait," Bobby said taking a light swing at her when she moved her hand in a mock gesture for Bobby's diaper again.

"Can't wait," Julie said moving in to kiss him. Bobby in spite of the wide range of emotions cursing through his body kissed her back as Julie said, "look, a week of this and it ends and what a paper you're going to be able to write and, think about it, every bit of it first hand."

"As if I'd write about this," Bobby said.

"Why not. I mean it, why not. This is the stuff that "A's" are made of," Julie noted.

"And fairies! Did you hear her! She thinks she's my fairy god mother," Bobby said.

"She is right now. Did you see how happy she was," Julie noted.

"So what happens when I tell her I'm not a girl 'want to be' and never was," Bobby said feeling the pangs of guilt suddenly.

"We tell her and I'm sure it's not going to make all that much difference. She's a nice person and she's bound to understand the why of this once we tell her the truth," Julie said.

"Meanwhile, I'm a fairy princess and I'm not talking about fairy as in princess either," Bobby said with a voice hinting of anguish.

"Now come on. It's going to be odd, OK, I can see that, but what if you just imagine a weeks worth of this as Halloween or something like that and ignore the fact that it's odd," Julie said.

"No guy, no guy I've ever known, no guy in the history of guys, has ever wanted to spend a week as a fairy princess. Not even for Halloween," Bobby said.

"So," Julie asked and added, "first time for everything,"

"So... pardon me while I go stark raving mad. At least that way we've both got something in common," Bobby said laying his head back down in frustration.

"Actually sweets, when you leave here tomorrow, you and I will have a lot in common. Except for the diapers of course," Julie said bending down to kiss Bobby as her hand moved to cover Bobby's diaper again causing her to add, "although, I'm not so sure that's going to stay true either. I'm really becoming very fond of that crinkling sound."

"Leave me alone you weirdo, I'm tired and I need my beauty sleep. Get it," Bobby said smiling up at Julie as he laid there enjoying those motions she was making with her hand.

"Good idea! The girls want to know how you are doing as well," Julie said kissing Bobby lightly before she took up his clothes. Julie began to hand up Bobby's dress and fold his panties and slip when Nurse Carol walked in.

"Oh, he's asleep. I was going to check and see if he was wet," Carol said dropping her voice.

"I believe he is," Julie said almost snickering as she hung the dress bag on the closet door.

"I'll come back in a bit and change him," Carol noted as she moved to Bobby's IV and checked it.

"I've done that already," Julie said.

"You've changed him," Carol asked.

"Big time," Julie said as she sat the shoes on the floor.

'Big time', Bobby mused to himself as he felt himself drifting off. He really was wet a little he also mused as the image of Cinderella began forming in his first dream.

The nurse smiled but there was a slight hint of confusion on her face as she turned to leave. She would check on Bobby and change him later she decided still not clear if Julie had changed him or not or if that was what Julie meant.

Meanwhile Abby was in the back of her other car with Henry at the wheel punching in the number of her administrative assistant, Barbara Turner, who answered on the second ring. The number calling was Abby as she answered.

"So how are we doing," Abby asked.

"In Home Nursing is sending over a woman named Hilga and she should be here by eight tomorrow. Brown's pharmacy is delivering everything tonight and I'll check that again at eight. They are the only ones that had cloth diapers and that woman Hilga, fortunately, is satisfied with their brands. Bobby's room will be ready by the time she gets here.

As for the party, I've got Little Princess Parties coming in at eleven and the girls are going to be here about the same time to get the decorations up. I don't have all of their sizes yet but the costume shop has several sizes in stock so I don't see a problem there. Bobby's dress is already set aside. Cinderella is fairly popular for girls so they've got a pretty good inventory.

The carriage was a tough one though so you owe me extra for that. I've got a Bill Rogers of Carriage House Rentals coming in at noon and he should be set up within half an hour after arriving. It's not going to be anywhere near the same as what Cinderella rode in but it's white and gold trimmed and very pretty if the pictures do it justice. The horses are all white and Bill wears a red and black velvet suit as the coachman and stepman or whatever you call them.

Should be really cute.

Oh, and Mike wanted you to call him as soon as you get a chance," Barbara said.

"Barb, you're a doll and take a dollar out of petty cash for your trouble. I'll see you in another twenty minutes or so. Oh, what about my dress... You didn't tell me about that," Abby said smiling.

"Yours is set aside as well. As for the wands, they've got two styles, one has lights that twinkle. I had them set both aside till you decided," Barbara said.

"Twinkles? Yes, get the twinkly one. A Fairy God Mother is not a proper Fairy God Mother with a wand that doesn't twinkle," Abby said laughing before saying good-bye. Mike was next as she pressed his two digits.

"Hello Abby," Mike said recognizing Abby's number.

"Hi kiddo, so what's new on the legal front," Abby said.

"OK, so here's what I've got so far. The girls are legitimate and I've got your car being looked at by an Engineer from a firm that investigates accidents. I've got two people deposing the police at the scene and two witnesses that seem to be credible. The accident was just that, but we're still not sure why your car accelerated like it did. Hopefully the Engineer will be able to tell us something about that.

Now then, as for that boy that wants to be a girl. I can't find a thing, legal, medical or otherwise, that says he's a transsexual. No medical history or any trace of a therapist at all. Can't seem to find anyone else, outside of those girls at the moment, that knows this Bobby as a girl either. Other than that, he too is legitimate as far as being a student goes," Mike noted.

"She," Abby said.

"What," Mike asked.

"She is a she! Anyway, I'm not sure that it matters if you can't prove he's a she but to me she's a she. I've seen her, met her and, like I've said, she's a she. Look Mike, as far as I'm concerned these kids are OK and just kids. I do thank you your due diligence but I'm going to stay with my gut on this," Abby said.

"Well, it's been right before, that gut of yours, so if you're comfortable with them so am I. Listen, for what it's worth these kids have not mentioned in the slightest or given even a tiny hint that they want any more out of you than what you've given them. Basically, I'm saying they are or seem to be, pretty good kids," Mike said.

"I could have told you that," Abby said smiling to herself.

"Then that's that." Mike said.

"Let's make sure they are OK as far as the doctors are concerned, and come Monday I want their schooling taken care of," Abby said.

"So let it be written, so let it be done," Mike said using a bit of dialog from Ben Hur, the movie. Something Mike had gotten from Abby years ago when he was just an intern.

"So be it. Oh, and I want you at the party tomorrow night for Bobby's coming home," Abby said.

"I'll be the only guy," Mike said.

"We can change that. Barbara has the number for that costume house and they've got wigs," Abby said.

"Not a chance," Mike said laughing.

"OK, but it's your loss. Anyway, thank you again for the effort and I'll see you tomorrow night," Abby said.

"Till then," Mike said closing his phone.

Abby was beside herself over this, whatever this was. She felt like a mother with a daughter turning whatever age daughters turn that love being Cinderella. She hadn't planned on a home coming for Bobby because she really didn't know Bobby but something had clicked with her and that boy trying so hard to be a girl.

Abby had called Barbara about putting something together for when the girl comes for the week but wasn't clear on what that something would be. It had been Barbara's idea for the princess party. Not a birthday but just as festive and Abby was in love with the whole thing and within another hour of discussion had pretty much exhausted their options.

Bobby was going to be Cinderella, the girls princesses and Abby would be Bobby's Fairy God Mother making Barbara laugh till her side hurt. The company hosting the party did so mostly for little girls but had on occation done this for adults and they had recommended the costume rental place since their outfits were for little girls.

Abby talked with Julie and then they both talked to the girls and the idea was a hit with all of them. Julie too almost fell over laughing when Abby told her what she wanted to do. The girls as well were beside themselves over Bobby being Cinderella. The girls promised to be at Abby's house early to help decorate.

The carriage was also Abby's idea and for no other reason than the fun of it. When Bobby was in her dress as Cinderella, Abby was going to have her walk out the back, get into the carriage and in that carriage be brought to the front. It was a very cute idea Barbara thought as she began looking for someone that rented horse drawn carriages.

Bobby woke to something and not remembering where he was but feeling oddly happy. He felt wonderful till he realized some of that happiness had been a dream. It was Nurse Carol fixing another full bag to Bobby's IV rack and as soon as Bobby's eyes opened she smiled. "Ready to be changed," She asked.

"Yes," Bobby said with way too much enthusiasm and too late to change that he thought as Carol took up another of the diapers he was wearing. It wasn't Carol in his dreams but Julie changing his diaper and, to Bobby's delight adding a few other things to that ritual Julie seem to see as perfectly normal. At least that was the Julie in the dream he'd had

Carol, as if she changed diapers on adults routinely, did Bobby's with a number of expert moves beginning again with the removal of Bobby's diaper. Bobby was wet again and this time he hadn't wet himself on purpose. Had to have happened when he was dreaming about it, Bobby mused. Odd as well as nice Bobby added to that thought.

On Bobby's nightstand were scented baby wipes and Carol went through three of them expertly, efficiently and intimately, or so Bobby mused in a contented sort of way. Being treated as a princess was one thing, being treated like a baby princess quite another and Bobby, at that moment, wasn't clear which of the two he liked best. Fortunately Bobby didn't react the way he had with Julie as Carol began tugging and taping his diaper closed.

With Bobby clean and freshly changed Carol went through his vital signs making notations on his chart before she took up his soiled diaper to leave. Julie came in passing Carol with a cordial greeting. Julie saw the rolled up disposable in her hand as the large door eased closed.

"Oh, don't tell me I'm too late to change you," Julie said sadly.

"Just you never mind," Bobby said but smiling and some of that smile driven by Julie who didn't hesitate to put her hand back on his diaper.

"Boy you sure turned quickly," Julie said feeling Bobby's reaction.

"I have not turned," Bobby said.

"Right, and let the record show that the Pinocchio Lie Indicator notes that is a fib," Julie said snickering.

"That's because of your hand at the moment," Bobby said in a defensive tone while continuing to smile as he added, "something to be said about..."

"Something to be said about what," Julie asked when it was clear Bobby wasn't going to finish his sentence.

"Nothing, I was just thinking out loud." Bobby said but with his tone changing enough for Julie to notice.

"Something to be said about being babied or about being a girl," Julie asked.

"Neither," Bobby said wishing he hadn't spoken.

"Why you clamming up all of a sudden," Julie asked looking sad as she removed her hand to sit with both in her lap.

"Because, everything I say can be used against me," Bobby said in a tone suggesting regret.

"Or, in your defense," Julie noted.

"Too weird," Bobby said.

"Too weird? The diapers or you liking them," Julie asked.

"Who says I like them," Bobby asked.

"Pinocchio my sweet," Julie said noting first of all that it was the diaper Bobby was talking about and in his defensive response just then it was already answer enough for Julie.

"That doesn't have anything to do with the diaper. It has everything to do with your hand," Bobby said.

"Would it make any difference if I said it was really turning me on," Julie asked putting her hand on the diaper again but this time she had taken up the edge of a gather around Bobby's right leg between her fingers.

"Why," Bobby said and again Julie noted with his question that he'd given her an answer of sorts. He could have said your kidding or something but he hadn't. Bobby wanted to know why. That, Julie decided, was a good sign.

"Why do you like them," Julie asked throwing caution to the wind.

Bobby could have lied right then denying first of all that he even liked them and was going to. A part of his mind was arguing caution just then and another part was desperate to tell Julie he too was turned on over that puffy white "V" he was looking at. Actually, as far as Julie was concerned he had already gone past a denial which again was answer enough.

"Know what I think," Julie said softly.

"What," Bobby asked relieved that she spoke so he didn't have to answer her.

"What's that saying? Give me a second, it's on the tip of my tongue... I think it goes 'if the mind was so simple that we could understand it, we'd be too simple to' or something like that," Julie said.

"Not sure what that means in this context," Bobby said searching Julie's eyes for something.

"Means the reasons may be too complex for us and frankly I'm not sure I really need to analyze this very much," Julie said and then paused.

Both were quiet for a time but it was Julie who spoke again, "OK, look, it's simple really... or could be I suppose. It's a very cute look! Some of it I suspect is the fact you're wearing a real baby's diaper and not one of those clinical kind in that hospital green. And you're going to ask me why again, but don't. I won't be able to answer you. At least not to your satisfaction."

"Real," Bobby said looking down at the puffy white mound again.

"They had to use the Toddler size six because the ones for adults were too big. I think it was then, when they were getting you ready for the ward bed that I kind of fell in love with them. Like I said, I'm not sure why but it really caught me off guard as far as emotions go," Julie said.

"Toddler size, I'm too big for a toddler size," Bobby said. It was a new bit of news and even more of a turn-on in those seconds over the fact the diaper was... He searched for a word and could only come up with 'authentic'.

