The Foolish Prince Chapter 7

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“The Foolish Prince”

This is a story about a foolish Prince, an evil sorcerer, and the misuse of a magical artifact of great power . . . mischief and chaos ensue.

** Sanja now in the powerful body of her husband begins to explore life as the Crown Prince and discovers she likes it! **


Chapter Seven


The sun beat down on Sanja’s bare back as she moved. The spear and shield felt normal, natural, to her. She’d been so nervous walking down onto the practice field. She’d started a mantra, “I’m Caspar, the crown price. I’m Caspar, the strongest man in the castle. I’m Caspar, the mightiest warrior within these walls!” Over and over she repeated the mantra each time she felt a small tingle in her mind and felt little more confident. By the time she arrived on the sand in the training area her walk and posture had changed. No longer did she move with the swayed hips of a woman. Instead, she moved with the smooth strong steps of a virile man at the height of his physical power.

Today, the training had shifted to infantry tactics. The shield, spear, and shield wall were drilled into the warriors. Sanja had a few missteps at first but she kept telling herself that she was Caspar and soon everything started to click. At the end of the training Sanja looked up and saw the rainbow of colorful gowns along the balconies surrounding the training yard. She felt her cock stir at the sight and then her eyes caught the perfectly white dress. The delicate lace and parasol to provide shade where items she’d picked out herself. The flash of a smile from the red-headed woman made her grin. ‘My husband looks lovely in white lace,’ she thought. Then she lifted her spear in salute. As she did she caught sight of a dark slave just behind Caspar.

She felt her heart race and her cock became hard as iron. ‘Who is that? And why does she affect my body so?’ Determined to solve the mystery Sanja headed to the baths.


It had been the strangest morning of Caspar’s life. Even though he’d been a woman once before he’d never spent more than an hour in a female body. After Sanja left he sat in his bed, horrified, unable to move, as he thought about giving birth. He’d moved his hands over his slightly rounded belly and felt a responding twitch of movement from within. “I’m a woman. I will be a mother soon.” The statements drove the horror of his situation home. “I’ve got to get Caspar to swap us back.” Then he realized he’d called Sanja by his name. “What is that damned necklace doing to me?” He stood up and slowly moved to wrap a light rose colored robe around him and walked to the sitting room. As soon as he entered he noticed a tray on the setae and a maid standing quietly to one side.

“What’s for breakfast, Trula?”

Then for an instant he froze. How did he know her name? The maid smiled, “Porridge, a small bit of beacon, eggs, toast, and fresh fruit.”

After being sick Caspar thought he wouldn’t be hungry but the smell of the food was enough to cause his mouth to water. He moved to the table and the maid moved around behind him to help with the chair. “This is lovely.” He said and then wondered why he felt the need to complement. After breakfast, he’d traveled with a group of girls who’d been waiting for him, to the baths. The women’s baths were separated from the men’s and even though he’d peeked into them from time to time he’d never seen them while in use.

The hot pool was full of women soaking and while the cold pool was used it didn’t have anyone lingering in it. Then there was a common area with stools and buckets. Knowing what to do Caspar hung his robe from a hook and moved to an empty stool. After settling onto it a bathe-house maid showed up with a soft sponge and a bucket. The woman was efficient as she cleaned Caspar and he had to resist shivering in pleasure as she used the sponge. ‘Why does every inch of my body feel so sensitive?’ Once clean and rinsed Caspar moved to the hot bath and settled into it. Normally as he eased himself into the hot water. He had to be careful of his cock and balls. Now without them he found it much easier to slip into the hot water. After a few minutes of soaking he felt a weird movement in his tummy. As if he had gas, but on a whole new level. The movements continued and then it hit him. These were his babies! He was a pregnant woman and the babies in his womb where moving around. Again, he remembered Sanja’s comment, ‘He wouldn’t really leave me like this for the next few months, would he?’

