Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 27

Synopsis. Bonnie has been reduced to a diapered toddler, and she takes Baby Jennie to the hairdressing salon where she works to further feminise the sissy baby.

Chapter 27. Mummy's Clever Potty-Princess

When a strange sound disturbed me early on Saturday morning, I became aware that several people were wandering around my dimly-lit Nursery. 'That's right,' I groggily realised, yawning hugely as I slowly came awake. 'This is my Nursery now!' It was so early the sun had barely risen, and things looked much brighter when Mummy switched on the overhead light. I saw Aunty Cath standing beside my mother in the landing doorway, and both women wore grim expressions. Mummy had simply tossed her pink satin robe over her yellow shortie nightie and slippers, but my Aunty was already dressed for the day. She wore a denim short-sleeved shirt, a black leather skirt around her wasp waist, and her menacing black platform boots with the six-inch spiked heels. Her dark-brown hair was tied up in a high tight bun, making her seem even taller and more intimidating, and her face looked severely beautiful covered in dark sexy make-up.

A noise from the other side of the room caught my attention. I saw Bonnie standing beside the change table laying out some fresh white nappies for me and my eyes widened in shock. Abruptly I was wide-awake, like someone had injected me with a shot of adrenaline. The tall teenager looked like she'd had a harrowing experience, and yet her face looked strangely blank. With a start, I saw she wasn't wearing any make-up. Bonnie was dressed in the same juvenile outfit as the day before - but subtly different. The next thing I noticed was that Bonnie was heavily diapered this morning. I could tell that my buxom cousin had been wearing a nappy and baby panties by the pool yesterday afternoon, but that was nothing compared to the bulk around her hips now. I figured she had to be double-diapered today, like Mummy usually did with me.

Bonnie’s nappies were made from two layers of fluffy, double-sided terry-towelling - like mine - but unlike mine, there were an extra two oval layers of soaker pads sewn into the wide crotch of each nappy. That meant my cousin currently had eight bulky layers of thick absorbent terrycloth bunched between her thighs. And her pink-and-white striped shortie overalls - they were proper shortalls, now. Her mum had shortened the legs so that hers were now shorter than mine. When Bonnie bent over to pack another clean prepared diaper in my change bag, I caught a hint of her pink plastic panties peeping out the leg holes either side of her crotch. I realised with a start that there were shiny chromed snap-fasteners in the crotch, too. Bonnie was wearing proper toddler shortalls with snaps in the crotch for easy diaper changes!

Her mum had also taken in the baggy shortalls around the middle and added some elastic ruffles at the sides, so the outfit snugly hugged her slender waist. Of course this only emphasised her wide padded hips and her bulky bottom below, making her distinct pear shape look even more toddler-like. Her white t-shirt had short puffy sleeves with an elastic gather that was tight around her upper arms, with narrow frilly lace edging the cuffs and collar. Bonnie was wearing white anklet socks with a wide double layer of floppy white lace frills shimmering around each ankle, and a gleaming pair of black patent Maryjanes with wafer-thin soles. When she stepped over to the side of my cot, she waddled awkwardly because of the huge wad of terry-towelling crammed between her legs. I saw there was a new cartoon appliqué of a diapered baby sucking on a bottle affixed to the high bib front of her shortalls, too. It looked cute, but really emphasised the childishness of her juvenile outfit. I cowered away from the pink steel bars when Bonnie approached my crib, and she gave a wan smile for my cowardly reaction.

My tall cousin stood on the release lever and lowered the high side rail, and then held out her hands. "Come on, Baby Jennie," she softly urged me. "Come with Aunty Bonnie, and we'll change you out of that wet nappy."
"Aunty Bonnie?" Aunty Cath snorted, striding in to stand beside her instantly-cowed daughter. In her tall platform boots and with her dark hair piled high atop her head, Cath towered over the cringing teenager in her pigtails and flatties. "I don't think so! Babies call their grown-up cousins, 'Aunty.' But you're not a grown-up, are you Bonnie?"
"No mum," Bonnie softly replied, her head bowed in shame.
"What was that?" Cath's hand leapt out like a striking cobra, her open palm lashing the girl's big padded bum with an astonishingly loud noise. Bonnie jumped and so did I! "What did you say, little girl?"
"No Mummy," Bonnie penitently corrected herself. I saw tears forming in her glistening golden eyes. She reached back to tenderly rub her bulging bottom with one hand like a chastised toddler, as if the smack had actually hurt.