"Actually it's not height but your waist that counts," Julie said and the fact you can wear a baby's diaper made it less clinical and more babyish if that's a word. Anyway, I got really turned on by it and still am and if you're willing to pay for my therapy, I'll be willing to explain it better," Julie said.

"Speaking of which, I think I'm going to need therapy far more than you," Bobby said.

"Which suggest... If I'm hearing you correctly, that if you don't get any sort of professional help, you're going to end up liking them as much as I do then," Julie said as her hand played again over the diaper.

"Something like that," Bobby said with a touch of resignation in his answer. He couldn't tell Julie why he liked them although he had a few notions on that.

"Well, if you want my opinion, I'd say we go for the no cure option and have some fun with these," Julie said.

"Easy for you to say, you're not the one tapped into a diaper," Bobby said in a renewed kind of frustration.

"Is that your only hang-up? Now why didn't you say that. Wait right there," Julie said standing up. She moved to the night stand holding a half dozen diapers neatly stacked on the shelf below, took one up and walked off towards the bathroom. Bobby watched in fascination as Julie closed the door behind her. Bobby was slightly taken back by her move and slightly turned on as well.

Bobby was aglow with the prospects of his girlfriend diapered and more so since they both would be wearing them. Actually it was more of a justification for him wearing them with her doing the same.

"There we go," Julie said coming out of the bathroom and holding the panties she had on making it obvious she had diapered herself. The obvious became fact when Julie took up the hem of her skirt to prove she had.

"You did it," Bobby said in a slightly shocked voice.

"I did it, and they are not bad on. Wondered about that. Actually it's oddly nice so at least that answers my own question, or a couple of them," Julie said.

"What are some of the other questions that got answered," Bobby asked as he slipped his hand to her knee the second she sat by him. His hand was on a mission as he waited for an answer.

"Why you like them," Julie said as hers rested on his diaper again. Actually it didn't exactly rest.

Julie, slightly lost to her own emotions she felt growing, decided this would be an entry in her diary. Bobby, thinking about what she'd just said realized as well that he'd gone past the ability to deny that he did like them as he closed his eyes.

Half an hour later they walked the corridor with Bobby pushing his IV rack alongside Julie. Both had fresh diapers on with Julie's panties in her bag and it was the first time she had changed Bobby. Although, Julie noted happily, it wasn't his last. Bobby was only slightly conscious of his pink robe thanks again to Abby. To anyone noticing Bobby and Julie looked almost like sisters and to anyone listening too closely they would have heard the crinkling as both walked in their diapers.

Bobby's climax has been extraordinary and he'd said so after Julie's own admission. She'd joked a little about their future and what sorts of foreplay and in what form that would take noting that they would need a few accessories. When Bobby asked what sorts of accessories, all Julie said was that in the next week he needed to stay relaxed. That meant, to her she said, that he needed to be pacified. It brought on a fit of laughter till Bobby's head hurt.

To Bobby's amazement Julie left her diaper on under the nightgown and robe she'd brought with her before settling onto the large chair and ottoman next to him. Nurse Carol had insisted he get some rest. The doctor had come in, checked his vitals, asked a few questions about his headaches and announced him fit enough to go home in the morning.

Bobby was going to be released he mused when the doctor had left. That bit of news was only clouded by the outfit he was to wear out of there and mentioned it again to Julie. Julie's answer, as was so typical of her said, "and your point?"

When Bobby started to list, again, the reasons he was uncomfortable dressing up for his trip to Abby's, Julie stopped him by adding, "hey, we were able to overcome your hang-ups over wearing diapers! I don't see any reason why we can't do the same with your girl clothes."

"Your hand again," Bobby said smiling.

"It's all in the wrist," Julie noted and added, "besides, I'll be wearing girl's clothes as well."

"Great," Bobby said laughing over that as Julie turned the lights out.

"Tell me everything is going to be ready when Bobby gets here," Abby said nervously. She couldn't explain it but this home coming was very important to her. The girls were giggling through most of the decorating that began right after the two women from Little Princess Parties had arrived.

The man with the carriage also arrived with the carriage on a trailer followed by a large pickup truck hauling the four white horses. Budd's Catering, one of Abby's favorites, was also at the back off loading their food service equipment and the food ready to served. It was going to be a lavish breakfast buffet that could have easily served twice the number planned.

In the sitting room that faced the spacious grounds of Abby's estate Barbara was laying out Bobby's dress next to Abby's. Abby would change in her bedroom while Bobby, with Julie's help, would be put into his gown there in the sitting room. Abby didn't want Bobby to see her nor the girls till everyone was ready.

Abby felt like she was orchestrating a wedding and was fluttering about, Barbara said, like the mother of the bride. Abby admitted candidly that emotionally she was as she admired her own gown and then Bobby's.

Bobby's dress was a lavish duplicate of Cinderella's in a soft pale blue slipper satin. It was very authentic looking and very upscale which was what Abby wanted. Bobby was going to be a princess she'd said and should dress the part. Abby's intent and reason for the party was to make this occation a time to get Bobby past her nervousness about staying with there with Abby.

Barbara had laid Bobby's dress over a large chair and took up the huge white and multi-layered petticoat to sit on top. Taffeta over tulle over a final layer of taffeta would make the dress bellow extravagantly. Barbara was fixing Bobby's costume so Bobby could dress in order.

What made the costume though were the shoes. Bobby's shoes were cast acrylic and clear with flecks of silver to make them sparkle mimicking nicely Cinderella's glass slippers. There was a gold tiara for Bobby's hair and a set of white satin opera gloves. Abby's dress, just as lavish, was designed to look like Bobby's Fairy God Mother.

Barbara and Mike were amazed that Abby was going to dress up as she was and some of it over how happy she'd become over this boy and those girls. The change in their employer was extraordinary they'd decided, deciding as well that it was a good thing. The house was abuzz with activity as the girls and two women fussed with the little girl motif that was decorating the dining room.

The girls would dress in their princess dresses upstairs and come down to wait for Bobby's carriage to arrive after taking a long slow trip over the access roads surrounding the grounds of Abby's estate. Cindy would be Belle, Sandy as Snow white, Tracy as Sleeping Beauty and Brenda had decided on Ariel. Julie, soon after arriving and while Bobby was given over to Hilga, would become Jasmine.

Hilga had arrived yesterday and supervised the arrival of Bobby's equipment which was a rental bed with crib sides that would set next to her bed in the room once used as the maid's or nanny's quarters. Her insistence on using clothe diapers and plastic pants wasn't an issue with Abby when Hilga explained about diaper rashes and patient comfort.

Those diapers and, as it happens and because of Bobby's size, were for babies as those real baby pants being neatly folded and made ready by Hilga; along with the creams, powder and oils she'd use changing Bobby. Hilga was contracted to remain twenty four hours for the entire week Bobby stayed there. Bobby would remain in a wheel chair and under Hilga's watchful eyes for that entire time. Bobby was under doctors orders to relax and Hilga was going to make sure she did.

Abby, fluttering about and watchful of the time was almost giddy as the arrangements for Bobby's home coming came together. The cake had made her almost cry. Her caterer had outdone themselves bringing that together.

Bobby's cake was in three tiers and shaped to be a castle with all of the Disney princesses fitted at the top in small plastic figures. Pastel pink icing on white with extravagant lavender flowers dotted a circling of icing in a kind of drape in the same color. Very little girlish and just about perfect Abby thought as she looked again at her watch.

The house was alive again with activity as everyone did something in a controlled kind of chaos. Abby, hugged Barbara her efforts and, to Mike's surprise, him as well before she moved to the door. It was time to go get her ward as she thought of Bobby. The last person she said good-bye to was the woman from the boutique who had just finished hanging the rest of Bobby's clothes.

Abby had called Helen at her home yesterday asking if she could pull together a few things for that same girl they had shopped for earlier. Enough clothes for a week and perhaps a bathing suit explaining in a delicate way that the young lady was a transsexual and had not yet had her operation. Helen understood the meaning of that and promised a swim suit with a cute little overskirt. It was cute when Abby got to see it that morning.

Bobby's closet had dresses for day, evening and shoes to match with a couple of nice bags added. In the dresser were silk panties and several slips. Another drawer held three nightgowns and a second robe was added to another pretty bed jacket. The makeup kit had been Barbara's idea gaining her another hug from Abby her foresight after Barbara set everything out on Bobby's vanity.

It was time...

"Bobby, you've got to wear the panties! Abby's expecting it," Julie said handing Bobby the silk pink panties. Abby was expecting him to wear those under his diaper but it wasn't clear he'd needed to since Abby wouldn't know. Bobby had protested although not very loudly and took up the pair after only a moments hesitation. It delighted Julie that facade as the panties went on.

What little resolve Bobby had melted away with the panties in place. Bobby felt weak, light headed almost fearful it was his injury causing it before realizing it was the panties and not just the panties as Julie motioned him back on the bed. She was fussing with his diaper as he put the panties on and the combination made him giddy.

Julie happily and with some amount of teasing diapered Bobby almost as expertly as Nurse Carol did and how odd that diaper looked when Julie helped him into his bra. It was soft cupped and sized "B" filling nicely when Julie pushed in the small foam enhancements. It also filled out the slip nicely when that went over Bobbies head to fall easily to just above his knees.

Julie had just finished with the slip when there was a hesitant knock on Bobby's door and a voice saying "beauticians". Two women entered as Julie said, "she's all set,"

The reason for the second beautician became obvious when she opened her box to an array of polishes as the first opened hers filled with makeup. Bobby sat on the ottoman as the two women moved chairs close enough to work on him. It was the small silver gun that made Bobby nervous.

Julie, that morning, had presented him with a small box that held two delicate diamond earrings that could only be worn if Bobby's ears were pierced. He'd said no losing the argument after Julie said it would look odd not wearing earrings and his ears would heal if he took them out within a couple of weeks. Bobby insisted they'd be out before that and Julie let his statement stand under a smile.

It was a momentary prick after the woman dotted his lobe with a target spot slipping the earrings in a second later. Bobby couldn't believe his ears were now pierced although it wasn't nearly as horrifying as he'd imagined causing him to wonder a little. The second woman was doing his left hand as the first draped him in a pink taffeta smock.

Bobby's hair once again was brushed to the sides and held in place with ribbon she fixed expertly into cute little bows. His foundation followed that as did his right hand by the woman doing his nails. A blush pink polish covered both before she lifted his right foot for his toe nails. Bobby now knew why Julie had him wait for his silk stockings.

Blush, two kinds, mascara, eye liner and shadow took a lot less time than Bobby imagined it would before the woman doing his makeup stopped and began closing her case. The second woman had finished before her and was waiting while Bobby's transformation came to an end. The two women were gone in less than half an hour.

Fortunately Bobby didn't hear the conversation that began when the second woman, the one that did Bobby's nails had said, "that boy was wearing a diaper I think." The other confirmed the seconds suspicions telling her she'd seen him in it when she'd done his face earlier. She didn't know why he was diapered but then again it didn't change what she was paid either she said pressing the elevator button.

Bobby's stockings were added and then his shoes with Julie closing the straps for him as he fussed with his first pair of thigh highs. they gripped his leg just below the gathers of his diaper and felt almost as alien as that did when he first began wearing one. The dress was last and Julie had him step into it rather than bringing it over his head. With the dress silk flowing over the silk slip it felt almost wet moving over him and he was thankful the diaper was on as it did so.

Julie, while kneeling to fix Bobby's shoes and looking at the pretty girl before her, let her thoughts flow freely after she'd admitted to Cindy that she liked feminizing him. That admission hadn't been as difficult to make with Cindy given her relationship with Sandy since it had also been Cindy's question. There had been an undercurrent of that feminine before this she admitted to Cindy.

Cindy too took that opportunity to express her own new desires wondering out loud how she was going to get Sandy into one of Bobby's diapers. Both girls laughed over their thoughts before the conversation ended.

Julie had been attracted to Bobby because he appeared slightly feminine and it had grown stronger when she'd dressed him on Halloween. More so after teasing him into her panties that day before they made love. Julie was bi-sexual and realized in those seconds as she looked at Bobby now very much a girl. Julie liked the idea of having her cake and eat it too.

"What's so funny," Bobby asked when Julie stood with a slight snicker. He thought it was something wrong about this or him.

"I was thinking of cake," Julie said.

"Cake? Cake? What about cake," Bobby asked.

"You! I'm having my cake and getting to eat it as well," Julie said.

"I don't follow," Bobby said.

"I'll explain it later. When we're alone and just after I take your panties down," Julie said kissing Bobby lightly on his fleshy mauve lips.

"I'm feeling faint," Bobby said as the images of that formed in his minds eye.

"Head," Julie said meaning his injury.

"Please," Bobby said in jest.

