The Prankster

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The Prankster

Ryan was a junior in high school and the class clown. He loved messing with the school administration and didn't take rules seriously. Occasionally, he would come to class wearing a provocative t-shirt. One time the chemistry lab became filled with smoke in a failed experiment. He successfully elected the star quarterback as prom queen before school administrators threw out the vote. He gleefully parked his car in designated areas for the principal or superintendent. He overshadowed the actual school band with a rock band performance during a football game halftime. He hacked the library computers allowing students to view censored material.

Although a delinquent, Ryan wasn't a poor student. His test scores were quite high and his IQ was the best in his class. He simply didn't apply himself to the curriculum and rebelled against the system whenever he could. So, at the start of his senior year, he decided to pull his greatest stunt.

"You want to do what?" the principal asked incredulously.

"I wish to use the woman's bathroom from now on. It's my right under California law," Ryan smirked.

"That only pertains to transgender students," the principal objected.

"Yes, and I now identify as a woman," Ryan said trying to keep a straight (pun intended) face.

"Are you taking hormones or receiving counseling?" the principal asked.

"The law doesn't require it," Ryan said expertly.

"But...this is ridiculous. Will you be dressing as a woman?" the principal demanded.

"That sounds a lot like gender conformity. Not all women wear dresses and skirts. Many wear t-shirts and jeans," Ryan said.

"How do you identify as a woman then?" the principal questioned.

"I just feel deep inside that I should have been a woman and when I graduate I will begin the physical transition," Ryan replied.

"This will create a sexual harassment case for both you and me," the principal said irritably.

"By that line of reasoning, Lesbians shouldn't be allowed in the woman's bathroom," Ryan said.

"We both know this is bullshit!" the principal said losing his composure. "What do you think your parents will say about this?"

"Ah, but you see, the law prevents you from outing me to my parents. You can't tell them anything," Ryan said becoming bored with the discussion.

"I am going to assign a nurse to you. You will have to talk with her a few times a week while you undergo your transition," the principal said.

Ryan considered resisting but thought better of it. "Very well," he allowed. "Is there anything else?"

"Not at the moment. I am going to have to discuss this with the school board," the principal said annoyed.

"Of course. I'll be going back to class," Ryan said excusing himself.


Ryan came to gym class and joined the girl's group. There was an awkward moment before Vanessa confronted him. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she demanded.

"I am joining the girl's PE class, obviously," he said.

"You have to be a girl to join our class," Vanessa pointed out.

"I have decided to transition. You have to accept me," Ryan said to her.

"Look, asshole, this stunt you're pulling isn't going to be so funny when you go to jail for sexual harassment," she threatened.

"Please, I am the perfect gentle...woman," he said with a smirk.

"I think its fine," a super-liberal tolerant blond girl said.

Vanessa glared at her betrayal. "Do you want this perv to see us in the showers. I mean, come on," she said to the group.

"It's not one-sided, ladies. You get see my pecs and guns," Ryan smirked.

"It's not that big a deal, Vanessa," another girl said.

Vanessa looked around as she realized she was losing support. She turned to Ryan. "I am going to make everyone know what you're doing here," she threatened.

"Good," Ryan smiled.

The girl's gym teacher came into the gym and stared at Ryan. "What are you doing here?" she asked of him.

"I have a note," Ryan said giving her the principal's note.

"You've got to be kidding me," the gym teacher said after reading it.

Ryan merely shrugged. "You mess with my girls, I will squash you like a bug," she said to him.

"So tolerant, so inclusive," Ryan mocked.

With no other choice, the gym teacher divided the girls into two groups for a game of volleyball. Ryan ended up on the opposite team to that of Vanessa, arguably the most athletic girl in the school. Ryan was in good shape but never applied himself in a school sport. When it came for him to serve, he scored point-after-point against his all-girl opponent. The girls on his team were ecstatic as they were winning. Finally, Vanessa and Ryan dueled across each other near the net. Ryan finally slammed the ball over the net sending Vanessa to the floor as she failed to get the ball in time. Ryan gave the girls on his team a high-five.

When it came to shower time, the gym teacher tried to stop Ryan. "I won't allow this," she said sternly.

"You have no choice," Ryan replied.

The gym teacher was stumped and could do nothing as Ryan entered the girl's bathroom. Ryan looked around feeling excitement at his rebelliousness. Never had he taken a prank so far. Half the girls took their clothes off forgetting a boy had joined their class. The other half were initially hesitant. Ryan instantly received an overload in sexual stimuli as he saw two dozen girls getting undressed and showering. "It goes both ways. If you even look at us the wrong way, I'll report you," Vanessa said to him.

"It does go both ways, Vanessa. Don't be looking at my tool," Ryan mocked.

Ryan closed his eyes in meditation and then undressed. With supreme will power, he managed to shower with the girls without getting a strong erection. Half the girls were intrigued while the others were horrified. Ryan closed his eyes and thought of random subjects as he showered. Once he was done, he got dressed in his normal clothes.


Ryan created a stir within the school with his antics. He casually walked into the girl's bathroom and picked a stall. He proceeded to obnoxiously pee while standing and then exited without saying a word. No one could get him for sexual harassment. His very presence just made girls nervous.

"So, you're a fag after-all?" the star quarterback and former prom queen mocked him.

Ryan smirked and went on his way. He later turned in the recording of the quarterback's words to the principal and had him sent to detention where he then missed practice. Ryan carried a tape recorder wherever he went in case anyone tried to mess with him.

This included the time he sat down with the school nurse, Miss Campbell. She was young, in her mid-twenties, and was well-liked by the boys. "How are you feeling?" she asked him.

"Not very good, actually. A lot of people are not accepting of me," Ryan said with fake outrage.

"It can be a shock to some people," Miss Campbell allowed.

"They just need to get over it," Ryan replied.

"Right, so, is there anything you want to know about transitioning?" she asked.

"No, I'm good. I have the Internet," Ryan said.

"Not all Internet websites are helpful. I have a list of sites that are reputable," Miss Campbell said giving him the paper of the list.

"Thanks," Ryan said having no intention of visiting them.

"How did you discover you were transgender?" she asked.

"Well, I was visiting some unusual porn sites when I came across the shemale section. After watching a few hours, I came to the conclusion I wanted to be one," Ryan smiled.

Miss Campbell did not react in the slightest. "Porn can give inaccurate expectations," she said.

"Don't all dreams begin with a fantasy?" Ryan asked.

"Right, I have some suggestions on clothes, make-up, woman's shampoos," she continued.

"Save it. I don't need them," Ryan rejected. "People get caught up with the superficial things in life. Those things don't make a woman."

"What makes a woman if I may ask?" Miss Campbell asked.

Ryan hesitated to answer so as to articulate the proper response. "It's the way we think. It's mental and psychological," he said vaguely. "I see. Would you like to take a gender test to see how feminine you really are?" Miss Campbell asked.

Ryan stared at the nurse realizing either choice could ruin him. "Sure," he said.

The nurse handed him a laptop with the quiz. Ryan went through the quiz in five minutes and then got the results: 90% Female, 10% Male. Miss Campbell frowned at the results and then put her laptop away. "Interesting," she muttered.

Ryan shrugged. "That will be all for today," Miss Campbell said excusing him.

"As the school nurse, I understand you have a supply of free condoms," Ryan noted. "Mind if I have a few?"

