Linking Spell: The Inversion

The Linking Spell: The Inversion

Dan was a college student with an eye for a special lady in his class. Her name was Jennifer, a slender brunette with an hour-glass figure. Dan often found himself distracted in class just looking at her. Despite his ogling, he never went to meet her. He simply lacked the self-confidence to make a move. If he were to be rejected, his whole fantasy would be at an end.

One day, Dan looked around an old comic book shop. “Do you need any help, young man?” the elderly shop keeper asked.

“Just looking,” Dan said as he scanned action figures, graphic novels, and card games.

“You appear to be bothered by something,” the shop keeper said knowingly.

“Just girl problems,” Dan said absent-minded. He wasn’t sure why he had just told the old man his private concerns. It just kind of came out.

“I doubt you’ll find the perfect gift in this store,” the shop keeper smiled.

“Oh yeah?” Dan smirked. “What is the perfect gift?” Dan asked.

“True love in its purest form. Most people get close to it, but I have the secret to obtaining it,” the shop keeper said. “Been married a long time now.”

Dan didn’t doubt it. The shop keeper looked ancient. “Well, that’s great, but I can’t buy true love,” Dan said.

“No, but I got a book that can guide you to it,” the shop keeper replied.

“Some self-help book?” Dan asked skeptically.

“A book of spells, one in particular would be able to solve your problem. It’s called the Linking Spell. It’s very powerful magic that binds two people together forever,” the shop keeper said taking out the book.

Dan rolled his eyes but allowed the shop keeper to open the book. “There it is,” the shop keeper said showing Dan the words to the spell.

“It doesn’t look English,” Dan said frowning.

“Perfect pronunciation is important,” the shop keeper warned.

“Right,” Dan said not taking the man seriously.

“When you recite the spell, you must visualize the person you wish to link to. You must be very careful for the spell is irrevocable once it has been casted,” the shop keeper explained.

“And this other person will have no choice but to love me?” Dan asked.

“It goes both ways. You will love her as much as she loves you,” the shop keeper replied.

Dan considered the idea thoughtfully. Marriages were ending in divorce all too often and many others lived in unhappy relationships. This would give him marital bliss for an entire lifetime. “Sounds great,” Dan said.

“So, you want to buy it?” the shop keeper asked hopefully.

“No need, man. I already took a picture of it on my phone,” Dan said smartly.

The shop keeper seemed stupefied. “You kids and your gizmos,” he scoffed. “If you do the spell yourself, you could mess it up. You will need my help but only if you buy the book,” the shop keeper said.

“I think I got this,” Dan said arrogantly and then left the store.


Dan put off using the spell until the semester was almost over. Upon realizing he wouldn’t have class with his dream girl anymore, he stared at the picture of the spell on his phone. Supposedly, he had to get it right the first time or it would end in epic failure. Using Facebook, he stared long and hard at Jennifer’s face.

“Okay, I got this,” Dan said and started practicing individual words.

Once he was confident enough, he read out the entire spell. Nothing magical happened then and there. Shrugging, Dan went to sleep with dreams of Jennifer in his mind.


The next day, something odd happened. He awoke to find a few dozen friend requests on his Facebook from people in his class. He lazily accepted them all. Scores of people started liking all of his posts and pictures. Pumped up by his new found popularity, Dan went to class in high spirits.

Upon arriving to class, his female professor came up to him. “I am so happy to have had you in my class, Dan,” she said.

“Well, thanks. I enjoy having you as a teacher,” Dan said awkwardly.

His teacher gushed at the remark. Dan also noticed that the girls in his class were staring at him and whispering to each other. Dan was so preoccupied with the positive attention that he didn’t realize Jennifer wasn’t even in the classroom.

At the gym, Dan gained more compliments. “I saw you back there. Nice work out,” a random guy complimented him.

“Thanks,” Dan replied not sure what to make of it.

