The Foolish Prince Chapter 9

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“The Foolish Prince”

This is a story about a foolish Prince, an evil sorcerer, and the misuse of a magical artifact of great power . . . mischief and chaos ensue.

Murder. Horus is now ready to exploit the weakness of Prince Caspar and take control of the Kingdom.


Chapter Nine


Caspar lay in bed looking at the sleeping form of her husband. ‘Why didn’t it work?’ That night while Sanja had been in the Great Hall she’d feigned feeling ill. When Caspar left the hall, she went to the family vault and after a brief search found her prize. With the necklace hanging between her breasts she’d wasted no time. “Reditum!” Nothing happened. Caspar gasped in surprise. “REDITUM!” Again, nothing.

“Horus said to return to my body all I had to do was say the word. Have I been so long in this female prison that the magic considers this my body?” The idea made Caspar shudder. Then taking a deep breath she said, “Caspar, Invoca!” Once again, the magic failed to respond. “What’s wrong?”

Feeling desperate Caspar returned to her apartments and looking up through her bedroom window at the full moon, and resolved to visit the sorcerer the next day. It would be humiliating but she’d confess that she was Caspar and demand to know why the necklace wasn’t working. Knowing that sometimes the best hiding places are in plain sight Caspar opened Princess Sonja’s enormous jewelry cabinet. There was a false door at the back of the top drawer and by pressing the figure of a rose while holding the drawer open, there was a click. Now she slid the necklace into the tiny opening and closed it with a click.

“I will solve this mystery tomorrow.” she vowed, and changed into a nightgown and climbed into bed.

When Sanja entered the suite, Caspar had tried to feign sleep, but the man had only laughed at her. Ignoring her protests Sanja soon had her gasping and begging as he took her, once again proving he knew her body better than she did. This time when Sanja fell asleep Caspar lay next to him, running her soft delicate hands over his masculine chest. ‘Would it be so bad to remain as Sanja?’ she wondered. ‘Sanja has done more in the time he’s been the crown prince than I ever did.’ There was a growing part of Caspar that wanted to give up. To accept her new station and to enjoy the pleasures of her body. She now felt connected to the lives growing inside of her, did she truly wish to become Caspar? To lose that connection?

Abruptly, there was a knock at the outer chamber door. Sanja jolted awake. “Stay here, Sanja,” he said. Then, without a second glance at her, he got dressed and departed.

Caspar wanted to follow her husband, to be so easily dismissed galled her, but the order to remain was hard to refuse. Sanja had taught her that she must obey his commands. Any disobedience was punished with a spanking and then the kind of teasing the brought Caspar to the edge of a climax before being allowed to cool off in frustration. After having her body toyed with and being left gasping, time and time again, aching to be filled and denied, was a sweet torture she didn’t want to repeat. It was more than Caspar could take and it was a pointed reminder from Sanja that he was the man and he’d do whatever he wished with his wife’s body. Caspar’s happiness lay through submitting too, and pleasing, Sanja.

Sighing, Caspar rolled over and closed her eyes. ‘Just let go, be Sanja. Even if it is only for a few months, accept that you are now the Princess and not the Prince.’ A voice in her mind whispered. The idea was so seductive, the decision made, the new Sanja felt her body relax into the safe cocoon of her bed. ‘I am Sanja, the Princess and wife of Prince Caspar.’ A feeling of lassitude stole over her. Sanja knew she needed to sleep, the babies in her womb were demanding more and more of her energy.


“Why do we visit Horus in the middle of the night father?” Sanja asked following the king up the twisting stairs to the second highest tower in the castle. Nefertari looked back over her shoulder. The thrill of her strong male body as it smoothly climbed the stairs gave her confidence. This added to having taken a woman, and using her as only a man can, it was almost too much for Nefertari and it left her feeling giddy.

“There are things the three of us must discuss, you, Horus, and I. Now be silent and keep up.”

When he looked away Sanja shook his head, ‘Does he know?’ the new prince wondered. ‘Have I been trying too hard? I thought he approved in the changes I’ve made.’ The idea that the king knew he’d stolen Caspar’s body and that the king was now taking him to the Court Sorcerer to have them switched back filled Sanja with dread. At some point over the past few weeks Sonja’s plan had shifted. At first it was to pay Caspar back for her ill treatment of women, whoring and drinking, and to teach him a lesson.

