6th Day Violation

6th Day Violation
(Based off the movie 6th Day)

Andrea Gibson was a veteran pilot at Extreme Express, a company that
would fly clients to high peaks for the purposes of hiking, climbing,
skiing, etc. Andrea had always had a fascination with flying but due to
her controversial history decided not to enlist in the US Air Force.
Instead, she became an expert in the new helicopter jets. Extreme
Express had two helicopter jets in stock, each of them having helicopter
blades and super-sonic jet engines. They also could be controlled by
hand remote.

Andrea was a brunette with long hair that she often put into a pony tail.
She was relatively tall for a woman and was a natural athlete. Her
fellow pilot at Extreme Express was Hank, her on-again, off-again
boyfriend of the last few years. Corporate policies forbid romance
between pilots, so they kept their relationship secret. At work, they
acted as the best of platonic friends.

Andrea would often come to work in her brown leather jacket rather than
wear ultra-feminine clothes like the receptionist did. Hank generally
wore a colorful ski jacket.

"This just came in," the receptionist said giving Andrea a hand remote.

"Finally," Andrea said pleased and placed the device around her arm and
wrist. She played with the joystick and controls as if she were actually
flying a helicopter jet.

"Want to test it out?" Hank asked.

"Absolutely," Andrea grinned.


Andrea and Hank got into the helicopter jet with Hank being in the pilot
seat. Using the hand remote, Andrea had the second helicopter jet lifted
off. The two went into the mountainous area and raced each other.
Andrea expertly placed her helicopter jet in first while Hank tried to
get around her.

"Your father's fiftieth birthday is coming up," Hank brought up again.

Andrea gave him an annoyed look. "So?" she asked.

"So? Are you going to go?" Hank asked.

"I haven't talked with my parents face-to-face for years," Andrea

"It's kind of a big deal," Hank remarked.

"Why do you care?" Andrea asked.

"I was hoping maybe I could come along," Hank said awkwardly.

"I'm not ready to deal with it," Andrea said flustered.

The two helicopter jets cleared the mountains and went back towards the
city. Their jet engines turned off and they went into helicopter mode.
"When do you think you will be ready?" Hank asked.

"Maybe never," Andrea muttered.


That afternoon after work, Andrea rode with Hank to his apartment. "Want
a drink?" he offered her.

"I should stay sober just in case I end up going," Andrea said nervously.

"Suit yourself," Hank said drinking a beer.

Andrea sat on the couch uncomfortable. "What's the worse they could do?
Yell at you?" Hank asked.

"You have no idea, Hank. It's not the shouting or the mean words. It's
the looks on their faces. That sad disappointed look," she said.

"You are an accomplished pilot, and you make a good living. You have
your own place. You should be proud of yourself. I know I am," Hank

"Thanks," Andrea said.

"You're so tense," Hank remarked massaging her shoulders.

Andrea closed her eyes as she welcomed Hank's touch. He was always good
at giving her massages. She looked at her watch and determined how much
time they had before the birthday party would start. She turned to face
him. "I know a way to help relieve the tension," she said.

"Oh?" Hank asked smiling.

The two hurried to take off their clothes while kissing and touching one
another. The two ended up in Hank's bedroom. Andrea's first time with a
man was with Hank. He had been completely understanding of her
condition. Their first time, she still had her male parts. Hank was
instantly aroused by Andrea's beauty. He placed a generous amount of
lube on his cock and then placed it at her entrance.

"Ready?" he asked.

Andrea nodded. Hank pushed in expanding the vaginal cavity the operation
had made. Andrea gasped as he went all the way in. She knew since her
teenage years that she liked men. For years, she agonized on how she
wanted a man but could never have one. When she met Hank, she felt an
immediate attraction to his dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and athletic
build. He rivaled her in snowboarding on the mountains. He treated her
respectfully and without any chauvinism. Finally, she told him the truth
and they made love that very night.

