The Atlantis

The Atlantis

John and Ann were deeply in love when they decided to board the fateful
journey on the Atlantis. They had both graduated college together and
wanted to take a break before getting into the job market. The two
arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by plane and made their way over to
the port. The cruise ship would take them to Puerto Rico and then swing
towards the Bahamas on the way back to Florida. It would be an entire
week of luxury, sightseeing, and fun. Still, not everything was picture
perfect in the beginning.

"We're going to be late," Ann said stressed out.

"They're not going to leave without us," John assured her although he
wasn't sure that was true.

The two made their way to the cruise ship center and quickly checked in.
After a few stressful moments, they managed to get their luggage onto
the ship. "You see, no problem," John said as they got their tickets.

"Let's just get to our rooms. It's so hot and humid here," Ann said.

The two entered the bridge to get onto the ship and found their rooms
towards the interior of the ship. They chose the cheapest room on the
ship. John entered the room and nodded in approval at its size. Ann
was less certain wondering where she would set up her things. John
checked the window and saw the "town square" inside the ship.
Deliberately covering the window with the curtains, John kicked off his
shoes and fell on the bed.

There was a knock on the door as the luggage was brought to the room.
"Can you get that?" Ann asked as she fixed herself in the bathroom.

John sighed and answered the door. He took the luggage inside and began
organizing his things. He neatly placed his two suits in the closet and
then folded away his t-shirts and shorts. "Why did you bring two
suits?" Ann asked.

"I don't want to look like a loser wearing the same suit to dinner every
night," John answered.

"You don't have to wear a suit every night," Ann reminded him.

"Well, why did you bring more than one dress?" John asked.

"You going through my things?" Ann asked alarmed.

"Just trying to organize the closet, dear," John said condescendingly as
he finished his work.

Ann exited the bathroom and saw John relaxing on the bed. "How do I
look?" she asked. Ann was a dirty blond with short spiky hair and blue
eyes. John had brown hair and brown eyes.

John looked over Ann's beautiful face and smiled. "Looking good," he

"So, shall we tour around the ship?" Ann asked.

"I could think of a few things we could do before that," John smirked.

Ann caught his meaning and wasn't sure whether to be flattered or
annoyed. "I suppose I should get out of these clothes."

"Need any help?" John asked.

Ann turned her back to him and looked at the mirror giving him approval.
John got off the bed and walked up behind Ann. He was several inches
taller than her as he looked over her back. He slowly unzipped her
dress revealing her sexy back. John then felt resistance as the zipper

"Uh, I can't seem to get it to move," he muttered.

"Seriously?" Ann asked amused.

"Yeah, its like snagged. Let me work on it," John said as if he were a
car mechanic.

Ann waited patiently as John finally got the dress off. Ann faced John
in her black bra and panties. "You need to learn how to work a woman's
dress," she teased.

"Practice makes perfect," John smiled eying Ann up and down.

"You're killing the mood," Ann said as she quickly got her bra off.

John hesitated as he saw his girlfriend's perfect breasts and then
immediately started taking off his shirt and then his pants. Ann slipped
out of her panties and lay down on the bed waiting for John to take all
his clothes off. John threw his pants and underwear aside and got down
next to Ann. His cock was already ready for action.

"Did you bring the condoms?" Ann asked as he got on top of her.

"Ah, man. They're in my hygiene bag," John said disappointed.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter," Ann said as they kissed.

The two touched and kissed one another knowing this would be only one of
many love-making sessions on this cruise. Once Ann was ready, John
slowly entered her. Ann sighed realizing all the hassles of the
airports and taxies were all worth it. This one moment was worth all
the inconveniences. John was a compassionate lover taking it slow at
first before building up momentum.

"Do you think the room next store will hear us?" Ann asked sheepishly.

"I want them to," John smirked.

John picked up speed and Anna began to moan in response. She knew that
John was working to get her to an orgasmic high and that he wouldn't
disappoint. John kept building up speed keeping Ann close so they
wouldn't fall off the bed. "Oh God, John. Keep going," Ann said as she
clutched him tightly.

John was reaching his limit as Ann cried out with each breath. Finally,
Ann tensed up as the orgasm hit her. It was so intense she couldn't
speak. John kept going through her orgasm and came inside her. The two
stopped moving exhausted.

"You were great," Ann complimented.

"Maybe we can do it again after dinner?" John asked hopefully.