Feeling powerless he stood up and moved to the cold bath. If the babies had been moving before now the sting of the cold sent them rolling and punching within his womb. “Settle down in there, you’ll have plenty of chances to fight once you’re born!” he whispered rubbing his tummy. Next, he’d had to endure the process of getting dressed. It wasn’t like he could grab tunic and trousers. He had to wear a gown. The gown was selected by his senior lady-in-waiting. An ancient crone who’d been appointed by his mother. Once dressed he’d been escorted to a balcony to watch “her husband” train for war.

The sight of his body on the training grounds caused Caspar to lean forward. ‘Please don’t make a fool of me.’ Caspar thought. To his surprise not only did Sanja do well, she appeared to dominate the other men. Soon she was leading a phalanx against the one led by Gunter. The fighting seemed chaotic to the women around Caspar, but he knew what he was watching and was riveted by the spectacle. When the drills were done, Caspar saw Sanja look around. Knowing how hard it was to spot anyone in the sea of dresses Caspar stood up and moved forward into the light. At once Sanja seemed to spot him and lifted her spear in response.

A quick blush of pleasure filled Caspar and then he felt a presence. With a quick glance over his shoulder and Caspar spotted the slave, Nefertari, to one side. For a moment, he felt a flash of jealousy. Then he suppressed it. The slave was beautiful. It was only natural that men were drawn to her. Caspar shook his head, the sooner Sanja switched them back the better!


Sanja climbed the steps to Caspar’s royal suite. The bath attendants had cleaned her and she now wore fresh raiment. Her body practically hummed from an endorphin high as she took the steps three at a time. After the training session Sanja had still felt full of energy and had ordered Caspar’s charger made ready for a ride. This had surprised the groom because he was preparing the King’s own horse. Normally, the prince and king didn’t ride together.

Feeling excited and wanting to test herself Sanja climbed into the saddle and waited for Oberon. After a few minutes the King appeared along with his closest knights. Seeing the man, he thought was his son already in his saddle the king showed surprise.

“Prince Caspar, have not your exertions on the practice field wore you out?”

Sanja laughed knowing she’d caught the king by surprise. “Nay, father, I am in good spirits this day. I would ride with you, if you’ll have me.”

The king nodded and climbed into his saddle. He looked at his son and Sanja thought she heard him mutter something about Caspar being up to something. At this Sanja had to hide a grin. Caspar was indeed up to something and Sanja suspected, based on the time of day, it was needle point. Well, she could have it, she much preferred to be outside and in the saddle. As Sanja thought about this she realized that after training it was Caspar’s custom to bath, and indulge in an early afternoon drinking game or two. Then he’d find either a castle slave or maid and satisfy his lust within her before dressing for dinner. He rarely joined the king for a ride.

King Oberon held the small troupe of nobles to a walk until they were through Castletown and then over the north bridge. Once on the forest road he put his spurs to his thoroughbred and leapt into a gallop. In seconds the only horse able to keep up was the beast Sanja rode. A wild grin crossed her new masculine face as she leaned into the ride. Sanja had always loved horses and had been a gifted rider. Now she put every skill she’d mastered as a girl to the test.

For several long minutes they were side by side. King Oberon was of a height with Caspar but he was broader through the shoulders from years of battle and middle age had thickened his waist. His horse had to carry the greater burden and it started to show. Rather than admit defeat the King threw back his head and with a laugh shouted “Whoa.”

Sanja pulled her horse to a stop next to the king who gave him an apprising look and then the king climbed out of the saddle and taking the reins started walking. Sanja climbed down and walked next to him as the horses cooled down.

“What is it Caspar? What do you want?”

Sanja looked at Oberon. “Nothing father. I simply wished to ride and since you were going out I thought I’d join you.”

“Perhaps, but with you there is always more.” Sanja didn’t know what to say so held her tongue. After a few minutes the king added, “While I was gone, dealing with the raiders, I’m told you did a good job as Steward of Castle Vanaheim.”

Sanja remembered Caspar’s holding court and trying to run things. He’d clearly hated it, yet he’d done it. “I tried father. I guess it made me realize that the time for youthful carousing is over. I need to learn what is required to run the kingdom.”

