The Foolish Prince Chapter 4

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“The Foolish Prince”

This is a story about a foolish Prince, an evil sorcerer, and the misuse of a magical artifact of great power . . . mischief and chaos ensue.

In this Chapter Prince Caspar continues to abuse his power much to his best friend's regret.


Chapter Four


Caspar lunged, driving his sparring partner back. The training ground was full of warriors practicing their craft. Caspar even though a royal had been forced, under the eye of his father, to spend at least an hour a day here. Normally, he gloried in the training. His body was tall, lean, and hardened from almost twenty-five years of steady training. The maidens normally filled the balconies surrounding the ground so that they could watch as one warrior strove against another. Ordinarily, this wasn’t a distraction for Caspar, except for today. It had been a month since he’d learned what a woman feels when taken by a powerful man and he couldn’t get the sensations out of his mind.

‘What’s wrong with me?’ he wondered. Just then he felt a stabbing blow to his shoulder as Kyler got past his defense and hit him with the blunt tip of a saber.

“My lord, are you feeling alright?”

The concern on his friend’s face only made him angry. “I’m fine. Again.”

This time Caspar focused on the match and they were soon moving over the training ground the clash of the blunt blades sent sparks as Caspar focused. His confusion and anger had manifested in this duel and he was determined to win. Kyler was no slouch. The son of Gunter he’d been trained to fight before he could walk. Around the sparing grounds they moved and soon everyone else stopped to watch.

Stepping close Kyler bound their blades in a clench, slightly taller, and much stronger from his father’s non-stop training, Kyler knew he had the advantage. “What’s bothering you my prince?” Rather than answer Caspar stepped across and in front of Kyler, he then twisted at the hips while holding tightly to Kyler’s sword arm. The hip throw worked, but Kyler was ready. Diving forward he turned the throw into a front roll and came to his feet sword at the ready.

“A draw?”

At Caspar’s nod, Kyler saluted. The training yard burst into applause. When Caspar looked up he saw they’d drawn a crowd. On the far balcony, he spotted his wife, the princess, Sanja. While the blonde busty Annika was considered the fairest woman in the realm, Sanja with her flaming hair and only slightly smaller chest was just a step behind. Yet, for Caspar, it was a wound that ate at him. He was the crown prince! He should have the most beautiful maiden to wife and he should be the mightiest warrior in the land. He glanced over at Kyler from the corner of his eye and wondered how the virile warrior would react to womanhood. There was a particularly lusty courtesan with an insatiable libido who might look good on Kyler.

Then Sanja smiled down at her husband the prince and rubbed her slightly swollen belly. Caspar lifted his training blade in salute, but it was not to the princess. Sanja flashed a smile and waved down at her husband, blind to the woman standing just behind her.

In the shadows of the balcony, to one side, was a dusky slave. A woman from the realms to the south. South of even the azure sea. Her skin was far darker than the people of Caspar’s kingdom and from the moment he saw her he’d been intoxicated by her exotic beauty. The slave collar flashed in the morning sunlight a bright contrast to Nefertari’s skin.

After Caspar’s night of passion with Annika he’d sent the court sorcerer away. That way when Alaric went looking for him Caspar informed the enraged husband that the sorcerer was gone. Horus, never one to waste an opportunity, had journeyed south to the southern-most city within the realm of Vanaheim. The city of Gildar was the center of the slave trade for the region and Horus had found Nefertari on the slave block. When he brought her to the castle Caspar knew he had to have her.

As quick as a thought Nefertari vanished from behind his wife. Everyone in the Castle knew she was Horus slave and that they were from the same country. The rumors that floated around the halls had them performing blood rites and having deviate sex, under the full-moon. Caspar laughed when he heard these since he knew where Nefertari spent most of her nights. Although, as he considered it, he knew the servants had the deviate sex acts right.

“Well fought, you two!” Gunter shouted coming forward. He clapped a hand on each of their shoulders. “To think I’d once despaired of teaching you the blade.” This comment was directed at Caspar. “I’d say that today’s work qualifies you for a master swordsman badge. I will make the recommendation to your father, the king.”


“Master, it is almost time.” Nefertari’s soft voice seemed to fill the dark. The shadows were alive with spirits and she shuddered to think of the things her master, Horus, had done here. The old man moved into the lamp light, the reflection from his bald ebony skull seemed more appropriate to stone than to a human.

“Tell me.”