Once he was done with his routine, he hit the showers. There were already a few guys present, but they all turned their attention to him once he entered. “Nice ass, man,” one of them complimented.

“Excuse you?” Dan said thinking he misheard.

“Hey, I saw him first. Your body is something else. Can I see your dick?” he asked.

“Is this some kind of prank?” Dan asked.

“No man, we’re just trying to show our admiration is all. One of them closer to him with an erect penis and looked as though he was about to kiss him.

“Okay, kiss me and I floor you,” Dan threatened and then got out of the shower.

As he was about to get his clothes on, another guy came up to him. “This may sound a little weird, but you mind if I suck your dick?” he asked.

“What the fuck, man?” Dan asked astounded and then quickly put his clothes on.


Dan made his way out of the gym and enjoyed some female attention. They shyly waved at him. Dan was too flustered to properly respond. He just went back to his car and drove back to his apartment. Once he arrived, his roommate was there to greet him. John had been a decent roommate. He kept to himself and didn’t invite large scores of people over. This time it was different.

“Hey, Dan. I was thinking. We could be more than just roommates,” John said.

“What are you talking about?” Dan asked losing patience.

“We could be together. No one needs to know,” John said.

“That sounds really gay,” Dan objected.

“Who cares, man?” John replied.

“John, you have a girlfriend. Why are you gay all of a sudden?” Dan questioned.

“She can’t give me what you have. She doesn’t have your cock,” John reasoned.

“Okay, I am going to my room now,” Dan said and then quickly went inside locking the door behind him.

He logged onto his computer and found that he had a few hundred friend requests. “Oh my God,” he said upon seeing the number. He was also given a few hundred Facebook messages, some of which, were sexually suggestive. Both men and women wanted his dick apparently.

“What’s wrong with these people?” Dan wondered.

He then considered his phone. “No way,” he said amazed. He dialed his good friend on the West Coast to test his theory. “Hey, Jeremy. How’s it going?” Dan asked.

“Same old,” Jeremy replied.

“If I was right in front of you, would you suck my dick?” Dan asked seriously.

“Absolutely, anything for you,” Jeremy replied.

“Seriously?” Dan asked stunned.

“No, fag. Why would you even ask me that?” Jeremy replied.

Dan sighed with relief. So, there was a range to this madness. “Look at my Facebook page,” he told him.

There was a pause as Jeremy looked over at Dan’s Facebook page. “Holy shit! Look at your wall,” Jeremy said amused.

“I know, right. Everyone at my school is acting crazy,” Dan said.

“So that’s why you asked if I would suck your dick?” Jeremy asked.

“Yeah, I have been getting that all day. Even my roommate has become gay,” Dan said.

“Looks like you’re getting a lot of female attention too,” Jeremy noted.

“Yeah, everyone is acting the same way,” Dan said.

“Until you figure this out, I wouldn’t bend over in public,” Jeremy joked.

“Very funny,” Dan replied.


Dan stayed in his room the whole time avoiding his now-homosexual roommate. Using a different setting on Facebook, Dan was able to block most people from being able to send him messages or post on his wall. Upon arriving at class, Dan looked for Jennifer. She seemed flustered with those around her. Dan had to test her.

“Kiss me,” he said to her.

“Fuck off,” she replied annoyed.

“Wow, it’s the opposite of what I wanted. It’s inverted,” Dan said amazed.

“What are you talking about?” she demanded.

Dan made eye contact with a random girl. “You want to kiss me?” he asked her.

“Absolutely,” she replied.

“Maybe after class,” Dan said quickly.

“Such a tease,” the girl said passing by.

Jennifer stared at the random girl. “Its happening to you too?” she realized.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked her.

“Since yesterday, my Facebook has been completely overwhelmed with stupid comments and every person I pass by wants to fuck me,” Jennifer said irritable.

“Look, I can explain what’s been happening to us,” Dan told her.

“No, you’re just like all the other creeps,” she said dismissively.

