The Foolish Prince Chapter 6

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“The Foolish Prince”

This is a story about a foolish Prince, an evil sorcerer, and the misuse of a magical artifact of great power . . . mischief and chaos ensue.

** Now wearing the body of Princess Sanja, Prince Casper starts to learn that perhaps he hasn't been such a good person. **


Chapter Six


Caspar slowly clawed his way toward consciousness. As he did he had a vague feeling that something was wrong. He lifted a hand to his head and moaned. Then froze. The sound was wrong. It was high pitched and soft . . . the sound of a woman. Then the events of yesterday returned. The drink. His wife’s refusal to take him into her chambers. The acerbic comments that he’d never understand. More drinking and then the decision to understand.

Slowly, Caspar sat up. The shifting weight on his chest told him it hadn’t been a dream. Then he looked over at the large male form sprawled across his wife’s bed. The man had tossed his tunic to one side and his breeches to the other while kicking off his boots. Dressed only in his small-clothes, the semi-nude body caused Caspar’s heart to flutter. He slid from the bed and had to steady himself for a moment. Everything felt off. The whole room seemed bigger. Taking his first step Caspar realized that there was nothing between his legs. Gasping he lifted his hands to his chest and the sensitive flesh sent an intense jolt through his body. Still holding his heavy breasts Caspar moved toward the mirror. Sunlight streamed through a high window and under the light Caspar gasped at what he saw.

His wife, Sanja, in a white sleeping gown, red hair spilling down over one shoulder looked out at him from the mirror. He moved closer and the image in the mirror match his every movement. He lifted a delicate hand and ran it feather light over his features. The woman in the mirror copied him. Then his hands drifted lower. The milk filled orbs on his chest demanded attention and he hefted the weight feeling a spark of energy that ran through his body. As if in a dream, he reached between his legs. The absence of his cock was expected but the warm feelings as he rubbed his new pussy caught him off guard. Caspar felt a fluttering movement just under his tummy and gasped when he realized what it was.

“Oh, gods, I’m Sanja.” He whispered, “and I’m pregnant.” At the sound of his voice there was a deep male grunt and he looked over to see that Sanja had rolled over. Then he spotted the crystal still around Sanja’s neck. “I need to change us back before she wakes up!”

Moving carefully Caspar glided onto the bed. Every movement was slow and smooth. The idea of Sanja waking up and confronting him in her body was humiliating. He tried to bed over and take the necklace, but he was too small to reach it. Hardly daring to breath he moved over Sanja’s prone form as she lay stretched out on her back. With one creamy leg to either side of Sanja’s now masculine waist, his enormous breasts hanging down into his former, rugged, masculine face, Caspar reached toward the chain, planning to slowly work it up and over the sleeping royal head. Just then Sanja’s eyes flew open. Green eyes stared into blue, and a crooked smile split his face. Powerful hands gripped his hips capturing him and with one strong move rolled them over.

“Good morning, wife, you must be feeling the need for love.” The rumble of the masculine voice sent a jolt of panic into Caspar. “Climbing atop your husband just as a dockside whore mounts her client! But then, you already know what it feels like to be a whore. Don’t you!”

“Sanja, In-.” A heavy masculine hand dropped over Caspar’s soft mouth cutting him off. “I don’t think so.” Then Sanja remained on top of Caspar pinning his much smaller body beneath her large frame. “You were so eager for us to learn about each other last night. You told me everything about this necklace. About how you were taken as a woman. About how you wanted to understand life from my point of view. Well, husband, get ready!” It was then that Caspar realized that his former body was naked! At some point, while he’d been looking into the mirror, Sanja had slipped off her small-clothes and then played possum!

Trapped beneath the powerful body of his wife Caspar tried to wiggle free. Sanja removed her hand and he gasped, “Get off me!” His new soft alto caused Sanja to grin. “I don’t think so.” The Sanja holding both of his hands above his head with one hand, pinned to the soft mattress, she started kissing his neck.

“What are you doing?”

“Mhmmm . . . I had no idea I smelled so good. Nor did I realize how hard this thing between my legs gets in the morning.”