Julie lightly hit him on his arm but smiled at Bobby's lack of protest suddenly. Bobby was ready as Julie fused around the room gathering up the still fresh flowers, Bobby's large teddy bear and the pull along that she'd brought for the rest of Bobby's things. His diapers, those remaining, were in a bag she also brought. His diaper bag she'd teased since it was pink.

"Hey, my girl is ready," Abby said coming into the room without knocking as she added, "and she's free and clear of this place."

Abby was very animated as she stepped aside for the young girl pushing the wheel chair for Bobby's ride down and out of the hospital. Julie was admiring the cute dress the Candy Striper wore wondering how Bobby would look in it which conjured up a little maids outfit before Julie shook her head clear.

"And we are ready," Julie said to Bobby's nod. Bobby was still having trouble around strangers which simply translated to him being silent as he moved to the chair, turned and sat. The young girl fixed the plates for his feet then paused so Bobby could get his teddy bear and bouquet of flowers. Abby took up the two plants and balloons while Julie took up Bobby's diaper bag and the roll along.

Abby followed the young girl and Bobby holding the door for both allowing Julie to move past as well. Nurse Bell, the nurse that had admitted Bobby, was by the desk and, as it turns out, was there to see Bobby off. So was Nurse Carol and most of the nursing staff on that floor and admittance. There were hugs and well wishes and smiles as Bobby was wheeled to the elevator.

Several onlookers paused at the hospital front to wonder over the girl being helped into the bright white and smoked glass stretch Mercedes. Abby had rented the best for her girl's ride home as the driver, in his chauffeur's cap and uniform stood at attention holding the door. He too wondered over who that little fox was being helped into his car.

Bobby mused the thought that he felt like a princess with some amount of guilt over another thought that he could easily get use to this if the world didn't mind. Julie was thinking almost those same thoughts as she followed Bobby into the spacious back seat. Abby was last handing in the flowers after Bobby sat his pink bear next to him. The world was sealed off when the driver closed the door. It was brighter that world Bobby mused as he looked out at it.

Forty five minutes passed before the large car turned onto what Bobby thought was another road. He thought that till he saw he'd passed through two very large gates hung on Brick that formed a wall stretching off for quite a distance. Calling Abby's home a house didn't fit as the car eased slowly, majestically to the front. It was, in a word, huge.

"Bobby, this is Hilga, your nurse," Abby said after she and Julie stepped out of the car leaving Bobby by himself. Barbara had met them standing next to Mike and that woman dressed as a nurse standing behind another wheel chair. Everyone had something in their hands as Hilga helped Bobby into the chair. Bobby felt like a child next to Hilga who, he believed without any doubt, could easily have lifted him and seem to want to.

"Hello Bobby," Hilga said with a hint of Europe in her voice. Hilga had been chosen by the agency because of Bobby's incontinence and over the fact that the girl Abby talked about might need to be carried. Hilga was very capable of lifting Bobby and couldn't wait to do so just to see if she truly was a boy as her boss had suggested.

Bobby and his entourage moved up and into the house single file and into silence Abby noticed thankfully. The man and his carriage were out back as were the caterers and the girls with the two hostesses for Bobby's party, now hidden and silent behind the dining room doors. Abby gave in to Hilga's request to change Bobby who looked at Julie in a kind of panic as he realized he was in panties under his diaper.

"She's a nurse," Julie mouthed to Bobby's shocked look when Julie realized what Bobby's look might mean. It didn't help Bobby's panic as Hilga pushed him off to their room. Bobby was wondering how easily Hilga could lift him when she did just that once they were in the room. Bobby's bed, more of a crib to Bobby, was where Hilga put him after easily lifting him out of his chair. Bobby felt vulnerable laying between those crib slats under the care of a woman he didn't know dressed the way he was.

She didn't talk but it was clear her intent as she gently took up the hem of Bobby's dress then his slip setting both just above his waist. She eased a changing pad between him and his dress and slip on the bottom. His diaper was exposed and his panties would be soon enough causing Bobby to think about an explanation. He couldn't think of anything deciding to be silent in his embarrassment as Hilga tugged at the diapers tape. He was also dry as the diaper came off or almost and that too made him blush. The panties followed.

Hilga was mildly surprised to see that the young lady was in fact a young man and a bit more over the pink panties under his diaper. To her credit she kept her emotions in check but she had already decided that when she dominated her next young man it would include panties under his diaper.

Hilga, as it happens, worked two jobs. This one caring for people, and another that she enjoyed four nights a week when she wasn't on assignment. Hilga, in her years as a nurse and dominatrix had diapered a lot of men for a lot of different reasons so this one wasn't all that unusual. The panties were.

Bobby was slightly shocked to notice that the diaper Hilga held was cloth and a bit too thick at that he mused as she lifted him by his ankles to slip it under him. No one had said he'd be wearing cloth diapers, Bobby mused, although it wasn't a bad thing he decided when his bottom touched it. Nor was Hilga when she began applying the cream around his testicles.

Hilga used that cream from a tube, then spent a pleasant amount of time with the baby oil before taking almost as long with the baby powder. Hilga knew how to take care of a baby Bobby thought. It would be surprising to Bobby if he knew exactly how good Hilga was at taking care of babies his age and older.

The only thing missing for Hilga, at that moment, was Bobby nursing a pacifier or baby's bottle. She wondered how she might fold those in over the next few days as she tugged his diaper between his legs. She had diapered a lot of sissies before this but never a transsexual she mused picking up an open diaper pin in pink. Pink on boys was such a comfort for her.

Bobby watched hoping he was casual acting but the turmoil he felt made it difficult. A good kind of turmoil he decided as he watched Hilga close the soft cloth around him. Was babyish a word Bobby wondered as he felt himself drifting away from adult.

"Do you think she will be surprised," Abby asked Julie nervously as she stepped into her Fairy God Mother gown. Julie helped with the buttons fighting the urge to laugh at Abby's question. Not at Abby but at Bobby being surprised.

"Oh definitely," Julie added wondering how Bobby was doing. Julie knew the woman Abby hired insisted on cloth diapers and baby pants although that woman Hilga hadn't used the word baby for those pants. Julie wanted desperately to be in that room at least just to see what Bobby looked like in soft fluffy cloth diapers. Julie wanted even more to be Hilga in those minutes as she began to dress in her Jasmine outfit.

"There we go," Hilga said smiling when she closed the second diaper pin and added, "does it feel OK?"

"Yes," Bobby said not sure if he should add anything else to that. If felt OK. No, he admitted to himself, it felt wonderful. Yesterday a week sounded like a life time, now suddenly it seemed far too short.

"Panties next," Hilga said moving to the dresser.

Bobby saw the panties shimmering oddly under the room's light and knew in an instant those were not panties as he thought of the word but baby pants. They softly crinkled as Hilga returned gathering them in her hands. They crinkled more when she slipped them over his feet, this time with him assisting and feeling odd doing so. What was he doing he mused as he lifted his bottom voluntarily for Hilga.

Abby and the girls had decided that the girls would dress and gather again in the dining room and were quickly doing so while Abby and Julie dressed in Abby's room. Hilga had promised to diaper Bobby slowly to give everyone a chance to dress. Cindy, as planned was Belle, Sandy was Snow white, Tracy was Sleeping Beauty and Brenda was Ariel. Julie, dressing with Abby was becoming Jasmine while Bobby was slowly, almost happily, turning into something closer to a baby.

Hilga gently eased Bobby's slip back down then his dress before slipping her arm across his shoulders and knees to lift him from the bed. Bobby still saw it as a crib and coming out of it as he did made him feel almost juvenile. Some of it Hilga's massive arms and ease holding him, some of it the way his diapered gathered and moved, joining a delightful sensation created by his silk slip. His thoughts drifted in and out of the pleasure he felt and the guilt because of it.

"I can walk," Bobby said but without too much emphasis since he felt so comfortable in Hilga's arms.

"I know and you will, but let's take this slowly till we're sure you are really OK," Hilga said easing him back into the chair as she added, "concussions are somewhat risky within a few days of the trauma and one of the reasons I'm here. You may not feel it but you're brain has areas that have been damaged, slightly according to the doctor, but damaged nonetheless. We'll take another day or two till your past that risk."

The girls and Abby meanwhile had assembled once again in the large spacious dining room waiting impatiently for Bobby's arrival. Barbara was the lookout and standing in the kitchen till she heard the bedroom door open. She moved quickly to the dining room, entered and waited with everyone fighting the giggles. Abby, in that magnificent gown of her's with the wand she held sparkling, was just as bad telling Barbara she felt like a school girl.

Barbara couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing from one of the most powerful women she'd known. She was seeing a side of Abby that she hadn't seen before and she adored seeing this side as she smiled and nodded. The girls were behind the table standing to either side of the cake acting as the center as Hilga pushed the two sliding doors open. She had centered Bobby so he would see everything at once.

Bobby's first thought was of a child's birthday party seeing the pastel streamers cascading from a very big chandelier to the walls. Below that a very large cake that was feminine as well as juvenile that brought him instantly to the girls. Disney's girls Bobby mused seeing the childhood images so recognizable just as Abby came into his notice. She was holding a wand of all things and it was sparkling.

Bobby's smile was automatic over the scene rushing into his consciousness and he had yet to connect it with him till he read the large colorful banner behind the girls that read: "Get Well Princess!" Below that line another that read: "We're So Very Happy Our Bobby Is Back With Us."

All of this coming together within seconds of those doors opening and suddenly the girls, Abby, Barbara and even Hilga, who had moved behind Bobby, yelled: "SURPRISE!"

"You're kidding," Bobby said but not loud enough over that yell and the laughter that followed.

Julie now dressed as Jasmine moved around the table quickly, bending in front of him, placing her hands on his knees as she whispered, "Take a breath and go with the flow for Abby's sake. This was her idea so you'd feel comfortable being here."

"You're kidding," Bobby said again not fully adjusting to what was happening but still smiling over the silliness of what he was witnessing. Mike, the two women that organized these little girl parties, and the woman who was behind the food table wearing a chef's cap came into Bobby's focus then. It was blowing him away that this was for him.

"It's gets better! Or worse I suppose," Julie added before standing up straight again.

"Welcome to my home Bobby," Abby said coming over waving her wand and Bobby laughed. The girls were moving around, their dresses flowing and children's music started.

"I don't know what to say," Bobby said to Abby.

"Say that I'm not a nut case and that this isn't over the wall, or I'm going to feel pretty damn silly in another second or two," Abby said.

Bobby, taking it all in again and still laughing looked at Abby and said, "if you're crazy then count me just as crazy because it's so... it's so amazing I guess is the word I want to use. Honestly Abby, this is too much and you are so wonderful."

Abby bent down hugged Bobby lightly and kissed him on his cheek as she said, "and so are you princess."

"Thank you," Bobby said feeling awkward at that term 'princess' but feeling the glow at the pit of his stomach as he repeated the term to himself.

"And speaking of which, you don't look very much like a princess yet so let's go take care of that first thing. If we don't, these girls and I are going to start ravaging the food. We're starved," Abby said as Julie took a position behind and to the right of Bobby as Hilga tugged his chair into a turn for the hallway.

Bobby felt festive in spite of the premise of him being a princess and couldn't help but smile over that as he was pushed down the hall to where his dress waited. It only took another moment or two to realize what Abby meant by 'taking care of his looks' as he saw the dress.

"You're going to be Cinderella," Julie said taking up the large voluminous petticoat first as Hilga helped Bobby stand. That slight dizziness Bobby felt would go away within a couple of days the doctor had told him but it was justification enough for Hilga's support as he stood. Julie, watching him intently fearing he'd be angry over this was happily surprised to note that he wasn't. Julie knew his smile was genuine and smiled back.

Bobby's slip, the one Julie was holding, attached to an exquisite camisole top lavishly decorated with lace and ribbons down to where it joined the petticoats. Huge amounts of material hidden under a taffeta skirt made it cascade outwardly from the waist to the hem. Bobby at first thought it was the dress but that thought changed when Abby took up the dress.

Shocking was Bobby's first reaction to the powder blue satin gown Abby held. Clearly Cinderella's ball gown Bobby realized when he noticed the white puffed epaulets gathering at the shoulder to those classic large shells in that same white over either side of the skirt. What was he doing he mused as Julie handed Hilga the slip to help Bobby out of his dress.

"You OK," Julie asked as she unbuttoned the top of Bobby's dress.

"I'm dreaming this aren't I," Bobby said.

"Yes you are," Julie said and asked, "nightmare or is it a wonderful fantasy?"

"I'll go with fantasy but keep my options open," Bobby said as his dress fell to the floor leaving him in his pink slip before Julie began to move the straps off his shoulder. He would be down to his bra and the diaper and baby pants he now wore as he added, "maybe just this side of a nightmare a little."