Hank entered her and was slow at first to avoid hurting her. One of
Andrea's greatest fears was that her vagina would close up completely or
become too tight for Hank to enter. Eventually, she loosened up and
after a few moments of gentle sex, Hank came inside her. The two kissed
and cuddled while relaxing on the bed. Andrea felt so much better than
before and her worries disappeared.


Andrea finally decided to go to her parent's place. It was dark by the
time the cab dropped her off. Fighting her anxiety, she heard
celebratory noises inside. Curious, Andrea looked through the window and
saw the shock of her life. It was her!

Not quite her though. It was the masculine male equivalent of her.
Andrea was a male-to-female transsexual and had been transitioning since
her early college days. She never revealed this to her parents and
avoided physical contact with them instead choosing to send them emails
and phone calls. In the house was a man that looked exactly as she would
had she not transitioned. He had bulging muscles, a military hairstyle,
and had a little girl in his arms. An unknown woman, presumably his
wife, was also there. Andrea's parents were all-smiles chatting with
this man and playing with his young daughter.

Andrea backed away from the house stunned. Her mind raced for an answer
but nothing made sense. She didn't have a twin brother. The only
alternative is that her male clone was in that house pretending to be

"A Sixth Day Violation," Andrea whispered.


Andrea called up Hank to give her a ride. By the time he arrived, Andrea
was noticeably upset. "What's wrong?" Hank asked.

"A clone of me is at my parent's house," she said freaked.

"A clone? That's impossible," Hank doubted.

"See for yourself," Andrea said taking out her phone. She went to her
pictures, then restricted section, inputted her password, and then showed
pictures of her when she was a teenage boy.

"Alright," Hank said memorizing the picture.

"Now, look inside," Andrea pressed.

Hank shrugged and came to the house. Sure enough, an older version of
the male teenager was inside the house with his wife and young daughter.
A little spooked, Hank came back to Andrea.

"Maybe he's an impostor," he guessed.

"He's married with a daughter in there. This can only mean one thing.
He's a clone of me," Andrea said.

"He doesn't look like you at all," Hank doubted.

"I've had hormones and cosmetic surgery done. Of course, I don't look
like him," Andrea hissed.

"If what you're saying is true, your genetic code should match," Hank

"How do you expect me to get his genetic code?" Andrea asked

"I got this," Hank said and walked over to the house while Andrea looked
on uncertain.

Hank knocked on the door and a few moments later the man came to the
door. "Yes?" he asked.

"Are you Adam?" Hank asked.

"Yes, what do you want?" Adam asked confused.

Hank suddenly punched Adam to the face. Adam stepped back stunned by the
assault but then quickly punched Hank back. Hank was nearly knocked out
by the force of the blow. Andrea watched from afar as Adam continuously
punched Hank to the face until he fell to the ground. Hank retreated
from the house with a confused Adam looking on.

"Don't come back," Adam said in a thick masculine tone.

Hank ran over to Andrea. "Why did you do that?" she asked.

"His DNA is on my fist," Hank said showing blood on his knuckles.

"You sure that isn't your blood," Andrea asked skeptically.

Hank rolled his eyes. "You sure can punch."

"Don't say that ever again. That thing isn't me. It never was," Andrea
said angrily.

"Alright, alright," Hank said defensively.


Hank drove the two of them to the police station to figure everything
out. "I wish to report a Sixth Day Violation," Andrea said calmly to the
police receptionist.

"Really?" the cop asked annoyed.

"Really. I have proof," Andrea said.

Hank took out a rag with blood on it. "Test it," he said.

"What is this supposed to prove?" the cop asked.

"The blood on this rag will match her DNA. I got into a fight with her
clone, and his blood is on this rag," Hank said.

"His blood? Sir, even if I were to believe this, a clone must have the
same sex as the original," the cop doubted.

"I'm a transsexual. Happy now?" Andrea said awkwardly.