Caspar tried to wiggle free but his own, former body, was so much bigger the weight pinned him easily. The sensations from her kissing caused his nipples to harden and he felt an ache between his legs. Then he noticed the bulge of something against his tummy and panicked.

“Sanja, please, this was a mistake. I never should have come to you last night. Let’s just swap back?”

“Swap back? Don’t be stupid. You said you wanted to be me for a week.”

Sanja pressed her lips to Caspar’s and using her free hand slipped it up under her nightgown. The soft feeling of her former breasts in her new masculine hand caused her new cock to get even harder. “I’m going to fuck you with your cock. Then, while you get morning sick, I’ll go for a ride on your favorite horse. I’ve not been riding for months.” Then Sanja pinched Caspar’s swollen nipple causing him to gasp. “If, and I do mean if, we swap back it’ll be when I’m ready. Until then, I’m Crown Prince Casper and you’re the Princess Sanja. My wife and you WILL attend to your wifely duties. Now, tell me my name?”

For a moment Sanja’s, blue, eyes locked onto Caspar’s green eyes and then Caspar looked away. “You’re the Crown Prince.”

“And who are you?”

Caspar knew he couldn’t fight Sanja, not right now anyway. She was too big and too strong and held all the advantages. He let out a breath, “I’m princess Sanja.” When he spoke, he felt a tingle in the base of his skull.

“That’s right, I’m Prince Caspar. A man. A warrior. A womanizer, who sleeps with anything in a skirt. You are my wife! Say it!” As Sanja spoke she too felt a soft buzzing at the back of her mind and ignored it. The sight of her husband, under her, almost naked and helpless, hers for the taking was driving all other thoughts from her.

Caspar gasped, there was a deep anger in Sanja’s voice, an anger that Caspar had never heard before. He’d made no secret of his conquests and had assumed that Sanja was happy that he’d found someone else to sleep with when she wasn’t in the mood. For the first time he suspected she hadn’t approved.

“I-I’m your wife.”

“What is your name?”


“Are you a man or a woman?” As Sanja asked the question she slid one hand between Caspar’s legs under the gown. She hadn’t put any small clothes on when she’d gone to bed and this gave her open access to Caspar’s new pussy, and she too full advantage. The soft lower lips parted at her rubbing and she could feel her former husband try to wiggle away from the stroking digits.

Caspar tried to fight. He squirmed and wiggled trying to get out from under his former body. It was no use. He was too small and too physically weak. As he struggled Sanja grabbed the bodice of the nightgown he was wearing and in one smooth powerful movement ripped the flimsy fabric from Caspar. Cool air washed over his naked body and he gasped at the raw power Sanja had so easily used. Then spreading his creamy thighs with one hand she used her other to guide her cock toward him.

‘I never knew my manhood was so large,’ Caspar thought and then felt the electric sensation as Sanja rubbed the tip of her penis up and down his tight new slit.

“I’ve always wondered what it felt like for a man.” Caspar lay still, legs spread, frozen between fascination and horror. Gently, Sanja rubbed the tip of her cock over her former pussy. With each stroke, she spread her former lips a little more. “To dominate, to control, to have a woman completely under your power as you take pleasure from her body.” Then with a firm push she shoved her cock into Caspar. “Mmmm . . . that feels, incredible!”

“No, oh gods, no, not again.” Caspar moaned. Even as he denied it the fire and ache within his body contradicted him. Now released from whatever terror had temporarily held him he tried to push Sanja away.

“Yes, you little slut, I’m going to fuck you.” Sanja pulled back just a bit and then drove her tool deeper into her former body. “Oh, fuck, you’re so tight!” She pulled back and Caspar tried to wiggle up and away. Sanja slid her large male hands under his bottom gaining control over Caspar’s lower regions and drove in again. “Oh, but all the gods, never have I felt anything so good!” Sanja gasped. “We should have switched months ago, wife!”

