Jem…Chapter 187

Jem...Chapter 187


Okay yeah Angel and Brooklyn are worried and they have every right to be really I mean what I did was risky.

Well sort of risky.

I meant what I said about knowing what I’m doing with this stuff and that I needed to actually get the recording gear out of there before someone twigged to it all and went looking for things.

Adam know that folks are after him and he found out enough about me that he figured out we were so not going to be friends.

But getting is was actually easy as it was last time and with things as bad as they are in the Ontario public schools here they farmed out the night custodial work to the lowest bidders. And trust me most folks that are in the minimum wage jobs really care about one thing and that’s getting through the shift.

They’re not going to be looking to hard at another student especially one that comes in when there are night classes going on.

The school runs a few classes all the time here as a way I guess to make some extra funds with an ESL class and a GED prep class and there’s cooking classes that are done in the Domestic Sciences rooms and I think that they have a French-2 course going on as well.

You need French-2 as a level to get any jobs with things like the provincial and federal level of things where you have to be bilingual.

It’s actually one of my day classes that I’m taking.

And the rest of what I’m taking here part time is Math classes that I need and I am taking Physical education because in Ontario high school classes it actually has theory and history things as well as other stuff like us taking actual first aid classes and even working at Canadian coaching classes.

So yeah getting in was easy and I took the time to wear gloves and to clean where I’d been.

Sure they’d know it was cleaned...sort of.

I actually used an old trick I read about and that was to bring a can of spray starch. And spray it out over the areas and around the dirty areas as well. There’s no scent to it and it is like literally contaminating the area with dust and if you use that to stir up some of the dust that you haven’t touched well it’s just a huge mess.

If anyone looks.

And I’m really doubting that folks will look...well the police might but they might not.

And the defense if there is one can object all they want too but the police don’t actually have to reveal their informants or where the information came from.

So there’s that.

And me dumping all this stuff I have on the bullying and dirt in the school online?

Well the assholes that are doing it need their asses handled.

And sure it might not even touch Adam without other proof or testimony but it’s ripe fodder for the news rags.

Ho-ho...speaking of them I see a few vans with the news vultures at the school as I pull in and there’s police there too and a couple of RCMP cruisers as well. There’s some other cars too that look important but I’m not sure what they are for or who they belong to.

I wait….

And wait…

Then I cut off Justin as he’s pulling in and Adam too since they travel together and I take Adam’s space again and I get out with my coffee and my bag and Justin looks absolutely fit to be tied.

Adam’s not even really paying attention to me as he’s watching the cops and mounties and then he gets out and he’s not with any little chippie this morning and he’s dialing or texting on his phone as he gets his shoulder bag and he slips it over his shoulder and he looks at me and he gives me this smile.’

I don’t like that.

He’s way too amused right now.

Justin however is giving me dirty looks as we’re sort of walking and that’s all the way to the doors where two RCMP officers are taking Adam into custody.

The charges are “Accessory to narcotics trafficking and prostitution.”

And Justin looks pissed as hell and surprised when he’s being read the warrant for his arrest as well.

He doesn’t do anything though.

The girls that were with him are asked their names and they’re let go.

Oh...oh...they have a list.

Literally a list.

I’m stopped and checked with my ID’s and things and let through and the school is buzzing with lots of people talking and I see an entire line up of bullies and kids that are sitting on folding chairs outside the office in the hall and there’s some town cops there too and they’re busy with keeping the kids quiet and the parents too that have been called in for this.

There’s a lot of angry people.

I’m by-passing the whole thing headed to homeroom when there’s a fist fight breaking out between two of the parents.

Greg West’s dad I think that’s the guy Angel said was a hockey jock and douche-bag. Well apparently his old man is a dick too and he’s getting into it with someone literally physically.

I see a lot of the popular crowd down in the office and I hear that the RCMP had taken Donnie Larkin the little drug dealer that I had on tape that got turned into “Uncle Mitch.” first thing this morning and actually raided his house and found him holding a lot of drugs.

The whole day is kinda like that.

Not arrests but folks at the office and cops being here to keep the peace and stuff and even fights between the parents and even with some of the faculty.

The rest of us are still doing classes as usual but it’s all anyone’s talking about.

It’s around lunch when I found out that some of the other cars i seen were from the school board and the superintendent.

And that’s when the RCMP are there with the canine unit from Toronto and start going through lockers and peoples bags.

By two I’m done my last class and I see the guidance councilor and she’s giving me the evil eye and she’s holding a box with her things in it.

She walks out with me. “This was you wasn’t it?”

I look at her. “I have zero to do with this and I told you that this place was getting a rep. I’m just here going to school and helping family lady. This, all of this happened on your watch and because you turned a blind eye to a bunch of rich assholes who thought they owned the town.”

“I know it was you, you did this before in that other school.”

I look at her. “I got into that because I was into sports and there was a shit ton of drugs going around in the locker rooms and people got hurt. People I knew got hurt.”

She’s going to her car and I ask. “So did they can you?”

“No, but I’m suspended pending an internal investigation.”

“Well it’s good that you weren’t fired, maybe you can take your time and think about the stuff that went on here.”

She literally is crying and she looks like she’s going to take a swing at me.

Instead she slams her trunk lid down and she gets in her car and she drives off...first really fast but then slows just as fast as she realizes there are cops still around.

I don’t have a bit of pity for her, she should have done her job. Lots of people here should have did their jobs. Instead they bowed down to Adam coming to this school and scaring them all into letting him start up his own little kingdom.

Do I think that I’ll get blowback from her?

Not likely, she’s not the type and like I said there’s no evidence either anymore.

I actually sit in my car and watch things for awhile.

Yeah there’s going to be blowback but it’s going to come from all these kids and people that have lots of good reasons to hate Adam and his crew and the ones that are part of that high society bullshit clique.

People are seeing them going down and that’ll start some folks talking.

I start the car and I head for home.

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