The cop stared at them and sighed. "I'll run it by the lab," he said


Hank and Andrea sat in the lobby while the lab did a DNA test. The
technician placed the blood sample through the machine and immediately
detected the identity. The computer showed a recent driver's license
photo of Adam. The technician then placed a DNA sample from Andrea and
the DNA matched perfectly. The technician did a finger-print analysis
and both sets matched. The technician then went to the investigative

"This isn't making any sense even for me," the technician said.

"You saying her story is true? A clone?" the investigator asked.

"Either that or they're twins separated at birth," the technician said.

"I find that more believable than a clone," another cop joked.

"No one is to alert the Feds of this until we interview both of them,"
the lead investigator ordered.


Hank and Andrea waited patiently in the lobby as the cops discussed what
to do. "It just means you have a twin brother. No big deal, really,"
Hank tried to assure Andrea.

"I don't know," Andrea said shaking her head in disbelief.

A white woman and a large black man entered the police lobby in suits.
They looked for the cop receptionist who was gone at the moment. The
woman looked at Andrea curiously. "Are you Gibson?" she asked.

"Who wants to know?" Hank asked defensively.

"Shut your mouth," the black man said to Hank.

"I'll ask again," the woman said taking out a pistol.

Andrea immediately took hold of the woman's grip keeping the pistol away
from her. The black man intervened, but Hank pushed him up against the
wall. Andrea crushed the woman's wrist forcing the pistol out of her
hand. She then kicked the woman to the ground. The black man pulled his
own pistol out to kill Hank. Andrea fired slicing through the black
man's neck killing him. Hank pushed the dead man off of him and the two
looked at each other terrified. Andrea took hold of the woman and
marched her out of the police station at gun point.

"Pointing a gun at a cop is not a good idea," the woman struggled with

"You're no cop," Andrea accused.

Andrea forced the woman up against Hank's car with the pistol at her
neck. "Who sent you?" Andrea demanded.

"Go ahead and kill me. I'll just be brought back," she said

Andrea gave her a weird look. "What if I just blast off a finger one-by-
one?" Andrea asked.

The woman looked at Andrea fearfully. "There was a Sixth Day Violation a
few years ago. My boss is the richest and most powerful man in America.
He went on a ski trip using your company, but he was killed by an anti-
cloning zealot. You were killed as well, so we thought," the woman said.

Andrea remembered that trip quite well. Hank and she had to do an eye
exam and blood test before the trip. Hank volunteered to do the trip, so
Andrea could take time off work. At the time, Andrea still used her male
name Adam. Hank pretended to be Adam on that trip.

Andrea stared at Hank realizing what had happened. "You died on that
trip," Andrea said of Hank.

"I couldn't have. I'm here, see?" Hank said dismissively.

"He's a clone. When we cloned you thinking you were dead, we realized
you switched places, so we had to clone him too," the woman said.

"That's impossible. I have all my memories from before the trip," Hank

"That was no eye exam. It records all of your memories which allowed us
to transplant those memories into the clone. The clone then has all of
the memories of the original," the woman said impatiently.

"This is crazy," Hank said incredulous.

"I can prove he is a clone. If you look underneath the eyelid there will
be a marker. Look into my eyes," the woman said.

Andrea looked at the woman's eye as she peeled back her eyelid. A few
markers were present indicating how many times she had been cloned.
"Hank, look into my eye," Andrea said seriously.

"You can't believe this," Hank said.

"Just do it," Andrea said agitated.

Hank looked into Andrea's eye. "Nothing," he said.

"Now, your eye," Andrea ordered.

Hank sighed and then peeled back his eyelid. Andrea then saw the one
marker indicating he was a clone. "So?" he said.

The woman suddenly saw an opening and went for the pistol. Andrea
instinctively shot her in the head killing her. The woman dropped next
to Hank's car. Police sirens could be heard nearby.

"Let's get out of here," Andrea said.


Hank and Andrea drove to Hank's apartment. It was a mess as usual. "We
have to leave the country. Get new identities," Hank said anxiously.

