No Place To Call Home: Chapter 1

This is part of a story which will feature forced femme, subliminal messaging as a form of mind control and some physical/emotional abuse.

The tags I've marked are relevant to the story as a whole. The not safe caution is for the whole story, the violence caution is for this chapter.

Anyone in the story, unless specifically stated otherwise, is a fictional character. Places in the story are real.


1. Monday, January 6, 2014, 1:35 PM Anchor Vans, Bath Rd., Padworth, Reading

Elspeth and Vanessa had been running around London and the surrounding areas for most of the last two days looking for a van that would blend into the background. After checking what must have been nearly two dozen used vehicle lots only to find most didn't deal with vans at all, they finally discovered Anchor Vans through a series of phone calls with Jackson, who had called some of his friends and acquaintances, then passed on the information. Then the two women drove out of the city, heading to the dealership they had just learned about.

Once there, they spent a few minutes chatting with a thirtyish female sales person before stepping onto the lot and checking the vans. It took about thirty minutes before they spotted it, the van looked to be a few years old, and its dark blueish grey colour was not an issue. After minimal discussion, Elspeth paid for the van, obtaining the dealership's papers for it, and verified the dealer would send in the updated V5C.

She then hopped into the van, buckled in and started it; the engine roared to life, it seemed to be in decent shape for a five year old vehicle. She waited while Vanessa went to retrieve the car, then the two women left the dealership and headed back to their tiny apartment in Barrowsea. It was time to move on, they had a whole new life waiting for them not far from Milton Keynes.


2. Tuesday, January 7, 2014 11:15 AM Elspeth & Vanessa's flat, Lavender Sweep, Barrowsea, London

Elspeth and Vanessa looked around the little flat they had called home for several years for the last time. They had decided to leave the furniture behind, as they could get new items as they wanted or needed them, the rest of their belongings were packed into the van.

As Elspeth had expected, Jackson and Thurston were more than happy to have a decent stable income and had taken her offer. They had gotten two friends of theirs to install a heavy door at the top of the steps to the cellar, a door that had two separate locks on it. Elspeth had placed three of the tape systems with subliminal messaging in the cellar, so each one would overlap the one next to it.

The two men had spent the last three days discussing how they would fix up the coach house as their living space and acquiring furniture for the main house and their own space. They found a small oak table for the kitchen, an eight seat old red oak table with matching chairs, a hutch also made from red oak with a matching sideboard, all for the main dining room, and two modest desks for the study in the main house, plus some shelving for books and documents. They placed each piece of furniture in its appropriate place within the house.

They had also found some furniture for themselves, a small square table, four slightly damaged chairs that they bought at a nice discount, a somewhat worn looking nice sized hutch for the kitchen/dining room, and two small but decent desks for their own small office space. The men had decided they would get new beds for themselves, but weren't as demanding as the women, basic doubles suited them just fine. They had picked up various small pieces of furniture as well, a similarly basic night table, wardrobe and dresser for each of them.

Elspeth and Vanessa turned, put on their jackets and slowly walked down the stairs, locking the door behind them one last time. Elspeth had been told to leave the key to the flat in their mail box at the front of the house, she did so and the two women walked to the vehicles.

Elspeth entered the van, Vanessa the car, and the two women buckled up and started the engines, letting them warm up for a moment.

After one final glance at the house, Elspeth checked the road, then backed the van up and started driving, followed by Vanessa.


3. Sunday, January 12, 2014, 08:30 AM AMT Coffee, Elder Gate, Milton Keynes

Elspeth and Vanessa had spent most of the last several days roaming around the villages and towns surrounding Milton Keynes, looking for their first victim. The best prospect they had was a boy in Silverstone who regularly waited for a small bus to pick him up for school. Elspeth or Vanessa had been watching the boy since the previous Wednesday, and were meeting now to discuss the intended abduction.