At this the king stopped walking and looked searchingly into Sanja’s eyes. Sanja met his gaze and didn’t look away. “At last!” Oberon reached out and gripped Sanja’s shoulder, “I have been waiting for the day when you’d finish sowing your oats and ask this of me. On the morrow, instead of the training yard, join me in the hall of judgment. You will sit in attendance while I hold court. When we are done you and I will go back to my study and go over the judgements. You may ask me questions and I’ll explain why I made each decision.”


Sanja opened the door to Caspar’s apartments and caught the hint of coconut. This was a scent she’d never been particularly fond of but she felt her cock stir in a trained response. Moving into her bed chamber her breath caught. The ebony skinned beauty was stretched out, naked, on her bed!

“W-What are you doing here?”

The sight of Nefertari sent Sanja’s new male blood singing through her body, but she held back. She’d always hated the idea that Caspar spent his seed on any woman he desired. It was the idea that she wasn’t able to satisfy her man the left Sanja feeling upset and like less of a woman.

“My lord, did you not order me to await your pleasure, every night, prior to the start of the evening’s feast?”

A faint buzz filled Sanja’s head and she knew the slave was right. “You are beautiful, Nefertari, but I’ve no need of you. My wife, Sanja, has taken up her wifely duties with a new vigor that has left me without the need of your attentions.”

The Stygian woman moved from the bed with the liquid grace of a born athlete. Instead of looking upset or defeated she moved to a cabinet not far from the bed. “If that be the case my lord, allow me to fix your favorite draught.”

Sanja just nodded his eyes enjoying the taunt play of muscles just below her round ass. She took a strange looking clay phial down and emptied its contents into a cup and brought it to him. Moving toward him Nefertari glided to her knees, dropping her head and extending her arms to hold up the cup. Feeling a little suspicious at the look of lust she’d given him Sanja grunted, “You first.”

Without missing a beat Nefertari brought the cup to her dark lips and drank and then once again extended it. “It will restore your vitality, master.”

“Yes, I know.” Sanja had no idea what was in the cup, but it had been in Caspar’s cabinet and this slave seemed to be familiar with it. Taking the cup Sanja downed it in one swift gulp. The liquid was too sweet and a little thick. It reminded her of a syrup sometimes used by the cooks.

“May I help my lord change?” Without waiting for a response, seeming unaware that she was still naked, Nefertari moved to Sanja and started to undress him.

“I-I can manage.” Sanja said, weakly. “I have almost two hours before tonight’s dinner. I do not need help.” As she spoke Sanja knew that Caspar would never turn down the help of a beautiful woman. Then she felt dizzy, she reached up to rub her head and it felt sort of thick. ‘What was in the drink?’ she wondered. Then as if thinking about it had summoned its power she felt Caspar’s cock responded. In an instant, it was painfully hard and Sanja gasped.

Nefertari moved to her belt buckle and before the dazed and distracted Sanja realized what was happening her belt and trousers were undone. With the ease of familiarity, Nefertari reached in and pushing the codpiece to one side pulled out Caspar’s pride and joy. The feeling of Nefertari’s soft hand on Sanja’s red-hot rod made her gasp.

“W-What are y-you d-doing?” The words slipped out before Sanja could think.

“My lord’s strength has been restored. I would not send my lord to dinner tense and in pain from a lack, of proper, service.” Then she blew on Sanja’s shaft. She’d never felt anything like it. The new tool she’d just acquired was impossibly large from the magically enhanced inundation of blood. The skin drawn dreadfully tight and every sensation magnified a hundred-fold. In that second, Sanja almost ejaculated. Grinding the teeth in her new male mouth Sanja grabbed the back of one of the tall chairs in Caspar’s suite for support. Then Sanja felt Nefertari wrap her lips around her shaft.

“O-Oh gods’ woman. You have a gift!”

Nefertari slowly swallowed the man she thought was the prince until she’d reached her gage reflex at the back of her mouth. Using the training she’d received in Stygia she pushed it past, deep throating the prince.

The drug that coursed through Sanja filled Nefertari with an intense need as well. Just as it had pushed Kyler over the edge of reason and into a state of insatiable carnal lust, Nefertari felt it eating at the edges of her control. Suddenly, she felt the balls on her chin pull up and the cock in her throat quiver. Massaging Caspar’s sack there was an explosion of a hot fluid, hitting the back her throat, blasting its way in powerful jets to her tummy.