“I was just testing you. Look at my phone,” he said handing it over.

Jennifer saw that a few hundred more people had requested to be his friend. She eyed him in wonder. “Alright, let’s go now,” she said.


Dan and Jennifer found a secluded spot away from anyone else in a park. “You’re telling me this is the result of a spell you got from a comic book store?” she asked incredulous.

“Right. I read it out loud and the next day this happened,” Dan admitted.

“What were you trying to do? Have the whole world love you? And why am I receiving all the attention too?” Jennifer asked.

“I was trying to put the Linking Spell on you. I wanted it to be between us. Now, I am receiving attention from everyone else but you,” Dan realized.

“What did I ever do to gain your interest? You haven’t talked with me this whole semester,” she said angrily.

“You’re beautiful,” Dan said lamely.

“Is that all I am to you? A pretty face. You men are all the same,” Jennifer said unimpressed. “Do you know any of my likes and dislikes, how I think, or my personality?” she asked.

“No,” Dan said flatly.

“You disgust me. You better find a way to fix this,” she demanded.

“Okay, during Christmas break we will be far apart from each other. We can then see if the spell follows me or not,” Dan said.

“That’s in a few weeks from now,” Jennifer pointed out.

“Well, I am not going to leave now. We have finals,” Dan said obviously.

“So, I am just going to have to endure sexual harassment and possibly rape because of your spell?” Jennifer asked outraged.

“I have to deal with it too,” Dan said.

“Who cares if girls throw themselves at you. You’re a man. I’m a woman beating off gangs of men. It’s not the same,” she said.

“I will protect you,” Dan volunteered.

“Please, you’ll get your ass kicked,” she said.

“This spell is not a violent one. It’s just love misdirected,” Dan said.

“Says the expert that caused this mess in the first place,” Jennifer replied.

“I am not going to fail my classes over this,” Dan said resolved.

“Some hero you are,” she said and stormed off.

Dan sighed. His first real conversation with Jennifer had been a disaster. Everyone loved him but the one he really wanted.


Dan thought it over and decided to take a few days off to go on a road trip. Sure enough, everyone he came into contact with wanted to be physically intimate with him. Whether it be the gas station clerk, the grocery cashier, the museum tour guide, or even the cop that pulled him over, they all wanted his dick. Dan checked his Facebook and noticed a sudden drop off in Facebook messages. He went over to Jennifer’s page and noticed that her wall was still flooded with hundreds of messages.

“I’m in another state right now,” he messaged Jennifer.

“Good for you,” she texted back.

“That means that this is affecting us both. Even if I leave the country, it won’t stop what’s happening to you,” I messaged.

There was a pause for a few moments. “You better fix this.”


Dan didn’t want to do it but felt he had no choice. He went back to the comic book store to beg for forgiveness and a possible solution. Maybe the shop keeper could reverse the spell. The shop keeper smirked as if expecting Dan to return.

“I need your help to reverse the spell,” Dan said to him.

“Don’t you like the whole world loving you?” the shop keeper asked.

“It’s not real. I just wanted Jennifer to love me. She’s the only one who isn’t affected by it,” Dan said.

“The spell is irreversible, but it might be redirected. Bring her to me next time you visit,” the shop keeper instructed.


Dan brought Jennifer into the store. “This is such bullshit,” she said looking at the normal-looking comic book store.

“Hello, my dear,” the shop keeper said politely.

“Do you want to squeeze my tits too? That’s all I have gotten all day,” she said angrily.

“He’s the only one that can fix us,” Dan told her.

“Fine, reverse the spell,” Jennifer said to the shop keeper.

“It’s not that simple. The spell is irreversible but it can be redirected between you two. Instead of the whole world linked to each of you, the two of you will be linked to each other,” the shop keeper explained.

“So, I would be linked to this creep forever? I don’t think so,” Jennifer rejected.