Elspeth smiled while speaking quietly to her sister, "The boy is picked up just about 8:10 AM each school day, he usually heads out of the house at 8 AM and waits for the bus to arrive at the corner, that seems to be the perfect time to grab him, I'd think."

The two women were enjoying a fresh cup of tea and had split a blueberry muffin between them, each of them nibbling at their half.

Vanessa nodded, her reply also quiet, "That does seem to be the best option, he's only out there for about ten minutes each day, sometimes less, he's not in a direct line of sight from his house there unless the mother comes out onto the front porch, and from what I saw on Friday, most of the people in the area are either gone by then or likely working a different shift. There are also several places along that stretch of Stewart Dr. with a clear view of his corner; as long as we don't sit there all day, waiting in the van shouldn't be an issue. If it becomes absolutely necessary, I suppose we could say we are waiting for a return call from a friend for directions, as we got lost," she giggled.

Elspeth smiled again. "So as long as we act like we belong there, we should be able to snatch him and leave fairly easily. The only possible problems I can see would be the bus driver or someone out for a walk or run, but I guess that's a chance we'll have to take."

Vanessa agreed, the two women finished their food, sipped the last of their teas and walked out to the car.


4. Monday, January 13, 2014 7:49 AM About 35 meters east of Brabham Close on Stewart Drive, Silverstone, Towcester

Elspeth calmly turned the van around, facing it toward Brabham Close, and waited for the boy to show up at the corner. Vanessa was in the back of the van, not visible at the moment, so that she could open the side door and grab the boy as they passed him.

Both had dressed in bulky clothing to hide their obvious female physical characteristics from casual view. Both had their hair in pony tails.


5. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:01 AM Corner of Stewart Drive and Brabham Close, Silverstone, Towcester

Charles Robert Whitcomb, Jr., exited his house in Brabham Close in the small village of Silverstone, which is the home of Silverstone Circuit, where several types of racing take place throughout the year, and walked down to the corner at Stewart Dr. He was 14 years old, 5'2" tall, maybe 90 pounds, with mousy brown hair just reaching his shoulders, wide green eyes he had inherited from his mother, and a somewhat pretty face that he also seemed to have inherited from his mother. He stood on the corner, waiting for his bus, one foot tapping impatiently.

Charles wasn't paying much attention to what was around him, he was annoyed at having to go to school, some of the boys there were a bit rough on him from time to time, name calling was the worst of it but the odd shove, push or trip didn't help matters much at all.


6. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:06 AM Corner of Stewart Drive and Brabham Close, Silverstone, Towcester

Charles was still standing there, foot tapping impatiently on the curb. He finally spotted the bus turning his way from Graham Hill.

At that moment, he heard the revving of an engine behind him, turned around and noticed a large dark van coming his way. Before he even had an idea of what was happening, the side door on his side of the vehicle had been thrown open, he was grabbed and yanked into the back of the van, and ended up tumbling into the inner wall on the other side, whacking his head in the process as the side door was closed.

The bus driver, having turned into Stewart Drive only seconds before, witnessed it all, unable to do anything to stop what was happening, and had to slam on the brakes as the van swerved around him, then turned onto Graham Hill and continued wherever it was going. Once he had managed to come to a complete stop, he contacted the Thames Valley Police and reported the abduction, giving the child's name, age and other info, but he had had nothing more than snapshot glimpses of the driver or the person who grabbed the child, and couldn't give more than a very vague description. One thing he did see, though, was that the front plate on the van had been muddied, so it couldn't be read at all.

A young male and his current girlfriend, walking west along the longer curve further up Stewart Drive, also witnessed the abduction, but being that they were a good distance from the actual event, they didn't see anything very clearly, and could only vaguely describe the van and child. They, too, called the Thames Valley Police and reported the abduction, disappointed that they couldn't identify the victim or the abductors.


7. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:10 AM Corner of High St., Brackley Rd. and Towcester Rd., Silverstone, Towcester

Elspeth giggled nervously as she stopped at a corner. "It looks like we're good to go, I don't think any of them saw us clearly at all."

