The Foolish Prince Chapter 2

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“The Foolish Prince”

By Zapper

This is a story about a foolish Prince, an evil sorcerer, and the misuse of a magical artifact of great power . . . mischief and chaos ensue.


Chapter Two


Caspar practically danced as he made his way to his chambers. When he entered his quarters he barely noticed the plush carpet under his boots or the bright lamps that bathed the opulent space in warm light. He tossed his sword carelessly onto a couch and moved to stand before the large fire place.

“Now for a bit of fun!” He laughed. On the way, back to his suite Caspar had walked past his father’s study. Upon hearing voices, he knocked on the door. A moment later the door swung open and he saw the bearded face of Duke Alaric. Alaric was a bear of a man, taller even than prince Caspar, and known to be one of the deadliest warriors in the realm.

“It is your son, my lord.”

“Father,” Caspar exclaimed, brushing up against Alaric, as he pushed into the study. When he glanced around he saw Gunter, Knight Captain of the Royal Guard, and the fat form of Baron Otto, the third richest man in the realm. “Is this a war council?” Caspar asked eagerly. At this Otto filled the room with his booming laugh while Gunter just shook his head.

“Nothing so grave my son. We are four old friends sharing a drink and talking of crops and bandits.” King Oberon replied, “Will you join us?”

“Nay, father, I am done in. I only stopped because I saw the light and wished to bid you a good evening.”

Oberon’s brow furled. “What are you up to Caspar?”

Caspar laughed and picked up a bottle of brandy from the table where the men sat. “Just pinching a quick libation to ease my slumber, my lord.” and with that Caspar ducked out of the chamber. Now Caspar looked down at the riding gloves he’d lifted from Alaric’s belt. After a moment to consider Caspar tossed his garments to one side and naked he picked up the gloves and wrapped a fist around the crystal.


Again, a tingling sensation raced through Caspar only this time it intensified. Caught between pleasure and pain Caspar couldn’t move. Then he felt his flesh shifting around. As if his body were made of clay . . . clay that was being reshaped. After several long seconds the tingling died away and it was over. He stumbled forward, now able to move, gasping, dizzy, and off balance.

The first thing Caspar noticed was the long red beard that now tickled his chest. He lifted a powerful arm and saw that his hand was larger than normal and it now had a set of calluses from long hours of weapons practice. “I am Duke Alaric!” Caspar boomed and grinned wolfishly at the deep base that had replaced his normal refined tones. “Oh, this is too perfect!”

Caspar walked over to the standing mirror to one side of the room. As he did he felt his now nine-inch, flaccid, cock swing from side-to-side. Standing in front of the mirror he ran his hands over the powerful body of the Duke. “Little wonder he’s one of the deadliest warriors alive!” Then he reached between his thighs and stroked his new manhood, “I bet Annika loves this.” He shook his head, “Why would the Duke be drinking with my father when he could be ravishing the fairest maiden in all the kingdom?”

Caspar moved to his wardrobe drawing out a loose robe he used for the walk to the castle baths. Even this garment was tight on his now large shoulders. Once clothed Caspar took a moment to put out all but one of the lamps and, locking the door behind him, moved through the castle on silent feet.

Caspar knew every passage and every corner of the castle. The halls the servants used to move unobserved through the castle and even the secret ways. The secret ways were passages built that only the royal family knew about. The closest “way” was a few feet from his chamber. Caspar pressed one heavy foot on a flagstone, while simultaneously pushing a stone in the wall, he heard a faint click. A moment later that part of the wall slid silently back and Caspar squeezed his now much larger body through the narrow opening. A few seconds later the wall closed cutting Caspar off from all light except the lamp he carried.

The journey to the apartments the King had given to Duke Alaric and his wife only took a few minutes. After peering out the spy hole to ensure no one would see him Caspar returned to the normal passageway. Walking around a corner the guards by the apartment snapped to attention. They wore the tabard of Northumbria, Alaric’s duchy.

“My lord, are you done drinking with the King?” The younger guard asked. Caspar grunted and the second guard grinned, “An early night then?”

“Aye. Is my wife, Annika, within?”

“Nay my lord. When you left the feast hall with the king she returned to her room.”

“It has been a long day. Which apartment did the royal’s give her?”

“The purple suite, my lord. Just down the corridor from here.”

“My thanks,” Caspar boomed in Alaric’s jovial voice. Clapping the younger guard on the shoulder he gave the guard a wink. “I think I need to pay her a visit.” At this both guards grinned openly at the man they thought was their lord.

When the door to the Duchess’s rooms came into view the guards stationed there came to attention. “Good evening. How fairs my lady wife?”

“She is within my lord, but as to her state? I-I do not know.” The older guard replied.

“Then I shall discover it for myself.” Caspar brushed by and opened the door. The scent of roses filled the room and the fire had been allowed to die to a faint glow. Caspar moved through the sitting room to the door that led to the bedchamber. He pushed the door open and the light from his lamp showed a canopied bed and a single form sleeping within.

“M-My lord?” The sleepy question was all the confirmation Caspar needed. Setting the lamp on the table by the bed he dropped his robe, “It is I, your husband, Alaric.” After a moment’s hesitation, he took the necklace off and dropped it onto the robe.

“I was not expecting you tonight my lord. Does the King not need your council?”

“Not as much as I need you.”