“Unfortunately, if you are not linked to each other, you will never find love with any other. You will be loved by all, but you will never truly love them back,” the shop keeper said frowning.

“So, I’ll never enjoy sex again?” Dan questioned.

“Oh, you’ll experience the physical pleasures of it, but you will never truly love the person you are with,” the shop keeper clarified.

“Well, this fucks with you more than me, because I haven’t had anything in a long time,” Jennifer said to Dan.

“There’s more to it. When the spell links two people, your bodies will be reshaped according to your lover’s desires,” the shop keeper continued.

“Like, I can change her hair to blond and give her bigger boobs?” Dan wondered out loud.

“Precisely,” the shop keeper agreed.

“What the fuck?” Jennifer said outraged.

“It works for you too, my dear,” the shop keeper said gently.

“So, I can give him a one inch penis if I wanted to?” she asked scornfully.

“Please don’t,” Dan pleaded.

“My dear, if the Linking Spell came upon you, you would love Dan with all your heart and desire only the best for him according to your desires. You would be in perpetual bliss together. Problems involving money, status, or property will amount to nothing compared to your love,” the shop keeper smiled at the thought of it.

“Yeah, fuck that,” Jennifer said rudely. “What if Danny-boy here gets killed? Will that end the spell?” she asked while eyeing a Medieval broadsword.

“Let’s not get carried away,” Dan said backing away from her.

“No, you will forever be alone,” the shop keeper replied.

“So, I either endure a lifetime of sexual harassment and loneliness or be forced to marry Dan? Those are my only options,” Jennifer said visibly upset.

Dan frowned feeling sorry for Jennifer for the first time since the chaos had begun. “I’ll promise to be cool to you,” Dan said to her.

“You’re such an idiot,” she said disdainfully.

“What if we do the spell on ourselves, but we stay away from each other?” Dan asked.

“The attention each of you has received from the world would stop, but you two would never truly find love with another,” the shop keeper said.

“True love is overrated. Let’s do it,” Jennifer said.

Dan nodded. The shop keeper put their hands together and performed the incantation correctly this time. Dan and Jennifer felt an instant and intense romantic love towards one another. Their hands tingled with their touch. Jennifer eyed Dan horrified. She felt a forceful desire to kiss him and make out with him right then and there. Dan also felt a similar reaction. The shop keeper eyed the two of them curiously wondering what they would do.

“Dan…don’t speak to me ever again,” Jennifer said finally and stormed out of the shop.

“She has a strong will. I’m sorry, son,” the shop keeper said sympathetically.

“It’s alright, I deserved it,” Dan said sadly.


Dan exited the shop and walked around the parking lot. The people he encountered didn’t bother to look at him. Things were back to normal it seemed. He looked at his phone and saw a sudden drop off in Facebook messages. Now, he was getting messages from people who either hated him or were apologizing for their own messages. Dan was losing Facebook friends quickly.

Dan went back to his apartment and found his roommate acting normally. He was busy talking with his girlfriend on the phone in the living room. Relieved but sad, Dan awaited a new day.

Once he got to class, he placed himself in the back as far as he could from Jennifer. The link that tied them together was still strong. It frustrated him the entire class period. Jennifer seemed to notice his attempt to avoid her. The same desire roared through her as well.

“Dan, stop,” she said to him as he left the hall.

Dan perked up upon hearing her voice as if it were the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. “Yes?” he said working hard to control his feelings.

“You fucked up, alright, but you tried to fix it. Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” Dan said politely.

“I don’t want to be alone,” she said to him.

“I am not the right guy for you,” Dan said, the words were painful for him to say.

“You can change. You’re changing right now. I can see it,” Jennifer said to him.

“It’s the spell talking,” Dan rebuked.

“No, this is real. Come to my place. We can talk more,” she said.

“If I come to your place, I doubt there will be any talking,” Dan said seriously.

“So, you won’t come,” Jennifer asked hurt.