"That's better," Cath sternly advised her. "No, you're not a grown-up. You're just a silly baby like Baby Jennie. Aren't you, Baby Bonnie?"
"Yes Mummy." I could barely hear Bonnie’s softly muttered reply, but I watched a single fat tear roll down her blazing red cheek and drip onto my crib sheet. I had never seen my domineering cousin look so cowed and ashamed, and my eyes widened in shock.
"Get on with it. We haven't got all day. And remember, Baby Bonnie," Cath coldly warned her miserable diapered daughter, "how you will be treated over the coming weeks will depend on how well you treat Baby Jennie."

Without looking at her mother or me, Bonnie lifted me down and then walked me over to the change table. She swept me off my feet and lay me on my back on the soft padded surface, then pulled down my damp pink plastic panties. My diaper was only saturated this morning, and I wondered if I would have been messy as usual had I slept until the time Mummy normally woke me. In moments Bonnie had me naked and wiped clean. "Come on, baby girl," she cooed in a tone that was somehow flat and lifeless. "Let's put you on the potty." She picked me up and carried me into the en-suite bathroom, then seated me on my big pink potty. Our frowning Mummies stood in the doorway, closely observing while Bonnie first tucked my limp clittie under the scoop at the front, and then securely strapped me into my low potty-chair. When my cousin climbed to her feet, she turned to look questioningly at the watching women.

"No Bonnie," my Mummy sternly answered her unasked question. "You can stay here and keep an eye on the baby while your mummy and I have a cuppa downstairs. Call us if she uses her potty. If we haven't heard you call, we'll be back in ten or fifteen minutes to check on her progress anyway."
"Come downstairs, and I can show you the new baby panties and mittens I bought for your bad baby girl," suggested Cath to her frowning blonde sister. The women stalked out, and Bonnie collapsed on the vanity bench seat facing me, her broad shoulders slumped in despair. I wondered if she knew that because her plump thighs were forced so wide apart, when she sat down, you could see her puffy pink plastic panties poking out the leg holes either side of her crotch. And her nappy wasn't even wet yet!

I was fearful of interrupting her dismal musings, but I hesitantly asked, "Aunt - Bonnie?" When she raised her head to look at me, she glared at me with such venom - I think I flinched. But I was desperately thirsty and I pleaded, "B-b-bonnie? Can I have my bottle p-p-pleathe? I'm thirthty!" She scowled and looked like she was about to refuse, but then thought the better of it. She jumped to her feet and waddled ponderously out of the bathroom, and returned moments later clutching my full bottle of water from my crib. Instead of handing it to me, she stood between my splayed knees, towering over me while I cowered on my potty. When I looked up, she forcefully thrust the nipple between my lips and held it there.

"There you go, baby girl," she cooed, but there was an undertone of menace in her syrupy voice that made me shiver. She kept the base of the bottle held high so that I had to tilt my head painfully far back, and she glowered down at me when I was forced to look her in the face. Even though she had lengthened dark eyelashes like me, her pretty face looked oddly naked without the benefit of her usual heavy coating of make-up. I sucked hard on the teat and slurped down a few mouthfuls of water, and then I heard the sound of my pee-pee tinkling into my pink plastic potty.

I wanted to tell Bonnie I was doing a wee-wee in my potty like a good little girl, but she kept the clear silicon nipple rammed between my lips, effectively silencing me. "This is all your fault," she whispered hoarsely, her golden orbs flashing in fury. She nervously glanced over her shoulder towards the doorway to the Nursery, and I knew she was terrified of being overheard by our parents. "My mum beat the hell out of my butt last night," she bitterly complained. Even thinking about the previous night's punishment caused her to ruefully rub her big padded bum with her free hand, and I heard the noisy crackle of her baby panties under her shortalls. "I have to give up my job for the next four weeks, and my mum keeps treating me like an incontinent two-year-old!" I thought with malicious satisfaction, 'Welcome to my life, baby!' Of course I made sure to keep my expression entirely neutral.

"I'll fix you," she warned me with an evil snarl, and goosebumps of fear popped up all over my arms and legs. Even my tiny pink nipples stood up stiffly in alarm. "Just you wait till I-"
"Oh!" I cried, but then I choked and coughed a spray of water droplets over Bonnie's puffy padded crotch. As she darted back out of range, the bottle nipple was ripped from my mouth. I squealed, "Poo-pooth!" I had to cough wetly again and felt another hot surge of excrement burst from my fear-loosened anus. There was a muffled farting noise that echoed loudly in the small tiled room, and I blushed furiously in embarrassment when Bonnie snickered in contempt. When I stopped spluttering, I managed to excitedly explain, "I did a poo-poo in the potty!" I knew I should have been cringing in shame to be moving my bowels in front of my older female cousin, but I couldn't hide the delight in my voice.