"Absolutely," Ann smiled.


The two eventually got dressed and decided to take a tour of the ship.
John had taken a small nap after their love-making as the ship began to
move. Once they got to the top floor of the ship, they saw the coast of
Florida fading away. Down below was a pool, a few Jacuzzi pools, a
band, and a bar. The two didn't notice anything odd until they got to
the pool deck.

"Well, this is a little unexpected," John commented upon seeing two
topless women sunbathing in a pool recliner.

"Yeah, what if kids were around?" Ann wondered.

John looked around and in fact didn't see one kid on the ship since
their arrival. He then saw two men massaging each other on another pool
recliner. Ann turned to the Jacuzzi and saw four men talking and
laughing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until two of the men

"John...," Ann said anxiously.

John turned around and was taken aback. "Something's not right about
this," he figured.

"Everyone's gay, John," Ann said as if it were obvious.

"How can that be? Not everyone on the ship is gay. This is just
Florida," John said.

"I think we should check in with customer service," Ann suggested.

John shrugged and followed Ann through the ship to the elevator. More
evidence of gay and lesbian couples appeared in front of them. Two
ladies held hands as they walked past them and two men chatted about
architectural design behind them. John and Ann entered the elevator and
became crowded in by other passengers. There was an awkward silence as
they finally reached the fifth floor.

"We're the only straight people on this ship," Ann hissed.

"You're exaggerating," John said but even he was now becoming uncertain.

John and Ann came up to the customer service desk and wondered how to
approach the issue. "I was wondering, could you tell us some basic
things about this cruise line?" John asked politely.

"Where to start?" the cruise line specialist smiled. She began
discussing a number of irrelevant details about the cruise ship and then
finally answered the question John and Ann wanted answer. "We have
significant ties to the LGBT community. We marketed our cruise line to
ensure a safe welcoming environment for all LGBT individuals onboard,"
she said.

"Ah, I see. Are all the passengers a part of LGBT?" John asked.

"I imagine the great majority are. We're the only cruise line that
markets exclusively to the LGBT community," she said.

"Good to know," John nodded. "It just so happens we're straight," John
said awkwardly.

The specialist smiled. "There's no requirement to be LGBT while onboard
the Atlantis. The crew and staff will always be respectful to you. If
you ever change your minds, we can arrange for you to be switched out
into a different room," the specialist offered.

"Switched out?" Ann wondered.

"That won't be necessary," John said quickly. "Let's get some lunch,
shall we," John said pulling Ann away.


John and Ann walked away and found a corner away from everyone else.
"You signed up us for a gay cruise," Ann hissed.

"We signed up together, remember," John reminded her.

"This whole thing is ruined," Ann said freaking out.

"Why? So what if everyone's gay. It doesn't affect how we enjoy the
activities," John said.

"It does, because now every Lesbian on this ship is going to think of me
as an item," Ann said anxiously.

"And before, it would have been every guy on this ship," John said.

"That's different," Ann said vaguely.

"You like the male attention. Now that women are going to stare at you
with elevator eyes, it freaks you out," John accused.

"Don't act like you're not going to be uncomfortable with men looking at
you the same way," Ann said defensively.

"Look, we're here. We can't get off this boat, so we might as well
enjoy it," John said.


John had a giant burger from the cafeteria while Ann timidly ate a
salad. "You know, if you look around at everyone it's going to get you
more attention," John told her.

"I can't help it," Ann said. "I keep imagining what everyone is doing
once they get back to their rooms."

"You should watch more porn. It will diversify your outlook," John

"How much gay men porn do you watch, John?"Ann asked.

John was silent stupefied by the question. "Thought so," Ann said
looking around again.

"I am going to get some ice cream," John said getting up.

Ann felt uncomfortable as John left. "I wish I could just blend in,"
she said to herself.


At dinner time, John showed up in his suit while Ann wore a black dress.
She didn't bother to put on too much make-up as there was no one present
she needed to impress. The couple found that in almost all cases there
were tables with all men and tables with all women. John nodded
realizing their predicament.

"We have one opening for you, Sir, at this table, and we have one
opening for you, at this table," the obviously gay waiter offered.

"We're...together," Ann said annoyed.

"Oh, my apologies," the waiter said.

"None taken," John said diplomatically. "Are there people our age we
could sit with?"

"Of course. Follow me," the waiter said.