Vanessa returned the giggle, just as nervous as her sister, then turned to the child on the floor of the van, looking him over. "He'll do well enough, heck, he looks semi girlish already, I bet he's had a rough time at school because of his looks."

Charles looked up at the woman, snapping petulantly, "How would you know what I've had to deal with at school? Who are you?"

Vanessa growled, then leaned forward and slapped the boy hard across the cheek. "I don't want to hear any back talk from you at all! In fact, unless one of us specifically gives you permission to speak, you will remain silent at all times from now on, is that clear?"

Charles tried to back away from the apparently crazy woman, but soon found himself backed up against the doors. The woman followed him to the back of the van, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him back near the front seats. "Stay there, and not a word!"

Elspeth turned toward Towcester, having decided to take a meandering path back to the house. She smiled, life was looking good.


8. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:25 AM River Tove crossing near Heathencote and Shutlanger, Towcester

Elspeth had been careful to stay within posted speed limits, and was crossing the River Tove when Charles decided he'd had enough.

He wasn't as large as either of the women, but he had the element of surprise when he lunged forward and shoved Vanessa as hard as he could against the side door of the van. She was dazed for a moment, which gave Charles the chance to throw a weak punch at her. She blocked that easily enough, then turned and hit him with a solid haymaker right across the jaw, knocking him down, out for the count.

Elspeth turned slightly and growled, "What the heck was that?" as she continued to drive along the road.

Vanessa, in a mood to growl herself, snapped back, "The little bastard shoved me against the door, then hit me, well, at least he can't hit worth a damn. I kind of wish I hadn't responded by hitting him that hard, he's going to have a nasty bruise at a bare minimum."

Vanessa leaned down, taking a closer look at the boy. "Damn, I hit him hard enough that I actually knocked him out."


9. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:33 AM Hartwell Rd. and Bozenham Mill Ln., Ashton, Milton Keynes

Charles groaned and shifted a bit, then remembered what had happened and where he was, in the back of a van with a crazy woman. The woman in question heard him and leaned forward, growling at him, "You're lucky right now, I hit you pretty hard but it looks like you'll get away with only a spectacular bruise from it. Next time she or I tell you to do something, we expect that you will obey us immediately!"

Charles cowered, pulling himself backward until he was leaning on the side wall of the van, whimpering, "Don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me." Charles continued to moan and whimper for a bit, then noticed that they were turning into the gated entrance of a large house.


10. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:37 AM Sponne School, Towcester

John Roberts pulled to a stop near the front entrance of the school, opened the doors and watched the children head inside. He sat there for a few minutes, wondering why he was still doing this at his age, then shook his head and walked slowly into the entrance area of the school, working his way down to the office of the parent support advisor, where he slumped into a seat and promptly broke into tears.

The advisor came out of her office, hearing someone crying, only to discover John sitting there bawling. She asked him what was wrong.

"Boy... Charles... taken as I was about... to pick him up... that poor boy... someone grabbed him, ab... abducted him!"

"Abducted who? Wait a minute, you said Charles, Charles who?"

"Ch... Charles Whit... Whitcomb, Jr., I was about to... to pick him up and... and someone grabbed... him... right off the... street!"

"Stay right here, John, I'll be back in a few minutes. I mean it, stay there."

Barbra-Ann Potter ran out of her office, heading for the home room that Charles had every morning. When she found out, upon entering the room in question, that no one had seen him, she became very worried and ran back to her office, where John was still crying.

It took her an hour to settle him down enough to get the whole story from him in plain Queen's English. Now she was very worried.

After checking once again that Charles was not in the building, or any of his classes, Barbra-Ann called the police.


11. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:40 AM Pindon Manor, Pindon End, Hanslope, Milton Keynes

When the van had fully stopped, Vanessa grabbed the boy, opened the side door behind her and dragged him out of the vehicle. While Elspeth made sure the van was locked, Vanessa hauled the boy to the front door, pulling some keys from her jacket pocket, and unlocked the door, pulling the boy into the house with her. Elspeth was only a few steps behind them as they made their way to the door to the cellar.