"Nothing I haven't seen before," Julie said encouragingly as she tugged his slip so it would fall down to the dress.

"Actually, that's not going to be exactly true," Bobby said as his slip fell exposing fully the puffy light pink baby pants now covering what was clearly a diaper. Julie found herself almost faint over seeing what Bobby wore and even Abby caught a breath at how cute he looked. Julie was definitely going to find a way to keep at least the diapers and baby pants when this all ended.

"Come on and we'll get you covered quickly enough," Julie said as she took up the slip Hilga handed back. Hilga bent down to take up the dress and slip at Bobby's feet as Julie gathered Bobby's slip to bring it over his head. That slip took a lot of gathering Bobby mused as he lifted one foot at a time for Hilga.

A dozen trees rustling in the wind would match the noise the slip made coming over his head and it only eased a bit when it fell in place. There was a layer of taffeta satin against his skin then layers of tulle under the top layer of taffeta. Which matched almost exactly the noise of the dress Abby was handling.

There was a long zipper from the back of the neck to the waist of Bobby's gown that Abby tugged fully open. Both she and Julie brought it over Bobby's head and it too slipped noisily to the floor. The width of the hem was beyond the span of Bobby's arms if they were outstretched he guessed as the girls fussed with it, and his dizziness wasn't all from his injury he decided.

"Well," Abby asked excitedly, hopefully and Julie noted nervously.

"It's wonderful Abby, truly wonderful. I can't believe this is happening," Bobby said not fully lying as he decided what he'd just said was more true than not. He really couldn't believe this and it really was wonderful as Julie tugged the zipper up gathering the dress snugly around him.

Abby again was beside herself and some of it coming now from a whinny out back as the man with the carriage prepared to bring it to the large French doors that opened to the back court yard. The girls meanwhile had moved to the front of the house and outside lining up for Bobby's arrival. Barbara was off to the side in the court yard watching Bobby get dressed and ready to give a signal to the coachman. Barbara had seen Bobby's diaper fully from the back and smiled over it.

Abby helped with the black choker as Julie fixed the pastel blue Alice band on Bobby's head from the front. Hilga had taken up one of the white opera length gloves and was working those over Bobby's hands. He felt... no, he changed that thought to wondering if this was what a girl felt like as a bride. Excitement, anticipation of what he would look like, movement when it came and how that would feel and again what he was doing.

"Ready," Abby said more to the girls that to Bobby.

"Ready for what," Bobby asked.

"Ready to see if you are truly that princess we belive you are," Abby said almost girlishly.

"I don't understand," Bobby said as Hilga held the chair behind him suggesting by her actions that he was to sit. He did gathering the dress automatically to Julie's amazement.

"If these fit you are that princess, if they don't then you may simple be one of Cinderella's wicked step sisters," Abby said taking up one of the mock glass slippers.

"You're kidding," Bobby said looking at the delicate shoe she held.

"Definitely not and since I'm your Fairy God Mother, it's up to me to make that determination, so, if you will, may I see a foot please," Abby asked.

Bobby lifted the skirts at his knee but had to gather it again to catch most of his slips as he extended a foot. Abby undid the strap of his shoe, removed it and gently guided the sparkling shoe over his toes. It slipped on easily over his silk stockings and rested almost perfectly on his foot.

"She is who she says she is. She is truly Cinderella," Abby said in a serious tone after the shoe went on. That was the signal to Barbara who waved on the white coach that it was time. The coachman clicked his tongue, smacked his lips lightly and flicked the reigns slightly and the four majestic white horses settled into a forward tug.

Hilga pushed Bobby to the door after Abby and Julie gathered his dress away from the wheels as Barbara moved into view to hold the door open. Bobby reached the threshold of the court yard just as the carriage came into view. Four magnificent white horses pulling a gleaming white carriage caught Bobby completely by surprise. He was awestruck, overwhelmed and nearly on the verge of tears as he watched his ride, and he was sure it was his ride, moving towards him.

Abby cried then catching Bobby's eyes beginning to water and Julie herself took a moment to dab at her own eyes. It was a moment for all of them but Bobby most of all as the coach drew near. The driver gave you the impression of London or Europe in a time long ago when red velvet pants over white socks and bucked shoes was in vogue. So too the carriage as it drew up to where Bobby was and slowed to a stop.

The horses fidgeted in a well mannered way as the coachman dismounted using steps cast in brass. From the boot he brought over a step painted to match the coach before taking hold of the ornate handle to open the carriage door. Inside was plush deep red velvet buttoned in brass as the coachmen now stood quietly but formally at the ready. With the large garden as a backdrop you could have easily imagined this scene exactly as it might have been, but two hundred years before this.

"You're carriage awaits princess," Abby said moving to the other side of the step as Hilga helped Bobby stand again.

"May I," Julie said extending her hand to Bobby's.

Bobby was dreaming all of this he mused as he placed his satin glove to rest on Julie's arm as Hilga followed quietly but surely from behind. Bobby gathered his dress and slips with both hands this time remembering to take up more dress for the voluminous slips before taking his first step. He took that first step and a glass slipper showed giving him more reason to believe he was dreaming this as the coachman took Bobby's elbow to assist in his accent.

Hilga and Barbara moved back into the house with Bobby's wheel chair in front of Hilga to make their way to the front of the house. The carriage, now holding Abby, Julie and Bobby started up again as the horses were turned to follow the riding path that flowed away from the house. That gravel path meandered over Abby's estate past a well kept stables to edge along another road before turning back to connect to the paved portion.

"Here she comes," Cindy said seeing the coach coming out of the trees.

Mike stood amazed at Abby's creation for this day wondering what drove her to do it. Abby was a compassionate woman and trusting to a fault at times so he expected something along these lines for that young lady or young man and Mike wasn't yet sure which yet. The fact that none of the kids had threatened or even hinted at a law suite of any kind stood them in good favor with Mike. However, that boy... that boy that wanted to be a girl left Mike wondering some about that.

Mike knew he harbored some amount of confusion over a guy that wanted to be a girl and there was a twinge of something closer to prejudice there as well but that wasn't it. The fact that he couldn't find anything putting the boy as something other than a boy left him wondering. He was naturally suspicious anyway since Abby's estate and wealth was always a target and he was sure the boy wasn't targeting her but that boy bothered him some.

"Quite a day for Abby," Barbara said.

"Never seen her like this," Mike said.

"Add me to that list," Barbara noted.

"It's these kids," Mike said.

"It's that girl," Barbara noted.

"Which," Mike asked since he still thought of the boy as a boy, however odd he was.

"Bobby," Barbara noted.

"And why is that," Mike asked honestly confused over this attachment he was witnessing.

"Honestly, I'm not sure. The fact she's not a she yet, her age perhaps, her injuries maybe? Could be all of the above. I know this though, I've never seen her this happy or should I say this... how should I put it, this crazy before. Did you see her with that wand," Barbara noted with a compassionate laugh as she added, "I think right now she feels like Bobby's Fairy God Mother."

"No kidding! I need a picture of that just so I can prove to myself later that I'm actually seeing it," Mike said.

"One of the women hosting this party are taking pictures," Barbara said nodding to the woman on the steps already doing so. It was part of the package for their parties.

"So, how far do you think she's going to take this," Mike asked.

"I don't have clue but if this first day is an example, heaven help us," Barbara said stepping down the steps to stand with the girls as the carriage neared.

"No kidding," Mike said smiling over the scene before him.

The carriage eased to a stop and the coachman took the same steps as before. Hilga moved the chair closer but allowed the man driving the coach to help Bobby from the interior and onto that first step. She was well within grabbing distance if Bobby faltered and she was there with the chair when Bobby was on the ground again.

The arrangements were for the girls to get their pictures with Bobby by the carriage and then for each of them to get a ride around the estate as the woman with the camera moved in. Bobby posed alone, then with Abby, then with each of the girls before their group shot. Cindy and Sandy paired off first for their ride as Hilga turned Bobby towards the house. He was already on his feet too long she worried.

Abby followed with Julie, Mike and Barbara ending up back in the dining room. They were allowed to start at the buffet table for brunch and Bobby led with Hilga pushing him along the line of foods. It was, like everything else so far, a lavish spread beginning with several chilled fruits and small delicate rolls. Hilga spread a cloth napkin on Bobby's dress before handing him a plate. The eggs about to be prepared were going to be cooked by taste as the woman waited to serve them.

Everyone was back in the house as Bobby finished his fruit and the party grew more animated as they ate and talked. Their dresses were part of the topic and yes, Bobby answered again, he felt like a princess. Saying no, even if he didn't and the funny thing was he did, didn't make sense anyway. The girls agreed that they felt wonderfully childish and happily in the middle of their own fantasies. That, of course, was the intent the woman running the theme party noted.

Two hours passed with the final thirty minutes taking tea around a table on the patio with each girl sitting next to their own giant teddy bear. Bobby's teddy was next to him with it's small bandage on her forehead to match his. That was one of the options Abby had accepted happily as she did with the games.

Bobby, for obvious reasons, wasn't allowed to participate but did enjoy watching the girls acting so much like children. He wasn't all that far behind them in imagining he too was a little girl and again he laughed over that because he'd imagined himself a little boy as a little girl. They were filled and exhausted and happy when the party began ending. Those catering were packing up and getting things back in order as the girls continued with their tea on the patio.

Hilga broke in on Bobby's behalf noting his heavy eyes, insisting he needed to rest, and not waiting for a yes or no. She had no intent on waiting for anyone's comments as she gathered Bobby's skirts to wheel him to the bedroom. Julie followed to help with Bobby's dress but she was also interested in seeing him in his diaper and those cute baby pants he wore.

Julie wasn't sure what was happening to her or for that matter Bobby in those hours but it was as if he'd been doing this sort of thing forever. There wasn't much chance to ask but those few times they had to talk Bobby was clearing enjoying himself.

"What's not to like." Was a comment by Bobby that echoed with Julie. What's not to like Julie noted as she followed Hilga and Bobby to the nursery or to what Julie thought of an his nursery. Julie was also thinking of that attic space in the house she shared and that room Rose had once talked of renting. Obviously Rose would want another girl but Julie was wondering if Rose might consider a Transsexual and smiled over that thought. Bobby, of course, would have to continue pretending she noted happily.

Bobby was wet. Bobby had no choice but to wet when it struck him that he was trapped within that guise and only because it was part of his facade. The urge, as well, couldn't be ignored and after a time trying wasn't. Bobby's dress was first, then his slip leaving him his bra and the diaper under his baby pants when Hilga lifted him to his rental crib. Julie would want one of those as well she mused as Hilga laid Bobby down on his back.

Julie had the foresight to bring in the two bags for Bobby's dress and slip giving her a reason to be there as Hilga took down Bobby baby pants and right then and there Julie vowed that this part, no matter what, simply had to continue. It came with a slight shiver as she eased Bobby's gown into the bag. Bobby was almost asleep as Hilga worked ignoring, for the most part, what was happening to him as Hilga undid those two pinked tipped diaper pins.

Hilga smiled down at her charge wishing with some amount of regret that she couldn't change Bobby then spend time in a rocking chair breast feeding him to sleep. Something she enjoyed doing to those adults she regressed on her other job. Although she rarely considered it work and more so when they were this petite and pretty.

Bobby's baby pants and his wet diaper went off together into a diaper pail and Hilga used three baby wipes before she was satisfied he was clean again. A liberal application of gel, baby oil and powder left Julie wishing she could take a cold shower. Seeing a cloth diaper, left her breathing heavily. Those cute pink baby pants, and she'd have to find out where Abby got those, left her feeling spent when she gathered the dress and slip to take out with her.

Bobby was nearly asleep when Hilga put him into his baby pants. Hilga guided Bobby to sit and undid his bra leaving him in just his diaper and pink baby pants before Hilga lowered a cute blanket over him. Bobby was breathing soundly, then deeply in seconds. Hilga and Julie left the room together.

"Amazing," Julie said, more to herself than to Hilga, but Hilga knew exactly what she meant.

"Da," Hilga said also more to herself than to Julie.

Julie looked at Hilga and Hilga smiled as an understanding of sorts passed between them. They both left the rest unsaid as they reached the large living room and the rest of the girls. There was another man standing there with Mike when Julie found a spot for the bags and then a chair.

A couple of the girls screamed but caught themselves when the announcement was made. Mike's firm had just completed the necessary paperwork making the girls tuition now paid in full until their graduation. Cindy and Sandy, both older than the rest, had two years left and were beside themselves over that bit of news. The rest of the girls, Julie included, had this part of the year left and three more. As did Bobby who was included in this.