"Certainly," Miss Campbell said giving him a fake smile. She handed him a few packs.

"Thank you," Ryan said and then exited the room.

Miss Campbell shook her head. "That little shit."


Ryan dominated in soccer, kicking in a few goals. He even took the ball from his fellow girl classmates so he could score on his own. Only Vanessa came close to stopping him. The two dueled for the ball until Ryan teasingly kicked it away from her downfield. As before, Ryan enjoyed seeing all the girls naked in the showers but kept himself in check.

Vanessa confronted him in the shower, the two of them naked to each other. "You think this is funny?" she asked him turning him around.

"No, I am just doing what I feel inside," Ryan said mockingly.

Vanessa noticed that Ryan didn't have an erection even while a naked girl was in front of him. "Are you gay or something?" she asked him.

"It's called mental discipline. You should try it," Ryan teased.

She gave him a disgusted look and walked off. Ryan smiled looking at her well-formed ass and finished up.


"What's your secret? I would get a total hard-on if I showered with every girl in my class," Brad, his best friend asked.

"I am not proud of it, but I jerk off right before gym period. Even then, it's tough," Ryan admitted.

"How long can you keep this up?" Brad asked.

"I don't know. I would love to win prom queen," Ryan said mischievously.

"That's months from now," Brad remarked.

"I haven't created enough of a stir. Besides, the rewards outweigh the costs," Ryan smiled.


Miss Campbell had some notes prepared as Ryan came in. They made small talk on Ryan's adjustment to his new status in the school. "Let me ask you this, Miss Campbell. Why not allow co-ed showers and bathrooms?" Ryan asked.

"There are issues of privacy, sexual harassment, and sexual assault if we allowed that," Miss Campbell replied.

"I think boys misbehave with girls because it is so forbidden. If you normalize boys and girls being naked together, it would no longer be taboo. We could evolve as a society," Ryan argued.

"Is that what you want to prove?" Miss Campbell asked.

"No," Ryan shook his head. "I am genuine about my transition but let me ask you this: why don't you feel comfortable having a man in the woman's restroom?"

"I suppose it is because there is a small but sizable number of men who would take advantage of the situation," Miss Campbell replied.

"Smaller or larger than the Lesbian and Bisexual population?" Ryan asked.

"Maybe the same," Miss Campbell allowed.

"So what's the difference?" Ryan asked rhetorically.

"The difference is fear. Men are stronger and more aggressive especially when they wish to harm women. This is the real world," Miss Campbell said.

"And what about men's fears? There are men that are bigger and stronger than me that could wish me harm," Ryan pointed out.

"Is that why you're doing this?" Miss Campbell probed.

"I am just having a casual conversation," Ryan replied.

"Sexual assault cases are almost entirely directed towards women statistically. There are some cases of men-on-men sexual violence but not at the same rate," Miss Campbell said.

"Well, this has been educational," Ryan said checking his watch. "I'll be needing some more condoms."


Miss Campbell met with the principal concerning Ryan. "Anything?" the principal asked hopefully.

"No, he is too clever to admit his scheme," Miss Campbell replied.

"We could pull one of his friends into my office and get a statement," the principal considered.

"It would just be hearsay," Miss Campbell rejected. "We seem to have only two options here: either we get him to drop the act or he truly does become a girl."

The principal scoffed. "Of course its an act. I've known Ryan for years. He's completely straight."

"Then, perhaps, we bend him a little," Miss Campbell replied.


At basketball practice, Ryan easily swatted balls away. He didn't even shoot himself. He just trolled the girls making it so that the other team couldn't score. He smiled at the girls on his team as he passed the ball off to them, so they could score. He particularly enjoyed dribbling the ball around Vanessa for a good minute before passing off to someone else.

In the showers, Ryan was given an unexpected gift. A beautiful brunette threw herself at him in the showers so their bodies were touching. "You're so cute, Ryan. I hope you keep up this big scam of yours," she grinned.

Ryan stared at the girl who had never been interested in him before. "Well, you're invading my space," he said pealing her away.

Ryan then left the showers and quickly changed. "What the fuck?" the girl wondered.


Ryan confided in Brad over the incident. "Holy shit, dude," Brad said amazed.

"It took all of my will power to stop her," Ryan said impressed with himself.

"It can't be a coincidence. She's never been into you," Brad warned.

"Of course not. The principal sent her to me to get a reaction. If I make-out with a girl in the girl's restroom, I am finished," Ryan said.

"That's some shady shit right there," Brad said disapproving.

Ryan took out a condom and proceeded to blow it up like a balloon. "I'll get them back for this," he pledged.


Ryan decided to take his scheme forward with another stunt. He went to the principal's office for his next demand. "I want to be included in the student of the month. My grades are top in the class," Ryan said.

"Of course, your name will be under consideration," the principal said although he had no intention of doing so.

"Under the girl student category," Ryan clarified.

The principal simply stared at Ryan. "Of course," the principal said.

"I want this process to be open and transparent. There is no girl that has better grades than I do," Ryan said arrogantly.

"There are other things to consider like sports, clubs, etc," the principal said.

"I am sure you will make the right decision," Ryan said and excused himself.

Ryan then went to work on his presidential election campaign. If he were class president, he would force the principal's hand. He selected Brad as his campaign manager and began making fliers around the campus with the slogan. "Girl Power."

"My first act as your class president will be to make the bathrooms all co-ed," Ryan declared.

"Hell, yeah," the boys cheered. ***

"As class president, you can't make the bathrooms co-ed," Miss Campbell shot down.

"I will still fight for it," Ryan said defiantly.

Miss Campbell rolled her eyes. "I heard you were assaulted by a girl in the showers. Care to talk about it?"

"It was so unexpected and traumatizing," Ryan said mockingly.

"Almost enough so that you might want to go back to the boy's bathroom?" Miss Campbell asked.

"No, I must fight for who I am," Ryan replied.

"And what is it about you that makes you a woman?" Miss Campbell asked.

"What makes anyone a woman? Is it fertility? That would mean infertile and male-to-female transsexuals are not truly women. Is it breast size? Well, no, some women barely have any breasts to speak of. Some women don't even have wombs or vaginas. Is it the chromosomes? Well, no, because some people have XXY. So, tell me. What is it?" Ryan asked.

"You delight in using trans arguments against us," Miss Campbell said annoyed.

"I just ask for a little consistency," Ryan said with fake sincerity.

"Perhaps there are truly three genders, male, female, and trans," Miss Campbell suggested.

"So, I'm trans. What difference does it make?" Ryan asked.

"I am just curious as to how you think. Maybe, you have no interest in being a woman. Maybe, you just reject being a man," Miss Campbell said.

"I'm still working out all the details for myself," Ryan assured her. "And, I am going to need some more condoms."


Ryan's campaign for president ended in success. He proceeded to fire the prom committee filled with girls and placed an all-boy squad in charge of it. "Shall our theme be NASCAR or Army?" Ryan asked his committee.

"Both are excellent choices," Brad complimented.

"You are the pulse of the boys. As I am no longer one, I need your guidance," Ryan said to his committee.

"We got you, buddy," they told him.

"That's Madam President to you," Ryan corrected.

Still, even though he had won the presidency and started up a Dungeons and Dragons chapter at the school, he was not awarded student of the month. The principal decided to break his own rules and state law by calling Ryan's parents about the matter.