John and Ann came to a table filled with young adult men and women.
John seemed to get along with the group while Ann remained fairly
silent. John ordered a bottle of wine and ended up drinking the entire

"You know, I never thought of it that way. I never really questioned
it," John said thoughtfully to another's question.

Ann rolled her eyes as her boyfriend was obviously getting drunk. "And
what about you? Have you ever questioned yourself?" a young woman

"No," Ann shook her head.


John stumbled his way into the room and fell on the bed still in his
suit. Ann closed the door and gave John a disgusted look. "You've
questioned yourself?" she asked outraged.

"I was merely being polite," he slurred.

"And what if I was born a boy?" Ann pressed.

"You would be the most beautiful boy I have ever seen," John said

After an entire afternoon and evening of being around gays, Ann wanted
some normalcy. "Get out of that suit," she ordered.

"Say what?" John asked confused.

"I am going to have sex with my straight boyfriend," she said.

John immediately became alert. "I don't know if I can honestly. I am
really sloshed right now," he admitted.

"I will make it work," Ann said aggressively.

John simply stared in amazement as Ann aggressively took off his suit-
jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. After a few moments, she took off his
shoes and pants. She then quickly got out of her dress but still found
John to be flaccid.

"You could have helped with that bottle," John excused himself.

Ann ignored him and took hold of his cock. She rubbed the head and
began to stroke him. John moaned as Ann got his cock long and hard.
She then went down on his cock but discovered resistance. She was too
tight and not lubricated enough.

"Damn it," she said frustrated.

John realized her distress and switched positions with her. "You're too
tense," he said. Ann stared at John wondering what he was going to do
in his drunken state.

John found her clit and placed his mouth between her legs. Ann
shuddered and gripped the sheets. John had gone down on her a few times
but not like this. Ann squirmed and bucked her hips due to the
sensitivity. John licked and sucked right on target. Ann cried out not
caring if the room next door could hear her. John finally got her to
orgasm and then rested on the bed. Ann's body shook with excitement
even as John passed out. He was being so good to her. She became
resolved to be a good sport the rest of the cruise.


The next morning, John and Ann attempted to make love before breakfast.
It wasn't working out very well. John suffered a hangover and Ann was
having trouble getting wet. Ann ultimately gave John head until he
came. The two showered together touching one another as they cleaned
each other. The couple then got dressed and went to breakfast.

The two did a number of activities across the ship: miniature golf, rock
climbing, ping-pong, trivia games, origami lessons, and dance classes.
No one ever flirted with them or acted inappropriately. As the day went
on, John and Ann felt more comfortable with their unusual circumstances.

Still, Ann noticed some health concerns she hid from her boyfriend.
That morning, there was a patch of hair on her armpit that she instantly
shaved off. She also noticed that her clit seemed enlarged or inflamed.
She wondered if John going down on her the night before was the cause.
She became sexually frustrated that she couldn't get wet enough.

"I'll just give you head," she said when they came back to the room.

"I like being inside you. Its pleasure for both of us at the same time,"
John pointed out.

"Why not penetrate my ass then," Ann suggested.

"Whoa...wait a minute," John protested.

"I can't get wet. I don't know why," she said.

"First of all, I am not going to put it in your ass. We've talked about
this, and we made a decision," John said.

"So, what are we going to do?" Ann asked.

"We don't have to have sex every night. It's fine," John allowed.

"Really?" Ann asked skeptically.

"Really," John assured her as he kissed her.


The ship made its way to Puerto Rico and the two of them toured around
the city of San Juan. For the first time in a few days, they were
around straight men and women. Even so, Ann felt out of place. She had
still declined to tell John about her condition. She now had to spend
even more time in the bathroom shaving her legs and arms, getting her
hair ready and putting make-up on. John didn't notice the difference as
the two strolled around the city.

Eventually, it was time for everyone to get back on the ship. John and
Ann simply cuddled until they fell asleep in each other's arms.

As the ship swung around towards the Bahamas, John noticed that Ann had
lost interest in swimming. "I don't want to get sunburned," she said.

"There's an indoor pool," John pointed out.

"I don't like the chlorine," Ann added.