It was their portion of a settlement of sorts and Abby insisted that they not sign a release just in case one of them had something wrong down the road. Mike had warned against doing that to Abby but that was his job until it was clear Abby didn't care.

In addition to that was a set of keys Mike handed Julie who rushed to the front door immediately. It was a nicely equipped sedan paid for to replace the clunker Julie lost. For all of them it was beyond what they'd hoped. Just that alone made Mike happy enough. The girls hugged Abby who happily hugged them back. What a group, Mike mused, as he nodded to his associate that his work was done.

Bobby woke in semi-darkness not knowing what time it was or what woke him till he focused on Hilga leaning over him. "You were wet honey," Hilga said quietly using only the night light to change Bobby again.

"Has everyone gone," Bobby asked wondering why he'd wet his diaper sleeping.

"Julie is still here but sleeping," Hilga said as she slid Bobby's baby pants and diaper down before taking up a baby wipe. Hilga cleaned and diapered him again and added baby pants but this time a nightgown or what Bobby thought was a nightgown. It felt like a nightgown which meant, when Bobby considered how it did feel, that he liked it. Bobby fell back to sleep within a minute or two after his baby pants.

Julie and Abby were on the patio when Bobby was wheeled out by Hilga wearing his newest pink robe. This one fell to the floor in a soft comfortable polyester fleece lined in a pastel pink nylon. It hid all but the top of the nightgown he still wore when he woke. One of those provided with his clothing Abby commissioned just the day before.

Bobby flushed slightly that he was wearing it but not nearly as bad as he had when he woke to see it in daylight. It was pretty, girlish but not too, in two layers of nylon with the top layer hemmed in a wide lace over the opaque layer. The length of his nightgown just covered his diaper, baby pants and matching panties it came with. Hilga had added those panties when she changed him this morning.

Bobby felt better as Abby rose to greet him warmly with a hug. It was nearly ten in the morning and surprisingly Bobby had slept soundly after his diaper change in the middle of the night. Julie followed Abby's greeting with her own snickering slightly.

"What," Bobby said sure it was the pink top of his nightgown and ribbons peeking from the top of his new robe.

"The pictures. Got them this morning at nine. Wait till you see them," Julie said moving back to her place at the large wrought iron table set with juice, rolls, fresh fruit and two chafing dishes holding scrambled eggs and sausages. Bobby felt like he was in a luxurious hotel then nearly laughed given how he was dressed.

The pictures gave no hint that Bobby, dressed as Cinderella, was a boy. On the contrary, he looked very much and every bit the girl he was dressed as. Unnerving to see him in such a different light even though he knew it was a facade.

It was bothersome but not over what he'd dressed as or even how he was dressed now. It felt wrong fooling this woman who Bobby thought was too generous to a fault. It had been an accident and, with the exception of some minor injuries, no one was really hurt and they were all being compensated for. In excess Bobby suddenly felt.

"Would you excuse me," Bobby said as he took hold of the chrome wheel that you used to turn the chairs wheels. His eyes were glazing over before he turned from the table. "No, I'd like a moment alone." He told Hilga who moved instantly to push Bobby's chair before he added that last part.

Hilga looked concerned and was warning Bobby not to go too far then standing awkwardly without something to do.

"What just happened," Abby asked.

"I'm not exactly sure," Julie answered and added, "give him a moment and then I'll talk with him."

Julie wasn't sure but it was clear Bobby needed a little time and as badly as she wanted to know, she thought it better to give him those moments.

"Hey Bobby, " Mike said cheerfully as Bobby rounded the wide path to a more intimate part of the massive patio. Mike was dressed casual sitting at another wrought iron table filled with paper work.

"Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here," Bobby said starting to turn himself for another part of the patio.

"Are you OK," Mike asked.

Bobby was going to say fine and push on but stopped. Bobby stopped and looked at Mike for a second. Mike sensed something obviously wrong and sat quietly.

"No Mike, no I'm not! Listen Mike, you've got to make Abby stop spending money on me. I can't speak for the others but she's wasting that money as far as I'm concerned and it's not fair to her," Bobby blurted out wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his robe.

"She likes doing things for you girls Bobby. She needs to because of the accident and, in the scheme of things it's not all that much," Mike said hoping he said the right thing.

"It's thousands and on me it's not worth it and she doesn't need to. Mike, it's got to stop, please." Bobby said working his way up to the decision to tell someone, everyone, anyone that he wasn't who they thought he was.

"What's really wrong Bobby," Mike asked as softly as he could.

"Mike... Mike, listen... Oh damn, I'm not sure how to explain this, but I'm not who you think I am and... Well, I'm just not, OK," Bobby said and added, "and I'm worried that it's going to hurt Abby."

"I know Bobby, I know," Mike said allowing his pause for the words to sink in.

"No Mike, you don't. You don't know and it's worse than you can imagine," Bobby said.

"Well, I've been accused of a lot of things but never for a lack of imagination so let me be the judge of that. Get it? Judge... Lawyer. OK, never mind, bad joke but trust me, I do know," Mike said.

"Do you know that up until Friday, outside of Halloween that is, I've never dressed as a girl? Or that I don't want to be a girl or that this... This... Damn it, even this diaper thing is a facade and I've just embarrassed the hell out of myself," Bobby said and was about to explain everything when Mike nodded a yes.

"You do know? No, you can't know! You do know," Bobby asked.

"As of yesterday. My investigator suspected it and confirmed it with a few of the people you are known by. It was done discretely and I apologize for digging into your life like that but it was necessary. Abby is a very rich woman and there are some very greedy people out there so I had you kids checked out. Successfully I might add which includes getting the facts on Bobby the boy.

"So you know," Bobby asked.

"So I know," Mike said.

"Now I'm really embarrassed, but at least now you understand why Abby has got to stop what she's doing," Bobby said feeling silly sitting there in his pink robe and nightgown. He was looking down at his furry slippers wishing he was somewhere else.

"Actually Bobby I know a little bit more than you think I do," Mike said.

"What? Like what," Bobby asked.

"What do I know? How about the fact that I knew this would bother you. You and Julie at least and the girls I suspect as well. I know you and your friends are good kids Bobby and it was terrible that accident and it was an accident," Mike said.

"So you can see why she's got to stop," Bobby said as he sniffed.

"Bobby, can I tell you what else I know," Mike asked.

"Yes," Bobby said continuing to sniffled a little.

"I know that the party she had for you was the most fun she's ever had. I also know that what she spent on you kids, while it might seem like a fortune to you, was about ten times less than her most intimate gatherings. And lastly, I know that Abby knows that you're not a girl, nor do you want to be a girl," Mike said up to a moments pause before adding, "although she doesn't believe it."

"She doesn't believe it," Bobby asked.

"She does and doesn't if that makes sense," Mike said with a sheepish grin.

"I don't follow," Bobby said.

"Bobby, this is going to sound like a cliche, but money really doesn't buy happiness. What Abby is doing, and this too won't make much sense, is suspending her practical side for the impractical side because it feels good at the moment," Mike said.

"I still don't understand," Bobby said.

"I know and being a lawyer with words at my command isn't helping me at the moment but to put this bluntly, Abby doesn't want to believe just yet. Abby doesn't want to belive anything right now other than she's helping you and those girls. She also has only got a few days left to enjoy it before you kids move on with your lives. I guess what I'm saying, on Abby's behalf, is to give her those few remaining days of pretend," Mile said softening his voice to a plea.

"Go on like I am," Bobby said now torn between the pleasure that thought gave him and the risk it posed as he added, "and what happens when she finds out?"

"Bobby, like I said, Abby, most times, is a very practical woman," Mike noted with a snicker as he added, "trust me, she can be very practical at times so don't worry too much about what she knows and doesn't know.

"So she knows," Bobby asked.

"Bobby, Abby knows what she knows and right now she knows she's happy, Julie's happy and, I hope you are happy. The rest she doesn't need to worry about yet and knowing Abby, she's not going to worry about it till the time comes," Mike said.

"Feel like I'm in a dream," Bobby said.

"Good dream or no," Mike asked.

"I'd rather not say till I had a chance to talk with my attorney," Bobby said smiling.

"And what am I, chopped liver," Mike said laughing.

"You! You want me to cop a plea," Bobby said.

"I do, but if you do, I'll see to it you get time off for good behavior," Mike noted laughing.

"Done," Bobby said feeling suddenly better and far less silly than when he'd wheeled up to Mike.

"So what are you still doing here, go on now, I've got work to do," Mike said gesturing with his hand for Bobby to move off before adding in a much softer voice, "and Bobby, for what it's worth, thank you."

Bobby turned his chair in a circle just as Julie walked up.

"Hey, you OK," Julie asked.

"Yes," Bobby said as he allowed Julie to get behind him and push a bit. He felt slightly flush suddenly.

"So what was that about," Julie asked.

"I confessed," Bobby said and added, "Mike knows. I just had to tell someone."

"Confession is good for the soul," Julie said and added, "I had coffee this morning bright and early with Mike. Seems we're both morning people."

Bobby turned his chair in a half circle to look at Mike who shrugged as he added, "she was a witness for your defense. Now go on you two, time for me is money. Abby's money I should note and right now I'm wasting it."

"This whole thing is becoming almost unimaginable," Bobby said as Julie pushed him back along the path he'd come. His ribs on his right side hurt some from using his right arm to push himself so he was happy to have Julie pushing.

"Bobby, you took the words right out of my mouth," Julie said.

"Hey, you're not the one in diapers at the moment," Bobby said.

"I know, why do you think, I'm having so much fun with this," Julie said laughing as she bent to kiss him on the top of his head.

"You like seeing me suffer," Bobby said in a tone suggesting self pity.

"Never, but when you do start suffering, please don't hesitate to let me know so I can help get you past it," Julie said.

"You know what I'm talking about! I'm talking about what I've got to do to keep up this charade we've gotten ourselves into. No, make that what you've gotten me into," Bobby said in a sarcastic tone.

"So far as I can see it's been some very pretty things," Julie said enviously.

"Those things maybe, but not the diapers," Bobby said by way of admitting those other things might even be OK.

"I was thinking about those as well. What's really missing is something pretty to cover them with and Hilga, as it happens, knows of a store that carries things like that," Julie said.

"Hilga," Bobby asked.

"Did I mention that Hilga is a morning person as well? Sorry, thought I had," Julie said snickering.

"Is everyone talking about just me? What sorts of things? What are you talking about," Bobby asked.

"Ruffles and lace sweets, ruffles and lace. The best way to pretty up a diaper is cover it in ruffles and lace," Julie said.

"You didn't hear a word I just said did you," Bobby said smiling and it changed his tone dramatically.

"I did and you were complaining that you didn't have anything pretty to wear over your diaper, and I suggested ruffles and lace," Julie said.

"You're becoming maddening again," Bobby said lightly.

"Thank you. Thought for a moment there I was losing my touch," Julie said as they rounded the corner to where Abby was with both laughing.

"Crisis over," Abby asked looking decidedly relieved that Bobby was smiling again.

"She's complaining about not having enough ruffles and lace," Julie said.

"No I'm not," Bobby noted quickly.

"We can fix that," Abby said affectionately as she added, "although we can't actually start shopping until we've dressed."

"No shopping, you've spent way too much money on me already," Bobby said.

"Who said I was going to spend any money on you, I'm talking about Julie and I. You can just wait outside on the sidewalk with Hilga," Abby noted with a mischievous look in her eyes as she added, "besides, it's Tuesday."

"Why is Tuesday so special," Bobby asked.

"Well, for one thing, I'm playing hooky from work and that makes it kind of special. For another, I've got a day of shopping in front of me and that too makes this special and then there are you two. You two young people make this very special," Abby said smiling warmly at Bobby first then at Julie before adding, "now then, what about your lack of ruffles and lace?"

"It was nothing," Bobby said suddenly nervous and more than a little embarrassed. He couldn't believe he hadn't defended himself against the girl's clothes then added that to the fact he'd agreed with Mike to stay the entire week.

"Something to wear over his d.i.a.p.e.r.," Julie said spelling out diaper in a knowing look.

"What about that place Hilga mentioned," Abby said.

"Was I the only one asleep last night or what," Bobby said not wanting to ask about this place that kept coming up.

"You needed your beauty rest," Julie said.

"The bus leaves in thirty minutes," Abby said getting up from the table.

"What bus," Bobby asked.

Abby smiled at him. She was an adorable young lady and Abby was sure anyone in collage was smart but she was beginning to realize Bobby could be a little dense as she said walking off, "you are adorably naive."

"What's that mean," Bobby asked as Hilga moved in behind Bobby to push him to their room.

"She was using a figure of speech about the bus. Means we need to get ready to go," Julie said as she began to walk alongside Bobby.

"OK, so I missed that. Now what about this place? Hilga, what place are you talking about," Bobby asked. Neither spoke but both shared a look for a second that Bobby caught.