The fact that Sanja had so easily dominated the former man had filled him with a sense of power, and his new body with an insatiable lust. Now he realized he had no desire to give up this body or his new masculine life, ever. ‘I am the one true Caspar! My wife is Sanja, she was once Caspar, yes, but she is truly a woman. A woman who lives only to bear my children and pleasure me. I AM CROWN PRINCE CASPAR!’

He felt dizzy for a moment and had to steady himself. Then he looked up at the back of his father. ‘It doesn’t matter the reason for this visit. I am the crown prince and am safe within my own castle.’

The sound of Oberon’s fist pounding on the oak door of Horus’s chamber echoed down the stairs.


The king pushed into the shadowy chamber and Sonja followed trying his best to summon every memory of this place. He knew Horus had been providing Caspar with the magical tonic that enhanced and inflamed lust and the needs of the flesh until nothing else mattered. Then an image of holding the necklace up as Horus explained its powers came to him and Sanja’s heart raced. ‘If Horus crafted the artifact and gave it to Caspar, surly he would have told the king?’

“We are here master.”

At this Sanja looked up sharply at the king. ‘W-What did he say?’

“Come, stand next to me.”

“What’s going on?” Sanja gasped and then spotted the dead body next to Horus feet. “What have you done?”

“Why do you care? She was only a slave.” Horus asked.

“She was a woman, and valuable. I used her myself.” Sanja stumbled, then looked in horror at the Sorcerer now setting in his tall chair. In this light, it looked more like a throne. Sanja gasped as he realized the King had dropped to one knee next to the sorcerer and had drawn his dagger.

“Because I had no further use for her, and giving her soul to the underworld is a payment that I make from time to time, as an insurance against this chaotic world.”

“What madness is this?” Sanja gasped drawing his dagger, “What spell have you cast upon King Oberon that he kneels at your side.”

“Hahaha, a madness you will soon understand.” Horus lifted the hand wearing a heavy ring and rubbed the crystal with a bonny finger, “The Prince, Invoca!”

For a moment, Sanja felt like he was looking out of two pairs of eyes. Looking into the shadows at the seated form of the Sorcerer Horus and looking up from the depths of the night into the shining form of the Crown Prince. Then a wind hit him and he felt his spirit lift and with a snapping sensation the world spun around and he was looking at his former royal body.

“Now, Nefertari!”

The shout had a ring of authority and a youthful vitality that filled the chamber. The former Sanja could only think, ‘Now, what?’ Then the man he thought was King Oberon plunged the dagger into the side of his neck ripping it through his throat in one violent movement. As the light faded Caspar-the-former-Sanja could only wonder what might have caused the king to aid in this mad scheme. Then darkness closed in.

“Well done.” Horus purred in his new rich voice. He quickly moved to his former body and pulled the ring from his hand.

“What is next my lord?”

“Simple. We will leave both bodies and lock this chamber. I will deal with cleansing it later. You will return to the royal apartments and spend the rest of the night repeating this mantra. “I am King Oberon. The most powerful man in the realm. I am King Oberon, the warrior who raided down the coast into far off Stygia and stole away the sorcerer Horus as my servant. I am King Oberon, the wise ruler of Vanaheim.” Horus grabbed the larger man by his bicep and pulled him to his feet. “You will repeat those words one thousand times or until the sun rises. Then maintain the King’s schedule. Do nothing out of the ordinary. We must live in these bodies for the next few weeks. The magic will work to give us the memories we need until none will know we aren’t the people we seem to be.”

“Yes, my lord. What will you do?”

“I’ll go to my chamber and take my wife! Long have I lusted after the flame-haired wench. I will use her body and then sleep. Once we are beyond suspicion I will resume my studies of the Ancient Arts. While you manage the day-to-day affairs of running a kingdom.”


The new Sanja felt someone moving onto the bed and rolled toward the person, “Is that you, my lord Caspar?”

“Yes, wench, now spread your legs.”

The order caused Sanja-Caspar’s eyes to fly open, “My lord, husband, you have already used me long and well this night.”

“I intend to do so yet again.”