John shrugged and left the room in his swim trunks. Ann looked over her
body anxiously. The body hair had returned and had to be shaven if she
were to ever go swimming. Her breasts also appeared small like an A-
cup. Her bikini bra wouldn't even fit now. Her clit still remained
swollen and now resembled a small penis. She didn't dare have sex with
John now. She considered checking into the ship clinic but then John
would be alerted of a problem. She just needed to last until the end of
the cruise.


That evening, John wore his suit while Ann uncomfortably wore a dress.
She padded up her bra to continue giving the impression her breasts had
not shrunk. The waiter greeted them as they approached but seemed
confused by the table names.

"There is a table for John and Aaron," the waiter said looking at the
table listing.

"It's Ann," John corrected.

"Apologies, Sir. Follow me," the waiter said.

Ann felt a haunting sensation from the waiter. All the signs fit. She
was turning into a man on this cruise ship. The cruise was completely
gay and it wanted her to be John's gay man lover. She felt a sick
sensation throughout dinner but no one at the table caught it.

"I'm going to bed. I'm tired," Ann said excusing herself.

John shrugged and decided to go to sleep as well.


The next morning, John woke up to find Ann already gone. He hadn't
slept in, so he wondered what was wrong. He heard a knocking on the
door and found one of the room service personal waiting. "Maybe come
back in an hour," John suggested.

"Yes, Sir," he said politely but then hesitated. "I must tell you, Sir.
It's about the room," he said vaguely.

"What about it?" John asked concerned.

"This cruise is unusual, no? You are the only straight couple on this
ship," he said.

"So?" John asked.

"The room will change one of you to become the ideal partner for the
other. Either both occupants will be men or both occupants will be
women," he continued. "From the looks of things, she will become a

"That's impossible," John rejected.

"I have seen it happen before. These rooms have powers you do not
understand. You should have left the ship in Puerto Rico," he said.

"Well, that doesn't help me now does it?" John asked annoyed.

"Sorry, Sir. I am not allowed to speak to you about this, but I had to
warn you," he said.

"Is there anything that can slow down the change? We only have a few
more days left," John asked hopefully.

"From my experience, the changes happen before the cruise ends.
However, Sir, the changes accelerate if you wear clothes of the opposite
sex," he said.

"Can the process be reversed?" John asked looking for any loophole.

The man could see John's distress. "Sir, as I have said, the rooms will
either have two men or two women. If you were to wear a woman's dress,
it could flip the change," he whispered.

"You can't be serious," John said as he realized the ramifications.

"I am sorry, Sir. I do not know anything else," he said.

"Thanks for telling me," John said and let the man go about his

Going back inside the room, John contemplated what had been said. He
still couldn't believe that the cruise was magical. It made a lot more
sense that Ann had just been a victim of a virus on the ship or food
poisoning. He would just suggest that Ann go to the ship clinic before
they reached the Bahamas.


John didn't see Ann the whole day, but he did notice that one of his
suits was missing. He had wanted to use it but now it was gone.
Instead of searching through the suit cases and the room, John simply
put his old suit on and hoped to meet Ann at the lobby next to the
dinner hall.

John strolled casually through the ship and entered the lobby looking
for Ann. There were couples who were getting their picture taken in the
corner, all of them gay. John looked around and then a young man bumped
into him.

"Hi, John," the man said in an effeminate voice.

John stared at the young man and started to see a resemblance. He had
short dirty blond hair, his eyes were the same as Ann, and his facial
features were similar as well. John couldn't see any indication the man
had breasts underneath his suit jacket or feminine hips at the belt.
The only thing obviously odd was that the man was wearing his suit and
his shoes looked like they didn't fit properly. The tie was also a
little messed up. He looked very androgynous.

"Ann, is that you?" John asked stunned.

"Don't call me that. Call me Arnold," she whispered.

John took her away from the crowd in a corner to speak with her. "Why
are you wearing my suit? Why do you look this way?" John demanded.

"I just want to fit in," Ann told him.

"This is absolutely crazy. You are a straight woman. You were born a
woman, this is who you are," John told her.

"It's not that simple, John. Ever since I have been on this ship, weird
things have been happening to me," she said as her eyes became teary.

"I've lost my breasts, my clit resembles a penis, and my vagina has
closed up. I'm becoming a man and there's no way to stop it!" she said
frustrated. "So, after this cruise we just go our separate ways," Ann

"No, we're going to fix this," John said resolved.

"It can't be fixed. Everyone is gay on this ship for a reason. If
you're different, it forces you to conform to it. Don't you understand?
By the end of this cruise, I am going to have a cock and balls. That's
the reality," she said.