He began looking for a suitcase to pack some clothes. "Just wait, Hank,"
Andrea said trying to focus herself.

A sudden burst of light went through Hank. Andrea looked around and saw
the killer in the apartment. She fired her own pistol blasting some of
his fingers off. Andrea aimed her pistol at the killer's face. "Who are
you?" she demanded.

"It doesn't matter who I am. That man there was a clone, an abomination
before God," he said.

"Yeah, well, I guess I'm an abomination too," Andrea said furious. She
became tearful realizing Hank was dead for the second time.

"That man is not the man you knew. He was a clone. All of his memories
are fake," the zealot said.

"Who is making these clones?" Andrea demanded.

"Dr. Weir. He is the one that continually clones Mr. Drucker and his
associates. The men you killed will just be recloned again," the zealot

"Why not kill him? Why did you have to kill my friend?" Andrea demanded.

"Dr. Weir is too protected. I could never get close to him," the zealot

Car noises could be heard approaching the apartment. Men in suits with
pistols moved towards the apartment. "Either let me go or kill me. They
can't capture me alive. They'll get my memories and know everyone I
know," the zealot said.

"I'm not going to kill you," Andrea refused.

The zealot suddenly took Andrea's pistol and fired into his own head.
Andrea gave the zealot a shocked look but then realized she needed to
move. She took Hank's car and was chased by suited agents. A fire fight
ensued as Andrea placed the car on automatic drive. Bursts of plasma
from both sides lit up the night. Finally, Andrea was able to escape by
blasting one of the cars. The car caught on fire and then exploded
killing the occupants.


The next morning, Andrea went to Replacement Technologies headquarters
office building. In order to get to the higher floors, Andrea needed the
right finger-print. She curiously used her own and was given access to
the elevator.

The suited agents also arrived in the morning and went through the
security checkpoint. Andrea tried to act normal as she went through the
building and then used her finger-print again to access the most secure
areas. Inside the building itself were tanks filled with proto-humans.
She passed by the tanks and found Dr. Weir in his office. She pointed her
pistol at him as she approached.

"You had me cloned," she accused.

Dr. Weir looked at her and then recognized her. "Yes," he admitted.

"I want my memory recording," she demanded.

"Yes, of course," Dr. Weir complied giving her the disk.

"Tell me what you did," Andrea demanded.

"An assassin killed Mr. Drucker and the pilot a few years ago. We had to
clone Mr. Drucker and the pilot to cover up the murder. We thought that
pilot was you. We didn't realize you and Hank Morgan had changed places
until it was too late," Dr. Weir explained.

"Why is my clone, with all of my memories, a man," Andrea asked.

"I think I can answer that," Adam said pointing his pistol at the back of
Andrea's head.

Andrea dropped her pistol and surrendered. "Adam has been the head of
our security for the last few years. He's also an expert pilot."

"Of course he is," Andrea muttered.

"So, we finally meet face-to-face," Adam said amused.

"Why are you so different from me?" Andrea asked him.

"When I first awoke, I was in shock that I was now in my old male body
with all of these memories of transitioning into a woman. Dr. Weir
explained to me that I was a genetic clone with all of your memories.
Since it is impossible to change your genetic code from male to female, I
became a perfect clone of what you would have been had you not
transitioned," he began.

"At first, I wanted to immediately transition, but Dr. Weir showed me
another path. He gave me Testosterone treatments, anti-homosexual
medication, and assigned me a wife. Using memory manipulation, we fell
perfectly in love. We even had a daughter together," he continued.

"This is just...," Andrea said confused.

"You thought you didn't have a choice. That genetics, your brain
processes, and your environment all dictated this one fate for you.
Well, you're wrong. We can control our own fate. You could have stayed
a man if you wanted to. All of those surgeries, treatments, and make-up
and what has it achieved? I'm the one with the family, the great
career, and I have reconciled us to our parents. They honestly don't
even know you exist," Adam said victoriously.