"You don't say?" Ryan's mother said on the phone.

"Yes, it has become a real problem at the school. Can you get him to stop?" the principal pleaded.

"I'll see what I can do," she said uncommitted

When Ryan got home, his mother mentioned the phone call. "Are you pretending to be a girl at school, Ryan?" his mother asked nonchalantly.

"What? Who said that?" Ryan scoffed.

"The principal," she replied. "Do you want to go shopping for girl clothes?"

"No, this whole thing is a prank, duh," he replied.

"Well, don't take it too far, honey. You could embarrass yourself," his mother warned.

"Whatever," Ryan replied.


Ryan walked into the principal's office with an agenda. "You outed me to my mother," Ryan accused.

"I would hardly call it that," the principal scoffed.

"I could go to the school board for this. could make me the student of the month as I deserve," Ryan said.

"You blackmailing me?" the principal asked outraged.

"Yeah," Ryan said as if it were obvious.

"I'll see what I can do," the principal replied.


Ryan secured his spot as the student of the month under the girl category. The Yearbook took a very boyish-looking smile from Ryan. He then successfully became nominated under the homecoming queen category. The school newspaper interviewed the star quarterback on his successful nomination for homecoming king.

"No, I won't dance with that fag," the star quarterback said when asked if he would dance with Ryan at the winter dance if he won homecoming queen. The school proceeded to send the star quarterback to detention for his remarks.

"What do you think about these comments?" Miss Campbell asked Ryan.

"I am very hurt and offended and hurt," Ryan replied with mock seriousness.

"What if I could give you what you want?" Miss Campbell asked.

"You mean...a new car?" Ryan asked hopefully.

"No, instant transition to womanhood," she clarified.

"That's impossible," Ryan objected.

"But what if it could be done?" she pressed.

"It would be crazy expensive," Ryan continued to make excuses.

"Let's say its free," she continued.

"Sure," Ryan said not taking the thought experiment seriously.

"That's all I wanted to know," Miss Campbell excused him.

"Right, well, I am going to need some more condoms," Ryan requested.


The school was a buzz for the homecoming celebrations. The football team was doing relatively well. President Ryan efficiently organized the program with his all-male committee. He then turned to Brad. "I don't trust the VP, she's a girl you know. Take over," Ryan said as he prepared to walk down as a homecoming queen nominee. He was dressed in a suit, wearing sunglasses. Two girls then walked up to him.

"Shall we?" Ryan said taking the two girls on either side.

The four girls nominated for homecoming queen picked girl pop songs and walked down with their boyfriends. "Hit it," Ryan ordered.

Ryan then went down the aisle with the two girls to an ACDC song. The school erupted in applause at his audacity. A net attached to the roof opened up sending a hundred condoms onto the gym floor. A bunch of students left their seats to pick them up.

"We can't cover this up," the principal muttered.

Ryan won homecoming queen based on the male vote alone. The school attempted to make it so that only girls could vote for queen and only boys could vote for king. Ryan educated the principal on how the ACLU would nix that idea.

Ryan became a sensation in the state. Conservative talk radio enjoyed how he was mocking the state. Progressives and parent organizations were outraged. The school board meeting was filled with concerned parents. Ryan even showed up to speak.

"Parents, let me be the first to say, you lost this war. School nurses can hand out condoms without you knowing. Kids can and do have sex on the campus grounds and you will never hear of it. The school can teach any kind of sex ed including sex toys without you knowing. The school can have your kid terminate a pregnancy without your knowledge or consent. And yours truly can enter your girls' bathrooms unrestricted. So, give me your best shot," Ryan smirked and then dropped the mic on the podium. The parents stared at him as he left the building in stunned silence.


"That was quite the speech," Miss Campbell said.

"I know, right," Ryan grinned.

"You trying to change the state politically?" Miss Campbell asked curiously.

"I don't really give a fuck about politics," Ryan admitted.

"But you are serious about this transition?" she pressed.

"Absolutely," Ryan said.

"You dressed in a suit with two girls on your arms to ACDC, and you're telling me you want to be a woman?" she asked doubtfully.

"I know some biker dyke chicks that you be into that sort of thing," Ryan said.

"Let me guess. You want some condoms?" Miss Campbell asked.

"Nope," Ryan shook his head with a big grin on his face.


Ryan exited the nurse's office content with himself and was suddenly slammed against the wall. "You're out of your mind if you think I am going to dance with you, fag," the star quarterback said.

"Give it to me rough," Ryan mocked.

The star quarterback had no witty come back to that. "Let's chill, man," Brad said intervening.

"You his bitch?" the star quarterback insulted Brad.

"Wouldn't it be the other way around?" Ryan asked.

The star quarterback looked at them both confused and then left in a huff. "You really pissed him off," Brad remarked.

"Good, he's an asshole," Ryan replied.


After a few months of trolling the girls at PE, the excitement waned down. The girls started to ignore him and Ryan stopped trying during sports. Typically, Ryan would jack off before going to gym to keep his libido down. Not this time. He simply lacked interest and then felt bored in the girl's locker room. It was too overexposure. He had been given too much of a good thing. Additionally, most of the girls disliked him for being an obvious troll. He was alone.

Ryan had defeated his foes and lacked a serious challenger. He wasn't even serious about the homecoming dance. Now that he had actually won, he was obligated to show up. Since he was technically in charge of it, he couldn't troll it up.

Ryan turned to Brad for guidance. "I have an idea for the dance. What if I show up in drag?"

"What? Like dress up like a girl for real?" Brad asked.

"Yeah, dress, make-up, and wig," Ryan said.

"I don't know. Isn't that taking it too far," Brad frowned.

"Our star quarterback won't dance with me if I look like a dude in a suit. This will force him," Ryan said.

"Or he'll just leave or not do it. Then, you look like an idiot in a dress," Brad said.

"Okay, what if we trick him into dancing with me. I then reveal it to him afterward," Ryan suggested.

"Yes, yes," Brad liked it. "But we're going to need help."


Ryan and Brad approached Vanessa after class about their problem. "You want me to help you?" she asked incredulously.

"Yeah," Ryan replied.

"Look, we need your help to dress Ryan up as a girl for the winter dance. We have something special planned for our dear quarterback," Brad said.

"Why would I?" Vanessa asked scornfully.

"For a chance this could blow up in my face," Ryan said using her emotions against her.

"You're crazy and self-destructive," Vanessa said to Ryan.

"Help him help himself in his own destruction," Brad pressed.

"Okay, fair enough," Vanessa said amused. "Come by my place the afternoon of the dance. I'll make you a real girl."

After Vanessa left, Ryan and Brad gave each other high-fives.


The night of the dance, Ryan was in the make-up chair with Vanessa. "Alright, asshole. Be very still while I work on you," Vanessa said.

Ryan let the abuse slide. He needed her cooperation after all. Vanessa went to work on his face giving Ryan a very feminine-looking appearance. She put lipstick on his lips, eye shadow and mascara on his eyes, and plucked his eyebrows. When she was done with the face, she worked on his hair extensions. Once she was done, Ryan looked at himself in the mirror. He looked perfect.

Vanessa then put a bra around Ryan's chest and put stuffing into it to give him full-looking breasts. Ryan got into the dress and nodded in approval. This was going to work. Interestingly, Ryan was able to fit in Vanessa's high heels.