“No,” he shook his head. His body felt like it was on fire rejecting her. Every part of his body wanted to embrace her, but he knew could not.

Dan walked away from her, each step more painful than the first.


Dan found himself unable to concentrate for finals. He was haunted by Jennifer in his dreams. He did everything he could to try to shut her out. He blocked her on Facebook and tried to think of other girls he could date instead. His resolve was starting to fade with each passing hour.

“I can do this,” he said to himself as he focused on his studies.

After a few minutes of reading his textbook, he slammed it shut. “I can’t,” he realized. He went out to his car and drove to her place. He knocked on her door hoping she would reject him.

She opened the door and looked at him surprised. “What is it?” she asked.

“I can’t get you off my mind. I can’t study, I can’t even think. Tell me you hate me, hurt me, anything to make this easier for me,” he pleaded.

“You just need to think less with your dick,” she said insultingly. She didn’t want to admit it, but her body was also reacting to him.

“Yeah, more like that,” Dan said to her.

“Like this?” Jennifer asked and grabbed his dick through his pants ruthlessly. She squeezed hard and then realized it was flaccid.

“Oh God, that hurt,” Dan said as she grabbed him.

Jennifer gave him a confused look. “You really mean it?” she realized.

He merely nodded. She loosened her hold on him and then kissed him tenderly. Dan couldn’t resist kissing her back. The two passionately held each other as they kissed for a few moments outside her door.

“Come in,” Jennifer said as she broke from him.

Dan couldn’t resist any longer. He went inside her apartment knowing full well what would happen. “We don’t have to do this,” he said to her.

“Shut up and kiss me,” she said silencing him.

The two tore at each other as they kissed. Jennifer aggressively pushed him up against a wall as she got close to him. “Go ahead and change me. Make me how you want?” she said to him.

“You’re perfect as you are,” he replied to her. It was the truth.

“Well, I can think of a few improvements,” Jennifer smiled as she caressed his arms.

“You going to give me a six-pack and bigger guns?” Dan asked hopefully.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes, so I can decide,” Jennifer replied.

The two furiously worked to take their clothes off. Jennifer took off her shirt and bra and embraced Dan’s bare chest. The scars on his chest, back, and arms disappeared as Jennifer looked over him. Jennifer’s breasts became slightly larger.

“Perfect, huh?” Jennifer mocked.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t control it,” Dan admitted.

“It’s alright. I like them this way,” Jennifer complimented.

The two slowly moved towards Jennifer’s bedroom kissing and caressing each other the whole way. Once inside her bedroom, Jennifer went through Dan’s hair lengthening it to shoulder length. “You like guys with long wild hair I imagine,” Dan said pleasantly surprised.

Jennifer only smiled. She took off his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. “Take them off,” she ordered.

Dan immediately complied taking off his jeans and throwing them aside. Jennifer likewise stripped her jeans off. Dan stared at her memorized. Spell or no spell, she looked great to him. They quickly were naked in front of each other. As they kissed once more, Dan didn’t realize he was becoming shorter. Now, they were both at eye level. Dan was so intoxicated by Jennifer’s beauty that he didn’t realize his body becoming smaller.

Jennifer clutched his back reducing the size of his skeleton and Deltoid muscles. She then reached around his hips as she grinded into him. Despite all this stimulation, Dan remained flaccid. She placed her hand on his gut eliminating all of his belly fat in an instant. What would take months of solid training occurred within an instant.

“Thanks,” Dan said appreciatively.

“Oh, I am not finished,” Jennifer said mischievously.

“By all means, continue,” Dan said kissing her.

“Get on the bed,” Jennifer ordered.