Elspeth pulled out a set of keys, then spent a moment unlocking both locks on the door before she pulled it back, waving them through. Vanessa returned her keys to her purse and still firmly holding onto Charles, dragged him down the stairs and stopped before the first cell.

"Well, young Charles, yes, we know who you are, or should I call you Charlotte like some of the boys at your school do?" Charles' reaction was to scream, and try to pull himself from her grasp, but he wasn't strong enough and screams weren't going to be noticed here.

Vanessa giggled, still holding Charles. "Now, is there anything we need to know? Medical issues, allergies? You have permission to answer."

Charles took a quick look around, most of the one wall seemed to be filled with these heavy steel boxes, no, they were CELLS! He tried to pull away from her again, with no success this time, either, then heard that he was allowed to speak. "Type 1 diabetes mellitus, ma'am."

Vanessa winced, and she clearly heard Elspeth mutter, "Damn!" under her breath, Charles heard it, too.

Elspeth thought for a moment, then told her sister that she was going upstairs to deal with this, and handed her some keys. Vanessa took the keys, still holding Charles, and began working her way through them to find the one that opened the first cell. When she did find it, she giggled to herself, unlocked the cell door, then turned to Charles and said with a smile, "Welcome to your new home, Charles."

She then bent him down and shoved him into the cell, pushing the door closed as he tumbled in, then locked it and wandered upstairs.


12. Monday, January 13, 2014 8:45 AM Pindon Manor, Pindon End, Hanslope, Milton Keynes

Elspeth had gone up into the main part of the house, pulled out her cell phone and called Jackson, who answered on the third ring.

"Hello, this is Jackson Marcham, who is calling, please?"

"Hello, Jackson, it's Elspeth, your answering the phone is improving, dear."

"Thanks a lot, Elspeth, you're always a bit of a terror on things like that, now what do you need me for?"

"We grabbed the boy we decided would be the first program inductee a little while ago, and just now found out he has type 1 diabetes."

"Did you check to see if he carries any insulin with him at all?"

"Oh, damn, I knew I forgot something, give me a moment, I'm going to grab his bag, it's in the van." She quickly walked to the front door, opened it, practically marched to the van, using the remote to unlock it, then grabbed the bag and checked it thoroughly, no insulin.

"Not good, Jackson, no insulin in his bag, so it looks like he doesn't carry it with him at all. How can we get some today? ASAP?"

Jackson thought for a few minutes, "There's a doc I know who might help out, you'll have to let me call him to find out, I'll let you know."

"All right, I just hope he can do this, or we might be off to a very bad start here, which we really don't need."

Elspeth took the bag with her, locked the van, then entered the house to find Vanessa sitting at the small kitchen table.

Vanessa grinned at her sister as she told her that the boy was locked up nice and snug.


13. Monday, January 13, 2014 9:20 AM Pindon Manor, Pindon End, Hanslope, Milton Keynes

Charles was freaking out, he hadn't known it until now, but it quickly became quite obvious once he was in the cell that he didn't like small, dark spaces. He couldn't see anything at all, he couldn't hear anything except for whatever noises he made. He screamed, he cried, he beat at the various walls and the door until his hands were a mass of bruises, with a few cuts dripping blood, and nothing happened.

Then he noticed sounds that were just barely audible, he concentrated and eventually figured out that it was a voice speaking. The voice seemed to be saying things about how nice it was to be a girl, how girls could be pretty and other similar concepts. This scared him as much as the cramped space and the darkness did, and he lost it again, once more beating on the walls around him in sheer frustration.


14. Monday, January 13, 2014 9:51 AM Thames Valley Police's Wolverton Station

The phone at the front desk of the Wolverton station of the Thames Valley Police rang, and the staff person at the desk took the call.