“Hmmm . . . those look good enough to eat.” Sanja noted, repeating a phrase Caspar had used many times. Now building a rhythm Sanja lowered her rough face to the soft cream expanse Caspar’s wildly bouncing breasts and took a bright pink nipple into her mouth. As she tasted the rubbery texture of Caspar’s nipple Sanja felt her ball sack slapping against Caspar’s new feminine bottom and knew she was fully into her former pussy.

The dual sensations of being sucked and filled were more than Caspar could stand. He wrapped his legs around his wife’s narrow athletic hips and pulled her into him. By some instinct, he knew he needed to change the angle just a bit and lifted his hips to meet Sanja’s thrusts. “Oh, gods, right there!” Caspar moaned as Sanja’s cock hit the bundle of nerves inside him.

Sanja picked up the pace, glorying in the power her new body possessed, it seemed effortless to thrust into her former tight cunt. The sight of her now sweat slick husband moaning and rutting under her gave her a feeling of power she’d never imagined.

As the rhythm, increased Caspar stopped thinking. The feeling of being taken. Being owned completely by her man was all she could grasp, as Sanja showed that she knew every inch of her body and how to touch it. Balls deep within Caspar’s pussy, Sanja stopped, “Tell me your name.” She wasn’t sure why she needed to hear it only that she did.

“I’m C-Caspar” Caspar gasped. Sanja reached down and twisted a nipple, “Not with breasts like these.” Then she moved her hips, “Not with my royal cock buried in your sweet love tunnel. Tell me your name.” This time she slowly pulled almost all the way out before violently plunging in.

Caspar gasped, “I’m Sanja.”

“Are you a man or a woman?”

Trying to fight it but now teetering at the edge of a climax Caspar gasped, “A woman.”

Driving her husband over the edge Sanja watched as he screamed in pleasure, “And you were always meant to be a woman, admit it.”

“Oh, by the gods, yes! Yes, O-Oh, yes, right there!”

Hearing and feeling her husband’s submission caused Sanja’s balls to clench up and then he exploded within Caspar. “Just as I, was always meant to be a man!” Unnoticed by either husband or wife the crystal glowed faintly for a moment.

Two hours later, both husband and wife lay upon the bed, fully spent and sated. The crystal pendant lay on Sanja’s broad masculine chest while Casper dozed with an arm draped over him. Caspar’s every feminine curve molded to her man and she sighed in contentment. Caspar thought that if she asked, Sanja would give him the necklace and with a word she’d be a man again. Yet something stopped her.

“You have to leave soon. It’s almost time to train in the yard.”

At this Sanja sat up, “I don’t know anything about fighting. Other than what my father taught me, in order to defend my honor.”

Caspar looked up with heavy eyes, “Just follow what everyone else does and do the drills. Horus said that the knowledge and skills remained with the body. You should be fine if you don’t think about it too much.”

Reluctantly, Sanja got up and moved to put on her husband’s clothes. “You need to get up too. You’re expected to be dressed and watching your warrior husband smash all around him!”

“I suppose.” Caspar said sitting up. The feeling of his naked breasts moving around freely was at once strange and familiar. He reached up to capture the bouncing orbs and enjoyed the feeling of holding his own heavy udders. Then a wave of nausea hit him and he rushed to the chamber pot. Putting his face into the vile smelling receptacle Caspar vomited. There wasn’t much in his stomach but for several minutes the cramps and the vomiting were all that he could think of and then . . . at last . . . he settled back. “Was that morning sickness?”

He looked up to see an amused expression on his former face. “Yes, and you can have it! I’ve been getting sick every morning for a month.” Caspar watched as his former body spun around and walked to the door. At the door Sanja paused, “You are a woman and soon you’ll be a mother. I must admit, I was terrified of giving birth. My own mother died in child birth and by your kindness it is an ordeal I will now watch instead of endure.” Then Sanja opened the door and before stepping out said, “I’ll send your maid in to help you get ready.”

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Not a

He's not a nice guy, at this point. So, yeah, I don't think any feels sorry for him. Things are about to change.



Has the former prince seen the light.. Her new destiny before her?


Not yet

He's not a good person at this point. He's going to go through a lot and by the end be a totally different person.