Bonnie glowered at my proud declaration, then she sniffed the air and stepped back a few paces. “Oh shit! You did too!" Her pert nose wrinkled in distaste and her sensuous upper lip curled in a disgusted sneer. She shook her head disdainfully.
"Call my Mummy!" I pleaded, holding out my hands for my bottle. She tossed it to me so she wouldn't have to step any closer, and I barely managed to catch the heavy bottle. "I want my Mummy!" I wailed like a fractious toddler.

Bonnie paused in the doorway, her face reflecting her indecision before she turned back to me. “Alright, baby," she muttered, but the way she said it made me feel sure it wasn't really alright. "I'll call your Mummy for you, and you can show her how you finally learned to use the potty like a real two-year-old. On one condition."
I gazed wide-eyed at her past the bottom of my baby bottle, and plucked the nipple from my mouth long enough to mumble, "What?"
"When your Mummy comes up here and starts talking to you in that sickly-sweet baby talk - like she always does - I want you to respond like any normal two-year-old."
"What?" I repeated in confusion.

Bonnie grinned, but it was a nasty malevolent expression. "After my mum drops us at the salon, you're mine for the rest of the morning. I can do just about anything I want with you. We could spend the entire morning at the salon... Or, I could take my sweet sissy baby for a walk around the mall, and introduce all the other shopkeepers and staff to my naughty thirteen-year-old sissy baby nephew." Her eyes actually lit up at the frightening prospect, and I shuddered in terror. "By the end of the day, the whole town will be talking about you," she gloated.

I didn't realise what an idle threat it was. With her thick nappies pinned around her hips and in her too-short toddler shortalls, there was no way Bonnie was willingly going to visit anyone she knew. But that thought didn't occur to me at the time. "What do you want, Bonnie," I asked tiredly.

She smirked at her easy victory. "For the whole morning - from now until we leave the salon at lunchtime - I want you to sound as babyish as you look. You know? So whenever anyone asks you a question, you're to talk like a two-year-old when you reply. Got it?" When I meekly nodded and returned the teat to my mouth, she warned me; "If I hear you using any bigger words than your sister Angelica uses, I'll make the rest of this morning hell for you. Understand?"
"Yeth Bonnie," I mumbled resignedly. I felt confident that dressed in my usual baby clothes, no-one was about to engage me in any real conversation, anyway. At least I didn't have to call her Aunty Bonnie any more.

She walked back into the Nursery and stood in the doorway to the landing, and I heard her yell down the stairs. "Aunty Isy? Baby Jennie did a poo-poo in the potty!" Bonnie returned to the bathroom and stood in the doorway, leaning on the door jamb with her arms crossed under her huge bosom and sneering down at me in contempt. A few moments later Mummy rushed into the small tiled room, and she actually had a genuine smile for me.
"Baby Jennie? Did you do a poopie in your potty, darling?" Mummy demanded excitedly.
Aunty Cath strolled in a few paces behind her, and she immediately fanned the air in front of her nose with her hand. "Pooh!" Cath cried in disgust, "It certainly smells like someone did her business on the potty."

Remembering Bonnie's words of warning, I tried to behave like my little sister did a few days ago, when she successfully used her potty for the first time. "Mummy! Mummy, come thee!" I squealed like an excited little girl. "I did poo-pooth in my pot-pot, Mummy!" I wanted to stand up and show her the turds in my pink potty, I felt so proud. The tight leather seat belt kept me safely restrained in the low wooden chair, however.
"Good girl!" Mummy cried, beaming in delight. She crouched down and kissed my cheek and my face glowed with pleasure.

"What a clever little Potty-Princess you are for Mummy," Aunty Cath commented, but her tone reeked of sarcasm.
"Don't try and stand up," Mummy warned me. "You need to sit there for a few more minutes, sweetie, to make sure you're finished doing your poo-poos. Don't worry; Bonnie will stay here and keep and eye on you while you finish your bottle. We'll be back soon." Both women glanced meaningfully at the tall teen slouching in the doorway, whose face was now a mask of repose. They stepped past her without a word, and Bonnie loitered in the Nursery outside the bathroom door, trying to stay upwind of me.

Mummy was right. There was a little bit more poo-poos to come out, and I managed to squeeze out another couple of sticky lumps over the next few minutes. I peed a little more as well while I finished my baby bottle, and we were both empty by the time Mummy and Aunty Cath returned. Instead of walking into the bathroom, Mummy actually pushed her taller niece in ahead of her. "Alright, Bonnie, you can unfasten Baby Jennie's seatbelt now. Then get some toilet paper." Bonnie's nose wrinkled in disgust and her top lip curled in loathing when she had to crouch behind my low pink chair to unbuckle the restraints.