"You have small feet," she pointed out.

"Or maybe you have big a man," Ryan mocked.

"Whatever, you're done. Now, get going," Vanessa said. As Ryan left, Vanessa shook her head and chuckled. "He's going to get his ass kicked," she said to herself.


At the dance, the dear president was nowhere to be seen. "Since Ryan isn't here, I am taking over for him," the girl VP said to Brad.

"Yeah, that's bullshit. He designated me in charge," Brad said to her.

"I am next in the line of succession," she argued.

"Just because he's not here doesn't mean he's not in charge," Brad said. He then gave the VP his phone.

"I'm still in charge...bitch," Ryan said obnoxiously through the phone. "Where the fuck are you?" she demanded.

"At home watching Netflix," Ryan replied.

"You will be impeached for this," the VP said angrily.

"Yeah right," Ryan said and then hung up.

Ryan turned off his phone as he arrived at the dance. He looked at his white dress dissatisfied with it. It did nothing against the cold and it lacked pockets A suit was so much better. Ryan met up with Brad in the parking lot.

"So, what do you think?" Ryan asked nervously.

Brad gave him a good look over. "Impressive," he said.

Ryan felt relieved that Vanessa hadn't screwed him over. "Let's do this," Ryan said entering the gymnasium with Brad.

Brad brought Ryan to the entrance and was stopped by a suspicious teacher. "She's my date," Brad said and then wrote "Ann ____" on the form.

The teacher let it slide and the two of them were in. "Begin the mission," Ryan whispered. His voice could easily give him away.

Brad did the rally symbol and a squad of boys came to his side. "We're going to get my lovely date elected homecoming queen," he said.

"Doesn't she have to be from our school?" one asked. "Won't your date have to dance with our star quarterback?" another asked.

"Just go with it," Brad said frustrated.

The squad departed intermixing into the crowd. Ryan stayed near Brad's side throughout most of the evening. He never spoke the entire time. Occasionally, a guy would try to flirt with him when Brad was away getting punch or doing his official duties. Vanessa finally arrived at his table.

"So, you haven't been outed yet? I guess I did an awesome job, huh?" she said mockingly.

Ryan said nothing. Vanessa smiled at his silence. "Oh, I see. You don't want to give yourself away. Maybe, you should have tried training your voice for this," Vanessa mocked.

Ryan simply shrugged. Brad came back and stared at Vanessa. "I think we got the votes," he whispered to Ryan.

"Votes for what?" Vanessa asked suspiciously.

"To make him the queen, obviously," Brad hissed at her.

"This is so dumb," she said dismissively.

"You're just jealous a dude beat you," Brad said.

"I have no interest in being anyone's queen," Vanessa replied.

"That's the kind of thing only a Lesbian would say," Brad chided.

"How dare you," Vanessa said offended.

Ryan nudged the two of them as the principal read out the results. "Our King for this evening is...," he read out the star quarterback's name.

Ryan, Brad, and Vanessa gave a fake applause. "Since our Queen is not here (thank God), Ann___ will be our Queen, tonight," the principal said.

Ryan got up as the crowd cheered. "Kick his ass," Brad encouraged him.

"I got this," Ryan whispered.

The star quarterback was relieved that he was dancing with a real female this time. "Hey, good-looking. Want to have fun at my place afterward? We're going to have a party," the star quarterback said to Ryan.

Ryan merely nodded his head. The two teenagers took to the dance floor and began their royal dance. The star quarterback actually knew how to dance to Ryan's surprise. The two weren't great but not terrible either. The crowd applauded as their dance concluded.

"That was great. Why don't you ditch that loser and join my table?" the star quarterback said to Ryan.

"Why don't we go to your place now, big boy," Ryan said.

The star quarterback gave Ryan a wide-eyed stare. "You son-of-a-bitch!" the star quarterback shouted and then punched Ryan in the face. Ryan collected himself and kicked him in the crotch. The gymnasium became chaotic as two sides rushed in defense of the other. The teachers stayed away from the brawl that erupted. The principal stared in horror.

Brad got up and mocked bowed to Vanessa. "I must defend my date's honor," he said and then rushed into the fight.

Vanessa smirked as the boys fought on the dance floor with Ryan in the middle of it. A smoke bomb suddenly exploded in the middle of the floor allowing Ryan to escape. Ryan and Brad escaped the gymnasium and ran to the parking lot. "That was awesome," Brad said fist-bumping Ryan.

"Mission accomplished," Ryan smirked. He had a bloody lip and his dress was torn up.

"What do we do now?" Brad wondered.

Ryan wasn't sure how he was going to top this. "I don't know, man. I'll have to think about it," Ryan said honestly.

"Take care, man," Brad said as the two departed.


Ryan was still feeling ecstatic about his success at the dance. He entered his house without letting his parents see him. That would raise some uncomfortable questions as to why he was dressed as a girl with a bloody lip. Ryan quickly took the dress off and removed the bra. Now, only in his underwear, he looked at his face in the mirror. The injury sustained in the fight wasn't too bad. It would heal in a few days. Taking a washcloth, he began taking off the make-up until it was all off and then he took off the hair extensions. Once he was done, he looked at the mirror and found himself confused. Even after taking the make-up off, his face still looked feminine. Ryan scrubbed his face hard making his face red but the result was still the same. Shrugging, Ryan went to sleep.

The next day, Ryan looked at his face carefully. It still looked a little odd. His hair also looked a little longer even without the hair extensions. "Weird," Ryan said and then checked his Facebook. His media feed was all about the fight at the dance.

"Nice," Ryan smirked and then saved pictures of him with the star quarterback.


The next day Ryan was sent to the principal's office. "Girl or boy, that was outrageous," the principal said to him.

"Look, we only go to high school once," Ryan said.

"And what about the other students who wanted to have a normal dance? It's always about you. You're selfish and cruel," the principal lectured.

Ryan rolled his eyes. "I should suspend you so you miss your finals," the principal threatened.

"I'll still pass," Ryan said not concerned.

"In college, they would simply expel you," the principal told him.

"You going to punish me or just yell at me," Ryan said disrespectfully.

"Your suspension will begin after winter break is over," the principal ordered.

"Great, a longer vacation," Ryan said getting up.

The principal stared at Ryan seeing a slight change in his face. Ryan left the principal's office and saw the star quarterback about to enter. "Watch your back, fag," he said angrily.

"Oh, but I want you on my back," Ryan replied.

The star quarterback glared at him and then went inside the office for his own punishment. Ryan met up with Brad at lunch. "How bad was it?" Brad asked.

"I got suspended," Ryan said nonchalantly.

Vanessa came around to their table. "What do you want?" Ryan asked her annoyed.

"You still have my dress, asshole," she replied.

"Oh yeah, it's in my car," Ryan remembered.

"I always want to know how you intend to make things worse for yourself. Hopefully, you will get expelled," Vanessa said.

"Please, after this semester is over I will have enough credits to get my diploma," Ryan said.

"But you won't graduate with us," Vanessa pointed out.

"Big deal. Too bad the graduation gown is the same for boys and girls," Ryan grinned.

"You got your victory, man. You're good," Brad said to him.

"I want more," Ryan said.

"You're crazy," Vanessa told him.