"Can you be gay for me?" she asked rhetorically.

John didn't have an answer to that. "Do you want to be a man?" he asked

"No, but I have no choice," she said angrily.

John lost his appetite and didn't know what to do. He needed a place
alone to think. "I have to go. Go eat something," John said suddenly

"John, where are you going?" Ann called after him.


John didn't answer. He went straight to the top floor in the
observation room that hosted a bar. He sat down and immediately ordered
a drink. "Something got you down?" the bartender asked him.

"I have an important decision to make, and I don't know what the future
holds," John said taking another shot.

"That's life, son. You have to make your own destiny," the bartender

"This ship is forcing me," John said incoherently.

"Then fight the ship. Take control," the bartender said with sudden

"Yeah, I have to take control," John agreed.

"That's the spirit, son," the bartender said giving him another shot.

"But before I do, I am going to need a few more shots," John said.

"Liquid courage, my man," the bartender agreed.


John stumbled his way back to the room but didn't find Ann there. He
took the chair in the room and placed it next to the door, so she
wouldn't be able to get in even with the key. With the door secure,
John threw his suit jacket off and worked to unbutton his shirt.
Finding it difficult to unbutton each one in his drunken state, he
decided to just rip it down the middle.

"Fuck it," he muttered.

Taking off his shirt, he looked at the muscular chest he had worked on
for so many years. He eyed his triceps and bicep muscles on each arms
and wondered if he could go through with it. After a moment's
hesitation, John kicked off his shoes, got out of his pants, and finally
became completely nude in front of the mirror.

In his drunken state, John could barely stand and was wobbling. He
stroked his cock a few times as if to savior to feeling. "I have to do
it for her, buddy," he said to his cock. He felt around his balls and
stroked his cock a few times before taking the plunge.

Opening the closet, he found Ann's blue bikini swim suit. Placing it on
the bed, John felt incredibly foolish thinking of what he was about to
do. He had no idea whether the room cleaner that stopped by was genuine
or just fucking with him. If he were sober, he might have decided not
to do it.

"Can't be too hard," he muttered.

He took the bikini bra and placed it around his chest. He then clasped
the bra together with some difficulty. Finally, it was on stretched to
the max due to John's chest size. John then put the bikini bottom on
which could barely hold his cock and balls inside. John looked at the
mirror and shook his head at the idiocy of it all.

"Alright, I did it. Make me a woman and leave Ann alone," John said to
the room.

Nothing happened. John shook his head at the futility of it all and was
relieved the chair was blocking the door. If Ann found him like this,
she would freak. John was about to take the bikini off when a sudden
sensation went through his body. He bent over as he felt strange

John looked at the mirror in alarm and saw his face soften and become
more feminine. Within seconds, John's face morphed to that of a woman's
face. His eyebrows thinned and his eyes and nose changed, his lips
became feminine, and his brown hair started growing down to his
shoulders. "It's actually working," he said in a higher pitched voice.

John saw his Adam's apple disappear and then noticed his whole body was
changing. He became shorter in the mirror by a few inches, his arms and
legs became thinner and less muscular, and his body hair was
disappearing into thin air. John looked at his hands as they shrank and
his nails extended. He looked down at his feet and saw the same thing.

The bikini bra became less stretched as his chest and back shrank. John
held his chest as his nipples and breasts began to expand. "Don't be
too big but don't be too small either," John told them as they filled
out the bikini. His breasts met his bikini size and then stopped
growing to John's relief. With regret, John saw his abs disappear into a
slender tummy.

"Now, the big change," John realized. He didn't even want to look as
his sexual organs began to change next.

His bikini bottom shrank down as his penis and balls deflated. John
then felt a pleasurable experience as his penis inverted inside of him
creating a new vagina. Nerves immediately connected to his new vagina
and womb sending pulses of pleasure into John's now female brain. "Holy
Shit," John said as he felt his female organs materialized inside him.
Ann's bikini now fit perfectly around John's female body.

John looked at herself in the mirror and saw a beautiful brunet staring
back at her. Filled with curiosity, John unclipped her bikini bra and
got out of her bottoms. She stared at her new breasts and started
touching and feeling them for the first time. It felt so weird to her
to have this sudden weight on her chest. She then saw a small amount of
pubic hair leading to her vagina entrance. Cautiously, John felt around
for her clit and felt a jolt once she found it.