When I tried to stand, Mummy held up her palms and cautioned me, "Slow down, baby girl! Bonnie has to wipe your… your clittie and your botty-hole first. Okay, sweetie?"
"Yeth Mummy," I meekly replied. Despite the shame of having by clittie and bottom wiped for me like I was a helpless toddler, I had to smile at the prospect of Bonnie being forced to clean my filthy poo-poo hole. I leaned back, resting against the back of the low chair and rolling my hips up so Bonnie could wipe my leaky tap first with some toilet tissue.

"That's right. Good girl, baby," Mummy praised me, and I smiled up at her gratefully. "Look at Mummy's clever Potty-Princess! Now stand up a little bit, and lean forward with your hands on your knees, sweetie. That's it, stick out that little bot-bot for Bonnie. Good girl!" Her voice chilled when she instructed my frowning cousin, "Make sure you clean her poo-poo hole properly, Bonnie. I'll be checking."
"Yes Aunty Isy," Bonnie murmured subserviently, before crying in disgust, "Oh yuck! There's a big piece of shit stuck to her-"
"Bonnie!" Mummy snapped angrily, "Little girls do not use that kind of language. Stop sooking and wipe the baby's bottom!"
With much muttering and complaining under her breath, Bonnie cleaned my poopy little hole. It took her several attempts, and she was writhing in revulsion by the time she dumped the crumpled pieces of soiled tissue in the toilet. Then she had to empty my potty and flush the contents away before rinsing the plastic commode in the tub and hosing it clean. Mummy inspected her handiwork, and despite her grim-faced nod of approval, she insisted that Bonnie give my loins and bum a quick once-over with a warm soapy washer, too, and dry me with a towel afterwards. I felt lovely and clean by the time my cranky cousin carried me out to the change table. Bonnie was an expert when it came to changing diapers. In minutes I was thoroughly powdered front and back, my nappy pinned tightly around my waist, and some snug musk-pink baby panties tugged over the top. She sat me up to pull a white t-shirt over my head, and I wasn't too surprised when I saw Mummy hand Bonnie my pink cotton drill shortalls. My pink-frilled white anklet socks and my pink sneakers completed my ensemble, and then I was lifted down all ready to go.

Aunty Cath took my hand and drew me aside, and Mummy signalled Bonnie to come closer with her curled index finger. "Come here to Aunt Isy, little girl," she ordered the suddenly-wary teenager. Mummy turned around the straight-backed wooden chair in front of the vanity, and sat down side-on to us, but facing Bonnie as she timidly shuffled closer. "Right over here in front of me," she commanded, pointing to a spot on the floor between her slippered feet. When the reluctant teenager stood on the spot indicated, Mummy briskly slapped her plump thighs apart. "Open those legs wide apart for Aunty, sweetie," she cooed, but there was no kindness in her tone. Bonnie hurriedly spread her feet wide and squatted slightly, and she gasped in shock when Mummy rudely reached between her legs and ripped apart the snap-crotch of her shortalls.

The pink-and-white striped flaps shot apart to reveal Bonnie's bulging plastic panties. They were mostly pink and white, in an old-fashioned quilted pattern, with cartoon drawings of Strawberry Shortcake all over them. They were the thickest puffiest baby panties I'd ever seen. "Let's pull baby's shortalls right up out of the way," Mummy sang in that condescending, sickly-sweet voice. "Hold the front up for Aunty, baby." When a red-faced Bonnie obediently clutched the front flap over her opulent bosom, Mummy grabbed her wide padded hips and turned her around. "Show Aunty the back, sweetie," she cooed in saccharine tones.

When Mummy lifted the seat of Bonnie’s shortalls high up her back, I caught the glint of metal. There were two short lengths of slender brass chain dangling from the middle of the high waistband at the back of Bonnie's puffy baby panties, and I caught sight of a small brass padlock securely clasped through two links. The chain was short enough that the panties were a very snug fit around the diapered teen's slender waist, which Mummy demonstrated when she tugged hard on the lock. Bonnie almost tumbled over backwards, and she squealed in alarm as she clumsily struggled to maintain her footing. There was no way my trapped cousin could remove her baby panties without unlocking the padlock first and loosening the chain.