"I have an appointment with the nurse," Ryan said leaving the two.


Ryan expected to be chewed out by the nurse as well. Surprisingly, she looked amused at him. "That was quite the stunt. You could have been hurt," she said.

"Just a bloody lip," Ryan said. "I put on the dress and make-up, I try to be a good girl, and this is what happens."

"I think the reason the fight happened is because you provoked him," Miss Campbell said.

"I was elected homecoming queen. He should have expected it or did my clothes invite it?" Ryan asked.

Miss Campbell simply smiled. "You shouldn't self-medicate, Ryan."

There was an awkward silence between them. "What do you mean?" Ryan asked offended.

"I can see it in your face, Ryan. Your skin has cleared up and your face looks more feminine. Only taking hormones could cause this," she said.

"I'm not taking anything," Ryan said seriously.

"Alright, Ryan," Miss Campbell gave him a pass.

Ryan exited the nurse's office flustered. He didn't know what the hell she was talking about. Ryan entered the boy's restroom forgetting his scheme for the first time and stared at his face. He did notice some small changes but couldn't figure out how it could be happening.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be in here. Shouldn't you be in the girl's room?" a bully leader asked him.

"Not now," Ryan said still looking at his face.

"What you doing? Putting on make-up, girl-boy," the bully leader said as the three of them approached him.

Ryan sighed and went to leave when he was stopped. "Time to teach you a lesson. No girls allowed," the bully leader said.

"Don't be stupid. It's just a prank," Ryan said nervously.

"I don't think so. Just look at his face," the bully leader smirked.

The three proceeded to gang up on Ryan and beat him up in the showers. After they were done beating him, they soaked his clothes.


Brad found the beaten Ryan in the showers. "Oh my God," he said upon seeing him. "What happened?"

"Just get me out of here," Ryan said.

"Sure, buddy," Brad said getting Ryan to his feet.

Brad helped Ryan walked down the hallway to the parking lot where he was jeered by a number of students along the way. Ryan eventually got to his car but was too busted up to drive. Brad drove him back home and helped him inside the house.

"You're in bad shape. Do you need a doctor?" Brad asked.

"No, there are no broken bones. I just need time to heal," Ryan said painfully.

"What were you doing in the boy's restroom?" Brad wondered.

"I am a boy. I can go in there if I want!" Ryan said agitatedly.

"It's not that simple, man. You have to be one or the other," Brad told him.

"Who says? I should be able to change genders any day I want," Ryan argued.

"That's a recipe for chaos. Just use the girl's room from now on. It will be safer," Brad advised.

"After Christmas break, I am done with this prank. Things are going back to normal," Ryan pledged.

"Alright, you get some rest," Brad said leaving Ryan alone with his thoughts.


Ryan aced his finals but his problems didn't go away. He was still hurt from the beating he had received and other symptoms were materializing. He felt a small but detectable mass under his nipples. He discussed the issue with the nurse.

"Are you taking any hormone medication?" Miss Campbell asked.

"No," Ryan said flatly.

"You can tell me if you are," she said.

"I am not taking anything," Ryan said frustrated.

"During puberty, boys can have swollen breasts as well. It's perfectly normal. In fact, more than half of boys go through this. It should disappear eventually," Miss Campbell said.

"Thanks, good to know," Ryan said relieved.

"How are you feeling? That was quite the beating," Miss Campbell asked concerned.

"I'll be fine," Ryan said and then left.


Due to his injuries, Ryan was excused from the so-called PE final. The girls mocked him for being unable to pass their physical tests. Ryan simply watched from afar as the girls did their exercise and sports. He felt nothing for their bodies. None of the girls impressed him anymore. None had his intellectual ability, and he was too overexposed to their bodies now. If a naked woman went passed him, he wouldn't care. It seemed all so boring now.

Finally, Christmas break began. Ryan had nothing to do except play video games and work on his computer. He occasionally visited relatives with his parents but often he was left alone. Typically when his parents were gone, he would access porn websites on his computer. Not this time. He felt drained and disinterested. He assumed it was from being sore and hurt all the time from the beating he had received.

With each day, there were small subtle changes to his body. The breast tissue continued to swell but not enough to be noticeable. Ryan cautiously touched his nipples and found them to be sensitive for the first time. While he didn't realize it, he was also losing a lot of weight. He didn't eat very much during the day. He didn't notice the changes to his face due to the bruises he had received.

After Christmas break was over, his suspension began. Brad came over to visit him after school. "How are you doing, buddy?" Brad asked.

"Better," Ryan said, his face had cleared up.

"You sound like you have the flu," Brad said.

"I don't feel sick," Ryan said but acknowledged his voice was weird.

"Anyway, the VP is trying to impeach you. She's using some bylaw about presidents being suspended or something," Brad informed him.

"Whatever," Ryan said disinterestedly.

"You have to fight this," Brad encouraged him.

"What for?" Ryan said discouraged.

Brad gave Ryan a disappointed look. "You look sick, bro. What's going on?"

"I'm fine, really," Ryan lied. In reality, he was falling apart.


As soon as Ryan got back to school, the VP successfully impeached him out of the job. Ryan didn't fight it. The star quarterback won the regional championship. Ryan felt bitter about his adversaries winning around him. His health continued to distress him. He no longer said anything in class, derogatory or not, due to his voice cracking.

"I have a problem," Ryan finally admitted.

Miss Campbell looked at Ryan detecting the changes. "I can see that. You ready to admit that you're self-medicating?" she asked.

"But I am not. That's the problem," Ryan said seriously.

Miss Campbell stared at Ryan. "Alright. Can you take your shirt off for me?" she asked.

Ryan awkwardly took off his shirt revealing swollen breasts. Miss Campbell looked them over and then felt them. "Even if you were self- medicating, this wouldn't happen for several months," she said.

"Is it cancer or something?" Ryan asked putting his shirt back on.

"I don't think so. I would make an appointment with a doctor as soon as you can before this gets worse," Miss Campbell advised.

"What could be causing it?" Ryan wondered.

"I have no idea," Miss Campbell admitted.

Ryan left the nurse's office thinking Miss Campbell was now useless. He also faced the problem with PE. He was out of excuses for not attending class. Once he finally did participate, he was faring no better than any of the other girls. His dominance in sports was now over. Over the last several weeks, he had lost muscular strength and endurance. Vanessa was now schooling him in both basketball and soccer.

"You still need to give me back my dress," Vanessa said to him after class.

"Fine, after school," he replied.

Vanessa stared at his feminine appearance. "What's happening to you?" she said concerned for the first time.

"I don't know," he admitted.

"It's like you're becoming a real girl," Vanessa remarked.

"Don't say that," Ryan said agitatedly.

"Karma is a bitch," Vanessa smirked.


Ryan didn't care for Vanessa's attitude and didn't meet with her after school. Things had reached critical mass. He needed to get out of the school. "I have enough credits to graduate. I want my diploma and I am out of here," Ryan said to the principal.

"Actually, you have a few credits you have to make up for. Remember when you pulled out of math class to be a teacher's aid last year. That stunt puts you 5 credits under," the principal said gleefully.

Ryan recalled it with some horror. "I will home school," he declared.

"Too late for that," the principal rejected.

"Fuck," Ryan said in his mind.

"It looks you're stuck with us until graduation," the principal smirked.