Caspar’s eyes devoured the lush curve of Annika’s breasts. Lifting a large hand Caspar parted the diaphanous curtain and eased onto the bed. Annika sat up and turned toward him and Caspar saw that she was wearing a flimsy see-through garment. “By the gods, you are beautiful.”

“I can see my lord is in need of me.” Annika giggled, reaching out with a tiny pale hand to grasp Caspar’s now fully erect cock. Caspar reached up cupping Annika’s delicate chin and brushed his lips to hers while Annika continued to stroke his shaft. “Oh, gods, woman!” Then gripping her nightgown with one hand, he tore it from her.

“Ewk . . .” Annika screeched, startled, and looked up at the man she thought was her husband, with large blue eyes. Caspar ran a calloused hand over her luscious milky breast enjoying the soft heavy weight. Then he lowered his lips to a pink nipple relishing the rubbery texture as he teased it with his tongue. “Oh, my lord, where did you learn that?”

‘Oh, I’ve got all sorts of new things for you.’ Caspar thought. Using his free hand, he ran it over the curve of her hip and down between her legs. Discovering a moist heat, he used his fingers to part Annika’s lower lips.

“Oh, my love. I don’t know what brought you to my chamber this night but, I pray you, do not stop!”

Caspar found Annika’s clit and stroked it he felt her respond by spreading her legs further apart and pushing up into his hand. Then he drove a single large digit into her depths. Using his thumb, he continued an assault on her clit, until at last his questing fingers found her g-spot. “O-Oh . . . that’s it. Right there! Ohhhhh-mmmmyyyy-lllooorrrdd.”

Feeling this gorgeous creature at the precipice of a climax Caspar gloried in it. ‘Spurn me as nothing more than a spoiled princeling?’ he laughed on the inside. ‘Well, the Prince shall have you! Even if you don’t know who it is who visits your chamber. Let that lumbering clod of a husband wonder why he can never satisfy his wife after this night!’

Before she could cum Caspar moved between Annika’s milky thighs and holding his iron hard cock in one hand he guided it into her. Even with the foreplay Caspar had to be gentle. His new shaft was huge and the popping sensation as he penetrated Annika’s gate left him gasping. “You are so, tight!”

“Gently, my lord.” Annika moaned. “It has been more than two moons since you last used my body.” Then she felt the man she thought was her husband reach under her grasping her bottom for leverage, Caspar rammed his cock home!

“Ahhhhh! M-My lord, t-that hurts!”

“Silence wench, your body is mine!” Caspar snarled. Pulling back until he was almost out he drove back in, burying his cock balls deep within her. At this Annika lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist. Caspar’s steady assault slowly transformed the pain to something else. Gradually he increased the pace, pumping faster and faster. Sweat began to cover his hairy back and Annika was now squirming with pleasure.

Not satisfied Caspar pulled out, “Roll over wench. I will take you like a peasant, like a milk-maid in the fields.”

Lust filled her eyes at this unusual behavior and Annika eagerly rolled over. Caspar quickly mounted her from behind. Grabbing her hips for leverage he drove into her honey pot again and again.


Caspar closed the door to his chamber and started laughing. The deep base guffaw bounced around the room causing him to laugh harder. He could see the sun starting to touch the horizon, through the glass door that led to a balcony. On his way back he’d once again passed his father’s study, unsurprised that the light was still on. It was his father’s habit, when his nobles visited, to spend the first night drinking. It was a perverse test of manhood, to see if they could keep up with the king. Knowing this Caspar hadn’t been worried about getting caught. Then he felt between his legs. His cock was almost raw from the work he’d put it through. Then the image of an exhausted Annika sprawled like a tavern whore across her bed. The juices, sweat, cum, and a little blood, from his hard use of her body covered her.

Caspar grinned as he remembered his first use of her ass. It was a virgin hole no longer. Annika’s screams of pain turned to wonton, carnal, bliss as he expertly used her body. Again, and again, he’d brought her to climax. When she’d thought it was over, he drove her to yet another, higher, precipice. At last she’d cum as he rode her ass, stroking her clit with one hand while holding her hip with the other. It was a night Caspar knew Annika would never forget.

He reached into the pocket of the robe and pulled out the necklace before tossing the robe to one side. Caspar strode to the mirror and placed the necklace around his neck. He growled, “Reditum!” while holding the crystal. Once again, the magic pulsed through his body and it shifted. This time, knowing what to expect he looked forward to the tingling that rushed through his frame. Frozen he watched as his skin shifted and moved. Red hair was replaced with blonde and coarse skin became smoother.

Restored to his royal shape, Caspar returned to where he’d left his robe and retrieved Alaric’s gloves and a new item. The gown he’d torn from Annika when wadded into a ball had fit easily into the pocket of his robe.

“Now that I’ve had you once. I shall have you whenever I choose. I know a certain whore who would love to wear the shape of the most beautiful lady in the realm!”

Caspar quickly locked the pendant and garments in his personal safe and then slid into bed. Content in the knowledge that he’d just ruined Annika for Alaric. A fitting revenge, in his mind, for the way she’d spurned him.

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he's not only a fool but an

he's not only a fool but an ass whatever he has coming he richly deserves.

spoiled brat

hope he gets comeuppance


A hint

It just occurred to me that this story is a bit darker than most of my stuff. As a warning, and a hint, the Prince will misuse the artifact until the tables are turned. After that he becomes a better person. I don't want to spoil what, how, or why . . . but he will soon see things from a new perspective.