"Somebody better start talking before I decide to run away," Bobby said.

"The thing is Bobby, if we did tell you, you'd run away," Julie said.

"Da," Hilga added with a snicker and added, "but not very far."

Bobby was put into a fresh diaper after a very soothing bath that Hilga managed much to his surprise although he wasn't sure it was an bad as he insisted or protested over. What did surprise him was Hilga adding panties first before his diaper noting, as she gathered them for his feet, that Julie had suggested it would make him feel better. His panties were a light lavender as was the bra and camisole she helped him into.

Bobby wore a horizontally stripped long sleeve turtle neck blouse in shades of lavender under a cute dark lavender jumper. The jumper buttoned down the front to a short hem Hilga managed easily with Bobby standing after another pair of silk thigh highs stockings were eased onto his legs. Those stockings were black and to those Hilga added an adult styled Mary Jane shoe with a slight heel. Bobby saw his outfit as an adult woman's school girl look with little girl overtones which made him flush given he was none of those.

"Very cute look," Abby said of Bobby who's ribbons Hilga clipped to his hair now matched. He could pass himself off easily as a twelve year old Julie mused after nodding her own approval to his outfit. Julie wore bib overalls over a green tee-shirt while Hilga was wearing a nice pair of slacks and blouse. Abby too had chosen pants but in a sweater over her own casual slacks.

Bobby couldn't help but notice he was the only one actually wearing a skirt of all things. Which he amended somewhat since he was the only one wearing a diaper as well. Although under that he wore panties thanks to Julie. Bobby had accepted the fact he was going to be feminized over the next few days and his diapers would also be a constant so protesting now seemed silly.

Wearing the panties helped a lot with Bobby's attitude although it hadn't been Julie's suggestion but Hilga's. Hilga, when Julie confessed to Abby hadn't been nearly as surprised as she might have been were she not a dominate on occation. Watching men turn into sissies, little girls and babies was common for her. Hilga had suggested the panties as part of Bobby's outfit for Bobby's sake. Abby had agreed readily as did Julie.

"What color panties," Julie asked when Bobby slid next to her in the lemo before the others got in.

"Thanks to you, I'm wearing diapers remember," Bobby said blushing slightly as he remembered that Hilga had said Julie suggested them.

"Right, so what color," Julie asked.

"They match the blouse OK," Bobby said blushing more and refusing to say the word lavender.

"Thank you," Julie said as Hilga began climbing in to sit opposite of Bobby and along side Julie.

"For what," Bobby asked.

"For the fantasy," Julie said just as Abby climbed in.

Bobby's chair went in the trunk before the driver slid behind the wheel. He eased the large glossy black sedan forward smoothy. They drove an hour with most of it on a freeway before meandering through town before stopping in front of what was clearly not your run of the mill boutiques. In the window were adult mannequins in not so typical outfits that included a maid's set, a little girl dress and, to Bobby's surprise, an adult baby.

"What are we doing here," Bobby asked knowing full well it would have something to do with him.

"Those ruffles and lace," Julie said.

"At least," Abby added.

"Good heavens," Bobby said as the driver opened the curb side door before moving to the trunk he'd opened remotely. That mannequin in the window, the one dressed as an adult baby was posed as if holding her baby dress up and Bobby had clearly seen the ruffles and lace panties.

"My words exactly," Julie said looking at all three outfits displayed and wishing she had the budget for all of them.

"Hilga! How have you been," A large woman said moving immediately to the group as they entered but clearly recognizing Hilga.

"Good. Very good and you," Hilga said as the woman drew near as she added, "I've brought a client in to see what you've got in the way of rhumba panties.

"Over diapers or as panties," the woman said instantly and without any further questions which surprised Bobby since it wasn't something you'd hear in most stores or said so casually.

"Diapers, cloth actually." Hilga said after their hug ended.

"Male or female," the woman asked.

"Male," Hilga said.

"You make a very pretty young lady," The woman said extending a hand to Julie.

"Thank you, but the one Hilga is talking about is in the chair," Julie said smiling over the mistake. It unnerved Bobby slightly as well as Julie who added, "I'm Julie and this here is Bobby."

"Good heavens, I thought you said male," the woman said looking at Hilga.

"I did," Hilga said.

"My goodness how beautiful you are precious. No wonder they want you in ruffles," The woman said to Bobby turning around to face the inside of the store as she added, "Susan, I'm going to be helping these women myself."

"Very good Gloria, I've got the front," the girl named Susan said giving a bright smile as she moved from a rack of glittering dresses for the counter.

"Oh no, did you remember to bring the sizes," Abby asked of Julie.

"Yes, you gave them to me last night," Julie said.

"Thank the stars, I thought I'd forgotten them," Abby said and added to the saleswoman, "actually we're going to need several pair and those for females."

"Over diapers as well," the sales woman asked.

"Yes," Abby said as Julie took out the slip of paper that Abby was so concerned about. Bobby wasn't sure what was happening at the moment but he was sure over where they were headed as the display with the torsos came into view. Two wore diapers alone, three others wore diapers covered in baby pants in a snap-on and pull on style and the last wore diapers and a pair of those baby girl pants or those rhumba panties.

"Oh yes," Julie said moving instantly to flip at the lace ruffles as she added, "I remember a pair of these my mother kept that she said she didn't have the heart to get rid of. They are so cute!"

"They are identical to what you'll find for babies and toddler girls. They are adorable," The woman said moving to the shelves below to take up a couple of different styles as she added, "this one we call our sissy baby style and, as you can see, is laced at the legs, waist and across the bottom. This other pair more closely matches the little baby girl styles."

Bobby couldn't believe first that he was here, or that he was looking at baby girl panties Julie was interested in getting him into.

"What are the sizes we're looking at. I don't have these in a large range but I do in the baby girl styles," The saleswoman asked.

"Let's see," Julie said as she opened the paper looking at it for a moment before adding, "Cindy is a two, Sandy as well, Tracy is a three and Brenda is a four. I'm a two as is Bobby here and you Abby?"

"I'm a four," Abby said.

"Great, I've got all of those sizes in stock in the baby girl style but nothing smaller than a three in the sissy baby pair," The woman said as she added, "mostly men buy these so I stay with the larger sizes.

"Then we should stay with the little baby girl styles," Abby said and added, and one... no, make that two diapers for each pair of those we get for those same sizes. Except for Bobby's since she's already got diapers. Now Hilga was telling me you've got baby dresses as well?"

"Some very cute ones. Costumes but darling looking and perfect with these style panties. They are there in that rack across from you," The woman said.

"These are cute," Abby said taking up a pink Bishop style or float dress with no waist and very clearly for an adult but very clearly designed to look like a baby's dress as Abby added, "how are these sized?"

"Small, medium to extra large. We can fit a guy six foot six with a fifty inch chest. They are very popular with our adult sissy babies," the sales woman said.

"One each of those then as well and Julie here can give you the dress sizes. I'm a ten," Abby said as Julie began to mention each girls size. The saleswomen took up a dress for each size mentioned then went back to the panties gathering one pair for each of the sizes before doing the same with neatly folded diapers on shelves next to the baby pants section.

Bobby meanwhile, sat there in a kind of stunned daze trying to figure out what was going on. At first he thought they were just getting those panties for him but it was clear they were outfitting each of the girls to dress as baby girls.

"Accessories," the saleswoman asked.

"Of course," Abby said moving off with the saleswoman as Bobby tugged on Julie's hand.

"What's going on," Bobby asked very confused when the chance came.

"Our pajama party for tonight," Julie said.

"More like a slumber party for you young lady," Hilga said smiling. She was smiling but she was also serious that Bobby would not be spending nearly as much time awake as the girls. She wasn't happy over that amount of excitement for him but gave in to Abby's wishes.

"Pajama... OK, slumber party? What party," Bobby asked.

"Our pajama party. The girls, you and I. And Abby as well. It was Abby's idea after Cindy mentioned how fun it would be to have a pajama party one night.

Actually it was also Cindy's idea to be babies as well," Julie said. Julie didn't mention the fact that Cindy, a bit ago, had express her own desires to get Sandy into one of Bobby's diapers and then came up with the idea of a baby girl pajama party as an excuse to diaper Sandy. Abby had picked up on it instantly.

"You're kidding," Bobby said relaxing immediately given that he was there to get those panties but wasn't going to be the only one wearing them.

That thought had suddenly put those lace ruffles into a whole new perspective. It allowed Bobby suddenly to relax a little and admire what he was going to be wearing. It also caused Bobby some amount of pleasure as he reacted and noting as he did so the panties he was wearing.

"Feeling better about your new ruffled panties little girl," Julie asked.

"And you're going to wear one of those dresses, a diaper and baby pants as well," Bobby asked thrilled over that prospect and ignoring her comment.

"I am. Tell you what, you can diaper me and I'll diaper you, how's that," Julie asked and added, "if it's OK with Hilga?"

"Da, it is very OK," Hilga said examining a pair of those panties with the light pink lace over a very silky layer of nylon.

"Hey you guys, over here," Abby said motioning at Julie, Hilga and Bobby from a counter.

"What color pacifier do you want Bobby," Abby asked holding up three different types in three different colors. She allowed Bobby a moment to chose.

Bobby looked at the three baby pacifiers realizing they were slightly larger for an adult. Proportional to an adult he noted and was thinking about the risk of saying the pink one since that would mean he wanted one.

"You know what, we'll take pink for everyone that way you won't have to embarrass yourself by choosing the pink," Abby said and added, "and a strap for each, plus the baby bottles."

"Excellent," The saleswoman asked as another girl was gathering up what Abby had already purchased. By the time all was said and done there were nearly five bags of clothing and accessories being packaged.

"One more thing and Bobby, if you say no I won't press you," Abby said as she turned from the counter to face Bobby.

"OK," Bobby said feeling only slightly apprehensive.

"That little girl's dress. I want to get it for you," Abby said sounding just as apprehensive suddenly.

"Which," Bobby said turning to his left to see what Abby was referring to. He saw it then and felt faint over the delightful confection he was gazing at.

"That one," Abby said and added, "please?"

"I... I'm not sure... I mean I feel bad that you're spending so much money on me," Bobby said surprising Julie. Bobby surprised Julie because he didn't say a word about the fact it was a dress or a little girl's dress but that Abby was spending her money.

"No more talk about money! Just let me worry about that," Abby said again and added, "for me."

"I guess so," Bobby said slightly flush and not looking at anyone for a time.

"Thank you," Abby said and added to the saleswoman, "You have that dress in a girl's twelve I hope, and the slip as well."

"I do and it's done. Very cute dress and slipper satin if you're curious," the saleswoman said without saying how much since it was obvious that price wasn't going to be an issue.

"Abby," Bobby asked.

"Yes honey," Abby answered

"Can I ask why? I mean it's OK and all, but how come that one," Bobby said.

"Promise you won't laugh," Abby said.

"After what I've been through? Yes, I promise," Bobby said.

"I'm going to have your picture taken in it and them commission an oil painting from that to hang in my library. Honey, you're the closest thing I've ever had to family and that's how I see you at the moment. Bobby, believe this or not, but you and Julie are the daughters I will never have and exactly what I'd want my little girls to become," Abby said as the saleswoman returned with that same dress in a girl's size twelve.

Bobby didn't answer but he didn't have to as Hilga brought out a hanky for him. He felt so warm suddenly as the group went silent.

"Enough of that young lady before you make me start crying," Abby said.

Bobby's newest dress was a light peach Slipper satin shimmering under the room lights. It's skirt was made already full by a self attached slip. A classic little girl's dress style with puffy sleeves, short waist, and wide sash. The slip that went with it a classic little girl's style with a gathering of crinoline between a taffeta overskirt and underskirt.

Bobby didn't see the saleswoman add the little girl's tights ruffled in the same color to the order as the group began to move together to leave. They were excited, animated, giggling and laughing over what they'd purchased or rather what Abby had purchased as they got into the car.

"Henry," Abby said to her driver.

"Yes," Henry answered smiling.

"Toys-R-Us, we're going to need dolls and something soft and cute to sleep with," Abby said.

"Toys-R-Us it is ma'am," Henry said easing the large sedan back into traffic.

"It was so odd for Bobby getting pushed down the doll isle of the toy store but exciting as well given why he was there among all of those cute dolls. He had his pick and promised to chose a favorite or one that would be his favorite when they reached the isle. Abby had also asked that she suspend all of her notions over such things. Bobby, feeling warm over the reference to he as a she promised.

Bobby picked My Little Sister as did Julie then spent time with Julie finding a couple of outfits for their dolls. It was Hilga's idea to find a clothe diaper and baby pants to fit Bobby's doll causing him to flush crimson when she also mentioned his doll would wear panties under her diaper. Everyone would have a doll that night along with a very cute stuffed teddy bear to cuddle with. The baby blankets were last before they left with another half dozen bags.