Dan complied still oblivious to the changes on his body. Jennifer got on top of him and put her mouth on his cock. Dan immediately moaned in pleasure as she licked him. Jennifer cradled his balls as she went to work on him. Despite what she was giving him, he refused to go hard. Dan closed his eyes enjoying the sensation. This was the best blow job he had ever received. He felt unusually sensitive this time. Jennifer kept going until she couldn’t any longer. Dan felt a great urge to cum but couldn’t for some reason.
Jennifer rose up as she looked at her work. “Why did you stop?” Dan wondered opening his eyes.

“Look what I have made for you,” Jennifer smiled.

Dan looked down and realization came to him for the first time. His cock and balls were gone replaced with a slit. Dan got up and touched himself feeling a vulva and vaginal entrance on his body. “What is this? What happened?” he asked panicked.

“It’s alright, baby,” Jennifer said reassuring him with kisses.

“You did this?” he asked her.

Jennifer nodded as she caressed his chest. She squeezed his nipples making them larger. Breast tissue began to build up around his nipples as she squeezed his chest. “Why? I don’t understand,” Dan said as his voice became higher-pitched.

“Silly, I’m a Lesbian. You wanted a sexy girlfriend that would satisfy your every need. That makes two of us,” she said.

Dan’s breasts became larger with Jennifer’s chest becoming C-cup size. “That’s large enough,” Jennifer smirked.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Dan asked stunned. Due to the spell, he couldn’t stay mad at her. He loved her too much regardless of what body he happened to be in.

“Its so hard to find a good girl…that also likes girls,” she chuckled. “When that shop keeper mentioned how I could change my lover however I wanted, I knew this would be my chance.”

Dan realized he had been tricked, but his mind prevented him from being angry or terrified of his situation. He couldn’t believe it. His cock and balls were gone, but he couldn’t feel angry or alarmed by it. He was strangely satisfied having Jennifer on top of him. Jennifer looked at Dan’s hand and saw it become smaller and more feminine. As her legs became entangled with his, she could feel them become smaller and less hairy. She loved the feeling of having smooth legs next to her own.

She placed her hand next to his entrance. “I want you good and deep, lover,” she said and placed two fingers inside him.

Dan didn’t feel any pain as Jennifer went inside him for the first time. All he could feel was the pleasure radiating from his new vagina. Jennifer rubbed his clit while moving around inside his new vagina. She was surprised to find it perfectly moist and complete. He was deep enough to allow for her longest finger.

She then got off of him and looked at her work. As far as she knew, this would be the last time she would be able to change him to her desires. Satisfied, she went to her drawer. “Stay on the bed. I am not finished with you,” she told him.

Dan could not hope to escape. He was transfixed on her. He would do anything she wanted. Jennifer pulled out the fake cock and placed the belt around her hips. She then got on top of him placing her cock at his entrance.

“I don’t always like being the dominant one, but you’re inexperienced. I expect you to learn,” she said to him.

Dan could only nod. Jennifer pushed inside him and was pleased he was deep enough for her. Dan clutched his new breasts unable to comprehend the sensations he was feeling. “Put your legs around my hips, baby,” Jennifer said to him.

Dan complied and Jennifer started fucking him properly. As she thrust into him, his breasts moved up and down from the movement. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. It felt like a dream. Only moments ago, he was outside her apartment as a man. Jennifer aggressively penetrated him until he finally climaxed for the first time as a girl.

Dan cried out as he felt his first female orgasm. They embraced with their breasts touching each other and their hair all over the place. As Dan panted from his orgasm, golden rings appeared on their fingers.

“I guess we’re married now,” Jennifer smiled.

“Married? What do I call you?” Dan asked confused.

“I am your wife, silly,” Jennifer said him.

“What about children? I don’t want to fuck a dude,” Dan said panicked.

“Neither do I. I have an idea though,” Jennifer said thoughtfully and then placed her hand on Dan’s stomach.

“Give me twins,” she said to Dan.

Deep inside Dan’s body, anything that was male faded away. Two of Danielle’s eggs dropped and became magically fertilized. Danielle was now pregnant with twins and in nine months the two of them would become mothers.

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