“The prince is a fool and is weak. He is driven by his needs and thinks of nothing except his pleasure.”

“This, I already know.” The irritation Horus voice filled Nefertari with fear, yet she refused to let it show.

“Did you know, he mistakenly took the form of a woman and experienced a woman’s true pleasure?”

At this the old sorcerer blinked, “No, that is, unexpected.” Then after a moment stroking his chin, “I think you can use this. Play it up, goad him, when he mounts you make him believe that nothing under the heavens can feel as blissful as being taken as a woman. Then in your post coital bliss confess to him that you pity men, since they cannot know a woman’s pleasure.”

Nefertari nodded, “This I have already done. I told him I’m not afraid of magic and for the past week he’s brought out the crystal. I have taken the shape of many women, but most often when he uses me, it is as I am, or in the forms of Duchess Annika and Sonja, his wife.”

“Has he spoken of taking a woman’s body, that you may pleasure him?”

“He has not spoken of it . . . yet I can see it in his eyes. His desire to try it once again is a fire that will not go out.” Then she laughed, “I will not let it go out.”

“Excellent, my slave, stoke the flame of his desire, of his need to see, feel, and experience every form of pleasure. If you can, get him to use the third power. Trade bodies with him. Then show him what a mistress trained in the House of Pleasure can do.” At this the sorcerer took her chin in his bony hand lifting it so that her eyes met his, “When you take him, force him to call you Prince Caspar and address him only as salve or Nefertari. If you can get him to, make him beg, and when he begs he must call you Caspar. The magic will work on him, forcing him into the role that matches the body wears.”

Then an evil chuckle escaped Horus withered lips, “Once you have brought him to the heights of pleasure, ask him if he’s ready to switch back. If he says no, then reluctantly agree. If he says yes, punish him, call him a stupid slave, force him to yield to your will and take his body by force. When you ravish him tell him he is a slave and unworthy of the cock you now own. Tell him you will return it when you are ready and not before. Then when you are finished order him to return to me.”

Nefertari bowed gesturing with her hand in a complex way that Horus knew meant she had heard his order and would obey. After Nefertari left he ran a bony finger over his ring. “Soon, very soon, I’ll use you and then we shall see.”


Caspar looked out the window of his apartments fuming. He’d approached Sonja suggesting that a night spent in passion would strengthen the son growing in her womb. She’d laughed and said that wasn’t how it worked and to leave mysteries of this sort to the women. The condescending attitude infuriated him. Returning to his room Caspar had polished off a bottle of brandy before a thought entered his mind. Laughing he’d moved to the window, if this plan were to work, he had to be patient. Caspar had never been a patient man, but he knew how to focus on the things he wanted. Night had fallen and most of the castle had settled in for the evening. Caspar banked the lights in his apartment and waited in the shadows.

At the end of the day’s feasting, before he’d tried to work his charms on the Princess Sonja, he’d watched Kyler leave the Great Hall with his arm draped around the shoulder of his favorite serving wench. The woman had the big bones of a peasant and the enormous bosom to match. Yet, Kyler had hinted that she was tireless in bed. This was something Caspar found hard to believe, and even though intrigued had no interest in testing the boast. His tastes were far more refined.

Abruptly the door to a private suite across the courtyard opened. Faint yellow candle light spilled out and the curvaceous shape of a lass moved through the portal exiting Kyler’s suite. A man’s shadow leaned out and even though it was hard to tell in the dim light Caspar felt sure that the two shadows were sharing the parting kiss of lovers. As soon the lovers parted Caspar caught sight of Kyle’s face and grasped the crystal in his hand and said, “Invoca.”

In an instant, he was flying through the night. He reached Kyle’s door just it closed and Caspar passed through it and into the body just behind the door. Caspar’s senses seemed to come alive and he staggered. Everything was slightly off. Cool air moved over his naked body and by the easy swinging of his flaccid cock Caspar knew he was still a man. Moving through the room by the light of a single candle Caspar found a mirror standing on a dresser. At the sight of Kyler’s handsome face, Caspar grinned.

“Well, my lad, you are the best warrior in the castle, but not for much longer!” Caspar grabbed, tunic, trousers, boots, and Kyler’s sword belt and once dressed put out the light. Waiting until his eyes had adjusted to the dark Caspar made his way through the castle by the hidden passages to his own, royal suite. Safely in his own room Caspar moved to the apparently sleeping form of the prince. “I must say, you are a handsome devil, Prince Caspar!” he laughed. Caspar grunted as he picked up his own body, surprised at how heavy it was. He carried it from the balcony to the main suite and drop his sleeping form on the couch by the fireplace.