As Ryan got worse, he finally opened up to his parents about his situation. "Mom, I need to see a doctor," he said.

"What for?" his mother asked.

"Just look at my face," Ryan said showing her.

"What's wrong with your face? Finally, that black eye is gone," his mother said unconcerned.

"I'm growing tits," Ryan said exasperated.

"Language, mister," his mother lectured. "This is all part of growing up. It's called puberty," his mother chuckled.

"Not like this. I'm turning into a girl, literally," Ryan said.

"Don't be such a drama queen," his mother said and then smirked. "Fine, I'll set up an appointment," she said upon seeing his face.


Ryan explained his symptoms to the doctor and had a blood test. "We'll see whether there is any hormonal imbalance once the test results come back," the doctor said to him.

"How long will that take?" Ryan asked.

"Two weeks," the doctor replied.

Ryan kicked himself for not doing this sooner. "Thanks, doc," he said disappointed.


Ryan's condition couldn't be kept hidden for long even with wearing bulky sweatshirts. In PE, he couldn't hide his budding breasts in the showers. "Well Ryan, I got your ass impeached and it looks like you're growing tits as well. What is that? A micro-penis?" the now-president mocked.

"This is sexual harassment," Ryan protested meekly.

"What? You can tell on me? That's rich, a guy accusing a girl of sexual harassment," she mocked. "Like anyone would believe you after the stunts you pulled."

"You're just mad that my boobs are bigger than yours," Ryan shot back.

The president glared at him. "You're pathetic Ryan. We should start calling you Annie," she said.

"Leave him alone. He's already been through a lot," Vanessa said standing up for him.

"Defended by your girlfriend. That's low, even for you," the president kept attacking Ryan. "You've made a mockery of our school and made it harder for people who really are trans to come out."

"You're a real hero," Ryan mocked.

"I should have won the election months ago. I could have accomplished things, but you had to fuck it up," she continued.

"No matter what you can do or accomplish, you'll always just be a girl," Ryan insulted.

The president nearly grabbed him but was held back by the other girls. "Ryan, let's go," Vanessa taking Ryan away before he could get his ass kicked.


Vanessa took Ryan aside outside the gym. "What are you trying to prove? This prank has gone too far," she said to him.

"It's not a prank. Somehow or someone is trying to turn me into a girl," Ryan said honestly.

Vanessa looked at Ryan's distressed face. "Wow, you're not kidding," she said and then smirked.

"What's so funny?" Ryan demanded.

"Where's my dress?" she demanded.

"It's at my house," Ryan said.

"I'll be coming over to get it," Vanessa warned him.


Over the weekend, Ryan was home alone when the doorbell went off. He headed downstairs and found a peeved Vanessa at the door. "You got my dress?" she demanded.

"Sure, in my room," Ryan said turning away from the door.

Vanessa entered the house and closed the door as Ryan went back upstairs. He came back down and gave her the dress. She placed it on the couch for the time being. "Anyone else home?" she asked.

"Nope," Ryan answered.

"You still like girls right?" she asked advancing on him.

"Yeah, sure," Ryan agreed.

"I like girls too," Vanessa revealed.

"That's nice," Ryan said awkwardly. He had always figured Vanessa as the Lesbian or Bisexual type.

Vanessa got close to him and kissed him on the lips. Ryan didn't resist desiring something romantic from a girl for some time. Vanessa and Ryan continued kissing as she backed him towards the stairs.

"Let's take this to your room," she said aggressively.

Ryan just nodded and went upstairs. Vanessa was in his room in a flash taking off her jacket and then her shirt. "Just warning you, I could disappoint you," Ryan said to her.

"You disappoint me every day," she said as she took off her bra.

Ryan could only stare at Vanessa's perfect breasts. "Take your clothes off, Ryan," she ordered.

Ryan complied rapidly taking off his t-shirt and shorts. The two quickly got naked in front of each other. "Nothing different than every day when we shower," Vanessa smiled.

"This is quite unexpected," Ryan said as Vanessa kissed him on his neck. "Why may I ask?"

"For a few reasons: no one would believe you if you told anyone, and you're the only girl at school that would do this with me," Vanessa said.

"But I'm not a girl," Ryan said pathetically.

"Oh, but you will. Look at these budding breasts," Vanessa said as she kissed his nipples.

Ryan had to admit it felt to be kissed there. His breasts were far more sensitive than before. "I'm going to get this fixed," he told her.

"Oh really?" she doubted as she sucked on his nipple.

"I have a doctor's appointment and...," Ryan trailed off as Vanessa sucked the other nipple.

"Do you think this can be explained by science. You're becoming a girl within a matter of months. Even your voice is cracking," she said.

"What?" Ryan wondered.

"This is beyond science. We're dealing with magic," Vanessa said wide-eyed.

"No way," Ryan doubted. "Did you do this to me?" Ryan accused.

"No, silly. My bet is on the nurse," she said.

"Miss Campbell?" Ryan wondered.

"Enough talking," Vanessa said as she sent Ryan to the bed. She placed her lips on his flaccid penis and licked him.

Ryan felt a sudden pleasure as his dick was being sucked. He had never experienced this kind of sensitivity before. He hadn't even been able to get hard for weeks. Even with all the stimulation, he still could not get hard. Vanessa worked in vain to get him hard and then finally Ryan cried out in ecstasy.

Vanessa eyed him as he clutched his nipples. There was a clear liquid coming from his dick but nothing else. "Did you just orgasm?" she asked him.

"It felt like it. Holy Shit," Ryan said stunned.

"You're farther along than I thought. You're having girl orgasms," Vanessa realized.

"That felt better than before," Ryan said appreciatively.

"Well, maybe you can get multiple orgasms like a girl can," Vanessa said.

"Cool," Ryan said.

"But you're going to have to give me one now," Vanessa ordered.

"How? My dick doesn't work," Ryan scoffed.

"I don't want your dick. I want your mouth," Vanessa told him.

"Oh," Ryan realized.

Vanessa got on the bed next to him. Ryan had had sex with girls before but had never gone down on one. Cautiously, he kissed her clit. Feeling more confident in himself, he started licking her clit and vulva. Vanessa moaned as he continued. As Vanessa was about to cum, he placed his thumb on her clit and fingered her with two fingers. Vanessa squirmed and cried out as she went over the edge.

"Nice," she said pleased. "I can't wait for you to be my Lesbian lover."

Ryan gave her a shocked look. "But I'm a guy," he protested.

"Shut up and lay down," she ordered.

The two went at it for a good hour giving each other orgasms. Ryan was positively exhausted after everything Vanessa had done to him. Vanessa calmly got dressed. "Maybe next weekend," she said.

"Don't forget the dress," Ryan said lamely.

"Oh no, you'll need it eventually," she smiled and left the house.


A befuddled Ryan entered the doctor's office to get a verdict. "Your blood has high levels of estrogen for a male. Your X-rays also show a mass of tissue in your lower abdomen," the doctor said showing him the X-ray.

"Is it cancer?" Ryan asked stunned.

"No, it appears to be ovaries and a uterus. You have underdeveloped male and female sexual organs. This condition is known as being intersexed. It's rare but can happen at birth," the doctor said.

"That doesn't make sense. I wasn't born with this. It just happened a few months ago," Ryan said.

"I'm sorry, that's medically impossible," the doctor doubted.