"And dinner, then home," Abby said getting into the car last again.

Dinner, as it happens, was going to be Gerber's Step Two for toddlers. Dinner was going to be baby food with an entree, desert and juice in matching sippy cups that went into the grocery cart. Abby got the kind of baby cookies Hilga recommended laughing over the fact that Hilga often gave her adult babies cookies.

Abby had no idea about that world but found it fascinating when Hilga explained what she sometimes did when she wasn't an in-home care nurse. Abby had a notion of Bobby being her baby after getting the explanation of what an Adult Baby was. That was one of the reason for the little girl's dress and this slumber party with the costumes.

Julie was beside herself with the prospects of babying Bobby which included getting him to breast feed after she'd talked with Hilga. Hilga had promised Julie that it would only take a single night of regression for Bobby to be hooked. Hilga promised Julie her best efforts tonight when they were back in their room.

Hilga warned that Bobby needed to eat and get back home for a nap. Abby agreed and told Henry which restaurant she wanted. It was a nice place suitable for brunch and casual clothes and Bobby liked being fussed over by the staff as they were brought to a table. Of course that staff knew Abby as well and that helped.

"You've been up too long," Hilga warned as she began taking Bobby's clothes off before lifting him to his crib for a change. Bobby had given up trying to hold himself and he was nearly soaked by the time Hilga started slipping his baby pants, diaper and those lavender panties off. Bobby had also quit trying to rationalize what he felt as Hilga took up the first baby wipe.

Bobby's nightgown, for his nap was in a pure white trimmed lightly in a delicate pink ribbon that worked nicely for his baby dress as Hilga insisted he wear a pair of his new ruffled panties. Bobby had three pair instead of the single pair the girls got.

Bobby didn't protest at all and happily took the pacifier Hilga suggested. Bobby was too tired to protest anything he mused, as justification, allowing Hilga to slip the soft rubber nipple into his mouth. It was a minor but important step in regressing Bobby and Hilga knew, in that instant that Bobby took his pacifier, that he'd succumb easily.

Hilga took slightly longer for the cream, baby oil and powder before diapering Bobby in both a soaker and night diaper. Bobby was sound asleep with the pacifier in his mouth and a hand resting on his new satiny panties when Hilga took out the white satin diaper she'd gotten. A real diaper more or less but made of satin with a batting inside for thickness to wear to his party. Hilga favored this style for some of her sissy babies.

Bobby woke to darkness outside surprised he'd slept for as long as it seemed but feeling wonderful because of it. Hilga, with a book, was sitting in the rocker between her bed and crib warming Bobby the instant he saw her. Hilga sensed him awake when he stirred smiling at him and the fact that he'd kept the pacifier in his mouth for most of his nap.

"The girls are here already," Hilga said in a nonchalant voice as she slipped her hand to rest over Bobby's silky panty before adding, "are you wet?"

Bobby sheepishly nodded yes reluctant, Hilga noticed, to take his pacifier from his mouth to talk.

"Bath first," Hilga said. Hilga had gathered everything Bobby was to wear leaving him in his crib to start his bath water. Bobby laid there in a state of restful bliss considering what he was wearing and about to wear and what it all meant. Truth was he found himself in an odd state between wishing he could stay this way forever and again that twinge of guilt because of it.

"Come on precious, time to get up," Hilga said stripping Bobby of his ruffled panties and diaper before his nightgown. She lifted him easily and just as easily carried him to his bath. Bobby stood, then stepped into the water before Hilga helped him sit. Bobby closed his eyes to the soothing sensations of being babied when Hilga took up the wash cloth.

Hilga favored No More Tears Baby Shampoo and Johnson's Soothing Baby Bath Soap for cleaning mostly because both had the strongest baby powder scents. Regression was all about matching the senses to the fantasy and next in importance to Bobby's sense of touch, was his sense of smell. That satin diaper would take care of some of Bobby's sense of touch and do so handily Hilga mused as she slipped the baby soft wash cloth between his legs.

Hilga had spent years developing her skills learned from Nursing to becoming a dominate and honing this art of regression. Understanding human nature and the concepts of nurturing was the key as she slowly, carefully, and lovingly moved the sweet scented wash cloth over Bobby's body.

Bathing, as a process, was understood by a number of cultures as an important nurturing function and Hilga had taken many pages from each as Bobby found himself drifting into a wonderful relaxed state of blissfulness. Hilga left no part of Bobby untouched when she shampooed his hair a second time before letting the water drain.

She used three large towels with Bobby standing on one of them naked after his bath. She draped him with another using the last to start on his legs. She took up a very large powder puff and the Johnson's Baby Powder beginning at the back of Bobby's neck working her way around him and between his legs finally. A smaller towel was used to wrap Bobby's hair before Hilga took Bobby up in her arms. He could walk he mused happily knowing he didn't have to.

It was a surprise that diaper laying over the changing pad. A soft white and brighter than cotton and shimmering in the light allowing Bobby to easily recognized it as satin. Bobby fought his reaction losing instantly a second before Hilga eased him over his satin diaper. No cream or oil this time, least she stain the satin, but lots of baby powder and lots of time applying it.

When she was finished, Hilga mused, Bobby would clearly understand the notions of regression. It was clear he was beginning to when she teased the pacifier back into his mouth without any hesitation. That, Hilga mused, was a good sign and her reasons for enjoying this as much as she did. They fall, they always fall, some slower than others but they all fall. Bobby was falling fast.

The diaper was soft, silky, sensuous and thick to an extreme as the two layers of bridal satin slipped easily between Bobby's legs. The thick puffy soft batting between the layers of satin were designed that way. Satin, shiny side touching Bobby's skin and another for his hand allowed him that sense of touch so important to this process. That exaggerated thickness also left no doubt whatsoever that it was a diaper with or without baby pants.

Two very cute pink tipped diaper pins closed Bobby snugly in his diaper as Hilga watched carefully the number of times Bobby subconsciously nursed on his pacifier. People, when they didn't think about their pacifier, nurse it. For Hilga it was an indication of how deeply they regressed when they were being regressed. Bobby was nursing his almost constantly.

Bobby swooned over his ruffled panties which only added to what he'd felt already with that satin between his legs. He was too far past any hope of protesting and even the thought of it as Hilga slipped that soft plastic covered in nylon over his feet. There would be ruffles across his bottom he mused remembering the conversation he and Julie had that very morning.

It was a pretty look Bobby also mused as he looked down at the large amount of material surrounding him and not missing the silken shimmer and hint of lace that only girls would experience. He wasn't going to wear a bra Hilga noted since he was going to a baby's slumber party. None of the girls would be wearing bras Hilga noted. Bobby would be wearing a cute straight slip that wasn't too much longer than a decent size tee-shirt.

A baby's slip and he hadn't seen that being purchased either he noted as Hilga brought it over his head. Bobby noticed, as well, that there wasn't much left of it's length when it was on and neither was his dress when that followed. It was not going to hide his ruffles at all or if it did only the first layer perhaps and definitely not the little bow that would be decorating his bottom. Why that excited him gave him a moments thought but he didn't allow much time for it.

They were real Mary Jane shoes if you ignored the size and so were the lace socks, and already in the closet, when Hilga walked into it after his socks were on. Shiny black strapped shoes that contrasted sharply with the pastel pinks he now wore. Sugar and spice and everything nice Bobby mused as Hilga closed the strap of his last shoe. He'd been in his crib the whole time nursing a pacifier that whole time as well.

Meanwhile the girls were getting ready.

Bobby had arrived home a bit after two and had slept almost till five before Hilga started his bath. The girls had arrived at five and were now diapering themselves in the room Abby had set aside for them. Cindy and Sandy were together with Sandy giggling over to the attention Cindy was giving her as she poured more baby oil onto her palms. Sandy had diapered Cindy but it wasn't nearly as intense as Cindy diapering Sandy which, of course, was Cindy's intent.

Sandy, Cindy had decided, would be the baby of their family and she wanted to make sure that somewhere deep down Sandy would understand that. In those seconds Sandy was beginning to as she closed her eyes and nursed her pacifier. Tracy and Brenda were in separate rooms as was Julie now laying over her own diaper. All of the girls happily doing so for the benefit of Bobby's first slumber party.

Abby was feeling slightly odd given her age but only slightly so as she eased her own diaper on. How many years did she have left before this would become a necessity she mused then deciding, over the feel of the diaper between her legs, that it might not be as long as she once thought. Very soon she decided as she closed her diaper with the first diaper pin.

Barbara, in another room was closing the nurses dress she'd gone out to buy. She and Hilga would be the "baby sitters" and Barbara was still shocked over this change in her boss and now her.

Sally, Abby's house keeper in her own state of amazement, was just putting the finishing touches on the dinner table. Setting several places for guest dressed as babies was a first for her as she checked on the Gerber jars warming in the pans of water.

There were plastic baby plates partitioned for the food with a baby fork and spoon each. Sippy cups matched the plates which was one of the instructions given to Sally before coming to work on Tuesday. An odd request to have baby style place settings for dinner but Sally was paid well and a dinner party was a party in spite of how it looked.

My Little Pony was the theme for the plates and cups as Sally began opening the jars of food now warm enough to eat. The sippy cups held grape juice as Sally was fixing the last baby bottles to the refrigerator for later. A plate full of baby cookies was prepared as well for the girls to snack on and Sally laughed again over the teething biscuits she added around the cookies.

Sally had moved furniture in the large den so the girls had a place to play with their dolls now sitting in a circle on a very large pink blanket. The cuddly teddy bears were also arrayed on cute pink satin edged baby blankets. It was going to be quite a sight to see, Sally mused, as she began transferring the baby food to the dining room table.

Gerber beef and carrots served with Gerber applesauce now waited for the girls to assemble and the first to do so was her boss of all things as Sally fought against a snicker and lost. Abby was in a pink baby dress as Barbara joined them also sharing in the snicker before losing it. Abby herself lost it then as she tugged at the dress in an attempt to hide her ruffled panties.

Cindy and Sandy joined them holding hands with Sandy still nursing her pacifier. Tracy, Brenda and Julie joined them a second later as did Bobby and Hilga soon after that. Each place setting was organized loosing allowing Abby to sit to the right of Bobby who now sat at the head of the table in his wheel chair. Julie took the left with Cindy and Sandy sitting together next to her and across from Brenda and Tracy.

Everyone was dressed identically and that was the same with the girlish baby bibs Barbara and Hilga were tying onto the girls. Pink plastic printed with baby teddy bears over a terry cloth backing and, with the exception of size, identical to a baby's bib. Those too Bobby didn't remember them buying as Hilga did his first.

"Babies, dinner is served," Sally said losing it again and hardly noticed by the girls over their own laughter. It was a cute scene watching adults dressed as baby girls now eating from their baby plates with baby spoons. Sippy cups were raised after Abby suggested a toast that she started while looking at Bobby when she said, "may your bottle always be full and your diaper always dry."

"Here, here," Julie said clicking her sippy cup against Bobby's and Abby's before doing so with the others girls. The laughter was riotous as the girls clinked their plastic cups with each other before sipping. Barbara and Hilga, in their nurse outfits moved about the table making sure, between giggles, that the girls faces were clean using small white wash cloths. Sally stood off holding an open bottle of grape juice wrapped in a serving towel as she would with wine, ready to fill a sippy cup when it emptied.

Mike, in a constant state of amazement moved about the table taking pictures and sharing in the laughter. He had been floored when Abby asked him to attend as their unofficial daddy and photographer. Of course Mike refused Abby's first offer of a baby dress in a suitable powder blue for this occation. He would leave when the girls were finished playing and do so happily he'd told Abby.

They had Gerber pudding for desert and a cookie as Sally cleared the table still smiling as she put the baby dishes on the sink with those sippy cups. The girls took up their bottles to move to the playroom and their dolls, with Bobby now walking among them with Hilga following. Hilga adored the look before her as everyone began finding a place on the blanket before picking up their dolls.

Bobby named his doll Abby and Abby named her's Bobby as Hilga handed Bobby the dolly diaper and baby pants for his. He flushed crimson over the fact his dolly was the only one that wore a diaper and those cute little plastic panties over her panties. Sesame Street DVDs were playing on the large screen television and occasionally Hilga would clap for attention and ask the girls to participate in something.

Bobby learned to curtsy and had to sing I'm A Little Tea Pot as his chosen performance as Hilga went around the circle picking things for the girls to do. The fashion show or show and tell portion got more laughs. Nearly everything got at least a snicker and it had been almost constant for the two hours they played.