"You should consider yourself lucky, Andrea. If you two were identically
the same genetically with the same memories, it would never work out.
Your transition into a woman has made it possible for both of you to
exist at the same time," Dr. Weir said positively.

"Yes, on the condition that you never speak to our parents again, and you
leave town," Adam added.

"I can't believe we're the same person," Andrea said of Adam.

The suited agents including ones Andrea had already killed showed up at
Dr. Weir's office. "I can see the resemblance," one agent joked.

"Very funny," Adam said sarcastically. He then turned to Andrea. "So?
Do we have a deal?"

"I'm going to stop you if it is the last thing I do. So, either you let
me go or kill me," Andrea spat.

"I have a better idea," Adam said and then grabbed a hold of Andrea. She
forced her towards the eye scanner. The eye scanner glowed as it
collected Andrea's memories. Adam went through the memories and saw that
the zealot had been killed.

"Good, now, edit out the memories up until the time when she comes to her
parent's house on the recording," Adam said to Dr. Weir.

Dr. Weir began editing the memories. "You and Hank can have your love
affair and never know about any of this," Adam smirked.

"Sick," one of the agents said smiling.

Andrea gave Adam a defiant look as he pointed the pistol at her head.
"Goodbye," he said and then fired into her head.

"Dispose of the body like the rest of them," Adam ordered the agents.


Adam and Dr. Weir then walked over to the tanks. Placing his thumb on
the computer console, his DNA became the template for the new clone.
Already, the clone for Hank was being grown from already collected DNA

"Let's try something different this time," Adam smiled to Dr. Weir.

"Alright," Dr. Weir agreed.

The new clone was a genetic copy of Adam in all regards, but Dr. Weir
reprogrammed the chromosomes to XX instead of XY. The clone became more
feminine in appearance and then became a full grown adult female version
of Adam. The water drained out and the new female clone breathed on her
own. The capsule glass doors opened. Adam then placed the lifeless
clone to the eye exam machine. All of Andrea's memories went into her
mind all at once.

"She will find it distressing that I am here. Once she's done with the
process...I'll be back," Adam said walking off.

Dr. Weir nodded. Once the memory upload was complete, Andrea suddenly
sat up and looked around confused. "Where am I?" she asked.

"You're in a hospital. You were in a terrible crash," Dr. Weir tried to
console her. "Hank is also with us."

"Hank?" Andrea tried to remember what had caused the crash.

Andrea then looked at her body and noticed differences. She touched her
breasts and felt a difference. "They're real," she said amazed. She
then touched her vaginal entrance and realized it was also perfectly
female. "What has happened to me?" she asked.

"Using the latest technology, we have been able to change your body on
the chromosomal level. You are now completely female," Dr. Weir said.

"I can get pregnant and have children?" Andrea wondered.

"Of course," Dr. Weir smiled.

"I never asked for this. How can I repay you?" she asked stunned.

"That's not necessary. Consider it a gift," Dr. Weir said.

"Thank you so much," Andrea hugged Dr. Weir.

Dr. Weir awkwardly hugged the naked Andrea back. "Let's get you some
clothes," he suggested.


Andrea put on some generic clothes and then saw Hank walk up to her.
"They've changed me. I am a complete woman," she said happily.

"You always were but now your body reflects your soul," Hank replied.

The two kissed lovingly. "I want to test out this new body," Andrea said
taking off her clothes. Hank smiled in agreement.


Hank touched her breasts and placed his thumbs on her nipples. "They
feel real to me," Hank smiled.

Andrea closed her eyes as Hank pleasured her breasts. Before, her
breasts were barely present and she had used breast implants to increase
their size. Now, she was feeling all natural female breasts that could
breast feed a baby if the time came for it. Unlike before, she was
becoming deeply aroused by the sensation. If her breasts felt this way,
she couldn't even imagine how her other parts would feel.