"Okay, well, can be it be taken out," Ryan asked.

"The surgery to remove the organs would be quite difficult and painful for you. I would suggest just keeping them there," the doctor recommended.

"You don't understand. If I don't take them out, I'll get a vagina next," Ryan said.

"That's just not possible," the doctor said patiently.

"None of this makes any sense. I have had X-rays before and this never showed up," Ryan said.

"We can prescribe estrogen blockers and testosterone while I contact a surgeon," the doctor said helpfully.

"Okay, let's do that," Ryan agreed.


Brad found a very feminine-looking Ryan in the cafeteria. "What's going on with you, man. This prank has gone too far," Brad said.

"It's not a prank. I have female organs growing inside me," Ryan revealed.

"How?" Brad wondered.

"I've been cursed somehow. Someone is fucking with me," Ryan whispered.

"Who?" Brad asked.

"Maybe Miss Campbell. She's a shady bitch alright. I need a way to break into her office and look over her files," Ryan said.

"Count me in, bro," Brad said helpfully.

"Here's the plan," Ryan began.


The next day, the school fire alarm went off. Ryan waited for the nurse to exit her office along with the rest of the kids. Ryan barged into the office and started looking around for anything odd or out of place. He searched her desk thoroughly and then the file cabinet. He finally found a folder with his name on it. Taking the file, he left the office with the rest of the kids.

After school, Ryan met up with Brad with the file. He opened the file and read his own psychological profile. "So, I'm a bit of a narcissist," Ryan realized.

"Everyone knows that," Brad joked.

Ryan read on but nothing stood out. "There's nothing to prove here," he said disappointed.

"Now what?" Brad asked.

"I have to go to her home," Ryan realized.

"I'll help," Brad offered.

"No, I have to do this alone," Ryan said.


Ryan skipped class and went to Miss Campbell's house. He went to the side of the house and bashed out a window using a rock. He then climbed inside and cautiously walked around. He didn't know if the nurse had a dog or other occupant in the house. As he looked around, nothing obvious or nefarious could be found. He ventured over to a small library and found nothing unusual.

Ryan suddenly got a text message on his phone from Brad. "Abort mission. She's going back home."

Ryan felt a chill as he read it. The nurse knew her house was being broken into. Ryan kept looking and found an ancient-looking book in her desk. It was in a foreign language and impossible to read. Ryan took the book to the exit. He would have to find some professor to translate it for him.

As he was about to leave, Miss Campbell entered the house catching him red-handed. Determined to get away, Ryan went towards the window he had smashed open. To his dismay, the window was perfectly repaired.

"Going somewhere?" Miss Campbell asked.

"You're a witch," Ryan accused.

"I've been called worse," Miss Campbell smirked.

"Reverse the spell," Ryan demanded.

"Why would I want to? Isn't this what you wanted, to be female?" she asked.

"You knew I wasn't being serious," Ryan said still holding the book.

"Of course, but you wouldn't incriminate yourself. We had to follow the law, so I made you suffer for it. You took a well-intentioned law and made a mockery of it," she said.

"What do you care?" Ryan asked boldly.

"I was someone that could have benefited from that law. Before I learned the ancient ways, I had to suffer through ridicule, intolerance, and embarrassment. After the law was passed, I thought society had taken a step forward. That was until you decided to shit on everything," she said angrily.

Ryan took a moment to understand what she was saying. She had been a boy too and then used magic on herself to become a woman? "I have your book. You're not going to get away with this," Ryan said bravely.

"No one Earth can translate it, and you'll never stop the spell," she said.

Ryan wasn't sure if she was bluffing. He moved over to the stove and turned it on. Miss Campbell moved closer to him as Ryan threatened to place the book over the fire. "I bet it burns though," he said.

"It's just like you to burn a book," she mocked.

"I'm warning you," Ryan threatened.

She took out a wand and pointed it at him. "I'll kill you and make your body disappear," she said.

"This book must be important to you. Maybe, we can work something out," Ryan suggested.

"You're in no position to bargain. Soon, your dick and balls will fall off. You'll be in the body of a woman without the pleasure of having a vagina. You will never have children, so you won't be able to pollute the world with your ignorance," she said.

She came closer to him with her wand pointed at his heart. "You could have stopped me on day one. You let it get this far. You're as responsible as me," Ryan said.

"I will admit it was amusing to see how people would react," she allowed.

"Yeah, pretty amusing, right? You could use someone that could learn from you, an apprentice," Ryan said.

Miss Campbell gave him a curious look. "What are you offering?" she asked.

"I could be your apprentice and together we could troll the whole country," Ryan suggested.

Miss Campbell shook her head. "You still think this is a game? I could kill you in an instant," she said disappointed.

"Just hear me out, okay. It's too easy to just make ignorant people suffer. You trolled me pretty good just like how I trolled the school. You have power and I have creativity," Ryan said.

Miss Campbell seemed uncertain. "Do you want to be alone with your power?" Ryan asked.

"Give me the book and you can live," she said simply.

Ryan frowned and turned the book over to her. "This isn't some club you can join on a whim. An apprentice must be knowledgeable, disciplined, and discreet," she said.

"You know I can learn it," Ryan said complimenting himself.

"But you have no discipline to speak of," Miss Campbell said irritably. "Very well," she said after a pause.

Ryan grinned as he was now entering a new dimension beyond the laws of reality. "I forgot to add that an apprentice is always female," she said and turned her wand on him.

"Femina," she said sending a beam of light at Ryan's body.

Ryan felt weird and tingly as the spell hit him. His breasts increased another cup size, his nipples expanded slightly, his hair grew to shoulder length, and his hips became more female. His male sex organs shrank until they disappeared into his body. A vagina and cervix formed inside his body making him biologically female in all respects. Since his body had been changed over the last few months, only a few additional changes to his face and body were needed. Ryan appeared before Miss Campbell completely female.

Ryan felt herself and realized she wasn't just a male eunuch. "I have a vagina. I can get pregnant?" she wondered.

"Yes, I advise you not to get pregnant before you graduate," Miss Campbell said condescendingly.

"Like, I would ever have sex with a guy," Ryan said dismissively.

"You will be surprised how your feelings will change," Miss Campbell warned. "Now, I am not going to call you Ryan anymore. I'll call you Ann from now on."

"Alright, what do I call you? Miss Campbell seems so formal," Ann asked.

"You will call me Mistress," she replied.


Miss Campbell took Ann back to school. Ann was dressed in black pants, a t-shirt, and a jacket. When she came into the classroom, no one gave her an odd look. "Nice of you to join us, Ann," the teacher said annoyed.

"Yeah, sure," Anna said awkwardly and took her seat.

As the lecture continued, Ann looked at Vanessa and Brad. Neither of them gave her an odd look. It was as if she had always been female. When it came to PE, none of the girls made any snide remarks about her presence. When she showered with them, no one remarked how her dick was gone. Everything had changed since her final transformation.

At the end of the school day, the principal came over to her with all smiles. "I hope you have that valedictorian speech ready."

"Yeah, sure," Ann replied.

Ann smiled as she thought of how she could troll such a speech. She would have to make sure she aced every class to make certain she would get it. Ann found Brad by his locker. "Hey," Ann said as she came over to him.

"Oh, hello," Brad said awkwardly.