"We won't be playing with our hands in our baby panties today, will we, Baby Bonnie?" Mummy frostily demanded, her tone altering abruptly to sound very grown-up. She gave the girl’s big padded bum a crisp warning swat.
"No Aunty Isy," Bonnie contritely responded, her head bowed in shame. But I noticed she didn't let drop the front flap of her shortalls, clutching it to her mammoth bosoms with trembling fingers. Even the long chestnut pigtails dangling over her hands were visibly shaking.
"Are you wet yet, baby?" Without waiting for an answer, Mummy slipped two searching fingers under one thick elastic leg band. She obviously had difficulty wiggling her fingers inside the crotch of Bonnie's tight baby panties.
"No, Aunty Isy," Bonnie dismally replied, looking crushed with embarrassment. She knew it didn't make a difference what reply she gave. She was being treated like a baby, and babies couldn't be relied on to tell whether they were wet or not. Only a grown-up could check for sure.

"I have the key right here, so you can unlock her special baby panties and check down the front if you want, Isy," her sister helpfully suggested, holding up her jangling keyring. Mummy ripped her fingers free of the tight leg band and turned to look at Cath.
"No, she's still dry - for the moment," Isabell reported. "Let go of your shortalls, baby." When Bonnie let the front flap drop, Mummy reached between her splayed thighs and grabbed the dangling striped front piece. It took her a few attempts to fasten the four chromed snap-fasteners between the cringing teen's legs. When Bonnie was finally allowed to straighten her knees, she looked pathetically grateful. The relief was blasted from her face by Mummy's next comment. "I'll need the key this afternoon, though - when I change this naughty little girl's nappy and get her ready for her second paddling." Bonnie looked like she was about to pass out, and she stumbled against her aunt when Mummy stood and turned her around and pointed her towards the landing doorway.

Aunty Cath's laugh was a cruel short bark. "Yes, that's something for my naughty baby girl to look forward to, while she does her last shift at work for the next month."
"Go on, Baby Bonnie," Mummy urged my humiliated cousin as she stood beside her. She gave the cowed teen's big bulging bottom a hard whack to send her scurrying on her way. I watched Bonnie clumsily waddle ahead of us, and she could barely squeeze her fleshy thighs closer than a hand-span apart, she was so heavily diapered.

After Bonnie and I bumped our way downstairs like proper baby girls should, I was surprised when Aunty Cath took our hands and led us waddling straight to the front door. "What about bweakfatht?" I mumbled, as Mummy gave me a perfunctory kiss and cuddle goodbye. She handed my loaded pink gingham baby bag to Bonnie, who accepted the diaper bag with a deepening scowl.
"No time now, sweetie," Aunty Cath diffidently replied, with a tight smile for her mortified daughter. "We have to get Baby Bonnie to the salon on time for work." She turned to her sister and suggested, "I'll come back after I've dropped off the babies, alright?" Isabell nodded.
"We'll pick you up around lunchtime, Baby Jennie," Mummy reassured me, giving me a farewell wave. I waved back, wondering if she remembered to pack my dum-dums in my change bag? I hoped so.

"Come on girls, hop in the car," Cath briskly ordered, as she opened the back door of her black BMW. The upholstery was made from butter-soft cream leather, and the delightful 'new car' smell filled my nostrils when I climbed inside. She buckled me into a pink toddler seat I recognised as the one from Aunty April's Volvo. Aunty Cath assured me, "You'll get something to eat later, sweetie. Don't worry." Bonnie didn't have to sit in a car seat, but she did have to sit in the back with me like a little kid, holding my packed change bag on her bulging lap. She tried to keep her expression blank when Aunty Cath buckled her in like she was a helpless two-year-old, but the way she sat still and patiently waited for her mother to strap her in made me certain Bonnie was acutely aware of her new limitations.

We arrived outside the entrance to 'The Beauty Spot' at exactly seven o'clock. The carpark was virtually deserted this early on Saturday morning. Despite the glorious sunshine, there was hardly a soul about. Bonnie's friend Sandy was walking up to the door of the salon as Aunty Cath lifted me out of the restrictive car seat. As soon as she spied Bonnie's juvenile outfit, the apprentice hairdresser began to giggle. Bonnie was standing behind her mummy, and Cath couldn't see the tall teenager glaring daggers at her snickering blonde workmate. "Hello, Sandy," Aunty Cath greeted the smirking young woman with the short, dirty-blonde bob.
"Good morning, Mrs Jones," Sandy politely replied, but her wide eyes were glued to the bulging crotch my cousin's revealing shortalls. "Cute outfit, Bonnie." She giggled again, and Bonnie's face went so red, I thought her head was about to explode.