Andrea got out of her underwear and felt her wider hips, these hips that
could now incubate a baby for nine months. Hank got out of his clothes
and was immediately ready. Andrea had always been aroused at the sight
of Hank and men in general but this seemed different. She was feeling
sensations in her vagina she had never felt before. She was becoming
moist in anticipation.

"Should I put a condom on?" Hank whispered.

"No, I want to feel you for the first time," Andrea replied.

Hank and Andrea made love for the rest of the day. Andrea tried
different positions that were not available to her before. She felt the
new sensation of having her cervix be touched by the head of Hank's
penis. She felt how his seed flowed into her womb for the first time.
She moaned and screamed as she felt her first female orgasm.

"I feel so complete," an exhausted Andrea said.

"This is just the beginning," Hank said.


Andrea and Hank lived together as a normal couple. Andrea loved being a
genetic woman and experiencing all the sexual pleasures that came with
it. Hank and Andrea were now seriously considering marriage and having

Still, it didn't take long before Andrea started experiencing nightmares.
She saw images of her in a firefight with someone and then the fateful
shot that ended her life. Andrea woke with a start. She didn't know if
these were repressed memories or just dreams. Whatever they were, they
kept coming back.

"Bad night, again?" Hank asked as he sipped his coffee.

"I think these are more than just dreams. I think they're memories,"
Andrea said.

"How is that possible?" Hank asked.

"Dr. Weir changed my genetic code to become a female. Maybe he didn't
change me at all. Maybe it was something else," Andrea said

"Like what?" Hank asked clueless.

"A clone," Andrea said finally.

"That's impossible. It's illegal and the science isn't there," Hank

"If it is illegal, then maybe someone invented it without anyone
knowing," Andrea pointed out. "All I know is that I have these dreams of
a life I didn't live," Andrea said.

Andrea then looked at her eye in the mirror and pulled back the eyelid
showing one marker. Memories of Dr. Weir explaining that each marker
meant how many times a person had been cloned flooded in. "Hank, pull
back your eyelid," she asked.

"Why?" Hank asked confused.

"Just do it," Andrea said annoyed.

Hank complied giving Andrea a good look. There were two markers. Hank
was a clone. Andrea gave Hank an odd look. "What?" he asked confused.

Andrea said nothing. They were both clones. She knew this somehow. "I
have to go for a while," Andrea said vaguely.

"Where are you going?" Hank asked concerned.

"I am going to investigate Replacement Technologies. I am going to find
out the truth," she said.

"By yourself?" Hank asked.

"I am not going to risk anyone else," Andrea said simply.

"Bullshit. We're in this together. What's your plan?" Hank asked.


The two made their way to a cabin with a large shed in the middle of the
forest. Andrea knew the combination lock and opened the shed revealing a
large collection of guns and ammunition. "Wow, this is so illegal," Hank

Andrea rolled her eyes. "So is cloning human beings. Which is worse?"

Andrea took two pistols and loaded each with magazines. She took a
shotgun and an automatic rifle and started feeding them ammunition.
"These are primitive. They use bullets," Hank commented.

"It will get the job done," Andrea said.

The two then started to work on creating pipe bomb explosives using old
pipes and gun powder. "I'll go into the tower using my finger-print and
deactivate power to the security systems using the bombs. Then you can
infiltrate from the top using the helicopter-jet. We take Mr. Ducker
hostage and force him to reveal the truth," Andrea said.


A heavily armed Andrea entered Replacement Technologies tower and used
her finger print to get inside. Once inside the building, she began to
fire her pistol at the video cameras knocking each one of them out. Adam
also strolled to the security check point at around the same time.

"It indicates you've already checked in," the security guard told Adam.

"Son of a bitch," Adam cursed. "Begin lock down procedures....now!"

Security guards rushed to find her in the building. Andrea used her
sawed-off shotgun and fired on the security guards. The shells were not
enough to kill them, but it would wound and stun them. Andrea hit
security guard after security guard until she ran out of shells. Tossing
the shotgun aside, she made her way to the top floor of the tower.