Then he reached out and pulled the crystal from his own sleeping grasp. For a moment, he wondered if the spell would be broken, would breaking contact with the crystal cause him to return to his body. When nothing happened, he let out a sigh of relief.

Now he moved to the table where he’d left a torn woman’s nightgown. Dropping the necklace over his head he gripped the crystal in one hand and the gown in the other.


For a moment, nothing happened and he thought he’d done something wrong then the tingling hit him. Once again, the feeling of clay under a sculptor’s hand consumed him. Flesh shifted, dark hair turned to blonde. Breasts blossomed, hips widened, and the sucking feeling in his crotch was matched by a shrinking sensation as he lost height and weight.

Caspar gasped. Everything was off and wrong. Heavy breasts swung from his chest and his center of gravity was wrong. Slowly, on tiny feet, he moved through the dimly lit room to the mirror. By candle light he saw the image of the Duchess Annika wearing Kyler’s too large clothes. He reached up with tiny fingers to trace the intoxicating beauty of her face. Then a wicked grin quirked the corners of his mouth and an evil giggle bubbled up.

“Ah, my friend you are in for a night you will never forget!”

The sound of Annika’s sweet voice sent a shiver down his now delicate spine. Slowly, as if teasing a crowded hall, Caspar moved swaying his hips and twisting and spinning he sent one overly large item of male clothing to the floor after another. Once naked he moved to his royal body and returned the crystal to his former masculine hand. Then Caspar went to a cupboard where he kept a special libation.

The drink was one he’d had Horus make from time to time. It was a potion designed to inflame the libido, to dampen inhibitions, to intensify every sexual sensation, and to dull the wit. He’d used it and he’d even shared it, covertly, with Sonja. When she turned down his advances one too many times, he’d slipped it into her drink and enjoyed the results.

Now he lifted the bottle to his rosebud lips and drank a healthy swallow of the sweet liquid. At once Caspar could feel the fire in his veins. Still naked he moved to his own royal bed and slowly stretched out upon it. The feeling of silken sheets on his soft skin sent goose flesh rippling down his back. He crawled forward feeling the cool air on his flesh like a lover’s caress. His bountiful jugs swung freely beneath him, his bright pink nipples almost touching the sheets and he felt flushed and a little drunk. From previous use, he recognized the first signs of the potion. Once in the middle of the enormous playground he rolled over feeling the weight on his chest shift and settle.

Memories of the whore, Ida’s, body floated through his mind. Shame, loathing, desire, and need washed through him. He remembered the comments from the slave, Nefertari, that he couldn’t know a woman’s pleasure and that she pitied men. “You couldn’t be more wrong, you little slut!” The sound of Annika’s voice speaking his words thrilled him and he reached up to rub his soft chest. Every sensation felt enhanced, the feather light touch to his breasts sent electric jolts of pleasure through his crotch and he rubbed his thigh’s together trying to fill the new ache. Then he slid one hand down between his legs and gasped as his questing fingers found the soft slit.

Parting moist lips he could feel the heat and need blossom tenfold and he gasped arching his back. When his gently stroking hand found the nub of Annika’s clit he came in a sudden clenching rush. “O-h, g-gods the elixir is working.” He gasped. For a moment, he thought about continuing his exploration of Annika’s body from the inside, and then he remembered Kyler in the yard. The sting in his shoulder when Kyler bested him. Two fingers buried knuckle deep in his pussy he moaned and whispered.


In an instant the room seemed to spin around and Caspar sat up gasping. He looked down at the crystal in his hand and laughed setting it to one side. He stood up and hurried to the bedroom. From the doorway, he saw the shadowy from of Annika naked, writhing in heat, her fingers pushing in and out of her sex, on his bed. Her body squirmed and shook caught up in the carnal heat of the potion. Laughing on the inside Caspar moved onto the bed.

“Mhmmmm . . . oh, gods.” The soft alto murmured into the darkness. “I-is this a dream?”

Without answering Caspar moved between the confused woman’s legs and pulled her hand away from the sopping wet pussy. Then he guided his iron hard member to her velvety lips. “Aye, you are lady Annika, and this is but a dream.” Then he pushed into her, impaling the new woman on his rampant cock.