"Sandy, what time does your boss get in?" Cath asked the snickering girl.
"Not until about ten on Saturdays," Sandy replied, digging in her handbag for her keys.
"I've left a letter in an envelope in Baby Jennie's change bag. I want you to give it to Mrs Worth when she arrives," Cath instructed her, and then she turned to Bonnie. "I've asked Mrs Worth to call me after she reads the note, so make sure she gets it when she arrives, Sandy." Even though she was addressing the skinny blonde, her words were obviously directed at her sullen-faced daughter.
"Yes Ma'am," Sandy politely responded, and she accepted my packed change bag from my Aunt's hands.
Cath nodded in approval and then farewelled her daughter and her nephew. “I’ll be back at lunchtime to pick you up, girls. Try and behave yourselves,” she cautioned the blushing big babies before she turned away.

Sandy unlocked the plate-glass front door and threw it open as Aunty Cath climbed back into her car and drove off. The curious teen asked her friend, "Is it true you're having the next four weeks off?" When Bonnie pouted and nodded in misery, Sandy demanded, "Why?"
With a pointed dark glance in my direction, Bonnie muttered, "I'll tell you later." After making sure her mother had driven out of the car park, Bonnie followed us inside.

"What the hell is with that get-up? You look like you've put on five kilos around the arse, Bonnie," Sandy chortled as she returned from the back rooms.
"Shut up, Sandy," my cousin replied shortly, her tone surly. I saw Sandy's eyes widen when she noticed Bonnie's enforced waddling gait, too.

"No, you shut up," Sandy tartly responded, as all the lights in the salon flickered into brilliant life. "I came in like, an hour early to help you out, you know, and I got the Botox shots you asked me to get, and-"
"You got it?" Bonnie demanded in sudden excitement, her golden eyes wide and hopeful.
"Yeah, I got it," the small blonde diffidently replied, still sounding resentful.

Bonnie waddled over and threw her arms around the smaller girl's shoulders, eager to avoid the embarrassing subject of her unusual pear-shaped appearance. "Good work, Sandy! I knew I could rely on you." Her affectionate hug and words of praise seemed to mollify her friend slightly.
"I still don't understand while we had to come in so early?" Sandy complained.
"I told you. I want to get some stuff done on the baby before the others arrive. Are the electrolysis machines switched on?" Bonnie asked.
"The lasers are already warming up. They'll be ready in two minutes."
"Good. Let's start there. Come on, baby girl," Bonnie cooed to me, her golden orbs alive with mischief.

They led me to a room out the back that had a wide padded table in the middle - kind of like my change table except the top was covered in crisp white towels. There were two odd machines with lit LEDs, one either side of the table, humming quietly. I was so accustomed to having women control my wardrobe, I made no comment and offered no resistance when the girls took off all my clothes, right down to my fluffy white nappy. Bonnie lifted me onto the soft padded table and ordered me to lie on my back. She handed me a black blindfold, and picked up a wand on a long cord connected to the humming machine, and I really started to worry. She must have seen the concern on my face, because she laughed in sadistic pleasure.

"Don't worry, stupid," Bonnie cattily reassured me. "The treatment involves a really bright light. If you look at it directly, it can burn your retinas. See, we have to wear these, too." She held up some weird goggles with dark smoky lenses, and I noticed Sandy already had her protective glasses adjusted over her eyes.

"Put them on, silly," Sandy recommended with a superior smug smirk. "You don't want to go blind, do you? Don't you know anything?" Everything went black when I slipped the soft cotton mask over my eyes. For some strange reason I found the darkness rather soothing, and I heard Sandy's bored professional voice order; "Just lie back and relax. The wands get a little warm after a while, but the chilling elements will help cool things down, If it gets too hot, you let us know. Okay?" She didn't bother waiting for an answer, and I felt a freezing-cold piece of steel being pressed against each shin. It reminded me of the frozen spoon that Mummy used to tame my naughty clittie, and I shuddered at the unpleasant memory. "Keep still, baby," Sandy warned me. The cold chilling unit was removed, something hard pressed in its place, and there was a bright flash I could detect even through the thick black cotton mask. "See how easy that was?" Sandy cooed. "Now lie still. We have to do this like, about a hundred more times."

She wasn't kidding. They worked on one leg each, covering my lower limbs, my knees and my thighs. They made me roll over so they could do the backs of my legs, right up to the bottom of my nappy, then I had to have my arms and underarms done. With each blast of the laser, the electrolysis wand grew warmer, until I worried it might burn me. Before they zapped around my nipples, Sandy put a floppy plastic mask over my lower face that was full of blue-tinted iced gel. "Everything below the eyebrows has to go," Bonnie insisted.