With the security systems down, Andrea kicked the door open revealing Mr.
Ducker and Dr. Weir calmly waiting for her. She closed the door behind
her and aimed her pistol at the two of them.

"I know this must seem strange to you," Mr. Ducker said putting his hands

"You had me cloned, twice. You had me killed," Andrea accused.

"That wasn't me. That was Adam and the security team. I deeply regret
that you were killed. I spent $15 million dollars to reclone you and
give you back your life," Mr. Ducker said.

"What you're doing is illegal and immoral," Andrea said.

"Andrea, think of the benefits. How many transsexuals do you think there
are in the world? Maybe a fraction of a percent of the world's
population but that's literally millions of people. I can make a genetic
man into a genetic woman and vice versa. You were a male-to-female
transsexual but look at you now. You can get pregnant and have kids like
any woman can. Isn't that worth something?" Mr. Ducker asked.

"You didn't change me. You had me killed and then used my DNA to create
a female version of me. That's not the same," Andrea argued.

"What's the difference?" Mr. Ducker asked.

Andrea hesitated stunned by Mr. Ducker's words. "You are not Mr. Ducker.
You died on that ski trip. You are a clone."

"So what if I am a clone. I have all the memories, experiences, and
genetics of the first Mr. Ducker. I can continue his/our legacy. And
when this clone dies, the memories will go on to the next clone. I will
live forever," Mr. Ducker said.

"You're playing with infinite regression. Only the last clone in the
line will have all of your collective experiences. What about all the
other clones up to the last one. Do they have souls? Do they matter?
Are they even human beings?" Andrea asked.

"There is no soul, Andrea. There is only memory just like memory in a
computer can never die unless it becomes damaged or corrupted," Mr.
Ducker said.

"You're suggesting that people like me, transsexuals simply die, become
cloned, and then everything is perfect?" Andrea asked.

"We can't predict who will and who won't be a transsexual in the womb.
So, we let them grow up, find out which ones are truly genuine, and then
they're killed. We take their memories and place them in a reprogrammed
clone with the right sex and gender. You have so many advantages that
your old self never had. I bet you've probably realized those advantages
in the last few weeks," Mr. Ducker smiled.

"So, if you could increase your muscle mass, get rid of baldness, and
give yourself a tan you would just kill yourself and clone your body to
how you want it to be?" Andrea questioned.

"Of course," Mr. Ducker smiled. "That is the miracle of science. To be
what we want to be."

Adam suddenly entered the room with a security force behind him. Andrea
placed her pistol at Mr. Ducker's head using him as a hostage. "It won't
work, Andrea. You kill me, and we will simply reclone me. Simple as
that," Mr. Ducker said.

"Shoot both of us," Mr. Ducker ordered Adam.

Adam was about to blast them both away when Andrea spoke up. "I have
bombs near the proto-human tanks. They're set to go off and your cloning
technology will be destroyed," Andrea threatened.

Mr. Ducker hesitated. "Okay, don't shoot us both," he backtracked.

Adam considered Andrea and then Dr. Weir. "What I am curious about is
how you knew about this place and the cloning facility. When we cloned
you, the only memories you were supposed to have was before the birthday

"What are you suggesting?" Mr. Ducker wondered.

"I'm suggesting that Dr. Weir here allowed the last memories of the
previous Andrea to enter the mind of the new clone. You tried to
sabotage us," Adam accused Dr. Weir.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Dr. Weir said defensively.

Adam placed Andrea's memory record into the computer on the desk while
the other guards kept watch on Andrea. The memory recording stopped
right before Andrea decided to go to the birthday party but then there
were small flashes of memory from events afterwards.

"Dr. Weir programmed additional memory into the recording into Andrea's
subconscious," Adam reported.

"Why would you do this?" Mr. Ducker asked Dr. Weir.

"I wanted out of this business but every time I submitted my resignation,
you had me killed and cloned. Each one of my selves knew this was wrong.
I knew it deep inside and it couldn't be denied. You kept me a prisoner,
Mr. Ducker. This was my way of resisting," Dr. Weir admitted.

