Changing Dynamics - 4

Saturday passed in a blur. She would hypnotize me for anywhere from minutes to hours, wake me up and sex my brains out. Rest a bit. And repeat. She called it an intensive session…I guess that is about as close to the truth as possible. I didn’t understand it all at the time, but she was apparently using sex to both distract me from resisting her commands and to anchor said commands to a pleasurable outcome. In other words she was manipulating me with great sex so I would let her get her hypnotic hooks in good and tight.

Sunday found us sitting at the table, enjoying a quick lunch. She had already hypnotized me at least a couple of times that morning (I say at least because at this point I could no longer tell how many). I was both shocked and slightly nervous about the fact that she could at this point, basically zonk me out any time she wanted. Every time I looked at her, I found myself amazed at just how sexy she was…it was like how I used to look at her when we first met, but about five times more intense.

I have to admit, the sheer power and potency of the hypnosis sessions was a bit scary, so that may be why I misinterpreted what happened next.

“I think we should go shopping for a few things.” She said.

I froze, suddenly feeling a spike of fear. Ever since she started planning the game I had gone looking at various web sites related to femdom and cross-dressing. Didn’t they always wind up with the husband going on a humiliating shopping trip en femme? Had I trusted her too much with the hypnosis thing? Was she going to try and take me down the same road as all those husband hating wives did in the stories? Was my destiny to become her sissy maid who serviced some crude barbarian she decided was more manly than me? I felt my thoughts begin to spiral out of control as my mind began to come up with worse and worse scenarios.

She obviously sensed something was wrong by my expression. “What’s wrong?” she asked concerned.

I turned away, trying to think of something to say.

She reached out and grabbed my hand gently. “Tell me.” She said soothingly.

I don’t know whether it was some post hypnotic suggestion, or just the concern in her voice.

I blurted out everything about where my thoughts were going.

Her face cycled through several emotions as I watched her…surprise, anger, a hint of guilt? And finally settled on sadness. “I know this game is not as easy for you as it is for me, but I would NEVER try to destroy or publicly humiliate you like that. Please, no matter what happens, never doubt that I love you and want you to be happy.”

Then she scowled at me. “Besides, I wasn’t even talking about that type of shopping…I just meant we need some groceries.”

The rest of the weekend and the following week went by quickly. She would hypnotize me every night after we got home from work, and every morning she would wake me up early for a quick session. She also kept up the trend of post-hypnotic sex I had grown accustomed to. I noticed several changes in my behavior over the week, though most were minor or unconcerning.

One thing I noticed was that I felt much more confident in myself, much more comfortable in my own skin. Thinking about dressing up didn’t fill me with that slight hint of shame or discomfort I had grown used to…instead I just felt content with all aspects of myself. I also felt more in control at work, taking charge of the various tasks given to me and making things happen the way they should. Another change I noted was a growing desire to understand hypnosis better. When I wasn’t having brain scrambling sex or mind twisting hypnosis sessions, I found myself reading the various hypnosis books she had brought home.

I also noticed how things were changing with how I viewed my wife. She was quickly becoming something so much more than just a woman in my eyes. Every time I thought of her, I would become aroused. The sound of her voice, the touch of her hand on mine, the smell of her scent. It was all so captivating. If she were to ask me to crawl and lick the dirt off her shoe, I would have done it and thanked her for the privilege. I still don’t understand the hows and whys of it, but I could tell that she was taking me to places I never dreamed existed within myself…and I found myself caring less and less about just how much control I had sacrificed to her.

One major thing I noticed was the growing changes in my sexual tastes that were becoming apparent as the week stretched on. In the prior years of our being a couple, sex had always been pretty straight forward and direct. We didn’t play any sex games, or really do anything other than straight sex. Oral sex was never something she offered eagerly or requested, so until a few weeks ago it was about as common as an eclipse. The idea of anal sex had never come up, and I honestly believed it was one of those rare sexual acts that other people do…but I would never enjoy. Now suddenly I felt a growing craving to explore all aspects of sex. I wanted to taste her sweet juices, to lick her until she moaned in ecstasy. I wanted to take her from behind and really enjoy her sexually in every way she desired. I don’t know what the specific suggestions she was giving me were, but I could definitely feel she was introducing a whole new kink to our relationship.

Friday rolled around and I found myself eagerly waiting for our next hypnosis session. I was beginning to face the fact that I was addicted to hypnosis (and the associated sex). I was surprised when instead of having me sit on the couch, she had me take the chair and instead took the couch for herself. She handed me several pieces of paper and told me to look over them.

I looked at the paper she gave me, slightly puzzled as I read through them. After a few minutes I understood that this was a hypnosis induction and some suggestions for me to give to her. Apparently she was serious about us doing reciprocal hypnosis sessions, and it was my turn to be in the driver’s seat.

“Feel free to add any other suggestions you find appealing” She told me. “I trust you.”

“Just remember that anything you suggest related to the game needs to be in keeping with our character roles, no cheating.” She added firmly.

I nodded in compliance to her request.

I finished reading through all her proposed suggestions, but noticed there was something missing…something I wanted to replicate in her sessions.

“What suggestions did you use to increase my attraction to you? I don’t see anything like that in what you proposed for me to use on you.”

Andrea looked at me puzzled. “I didn’t give you any suggestions like that.”

She frowned for a minute in thought.

“Maybe it was a side effect from the other suggestions I gave. To trust in my love for you and know that I find you attractive in any role you play. To be confident that I will always love you and take care of you and make your happiness my own.”

I nodded and jotted down a similar set of suggestions for her session.

Finally I settled nervously in the chair getting ready to begin.

“Relax,” She told me smugly. “I have been coaching you all week to be a natural at hypnotizing people. You have been picking up all types of tricks and techniques every time I hypnotized you, without even realizing it.”

With her showing an absolute confidence in my ability and trust in my integrity, it didn’t take me long to get in the swing of things. It turns out, hypnotizing someone is pretty easy if they are willing to work with you (and sometimes even if not…but that’s another story.) In almost no time I had her deeply relaxed as I repeated suggestions of breathing, relaxing and letting go. And somehow based on some instinct, real or implanted, I knew when to make hypnotic suggestions…and when to go back to guiding her deeper into relaxation.

As I continued the session I felt a rush of pleasure growing as I continued to take her deep inside and make changes that would transform our lives forever. It was at that moment that I knew both a bone tingling fear and a sense of profound power…with this much influence I could do anything. For a few minutes my dark side began to rear its ugly head as I considered all the ways I could take advantage…and then I remembered how much I loved her and slapped my inner Palpatine upside the head.

In the end most of my suggestions were about feeling confident and finding happiness in all aspects of her life. I also threw in some suggestions about the role of the dominant and submissive in our relationship and how enjoyable it was to be mistress and slave girl. I wound up having to repeat those suggestions several times, because I wasn’t as into the roles as she was, and I think she could pick up on my lack of conviction. Finally I added in some of the same sexual craving type suggestions she had given me…she would enjoy all forms of sex, and eagerly allow our sexual activities to extend beyond vanilla sex.

Eventually, after a long session of repeating deepening commands, followed by suggestions I reached a point where I thought it felt right to bring her out of the session and stop for the night. Seeing the peaceful, satisfied look on her face as she came back to consciousness, I did the only thing appropriate based on past sessions. I gently eased down her panties and parted her legs, and began licking before she could really think about the session or consider any alternatives. Her moans and screams of pleasure were all I needed to know things were going well.

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