The hands that gripped her legs pushing them apart weren’t the gentle caresses of a lover. Sanja saw that it was the Prince but there was something about him that was different. She spread her legs and her husband moved between lifting her nightgown and moving his mouth to her hot pie. The tongue on her clit sent jolts of pleasure into her and she couldn’t hold in the soft moan.

Moving up to her breasts Sanja felt her former hands grope and squeeze and she winced at the pain. There would be bruises on her milky orbs in the morning. “Please, be gentle.”

“Nay, wench, I plan to take you hard and use you well.”

Caspar felt the electric sensation of her former cock spreading her pussy lips. The Prince used his fingers to part her further and then thrust fully into her. Her body wasn’t ready for this assault and she gasped. The Prince started pumping wildly in a furious assault on her love tunnel. In seconds, there was an explosion of heat as he came.

“M-My lord. I-I . . . have I done something wrong?”

“Far from it. You, your body, your cunt, they please me greatly!” Prince Caspar boomed out. Then he picked up a bottle from where he’d set it by the bed. Drinking deeply, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and belched. Glancing down at her he thrust the clay phial to her lips, “Drink.”

Knowing she had to obey her husband Sanja-Caspar drank and almost gasped at the sweet syrupy liquid. After her husband pulled it away she looked up at him stunned. “W-Where did you get that? Why did we drink? We’ll be screwing like wolves in heat until the sun comes up.”


Not waiting for another comment the prince pushed his once again hard cock into her now hot moist pussy. The new Sanja gasped as the magically enhanced carnal sensation filled her with need. Her mind floated on a sea of erotic euphoria as her husband began driving his cock into her. So intense were the sensations that Caspar almost missed the Prince’s next words.

“I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you. You spurned me, an old Stygian Sorcerer and accepted the young prince to your bed. Well, my will is done regardless. You are mine at last!”

Caspar’s last thought before being swept into an ocean of sexual bliss was this must have been how Annika felt, when she realized she’d been taken by another, by one who’d assumed the form of her husband.


Awareness returned slowly and the soft moan that escaped the princess’s lips was anything but lady like. Blinking she looked around and happily discovered the bed was empty. Sitting up was an act that felt like it took years instead of a moment and her head pounded. ‘What happened last night?’ she wondered looking down at her naked body.

There were bruises on her breasts, thighs, and buttocks, a dark spotting that dappled its way over her pale body. The ache in her pussy and ass was something she didn’t want to think about and when she tried to move toward the edge of the bed the sheets stuck to her where the fluids from her hard use had dried. Moving off the bed was an agony but she managed it.

Standing on unsteady feet she felt her heavy breasts shift around and winced at how sore they were. Each step brought an added ache to her groin and ass. When she made it to her armoire she pulled out a robe and went to the mirror. The sight that greeted her left her gasping. Her body looked worse than a dockside wench after the return of the fleet from a successful southland raid. She was covered in bruises, blood and cum had dried to the insides of her creamy thighs. Then it hit her, ‘I look like Annika the morning after Caspar . . . used her.’ The knowledge caused Caspar to go weak at the knees and she collapsed to the floor in front of the mirror, weeping.

“H-How could I have done that to anyone?” she whispered. Then added, “How could Sanja do that to me?” Then she remembered the words, despite the drug induced haze, “I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you. You spurned me, an old Stygian Sorcerer, and accepted the young prince to your bed. Well, my will is done regardless. You are mine at last!” Her eyes widened and she gasped with certain knowledge, “That wasn’t Sanja.”

Caspar wasn’t sure how long she sat in front of the mirror but at last she stood up. Her body hurt and she slowly pulled the robe on belting it at the waist. Then she looked out the window. It was early afternoon. She’d slept half the day away!

The trip to the baths was one of the longest journeys of Caspar’s life. As luck would have it, there was no one else in the lady’s bath. However, the look on the bath attendant’s face, when she saw Sanja’s body, told Caspar that soon the whole castle would know that the Prince and roughly used his wife the night before.

Except, Caspar was certain it wasn’t Sanja in his former body. Who had summoned Sanja in the middle of the night? What had they done? Where was the real Sanja? Having no answers, she slid into the warm water to soak. Whatever else had happened Caspar felt sure that the person controlling the Prince’s body didn’t know that she wasn’t the original Sanja! This was an advantage she could work with.

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