"Look, you should come over to my place, so we can play some video games," Ann suggested.

"Well, that's odd. You've never asked me to do that before," Brad said. "Sure. How about tomorrow?"

Ann felt giddy with excitement at the prospect. "Yeah and maybe we can do other stuff too," she said with a wink.


Ann found her car in the school parking lot. She checked her purse and found that her driver's license had been changed. She got into the vehicle and listened to a CD. To her amusement, the CD played ACDC songs. Not everything had changed after all. She drove back home and cautiously went inside.

"Hey, mom. I'm a girl," she announced.

"I know, honey," her mother said disinterestedly.

Ann checked her room and found it similar to before except her closet was filled with girl clothes. Ann sat down at her computer and looked through her photo album and Facebook profile. Her girl self hadn't caused the same chaos her boy self had. That would have to change. Ann checked her Valedictorian speech and found it bland and boring. She began to rewrite it.


Brad did eventually come over and awkwardly said hello to Ann at the door. "Come in, you want a beer?" she asked him.

"Sure," Brad said confused as to why Ann was being so nice to him.

"Don't worry. My parents aren't around," Ann assured him.

"Good to know," Brad said as he took a sip of beer.

Ann then came over to Brad and touched his cheek, "Memoria."

Brad gave her a weird look and then realized Ann was his best friend Ryan from another dimension. "Ryan? What the fuck?" he wondered.

"I couldn't stop Miss Campbell, so I joined her instead," Ann explained.

"You're a real girl now?" Brad questioned.

"Yep, but now I have powers. Together, we can troll everyone," Ann said excitedly.

"What about Miss Campbell?" Brad asked.

Ann frowned at the mention of her mistress's name. "We just have to be subtle about it."

"Hey man, I don't want to end up as a girl too," Brad said concerned.

"Don't worry. I got this," Ann said.

"So can you use your magical powers to reverse the spell now?" Brad asked.

"Unfortunately, that is irreversible. Even if I could, Miss Campbell would just change me back. She's pissed at me," Ann said.

"That's too bad," Brad said sincerely. "So, did you really call me over here to play video games?"

"I want to try it out," Ann said cryptically.

"Try what out?" Brad asked as Ann advanced on him.

"I'm a virgin, Brad. I want you to be my first," Ann said more explicitly.

"Oh, man, that's weird though," Brad said uncertainly. "I can use spells to prevent pregnancy and disease. You will never need to use a condom with me. I can keep your dick hard for as long as you want," Ann said to him.

"You can really do that?" Brad asked amazed.

"They were the first spells I learned," Ann smirked.

"You know I would never turn down a girl for sex, but I don't want this to hurt our friendship. Don't be a bitch about things when it gets tough," Brad warned her.

"Stop stalling," she said and then led him to her room upstairs.

Brad was expecting a girl's room but was pleasantly surprised by the ACDC poster, comic books, and action figures. "I had to redo the whole room," Ann said to him.

"Looks similar to before," Brad said approvingly.

"Let's get this going," Ann said impatiently and kissed Brad. The two were clumsy teenagers not really knowing what they were doing. It still felt pleasant on their lips. Ann started to feel her body react for the first time to a boy's touch.

The two smiled and chuckled at their awkward kissing. They then quickly took their clothes off. "Wow, they're really real," Brad said checking out Ann's breasts.

"Of course, and I get to rub these whenever I want," Ann smirked.

"Lucky you," Brad replied. "Can I touch them?"

"Sure," Ann allowed.

Brad massaged Ann's breasts and circled her nipples. Ann closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure as she was being touched. Brad was doing an even better job than when she did it to herself. Brad then took off his pants and then his underwear revealing his erect penis.

"Rigorosus," Ann said at Brad to keep his dick hard.

"What was that?" Brad asked as he felt his dick tingle.

"You're not going to soften until you give me an orgasm," Ann said as she got on the bed.

"So little faith," Brad chided her.

Brad got on top of her and placed the head of his cock at her entrance. "It's going to sting a little," he warned.

"Whatever, just do it," Ann said.

Brad pushed ever so slightly until he broke through. Ann tensed up in pain. "You good?" Brad asked her.

"Yeah, fine, keep going?" Ann urged.

Brad nodded and then penetrated all the way to the hilt. "Wow, its really in there," Ann said amazed.

"Does it hurt?" Brad asked concerned.

"No, you're good. Now, fuck me," Ann grinned.

Brad obliged picking up speed. Ann worked to get her legs around his hips as he went as quick as he could. He knew he wouldn't have to worry about cumming too early due to the spell. He could go as fast as he wanted. Ann felt like she was being jacked off faster than she ever thought possible. She started touching his chest, his arms, and his back. She felt different being on the receiving end of everything and wanted to give something back.

Brad kept going pounding Ann into the mattress. Ann could only hold onto his back as he thrust inside her. She could feel herself be a little self-conscious as her breasts shook from their movement. Ann then hooked Brad's leg and got on top of him. Keeping his cock inside her, Ann experimented with being on top. She gave slow but steady strokes while rubbing her clit. Brad smiled as Ann was enjoying herself. Suddenly, a wave of pleasure went through her body as she felt her first female orgasm.

"Oh my God, Brad. It feels so good," she cried out as it hit her.

"Wow, you almost make me want to be a girl too," Brad smirked.

"Don't say that. I like you having a dick," Ann smiled. "Dissolvo," she said releasing his cock from the spell.

Brad immediately went to work placing her back on her back. He held her tight as he worked to get himself an orgasm. Ann felt completely submissive as Brad held her. She moaned and cried out as he got close. Finally, Brad came insider her and relaxed. Ann felt sudden jolts go through her. It was such a turn on to think that Brad could cum inside her. She was so grateful for his effort.

"That was great. You can do that anytime," she said to him.

"This is still a little weird," Brad admitted.

"With time, it will be less-and-less," Ann assured him.

"Do you want to cuddle?" Brad asked awkwardly.

"Fuck no. Let's go play some video games," Ann said and then kissed him.

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if the nurse disliked him

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that nurse is a psycho! Threatening to kill someone? Christ!

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... bad bully guy won and the good girl gets the shaft. Could this have been at all inspired by a RL event last November? Too much like teal life for me.

BE a lady!


It's always amazed me at the audacity of some guys like Ryan. They actually defy logic and constant data.

In most schools I went to, the top athletes were all female (the truth being that women, pound for pound, are stronger than their male counterparts), and the top honour students were almost exclusively female (save for the odd somewhat "effeminate" male)

Over-aggression and a veil against intelligence has always been the bane of testosterone.

I feel sorry for anyone that believes otherwise for reality will eventually taint their beliefs.

Bad name to boys or girls

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Just where were Ryan's parents? Why weren't they notified when he started all of the crap? And why didn't the other parents start pulling their daughters out of school when Ryan started showering with the girls and using the girls restroom?

Why didn't the other parents bombard Ryan's folks with phone calls? What in the world was Miss Campbell thinking in making him a girl? What, she thought it was lunch mentioned? Punishment would have been to make him dumber or regress him to an earlier age.

And making her an apprentice? After what he did she should have know he couldn't be trusted. What does she think will happen when Miss Campbell finds out what she did to Vanessa?

Miss Campbell should have regressed Ryan into a baby, and spelled out to his parents to be more active in his training.

Others have feelings too.