"I'm really a woman now," she said to herself.


Ann stared off into space looking at the ocean horizon. It was dark and
the stars were out. It would have been a great time to stare up at the
sky, go swimming, or go to a show. But after everything that had
happened to her, she just wanted to be alone. Suddenly, she felt a weird
sensation in her chest. Her breasts pushed forward against her shirt
and suit jacket.

"What the hell?" she wondered as John's suit jacket began to get too big
for her. She made her way to the elevator in loose shoes on her way
back to her room.


John looked over her whole body admiring her hour-glass figure. There
was a knock on the door startling her. "John, its Ann. Open the door,"
she said pounding on the door.

John awkwardly moved the chair out of the way and then opened the door a
crack to let Ann in. A confused and disheveled Ann entered the room and
closed the door behind her. "John?" she said as she entered the room.

Ann clumsily walked past John's clothes that were lying on the floor and
saw a naked woman in the corner of the room. Her immediate reaction was
that John had been cheating on her with another woman. She clenched her
fists in anger and completely forgot how relieved she was to have
changed back.

"Ann, it's me, John," the woman said.

Ann stared at the woman and got closer to her. She studied John's face
and saw a resemblance. It was as if John had a sister. "John?" she

"It's me," John nodded.

"What happened to you?" Ann asked disturbed.

"The ship only allows gay couples, so I put on your clothes and made us
both women," John explained.

"You became a woman, so I would change back?" Ann questioned.

John nodded. Ann was beside herself in confusion. "How did you know
this would happen?" she asked.

"One of the cleaners told me," John said. "I figured it was worth a

"But John, everything you have worked for. You're no longer a man," Ann
said upset.

"It was either you or me," John said.

"Then it should have been me," Ann said teary-eyed. "How can I live with
this knowing that you sacrificed so much for me, and I have given you
nothing in return?"

John smiled with her new smile. "Maybe not," she said touching Ann's
stomach through the shirt. Ann stared at John realizing what she meant.
They had unprotected sex a mere few days ago. Ann grabbed John and
kissed her on the mouth. She didn't know why she did it. It had been
instantaneous. She had never considered being with a woman before and
now she was kissing one.

John kissed Ann back relieved that she still loved women. Of course
they were a Lesbian couple now. She felt aroused kissing Ann but in a
different way than before. She didn't feel her cock becoming erect like
before. Instead it was something internal within her very being.

"I can't call you John anymore," Ann said caressing her face.

"Call me...Joan," Joan suggested.

"Yes, that works. I love you Joan," Ann said kissing her partner again.

Joan broke the kiss and started taking Ann's clothes off. "You okay
with this?" Joan asked hopefully.

"Yes, I want you," Ann said adamantly.

Joan took off Ann's suit jacket and unbuttoned the shirt with renewed
confidence. Ann had never shown any Lesbian tendencies before but now
everything had changed. Ann kicked off the loose shoes and pulled her
pants down from her hips. Ann was braless under her shirt and had also
decided not wear underwear. Joan and Ann were now naked in front of
each other.

"You look so hot," Joan complimented.

Ann couldn't help but compare her breast size with Joan. Had turning
almost into a man reduced her breast size or did Joan just have a good
set of genes? Ann tested Joan's breasts massaging them and touching her
nipples. "Feels different than before, doesn't it?" Ann smiled.

"Completely different," Joan admitted.

"I am going to suck on your nipples the same way you sucked mine," Ann
said seductively.

Joan backed up and fell on the bed with Ann on top of her. Ann moved
her thigh, so it rubbed against Joan's clit and sucked on her nipples.
"We're going to be mothers, you and I. We're going to nurse the baby
together," Ann whispered as she sucked on Joan's nipple.

Joan closed her eyes as images of women pressing their breasts together
entered her mind. Deeper still, she imagined herself nursing a newborn
baby. She had never thought she would ever be in such a position in her
life. She imagined herself taking turns nursing the baby with Ann next
to her.

Ann positioned herself on top of Joan rubbing her clit against Joan's.
As she breathed heavily from eroticism, she remembered her teenage
years. Had she not always had a crush on some of the girls in her
class? When everyone went to shower after gym class had she not been
memorized by their figures? She recalled her best friend in high school
and how one day they had experimented with a kiss. How she loved that
girl. Ann then recalled making out with her college roommate but she
never had sex with a woman until Joan came along. Had she not been a
Lesbian since the beginning? She couldn't comprehend ever having desire
for men. Ann knew the magic was changing her mind, but she didn't care
to fight it.