Barbara and Hilga draped the girls towards the end with plastic smocks similar to what kindergartners would wear. It was so they could finger paint a design on eleven by seventeen inch poster board for their art time. Only when the girls were finished did Abby note that each design would be framed and mounted in her library.

Bobby had finger painted a stick figure of a girl in pink poster paint standing in front of a large house with a tree. Abby drew a large girl with a little girl in front of her. A psychologist, Hilga noted, would have easily defined the meanings in those drawings. They finished the party after some amount of time spent playing with "mommy's makeup" and "finger nail polish".

Hilga had helped Bobby with his makeup after dressing him in their room. When he had done his lipstick last he was surprised with new earrings. Surprised more because he'd taken them, changing his small diamonds for the cute pink ballerina slippers to match his dress. Bobby's hair had been parted by clip-on baby bows also picked for his baby dress. He'd done a fair job of painting his nails Julie noted as Barbara and Hilga began cleaning up.

The party would continue for the girls but Bobby was going to have to go to bed and it was the first time Bobby felt like throwing some sort of temper tantrum. Perhaps the only reason he didn't, he decided, was Hilga holding his baby bottle. Bobby was also looking at a cute pink baby doll nightgown when they reached the room again. That helped as well.

Bobby was changed into his night time diaper and soaker then put into a new baby doll top before Hilga drew his matching panties over his pink baby pants. What changed for this routine was Hilga giving Bobby his bottle after laying him in her bed and in such a way so she could feed him. Bobby was fast asleep when half the bottle was gone.

Bobby found himself waking sometime during the night with a massive arm comfortably holding him against a very soft and very warm body. He was still in Hilga's bed he mused happily before finding his pacifier clipped to his nightgown to nurse himself back to sleep. He'd woken to the urge to potty and fell asleep again after that urge passed.

"Picture day," Hilga whispered to Bobby waking him. The sun was up brightly and matched the mood Bobby was in instantly as he began remembering the previous nights events. His dream, the last one, was of him nursing a large woman's breast. Bobby decided it had to have been Hilga in his dream. Bobby was shocked to see that very same breast exposed before Hilga tugged the satin top of her pajamas down. Bobby had been sure it was a dream.

It was nearly eleven when Bobby walked into the large comfortable living room where Abby was. She was going over some papers spread on a spacious coffee table. Barbara was at a larger table set near the windows mounting those finger paintings in frames. Both stopped as Bobby walked in sheepishly wearing his new little girl's dress for his 'sitting' today.

"Oh my heavens," Abby said instantly getting up to come over and admire the dress Bobby wore. It was beyond what she expected leaving her almost breathless. The waist came slightly above Bobby's and made shorter still by the wide sash Hilga had fashioned into a very large bow at that back of it.

That dress and slip covered Bobby's ruffles on his tights but just and wouldn't if Bobby lifted his arms or bent slightly. He wore his black patent Mary Jane shoes and a very large bow at the back of his head. It glimmered and sparkled in the sun light from the windows as Abby circled him in admiration. Barbara was shocked at the look knowing full well she was seeing an adult male but finding it hard to believe. Bobby looked every bit the little girl he was dressed as.

"The photographer is sitting up on the patio," Abby said hugging Bobby after a light kiss on his blushed cheeks. Hilga had done Bobby's makeup and hair this time leaving nothing of the boy when she was finished. Bobby felt so captured by what he wore and how he looked when Hilga finished that he was left speechless.

The girls were gone and that included Julie who couldn't miss the class she had on Wednesdays. That unnerved Bobby some but given that he was the only one on a medical leave of absence he could understand the girls not being there. The man Bobby met thought he was shooting a little girl when Bobby came onto the patio.

There was a white bench set up then a swing wrapped in vines and flowers with each having backdrops simulating gardens behind those props. In front an array of lights, and silver umbrellas making it very elaborate looking. When Jack wasn't shooting models he freelanced, and was thrilled to shoot Abby's niece which was what he was told. Only Bobby's voice suggested otherwise but slightly, and Jack had no reason to believe that the young girl was anything other than a young girl.

Bobby was posed first on the bench, with Jack guiding him into his sitting, and for some amount of time before he stepped to the large digital camera mounted on a tripod. The flashes when they came were brighter than sun light and came in a series after Jack said "hold it". Coquettish was how Bobby sat, and then again when Bobby was guided into the swing. Nearly an hour passed and a large number of poses before Jack was satisfied.

Abby was looking at the proofs on a portable computer, beginning after the first series was taken. There was no choice to be made, Abby told Jack, deciding after looking at the first few that she wanted them all. Two sets she'd said and was promised those by Thursday afternoon. Abby would pick one for the oil portrait when she had the proofs.

Bobby was famished when the shooting ended, and shocked to his lace tights when Abby suggested brunch in town. Hilga had agreed to let them go alone since Bobby's dizzy spells seemed to have passed. What changed Bobby's panic was the dress Abby brought in and purchased by Barbara the day before. It was a young girl's dress still, but tea length and suitable for a mother daughter luncheon Abby said.

Organdy, Hilga said of the material that covered the satin skirt, when Bobby asked what the overskirt was made of. It felt silky but was light and airy. His slip, a formal slip zippered at the back when Hilga helped him into it. Bobby didn't need to change the ruffled tights since they were white, but Hilga did change his Mary Janes for a patent white pair of strapped shoes. Hilga also changed his ribbon for one in a gathered softly bowed chiffon.

Bobby and Abby met by the front door with both holding white gloves and purses to match. Bobby's coat was designed to sit over a dress with a full slip and he left that unbuttoned when Abby helped him into it. Pure white cotton lined in a satiny white matched the white of his dress rustling as they moved through the front door towards Henry and the open car door.

"Good morning ladies," Henry said cordially as Abby allowed Bobby in first. Barbara was at the door, slightly amused, at the scene before her. She was admiring first Abby's young transsexual, as she thought of Bobby, and the changes she'd brought to her boss.

Hilga, meanwhile, was hanging Bobby's little girl dress lovingly. She was happy that she'd been able to talk Bobby into that white satin diaper then snickered slightly at how easily that had actually gone. They all fall, she mused, as a slight warm glow rose to a very enjoyable orgasm that took a pleasurable moment to pass.

Julie, meanwhile, was hugging Rose for the second time after Rose agreed to rent the room to Bobby. Since he was more girl than boy, Rose decided, there was no harm in him living there she'd also decided. Since Rose was going to rent that room anyway it might just as well be to someone she knew. Bobby's room would need painting and furniture Julie noted and thanks to Abby that was going to be taken care of tomorrow, now that Rose said yes.

It was only slightly ironic that Sandy had gone off to school with Cindy wearing a Huggies disposable diaper in a toddler's size four. It was slightly snug, but comfortable when Cindy presented it to her last night. Of course Sandy didn't really need the ruffled baby pants, but Cindy thought they looked very cute on her.

Sandy had discovered this side of herself when Cindy and she went to bed and took Cindy's breast as her reward for leaving her diaper on. There would be two baby girls in that house Cindy mused as she took her lovers hand for the walk to class.

Bobby was slipping his gloves on, mimicking Abby, as the car reached the restaurant. It was very exclusive and difficult at best for a table even if you were someone. Fortunately Abby was well past just being someone since she owned it. Bobby sat at the invitation of the waiter who had pulled his chair out believing, as the rest did, he was a girl and in Abby's care, given her age.

It was a quiet and long lunch that left them both able to talk, and Abby began by explaining what Bobby meant to her since she'd come to know him. She'd used the masculine pronoun after explaining what she knew, but suggested, when she did so, if Bobby would allow her to continue addressing her as she. The reason she asked was for the future, she said, and not for this charade which she was sure would end when Bobby's recovery was complete.

The look on Bobby's face, and his pause gave Abby reason to believe he was pondering her questions, and the ramifications of it till Bobby whispered, "I don't want this to end."

Abby was slightly confused since she was prepared to argue, with a great deal of emotion, that she couldn't help but view Bobby as a girl. Only none of that seemed necessary suddenly, and that left Abby perplexed, given what she knew, or thought she did. Bobby was obviously distraught, and Abby touched his hand lightly convincing him, whatever the reason, that she'd understand if he talked.

They worked through their desert with Abby surprised some, shocked a bit and about as happy as she could imagine herself to be. Bobby's confession began slowly, haltingly, clearly in fear of what he was saying, but growing less so as he worked through it. Abby was the first person to know about this side of Bobby, outside of his family.

Bobby was the only boy in a very large house shared by his mother he said. They shared their house with his aunt and her daughter, his cousin, growing up. He'd lost his father and uncle in the same year on an oil rig accident in the middle east when he was too young to know his father. The same story he'd given Julie ages ago. But not all of it as he was doing now.

Growing up with girl stuff was just something he'd done, because he was the only boy after his father and uncle were killed. Dressing as a girl for Halloween might have started it, but he wasn't sure although he remembers it growing more urgent from that point on. He was caught a number of times before his mother allowed him out of that self imposed closet he was in.

He'd been agonizing over it ever since. That desire to be a girl, but the reality of being a boy, and never finding a perfect middle ground till that accident, or that day leading up to it. It was the girls accepting him as a girl, even if it was only for that day, that held him so captive. Then going out, and finally the staff at the hospital believing what Julie had told them, and Julie herself hinting she would like him that way or even both ways.

When he came to stay with Abby it was beyond his imaginings, and had been ever since, Bobby said, with a great deal of difficulty. Even now he felt... complete was the word he used. Abby was beside herself as Bobby unraveled his secret.

Abby wanted him as a girl because she'd only known him as a girl, and here before her sat the boy that wanted to be a girl, who was deciding that in real moments. He'd been pushed perhaps a bit faster than he might have been and all because of that accident.

Perhaps he would have decided this at some point without that accident intervening, but they would never know that, nor did it matter now. Both smiled over the irony of that day and this new one now unfolding. He was, Abby suggested, an accidental girl and they both laughed.

Post Script

Bobby shocked Julie, and Julie shocked Bobby, discovering they were already coming together as two separate points converging into one before this. They would never have clashed given what Julie wanted, and now what she knew Bobby wanted. Discovering he had a new room, if he wanted it, Julie had said, and he did, Bobby noted, was surprising. Knowing he had a place as a girl with girls was startling. Rose, of course, said she knew it all along.

Bobby's mother also knew it all along, but left it up to Bobby to discover, since he was old enough now to decide. She'd joked, that even his name would be the same, and she had always loved both sides. His aunt was thrilled, as was his cousin, now in her third year of collage. Which left little to do but decide on what to do, and how to do it.

Given the resources of his Aunt Abby, as he thought of Abby, as well as the legal skills of his Uncle Mike, Bobby made his transition fairly easy. While that was happening, Bobby's newly discovered fetish was becoming the delight of his lover Julie as she happily pinned him into another diaper after their love making. Of course, having Sandy to play with and sometimes the other girls, when Bobby was being a baby girl helped considerably. They often played in the attic nursery they'd all created together. A girl's nursery for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, Mike was in agony but drifting once again to ecstasy as Hilga rubbed baby oil over the bottom she'd just spanked soundly. Of course soiling the panties she'd forced him into was a naughty according to Hilga and the reason Mike was about to wear the diaper she laid him over. It always ended up with Mike wearing a diaper since it was impossible for him not to soil his panties.

Hilga saw to that.

Sally, as she did once a month since that young man Bobby had stayed those few days, carried the box of disposables UPS delivered up to Abby's bedroom. She began filling the shelf again in Abby's closet. She felt sorry for Abby's condition hoping it would be a lot of years before she'd have to wear a diaper of any kind.

"A+" was written across the top of Bobby's paper a few days after that Monday he read it to the class. He had drafted it beginning Thursday night at Abby's and it was, by way of an explanation, the reason he was dressed as a girl when he came back to school that Monday.

Bobby wrote:

Class: Psychology 101
Teacher: Ms. Miller
Essay Assignment Number Four

What do you think it’s like to be a girl?

"That question, for me, began when I was six. I began searching for an answer soon after my first Halloween when I wore my cousin's party dress to school. I've been searching for answers ever since. I suspect I wont truly understand that question till the end of my days but I do know that beginning today I no longer need to ask the question...."


For those wondering, and this from the engineer that checked Abby's car, there is a rod that is actuated when you step on the break pedal of a Rolls Royce that disengages the throttle. A small bracket holding that rod in place broke due to metal fatigue allowing that rod to push against a small plate that controls the throttle. That was determined as the cause of that accident that day when Abby stepped on the brake only to find herself accelerating.

It was, for the record, the first recall made by Rolls Royce in the history of the company and one of the reasons they settled so quickly. That settlement, thanks to Mike, was shared between Bobby, Julie, Cindy, Sandy, Tracy and Brenda.

Mary Beth


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