"Wolverton Station, Thames Valley Police, may I ask why you are calling?"

"My name is Barbra-Ann Potter, I'm the parent support advisor for Sponne School, I'm calling to report a child is missing."

"A missing child? I need any information you have about the child, please, ma'am."

"The missing child is Charles Robert Whitcomb, Jr., he's 14, birthdate August 13th, 1999, 5'2", about 90 pounds, shoulder length mousy brown hair, a rather pretty looking young boy, which gets him into problems. Oh, and he also has type 1 diabetes, we keep insulin here for him."

The officer quickly made notes giving the details about the child, then asked, "Any other medical conditions, ma'am?"

"No, sir, just the diabetes. Charles should have been here about 8:30 AM, but no one here has seen him at all today. Why, the driver who picks him up to bring him here every day was practically in hysterics when he arrived here after picking up several other children. It took me this long to get him to actually tell what he saw, and when I couldn't find any evidence of Charles being here, I called you."

"What is the name of the bus driver, ma'am? We'll need to talk to him at some point."

"The bus driver is John Roberts, he's been doing this for more than forty years, he's retiring at the end of the school year."

The officer scanned through reports taken earlier that day, and found a call at 8:07 AM about an abduction listing the caller as John Roberts. He noticed that the name of the child taken matched the name of the child this woman said was missing.

"I'll make sure to pass this up the line, miss. Thank you for your call, I hope the rest of your day turns out to be better."

"At the moment, the only thing that matters to me is that this child be somewhere safe, but I'm highly doubtful after talking with John."

"Understood, ma'am. The sooner I get this moving, the sooner we might find the boy."


15. Monday, January 13, 2014 10:03 AM Thames Valley Police's Wolverton Station

The young staff person walked with heavy heart to the door belonging to the station's Inspector and knocked, then waited for a response.

The Inspector, a woman who appeared to be about 50 years of age, turned to face the door and called, "Come in."

When the staff person entered, and the Inspector saw his worried expression, she asked what she was needed for. The staff person passed over his notebook, let her read the details given there, then told her about the two calls referring to an abduction an hour or two before.

"From what I can see, Inspector Thompson, this is a definite abduction, which was witnessed by at least three people, although none of them could give any identifying characteristics for the person who grabbed the boy or the driver of the van, which has a muddied front plate. The boy has been described by both the driver of the bus that picked him up on weekdays, and by the parent support advisor at his school. The boy didn't show up at school today, and someone will need to meet with the driver to get as much information as they can, the call made by him only stated that he had just witnessed the boy being snatched off the street less than a minute before he would have picked him up for school. The parent support advisor called us just now to report the child missing, after it seems she had talked to the distraught bus driver."

"Hmmm... the fact that the boy has diabetes type 1 and no insulin puts him at fairly serious risk of harm, have him listed as missing. I want PC Smythe-James to talk to that driver and get every scrap of information from him, also to check his past history for any legal issues. Send PC Cavendish to the school to meet this parent support advisor, we need whatever information she can give us. The hardest thing here is that we need to send two people to the boy's home to inform his parents that he is now missing and presumed to be at risk of harm."

"Inspector, Ma'am, we only have six constables here, maybe we could send a PCSO with a constable to talk to the parent(s)?"

Inspector Thompson nodded, "That works. Send PC Brandt and PCSO Richards there. We need to move fast, time may be very limited."


16. Monday, January 13, 2014 10:12 AM Pindon Manor, Pindon End, Hanslope, Milton Keynes

Charles was curled up in a ball at the back of the cell, crying. His hands were a mess, he thought he might have broken a finger as a result of the frenzied attack he had tried to do upon the walls of the cell, but wasn't sure, all he knew was that it hurt like hell, and he was crying. The closed quarters of the cell terrified him, and the darkness only added to that terror, the pain had no effect except to tell him it was all real.

Those just barely audible messages continued their unending assault upon his mind. He would acquiesce sooner or later.

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