"Kill him. We don't need him anymore," Mr. Ducker said cruelly.

Without hesitation, Adam fired into Dr. Weir's head killing him. Mr.
Ducker then turned towards Andrea. "It looks like we have a standoff.
If you kill me, you're dead. What's your plan?"

"I am taking you to the helicopter pad. We're going on a little trip,"
Andrea said.

"Do you think this is the only cloning facility I have? Go ahead and
shoot me," Mr. Ducker bluffed.

Andrea wasn't sure whether Mr. Ducker was lying or not. Killing him
wasn't an option at this point. Suddenly, the guards behind Adam all
fell to the ground from bullet shots. Adam turned around and took cover.
Hank and Adam fired on each other destroying everything in the room.
Andrea pushed Mr. Ducker to the ground as the bullets flew by.

Hank was armed with an automatic rifle and had the better of the fight.
Adam's pistol eventually overheated. Hank continued firing hitting Adam
in the arm and the shoulder. Out of ammunition, Hank and Adam got into a
fist fight.

"You make me sick," Adam said of Hank.

Even with the damaged arm, Adam was beating on Hank and throwing him
around the room. Just as it seemed Adam was about to finish Hank,
bullets blasted into his chest. Andrea fired her second pistol hitting
Adam several times.

Adam groaned and then fell over dead. "Do you realize what you've done?"
Mr. Ducker shouted. "He was the normal one. You are the defective one!"

"Shut up," Andrea told him.

Andrea and Hank forced Mr. Ducker towards the helicopter pad. "Are the
bombs ready?" Andrea asked Hank.

"Yeah, they're all in place ready to blow in five minutes," Hank said.

"Let's get in the air," Andrea said.

Andrea pushed Mr. Ducker into the helicopter jet and the three of them
hovered above the helicopter pad. Armed guards entered the rooftop but
before they could fire there was a sudden explosion in the building. The
tanks and the cloning equipment rooms exploded from the bombs Hank had

"No!" Mr. Ducker screamed as the floors below erupted in fiery

The armed guards regained their footing and fired at the helicopter jet.
After several hits, the helicopter jet exploded.


Andrea watched from a distance as the helicopter jet exploded above
Replacement Technologies tower. She placed the helicopter jet remote
down and smirked at Mr. Ducker. "It's all finished," he muttered.

"You're going to answer for everything you've done," Andrea promised him.

Mr. Ducker suddenly moved towards the sliding doors and opened them.
Hank leaped to take a hold of Mr. Ducker but Andrea pulled him back in
time. Mr. Ducker threw himself out the doors and fell to his death below.


A few weeks later after the investigation into Replacement Technologies,
a funeral was held for Adam Gibson. His parents, wife, young daughter,
and some of Andrea's high-school friends were present. Andrea and Hank
were there too but kept their distance. Finally, Andrea approached Adam's
wife. "He didn't mention me, but I am his twin sister. If there is
anything I can do to help," Andrea said and then gave her a business

"Thank you," the woman said sadly and moved on with her daughter.

Adam/Andrea's parents gave her an odd look as if they saw a resemblance
in her. Andrea turned away and walked with Hank towards another grave
site. The name on the grave site was Andrea Gibson and it had her
birthday and death-day on the gravestone. The grave was empty with no
body ever recovered. It was assumed destroyed when the building exploded.

"I'm not her. I may have her memories, but I didn't live her life,"
Andrea said.

"I guess I should get two gravestones, eh?" Hank joked to lighten the

"I think I want to change my name. It's not right that I should take
hers," Andrea said thoughtfully.

"What name do you want?" Hank asked.

"How about Amanda Gibson," Amanda replied.

"Is it alright if I stay with Hank?" he asked.

"Sure, Hank," Amanda smiled.

The two walked away from the cemetery to begin their new lives and maybe
make a new life of their own.

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