“A-ahhh” she gasped eyes going wide and hands grasping the silken sheets. Knowing that Kyler was fully in the clutches of the enchanted libation and still confused at waking up in a female body, Caspar wasted no time. Reaching down to rub Annika’s clit with one hand he started pumping his cock in and out of her. “Ah, Annika, long have you dreamed of submitting to your Prince. You want nothing more than to give your body to me. To be my horny little slut and obey my every command!”

Caspar watched as the words seemed to sink into the dazed mind of the transformed warrior. Caspar knew the power of the potion. Kyler’s mind, now fully under its influence would soon believe that he was Annika. That she was dreaming, and that she’d always wanted to give her body to the Crown Prince.

“Annika?” The woman murmured and gasped as Caspar played her like a virtuoso. In a matter of seconds, she clutched the sheets lifting her hips meeting his every thrust while tossing her head from side-to-side, as her first orgasm pulsed through her, heightened by the potion. Kyler couldn’t deny the carnal sensations roaring through her young body and cried out in pleasure.

Then Caspar pulled out and walked across the room. When he returned, he was carrying a large mirror in a stand. He placed this by the bed along with a lamp. “I’ve always enjoyed watching as I train a new girl. I know you’ll love this, Annika.”

“I-I don’t think . . . I-I’m not . . . A-Annika.” The voice was confused, almost more of a question than a statement.

Caspar climbed onto the bed and grabbed a fist full of Kyler’s blonde hair lifting his head so that he had to look into the mirror. “Who do you see?”

“The D-Duchess A-Annika.”

“Good girl. This is because you ARE Annika. You’re deepest fantasy has come true, you are in my bed. You’re greatest longing, most powerful desire is to have me, your Prince, take you like a common whore and teach you what it means to be a woman. Now, get on all fours.”

Kyler wanted to fight, to argue, but he couldn’t think and his very reflection told him that the idea that he was someone else, a man, must be wrong. His eyes met Caspar’s and he . . . submitted.

Still facing the mirror, Kyler moved onto all fours, she felt her enormous udders swing freely below her chest. Caspar moved into position behind her and she gasped when he pushed his still glistening cock into her from behind. Reaching around he once again stroked her clit only now his cock hit the bundle of nerves inside her vagina with each stroke.

Kyler’s eyes returned to her reflection, the Duchess Annika, her face flushed with pleasure, gasping as Caspar drove into her from behind. Quickly Kyler’s body rose to the heights of pleasure. Screaming in pleasure she wanted nothing more than to stay like this, forever.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“N-no m-my lord.”

“Do you love what I’m doing to you?”

“Y-Yes my lord, oh, don’t stop!” As Kyler said this she tried to clamp down on Caspar’s cock with her inner muscles.

“Tell me your name?”


“Do you love being a woman?”


Caspar once again picked up the pace reaching under to play with Kyler’s amazing breasts. “Do you love being my slut, my toy, the royal whore?”

“Oh, gods . . . yes!”

This time when Kyler spasmed in the throes of orgasmic bliss Caspar spurted into her filling her womb with his seed. As they came down from the heights of pleasure, Caspar ran his calloused hands over her soft skin. “The night is still young, my whore. You have much to learn if you wish to share my bed again!”


Pre-dawn light filtered in through Caspar’s windows when he picked up the magic neckless. Looking down at the exhausted and sleeping Kyler he grinned. “How much will he remember?” he mused. The potion had a way of leaving the body exhausted and the mind with dim memories of what had happened while under its influence.


Sitting up Caspar shuddered, trying to ignore the fatigue, the deep ache emanating from his well-used crotch, and the strange female body he now wore. Using the pendant, he changed back into Kyler’s normal body. Now free of the influences of the elixir and no longer sore he climbed off the bed. He was tired, but it was a more natural exhaustion. An exhaustion based on having spent most of the night rutting rather than sleeping. Careful to return the pendant to his sleeping body he dressed before sneaking out of the royal suite. The return to Kyler’s apartments took a few minutes and once safe in Kyler’s room he stripped and climbed into the young warrior’s bed before whispering, “Reditum!”

Sitting up and gasping Caspar looked at the well-used and crumpled bed. “Sonja thought that denying me meant a lost night of pleasure. Well, she was wrong!” After settling into his own bed Caspar’s wicked mind strayed to thoughts of Sonja, and how he might use his new toy on her.

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A dream

Yeah, he is very confused and thinks it was a dream. There is a price that Caspar will pay for this though.