"This will numb your face a bit, so it won't be too painful," Sandy reassured me. "It's only for a few minutes." The gel mask was very cold and uncomfortable, but at least there was a mouth hole and nose holes so I could breathe. They removed the damp mask from my frozen face and did my chin, cheeks and upper lip next. They were right. I could hardly feel the hot wand on my chilled cheeks, although it was uncomfortably warm on my neck. Almost an hour had passed already, and the girls removed their goggles for few minutes to give their eyes a break.

"Time to take off baby's nappy," sang Bonnie. When she unpinned my diaper it was only a little damp inside, but Sandy wasn't impressed.
"Oh yuck! She pissed herself," she moaned in disgust. "What'll we do with her wet nappy?"
"It's only wet on the inside. She hasn't leaked through yet. Just leave it underneath her till we're done," recommended Bonnie. "Knowing this sissy pissy baby, she'll probably wet again before we finish." She left me sitting on my cooling damp nappy while they forced my legs wide apart and examined my shrivelled equipment and the space between my spread thighs.

"Look how tiny she is!” Sandy snidely commented, and both girls snickered in cruel amusement. “Oh! She's already got a bit of fur growing down there," Sandy noted as she carelessly moved my bits about with her fingertips. I could hear the frown in her voice when she muttered, "We'll have to shave her first." Shave me? I still had the eye mask in place, so I couldn't see what they were doing, but then I heard them rattling around at the sink in the far corner.
"W-w-what are you doing?" I tremulously asked, reaching up to remove the blindfold.

"Ah-ah-ah!" Bonnie sang, grabbing my wrist and preventing me from ripping off the black cotton eye mask. "Leave that in place, Baby Jennie. We just have to get rid of some nasty little hairs that have started to appear around your little clittie and poo-poo hole." Sandy snickered at Bonnie's honeyed tones and her feminine description of my shrivelled male appendage. "Otherwise your poo-poos gets stuck to the hairs, and it's harder to clean you up after you make big stinky messes in your nap-naps. You know?"

Her humiliating explanation sort of made sense, and I lay back and obediently spread my little legs wide. They sprayed some cold soapy foam around my ball sack and clittie, and right between my thighs, too. I felt very nervous when I felt them scraping away at my sensitive flesh with a sharp razor, but the whole operation only took a few minutes. In a way, I was glad I couldn't see what they were doing to me. Watching my vindictive cousin tidy up around my clittie with a razor-sharp weapon was the last thing I wanted to see!

"On your hands and knees now, baby, and put your bum-bum up in the air and your face down on the table," Sandy crooned, mimicking Bonnie's syrupy baby-talk. I blindly shifted on to my tummy and then drew my knees up under my hips, so I was kneeling with my legs either side of the damp nappy lying underneath me. "Good girl. Now reach back with both hands, and pull those botty-cheeks wide apart for me."

It was incredibly humiliating holding my bumcheeks spread as wide as possible, while the two girls stood at the end of the table chattily assessing my wrinkled back door. At least I knew I was clean back there this morning, since Bonnie had wiped my bottom and thoroughly washed my poo-poo hole and my bits after potty time. The cool foam was applied around my anus and the odd scraping began again, and a minute later I thought they were done. "Stay just like that, baby girl," cooed Sandy. "We just want to spray some anaesthetic around your freckle and your dangly bits." I squealed as a freezing squirt of high-pressure spray was applied around my shrivelling hole. "Don't let go of your botty!" Sandy warned me. "Keep holding your cheeks wide apart, just like that, and don't move!" She sprayed around my ball sack too, and when the chilling aerosol spray hit my shrunken clittie, I shrieked in pain. It was like when my angry Mummy pressed the frozen spoon against my naughty stiff tool, and I struggled to keep stretching my bumcheeks apart.

Totally beyond my control, my fear-weakened bladder muscles relaxed, and a hot stream of piddle splashed onto the damp nappy lying underneath me. "Oh my God!" Sandy cried in alarm. "She's pissing herself!"
Bonnie's laugh was a cruel short bark. "That'd be right," she muttered callously. "What a hopeless baby!" My tears began to wet the black cotton mask covering my eyes, and my shoulders started shaking as I sobbed in shame. Thankfully the flow of urine was short-lived, and only a few yellow drops splashed onto the white towels covering the table.
"Oh well. We had to change the towels, anyway. Aww, it's okay, baby," Sandy crooned mock-sympathetically, while Bonnie giggled like a maniac. "In a few minutes, you'll be completely numb down there. It only lasts about fifteen or twenty minutes, but it will stop the hot wand from burning your sensitive bits. Okay?"