The two rubbed each other lovingly kissing the entire time until Ann
lowered herself down to Joan's vaginal entrance. She had never done
this to another woman, but she somehow knew what to do. She licked and
kissed Joan's clit getting an immediate reaction. Joan tensed up and
bucked her hips in response. Ann continued to lick at Joan causing the
other woman to squirm on the bed.

"Wow, that feels so good," Joan said barely able to stay still.

Encouraged, Ann placed her tongue deeper inside her. Joan felt intense
pleasure with each touch. This was so much better than getting her cock
sucked. If she knew it felt this good, she would have offered to have
done it more often. But there would be plenty of time to make up for
it. Joan moaned feminine gasps and became aroused by the sound of her
new feminine voice. Finally, it became too much and Joan tensed up as
she felt her first female orgasm. She cried out letting it all out.

"How was it?" Ann asked.

"Intense," Joan said breathing heavily.

"It was my first time," Ann smiled.

"You did well," Joan complimented.

Ann suddenly remembered a foreign memory that had materialized in her
mind. "I'll be right back," she said walking over to her suit case. As
she remembered, the dildo was inside one of the suitcase pockets. She
took the peach colored dildo and strap and brought it over to Joan.

"Before we become total Lesbians, can you fuck me like we used to?" Ann

Joan looked at her crotch and then at the strap on. "Sure," Joan

Ann positioned herself on the bed while Joan put the strapon on her
hips. Tightly in place, Joan slowly pushed the dildo inside Ann's
vagina entrance. Unlike before, she was ready to receive it, and Joan
was able to move in all the way. "How does it feel?" Joan asked.

"It's different. How erotic it feels to see and feel your new body
while having that inside me," Ann gasped.

"Well, I am not going to stop until you have an orgasm, alright," Joan

Ann nodded excited in anticipation. With a dildo there was no worry
that Joan would get soft or have a premature ejaculation. They could
just keep going and going without end. Joan began her thrusts
remembering what it was like to have sex as a man. This time their
weight and size were equal. The two changed positions and rolled around
with Ann occasionally on top. Joan then discovered that if she thrust
the right way she could rub her clit as well with the dildo. The two
women moaned and cried out not caring who heard them.


In the next room, two women in formal dresses had just come back from
dinner. They were in their mid-forties enjoying a twenty-year
anniversary together. The two of them then listened intently as they
heard a sound coming from the wall.

"What is it?" one of them asked.

The other woman smiled as she could hear Joan and Ann's love making
remembering the time when she first met her partner. She kissed her
partner unexpectedly. "What was that for?" the other asked.

"Let's get out of here and go to the club," she smiled.


Joan and Ann's hair went wild, their breasts shook with each movement,
and their bodies were sweating from effort. Ann finally clenched up as
she felt an orgasm go through her. Joan relaxed tired from the
exertion. "You want to call it a night?" Joan asked with a smile.

"No way," Ann objected recovering from her orgasm. "You've fucked me
every time until this point. Now, I am going to return the favor."

Joan raised her eyebrows as she realized what Ann was planning to do.
She didn't know if she was ready to be penetrated for the first time.
Ann clumsily placed the dildo strap around her waist and then got near
Joan who was lying on her back.

"Help me guide it in," Ann asked sheepishly.

"I just got it an hour ago," Joan reminded her.

"Okay. I'll feel around," Ann said and pressed the dildo in the general

Joan moaned as Ann rubbed her vaginal entrance. Ann found the entrance
and tried to keep herself steady. Leaning forward, she moved her hips
slightly forward entered Joan for the first time. Ann slowly and
cautiously pressed forward until the entire dildo length was inside.

"Wow, that feels good," Joan commented.

"This is so weird. I don't know how fast or how strong to go," Ann said

"It's okay. We have time," Joan smiled.

Ann moved her hips thrusting inside Joan a couple times as she got used
to the positioning. Joan enjoyed the sensation but wasn't overwhelmed
by it. "Let me see," Joan said placing herself on top without having
the dildo come out.