“Oh, by all that is holy, that was amazing.” Sanja gasped and felt Nefertari pull away. For a long moment, a thick thread of glistening sliver spittle and cum connected Nefertari’s full lips to the tip of Sanja’s cock. Then it snapped. “I could spend a day letting you do that to me.” Sanja murmured. ‘I wonder if Caspar could be taught to do that. HA! If I tell him I won’t give him this body back until he sucks cock better than Nefertari he might be sufficiently motivated.’ The idea of Caspar in her red-headed body, enormous breasts bouncing as he serviced his former penis caused her stolen cock to twitch and harden.

“It seems my lord is not yet relaxed enough to attend the great hall.” Nefertari noted grasping Sanja’s cock with one dark hand. “The potion will take at least an hour to work its way through your system.” she said guiding him his manhood to a fur that lay before the fire place. Nefertari pushed Sanja onto his back and then straddled him. Still holding Sanja’s cock, she guided it to her dripping wet hole. As she captured him with her warm folds she moaned in pleasure. “Will my lord take me as a Stygian slave? Or will you bring out the magic necklace and use me as the blonde norther beauty?”

For a second Sanja was confused and then she realized that Caspar had been using his necklace on the slave girl. Giving her the form of any woman he wished to fuck. ‘Oh, you’re going to pay for that husband.’ Lifting her masculine hands to caress Nefertari’s ebony udders Sanja moaned in pleasure for a moment.

“Nay, I’ll take you as you are.”


By the time his body had been sated Sanja had made up his mind. Caspar wasn’t getting this body back any time soon, if ever. The feeling of power and the pleasure of driving his new man-muscle into a soft pussy was something he didn’t want to give up, just yet. There was also Caspar’s irresponsible behavior. Sanja wasn’t sure how often he’d been using his magic necklace, but she was sure it hadn’t been wise. Besides, he spent most of his time drinking and whoring and there was a country that needed a wise ruler when King Oberon passed away.

Having made up his mind to take over Caspar’s life, at least temporarily, Sanja felt a weight lift. The new Caspar would be responsible. He would conduct himself as a prince should. He would master war and state craft and be a responsible husband and father, even if his new wife, “Sanja” didn’t deserve it. Turning to the slave, Sanja lifted her chin and brushed his male lips to Nefertari’s.

“Lass, I’m afraid you must go and don’t come back. This was our last dalliance.”

Nefertari looked up at him with large round eyes, “My lord, have I displeased you?”

“Nay. You pleased me greatly. Yet, I am Prince to this realm and must needs take up my duties. Duty to the kingdom, my father, and my wife. You are a luxury I can no longer afford. Now leave.”

Rage flashed over Nefertari’s beautiful face and for a moment Sanja thought she might attack him. Then she scooped up her clothes and careless for her nakedness hurried from the room. Once alone Sanja went to the safe where Caspar had kept the necklace and pulled it out. It was a quick trip to the royal treasury.

Getting past the guards, then opening the locks took time but at last Sanja stood in front of a small iron door, reinforced with steel bands and hinges. Sanja’s new memories told her this was the smallest and oldest vault in the treasury. It had been turned over to Caspar a few years ago, in an effort, to teach him to manage money. It had taken Caspar almost a year to spend the gold within the vault. Now all it held was half a dozen empty locked trunks, chest, and cabinets.

Sanja entered the vault with the key Oberon had given Caspar and used another to open a standing cabinet. Picking the top drawer Sanja dropped the enchanted necklace. “Perhaps I’ll retrieve you someday. But for now, this is the safest place.”

Once Sanja retraced his steps he headed to the great hall. “I’m late but I’m sure father will excuse me.” With a grin Sanja thought about after dinner and what he planned to do to, and with, a certain little red-haired princess.

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Is this the end?

There are 11 Chapters

This is a complete story with 11 chapters. So, to answer your question, no. There is a lot left to this story. In some ways everything that happened up to this point was just the set up for what is to come.