I mumbled something incoherent in reply, preoccupied with holding back my ever-present tears, while attempting to hold apart my shivering bumcheeks with my trembling fingers at the same time. The girls stepped over to the bench lining one side wall and chatted quietly while I noisily sniffled back my tears, so I missed the next few snippets of information. "What do you mean, you only got four?" Bonnie softly demanded, when her accomplice passed her a handful of loaded 10 ml. syringes.
"Be thankful I got those," Sandy replied in a huff. "I had to pinch them out of the doctor's bag, you know? That was all I could take without her noticing."
"But four is barely enough to do her anus. I needed six more to do her clittie, too," the frowning teen complained in a whisper, darting a glance in my direction to make sure I wasn't listening.

"Then you'll just have to choose," her friend snippily informed her. "You've got enough to numb the muscles of her poop-hole for two to three months, but that's all. Take what you can get," she advised the scowling Amazon.
"That'll have to do," Bonnie responded, still sounding morose. "I wanted her to be numb and to lose control at both ends, but…" Her expression brightened when she hopefully asked, "Maybe you can get another six syringes by next month, when I come back to work?" When Sandy bit her bottom lip uncertainly and shrugged non-comittally, Bonnie turned to glance disdainfully at my kneeling form. "Has the anaesthetic spray had time to work on her yet?"
"Should have," Sandy replied, picking up a metal nail file from the bench. She stepped closer to my kneeling form, and poked the edge of my wide-stretched pink hole with the sharp tip. I barely flinched at the vague contact. "Can you feel that, Baby Jennie?" Sandy demanded loudly.

"Not weally," I replied uncertainly. "Did you touch my poo-poo hole?" Both girls sniggered at my childish expressions, but Bonnie replied.
"Yes baby." Her voice sounded too happy.
"Can I let go of my botty cheekth now?" I pleaded. My fingers were getting tired, and the position was very uncomfortable - not to mention extremely humiliating.

"No baby, hold still for another two minutes…" The Botox injections were already loaded into single-use syringes, and Bonnie simply had to flip off the cap and stick one in, and then depress the plunger. She swiftly used the four syringes, painlessly injecting a dose at the four points of the compass around my exposed anal sphincter. I felt some vague pushing sensations around my numb anus, but that was all. I didn't know what they were doing to me, and I wasn't game to ask. As soon as Bonnie stepped aside, Sandy chilled my relaxed anus and then zapped me with the hot electrolysis wand again. She did all around my wide-stretched hole and between my spread legs, and then they ordered me to roll over again.

My nappy felt wet and cold under my bum when I lay back, and the sensation was strangely unpleasant. When Sandy used my clittie as a handle to move my limp genitals aside while they lasered around my bits, it slowly grew hard in her warm fist, despite the chilling spray she used on me. She simply giggled at my untoward reaction, but it was a good thing I couldn't see the malevolent scowl on Bonnie's face. They stretched out my ball sack and zapped every inch of the normally-wrinkled flesh, and they even did around the base of my semi-stiff shaft, too. In a few minutes they were finished, and I was grateful when they ordered me to remove the eye mask. I blinked blindly in the sudden bright light, and gazed around a little dopily. "There you are, baby," Sandy cooed with a pleased smile. "No more yucky hair down there." She didn't bother to mention that although I would need another five or six monthly treatments, the effects would be permanent. By the time they finished with me, my body would be baby-smooth all over - forever!

"Come on, baby, let's pin your nappy back on before the other girls arrive," Bonnie urged, grinning down at my newly-hairless form in malicious satisfaction. "We don't want them seeing that disgusting little thing between your legs, do we?" she insisted, making me cringe in shame. I was disappointed when my sneering cousin pinned my cooling damp nappy back around my loins, and I whimpered wordlessly in useless protest. It felt cold and wet and clammy now, and I didn't like it.
"Aren't you going to give her a fresh diaper?" Sandy inquired, voicing my unspoken thoughts.

"Nope," Bonnie coldly replied, dashing my hopes. "She really likes running around in wet nappies and pissy panties, anyway. Don't you, Baby Jennie?" she scathingly demanded, as she tugged my pink plastic panties into place. I didn't bother dignifying her comments with a reply, and sat there in silence while she put my shoes and socks on for me, too. Sandy held my pink shortalls down and open for me to step into them. When I was fully dressed, the grinning blonde took my hand and led me back out to the main area of the salon. My normal waddling gait was even more exaggerated because of the uncomfortable, clammy wet cloth bunched between my thighs - but at least I wasn't waddling as badly as Bonnie.

To be continued in chapter 28.
Hugs from Baby Jennie

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