Joan put her hands on Ann's hips and moved her own up and down on the
dildo. The muscles in her legs burned a little as she aggressively
moved. Joan quickened her speed and looked up at the ceiling. Her hair
was all over the place moving up and down with each thrust. She
instinctively touched her breasts rubbing and squeezing her nipples.
Ann merely watched aroused and excited by Joan's attempt to bring
herself to an orgasm. Joan felt the orgasm was coming but her legs and
hips burned with the muscular effort.

"Just a little more," she said to herself.

The hard work paid off as the orgasm hit her. Joan suddenly stopped
moving as she felt her vagina pulse with pleasure. Joan gasped for
breath as felt exhausted. She collapsed on Ann and the two started
kissing with occasional giggles and laughs at their new situation.

"Will you still be my wife?" Joan asked in between kisses.

"Only if you will be mine," Ann replied.


The next morning, Joan and Ann were spread out on the bed completely
nude. Ann awoke and did a double take as she saw another naked woman.
"Oh yeah, last night," she smiled.

Ann looked around and saw that the room was a mess with clothes all over
the place. She decided to let Joan sleep as she entered the shower. As
the water poured over her, Ann thought about how she would plan their
wedding. She giggled at the prospect of having two wedding dresses and
two sets of brides' maids. Maybe they would just keep it simple and
private. Her thoughts were interrupted as Joan entered the shower with

"John...I mean, Joan," Ann said surprised.

"You weren't going to shower without me were you," Joan smiled at her.

The shower was a bit small for two people forcing their breasts
together. "I don't think you know how to shower like a real woman,
Joan," Ann said seductively.

"Show me," Joan smirked.


Thirty-minutes later, a thrilled Ann and Joan exited the bathroom and
then heard a knock on the door. "I should answer it," Ann said going
for the door. She was going to have trouble explaining why John was
mysteriously missing.

She opened the door to find two awkwardly dressed young men. "Can I
help you?" Ann asked politely.

"We were sent by the front desk to this room number. They said you
might be interested in a trade," one of them said sheepishly.

"What kind of trade?" Ann asked suspiciously.

"Clothes basically. They said you had some extra suits, pants, t-
shirts, and shoes you wouldn't need," he said.

"Uh huh, in exchange for what?" Ann asked playing along.

"We have a collection of women's clothes. We got dresses...bras...the whole
package deal," he said embarrassed.

"And how did you come by these clothes?" Ann smiled.

Joan entered the picture wearing her bathrobe. The men in front of her
didn't seem to care about her feminine figure, wet hair, and how she was
brushing her teeth like a flirt. "Just make the trade, so we can go to
breakfast," Joan said impatiently.

"Okay, bring it over," Ann allowed. It wouldn't be her clothes that
were being traded anyway.


After the trade, Joan was dressed in new female clothes ready for
action. Joan and Ann ventured around the Bahamas enjoying the beaches,
the hotels, and the shops. As it reached afternoon, Ann and Joan were
still in their bathing suits on the beach. The two were receiving
positive male attention throughout the day. All were oblivious that
they were together.

"How are you feeling?" Ann asked

"I feel exposed actually. Like everyone can see everything," Joan said
feeling weird in a bikini.

"I think you'll like it," Ann assured her. "Do you think maybe...," Ann
asked as some guys checked them out.

"No way," Joan shook her head.

"Not even once," Ann chided.

"I would have to be really drunk," Joan chuckled.

Ann didn't care who might see. She kissed Joan on the lips. Without
thinking, Joan kissed Ann back. "Let's get back to the ship."


Ann and Joan got ready for the formal dinner. Joan needed help with her
hair, make-up, and even how to put the dress on. "Is all this really
necessary?" Joan asked.

"Yes," Ann told her for the hundredth time.

Ann gave Joan a look over and then grabbed her purse. The room keys had
somehow changed to reflect Joan's new name. The two walked slowly
towards the dining hall with Joan having trouble walking in high heels.
As they approached the stairs, they were amazed to see people lined up
on either side all smiling at them. The two awkwardly walked towards
the stairs and saw that the next floor also contained a large crowd of
people looking down at them.

"Go on," the room cleaner encouraged.

The two went up the stairs going only halfway up. Joan and Ann looked
at each smiling wondering what was going on. The crowd on both floors
suddenly started clapping for them with the captain being the last. The
two women looked at the orchestrated effort in awe. "This is for us,"
Ann realized.

Joan kissed Ann in front of everyone and the applause only became

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